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12-02-2004, 02:58 PM
The following was an email I found in my inbox just today. I doubt I received it recently, since I hadn't checked that particular email in a bit.

However, some of the things in this email were so lucrative I just had to comment on it. I did not alter the original text in any way other than to make it black and italic. Sadly, I have received other emails like this... and usually I mock the sender in a nicely packaged and friendly reply.

Good Day ,

Please I know this may come to you by supprise , because you did not know me, I needed your assistance that was why I write you, it is my desire of going into business relationship with you.

One: When you go into business with someone, it’s best to know this person before-hand… as in their age, name, location, moral system, etc.

Two: I’m under aged. I have no money. I have a hard time telling the truth about my name and location, which says volumes for my moral system.

I am Mrs.Ange Dago, from Republic of Sierra Leonian.

Not to bag on the name… but… wth?

I am a widow being that I lost my husband a couple of months ago.

…. I’d be suspicious if you were a widow WITHOUT having lost your spouse. To death, not marriage problems.

My husband was a serving directorof the Cocoa exporting board until his death . He was assassinated last october by the rebels following the political uprising.

… This is the point in which I laugh and feel giddy throughout the day. It’s also the point in which I decide to mock this email. Because why… WHY would rebels assassinate the director of a Cocoa exporting board? They’re… so… oppressive?

Before his death he had a foreign account here in Cote d,Ivoire up to the tune of $10.M (TEN MILLION DOLLARS)

Hold it. Did you just say TEN MILLION DOLLARS?! Yes. You did. And you said it as if I wouldn’t know what ‘$’ + ’10.’ + ‘M’ meant.

which he told the bank was for the importation of cocoa processing machine. I want you to do me a favour to receive this funds to a safe account in your country or any safer place as the beneficiary.

Assuming I have a bank account, right? Or that I’m someone who won’t fake their death and live on without the government knowing? Or that… I dunno… I’d fall for this?

I have plans to do investment in your country, like real estate and industrial production. This is my reason for writing to you. Please if you are willing to assist me and my only son william, indicate your interest in replying soonest.

“Please if you are willing to assist me and my only son William”…. As opposed to “Please help this boy who has no arms, no legs, and no goats.”

Please contact me immediately with the above E-mail address and include your telephone and Fax numbers to enable me send you all necessary documents as regards the money before they kill us here.

…. Carefully read the above. Read the last four words. I’m pretty sure the next door neighbors could hear me laughing. At work. I’m not saying this because it was stupid, but because I found this genuinely funny.

It is a risk free transaction.
Thanks and best regards .

Mrs. Ange Dago.

No, thank you, Dago… for entertaining me so thoroughly. :]

12-02-2004, 03:04 PM
Annik - this is serious! I got e-mails like this from my other accounts which I deemed kinda spammy <maybe once every 5 months - lol>

But don't give in to this fake and hideous e-mail - that they'll try to make you a victim of their corruption. It's a booby trap and I know it. You gave a good sense of reasoning and judgment there from my part. Glad you shared it as well. ^^

Wonderful insight. I wish more teens would follow this example like you did. **Hangs her head in shame.** Ahh, stalkers... grrr....

12-02-2004, 03:12 PM
I just thought it was common sense. Maybe it's my paranoia that serves me well online, I don't rightly know.

But as the title implies.... how can anyone really be taken in by these kind of things?

It boggles the mind.

12-02-2004, 03:15 PM
**Shakes her head in trivial confusion**

Maybe they haven't seen the light of day - Annik. I really wouldn't have a clue of how anyone would actually fall for these sort of things - since I am well defended too - I never give out my real personal info about myself online. But still... Perhaps by emotional pressures or loneliness? Hm...

12-02-2004, 03:18 PM

wow, instant trap right there. seriously, who would fall for that?

you did the right thing, you can't trust anyone that you don't know on the net.
(oh no.....i sound like my parents now.....)

12-02-2004, 03:20 PM
Desparation - it has to be desparation... When you just want to meet someone so nice, who you just presumed would have the same kind of sweet personalities on the net, then suddenly realize they are stalkers/murderers who just come there to get you - that's what drives me nuts. Honestly, what gives?

