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11-25-2004, 04:34 PM
Okay, I know it's not -really- snowing yet for a lot of you, but I thought I'd ask before the chance slipped away.

Some of you may know, I have never seen snow. I'm sure there's more of me out there, but probally not. I'm the only one in my family who's never seen snow. Okay, that's not true. I saw a patch of snow once, in 1993, it was about as big as a smaller sized monitor.

So... when it snows... and like.. it's the snow where you can make snowmen..

Will you guys whom have digital cameras and such... will you make me a snowman? =3 Or generally just make snowmen and post them =3


11-25-2004, 05:15 PM
I think i can assemble a miniature snowman out of snowballs tomorrow - that is if i can get my very near b0rked webcam to work.

In the meantime If you desperately wanna see some snow, check this webcam out:

It's a live video stream from a webcam outside the university of umea. If you're on modem there's a link callled "modemsurfare" that pops up a smaller version=)

11-25-2004, 05:17 PM
I made one once... I forgot to mention. My mom reminded me when I told her I posted this..

I went into the freezer... and scraped off all the ice xD

11-25-2004, 05:23 PM
haha, yea I had a snowball fight once with my friend with the ice on her car

11-25-2004, 05:24 PM
Freezer scrapings just isn't the same.

11-25-2004, 05:30 PM
Ooo... I'll check that out when I go to my friend's house to leech off of his cable internet.

11-25-2004, 05:37 PM
When it snows here,its about the size of my pinky fingernail....which IS small...maybe itll snow soon so i can post one...stupid weatherman predects there will be snow EVERY year...but,it doesnt.... but back too the topic, ill try.

souichi tsujii
11-25-2004, 05:40 PM
I'll try...but the last time I made a snowman I was in fifth grade...

11-25-2004, 06:03 PM
Me and Tatsu will do it. Were going to take some christmas pictures to the people where sending cards to.

11-25-2004, 06:19 PM
Yepp :D
We'll make you a nice one ;p

11-25-2004, 06:31 PM
we actually had snow last year in the Seattle area, because of a blast of Arctic wind.

"Winter Blast" is what they called it. Since it never snows here [only rain, but not even freezing rain], no one knows how to handle it, and I got 3 days off of school, and 2 half days ^_^

11-25-2004, 07:37 PM
every year.. i take pics when i go outside in the snow so sure, i'll take some pics
but i might not make a snow man this year... but i might.. it depends how much snow there is

11-25-2004, 07:51 PM
I plan to go to PA this year for christmas and if I do I will make you one. If not will a digitaly created one be ok. I miss the snow.

11-25-2004, 07:55 PM
I love snow. I absolutely love to play out in it like al ittle kid. That happened about...10 years ago in Colorado. Here in Louisiana, it NEVER snows and accumulates. It does snow very rarely, sometimes making a very pretty scene, but it is ALWAYS too warm on the surface, and hte snow melts instantly. If you cup your hand, you might get a couple flakes before it melts away. I get really excited over the smallest hint of snow. Im such a loser

11-25-2004, 09:28 PM
Hasnt snowed here in the last 3 years i think....cant remember...

11-25-2004, 10:43 PM
Sure, why not ^^ First suitable snowfall ^_~

Ah, snow... Youth and snow matched so nicely. I used to build all sorts of things- from snowmen to caves carved into snow drifts large enough to hold 6 people. Those were the days..

11-25-2004, 10:47 PM
Man... if I ever visited anyone where it snowed, I'd spend all my time playing with kids outside.

...I do that a lot anyway, but with SNOW, there's more things to do.

11-25-2004, 10:51 PM
Pfft. You wish. Once you're older snow means shoveling, difficult traveling conditions, cancelled appointments, cold weather... Nothing fun.

Kittie Pryde
11-25-2004, 10:54 PM
:( I wish I could, but I have never seen snow in my life!

I can try make you a snowman out of ice cubes! ;]

11-25-2004, 10:55 PM
I took pictures yesterday...after all it snowed 6 inches here yesterday. And yes, I did make a snowman. No button eyes or anything...but I do have pictures that I will gladly send to you when I get the roll developed. Probably next week.

11-25-2004, 10:55 PM
Yeah, but I don't accept responsibility, so we're all good.

11-27-2004, 09:27 AM
i've seen snow twice in my life... china and newzealand... the snow... well, i suppose u can make a snowman out of it but i think u'll get frostbites afther that. i make a dozen snowballs and i had to put my hands in hot water afther that... i was wearing gloves too.
so the conclusion... snow is colder than it looks ^_^
...or maybe bcause i'm not used to the cold whether.

11-27-2004, 01:53 PM
According too the British it only snows on Christmas day o_O, I'll add digi pic's on the day.

Since I live beside the seaside, its odd too see snow. sea salt, sea fret etc etc

11-27-2004, 08:57 PM
Sure I'd be happy to make a snowman for you:p, I just have to wait till it snows then melts a little so the snow will stick together and make a perfect snowman. It's fun to be in the snow but after the years it sort of get's annoying, because every time it snows almost everybody get's sick, it takes forever to drive places since you have to be careful of ice patches, I remember onetime last year or the year before that the pipes froze and we couldn't use the water, sometimes the power gets knocked out, onetime it got so cold that all the snow froze over it was like a big sheet of ice right in our front yard, you can't stay out to long in the snow and you have to dress in layers because you could get frost bite, and chapstick does come in handy, oh and the good thing about the snow is sometimes we get snowdays, but you probly knew all of that. :p

11-28-2004, 12:09 AM
I made one once... I forgot to mention. My mom reminded me when I told her I posted this..

I went into the freezer... and scraped off all the ice xD
i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who did that!

11-28-2004, 12:24 AM
The weather here is unpredictable, and it's not easy to tell if it will snow or not..mostly hail though, or rain and hail. There was tons of snow last year.

11-28-2004, 07:36 AM
Tell you what...IF it snows(extremely doubtful) i'll make you one. I know what its like to not see snow and because of it, i'm addicted to the stuff. My Junior year(wow that seems like so long ago) I went up in the mountains with a few friends for the weekend and I didn't want to leave. @[email protected] I would suggest you somehow get to snow. You'll find yourself too excited to not be cold.

11-28-2004, 09:48 AM
that's strange... i find myself too cold to think of snow. snow seemed more like really really tiny pieces of ice. (it might be just me)

11-28-2004, 09:51 AM
All of our snow rained away :'(

12-01-2004, 09:23 AM
Here you go.

He's a bit ugly, short and difform, but still made out of snow.


TerraN EmpirE
12-07-2004, 02:48 AM
well i am no good at snow men but here is some snow fresh shots taken @ 1 am :3

12-07-2004, 03:21 AM
awe, i want to build a snow man! The mountians here are starting to get snow on the peaks, but nothing here in the valley yet.

12-07-2004, 06:03 AM
It is not snowing where I am. It's cold but the sun is shining. a bit unusual considering the time of year.

TerraN EmpirE
12-07-2004, 12:44 PM

12-07-2004, 01:02 PM
well i made an awsome snow man one time he was cool i gave him spikey green hair (lotsa pineneedles) and my brother sunglasses but yeah then my mom ran over him but he was frozen so she got the wort of it thou his head did fall off