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11-04-2004, 06:40 AM
This is The Journey RPG. Welcome to all newcomers and all the people who signed up. :)

Drgn was walking through an open field, slaying monsters along his way. He was in search of a village or kingdom of some kind, so he could sleep in peace. For the past three months (after his village was slaughtered), Drgn had been sleeping outside on grass, rocks, sand, trees, and bushes. He was sick of it, he wanted to sleep in a bed again. He ate insects, and occasionally he would set up a fire and roast any dead animal he could find.
"My god, this is horrible. I haven't been able to relax in three months! I need to find somewhere to go...and I need to find someone to travel with, this is too lonely......." Drgn said to himself in his loneliness. Just then he saw, as he approached a giant tree in the field, a man was sitting there (he wore black armour and had a shining sword. his hair was black as well), but Drgn was confused - was this man good or evil?! Drgn unsheathed his Tenshi, and prepared himself for a battle, but slowly approached the man, calmly and peacefully.
"Excuse me, sir. May I ask your name? I am Drgn, from Tenshi Kakoriko, which was destroyed three months ago...do you have food?"

11-04-2004, 07:51 AM
Huron see's this guy come walking up to him very slowly as if he is the enemy "I am Huron Blackheart from the relm of Drakness and yes i do have some food with me you are welcome to eat as much as you want" Huron said to Drgn. Huron then pulled out a bit of meat of the fire, and through it to Drgn. Huron then put's his sword away and starts to eat his food and offering a spot next to the fire where Huron just cooked the meat.

11-04-2004, 08:18 AM
Then as huron was asleep Drgn stole Hurons sword and other belongings like food, etc and he left. Early the next morning Huron awoke to his sword missing along with Drgn so immediatly he packe up and started to track the thief to get his belongings back and to punish the theiving buzzard.

11-04-2004, 10:03 AM
Lakia was walking through the woods like she usually did, given that she loved the woodlands. She noticed someone sneaking through the brush to her right. She let it go until she later saw someone else walking the same way the other guy had. She frowned and confronted him cautiously.

"Why do you walk here?" she asked. "This is part of the woodland realm. You may bring trouble, though are you tracking someone? It seems curious that you are the second to travel through this part of the dark woods. Not many walk here, even the elven kind are cautious here." as she spoke she kept a hand on her bow just in case she needed to use it. Though she had other tricks up her sleeve, the feeling of the wood brought peace to her.

11-04-2004, 02:59 PM
Drgn accepted Huron's gesture and took a seat beside the fire. "Thank you Huron...I appreciate this gesture you offer me. I haven't had any friends or relatives to talk to for three months. My village, was slaughtered by a monster...I don't know what it's name is, but I call it, Bastard, because it ruined my life...and it destroyed my home and family. For days after the slaughter I mourned for my family. Now I search for Bastard in hopes of returning the favour and killing it like it did my village...I hope we can be friends, for then I shall have sombody to talk to and to share experiences with." Drgn said to Huron. He then asked, "What was your past like? Are you on a journey or quest in search of anything? Would you like some company, because I need someone to travel with." Drgn sat and ate, and listened for Huron's reply.

11-04-2004, 03:55 PM
“My past! Oh… ok I don’t know where I was born but when I was 4 I got lost in the woods. I was walking through the woods looking for food one day and I found my self on the edge of the Darkness Realm, as I was looking into it I saw a woman walking up to me and took me into the realm of Darkness, after that I was given a sword and I was trained to us it by Vashuna the Sword Dancer, after I had finished my training I got asked to lead a squad of Darkness army men to the Realm of Light, and attack it but I betrayed the realm that helped me live and ran off now they hunt me down for my betrayal.” Huron said answering Drgn. Then Huron looked at Drgn and said “I am sorry about your village because that monster was most likely looking for me and I am sorry for what it did to your home. Now I must seek help from one of the other Realms in order to stop the rampage of the Chimeras” Huron heard something move in the trees and pulled out his sword “Drgn there is something behind us”Huron said getting ready to fight.

11-04-2004, 05:26 PM
"I'm ready for anything, I've been fighting all afternoon. I hope this one can be a challenge!" Drgn exclaimed in excitement. Drgn took a good look at Huron and got ready to fight.

11-04-2004, 06:55 PM
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IC: Anaki was crouched behind a bush, listening to the sounds of the forrest. She poised her bow, ready to let it loose at the first indication of prey. Her stomach let a slow, soft rumble, a small sign of just how hungry she was. She heard voices in the distance, and hoped they'd stay just that. The distance. She needed to eat something.

11-04-2004, 07:07 PM
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Drgn turned to face the sound and saw a gigantic creature sniffing the ground. It must have smelled the food the Huron made, "Damn, the monster smells the food! Huron, we can either get rid of the food or fight and risk death...what do you think?"

11-04-2004, 07:14 PM
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IC: Anaki's ears perk up at the sound of the voices fighting. "Food?" She whispers to herself with a sly grin on her face. She gets up and creeps over to the outskirts of the campfire, listening more intently to what the two men were saying.

11-04-2004, 08:51 PM
an elven warrior runs as fast as he can down the road his long elven sword in one hand and bow in the other.behind him is a horde of goblins in broad daylight.

11-04-2004, 09:00 PM
sheaths his sword and grabs 4 arrows from his quiver and cocks them

11-04-2004, 09:09 PM
damn these guys won't quit and fires his arrows killing 4 goblins.he grabs more arrows but his bow gets caught by a tree branch.

11-04-2004, 09:44 PM
when he turned to grab it an arrow came straight for his hand so he turned and continues to run down the road

11-04-2004, 09:51 PM
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11-05-2004, 05:39 AM
Huron looked at Drgn and then walked to the fire and pulled off a bit of meat and gave it to the creature it took the meat and walked off. "I will help you find the Chimera that kill your family. But can you tell me what this Chimera looked like if you can i mite be able to find the one and hunt it down." Huron said to Drgn

11-05-2004, 06:45 AM
"....I'm sorry, I didn't catch what it looked like. But, being half-demon, I was able to track it's scent. I followed it to you so far, and I can smell it continuing north, that's all I know about the Chimera." Drgn was disappointed, but cheerfully suggested, "I think we'll need more help to defeat the Chimera though. It gives off a strong scented auora. We should find a village or city to sleep in for now; I can tell by the bags under your eyes that you've been sleping under the stars too. Let's go find shelter and see if we can gather more help from there."

11-05-2004, 07:40 AM
"From what i know there is a town just a half a days walk north we can rest there and i need to get some supples" Huron said will puting on his death mask.

11-05-2004, 08:57 AM
ok my comps working

11-05-2004, 09:51 AM
Lakia walked the forest and smelt blood in the air, goblin blood. She ran quick as light itself to a quiet road taht was not so quiet anymore. Goblins were chasing an elf who was frantically trying to kill them but they would not quit. She brought out her bow and a single arrow. Upon this arrow she cast a spell. She let it loose and soon all the goblins in sight were felled. She went to the last goblin killed and plucked the arrow from its chest. she cleaned off the blood and put it with the rest in her quiver. She turned to the elf. "Why are you being chased? What could bring the goblins out into daylight and not be killed? Where have you come from?"

11-05-2004, 02:43 PM
Drgn acknowleged Huron's statement with an nod of his head. "Ok, let's proceed north then, we shall find an inn to sleepin, and a bizare to buy some new items to take with us." Drgn smiled through the feeling that he had just made his first friend, in what seems to be his first, but most important journey. Drgn knew that there would be many things to accomplish on this journey, and many obstacles to face, but knowing he had befriended Huron Blackheart, he felt comfort.

11-05-2004, 03:10 PM
Saikuya wandered through a forest. He had lost all sense of direction and how long he'd been here....

11-05-2004, 04:01 PM
"Wait, Huron...I can hear footsteps breaking the grass in this field. It's coming closer. Stop for a second...I want to see who...or what is approaching us." Just then, Drgn noticed a person coming from the southern side of the field. He or she seemed to be aimlessly wallking around the field, so Drgn turned around and cautiously beaconed the person over with a wave of his hand. The strange person noticed and walked closer. Drgn warned Huron, "Huron, please forgive me if this turns out to be a trap, but I believe that this person is lost, and I am one who refuses to leave a helpless person."

11-06-2004, 08:43 AM
"I understand i will find out how much futher we have to go" Huron said to Drgn. Huron then looked around and saw someone walking past "Um sir can you tell me how much futher the town is" Huron said to the passer by "Just a little bit futher you are almost there" he said in return "Thank you" Huron said and turned to look back at Drgn.

11-06-2004, 03:25 PM
As Drgn got closer to the man, he looked familliar, as if Drgn had seen him before. "Excuse me, are you a lost traveller...you are permitted to follow me and my friend Huron Blackheart. My name is Drgn, what is your name?" Drgn stood straight and ready for a battle, as he waited for the response.

Princess Kai Mino
11-06-2004, 06:47 PM
When she first saw Drgn and Huron, she felt happy. Kai Mino followed the two men. 'Who could be these people?' Kai Mino thought. She ran but slipped on a pretty huge rock. Her leg bleeded. "Ack!" she said. Her voice echoed through the forest. 'I hope that the men didn't hear me!' she hoped.

11-07-2004, 04:18 AM
As Huron was walking back to Drgn he hered a noise come from the bushes. Huron put's his hand on his sword "Who is there? come on out" Huron said into the bushes.

11-07-2004, 07:35 AM
i jump out from behind the bushes, i scream and point a gun at the dude with the sword "What the hell?!?!" i yell, i have a bit of raw meet hanging out of my mouth. sinffs u, "you smell like candy" i lick ur cheek "YUCk" brushes my tounge with my hands.. "eewwwww" i cough rapidly..gags...fall to my knees...gasps for air..."h-e-l-p..." i pass out, i lay sprawled on the ground in my skimpy skirt my trench coat and knee high boots. my hair is messy...it has grass and twigs in it.you can see my panties -_- i look like Ω_☻

11-07-2004, 02:52 PM
Drgn perked up when the woman fell. "Are you alright?" Drgn asked, also interested in the beauty of the woman. Drgn smelled the blood from the woman's leg and asked, "Would you like some help? You're hurt and I won't leave you here...I'll bring you with me and Huron to the village up noeth, we're almost there. Just get on my back and I'll carry you..." Drgn looked at Huron and said, "Huron, it's ok. This woman wanted to follow us to the village and she was hurt. Remove your hand from your hilt. We're safe right now." Drgn mounted the woman onto his back and continued the walk to the village.

11-07-2004, 07:43 PM
im dreaming of how to kill my ex-husband..

Princess Kai Mino
11-07-2004, 08:31 PM
"Thank you kindly. I'm Kai Mino." Kai Mino answered. "Ow! Oh, that hurts!". She touched her cut. Then, fell asleep, with all the agony kept inside. Kai Mino dreamed while she slept. 'Did that man think anything about me?' she said. 'He was interested in your beauty' a voice called. 'But he couldn't!' Kai Mino replied.
'Well, that's what I can see in his eyes' the voice called again. 'That's all I want to hear. Thank you.' Kai Mino said. When she woke up, they were at the village.

11-08-2004, 02:34 AM
later the next day im walking around in a bikini and a trench coat.."damn it damn it..damn perverts" i mumble, "damn hot springs!!!" i bump in to some dudes that have huge swords"sorry" i say, i do a little bow.one grabs me by the hair. i kick him and he drops me i pull out one of my guns "touch me again and i will shoot you" i say, one of the guys little slaves sneeks up behind me and knocks me out. thay are in the middle of draging me away when i scream.

11-08-2004, 06:22 AM
"Kai Mino," Drgn began, "are you alright? You were asleep for quite a while, we had time to get you help while you were asleep. Your leg is better now; I got you some herbs and I healed your flesh wound with my powers. PLease, stand up and walk around, I want to see if the wound is better." Drgn wanted Kai Mino to be okay. "Ummm...," Drgn started, "Kai Mino...what was it that you were mumbling in your sleep? Were you talking to somebody?" Drgn had heard Kai Mino talking to the voice in her head, but tried to get Kai Mino to tell him exactly what was going on...

11-08-2004, 07:24 AM
im still screaming and being draged away, "Some body fkn help me!!!' i scream, one of the guys looks at me pervertedly

11-08-2004, 08:48 AM
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11-08-2004, 09:45 AM
Saikuya followed the group into the town and then finally spoke. " My name is Saikuya Miouki. I come from Sedaiya.. I'm quite lost and don't even...Could you tell me where this.... Are you even listening to me? He said noticing everyone was staring at the one called kai mino...."HMPH!" he slumps down in a chair near the door....Oh well at least I can rest... He fell asleep.

11-08-2004, 02:59 PM
Drgn sat beside Kai Mino in the hospital room. He sat on her bed and looked outside the window. There, Drgn saw a familliar man sitting on a chair, perhaps sleeping. Drgn ignored him for now and talked with Kai Mino for a little bit. Then, out of nowhere, Drgn heard a loud scream, "What the hell is that?!" Drgn jumped out onto his feet, "Huron, I just heard a scream...a woman's scream, out in the woods. Im going to help her, stay with Kai Mino, please Huron." Drgn raced out into the woods, a little bit west of the village. He listened from the middle of the woods for any sonds. The woman screamed again. This time the sound came from near the village; so Drgn travelled back east to the village. He saw about four men carrying an attractive woman to an abandonned home. "Leave that woman alone you bunch of cowardly bastards!!" Drgn yelled out as he pounced on the men. The woman was free. Drgn beat one of the men to the point that he was imobillized. "If the rest of you want to keep raping defensless women, I will kill you like I almost did your disabled friend here!" Drgn said terribly. Then he looked at the woman as the rapists ran off, "Are you alright? I'm Drgn, from Tenshi Kakoriko. Who are you?"

11-08-2004, 06:10 PM
im crying now..."im..Raina Sei.., but im also called Rai Sei" i say while i wipe my face. "i am very grateful for you saveing me. what can i do to repay you?", i look like a over grown 12 year old right now. "i am sorry to have caused you trouble" now i look about 22. just then when i try to get up i see a needle in my arm. "huh?!" i say "AHH POISON NEEDLE!!!", i yank it out, blood drips from it. "oh just great" i put my left hand over the wound, i shut my eyes for a second, my hand glows a bit. then i pull my hand away, and the wound is fine."thank you again for saveing me Drgn," i say "i feel dizzy..."

11-09-2004, 03:44 AM
As Huron was sitting there in the hospital Huron felt something in the ground. Huron then went out side to see what it was and as he looked around but found nothing but he felt it agene so he went to look in the forest and to his surprise it was the Chimera Gigaberos “Gigaberos… but your to dangers to be let out of the realm” Huron said to himself. Huron then put his hand on his sword “But what ever the case you must not find the town” Huron said as he was attacking Gigaberos.

Tears of Moonlight
11-09-2004, 05:52 AM
OOC: Italic words are Skye’s thoughts. Her profile is located in the sign up threat (http://animeforum.com/showthread.php?t=16519&page=2&pp=25) ^^

She softly chuckled, watching the scene enfold before her eyes as she lay back on the branch of a peach tree. "Ah..delicious.. Standard scene 7.3.8. Heroic knight saves the poor damsel in distress from her attackers.. alas, too late too late, for she has be poisoned and will surely die..or will she?" Her voice was barely above a whisper, as she playfully juggled around with three peaches. For a moment she seemed to be distracted by something, tilting her head to one side and dropping the peaches. “Ow..” Standing up from the branch she leaped down to the ground, landing on her feet, briefly touching the ground with her hand.

Just as I thought.. Soft trembling of the ground..and that smell.. something is near. I wonder what.. She nodded a bit to herself, then tilted her head to Drgn. “Something big is near, and your damsel seems hurt. Be a good knight and bring her to your stronghold to keep her safe, for I doubt this place is…” She grinned as she picked up a peach, and threw it up in the air, making it ‘explode’ into a burst of fuzzy dust concealing her from view, all just an illusion woven for the show. As the dust fluttered down, Skye was gone, as she ran off into the direction from which she had felt the trembles.

As she reached a glaring in the forest Skye came to a sudden halt as she saw a full-grown Chimera. Her eyes widened slightly as she saw someone running up to the beast, apparently planning to attack it. Suicide..? Hmm.. Not human.. This should be fun to watch. She concluded with a little grin as she climbed up one of the trees, resting on her stomach on one of the branches, watching the fight.

11-09-2004, 06:38 AM
"Ummmm...that was unnecessary, wouldn't you say Rai?" Drgn said commenting on the appearance of the woman who talked to them. "I guess even though it was just an illusion, she was trying to warn us of something." Drgn looked at Raina, "Rai, I can take the poison out...of your arm. But I'll need to punvture the skin that you just healed..." Drgn didn't care what Raina would say, he wanted her to live. He used his long first-finger nail. He poked the skin where she was drugged and sucked the poison out with his mouth and spat it out. "*cough cough*," Drgn chocked a little bit from the taste of the poison, "Wow, that was strong poison, you surely would have died." Drgn laughed in relief.
Just then, Drgn 's elven ears picked up a sound of clashing swords and flesh ripping. "Damnit, the forest seems like a place of trouble and mahem, I better go check it out!" Drgn said as he began to run towards the forest. Then he yelled out, "RAI, GO TO THE HOSPITAL AND SLEEP!! TELL A GIRL NAMED KAI MINO THAT I WILL BE BACK AS SOON AS I FINISH THIS!" Drgn arrived at the forest and saw Huron, Huron Blackheart fighting Chimera monsters. "Damnit! Huron's just as idiotic as me!" Drgn whispered to himself. "Huron!! Get out of the way!" Drgn yelled out as he finished the last of the Chimeras. "Damn, are you alright, Huron? I can heal you, you look injured..." Drgn sat with Huron.