Sega saturn x
12-02-2004, 03:22 PM
Yeah its all a big scam trying e-mailing some of the people back and asking them real questions and prove their lieing.

12-02-2004, 03:23 PM
That's just funny...I wouldn't have believed it. I laughed myeslf...just someone trying to steal your bank account...if you had one.

12-02-2004, 03:25 PM
Alyssa -

Or complete and utter naivety?

It reminds me of all the people who meet with people they know online and are so confused as to why they are raped or assaulted.

12-02-2004, 03:37 PM

In that kind of case, it happens no matter where you go. MSN Chat is the worst of things, as you can tell. Once you're inside a room, people start breathing down your necks and PM'ing you like mad 5 seconds later. And some kids actually FALL for this. **Scoffs** When will stalkers ever learn to get a life Annik, really?

TerraN EmpirE
12-02-2004, 04:05 PM
I got that one like 2 months back

Dearest one,

I will begging by introduction my self to you my name is Soffat Ahmeed,
with great hope I’m using this mean introduce myself and as your wish
and to
seek your lovely assistance to me.

My Father die long time ago and left me my mother and my younger
with legacy of Four point five million us dollars (4,500.000$) which
late Father was deposited here in Cote d'Ivoire, with a Fiduciary
Holder before he was call to the glory of almighty God. Though I have
met with you before but I believe, one has to risk confiding in succeed
sometimes in life.

The death of my late father gave my mother serouse intensive illness
paralise both hands and her leg untill last year she was also die. I
with my youger brother in the house of our great grand father. But my
problem is that I need assistance to retreive this money without the
of my uncle and my families because my mother warned me and also
disclose to
us that the death of my father lies on this money.

Please we have mein things to talk about or to do together if you
prove your love to me. i can prove of this fund to you if you promise
help me sincerely with your heartt and that you will asisste me to come
your country and help my brother to secure admission after we come
over. all
this will come after the transfer of our fund to your account.

I will be waiting your immediate response if you wish to assist me and
accomplish your message with your full contacts:Phone and Fax including
Yours faithfully,

I sent back a short i am sorry wrong person message with out my stats

12-02-2004, 04:35 PM
Who would actually fall for that?
Especially if there have been multiple sent to different people describing the same thing (with minor details changed) again and again.

Well well well. We've got some stalkers on our hands.

12-02-2004, 05:43 PM
dago...italian eh?:badrazz:

12-02-2004, 06:09 PM
Take notice they're both from the same place. I got one of those a LONG time ago, and now I just delete everything that I don't see fit to look at.

12-02-2004, 06:17 PM
I just thought it was common sense. Maybe it's my paranoia that serves me well online, I don't rightly know.

But as the title implies.... how can anyone really be taken in by these kind of things?

It boggles the mind.
Ooooh! You too? I'm supposedly like 86% Schizo and about 89% Paranoial :3
Though I was only like 23% schizotypal :(
(Maybe I'm too good at hiding my scary self and too paranoial to belive such truthful tests and emails like these, ja?) :3

12-02-2004, 06:20 PM
You know...o.O You can be a Shizo WITH paranoia and not be a slight percentage of each.. >.> Glad I learned something in Psychology this semester.

12-02-2004, 06:32 PM
I'm talking of the difference of schizophrenia and shizotypal. Even if it's the same, you get the idea somewhat. Of course, those who end up with those results are most certainly as schizo and paranoial as any living being can be :P

12-02-2004, 06:38 PM
Shizo? >< Five years into typing skills and I can't even spell correctly anymore.

Paranoia schizo has got to be the worst one if memory serves me right.

12-02-2004, 06:42 PM
Uhm, maybe I should put it like this...

Schizophrenia is most when you have all them neat side effects and so on.. But, some hide them. Those are most often the cases where intelligence is greatly amplified (That old Bond movie, anyone:3).
Though if you ACT shizo. Then you're "Schizotypal".
So the most perfectly normal guy you know might be a shizo merely hiding what he is.. Neat facts, ain't it? :D

12-02-2004, 06:45 PM
After a while you won't be able to hide it considering what it does to you. >.> Pretty messed up disease if you ask me, but then again there are plenty more to go around. Anyflip, we've gone off subject. x_x

About how much spam do you think you are sent on a daily basis? I'm willing to say my Yahoo! bulk mail folder picks up a good 20-30 a day.

