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Shinkono Kokoro
11-04-2004, 10:41 PM
Alright. So the whole story behind this picture is very depressing....

Luci ((my character, on the top)) and Yanagi ((Shinigami_no_kaze's chara, on the bottom)) are married. So, she's pregnant with triplets and for some reason, when she was five months pregnant, it was decided that she would go and live elsewhere with other people for safety reasons. Anyway, Luci was getting all depressed without his wife, and he wasn't eating, wasn't sleeping, wandering around until he was too tired to stay on his feet, sleeping restlessly for a few hours. So, his twin brother, Michael ((Archangel Michael ~also Shinigami_no_kaze's chara)) forced him to swallow this potion stuff that made him sleep. As a kindness. So, he fell asleep and he would wake up four months later when Yanagi had her children. So when the time comes around when Yanagi's water breaks, Michael goes to fetch Luci. Well, Michael returns, however, Luci isn't with him. Apparently, he fed him too much so that Luci will now be asleep for the next twelve years. Yeah. Sucks. Anyway, Yanagi returns to Hell and rules in Luci's stead. ((He is the king of Hell)) Well, about two years into it, because the people aren't listening to her, she turns mean so that they WILL listen to her. Which is effective. So the three kids, two boys and a girl, they all grow up believing their father is dead and/or they never had one. It's really depressing. So then he wakes up, twelve years later, not quite sure what happened, and discovers that his room is dark and dusty ((having not been cleaned in the past twelve years)). So he's all confused and he gets up, his voice weak and croaky ((having not been USED for the passed twelve years)) and then walks out into the hall. And stops. And gags. There are body parts everywhere and blood spattered on the walls, entrails on the floor. All very disgusting. So he's wondering what the heck happened and then he discovers that she's turned cruel and sadistic and she's taken over ruling Hell with a relish. So he's all freaked out by this and what-not, wondring what the heck happened to his sweet Yanagi. ^__^

It's a really depressing story, but I love how the pic turned out. The words are a mix of a poem of mine, as well as part of the lyrics that I commandeered from a Matchbox20 song. ^_^ lol. ^___^ Anyway, coloured with ma Prismas. ^_^ I love 'em. ^_^ Please comment. ^__^


11-18-2004, 10:40 PM
it is depressing but nice nonetheless....
i've always liked your stories and pics... ^_^

11-26-2004, 01:46 AM
I love it...fantastic...

11-28-2004, 06:17 PM

you did an excellent job.