11-09-2004, 03:32 PM
“Thanks for the offer but I don’t need it” Huron said to Drgn. Then Huron was engulfed in darkness and when it cleared Huron was fixed all the dings in his armor too. “Drgn you have not killed Gigaberos he lives but now that he is hurt he might lesion to me” Huron said as he was walking up to Gigaberos. “Gigaberos?” Huron said one of Gigaberos’s heads looked at Huron “Gigaberos lesion to me you looked like you escaped from the darkness realm agene but you have put me in danger. Gigaberos you know there going to come for you so you are going to need to run I can fix you but then you are going to run off and they are going to find you so if you do plan to run go to the realm of Fire just West of here they will help you hide” Huron spoke to Gigaberos. Gigaberos nodded and with that Huron the put one hand on Gigaberos and then they where inflamed by Darkness and when it cleared Gigaberos was standing and then Gigaberos ran West as fast as he could. “Go Gigaberos you still remember me.” Huron said to himself “You can come on out of that tree now” Huron said to the tree.

Tears of Moonlight
11-09-2004, 04:52 PM
Skye blinked, surprised Huron had sensed her presence. She leaped from the tree, landing on her feet, and looked up at Huron. “Chimera’s..your enemies, or merely trying to protect others from them? I noticed you tried to fight it..why stop? Would have been a good show.” She then slightly tilted her head back to Drgn, pondering. "I guess I was rather rude before.. short attention span, and I happened to see what happened. Struck me as..comical, in a way. I say what I think, that's all there is to it."

11-09-2004, 08:41 PM
i run to the hospital, i look for the person i was told to..i trip ''ow damn it" i say as i get up,then i find the right room..i walk in and the 'girl' is asleep, i walk over to a chair, i take my jacket off, and im in a shirt and jeans, i sit on the chair and fall asleep.
im dreaming of how cute Drgn is..i mumble something about how cute he is in my sleep

11-10-2004, 06:30 AM
Drgn listened to Skye, but was furious to know how she can find things like death and destruction comical. "Excuse me, woman, what the hell is wrong with you?! How is that funny? How could someone's life being wasted be a form of humour? I have watched as people were cut, as they were ripped to pieces! I have seen peoples' limbs get slowly torn off of the sockets! And believe me woman, there is no way in Hell that this type of thing could be funny!!" Drgn scolded. He looked away from the woman in disgust. "Huron, that was amazing how you communicated with that demon. You have a special gift, and that may be one of our greatest weapons to get to the Bastard, our enemy." Drgn complimented. "Let's go back to the village to the east and get some rest in the hospital. Tomorrow we should be able to travel some more." Drgn began to walk back to the village. He lost his anger toward the woman as a slight breeze caressed his face. When Drgn arrived at the hospital, he found both Raina and Kai Mino in the room. They were both mumbling things in their sleep...about Drgn. "Wow, I never knew women actually liked demons...oh well, I guess I should be thankful...hehehe!" Drgn laughed as he found a seat. He slumped himself into it and fell into a half sleep. He was dreaming, but was still aware of the real world. So he waited for the girls to awaken - he had good news to give them.

11-10-2004, 07:51 AM
Umm......powerfull Speech Lol

11-10-2004, 10:07 AM
:bounce: All the fighting and screaming caused Saikuya to finnaly wake up... He yawned and stretched out his tail hitting the floor. Oops.. He thought as he wrapped his tail back around his waist. He had learned well over the years not to leave his tail lying around. "Excuse me." He spoke to all the people. " Why are all of you fighting? And could you tell me where we are?"

Tears of Moonlight
11-10-2004, 11:58 AM
Skye arched an eyebrow as she was scolded by Drgn. She listened with a blank expression on her face, tilting her head a couple of times. She wanted to give him a response but he had turned his back at her already. “Righteous fellow..pfeh..” She shrugged and shook her head a little. “Apparently no-one ever told him all things die one day..one way or the other. Dying of poison in the arms of one that cares didn’t seem like such a bad dead for that girl.”

She spoke to herself it seemed, and now looked at the sky, smiling faintly. “Maybe some lessons take time to learn.. to see the humor of this all..” The voice of someone pulled her out of her daze, and she turned her face back, settling her eyes on the one entering the glaring; Saikuya. “..I don’t know why he” She cocked her head in Huron’s direction. “attacked that chimera. As for the location of this place..” She stretched her hands out in a theatrical manner. "I give you…the forest."

11-10-2004, 03:21 PM
Drgn waited in the village hospital for Kai Mino and Raina to wake up. He was growing impatient, so he opened his eyes and looked around. He felt stupid about his anger towards Skye. "Damnit, why did I have to try and lecture Skye? Who am I to tell her what to do? My God, I'm an idiot!" Drgn pondered as he sat in the seat. "I better apologize...she may be a useful companion if she joined me and Huron in our journey." Drgn walked to the forest east of the village. He saw Huron, Skye and the man from outside the window. He introduced himself, "Hello, sir. My name is Drgn...you seem familliar...what is your name?" Drgn felt that he knew this man some how. Drgn turned his head to Skye, his head down in shame, and said, "Skye, I am very sorry for the words I said...I humbly ask your forgiveness...please." Drgn stopped and waited for hre decision. Then he also said, "I would really like to hear your side of the story and why you feel the way you do about death...I believe you are allowed to have an opinion as well...I would like to have you join me and Huron in our travels. If you can forgive me, I would like to journey with you..." Drgn felt ashamed.

Tears of Moonlight
11-10-2004, 03:46 PM
Skye blinked, confused about Drgn sudden change of mind, and slightly amused by his sudden apologies. She shook her head, and laughed. “Don’t be silly now.. No need to apologize. I’m used to this kind of reaction towards my..carefree behavior. Don’t put your head down like that. I never learned how to act courteous, so I don’t expect others to show it to me. And you ask my side of the story?” She chuckled softly. “What is one life faced to the whole world? What is one soul when so many are lost every day..? If you want to mourn those that died an unjust and unnecessary dead..you can keep mourning your whole life, a life that will be over before you actually could enjoy it, and see the humor of it all..”

She brought her index finger to her nose and smiled wistfully. “I suspect the Gods have a sick sense of humor..and when I die, I expect to find them laughing.” She nodded to herself slowly. “This journey.. there’s bound to be.. interesting stuff happening along the road..” Her eyes drifted up to the sky. “Sure thing..I’ll follow, but know that I won’t always be able to show much of that emotion, pity, that you seem to value so much. I am but a simple creature, trying to lighten up this world drowning in its dark thoughts, no dwelling over them. Your name is Drgn, mine is Skye, I hope my words explained what I tried to say, if they didn’t, please speak your mind.”

11-10-2004, 05:46 PM
Huron looked at Skye and said “Your lucky you have emotion I was depraved of them as I was growing up in the realm of Darkness.” Huron then looked at Drgn “Drgn I have something to take care of I will be back later” Huron said to Drgn. Huron then walked out 2 meters forwards and turned around looking at Drgn and Skye and then Huron crossed his arms and dropped into a dark spot underneath him. When Huron opened his eye’s he was back into the realm of Darkness. “Silphy” Huron yelled at the top of his voice. “Huron your back!” Silphy said as she was walking up to Huron. “Silphy why did you send Gigaberos after me you know he wont hurt me on prepose and you know I am the only one who can control him to so why?” Huron said to Silphy “Well because we need you and we had hoped that Gigaberos could help get you back here and now that you are we can continue” Silphy said to Huron “What to finish the attack on Alcadeias you know who long this war has gone on for and you wont be able to finish it if you kill Alcadeias” Huron yelled at Silphy and went back the way he came in. Back in town I Dropped out of the roof of the hospital “OW god dam it. I got to work on my exits” Huron said to him self.

11-10-2004, 07:31 PM
sadly for him, he landed on me "WHAT THE HELL" i scream, i pull my gun out and point it at his head, "who are you?" i ask, "And why did u fkn fall on me!", "DRGN!!!!!!!! HELP!!!! ITS A PERVERT!!" i scream

11-10-2004, 09:58 PM
Drgn looked at Skye. Only the two of them remained in the forest. "Skye...your words are great. I understand you know, and I guess I have respect for you. Thank you for the enlightenment...I think I need to take life less seriously too. I need to settle down and stop being so sad for the dead. I will mourn no longer for the lives of those who are not relative to me. I WILL be more like you, Skye."

Drgn hugged her gently as he thanked her. He felt as if this woman played a very important role in his life. He let her go and walked towards the town. "Follow me, Skye, if you wish to join me in my travels." Drgn offered.

Then Drgn heard a scream. from the hospital. "Raina!" Drgn jolted back to the room. He swung himself into the room and saw Huron sitting on Raina's lap. "Heheh..." Drgn laughed, "Raina, this man is no pervert, or at least I don't think he is...put the weapon away, please. This man is called Huron Blackheart, my companion. He and I travel together." Drgn introduced Huron to Raina. Drgn noticed that Kai Mino was still asleep. "Raina," Drgn asked, "has Kai Mino been sleeping the whole time?"

Drgn then turned back to look at Huron and he snickered at the sight of a man sitting on a woman's woman's lap. "Huron...get off."

Princess Kai Mino
11-10-2004, 10:14 PM
Kai Mino looked blankly. She didn't know what to say. "The person I was talking to was a person locked in my dreams, forever finding a way to be out. She is kind, but of course, her history is private. So is mine. But I wish to lock out my friends, until I can persuade myself that everything is gone. Sorry." Kai Mino said quietly. "Aside that, I am okay. The wound is not bad but just not hurting much so I'm fine." She stood and walked but fell again. She stood up by herself and walked to a near by river. Then, she quietly cried.

11-10-2004, 10:36 PM
Drgn followed Kai Mino. "Wait!" Drgn called out to her. He caught up with her at the river and heard whimpers. "Kai Mino...are you alright?" Drgn asked in confusion.

He was upset to see such a beautiful girl crying. "Please, Kai Mino, don't cry, I don't want to see you in sadness. Stop crying and tell me what's wrong." Drgn sat with her and put his hand on her back. He gently rubbed her back as he leaned closer toward her. He didn't want Kai Mino to be sad, she seemed like a happy person, by the look of her.

"you can tell me Kai Mino, I won't judge you. I will only listen and offer any possible advice...so please, tell me the matter." Drgn came closer and tried to encourage her to speak.

11-10-2004, 10:49 PM
OOC: I haven't been on.. so I'm just going to trip, and someone can catch me... and THEN, I can be back in the RPG. Because there's so much going on, I'm really confused.

IC: Anaki ran through through the bushes, dodging the tree's as she went. She was being chased by someone, or something. All she had heard was "You're going to DIE." Not bothering to look for the source of the voice, she high-tailed it and ran like a little girl out of the forrest. She ended up tripping over a root and flying into the path through the forrest.

OOC: That was gay.

11-11-2004, 12:17 AM
i push huron off me so he can land on his a$$, me dont like that chick, i mumble to my self" he mine...drgns mine..." giggle, i start to cackle, i holster my gun, i offer a hand to mr.black...... "uh....hi?" i say, i yawn i have pointy teeth, i grab some raw meat from my backpack and munch on it. "any one got a onion?"

11-11-2004, 03:23 AM
OOC: I'd reply, if I could read what you wrote.

11-11-2004, 04:35 AM
“Thanks” Huron said has he take’s Raina’s hand and gets his but off the ground. Huron then dusted him self off and walks out side and into the forest and heirs “You're going to DIE” wondering what it was Huron follow the words to a girl on the ground “What’s going on?” Huron said to the girl on the ground.

11-11-2004, 06:32 AM
Drgn walked Kai Mino back to the village. "Kai Mino, you're going to have to speak up sooner or later. I want to know your problems so I can try to fix them...please speak with me." They arrived at the hopsital again and Drgn walked into the room. He ignored Rasina for a moment, bu then looked back at her. "Why the hell do you eat raw meat? It's not healthy that way...unless you're a demon, I don't understand..." Drgn said in confusion.

He looked back at Kai Mino and sat her on the bed. He sat beside her and tried to console her. He wrapped his arm around her back to her other shoulder. "Tell me your problems..." Drgn encouraged.

11-11-2004, 06:34 AM
i sit on drgns lap " cant you tell? i am a demon" i smile showing pointy teeth
i munch on more meat,"cooked is ok but raw is better"

11-11-2004, 06:45 AM
Drgn feels awkward by the feeling of two women liking him. He had never been this popular before. "Raina..." Drgn didn't know what to say, "...can you please...get off of my lap..?" He felt stupid because usually when a girl comes that cose to you, you don't give it up. But Drgn felt very uncomfotable.

"Kai Mino is upset. I don't know why she is, but I think if you left us alone for a few minutes, I could get her to talk to me. Please, Raina, don't leave the room, but maybe if you got off my lap...hehehe.." Drgn was embarrassed.

11-11-2004, 09:12 AM
" Well all these people move around to much..." He chased off after the group....:samurai:

11-11-2004, 09:43 AM
i go teary eyed, "fine" i say i get up and stomp out of the room half crying, you hear me stop walking, than you hear me run, im crying, whoopi(sarcstic note here), well im upset so i go look for some one i can beat the crap out of, sadly i only find huron and some dude in a chair, i sigh and climb a tree and sit in it, i start to sing a really really sad song,

11-11-2004, 10:01 AM
Saikuya heard the one called Raina singing so he walked out to the tree. He climbed the tree and sat next to her. " Are you okay miss?" He looked at her face and could tell she wasnt... He whispered to the spirits of the air to place a barrier around the tree so they would'nt be disturbed. " Could I help you or comfort you in any way? Please talk to me. Tell me your problems. Let it out. I will listen..." He slowly place his hand on hers... :Bump:

11-11-2004, 10:52 AM
i turn bright pink, "drgn reffused me.." my eyes go teary again," its not fair...its...." i let my words trail off...the expression on my face makes it look like i have too....im in my happy place (pepole mimic "happy place" i hit them so i grin) looks at the person next to me, hugs them. i start to cry, and my tears are strangely very hot like boiled water...scary (in reall im in a devil out fit, "roar!!") my eyes are now acctuly pink in color,...that cant be good,...."thank you mr.person who was sleeping in a chair infrount of a hospital that was saying things like 'oh yeah mmm' in his sleep" i say "want some candy?" i have a bag of japanese black candy in my hand and some white candy, "there ya go" i give u the white. "ah damn my meat went bad..." i throw away my raw meat, "do ya no were a meat shopee is?" does sailor moon confused look , now does GTO's 'HUH?!' look, grins wide enough for u to see my fangs

11-11-2004, 01:39 PM
IC: Anaki had noticed the look on Drgn's face, and decided that maybe she should help him.

OOC: Or annoy the hell out of him.

IC: "Um.. girls?" She coughed from the doorway. "What are you doing on my boyfriend?"

11-11-2004, 02:45 PM
Smiles at raina. " Thanks... Ya know your pretty mellowed out for a person who was just rejected. Umm...Oh yeah I'm afraid I don't know where a meat store is. I'm new in town." He looks away tears filling his eyes. " I was denied love once...Oh...clears throat.." He turns back torward her without wiping the tears off his face. I wear my emotions on my sleeves... You so need to stop looking like a dork... " COuld I ask you a favor? Could I hang around with you for a while? " Gives her the sad puppy dog eyes but can't hold it and starts to laugh at himself....:rollt:

11-11-2004, 02:49 PM
I snicker, watching. 'Denied.. hehe..' I just stand there, holding a hand to my mouth and surpressing a giggle.

11-11-2004, 02:55 PM
"Oh my God!" Drgn cried out in laghter. Now three women were fond of Drgn. Raina had run from the room. "Please excuse me, Kai Mino..." Drgn shook the woman at the door's hand. "My name is Drgn," he said in a rush, "Please, woman, would you please try to calm down Kai Mino, she is crying and I know not why...I don't think it was me, so....." Drgn took a final look at Kai Mino, then at the woman. "I should be back soon, please stay with Kai Mino..."

Drgn ran off. He found a demonic version of Raina sitting in a tree with Saikuya. There was an air bubble around them, so there was no way in to help Saikuya. "Raina...I'm sorry for what I said...I didn't mean to reject you. I was just trying to make Kai Mino feel more comfortable. Please forgive me Raina...I am truely sorry." Drgn yelled out to the tree branch they were on.

Drgn looked up at them to make sure nothing happened. "I...will take you out to dinner, Raina. To the most elegant pub in the village. Just please, forgive me..." Drgn was determined to bring Raina back to his side. He waited.

11-11-2004, 02:58 PM
I glare at Drgn, obviously feeling ignored. "The Cosmos will not like this." I turn sharply on my heel and walk out.

11-11-2004, 02:59 PM
Saikuya felt the presence of Drgn but his voice could not penatrate the bubble. Saikuya lowered the bubble allowing Drgn to climb the tree... "Be strong Raina..."