12-02-2004, 06:50 PM
None. As I just changed to my Gmail account :3


12-02-2004, 06:50 PM
Ooooh! You too? I'm supposedly like 86% Schizo and about 89% Paranoial :3
Though I was only like 23% schizotypal :(
(Maybe I'm too good at hiding my scary self and too paranoial to belive such truthful tests and emails like these, ja?) :3
I was extremely high on Schizotypical, Schizoid, Borderline, Paranoid, Dependant, Obsessive Compulsive, Avoidant and Antisocial.


But it was an online test and those things must not be trusted.

12-02-2004, 06:51 PM
But it was an online test and those things must not be trusted.
Egg-zactly. But then again, I think you went for that score on purpose.

It suits you, though :P

12-02-2004, 06:53 PM
Annik, no online test can tell you if you borderline ANYTHING. Talk to a Psychologist, let him get his DSM-IV out, then he'll be able to tell you you're either borderline schizo, or borderline idiot.

12-02-2004, 06:54 PM
According to my sister, I'm both. But she's just about to start on her final psych exams. So she's not fully "educated" yet :(

12-02-2004, 06:56 PM
Tell her to crack out the DSM-IV! That thing is a Psychologist's bible, and she knows that. =3 She could tell you if you are, or if you aren't because you need to match EVERY symptom.

12-02-2004, 06:57 PM
Don't look at me! I've barely been able to snitch her biological psychology books for minutes at a time.

But I'll do that next time we're lazing around :3

12-02-2004, 06:59 PM
lol, well I wish you well getting that book from her if she has one, which she probably should. You could try looking for one online.

12-02-2004, 07:01 PM
Annik, no online test can tell you if you borderline ANYTHING. Talk to a Psychologist, let him get his DSM-IV out, then he'll be able to tell you you're either borderline schizo, or borderline idiot.
I trust actual psychologists even less than online tests. No, I lie. I trust them about the same... which is not at all.

Although there was ONE test that is suprisingly accurate. Similarminds.com (http://similarminds.com/big30.html)

I was just looking over my results from that test and was amused.

There are more mental disorders out there than people to have them.

If a toothpaste company can create a disease to sell their product, psychiatrists can do the same to sell their profession.

12-02-2004, 07:03 PM
By chance, are you educated in mental diseases? Are you educated in physical diseases? You'd notice there are just as many from both to match the other, and when the doctor tells you you have a flu, you believe him, but if a Psychologist tells you you are Bipolar, you won't?

12-02-2004, 07:05 PM
By chance, are you educated in mental diseases? Are you educated in physical diseases? You'd notice there are just as many from both to match the other, and when the doctor tells you you have a flu, you believe him, but if a Psychologist tells you you are Bipolar, you won't?
I don't trust doctors, either. Haven't been to one in quite some time.... six or so years. When I'm sick, I'm sick. I don't know what I have, and I couldn't care less.

I also won't believe it when someone tells me an existentialist.

12-02-2004, 07:14 PM
x_x Oiy I haven't seen my doctor in years, either, but at least I accept medical practices. If a person can't speak after being raped, i'm going to believe its more of a mental thing of post-traumatic stress than just not wanting to do so.

Silver Ori-Kun
12-03-2004, 03:16 AM
Geez man
Tough topic here
I don't visit doctors..they never know what you have
When you're sick you're sick
I went to a therapist the other day and he said I'm beyond help
So I've decided to try and be happy before my situation and trauma eats me

12-03-2004, 07:27 AM
Once I got one of these mass e-mails that said you would die if you didn't send it to 20... I took my chances and I still live. I hate the starters... so bad

Silver Ori-Kun
12-03-2004, 07:29 AM
Those freaken emails aren't good for anyone
but I seem to get them in the most tempting of situations :<_<:

red storm
12-03-2004, 07:33 AM
Oh my god, I really shouldn't have read this while in class. Thank god the teacher was gone, cause the entire classroom looked back to see why I was laughing so hard.

Seriously though, 'send me an E-mail before they kill us too?' Yeah right. This has to be the most funny spam I have ever seen.

