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09-07-2004, 11:52 PM
I wrote a poem and I want to edit a pic to make a sort of cover for it when I post it on deviantart, I havent been able to find just the right pic so maybe you guys can ^-^ Just post a pic that you feel captures the essence of this poem, from any series and any style. Also tell why ^-^ Thanks if you do this!

Poem © me, no stealing!!!

That night.
That night began with the loss of a life.
That fight.
That fight would end with the loss of a wife.
She rose,
Rose to defend the one she treasured.
He knows,
Knows that this was what she chose.
Her love for him could not be measured.

The bullet traced its evil course,
Towards the man, who shielded brave.
But she came forward without remorse,
and for her husband her life she gave.

The womans soul the bullets sever,
Ripping through her fragile heart.
Blood fell like the worsening weather,
The sorrowed sight tore his world apart.
Straining to hear words he would never,
“I love you forever,
Til death do us part.”

Years past, years came
The young man turned old.
Since then he was never the same,
The fire inside long since grew cold.
Without his love, his light to hold.

A thought spoke often to his mind,
‘No sorrow could ever be greater than this’,
He could never leave her memory behind,
The lifetime of love he was doomed to miss,
Never again to taste of her kiss.

Never again to hold her warm hand,
Never to breathe in her gentle scent.
Never would she wear his gold band,
Never to wed, to heaven she went.
And now he and the angels sing their lament.

Aches within the mans body rack.
Soon was his moment to die.
“I spent my lifetime looking back,”
A single tear escaped his eye
As he whispered softly, “Why?”

“Why did this have to be?” he sobbed.
Her disappointment he could not face,
at the life she had been robbed,
And the life she gave to him disgraced.
Her sacrifice had gone to waste.

“Im sorry love,” to night he spake,
“If I had it all to do again....
If in the morning I awake,
Ill live with pride and not with pain.
For you have lost so I may gain.”

That night...
He dreamed of that last day..
His light,
and what she never got to say.
“Dont let your life waste away.”

“Ill be waiting at the end,
But until then, live content.
Allow your broken heart to mend,
For your life onward I have lent.
Every day is heaven sent.”

The man awoke the next morn
Feeling more than words could say.
He felt as though hed been reborn,
His loves lost words inside him lay.
He would heed those words today.

And in the evening as the sun set
The old mans eyes began to fade
And as he faded, his dear one met
him there halfway, and gently laid
a hand upon the smile she made.

“My love,” he said, with joy he wept.
“To see you again, I thought, could never...”
“Shh,” she said, as her heart leapt.
“I always said Id love you forever,
Til death do us part.
But a part of me you always kept.

For death could never part our hearts.”

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