11-11-2004, 03:05 PM
Drgn climbed the tree cautiously and repeated to Raina, "Raina...I'm sorry for what I said...I didn't mean to reject you. I was just trying to make Kai Mino feel more comfortable. Please forgive me Raina...I am truly sorry." Drgn climbed higher up the tree. Then Drgn also repeated "I...will take you out to dinner, Raina. To the most elegant pub in the village. Just please, forgive me..." He climbed up and sat on the branch as close to Raina as possible.

11-11-2004, 03:54 PM
I mutter angerily to myself as I kick pebbles down the street. "There has to be someone to talk to in this crappy town."

Princess Kai Mino
11-11-2004, 05:07 PM
Kai Mino wiped her tears and wrote on a piece of paper. It was a note. It read:

'Sorry, Drgn. You know how I told you how I don't like to share my personal feelings. It's a personal one. Let's keep it that way. I can see that Raina likes you. You should go for it. But I am just going to get off your shoulder. I am very ashamed of your troubles. I'll just thank you for your consideration. I'll be going now. Here. Take this blue gem necklace as a thanks for your help. Thank you. Good bye...

Kai Mino'

Kai Mino made a envelope, put the gem necklace in and put the note in. She walked to the village silently and put the note near Drgn's pack.

'I hope you learn how to let the problems roll of your back and try to help others learn for themselves' Kai Mino thought.

Then, she left only to the forest ahead of the village. She never looked back or turned. She kept on.

11-11-2004, 05:07 PM
Drgn saw Anaki walking down a dirt road kicking stones. "What the hell is wrong with her??" Drgn asked himself. He watched her for a few seconds, but paid no mind to her anger...he had to pay attention to Raina and Saikuya, Raina had to answer him.

11-11-2004, 05:12 PM
OOC: You're so going to die!

11-11-2004, 05:12 PM
Drgn looked down and saw Kai Mino, she finally woke up. She was walking away from the forest. Drgn was really confused now. He looked down the tree and saw a letter on the grass, by the tree. "Excuse me for a second guys..." Drgn jumped down the tree and picked up the letter...he opened the letter and read it, it said,

"Sorry, Drgn. You know how I told you how I don't like to share my personal feelings. It's a personal one. Let's keep it that way. I can see that Raina likes you. You should go for it. But I am just going to get off your shoulder. I am very ashamed of your troubles. I'll just thank you for your consideration. I'll be going now. Here. Take this blue gem as a thanks for your help. Thank you. Good bye..."

Drgn stared at it for some time, then looked up at Kai Mino as she disappeared into the mist of the trail...

Princess Kai Mino
11-11-2004, 05:48 PM
OOC: I will come back. I forgot to add my transformation in my description. I will return soon.

Kai Mino ran and jumped up and landed on a tree branch. She spied up on top. Then her body moved crazy. She moved this way and that. Her clothes came off with new ones under it. She transformed into a demon woman.

"I am just happy I got out. They would freak what'd happened.Kai Mino said to herself.

Kai Mino leaped into the air and jumped around. She just had gotten out of the forest into mountains. She wore a short black dress and a "V" cut near her chest. She wore no shoes and ran again.

"Where the hell are you?" she called out. She ran to a near by hot spring. The night rested and the day rose. "Ahhh!" Kai Mino yelled. She rested for an hour.

11-12-2004, 08:21 PM
Takaru was walking in a forest by himself while remembering how he felt when he saw his village burned and destroyed. while on his walk, he noticed someone walking towards him in the mist..............

11-12-2004, 11:24 PM
Anaki was fuming. "How dare that moron ignore me when I was trying to help him!" She scoffed, kicking a rock into the distance. She was walking head down, focusing on the ground. "That JERKFACE."

11-13-2004, 01:22 PM
hello. . . may i join. . . the journey. . .
(is so tottaly bad right now!)

11-13-2004, 01:24 PM
um. . .HELLO

11-13-2004, 01:25 PM
ahhh forget this

11-13-2004, 03:20 PM
Ssra slowly psuhed himself forward through the dense forest mists. His tail gently swayed to and fro as he went pushing through the underbrush and bramble alongside the path. All of a sudden he noticed a form taking shape in the distance. It had been a long while since he'd seen another being besides the common animals of the woods and he was filled vigor at the thought of some conversation...indeed lonliness had begun to take its toll. He pressed forward and stopped directly in Takarus path, standing tall and proud he glared down at the man...

"well now what do we have here?" he let out in a hiss

11-13-2004, 05:13 PM
Huron saw Drgn and walked up to him "Whats rong?" Huron said to Drgn.

Princess Kai Mino
11-13-2004, 07:22 PM
OOC: Ok please don't double post. I've learned not to. It makes our forums cleaner and not much waste of a page. Ty.

Kai Mino ran again. She ran with numb feet. Then her clothes broke free from her body and dropped in the snow. She was soon naked but found a sleek sating remain of a dress. As she wore it, she heard footsteps coming her way. "Who's there? Come on out here!" she yelled.

11-13-2004, 09:00 PM
i look at huron and drgn, "hello mr.person who likes sitting on my lap," i say as ihug him, "do you know my evil sister, she has green eyes blond hair really tanned skin and dresses in red leather from time to time? she is called rin sakiusa, i call her rin-san :P but i belive she grew up near you, but when she died she seemed to take over my body so -giggle- i guess when i get really mad or upset well, she gets loose but, she sait that this really strange man killed her, she said somethings name but silly me i forgot -taps my head with 3 fingers- so i was wondering if you knew her" i blert out, "and do you have any raw meat? im starveing,hmm blood will do..-puts my index finger on ur neck and trails around a arrea- -the look in my eyes is kindof scary- yeah..blood is good...." i say, well., i kiss you full on, straight on the mouth., then i pull away . and walk over to drgn, i make a 'hmph' sound and walk to a tree, i sit andd start to take a nap when a coconut falls. me being kool catches it. i get my katana and slice it open. really sharp, i put my kataka back,and eat some coconut, -sigh- then i put it down and tale my nap,

11-13-2004, 09:09 PM
"ok... that was... odd" Huron said as he look back at Drgn and asked him the same question agene.

11-13-2004, 09:24 PM
i take a bottle out of my bag coz im awake now and drink half of it, i get up and walk over to huron, my eyes are green but nothing else is different i give a wide grin and you see my fangs "duel me" i make it a statement not a question.

11-14-2004, 02:30 AM
"What duel you? But why?" Huron said with a starteled exprestion.

11-14-2004, 02:58 AM
i give a evil grin, my fangs grow longer, "because i belive you know me" i say in a different voice, im now in black leather, my hair is blond, my skin goes tanned.., i choose my katana, i point it at you "dule me huron," i say your name as if i have known it for years "or do you want me to drink your blood?" my fangs look quite long and sharp ("meow" lalala) "fight me" i hiss at you

11-14-2004, 05:48 AM
"you know i would let you drink my blood... If i had any!" Huron said as he clenched his sword "ok i'll duel you but first i want you to know i am already dead!" huron said to Raina.

11-14-2004, 06:30 AM
Drgn pounced on Raina, pinning her to the ground. He sat on her legs and sectured her arms with his hands. "There will be no dueling, Raina, you will surely die! Huron is already dead, which means no matter the outcome, he gets out alive. There is no opint fighting, you too!!" Drgn looked Raina in the eyes, she looked so beautiful, but he liked her better when she was normal.

Then Drgn sensed something from Raina's heart, like a spirit. This girl is possessed, by more than only her sister's spirit. Drgn thought to himself. "Huron, withdraw your sword...there will be no fight here. I want you to run to a church or preist. Get an excorcist for Raina.

Drgn looked back at Raina, "Raina...I will help you, I won't leave you here like this. I promise you, I will make your life back to the way it was, before your sister died! You will be happy and clean of demons! I swear...on my life, that I will make this happen!!!" Drgn yelled out, letting everyone hear it.

11-14-2004, 06:30 AM
"that makes 2 of us" i yell, i attack, then i jump backwards about 8 feet away, i look completly different from raina. i dissapear i appear behind you and grab your neck, i turn you aroun and hold you above my head by your neck, i throw you at a tree, i laugh, its a harsh laugh

11-14-2004, 06:40 AM
*ACK!* Drgn gasps as he falls. "...Raina...please don't do this. It will hurt you in the end if you continue... you have to fight the demons! FIGHT THEM!!!" Drgn yelled will energy.

11-14-2004, 06:44 AM
"Ah... Drgn i'm dead i cant go in a church... but there is something i can do" Huron said as he raised his hands. A black shadow incaged Raina. " There is only one thing that can get through that cage and that is Ballom. He is the one who showed me how to do it!" Huron said.

11-14-2004, 06:49 AM
Drgn got up, gasping as he rubbed his injured back. "Heh, nice move, Huron." Drgn said. "Now I can talk to Raina without being hurt." Drgn turned to Raina and asked, "Raina...are you happy? Is this how you want to be?" Drgn paused for a moment, waiting to receive her answer.

11-14-2004, 06:54 AM
"Bawhaha you cant hold me," i say, my face turns in to rainas face, i fall to my knees ''drgn help me'' i say in rainas voice you see things move behind my eyes, scary things, you see a look that only a person who has seen so many killed "im sorry..im sorry..." i plead "let my out.." suddenly the is this big burst of light, its around me you hear my screams, they stop. when the light clears, im gone, there is a hole in the ground. im behind drgn, green eyes and all, i grab drgn by the throat and squezee till there is blood "i wont kill you if i dont have to drgn, my beloved sister loves you, yet she holds a secret, 2000 people killed by her, she went crazy, she killed me, now i take over her body." i shake you " do you know how that feels ?" i squeze harder

11-14-2004, 07:19 AM
Drgn's eyes widen as he is chocked. To find out Raina's secret doesn't bother him, for he has learned to deal with death after he had heard Skye's words. "R..ai..nnnna..." Drgn chockes. Drgn knows he is in great danger, on the verge of dying.

At first, Drgn hesitates, but then thinks of all the people that would be killed by Raina's demonic sister. I can't let this happen to anybody! I will destroy this spirit and send it to peaceful rest. Drgn says to himself in his head. He readies his arm, and with one quick snap, Drgn elbows Raina's sister hard in the gut. She falls off and Drgn pins her to the ground, blood dripping from his mouth from choking.

"Woman, I know you and Raina love each other. Why shouldn't you, you're family? But Raina is not happy to give your spirit a vessel...." Drgn stopped for a second as he looked into this demon's sad eyes. "I will put you to rest now...and you will invade Raina's body no longer!"

Drgn had many gifts and powers, but he had never revealed his most important one. He held his hand over Raina's mouth. A ball of light formed in his palm. He then chanted a spell required to summon an excorcism. He hadn't perfected this ability, but he gave all his energy into it. "God, remove this malign demon creature from its chosen vessel. Bring it to your kingdom!" Drgn chanted that three times. Then a light appeared from the sky, parting the clouds, it shone on Raina's body...the demon spirit began to lift, and Drgn could again see Raina's body returning.

11-14-2004, 07:24 AM
Then with out warning Rainas demon spirit headed right for Huron and entered his body. "God-dam-it like i need anthor spirit in me i have 28 already" Huron said to him self as he got off the ground from the shock wave that spirit gave him as it entered his body.

11-14-2004, 07:33 AM
Drgn fell to the ground, still holding Raina down. As he fell, he hugged her tightly. He was unconscious.

Drgn dreamt of what would happen to Raina's sister. Then Drgn felt her prescence, still in the world, and very close. Damnit! I did my best, but not even that was good enough to excorcise that demon Drgn said to himself in his dream.

11-14-2004, 08:16 AM
"s-sister..." i manage to say, i pass out with drgn on me, i dream of my sister, then of the fight when i killed so many people.

11-14-2004, 11:50 AM
Drgn starts to dream about how Raina killed thousands of people. Why the hell am I dreaming this? And...how do I see what happened?

Drgn lay on top of Raina. They were both unconscious, but Drgn could feel her heart beat. He had a feeling that his dream was the same as Raina's. Maybe their hearts, being together, were giving off the same emotion, and bringing back their memories. Obviously, Raina's memory was terrible, and Drgn wanted to get rid of it for her. But then Drgn thought, if he were to destroy her memory of the masacre, she would lose that part of her...Drgn was always taught that memories make you who you are...so Drgn decided not to disturb her memories, for then she would change drastically, and never be the same again.

Drgn watched the masacre, in awe and shock. Then he say Raina, killing hundreds of people...I better not interfere in this dream, it may effect the memory... Drgn thought to himself, as he continued to watch....

11-14-2004, 01:26 PM
in my dream you see my fighting with 2 swords at once, i spin and duck as some one tryed to punch me, i slice him in half, i then drop my swords, and call appon great magic(not my best), fire surrounds me("its getting hot in here, so hot, so take of all your clotothes, i am getten so hot i will take my clothes off"), im safe though it spreads to everyone, they burn screaming, the fire stops but now,i scream "You will die!!!" my eyes glow red, the rest of the people explode, i fall to my knees and pick up my swords, i shelth them, and i walk away from the blood and gore, im evil, the aura around me is red, black, and purple, i grew up in the city of the damnd, i was torched and beaten 'till i was nearly dead, thousands of times, i broke free from there and let my rage go, you choose to follow me, i go in to some woods, the branches look like they move out of my way but, its my quick movents, i walk to a shrine, it is black with blood on it,

then the memory changes, its me with my sister laughing, crying, and we are at the beach, we look about 15, my sister is laying on the sand getting tanned, and im in the water splashing my sister, she gets up and chases me, she looks 13, "nee-chan" i say, as my sister jumps on me and tickles me "dont nee-san", "suffer rai" my sister says she pokes her tounge out we dont have fangs yet,

the membory changes, im in my room sleeping, i hear a scream, my mothers scream, i walk to her room, my father was being murded and my mother strugleing, my sister was fighting, we got kid napped and taken to the city of the damn'ed..., im crying, my sister is passes out...., im getting hit, then the memory shatters, my dream is a cool darkness......

11-14-2004, 02:10 PM
I can't take this anymore! Drgn thinks, it seems so familliar...
Drgn continues to watch the memory, as the sisters are taken away from their home. They're so young and defenseless...what kind of bastard would do a thing like this?

Then, Drgn notices a little boy with white hair. The boy attacks the man. The kid notices the young Raina looking at him will tear-filled eyes, almost like a sign, telling the kid to save her, to help her...

Why is this scene so familliar?! Drgn questions his memory...
Then he realizes...That young boy...he is...me...I remember this...I was trying to save the girls, but I was too weak and small...Raina...I saw her here for the first time...now I'm trying to save her...today...for real....

Drgn watched as this boy tried, bravely, to save these girls. All he had were his fists and feet. He punched and kicked the man with power, then the man turned and smacked Drgn across the face. The boy, Drgn, lay unconcious on the ground...and the man got away.

Now I understand why Raina killed her village. It was the wrong thing to do, but she had a reason...and I respect her decision... Drgn thought as he began to awaken...

11-14-2004, 02:30 PM
im still asleep, my breathing is shallow as if im in a bad dream...i look so harmless asleep, but no one realy knows me.., my eyes open a tiny bit, my vission is blurred, something heavy is on me, i see drgn, ♥thinks: hmm?♥ "i feel like hell" i moan., "get off me drgn your heavy.".i push at you, then i stop...i look at you....im gone., i reappear next to you. "drgn? ......drgn....." i look like im thinking hard.."what happened mr.white hair?" ♥thinks:hehe old nick name from some one i used to kno.....♥

11-14-2004, 03:36 PM
"Raina...are you...alright?" Drgn asked as he began to wake up. "Raina, I saw you...in my dream. I watched you destroy your village...I'm sorry..." Drgn said to Raina as he hugged her.

Drgn looked at Raina and said, "Raina...Mr. White hair...is me..." Drgn said in shock. "I think I have discovered something..." Drgn began, "Raina, I think you and I grew up in the same village, Tenshi Kakoriko...I had a nickname for you too - Sharp-tooth girl.." Drgn stopped and laughed. "That boy you saw in your dream was me, Raina. I tried to protect you then, as a child. I must have forgotten about you, but I remember the day of your father's burial. Everyone gathered as he was buried. I tried to remember where I knew that man from, but I couldn't. But, now I do. Raina, you and I were friends, as children...I remember everything now..." Drgn could recall every moment he shared with Raina.

"Raina, I'm sorry I couldn't save you that day, years ago. I promise to protect you from now on." Drgn held onto Raina and closed his eyes in calamity. He looked at her face and kissed her forehead lightly.

Then Drgn got up and helped Raina up. Raina, I excorcised your sister's spirit from your body...

Princess Kai Mino
11-14-2004, 06:19 PM
The footsteps grew louder. And louder. Kai Mino moved forwards to it. Green little eyes stared at her. It blinked then went away. "Who are you? What do you want?" she called. Then, a little boy in a small little torn skirt came out. "Wow. Your a little kid." she said. The kid smiled evilly, showing his fangs. He started his attack position. He started to run towards her. Kai Mino's quick eyes saw him attack. She pulled the pink ribbon out, reaveling her long black hair. She took it and dropped it down. The kid pounced out. "Nice try." she said as she reeled in her ribbon with her hands. She walked on, lost in her own world.

Kai Mino ran back. 'I must go back to the village. They are in great danger. They must leave now!' Kai Mino thought.