Silver Ori-Kun
12-03-2004, 08:18 AM
Hmm...well that doesn't exactly help someone as suicidal as me
And I was just talking about those kinds...
Such a simple threat or dose of encouragement to kill yourself

12-03-2004, 11:07 AM
Or, in my case, mock them!

I have to say that my favorite chain e-mail was a parody. It was when someone got sick and tired of all these people sending out pointless stories and telling the recipients that forwarding the message to twenty other people will help in the real world. So they talked about a boy who... "has no legs, no arms, and no goats. Please help this legless, armless, goatless boy."

The quote isn't exact, since I got rid of it at some point in time, but I did refer to it in The Mother Post.

12-03-2004, 11:10 AM
Once I got one of these mass e-mails that said you would die if you didn't send it to 20... I took my chances and I still live. I hate the starters... so bad
lol - so are you saying you didn't decide to send this to any of your friends? Hmm.... hope so. How weird can trashy e-mail get?

12-03-2004, 01:05 PM
Got A e-mail from M.A.D.D from Texas.

Mothers Against Drink Drivers, Are they Real?

12-03-2004, 01:13 PM
That kinda reminds me of this old email account which i never check (too many mails for any client i know to handle o_O)

Here's a screenshot of me checking it the hard way

12-04-2004, 02:57 PM
I only post again because I want a answer.

12-04-2004, 03:19 PM
With a name like that, probably.

12-04-2004, 03:23 PM
Fair enough, anyone want this email? it needs 5000 names after that it wants too be sent back too

>>P.O. Box 541688
>>Dallas, TX75354-1688
>>1-800-GET-MADD (1-800-438-6233)

12-04-2004, 03:27 PM
I hate these. Its always the wife of a deceased president of an African country.
She is always on the run
She is always trying to get you to help her by opening an account in your name
SHe offers you a cut

These are scams to get your information and bleed you dry. Never ever follow these. If you feel up to it, email them back telling them to stuff it.

12-04-2004, 03:27 PM
Got A e-mail from M.A.D.D from Texas.

Mothers Against Drink Drivers, Are they Real?
Yes MADD is a real organization.

12-04-2004, 04:41 PM
I always get these mails about free penis enlargement pills. And i'm like what are they insinuating? I have no interest in becomming a shemale.

12-04-2004, 05:06 PM
I always get these mails about free penis enlargement pills. And i'm like what are they insinuating? I have no interest in becomming a shemale.
I think I have about five of those in my bulk mail at this moment.

TerraN EmpirE
03-11-2005, 10:55 PM
:bigannoun well Kiddies Update time YAY!!
i got a second Email


First i will like to aplogise for using the media to get
across to you for such a matter that is of great
confidentiality and urgent and also considering the amount
involve. I am Barr. Williams Okoye (SAN) attorney at law,
my client Engr Edward who used to work with Eleme
Construction & Development Company here in Nigeria herein
after shall be referred to as my client.

My client was involved in the explosion in Lagos, Nigeria,
on January 27, 2002 which claim many lives and property.
Unfortunately, my client and his family lost their lives in
that disaster that needed not to have happened.Since then I
have made several enquiries to locate any of my clients
extended relatives this has also proved unsuccessful. After
these Several unsuccessful attempts, I decided to contact
you to present you as the next of kin to enable us have
this funds tranfered into your account for our personal us
instead of having the company confiscated the funds.

My purpose of contacting you is to assist in repatriating
the money left behind by my client prior to his death
before they get confiscated or declared unserviceable by
the company where this huge deposits were lodged in, where
the deceased had an account valued at about US$16,580
Million dollars. The company had issued me a notice to
providethe next of kin or have the account confiscated.

Since I have been unsuccessful in locating the relatives I
now seek your consent to present you as the next of kin of
the deceased so that the proceeds of this account valued at
US$6.580 million dollars can be paid to you. All I require
is your honest co-operation to enable me as the legal
attorney to the deceased in seeing that you receive this
fund as the next of kin. I guarantee that this will be
executed legitimately to protect you from any breach of the
and now for the fun, it seems some of them Got caught YAY!!
But they still roped in 2 million plus $$ (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2005/03/11/financial/f183204S35.DTL)
for my :twocents: Who the Heck would get suckered in too that?

