View Full Version : Free Trade a good thing or a bad thing?

11-09-2004, 10:05 PM
Hello all, I need some help and since I need both sides to really know how Free Trade is good and bad. I am doing a debate in my business class and the topic is way over my head. I know a lot of you here know more about it and have your opinions about it..which I don't have any as of yet.

So go right ahead with your opinions on Free Trade. :ph34r:

11-09-2004, 10:13 PM
Free Trade is good. It has its bad points, but it tends overtime to encourage more production, more innovation, and a greater standard of living for itís workforce.

En Svensk Tiger
11-10-2004, 07:34 AM
Free trade is good for us, being the west. and bad for the others, like the under developed countries in africa. But hey, if they weren't so poor, we wouldn't be so rich..

So it all makes sense in the end

11-10-2004, 08:23 AM
-provides access to a wider variety of innovations and materials (manufactured and raw)
-Access to a larger market, and hense, more consumers
-having to compete means having to increase productivity
-comparative advantage is developed

-Exploits the developing countries (
-Western country can sell in the developing country and can charge less for the product b/c of better access to cheaper means of production. This increases competition, but developing countries are not able to compete

if you need more help, let me know! yay economics <3

11-10-2004, 09:16 AM
benifit-allow out of country trade

flaw- own industries will suffer from compitition with cheap labor countries.

11-13-2004, 01:57 PM
Ok thanks, any more thoughts are welcomed. :)