Kai Mino ran and picked up her kimono on the way. She put it on. Then she put on a small little oil that made cuts to pretend she got hurt. She got to the village unseen.

11-14-2004, 07:13 PM
Takaru quickly ran towards the figure and noticed it was only a deer. Takaru laughed from remembering how scared he felt when he saw the figure. "hahahahahahaha". takaru kept on his walk and saw a tree with an air bubble around it. Confused he walked closer and walked up to Drgn. " hello stranger. What the hell is up with this tree"? he said.

11-14-2004, 07:15 PM
Takaru asked again. "why does it have an air bubble around it"?

11-14-2004, 09:43 PM
Drgn turned to the man who was talking to him. "Who are you...and can't you see that I am talking to somebody right now?" Drgn questioned. "I'll be with you in a minute, just let me finish talking with my friend here..." Drgn told the boy, as he turned back to Raina.

"Raina...please tell me that you are alright with me taking out your sister's spirit...I am very sorry if you wanted to keep her there, but she was a danger to the world...I did a good thing..." Drgn explained.

11-15-2004, 12:55 AM
"Drgn if she wants to see her sister agen all she will have to do is ask to see her" Huron said as he walked up to Drgn and Raina. "her sisters spirit is in me now but she will not get out no matter how hard she trys" Huron said.

11-15-2004, 06:08 AM
"Huron...are you okay? Are you able to within your body?" Drgn asked in surprise. Drgn turned back to Raina and asked, "Raina, do you want your sister in your body, or do you find it safer in Huron's body?" Drgn had his arms on Raina's shoulders, almost as if they were huddling.

11-15-2004, 09:45 AM
Saikuya stood their dumbfounded.... He couldnt believe what he had just witnessed. What is happing in this town??? He slowly and caustiously made his way torward Raina and knelt down beside her. "Is...Is she alright?" he asked. He looked up a Drgn with tears in his eyes. She was my first friend in this place.... :rollt:

11-15-2004, 01:29 PM
he looked a bit closer and realized the figure was nothing but a aparition, with a sigh he kept making his way through the forest...after a long walk the visage of a village appeared in the distance. He started his way towards towm with a sense of relief and anticipation in his heart. But when he arrived he was beset by stares....it was a human village and the children ran and hid in his wake. People would close their doors the second he passed by and as he neared the inn a great commotion started to stir. A mob of men stood before him and their intentions looked less then kind...

11-15-2004, 01:46 PM
He continued to watch Raina with tears in his eyes....:rollt:

11-15-2004, 02:41 PM
Drgn assured, "Saikuya, she'll be fine, she's just in shock." Drgn looked at Saikuya and ordered, "Stop crying, there's nothing to cry about..." Drgn felt stupid trying to tell Saikuya to stop crying, it wasn't Drgn's right to stop Saikuya. If he had to cry, he could cry...yet, Drgn felt really embarrassed to be sitting beside a crying man...

"Raina, are you alright? Is there anything I can get you?" Drgn tried to get Raina to speak.

11-15-2004, 02:43 PM
Then Drgn found a chunk of raw meat left by the tree. He went and retrieved it, then offered it to Raina, "Raina, I have raw meat in my hands, would you like some?"

11-15-2004, 03:22 PM
As Huron was standing there he felt something new but bad "Oh no... Drgn we have to get out of this town." Huron said to Drgn with a scerred look on his face "We have to go NOW... Something big is heading this way"

11-15-2004, 04:40 PM
i look at huron...i look at my crying friend, i look at drgn with the meat, "saikuya are you ok?" i ask and i hug him. i hug drgn after that. i take the meat thankfully, *i try to stand but stumble..i fall on saikuya..i blush.."sorry" i say.."but..we need to get out of here...who cant fly? raise their hand" i have red,black and purple wings, they

11-15-2004, 05:01 PM
Drgn looks at Raina smiling, as she eats. He then hears of the terrible thing coming their way. Drgn faces the village as he sees a dark sheet of mist clouding the skies. "Damn...we must leave this area now. But," Drgn started talking to the group, "we have to return later, when we are all at our top strength...we must save the people of the village and keep the peace in this part of the world, for it has served us well. Saving the village should be our thanks." Drgn turned to Raina and mentioned, "Raina, I can't fly, but I run with extremity, I will be fine."

11-15-2004, 08:36 PM
" no i can carry you :P im strong lalalalalalalalalala" i say as i grab u " can u fly saik? " ask "my eyes turn golden "ok guys i can fight who ever cant go to the lake in the forest and wait there i have a feeling that the thing that is comeing cant go near water or holy objects. place holy objects around the lake and wait for me"

11-15-2004, 08:49 PM
Emaraced Takaru said." oh......im very sorry for interupting your conversation..........plese forgive me". Takaru slowly walked away feeling very stupid for interupting Drgn's conversation.

11-15-2004, 08:50 PM
:cool: Embaraced Takaru said." oh......im very sorry for interupting your conversation..........plese forgive me". Takaru slowly walked away feeling very stupid for interupting Drgn's conversation.

11-15-2004, 10:22 PM
After a few minutes of less then polite jeering he gets the message and begins slowly thumping out of town. On the way out something catches him awry...he flicked his tounge a few times in the air and peered far off into the sky.

"Abominations...I can smell the defilers all the way from over here..."

Without a moments noticed he charged into the forest making his way towards the dark mists beyond

11-15-2004, 11:24 PM
"huron i need my sister in this ok? you can controll her if your strong enough....i sadly was not...." i say...drgn..please stay safe drgn.." i kiss drgn softly on the forehead. "i love you" i wisper to drgn. i stand up and un shelth my magic katana its glowing. i shut my eyes and everything is quiet.."ok the town is evacuated...but hurry..who ever is not strong to fight than flee" i say

11-16-2004, 03:45 AM
OOC: Raina you can contrl your sis cus i dont know what you want to do.

IC: "Ok raina you and your sis can hold off the things to let the other pepole run" Huron said. Huron then spred his arms and then Raina's sis had control of my body "Ok look Raina needs you so i'm lending you my body" Huron said to Raina's sis as he let her out...

11-16-2004, 06:24 AM
Drgn looked at Raina, surprised that she let out her feelings so openly. "Alright...well, I'm going to help you fight Raina. I may not be at me best right now, but if you're going to fight, I'm not going to just stay back and watch." Drgn said with confidence.

The black cloud came closer. Drgn unsheathed the Tenshi-Mana and gathered some energy into the blade. The blade glowed with a bright blue aura. "Tenshi-Mana is charged, I'm ready to kill some demons!" Drgn shouted as he looked at his sword in admiration.

Drgn looked back at Raina and said, "Raina...I love you too..."

11-16-2004, 11:00 AM
A blue orb forms around Saikuya and the rest of the group. They all rise a few feet in the air. " Listen. As long as you remain within the boundries of this valley I can hold these barriers around you. THey will protect you to some extent but not completly." Saikuya moves away from the group and a separate orb appears. He charges torward the cloud, katanas in hand.....:rollt:

Tears of Moonlight
11-16-2004, 11:32 AM
OOC: Sorry for my absence ^^;

Skye sat crouched behind one of the trees..silently watching all that happened. She closed her eyes, shaking her head slowly back and forth. Things turned out just fine. ..guess that’s good. Well..not really all good yet.. Now is fighting time it seems.. A soft smile, and slow, almost hypnotic weaving motions of her hands, spinning dreams into realities. Chameleon skin.. Her fingertips softly started to glow, bangs her hair caught by a breeze of energy as slowly, starting at her feet, her body started to blend in with her surroundings, illusioning herself away.

Skye looked up, seeing as all the others were hovering above her in a blue shield of some sorts. Wings.. I can make them..but not use them.. She created the illusion of a small rock in her hand and threw it at the one who seemed to be controlling the shield, letting the illusion fade away as it closed in on its target, it completely disappearing about an inch from Saikuya’s face. She let her invisibility illusion slip away for a moment and waved at the group, pointing up, then putting the illusion back in place and disappearing from sight. If I can get a little closer I could do the same to them. Surprise surprise to silly foes it will be

11-16-2004, 02:53 PM
Drgn looked at the spot where Skye was before she disappeared. He could still sense her presence in that spot, but couldn't see her, for she had used a very useful camoflauge spell.

Drgn was confused at why Skye had thrown a rock at Saikuya, but he turned back to face the black clouds. Saikuya was stupidly charging at them. Drgn warned him, "Saikuya! Come back here! You will be devoured by the clouds. There is an evil aura being ommited from them. Stay back, we must fight together!" Drgn was getting serious, feeling as if he was taking the role of leadership. "Saikuya, I know you are trying to be the hero, but realistically, you will die if you fight alone. We must all attack..." Drgn stopped as he noticed the clouds moving closer and faster...

"Heh...this is it guys: our first battle as a group of companions. This will mark a significant point in our journey...and our friendship..." Drgn said in confidence as he turned his head slightly, facing Raina. Drgn really wanted to show her that he could be strong...he tried to show off to her through his talking.

Tears of Moonlight
11-16-2004, 03:40 PM
Skye rolled her eyes a bit, conjuring another stone in her hand. “Bravo, wonderfull speech mister Knight, but you might want to save the speeches and the yearning stares till after this battle. There will be plenty of make-out time for you and your damsel later, don’t you think?” She had a grin on her face, even though they couldn’t see, and threw the other rock up in the air, changing it into a little blackbird that flew straight into the cloud. She growled softly as the bird simply disappeared a few feet away from the clouds. “And that thing packs magic, you might want to keep that protection shield of yours up, priest.”

Skye reached for her belt and unclasped her chakram quickly, holding the razorbladed boomerang-like cirkle in her right hand, slightly crouching to the ground, still hiding herself within her chameleon skin-spell. Waiting for what would emerge from the clouds.

11-16-2004, 03:49 PM
Saikuya stopped and turned back torward the group...." Well then when ever you are ready..." He looked at skye and whispered. A orb appeared around her bring her up to everyone else... "There...Thats better.." smiling he laughed for the first time in ages... BUt he didnt laugh long because without them noticing the cloud struck them. THe shields held but barely... "Guys I can't hold these incantations and fight at the same time for long so we must hurry...":rollt:

Tears of Moonlight
11-16-2004, 04:05 PM
“Ow…Not looking too healthy” Skye said softly as Saikuya’s shields trembled under the force of the cloud. She put her chakram away for the moment, now being close enough to spun a illusion around the others as well. She stretched out her hands before her, and again started to weave and spin reality around. The tips of her fingers glowing softly ones again as little threats of light spun in the air and enveloped Saikuya’s protective circle, making it seem see-through from the outside, hiding all from view inside of it. As her chameleon-skin illusion was completed, her fingertips stopping with glowing as she reached for her weapon again. “Soooo.. are we planning to flee or fight this thing?” She asked, to no-one in particular.

11-16-2004, 04:50 PM
As Takaru was walking he heard a a huge explosion coming from a village. He heard screaming and people shouting "HELP!!!". He even heard kids cry. Remembering how simular this situation was to when he lost his parents, a tear fell from his face as he spread his wings out from his back preparing to fly. " I hope this time im going to make it on time". He said outloud to himself.

He saw the village, it was covered with demons, dead bodies and there wwas even a river of blood that crossed the village. There where still many survivors. Takaru raced towards the village with his wings while slowly pulling out his blessed blade which he was givin from his holy Ceromony. As Takaru got closer to the village he saw a demon about to tare apart a little child."YOU MONSTER STAY AWAY FROM HIM". Takaru screamed, as he held his sword in both hands and sliced the monsters head off." This is it". he said. "Its all me now, i have to save the survivors". one by one Takaru flew by the demons and killed them by slicing cuting and stabbing them. Just before he killed the last demon his energy wore out. His wings went back in his back and he fell to the ground. Indured from all the scrapes and cuts he said. " what?........w..ut......hap..happend"? Confused he slowly began to remember that if his wings ar exposed for a long period of time, his energy will ware out and he will faint.

Takaru's eyes started to get heavy as he tried to stay awake to protect himself from the remaining demon. The demon raced over to Takaru and stabbed him. " AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Takaru screamed as blood dripped out of his mouth. Tears dripped from his eyes not only from pain but for letting the survivors of the village down. Slowly with his last breath before he mayby died, he used his angle powers to turn into a full angle. Burning bright he swung his hand over the demons head and scraemed. " DIE!!!!!!!!!". He shot a blast of light down on the demon and it exploded.
With no energy left Takaru fell to the ground while turning back to a normal half angle and demon. With his eyes felling heavey, he slowly fainted in hope that someone would save him.

11-16-2004, 05:11 PM
Anaki ran, tripped, fell and died. Since no one really payed attention to her in this RPG, no one will miss her.

PS: You are all jerks.

11-16-2004, 11:44 PM
even though skye put the spell on every one and me...but it seems not to work on me.."Stop" i wisper. everything stops. the demons freeze "tell me where you came from" i told them. "n-never" one says , "fine, die" he explodes in a mass of blood and gore. i look at the other demons. "leave or die a worse death then your friend here." i tell them. they leave.."i must go...before i let loose..if that happens...then....history will repeat its self..." looks at drgn as i say that. my wings go away i shut my eyes and plummet to the ground, "im...sorry sister" i wisper..and i crash in to the ground. the ground around me breaks as i fall on it,,,im let in a huge ditch. its not that im heavy its just my aura, i stop breathing,my body is now my human form,

11-17-2004, 06:25 AM
"NOOO!!!!" Drgn screamed as he threw himself out of the bubble and onto the ground. He ran to the crater and jumped in. He grabbed raina and lifted her upper body from her back. "Rai...Raina...are you alright?" Drgn noticed Raina was in human form, he could feel only a human auro being ommited from her. Drgn, now began to think Raina was dead...

"Raina...why ...why did I let you die like this? Why couldn't you be stronger...why couldn't..I be stronger...for you...?" Drgn began to sit in silence for some time, as the clouds grew thicker and came closer, almost penetrating the magic bubble. Drgn held back the mass of tears that he knew would fall from his eyes. "I can't cry...I must get revenge for Raina...I must avenge her death!!!" Drgn screamed out loud.

Drgn faced the clouds. He saw every little demon that carried the clouds. "YOU BASTARDS!!!" Drgn screamed at the clouds. Drgn raised his mighty Tenshi-Mana and wielded the blade in a pattern of movements. This took about a minute. After the patterns were complete, Drgn unleasehed a large blast of emotional energy from within. "Tenshi-Mana Ultima Wave!!!!!!" a powerful blast was shot from Drgn's blade it soared intensely through the sky and destroyed more than half of the sheet of clouds. It blasted into a flare of light after the attack was complete; this was a chance for the group to strike with the demons blinded.

Drgn ran under the remaining demon cloud and jumped with all his might. He reached the top of the cloud and yelled to his group, "This is our chance to attack! Go!" Drgn began to rip demons apart with the Tenshi-Mana. He kept Raina in his mind as he did this...the whole battle was for her now...

11-17-2004, 07:46 AM
As Drgn was fight Huron jumped out of the bubble and as he hit the ground the clouds came rushing for him only. All the little demons left there fight to rush huron. In a matter of seconds Huron was ingulfed by the cloulds. "I know this." Huron said "Ha well you should, you did learn it remeber?" A Voice said in the clouds. "Ballom I know your despret to drag my back down into the darkness realm but you traind me to good i have become stronger than you." Huron said to Ballom "You can not be complet unless you have 30 spirits within you" "I have 29 witch means you can not kill me or take me anyware." Huron yelled at Ballom as he had a burst of energy witch cleard the clouds and made Ballom visable to evry one els. "Leave Ballom and never try and take me back or i will kill you" Huron said as Ballom went back down to the Darkness realm.

Tears of Moonlight
11-17-2004, 08:25 AM
Skye blinked confused for a second, looking down at Raina, then up to Ballom and the little demons left. So much for hiding and running.. With one smooth movement she drew back her chakram and cloaked it invisibility, taking aim, and letting the deadly boomerang fly. Her eyes narrowed as it stopped an inch before Ballom, and was propelled back at her. On it’s way back her chakram sliced through the neck of a smaller red-skinned demon with dog-like ears. A gory sound and blue blood came pouring from the beheaded body, the demon corpse losing its touch with the cloud and falling down to the forest’s grounds. The chakram flew towards her head, yet she ducked and at the exact moment the open middle of the circle was above her she quickly stretched out her hand, catching the unrazored edge of her weapon with her hand. ..strong.

11-17-2004, 02:54 PM
Drgn watched the mental battle between Huron and Ballom. Demons jumped onto Drgn's back and weighed him down. Drgn fell out of the sky and onto the ground. He landed on his feet, so he was safe.

Drgn attacked the demons without mercy, pure brutallity. This battle was still for Raina, nobody else. "This is for Raina! Who fell at your evil hands!" Drgn cried out with one final swipe of his blade. The remaindre of the demons were slain. Blood covered the grassy fields; blood rained from the sky; and the dark sky began to light up once agian.

Drgn bolted over to see if Raina had awoken...to see if she was alright, "Rai...Raina...can you hear me?" Drgn sat with her and waited for her to wake up...

11-17-2004, 05:03 PM
Light grows into a sombre sky. Clouds of death rain red onto the grass below. Sword becomes life, and death is by sword; life is by battle and battle brings death. End brings light to the cursed dark sky, darkness changes to light. Resplendance is flawed, and all is doomed. Not a life remains, but the soul moves forward. Battle brings death to all involved, and new life to all who conquer fated death.