Eight years prison for Sacramento man in $2 million Nigerian bank scam

Friday, March 11, 2005

A Sacramento man of Nigerian descent was sentenced to more than eight years in federal prison Friday for running an international investment scam that defrauded investors of more than $2.1 million through a Nigerian advance fee scheme.

Roland Adams, 38, admitted that he conspired with others in Nigeria, South Africa and Canada to run the scheme. Potential investors were mailed letters supposedly from African government officials who wanted help in diverting millions of dollars held in bogus trusts or accounts.

In exchange for a future share of the fictitious money, the victims were persuaded to send in fees of several thousand to several hundred thousand dollars to individuals or accounts around the world.

Adams, who owned Adams Business Services, gave the scheme an illusion of legitimacy by setting up Web sites such as Afribankcorp.com, Bancofafrica.com and Bancofeasterncarribean.com where victims could track the false transactions.

He pleaded guilty in August 2003 to conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud, and conspiring to launder money, and was sentenced to 97 months in prison.

He also was ordered to pay more than $1.2 million in restitution to victims, a portion of which will be paid from the forfeiture of his Elk Grove home and $87,000 in various bank accounts.

He was separately convicted in April on charges of making false statements during his naturalization interview, and sentenced to an identical prison term to be served at the same time. As a result, he was stripped of his U.S. citizenship Friday and will be deported back to Nigeria after he completes his prison sentence.

03-11-2005, 11:28 PM
lol the same person sended me the same thing. v.v;;; and i can't believe the person called me "Sir". *coughs* a girl here *coughs* Anyways i figure it wasn't real by the way the person adresses me. ("Sir"?!) Yet it was sort of tempting to reply. >.<;;; But what kind of lady will e-mail strangers for something like this? Anyways i don't buy it. v.v;;;

03-11-2005, 11:54 PM
Yes MADD is a real organization.
Heheheh... have you heard of the counterorganisation, Drunk Drivers against MADD Mothers, also known as DDAMM?


TerraN EmpirE
05-08-2005, 02:18 PM
to paraphrase an award winning actress "They like me they really like me" I am posting this in hopes that we can spread the knowledge of this scam. Ok and I find them fun.



.................................................. ..........



From the records of outstanding contractors due for payment with the
Federal Government of Nigeria, your name and other infomation was discovered as next on the list of the outstanding contractors who have not yet received their payments.
You know on the week ends i like to Just Hop a plane to random 3rd world countries and "help"http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/blast.gif out as a "contractor"http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/recon.gif it's nothing really just a "little of this" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/uzi.gifand a "little of that."http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/bazooka.gif when i am done well the country run a whole lot smoother

We apologies for the delay of your payment and all the inconveniences and inflict that we might have indulge you through, However we were having some minor problems with the ministry through which this contract was executed which is inexplicable, and have held us stranded and indolent, not having the aspiration to devote our 100% assiduity in accrediting foreign contractors payments. We apologies once again. Y'all better I want my money http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/beatyou9qk.gif

I wish to inform you now that your payment is being processed and will be released to you as soon as you respond to this mail. Also note that from my record in my file your outstanding contract payment is US$11,500,000.00 (Eleven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only). Is that all? they really love "my work"http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v176/worldwar3/fun/sniper.gif over there but thats All? I was thinking this was important.

Kindly re-confirm to me the followings: -

1) Your full name.
2) Phone, fax and mobile number.
3) Company name, position and address.
4) Profession, age and marital status.
5) Working I'd/Int'l passport.

The above listed information is very important towards accrediting your payment.As soon as this information is received, your payment will be made to you through telegraphic transfer from central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to your destination bank. Contact me as soon as you receive this letter for onward processing of your payment.

The Executive Governor
Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)

don't hold your breath.

05-08-2005, 02:24 PM
i dont understrand this thred whats it about?

05-09-2005, 01:44 PM
That Is Creepy But I Have Recieved An Email That I Did Not Read Becauser The Sender Was........22200202293110???