"They waste their time in petty, endless feuds." Marth said as he saw the battle end. His black dragon wings were out of his back and he was hovering in the sky a good distance away from the fight. "This battle will never end, and it has lost all honour and many souls. The good fight all evil, and they win; to no avail. The evil shall always return." Death is a shadow of life; death is no end to the life proceeding it, just another step forward.
"You can destroy all you want, but it will be rebuilt."

Marth smelled blood. Blood of humans, and blood of demons. He had grown so used to the smell that it was almost part of him, a day would not be complete without blood shed. Marth, himself, had not killed in almost a year, but had whitnesed deaths: slaughters, battles, wars, duals. He had seen so many innocents die, and had never tried to interfere. Fate is yours to decide, so I chose not to decide it. Marth had observed the fighting of many warriors, nothing was new to him, and he had noticed the strength of rage was used by many. Rage, a tool of war, weild it with caution, for I know too well how it can defeat the weilder. Marth thought as he looked down at Drgn.

Marth's black hair moved slowly in wind. He flew closer, and landed on the ground close to where the bubble was in the sky. Marth walked forward and stopped by a tree. He leaned back and observed. Drgn and Raina were in plain sight of him, but he hardly glanced at them as he looked at the pools of blood on the grass. "What was once grass, green with life, is now the ocean of red that becomes the final resting place of warriors bodies." He looked at the others still in the bubble and then back down at Drgn and Raina. "Demons are the bodies of the dead, but not mortals are those who defeated them." Marth closed his eyes. "What a strange group of people." Marth said as he began to laugh."

11-17-2004, 05:21 PM
Drgn looked up at the man that was laughing. He was laughing quite loudly and noticably. Drgn was confused at why this strange man would appear from nowhere and start to laugh at the group.

Drgn stood up from the crater and gently let Raina out of his arms. "Excuse me!" Drgn yelled to the man, "Who are you? Why did you come here?" Drgn was curious to know of this man and his purposes for his arrival. Drgn stared at him blankly and expected an answer from the man...so he waited in confusion.

As Drgn waited he knelt back down and held Raina. Drgn began to heal her with his elven magic as he listened for and answer from the man in the field.

11-17-2004, 06:57 PM
rena walks by and stairs at the sene"what the heck"rena runs ofer and hides behind something and watches

11-17-2004, 06:57 PM
"whats going on"?

11-17-2004, 06:58 PM

11-17-2004, 07:02 PM
:eek: there bleeding

Tears of Moonlight
11-17-2004, 07:06 PM
Wonders of standardized hero-behaviour.. Good thing the damsel got a little battered up I suppose. Should keep that one in mind for another time.. Skye floated through the bubbles shell and lands on the ground, brushing off her clothes and glancing up at the sky. For now the air is clear again.. Hm? Laughter, eh? She cocked her head, looking over her shoulder and glancing at the stranger for a short second. And when I die.. I expect to find them laughing..

Skye slumped down on a not so blood-covered spot and rubbed her fingertips lightly together, taking away all illusions spun that hadn’t worn off already, humming cheerfully to herself

OOC: rena585, no offence, but could you please use the edit button if you forget to say something in your post? All these one-liners are a bit confusing, not to mention that they take up a lot of space. Thanks ^^

11-17-2004, 08:10 PM
o.c.c. ya rena585, tears is right, and flame demon also said, no more then two posts in a row. and also, you didn't post your character... I don't think.

Marth looked at Drgn and imediatly stopped laughing. "Marth." He said. "Of the black dragons." Marth got off the tree and began walking around, he noticed a woman (Skye) sitting not too far off. "I'm here for no real reason." Marth said as he looked back at Drgn. "I was just observing the meaningless squabble between you and the demons." Marth stopped pacing and glanced at Raina, then back to Skye, and then over to Drgn again. "This is quite an interesting group of companions you got." Marth said as he kicked a puddle of blood. "May I ask what you're doing? other than fighting demons."

Life, drifting. Death, but a heartbeat away, lurking in shadows. You can never be too careful, you are never too safe. Different souls give different oportunities, and different oportunities bring un uneasy future. People can fail, and trust should be rare. For one soul, the jouney stops, and continues on a different path. They are now one more, on the journey that has just begun.

11-17-2004, 11:57 PM
i cough, my breathing returns, i look at drgn.."what happend?" i wisper...i start to glow purple...looks at the other man..."You!" i yell, i remember the slaughter, "why dident you stop me sensei?" i ask him "why?", "why should i spare your life..hmm." i say. i kiss drgn. "im sorry", i look at me old teacher and i stop glowing

11-17-2004, 11:58 PM
"Drgn is here because he is looking for the beast that killed his famliy, and the demons when my falt if Ballom would just leave me alone i could live in peace" Huron said as he walk by. Then a spirit was floating around adn then when Huron got closer the spirit entered his body.

11-18-2004, 12:00 AM
looks at huron and laughs, my throws holy water at him in a jar "catch"

Tears of Moonlight
11-18-2004, 03:35 AM
Skye stood up and stretched out again, looking over the battle field, then cocking her head to Marth and grinning. “Companions is a big word.. but nothing is more boring then peace and quiet, and these people seem to attract danger.”

Her attention was caught by a soft sound, and looking behind her Skye’s saw the spirit merging with Huron. She arched her eyebrows up a little. “Fine example right there.. You might have noticed that big bad cloud talking a bit ago. Something about Huron not being complete without thirty spirits, and something about him not being able to hurt Haron as long as he didn’t have thirty shiny spirits under his skin, and that he already had twenty-nine spirits or something.. Ne, Huron, wasn’t that like.. your thirtieth? Is it wrong to assume that Ballom fellah will come back for you soon?”

11-18-2004, 06:31 AM
Drgn looked down at Raina in relief. Thank God, my healing arts were successful... Drgn thought as he hugged Raina. Then Drgn looked up at Marth. Drgn observed Marth for some time, then turned his head over to where Huron was. He was receiving a spirit...but wouldn't Huron be...vulnerable to death with thirty spirits? Drgn wondered.

Drgn had heard the conversation between Huron and Ballom. Huron had said that he had already contained twenty-nine spirits, and with a thirtieth, he could be attacked by Ballom...and killed. Is....is Huron becoming human now? Drgn pondered.

Drgn helped Raina up and watched in amazement as swirling energy surrounded Huron. The spirit was combining with his body. It was truly a magical scene...a bloody battlefield, dead bodies on the grass, and a man receiving a spirit of a dead warrior, perhaps. Then, Drgn had to say something, he had to warn Huron, "Huron! This spirit will 'complete' you it seems. This is your thirtieth spirit, is it not? If you merge with this spirit, you will be vulnerable to Ballom's attacks...and to death...be careful!"

Drgn stood and continued to watch, as he held Raina close...Drgn hoped that this would not create more trouble for the world...or for Raina...

11-18-2004, 06:40 AM
Huron hered Drgn's warning and replied "Drgn you didnt here what i was saying proply what i said is when i have 30 spirits Ballom will NOT be able to attack me let-a-lone kill me Ballom had givin me this power so i would be the most powerful being to rise out of the realm of Darkness. Ballom may be the most powerful in the Darkness realm but out side I'm the most powerful."

11-18-2004, 06:55 AM
Drgn stood in astonishment. "Okay then! I guess we have the strongest being in the world on our side then!" Drgn said out in laughter and relief.

Just then, Drgn heard a faint sound in his elven ears. He could hear crackling fire, burning houses, and screaming people...mainly children. Drgn faced the direction from which the noise was coming. "I'll be right back guys...please wait for me here, or close to here. I have somehting to take care of." Drgn jumped out of the crater and gently released Raina from his grasp. Drgn darted to the burning village and was there within minutes.

Drgn smelled blood, of demons, and of humans. This seemed so familliar...just like Tenshi Kakoriko... Drgn ran to the center of the village and looked around. Demons chasing cildren, women being slaughtered...all the men seemed to have been killed. "Damnit! What the hell is going on here?!" Drgn said to himself. He looked over his left shoulder and noticed a man bleeding heavily on the ground. Drgn approached the man and noticed a hole through his back. Drgn turned him over to find a hole in the stomach...there was. This man had been impaled. Drgn had never healed fatal injuries...but he had to try. This man was an angel-demon, Drgn could tell by his features.

Drgn brought his hand over the man's wound and cast a healing spell. This spell was one taught to him by the great elders of Tenshi Kakoriko...for more advanced healing. Drgn's hand glowed yellow, and a small beam of energy emerged from his palm. The wound began to mend, and Drgn left the man there, until he awoke.

Meanwhile, Drgn ran off to save the children and women. He killed many demons this day, so far. How many more would have to die today? Drgn finished the fight and saved the remaining children ans women of the village, and he buried the dead bodies. He went back over to the man on the ground and waited for him to get up...

11-18-2004, 07:07 AM
Huron walked up to Drgn and looked at him "I'm going to help lift there spirits so that they can get on with there life i dont want them to feal what i felt a long time ago" Huron said to Drgn. Huron then walked into one of the buildings and walked out with a lute and started to play it and sing in the center of town.

Now You all know
The bards and their songs
When hours have gone by
I'll close my eyes
In a world far away
We may meet again
But now hear my song
About the dawn of the night
Let's sing the bards' song

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

There's only one song
Left in my mind
Tales of a brave man
Who lived far from here
Now the bard songs are over
And it's time to leave
No one should ask You for the name
Of the one
Who tells the story

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
Noone will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow all will be known
And You're not alone
So don't be afraid
In the dark and cold
'Cause the bards' songs will remain
They all will remain

In my thoughts and in my dreams
They're always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close Your eyes
You can see them, too

After Huron finished his song the town's people felt that they could get on with there life.

11-18-2004, 09:27 AM
He stared at his friends in horror... Suddenly a force threw him to the ground. He jump up and saw a strange woman staring at him. She pointed her hand at him and he fell back as a force of energy hit him. Dang, what is she doing... He rose up energy flowing from his body. He started to chant a series of intricate and powerful spells... Three rings of blue appeared around her and clasped togather around her body. She struggled to break free... Saikuya slowly forced the rings togather puting more pressure on her. He hit the ground and lost the spell. He looked up 5 other women just like her. What the heck!!! He quickly gathered himself and began to chant again as a new spell formed. But everytime the spell would start to take effect. More women would appear. Suddenly he was surrounded by over 100 of them. All he could do was block thier attacks. He wasnt able to return fire.... :rollt:

Tears of Moonlight
11-18-2004, 10:23 AM
OOC: Question Shadow_Clash.. that passage about the bard’s song, was it quoted by any chance from Terry Pratchett’s ‘The last hero’ ? Might be my imagination but it seemed.. really familiar somehow ^^;

BIC: Skye chuckled softly as she noticed Saikuya trying to fight the illusion-demonness. She narrowed her eyes a little and looked from just under her lashes at the display, quite easily distinguishing the real one responsible for all the mirror images. “Truly sorry but they won’t allow me to continue travelling with them if one dies.. Besides, that protection shield did came in handy.. Besides.. just now there wasn’t much of my size to play around with.” Skye spoke more to herself then to anyone in particular, as she clenched her hand, and stretched it out in front of her, the mirror-images gliding one by one into her fingertips and disappearing until only the real woman was remaining.

Skye stretched out lazily, putting a small smile up at the surprised woman. “So surprised.. There’s plenty like us.. most stronger then your I’m afraid..” The woman stretched out her hands, making the earth seem to split with a invisible force field. Skye arched an eyebrow as the force hit her. “Make believe force-fields to restrain your victims, won’t work on me… So don’t try to put illusions in my mind instead of putting them into the air.. I don’t dig that low.”

She made a small bow, her presence suddenly seeming to expand, the air softly beating around her figure. Suddenly she was gone, appearing behind the woman and softly laughing next to her ear. “Putting an illusion of yourself up and making your invisible at the same time.. You should know that trick.” The woman wanted to turn around, yet Skye lightly put her hands on the back of the neck of the woman. The woman froze, her weapons dropping to the ground. “I don’t usually dig that low.. but just for you.. I’ll show you your dreams..”

The woman paled as her hands reached for her head, a scream escaping her red painted lips. “..or nightmares.”

11-18-2004, 11:02 AM
Saikuya watched as Skye fought quite easily the demoness. He decided to head torward the inner reaches of the cloud. A light immenated around him. It was if the fog was afraid of him for it retracted at his presence. But not enough to leave the village. Suddenly a huge figure loomed up in front of him. Huge amounts of the black fog was wafting from its body. So.... Your the one protecting these pathetic demons..... What does thy want to bet if your gone then they'll die? A voice spoke to him in his mind. The creature was telepathic.HOW dare you insult me... I will squash you like the bug you are...Don't insult my powers so easily for I'm not going to allow you to travel any farther than this valley.... The white light around Saikuya brightened and changed to a blueish color. He lifted off the ground and it cracked and formed a crater under the weight of his energy flows... Low-life you cannot stop me........Saikuya no longer stiffled his power. The trees around them collapsed and snapped like twigs... The river stopped flowing. All the while the energy flowed around them creating a barrier of debri. DO NOT INSULT ME!!!!!!!!! FOR I AM NOT SO EASILY DEFEATED. YOU TOOK MY FAMILY FROM ME BUT, YOU SHALL NOT TAKE MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIs voiced boomed throughout the forest.... He changed his telapathy waves torward all his comrades... My friends stay away from here.... COntinue fighting if you must but to not try and pass the barrier.... He turned back torward the creature........Sparks of energy flowed between then creating thunder like sounds..... Saikuya hollered and thousands of little blue orbs appeared. He rose his hands and they enlarged..... Blood red mist swirled inside them. Suddenly they began popping and the mist attached to the creature, buring into its hide and causing his black and impure blood to spill out onto the ground. A second wave of orbs appeared. Then another... Till the creature collapsed to the ground and melted away.... Saikuya's eyes burned bright blue. He knew he'd gone to far and now he'd lost control. As the energy climaxed he started to fall. The winds stopped and a blue orb appeared around the village. Suddenly it was if the cloud exploded the entire valley was blown to the ground. Except for the village. As he hit the ground the orb dissapeared and he pass out. blood pouring form the wounds his powers caused....

11-18-2004, 12:29 PM
*walks in fashionably late* "Uhh..." *looks around at everyone suspiciously* "So... I was wondering if I could join any of you...I need to become stronger so if anyone could let me join them that would be great..." *looks around awaiting a reply*

11-18-2004, 04:04 PM
o.c.c. Raina, are you talking to me about the Sensei thing??

c.c. Marth ignored the battles going on. He could sense that Skye had a large advantge over the demoness, and he didn't want to waste his time watching Saikuya fight another demon from the clouds. He looked at Raina.

Memories flow, and cease to exist. Time passes by, and so do those who once were. New lessons bring new souls, and the old souls are no more. New souls are now; old souls are nothing. Bringing back memories that were forcefully forgotten can bring back old souls. Memory is a danger to those who have changed.

Marth, not wanting to remember had to stop. He could not bring back what once was, he could not change what he had done. He was evil, and tried to be good. His soul was already in hell, but his mind tried to make right his wrongs. Marth remembered the slaughters, the blood that he had shed, but... but he didn't remember a student. "I don't know who you are demon." Marth said, still looking at Raina trying to remember. I don't remember seeing you at all. I've lived for 19 long years, 14 of which I lived peacfully with... my family... and friends Memories of loss are pain; memories of joy never last. Loss brings the soul blood, and scars that don't fade. and the other 5 years; the longest, I lived alone, travelling."

Marth stopped looking at Raina, as he tried to supress the memories before they brought him back to the way he once was. He then repeated, "I never had a student, I was never a teacher." Marth then looked back at her. "And please don't threaten me, you and your friends have no idea what I'm capable of." Marth said kindly as he looked away. "I have no reason to consider any of you my enemies, so I ask you one thing: would you mind having a dragon join your... unusaul 'group' of companions?" Marth asked. And as he said that last word he looked back to Skye. "A big word, yes it is, but What else would I call a group like this?"

11-18-2004, 05:05 PM
Drgn left the unconcious man in the buring village. Drgn had doused the flames with his Tenshi-Mana elemental attack. Drgn made sure the man was safe in the village, but he didn't want to stay, so he left.

Drgn returned to his party and noticed the man, Marth, was standing there. Marth asked to join the party...Drgn thought this may be a good idea. "Marth," Drgn called, "I noticed you like our 'unusual group...yet before, you laughed..." Drgn began to snicker. Drgn walked over to Marth and offered his hand. "Marth, I don't know about the rest of this group, but I sure wouldn't mind having you on the team...even though you're quite an 'unusaul' man." Drgn laughed.

11-18-2004, 05:20 PM
"You don't know the least of it." Marth said as he took Drgn's hand. Marth laughed and withdrew his hand. "So where are we off to now?" Marth asked with a smile.

11-18-2004, 06:06 PM
i start to ramble in french, im curseing at the new man, im going crazy. i stop. "yet if you never had a student why are you trying not to remember me?hm? for your soul is in hell." i turn my eyes gold. my hair brown "remember me now? sensei" i say the last word to make it seem like ice is runnong down everyones back, i give my evil half grin. my hair tunrs pure black and buy eyes are now purple."drgn.." i say "lets go to the village were we grew up. i need to get some things from my 'home' "

11-18-2004, 06:27 PM
Takaru's eyes slowly began to open....He sat up and coughed out the remaining blood left in his lungs." what happened"? he asked himself. " Ah, i have to save the remaining people"! he was shocked to see no people left in the village and new that someone was here to finish the battle for him and save his life. Takaru called a messenger dove to him by using a dove call he learned when he was a kid. He gave the dove a letter saying. " Thankyou whoever you are for saving me and the villagers". Here is a token of my gratitude for helping me out". Takaru rapped an emerald into the message. The dove flew off to send the message to drgn. before he told the bird who to look for, he quickally described to the dove what drgn looked like. Takaru was able to describe a bit of the man because wile the man was healing him, his eyes were parsially opened. the dove flew a way and after a few minutes the bird landed on drgns shoulder with the message in its mouth.

11-18-2004, 06:31 PM
"ooo birdie"

11-18-2004, 08:46 PM
"Huh?" Drgn mumbled in confusion. "This bird is holding a note...for me I guess." Drgn grabbed the note from the bird's small talons. Drgn read the note. It was a thank you note...from the angel-demon he saved in the village. There was an emerald wrapped in the letter. Drgn took it with pleasure.

Drgn looked up at Raina. "Raina...let's go back to the ruins of Tenshi Kakoriko." Drgn looked up at the sky as he and Raina travelled back to the village. Heh...after meeting Huron, I went to that village to get some rest and shelter...instead I made a group of companions and fought deadly battles...wow! This is already one hell of an adventure! Drgn thought to himself.

Drgn looked at Raina as they walked to through a forest - a shortcut to the village. The walk would take about a day. "Raina...I feel like a child again...now as we approach the place where we had all our childhood memories. It may be destroyed, but a few homes were left in fair condition. Let's hope one of those homes was yours." Drgn smiled as he walked. He reached over to Raina and put his arm around her shoulder. He walked close to her for the rest of the walk.

Finally, the couple had reached their destination, Tenshi Kakoriko. "Raina...this is it! This is our village!" Drgn cheered in fatigue. Let's find our homes and see what we can take with us..." Drgn searched the village, remembering exactly where his house was. He found his home and walked inside. Memories crossed through Drgn's head as he looked at the reamais of the house and its confines. Drgn walked into what used to be his parents' room. He looked around...remembering every last great memory of his family. He didn't cry, for he had grown used to the fact that his family was gone...he knew they were in his heart.

Then Drgn saw, from the corner of his eye, the off-white ceremonial battle kimono that his father wore during special occasions. Drgn undressed himself and put on his father's kimono. "Hah...this robe is much more comfortable than my blood-stained, dirty kimono...I'm going to keep this one, and remember my father!" Drgn said out to himself. He re-equipped himself and ran outside to meet Raina at her house. He saw Raina standing outside of her home...what could be wrong? Drgn wondered as he walked up to her and put his arm around her.

OCC: Drgn now wears an off-white kimon (same style as his dark blue one).

11-18-2004, 09:21 PM
Takaru started to walk again by himself hoping to find some freinds and find the demon who destroyed his village. after a long walk, Takaru saw another village in runes. As he approached the village he noticed two figures. One of the figures he saw was the man who saved him which was drgn. But the other figure which he sooned figured out was a girl did not know who she was. Takaru walked closer to drgn and shouted out, "hello". " are you the man who saved me and the rest of the villagers"?

11-18-2004, 09:47 PM
Huron followed Drgn to a village and he started to look around and found a blacksmith. Huron walk in and looked around and saw a tone of weapons Spear’s, Sword’s it had every thing so Huron just grabbed a bunch of weapons and armed himself up more and then Huron walked out of the blacksmith’s and up to Drgn.

11-18-2004, 09:54 PM
i stare at my old house. it has old burn marks on it..i walk in to it. memorys flood my mind. i look in the kitchen and remember when drgn and i where makeing food for my mother., i walk in to my mother and father's room, i see her chest of draws., i walk over to it., there is what looks like a very old note. i pick up the note. and open it it says -" Rai dear., im sorry i could not help you but tomorrow i will be torched and burned for being a witch, i want you to know that i will always love you, and that i will be with your father shortly., stay safe rai.
Love from Angela sei.,"- the note has blood stains on it. i touch the blood. and i see my mother being burned., she was screaming my name..then she died... i stop seing it. i open the top draw. it has her charm bracelet in it a picture of me,dad, her and drgn, and my sister, i pocket the picture and put the bracelet on, and the draw has scrolls in it, "magic" i say i pocket the scrolls too. i shut the draw and open the next, i find my mothers black,silver and purple kimono "oh my god" i say, i get undressed and try it on. it fits me perfect, my other clothing dissapears in to my backpack, but its light and small. magic bag. i find my fathers blessed katana, now i have my mothers my sisters and my fathers. i shelth my fathers katana. and place my n-blessed one in its place. i walk out of the room in to my sisters room., her room was pink., i walk to her bed and see her favorite toy, i pick it up., its in the shape of a kitten, my mother had made it, i put it in my backpack, and look in her room, i find her diary, and i put that in my backpack to, i put pictures in my bag too, i walk to her draw and find her necklace, i muck it up and it has a ruby on it, it gleams blood red, i put it on, i walk in to my room, its dark blue, pictures of drgn everywere., me and him hugging, fighting, sleeping., i take some pictures and i grab my sheild its black, i attach it to my arm., and i walk out of the house i see drgn and a man talking, not thinking i unshelth my fathers sword and it glows red. "who are you?" i ask the strange man, i see huron and put my sword down a touch

11-18-2004, 11:28 PM
Marth had followed in the sky. He was flying above the village, not wanting to land. He didn't want to disturb what looked like the grave of many souls. He just stared at the ground. He was circling in the sky and trying to make sense of what Raina was saying. I have never been to this place before, and I have never seen that demon girl before yesterday. Marth thought to himself as he flew a little bit lower. "She must be mistaking me for someone else, who that might be I don't know."

Marth had been flying slowly to stay close to Drgn and Raina as they walked, so when he arrived at the Village he was tired.There was a forest surrounding the village, so Marth flew down to a tree. He sat on a branch and closed his eyes. "She calls me a sensei." Marth said as he remembered his sensei Hiruko, and the lessons that he had been taught. For many years I trained with Hiruko. He was a great man, a powerful warrior, and the best teacher. Now he is gone, and there is so much more for me to learn. Marth opened his eyes and unsheathed his blades. "Everything I know how to do; all the techniques that I have learned... All of them, are from Hiruko." Marth said a quick prayer for the man whos techniques had saved his life in many battles. "I am no sensei." Marth said. "I am a murderor, not a teacher." Marth sheathed his blades and looked towards the village.

11-19-2004, 06:13 AM
Drgn looked behind him after hearing a man yell to him. It was the angel-demon from the buring village. Did this man follow me? Drgn thought in disturbance. Drgn waited, at Raina's house, for the man to catch up to him. Drgn looked at Huron and laughed as he saw weapons being unloaded from his arms. "Huron, that must be quite a heavy load, would you like some help?" Drgn walked over to Huron and picked up a few weapons for him.

Drgn walked back to the house and waited for Raina. The man got closer, so Drgn prepared himself to either talk, or batlle. Drgn's hand was on his hilt, ready to draw his sword for a fight. The man was close enough to talk to Drgn now, so Drgn turned around and faced him. "Yes...I am the one who saved you...my name is Drgn." Drgn answered the man's question. "What is your name, and why are you following me?" Drgn asked with impatience.

Drgn waited for the man to reply to his question. He looked back at the door to Raina's house and saw Raina pop out of the door and point a new sword of hers at the man. "Raina, lower the blade, I am conversing with this man...I'm trying to find some information." Drgn said out. Then Drgn whispered to Raina, secretly, "If the man engages in battle with me, I allow you to help me kill him." Drgn smiled and turned back to the man, waiting for an answer.

11-19-2004, 06:53 AM
"My name is Takaru." "I came from a destroyed village and was one of the last survivors from an ambush of demons attcking us." Takaru said sadly." I am sorry if you are disturbed by me following you, But i have bin looking for a group of companions on my journey to help me find and kill the demon who destroyed my village and family." Takaru said.

11-19-2004, 07:20 AM
I slowly walk into a dark forest where there is no one to be found.Every secomd i here a foot steps within the forest."is any one there" I ask in a nervous tone,But i didn't get answer.My mind kept wondering how my farther and mother are wondering where i am.I knew it was best for me to do.I looked to my right and saw to men.I took out my sword being perpared for a battle.

11-19-2004, 09:20 AM
A elven warrior walks down the forest path lightly and swiftly.He was 6ft 7in in all green leather and he had one hand on his 4ft sword.as he walked through the forest he could hear the foot steps of a young woman nearby.He quickly climbed a tree to get a better veiw.As he climbed he grabbed his bow from his back.

11-19-2004, 11:12 AM
Saikuya awoke and noticed everyone was gone. Where is everyone? He tried to stand up but collapsed from the pain of the gashes in his side. What am I to do? He quickly conjuered a small orb that allowed him to float a little bit off the ground. He tried to move it forward but was still to weak. So instead he conjuered the wind to guide him. He glided above the forest. He noticed where all his companions had gone but seemed to realize he wasnt an important member or it may have been he wasnt needed. He decided to travel off on his own again. I'm forever destined to be alone.... He called a small sparrow to him and whispered to it. He watched it dissapear into the distance before turning torward the mountains. He knew of a santuary where he could heal. The bird flew down to the small village and landed next to Raina. He started to chirp but Raina heard something different. Raina... This is Saikuya and I've decided to leave your company. I don't seem to be much of help and all I do is come between you and Drgn. Please forgive me... GOod bye my lovely friend. I will never forget
how you helped me. wheather or not you know you did... The bird chirped once more and flew away...

OCC: HEy you guys im going on vacation so i proably wont post again till the week after next....( Tokyo here I come...hehe...)

11-19-2004, 11:42 AM
He hid in the branches of the tree and watched the young woman drawing her sword and watched to see if the men will do anything.As he watched he drew an arrow incase she will need any aid.

Tears of Moonlight
11-19-2004, 12:11 PM
The demonness sat softly on the ground, shedding tears, her eyes open, yet not seeing. Skye let go of the woman’s neck and let the images she had poured into the woman’s brain disappear one by one. Her consciousness was already gone, and like a doll the woman sat there, seeing things that only she could see, hearing things only she could hear. “..it’s less complicated now..isn’t it?”

She turned her head at Marth as he asked her what else to call this group. She grinned and pointed at the sky. “Floating clouds. Potential to turn into rain, dissolve, become a storm. Potential to keep stuck together, or drift apart, but staying together for the time it will benefit them. Clouds together can become bigger storms, and are less likely to dissolve. But as for me.. I’m drifting along to see what damage a storm can do.”

Shortly after giving her answer most of the group flew away, Skye looking up a bit annoyed. “..okay.. Must think of a way to follow them.. Sprouting wings is not a problem..but it will just be images.. But maybe..” Her eyes sloooowly slid to her left, eyeing the woman who was sitting confused in the midst of the glaring. She had a pair of demon-wings sprouted out of her back, black and shiny and seemingly usable for flight.

“You’ll help me..won’t you, poor confused girl..?” Skye knelt down in front of the woman, who had a child-like expression of innocence over her now. Skye gently touched her cheek. “You’re a little bird aren’t you..? Little birds..want to fly..right? Let’s play tag with the others..” Skye wrapped her arms around the woman’s waist as the demonness spread her wings and flew after the others, Skye influencing her just enough so her attention wouldn’t slip, as she help onto the woman’s back. After a while they landed in a village of some sort. Skye softly sighed and slumped to the ground, Waiting for the other to finish their business here.

11-19-2004, 12:29 PM
*the Amazon stared at the retreating backs of the warriors who flew off without even noticing she was there* "Grrr!!! The nerve of those people!!!" *she shouts to herself* "Can you believe that?!? Not a word!!! How can they just ignore me like that?!?" *her temper rising, she surrounds herself in white energy and takes off into the air after them*

11-19-2004, 01:10 PM
Saikuya finally reached the sanctuary called Noima Hoskim and asked the preists for assylumm till he was healed... THey of course granted it...

11-19-2004, 02:44 PM
*the Amazon stared at the retreating backs of the warriors who flew off without even noticing she was there* "Grrr!!! The nerve of those people!!!" *she shouts to herself* "Can you believe that?!? Not a word!!! How can they just ignore me like that?!?" *her temper rising, she surrounds herself in white energy and takes off into the air after them*he watched her fly of and said"My god she has a high temper".He slowly climbed down the tree but keeping an eye on her incase she wanted to go on a rampage on him.

11-19-2004, 03:02 PM
Drgn looked at the man named Takaru. A slight smirk appeared on his face. "So, because you wanted companions...you decided to stalk me?" Drgn smiled and lowered his head, looking at the ground. He bagan to think...This, Takaru person...he seems to be on the same kind of journey as me...I guess I can help him...

Drgn looked back up at Takaru, "Okay...I agree to help you, but I would like for you to get me something in return." Drgn looked around at the rest of the group and smiled. "I want you to buy the group a meal at a decent pub...that is your initiaton into the group. And judging by the emerald your bird dropped for me, I would safely guess you have money to spare." Drgn laughed. "Do you accept my offer?" Drgn smlied and offered his hand to Takaru...

11-19-2004, 03:33 PM
Marth was listening to the conversation between the strange angel like being and Drgn. "A decent meal..." Marth said. "I havn't had food anything in almost 3 months... A decent meal would be great." Marth said as he continued to listen. "I like the way this Drgn thinks." Marth flew over to Drgn Raina and Takaru. He stayed in the air, his wings casting a giant shadow over the ground. "Raina." Marth said. "I'm sorry to dissapoint you, but I have no idea who you are." Ha said wanting to finish the conversation that they had started yesterday. "I am only 19 years old, I have had no time to teach anyone anything, much less be someone's sensei. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

11-19-2004, 06:16 PM
i turn my back on marth, "drgn i want my raw meat!" i say, i walk to drgn and jump on to his back "whatcha doin' " i let go of drgn and go beside him and put one arm around his other arm., "lalalala" i say "im a little fae" "lalala lets fly away.." i let go of drgn and run of in to the difection of the school.,

11-19-2004, 06:21 PM
"She's really strange." Marth said as he watched Raina run off. He decided not to follow, he'd rather not confuse himself with Raina's odd behavior anymore than he already had. "I'll be close by," Marth said to Drgn. "Just shout when you're leaving this village." He said as he flew off.

Marth landed in the forest just outside the village. He started to walk around, looking for nothing in particular, just something to do.

11-19-2004, 06:27 PM
"Oh, boy! Where is she going now?" Drgn asked laughing as he chased after Raina. "Rai! Wait up!" Drgn sped up and caught her. He stopped her and asked her, "Raina, why do you want to go to the school? It's ruined...there's nothing left to see." Drgn turned to face the school...it was still in good condition. Only the steeple at the top was chipped off...the rest of the school was like it always was.

"Well, Raina, do you want to go in?" Drgn asked as he continued to walk in the direction of the school. Drgn walked closer and recollected his memories. All his friends were met here. He had fun at school...with his friends. I was never good at school work...but I guess that means nothing anymore. School is in my past...this village is in my past...my childhood...is over. I am now an adult, and I must continue on with my life..." Drgn thought to himself.

Drgn looked at the school with pride and calamity. He loved this spot...he would stand in the spot he was standing in every day as a child when he played war with his friends. "Wow...Raina, remember when we used to play at school...we used to always be the best of friends." Drgn smiled and continued to observe the scene.

11-19-2004, 06:37 PM
"yes i remember" i say "remember the time i punched one of the teachers and knocked him out?" i remember that and laugh so hard "lets go see our class rooms." "oh yeah.. " i pull out a ball.. "catch" throws it at u., i run off to the entry to the building., "AHH" points to zombies in side. their banging on the galss door trying to get me ..."DRGN!!!!!!!" i scream and i un-shelth my fathers sword.

11-19-2004, 06:58 PM
"What was that"he says hearing a womans scream.Turning quickly he runs torward the scream thinking what could have caused a scream that loud.He drew his bow and a barbed arrow.

11-19-2004, 07:33 PM
I know i'm off, but is there a way that anyone can make me a custom character for the rpg.

11-19-2004, 08:52 PM
"Damnit!" Drgn yels as he runs into the school house. "Die again, bastards!" Drgn laughs out as he chops the heads off of the undead zombies.

"Raina, they are all dead now...again." Drgn assured. Drgn walks around the classroom, stepping over the dead zombie bodies. It was another calming sight. Drgn looked around and spotted his seat. "I used to sit there!" Drgn pointed. "And you sat behind me." Drgn spoke in excitement. I remember when Raina would kick my seat and I worked. She always wanted to play...I wanted to learn, yet I always gave into her enthusiasm, and ended up getting in trouble for it... Drgn laughed as he remembered.

"Raina, I'm glad we found each other agina...I love being your friend. You were always so great, and still are! We were such a good team in the past, and we reunite as that team once agian!" Drgn said and gave a friendly smile.