What The Heck

07-22-2005, 12:40 AM
I took that Similar minds thing. it's amazingly accurate, although, I wish I was a little more emotionally stable, but heh.
And on subject of the thread, I've gotten those e-mails too, they scare me in some deep way.
14% emotionaly stable
6% self-disciplined
86% volatility
89% impulsive
Not a good mix

07-22-2005, 01:21 AM
I get this type of junk all the time. It's pretty funny until you get it alot. Then it's just annoying

Season of Fireworks
07-22-2005, 01:44 AM
oh that was funny, your friends are probably messing around with you. anyways, forward to me what you juss put above including your replies to the message. I think it's really funny.

if she was being killed, they could've tracked down the message and did something about it. hehehe. No wait... dont forward it to me!!! incase someone does track it and thinks it's true, I might get in trouble. yups, keep it to you. dont send it to me. leave it on this site.. its safer here. hehehe

TerraN EmpirE
07-30-2005, 09:53 PM
He got Promoted?


30th July 2005,

From the desk of: Professor Charles C. Soludo
Executive Governor, C.B.N.

Attn: Honorable Beneficiary,

Dear Sir,


I hereby send to you the information submitted by Mr. John Tsai of
Indo-China group Ltd, with an application to receive the contract payment on your behalf. Please as a matter of urgency, you are required to verify the following information and inform us if you are aware or know anything about this.

1. Did you instruct one Mr. John Tsai of Indo-China group Ltd. Hong-Kong, whose information's is below, to claim and receive the payment on your behalf?

2. Did you sign any "Deed of Assignment" in his favor thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details: Account Name: Indo-China Group Ltd, A/C #USD114-1025567-8, Bank Name: Standard Chattered Bank, Hong Kong, Swift Code: SCBL 11K111.

Finally, Sir, you are hereby advised to indicate to this honorable office
with immediate effect, if you are the person that instructed Mr. John Tsai to come for the claim of these funds, to enable me endorse for the final payment approval order on his behalf. You are to call with the above Phone Number for more clarifications.

We wait to hear from you soonest, and be rest assured of our professional service.

Yours Faithfully,
Professor Charles C. Soludo
Governor (CBN)
This Thread is About Email Bank Scams it's a Warning To you.

07-30-2005, 10:41 PM
There are a lot of people saying they can't understand how people can fall for these e-mail scams and any media scam at all. What the scammers are trying to do is send an e-mail as we have all seen to as many people as they can get it to. They are trying to get as many uneduacted, uninformed, and potentially unstable people they can get before the time runs out on the scam. This went as far as one group not long ago calling, mailing, and e-mailing as many people as they could. In this tactic, they were using deaths in the family, criminal activities, and just about every low blow they could come up with to get people to repond. The problem is many, in fact too many poeple are not capable of seeing through even the simplest scams. And the reasons are just a big as there are scams, most scams target a certain group of people. To prevent it, let everyone you can, know about the scam when you find it.

V Thank you TerraNEmpirE, i forgot the specifics on the call scam V

TerraN EmpirE
07-30-2005, 11:07 PM
Exactly, Sure it may seem like i am Spamming but in reality I am trying to phrase these in such a way that I hope, it will stick in your mind. So that is you get a Email like these you can say." Oh wait a sec here this is the scam That guy on the Af warned me about.

Oh and PS DON'T EVER DIAL AREA CODE 809, 284 AND 876 on your Telephone.

the way this one works is you receive a message on your answering machine or your pager, which
asks you to call a number beginning with area code 809. The reason you're
asked to call varies. It can be to receive information about a family
member who has been ill, to tell you someone has been arrested, died, to let
you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc. In each case, you are told
to call the 809 number right away. Since there are so many new area codes
these days, people unknowingly return these calls.

If you call from the US, you will apparently be charged $2425 per-minute. ( and you thought Miss Clio was bad!!)Or, you'll get a long recorded message The point is, they will try to keep
you on the phone as long as possible to increase the charges. Unfortunately,
when you get your phone bill, you'll often be charged more than $24,100.00.

The 809 area code is located in the British Virgin Islands (The Bahamas).
The 809 area code can be used as a "pay-per-call" number, similar to 900
numbers in the US. Since 809 is not in the US, it is not covered by U.S.
regulations of 900 numbers, which require that you be notified and warned of
charges and rates involved when you call a pay-per-call" number.

There is also no requirement that the company provide a time period during
which you may terminate the call without being charged. Further, whereas
many U.S. homes that have 900 number blocking to avoid these kinds of
charges, do not work in preventing calls to the 809 area code.