Tears of Moonlight
11-19-2004, 08:53 PM
Skye twitched her ears a little, getting up to her feet and looking over at the direction of which she had heard the scream. “..she does have a talent for getting herself into great distress, that damsel… She’ll probably be alright.. I do wonder where the priest guy went though..must have been left behind when all left in such a hurry at the glaring in the forest..” The demonness was meanwhile trying to catch a butterfly, just behind Skye. Skye smiled and turned around, kneeling next to the woman, and probing into her mind ones again. “Say.. do you want to find this guy, little bird?” She formed an image of Saikuya into the woman’s mind. “Could you..? It’s a hide and seek game.. Lead him here and you’ll have won.”

The demonness smiled brightly and nodded enthusiastically, spreading her wings and flying off into the sky. Skye looked after her, waving her hand a little bit, then slumped back to the ground, and laid back, resting her head in the grass, listening to the sounds of battle.

11-19-2004, 11:48 PM
Marth was looking in the sky as he walked. He saw something fly up, and dissapear from sight. That looked a lot like the demoness from yesterday. Marth thought as he walked in the direction that he had seen it appear from. Marth quietly unsheathed one of his katanas as he walked. He didn't know what was there, so he couldn't be too careful. Marth then saw someone lying on the grass It's that woman Marth thought as he walked closer. "Hey..." Marth said, "I didn't know you followed Drgn and Raina too." He sheathed his blade, "Why aren't you with the rest of the group?" Marth asked her as he sat about ten feet away.

11-20-2004, 12:14 AM
i sit in my old seat in kick drgns old chair, "remember when we had the math test and the teacher tryed to hit me coz she lost it. rember how i set her shirt of fire " i say , "that was the first magic i did remember" "oh my god" i say as i see the drawing i did on the table "whoa i was a bad drawer, hey look there is one of you" i say and i laugh

Tears of Moonlight
11-20-2004, 06:03 AM
“Curiosity..The random behaviour of the damsel who wooed the hero in this little tale is amusing..” She mumbled, her eyes closed. She perched one eye open and stared at him. “Besides, most of the group followed to this city.. It didn’t take much persuasion to get what’s left of the demoness’s consciousness to take me here..” She opened her other eye too and sat up straight, tilting her head slightly. “And I'm not with them now because I have the feeling them love-birds wouldn't appreciate the company much right now, and I couldn’t find you nor that soul-gathering demon Huron around here. Besides, it's not like I'm not used to being alone. It’s less complicated like that anyway.”

She tilted her head to the other side and smiled knowingly. “But tell me, Marth of the black dragons, why do you follow them around? You know my reasons by now I’d say. Sheer boredom will make you do a lot of silly things. But you don’t seem to be bored, nor do you seem to take a likening to battles. I did notice your laughter.. You believe their battles are meaningless, no? Then why bother with them..? You’re fooling yourself here if you ask me..”

11-20-2004, 06:30 AM
Huron was sitting down on a rock and started to relax but Huron got a bit too relaxed and Ballom came up behind him and dragged him back down in the Realm of Darkness “Ballom what are you doing?” Huron yelled “I have come to bring you back to our side” Ballom said in return. Then Ballom got a Brain Jacker and got it to wipe Huron’s memories clean of when he went out of the Realm of Darkness. “Well?” Huron said to Ballom “Well what Huron?” Ballom said “Well when is the attack on the Realm of Light?” Huron yelled at Ballom “Good your back to normal”.

After Huron and Ballom finished there little argument “Good Ballom. And get someone to make me a new weapon and armor” Huron said to Ballom “Yes sir it will be done” Ballom said

OOC: Now im the main Evil guy YAY!

11-20-2004, 04:04 PM
Ne one here I'm bored!!!!

11-20-2004, 04:07 PM
Takaru laghed in shock. " ummm, i guess i could by you all a nice meal after what you have done for me". Takaru shook drgns hand and agreed. " Tell me when you guys are ready to feast and we"ll be on our way to the nearest pub". Takaru smiled in exitment.

11-20-2004, 04:35 PM
"Why I follow them..." Marth thought for a minute. He tried to remember back to the day he set out, what his intentions were. "My journey started as a path of rage. I was set on killing a king; I did so." Marth looked at Skye. "That was many years ago, and since that day I have done nothing of great importance for myself. All I've been doing was fighting..." Marth thought again, "No, not fighting... killing." Marth looked layed back and looked up at the sky. "I killed so many people, in a rage that head never left me. The rage slowly died off about two years ago, and from then i had been perfecting the way of the sword."

Marth then sat up again, "And In the last year, I had been observing fights, training to counter the techniques that I had seen. I stumbled upon this group while doing that; observing." He looked at Skye, "That's when I realized that fighting is useless. It only leads to more fighting, more killing. There's no point to any of it. I flew down to get a closer look, then i noticed the diversity of the people in the group. Even though I knew that fighting would is pointless, I realized that it can't be avoided."

Marth stood up. "To answer your question, I guess I'm following them to fight. But to fight and bring honour back to myself and my dead race." He took his eyes off of Skye. "My soul is doomed to hell, but I want to try and give a good impression for my race, because when I die, my race will slowly be forgotten, and I'd rather they are forgotten as a peacful, helpful race of dragons, than be forgotten as blood thirsty killers." He then looked back at Skye, "You said it yourself, travelling with these people isn't quiet, they attract danger. So it won't be hard to find and destroy those with evil intentions." Marth then drew his katanas and smiled, "I'd also like to know how much I've learned, and how much I've retained after a whole year without battle."

11-20-2004, 05:28 PM
Drgn smiled at Raina as she talked about her past in the school. "Raina, I'm going to go out for a little walk...please don't wait up for me. I will sense your location if you leave. I just need to breath some fresh air." Drgn said as he coughed from all the dust in the wrecked school house.

Drgn walked outside the school and walked into the forest where Marth had gone. He took a calming walk through the forest path and observed his surroundings. He walked to the end of the trail, and reached a mountain. He climbed up to the first little ledge of the mountain and sat. He closed his eyes and drifted away into his dreams.

For a few hours, Drgn sat under the tall mountain with the breeze blowing his hair slightly, a cold chill on his face made him feel safe, yet aware. Then he woke up and left the mountain ledge. He began to walk back down the path and came to the field area, where he saw Marth and Skye talking. "Marth, Skye, what are you guys talking about? And...sorry if I interrupted..." Drgn stood by them and listened...

Tears of Moonlight
11-20-2004, 06:33 PM
Skye grinned wistfully, tapping her nose. “Ah..a mission that is..” She nodded slowly, and picked a flower from the field, holding it in front of her eyes. “..a mission for some..inner peace. Cause the last flower standing in field wants to bloom as pretty, or prettier then his fellow flowers, so that they will be remembered as fine flowers indeed..” A breeze caught the flower and she let it blow away from the palm of her hand, smiling softly looking after it, then looking back at Marth and grinning. “I think I understand. Sounds a heavy load, to feel responsible for the image of a whole race..but it you wish to carry that load by own choice..then I guess that’s just what you have to do to make you feel less guilty about the past.”

Though her words might have sounded sarcastic, she didn’t meant them to be. Her ears caught a sound behind her and she turned her head around, noticing Drgn. “Talking? Wouldn’t you like to know..” She laughed softly, and pointed at the direction of the city. “We’re no inquiring about your past-time with your little damsel, all alone in that most charming building, are we?” She grinned roguishly, and arched her eyebrows up, then just rolled her eyes and sighed disappointed. “Actually, we were just discussing stuff, socializing, I was about to come on to him if you hadn’t so rudely interrupted me.” She made a pouty face and again sighed disappointed, hanging her head. A soft laugher escaped her lips and she rose her head again. Looking from Marth to Drgn and rolling her eyes in despair as they didn’t quite seem to see that she was just joking. “Oh, good people, please. Work with me here and lighten up a little? A joke? Ha-ha?” She said, crossing her arms and sighing ones again. “Hopelessly serious..tsk..”

11-20-2004, 08:59 PM
"Hehe...I knew it was a joke Skye, just trying to make you feel uncomfortable." Drgn laughed. He looked at Marth, "Marth, I overheard you speaking of your dragon race. I understand how you feel about trying to keep goodness in your race's name. I try to keep a good reputation for my race as well. I will help you carry out your wishes...if you need help."

Drgn turned to Skye and grinned. Then he began to laugh and tried to stop himself...but the fact that she was embarrassed was funny to him. So Drgn kept laughing. "Well, Skye...I'll start laughing now...haha....okay, now!" Drgn was being very childish, but it made him feel happy...yet he stopped because he felt that it was making Skye uncomfortable...he didn't like to be that kind of person, to make someone feel bullied.

11-20-2004, 09:30 PM
Marth laughed as he sheathed his blades. He crossed his arms and he backed up and leaned against a tree. "I do appreciate your kindness Drgn." Marth said as he looked down over his crossed arms. "But I have to do this by myself. Alone I have lost that pride, so alone I shall reclaim it. Nevertheless, I will continue to journey with you, but I will fight my own battles." He said as he looked up still smiling. Marth glanced at Skye, then looked back to Drgn, "Were you not at the village with Raina a while ago?" Why are you-" Marth stopped, It was probably none of his business, Drgn may have just left to get some air, or to think.

Marth looked at Skye, "Why are you here?" He asked. "You follow them for the 'excitement' but, where are you from, what caused you to come this way, and mix yourself up with the group?" Marth asked as he looked to the left into the distance as if he had seen something.

Tears of Moonlight
11-21-2004, 06:22 AM
OOC: I might have gone a little overbroad in the story-telling >.>;; My apologies to those bothered by reading through a lot of text ^^;;

BIC: Skye grinned inside her mind, but stuck her tongue out to Drgn, seemingly offended. “And when they finally do start to laugh it’s to make fun of you, not laugh with you.” She muttered, then fell silent for a second as she heard Marths question. Her expression grew serious for ones. “Why would I share such information..? My past is already done.. it’s unimportant now.”

She got up from the grass and brushed off her clothes, starting to walk away, stopping, and sighing softly. “But sure, sure, if you want to hear another story, why not? Set the campfire up and take out the marshmallows I’d say. Just don’t get me wrong, but it’s not much of s flashy story to share. All blood-free and everything.” She slumped back to the ground, a smile creeping up her face. “Oh..that reminds me.. I can even make you see.” She cupped her hands and poured down a silver liquid out of them, onto the ground. The silver start to for a puddle, and began to show images as Skye told.

“Once upon a time, a foolish Indian saw a demonness in disguise running through his tribes hunting grounds.” The puddle showed an Indian, his eyes darting through the thick of the forest, scanning the area, suddenly stopping and holding still, as his eyes had seemed to have spotted a prey.

“She was disguised as a deer, the Indian didn’t know, and tried to hunt this meal to be.” She Indian was shown running after the deer, his spear ready to let it fly, which he eventually did. “As she bled, she turned back to her demon form, and the Indian fell in love. Her spirit carefree, provoking, she didn’t mind a human lover, till her tummy started to swell.” The was a blank in the images, but finally they showed the demonness, her eyes looking in horror down at her stomach. It was followed by another blank, then it showed the demonness yelling at the Indian man, the Indian man yelling back angrily. “She and him made an agreement then. Till the child’s seventh year she would live down in the debts of hell, nurtured by her mother, yet the remaining years of her life she would spend above, in the human world, with the people of her father.”

There was another blank in the images, a cave with reddish walls that radiated with a faint red glow, bringing a dim light in the cave, a bed, and a small blanket. “Yet nobody could know the mixed bloods of their kinds. The demonness was a illusionary one, and could easily make the child invisible at any given time. As the child learned to talk her mother started to teach her this magic as well, so that the child could hide itself as well, taking another load off the demonness’ shoulders.” A few skips were made through the images, showing a rapidly growing young girl, most of the time playing with toys, and other small children like her.
“Her mother was a busy identity down there in the depths of hell, but the girl had her illusions to entertain herself with and to keep her company, and she came to realise that there’s not much difference, between what is real and what is not.”

The child was now packing an extremely small back, and a female hand showed up inside the puddle, pointing up at a long staircase which the girl began to climb up. “When seven years had passed it was time for the girl to go somewhere else, and she walked back to the surface of the earth, and tried to fiend her sire. She didn’t find him, yet did find his tribe, and learned that he had set out a long time ago, destination unknown. Not aware of the true identity of the child they took it upon them to raise her.” Skye was seen playing with the same children she had played with in the cave, playing tag. Skye stumbled and fell through one of the kids, got back up and grinned, her lips moving as she pointed at the kid and seemed to say ‘You’re it!’.

“She had always learned to hide her make-believe toys when someone walked in on her. However, as the girl grew the villagers became suspicious. She never talked to any children of her own age, and yet she didn’t seem to be lonely. The children in the tribe never understood this sadly, and started to tease her about it.” The image went completely blank, safe for a stone that flew closer and closer towards the surface of the puddle it seemed, until it faded away in blackness again. “They didn’t understand it, and grew afraid of the girl. The girl just wanted to be left alone, and grew tired of their behaviour..”

The little girls eyes were even more red, as tears rolled down her cheeks, hiding her head against her knees, the image faded quickly and was replaced by one of the girl walking barefooted through the village. “So she decided to make it all go away..” The little girl spread her hands, threads of light being spun by her as she seemed to dance through the village, a huge spider web like thing forming a few feet above the ground, running through the whole Indian village. The web light up, and disappeared.

“So she tried to make the children of the tribe forget about how strange they thought she was.. Being a child and not fully in control of her magic however, it went wrong..” The girl was now standing in the midst of a circle, made by the grownups of her tribe, holding their children protectively. All the children had a blank, lifeless expression, their eyes devoid of any sparkling. They were leaning on their parents, knees too lifeless to support them. “ ‘Evil spirit..’ ‘Red-eyed demon..’ They mumbled to her, as she was the only child still healthy, still speaking, still walking..still with a mind.”

Skye was shown in the peddle, packing her stuff again into a small bag and walking away from the village at night. “From that day the child travelled through the world, giving small performances in the larger towns to make a living, until on one day, she decided she wanted to live, not just perform, eat, sleep, wander to another town, repeat.”

Skye stretched her arms out and the silver puddle twirled upwards in a mini typhoon, then simple disappeared into tin air. “And that’s what I was thinking about as misses damsel got assaulted below my little tree, and mister hero here came to her rescue. End of story!” She popped back up to her feet and grinned. “You’re lucky, normally I charge for watching magic puddles of truth to be.” She closed her eyes and circled her hands around in the air theatrically, glass globe appearing floating in the air. “Your future will be..dark..dark indeed… and then you’ll marry happily and have 2.3 kids, the national averaged exactly.”

11-21-2004, 06:47 AM
OOC: That is probbly the longest post that i will ever see in this RP.

IC: Huron was sitting there as the Blacksmith’s brought him his new armor and weapon. “Good very good now put it on me” Huron said say the Blacksmiths helped him put on his new armor. “Ballom send out 2 sets of scout 1 to have a look at the light realm and the other to have a look at this group that I heard brainwashed me” Huron said as he ordered Ballom “Yes it shall be done” Then to 2 sets of scout’s left the realm of Darkness.

11-21-2004, 07:19 AM
"Hah...Skye, that was a great story!" Drgn said with a smile on his face. "I know it was a reflection of your life...but did you ever find out what happened to your father? Did you ever care to look? Because if you wish, I can help you..." Drgn offered, drawing a smile from his lips.

Drgn took a look at Marth and asked, "You wanted to know why I came out here...I needed air. The school house was too dusty...and brought back way too many memories...the ones I loved most...the ones I don't want to let go of..." Drgn smiled lightly, then tilted his head down. "I only wish those times would come back to me...they were too good to lose...too good to give away to forgotfullness. I won't lose those memories, they make me happy..." Drgn looked back up and smiled.

Drgn looked back at Skye and said, "Skye, I know you have a problem with me and Raina being 'love birds'. Well, I don't see a problem with you staying around us. Heh, I overheard you talking to Marth about that issue." Drgn said pointing to his long elven ears. Then he laughed and continued, "If you want to come closer to the group, please don't be afraid...I don't mind that anyone else is around me and Raina. It makes me more comfortable to be with a group rather than being alone. Please, join us, I am inviting both of you to join us directly...right beside us!" Drgn laughed and put his arms around both of them like a drunken old man. Then Drgn laughed some more and tried to encourage the two to be a little more carefree and happy.

Drgn began to walk back to the village, he was able to accept his past childhood now...and his beautiful memories. He walked into the village and noticed that Huron had not been sitting on the rock that he was resting on. "Where the hell did Huron go?" Drgn said out trying to grab anybody's attention. Did Huron leave? Did he go out to do something on his own? Drgn asked himself in his head with an aware expression on his face. Drgn was ready to fight...thinking that someone may have kidknapped Huron...or worse...killed him.

11-21-2004, 09:00 AM
As Drgn left Marth looked up from the ground where the puddle had been and looked at Skye. He laughed. "So you were sitting in your tree and you were interupted. Now you follow these fools." Marth stopped laughing but kept a smile on his face. "Thats quite the story you have there." Marth said. "But I have one question, Why didn't you go back to your mother? You were never rejected in hell, like you were up here."

Tears of Moonlight
11-21-2004, 09:59 AM
Skye arched an eyebrow, shaking her head at Drgn. “No. This all happened over half a century ago. My sire either died, or turned into an old man. I’ve always been able to take care off myself, and even though I might have been able to track him down, what good would it have done for either of us?”

She turned to Marth and grinned. “As for your question..I don’t like hiding myself 24/7. Demons have a much stronger sense of smell and sight then humans do. My mixed bloods would have been noticed all too soon, and I’d have only gotten my mother into trouble. But maybe you are talking about the little kids you saw..” She looked the other way, over her shoulder, and inside the air misty illusions of two kids formed, laughing and waving at Skye.

“They were imaginary friends, given form and structure because of my unconscious illusion abilities. I didn’t understand they were different from normal kids till I came to live with the tribe. I have nothing there that’s worth returning to, and I rather like it up here. It’s rather lifeless and dull down there. Not to mention their terrible taste of humor down there.”

She laughed softly. “And yeah, I guess I have a rather weird reason to tag along with this rather weird group, but look at it from my point of view. The moment you decide you want to turn around your boring daily routine a girl below you gets assaulted, followed up by a huge Chimera person appearing in that same forest, the damsel that had been rescued going ballistic and more people gathering together by the second. Wouldn't you feel like someone just had hit a huge present right at your head? It’d be a pity to not catch it and regret it later.”

11-21-2004, 11:14 AM
"I guess you're right." Marth said as he looked away. He started to walk, but then stopped. He looked back at Skye. "Do you wanna come?" He asked. "I'm going to the village, This guy said he's gonna buy us all a decent meal." Marth said with a smile. "I haven't eaten in a long time, so this shoud be good." Marth laughed.

11-21-2004, 01:10 PM
Drgn ran into the school and told Raina, "Rai, Huron's gone...do you know what happened to him?" He listened to her answer and ran. He reached Marth and Skye, who were walking to village. "Marth, Skye...Huron's gone. Did he tell either of you where he was going before he left? I'm afraid he has been taken away...kidknapped."

Drgn looked at them with a sense of fear and peril. "I have a feeling Ballom is involved..." Drgn said as he he looked down. "Damnit! I knew this would happen...I never spoke up to Huron about this...and now Ballom has taken him away! Damn!" Drgn slammed his fist into the ground and cracked a small crater in it.

Drgn looked back up and said, "Marth, Skye...we must be careful, for I can sense Huron's spirit...and it has gathered a lot of evil into it. We must be ready to fight with Huron...my first companion...has now become my enemy..." Drgn looked up at the sky, almost as if he was asking for guidance from the heavens. Damnit, Huron...you won't be let off easily if you hurt my friends... Drgn thought bravely, forgetting that Huron had been a friend...he was now their enemy.

Tears of Moonlight
11-21-2004, 02:12 PM
“Free food? Sounds good to me.” Skye replied with a grin, and followed him to the village. As they came there, Skye looked around for any building that could resemble a tavern, instead she saw Drgn, who was seemingly talking to himself. “Hmm, looks like mister hero has worries.” She mumbled to Marth, pointing in Drgn’s direction.

11-21-2004, 03:33 PM
Marth sensed it as well. "Huron's evil." Marth said to Skye. "If I were afraid of death I'd have worries to. Being half demon you should be able to sense that aura." Marth said without changing te tone in his voice. All my life I should have been fighting people like Huron, rather than helpless mortals. Soon I shall start changing. I shall destroy evil, and learn to be good. "Sorry Skye," Marth said, "I guess we're gonna have to wait a while before we can eat." Marth said with a smile.

11-21-2004, 09:33 PM
"No," Drgn said to Marth, "we can eat now, for Huron is not attacking us. We are safe for a while I feel. Let's go eat." Drgn said as a smile graced his face.

Drgn looked at the two and laughed, "Even though Marth may be out there, ready to attack us, I am very hungry...and I think I will take the chance of eating before searching for Huron." Drgn smiled and looked up at the sky agian.

11-21-2004, 10:56 PM
O.c.c. I think you mean to say, "Even though Huron may be out there..."

I.c. "Fine then." Marth said with a smile, "But be ready for his attack, we don't know what he's planning, or what he can do with his new powers." Marth looked back at Skye, then over to Drgn. "So should we look for this angel guy?" Marth asked, "I really wantto eat." Marth smiled again.

11-21-2004, 11:35 PM
O.O.C : i can change forms

B.I.C : the child me runs toward huro, im jumping up and down "lets play!" ni say is a grab drns hair "carry me " i demand "lets play!!" i do a cartwheel lets play" i look just like i did before i was kidnapped "huron is in a blacksmith, lets play!!!"

11-22-2004, 02:42 AM
"How are the scouts doing" Huron asked "We have had no word from them yet" Ballom ansered "Well tell me when they report back" Huron said in return.

As the scout was flowing Drgn and his group they where following them very carefully and waching very carefully.

11-22-2004, 03:30 AM
i sence something in the trees "come out come out where ever you are" i jump in to a tree next to some one. "hi/" i grab their neck and choke them lightly, while still a chil "hmm a spy"

11-22-2004, 03:47 AM
As Raina grabbed the scout by the neck the scout raised his 4 arms 2 grabbed Rania’s arms and the other 2 grabbed Raina shoulders and pushed her off it and when that happened the scout ran back to the realm of Darkness.

11-22-2004, 05:29 AM
i fall on to my but and turn adult "A$$ WIPE!" i yell,. hhm that was hurons guy!!! i dissapear in a puff of smoke and find MY wiy in the relm., i look around and wonder how long its been "hello" i ask "master?"

11-22-2004, 06:17 AM
Drgn walked back to the village and noticed that nobody was there, yet there had been signs of fight. Drgn could see the final remnants of one of Raina's disappearing tricks. "Damn, what happened here?"

11-22-2004, 06:32 AM
“Sir. Sir. Our scout has returned” “Good now we know where they are send out the skeleton soldier’s and send the Defiled one to keep them under control” Huron said “Yes Sir” he said as he ran of to send out the attack force.

Tears of Moonlight
11-22-2004, 03:26 PM
Skye sniffed the air after Marths comment about Huron, then shrugged. “I never could quite tell the difference between good or evil. I’m afraid I can’t sense Hurons’ changed aura. But I’m glad we all agree.. Food first!” She grinned and pointed at village’s tavern, pacing towards it with big steps, then stopping as she noticed Drgn had stopped and was examining a slightly blackened spot on the ground. “..looks like you’re right after all.” She muttered to Marth, disappointed. “No food yet, more troubles instead.”

She walked towards the spot as well, and wrinkled her nose a bit as a familiar smell filled it. “..I can however tell the difference between the smell of dirt and the smell of hell. Your damsel got herself again into a lot of distress it seems. Feh..” She rubbed over her stomach and frowned a little. “..any chances of getting some food before following after them?”

11-22-2004, 03:46 PM
Marth smiled as he walked over to them. "I doubt it." He said to Skye. "You never hear stories about the knight in shining armor stopping for a bite to eat on the way to save the princess do you?" Marth laughed. I sense more evil coming Marth said as he grabbed his swords, ready to attack. "It's been a while since I got this rush of adrenaline before a fight." Marth said. "This is gonna be fun." Marth smiled as his wings went into his back. He began to glow black, as his aura came around him, charging up his energy; he was ready to fight. Still smiling he said, "Food can wait."

11-22-2004, 03:59 PM
he watched her fly of and said"My god she has a high temper".He slowly climbed down the tree but keeping an eye on her incase she wanted to go on a rampage on him.
*she halts and notices someone looking at her, at first she is agitated that someone was watching her, but then she realizes that it was one of the fighters from the group and then floats down in front of him* "Hey you dont mind if I join you do you? I am really bored and I could use a punching bag right about now" *punches her hand into her fists and laughs like a little girl on christmas* "So what do you say?"

11-22-2004, 04:22 PM
Haldir looked at amazon and said "You may join me if you wish".He bowed and said"I am Haldir at your service."Haldir was having second thoughts about being her punching bag but he was bored too.

11-22-2004, 05:04 PM
Takaru joined the group after a long rest and said. " hey guys, i sence alot of evil"! He screamed. "whare is it coming from??"

11-22-2004, 06:02 PM
i come back., this time i look really mad "skeletons!" i yell i choose my mothers sword, i chant a spell over it and change to my fight mode., this time i have blue eyes and gold looking hair., my hight is taller and im now in my fight outfit and i look nice, the skeletons come and i attack most of them "Return to hell" "haa i guess its good being a necromancer" i say "freeze" they stop in mid motion "tell me who sent you" i say "huron" they all say "and his master", "now return to your graves" i say the ground shifts and they get swalllowed by the ground! i runs and it looks like a blur., i stop at a blacksmith.i dissapear in to the shadow reld and say "huron, come out come out where ever you are., i can smell you" in a sing-song way, i walk in to a room and see huron and some one else talking "holy mother of god!" i yell "ur my masters son wich i was supposed to marry" i yell at the other man "so how is master" i ask him and i unshelth my fathers sword and shelth my mothers one and unshelth my sisters one.,

Tears of Moonlight
11-22-2004, 06:21 PM
“..no wonder there’s so few knights left then.. Starvation…” Skye muttered in reply and unclasped her chakram from her belt, bending her knees a bit and standing in a fighting pose. “I guess food will have to wait then..” Goosebumps formed on her skin as she felt Marth’s energy rising, she tilted her head to Takaru as he ran up to them and shrugged. “Not a clue where it’s coming from. Just drawing conclusions from observations from others.”

This having said Skye tilted her head, slightly confused by Raina’s sudden re-appearance. Her confusion only grew as she saw how Raina seemed to control the undead. Wait.. necromancer, part-time demon, shape-shifter, user of fire magic, damsel in distress.. What IS up with this girl? She shook the thought from her head, leaving it for later consideration. Raina ran off into the village and disappeared ones again from her sight. Skye sighed softly. “..were those undead the source of what you sensed?”

11-22-2004, 06:39 PM
Haldir walked down the path toward the town.A mist was forming and the wind was picking up.Haldir senced the change and said "This is odd i have never senced a power that would frighten the wind and other elements." He glanced over to amazon and wondered if she senced it.

11-22-2004, 08:11 PM
i withdraw my sisters soul from hurons body "come to me sister" her soul rises from his body and enters mine "huron if you wish to die than stay evil., i can remove every thing out of your body., i can melt your organs., i can kill you slowly., since you say your 'dead' well i can control you" i say as i take 5 more souls from his body, "i can take your soul huron., you can be a shell" fire appears around me then im gone.,
i reappear back at skye "you look like a child yet you act like a adult., you dont respect your elders ether" power suddenly thumps out around me "feel that ? that is the power of thousands of years., my body ages slowly., but" i say as i grab skyes wepon., "why do you use this" i ask "it needs a power" "something stronger" i give it back and then turn back to normal "wha?" my power returns to my body my sister rejoins my body and i scream., i collapse to the ground and twitch, i stop..., then im gone

11-22-2004, 08:51 PM
OOC: Raina i am not in the blacksmith's anymore you didnt read my post cus i am in the Darkness realm and you cant take souls from my body.

IC: The Skeletons return back to Huron with bad news "You are worthless" Huron said as he killed the skeletons with 1 swing. "Ballom send out some men and bring me some more souls i fell weak" Huron said "Yes i shall bring you more souls" Ballom said as he left.

11-22-2004, 09:00 PM
O.O.C: lolololololololoololol i only read newr posts above mine lololol oops i guess well i guess i was in the rlm then betta change my post
B.I.C: waners around coz im back in some were., i see a corner and hear hurons voice., i peek around the corner., i turn invisible and dissapear.,i reappear behing huron i grab him and we dissapear., i ttake him to a old house and tie him in holy and blessed objects., "ok traitor!" i say as i change to my other personality "why are you evil now!" "and why the hell am i always being dragged back there!!!" i say as i look at you., my gaze is very heavy and very mad., my aura is storng my power like flames "tell me.," i demand "oh yeah you know the shadow cage you put me in.." i say "i can coppy your move but make it stronger because of my powers"

O.O.C: like kakashi from naruto.

B.I.C : i do the same thing as shadow cage only this time its re-enforsed with fire,light,death magic and more shadow "told ya" i say as i grin evily, my ture form and not been let go but i have a feeling that huron has seen it before.,

11-22-2004, 09:29 PM
"Ha Ha Ha" Huron chuckled "Ballom! Silphy!" Huron yelled at the top of his voice. Then Ballom master of Death and Vampire Silphy came from the Darkness to help Huron "Get me out of here and as for you i have no idea what your talking about or who you are" Huron said as he got help out of the cage and Ballom and Silphy brought there small army’s of 6000 men. Ballom then said "Huron will not remember you because I have wiped all of him memories of his time up here"

11-22-2004, 10:03 PM
my soul exits my body and joins with huron, my body collapses "hm vampire in the sun..," i think, i try to bring back how he used to be.,., i make him remember when he landed on me and when he and drgn were together., but some other memorys leak ot from my soul..like when i was kidnapped my hurons master's father, i always saw some one in the shadow., im still in hurons body when he returns to the relm and takes my body for when i wake up., i can be prisoner to him., im makeing memorys flash thru his mind.,

Ooc: i can do that to u huron, its a power no one can stop so please be good now., please remember

11-22-2004, 10:19 PM
Marth looked at Skye. "No," he said. "I sensed those, but that's not what I was interested in." He closed his eyes. "It's Huron. I can feel him. He's evil." Marth opened his eyes and looked at Skye. "Can you use that?" Marth asked as he looked at the chakram in her hand.

11-23-2004, 06:01 AM
Drgn looked up from his fighting position. His Tenshi-Mana was drawn out and ready to destroy, but there were no enemies to fight. He yurned around and saw Takaru coming closer and closer from his place in the village. He seemed confused about something. Drgn didn't worry about him for now.

"Marth, Skye - what are you guys talking about? Of course Skye can use the chakarm...it's her weapon."

11-23-2004, 06:32 AM
What are these strange memories flashing through my head who are these people Drgn, Raina, Skye and Marth who are they? Huron thought "Huron are you felling all right" Silphy said to Huron who pritty much had his head on the ground. "No i need some sleep perpear me a bed i need rest" Huron said "Yes anything Huron" Silphy said and left to perpear Huron's bed.

Tears of Moonlight
11-23-2004, 10:58 AM
Skye glared at Raina as the girl took hold of her Chakram. “..please don’t consider yourself almighty.” Skye softly said, her lips barely moving. Raina had let go of her weapon again, and her sisters soul returned to her body, after which she disappeared yet again.

She turned around as she heard Marth’s reply. “Huron, eh? If he turned from..well, at least neutral, to evil, then there is likely a way to turn it back around too..” Upon Marth’s question Skye arched up an eyebrow. She then threw the circled blade as you would throw a discus, aiming at a nearby tree. The chakram circled exactly around the base of the tree, slicing the most outer wood. As it returned to her she caught the chakram in midair, her fingers stretched out in such a manner that the actual blade didn’t touch the palm of her hand. “If this is what you mean by use, then yes I can. Light to carry around, wielding it doesn’t require much strength, like a sword, doesn’t require any combat to come too close to you, and unlimited charges. Fighting inanimate things holds no difficulty whatsoever, I am aware of that fact. But despite of what that damsel’s words might have made you believe, I can hold my own just fine.. If it isn’t with this..” She held up the chakram. “Then it will be with this..” She exhaled, her breath not made of air, but of a swarm of wasps, which disappeared like soap-bubbles as they came too close to Marth and Drgn. “Illusions.. the visible kind or the kind that’s inside your being. The latter is rather..cruel however. Reason why I do use it was to stop another from using it.”

She shrugged lightly and looked the other way. “I’m not capable of mass-murder I’m afraid. But one by one, I can do that. Hiding also never has been much of a problem. And then there is..well, you saw what happened to the kids of my village.” She smiled lightly and stretched out her arms, yawning a little. “Huron isn’t here, the damsel has taken her leave ones again, no further trouble here? The let’s go eat something already. I’m starving.”

11-23-2004, 02:43 PM
Drgn, at first had a worried expression on his face, but after Skye had performed a move with her chakarm, he had lightened up and smiled. Then she agreed to go eat, so Drgn looked at her and laughed as his stomach grumbled.

"Skye, Marth - I think we should go eat too, so let's go find Takaru and tell him." Drgn said. He turned around and Takaru was already behind the trio. "Oh, that was easy!" Drgn laughed. "Takaru," Drgn said, "I think we're ready to eat. Not everyone is here, but you could at least take us three out to a pub and get us a meal. And if you wouldn't mind...could you stop by a market place and grab some grocery goods? We can carry them in a bag and bring them with us, so we shouldn't grow hungry...if we eat responsibly..." Drgn smiled and listened for Takaru's reply.

11-23-2004, 05:12 PM
As Huron was sleeping more memories where coming back to him he was going trough all the memories the Raina had known of him for some time he was still sleeping in his bed for hours more to come the memories where just flooding back into his head.

kagome lover
11-23-2004, 05:23 PM
:ninja: anyonehere

11-23-2004, 05:34 PM
Marth sheathed his blades, and his increase in energy went away. He was left, more eager then everm to test out his new skills and powers. Marth looked at Skye, "I meant not to offend you by that question, I thought you only weilded illusions." He looked at the tree, "I guess I was wrong in assuming that." Marth smiled. "Alright, eating sounds like a good idea, but we should keep our guard up, we don't know when we will be attacked."

kagome lover
11-23-2004, 05:36 PM
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