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Hope ya like it! I worked very hard. Took me a month.
Where’s Pikachu?
Fighter Vision

Chapter One
Where’s Pikachu?

It was a rainy and gusty day that seems to have some hail. Ash, May, Brock and Max were walking stiffly, with their Pokemon behind them, shivering. Ash was leading the way with Max behind him then Brock behind and leaves out May.
“Ash, do you see a Pokemon Center?” Brock said hollering. “I can’t see in this fog,” Ash said. “Let’s take out our Pokemon to help.” “Ash! I’m too cold!! I can’t move!” May said complaining. “Yeah right, May,” Max said. “Should I do the honors?”
“Pika?” Pikachu said, confused. “Tickle fight!” Max said as he pounced on May like he was a Persian. “Stop! Stop! Help…me!” Said May as she was laughing and moving around. “Ha,” Max said cheerfully as he got off May.
“You can move.”
“Ok, whatever,” May said. “Torchic! Come out!” May threw out a small Pokeball. A small, bird Pokemon came out. “Torchic! Torchic!” Said Torchic.
“That’s great. Pikachu, I choose…huh?” Ash said as he was getting confused and worried. “Where’s Pikachu?” Uh oh! We lost Pikachu!
“Ah! Pikachu’s gone! Oh no!” Max said, scared. “How can you lose Pikachu!? Pikachu!” May said. “Pikachu! Where are you?!” Brock said, carefully.
Everyone started looking even though it was even more rainy and gusty. Ash started getting tired and sad. “Did Pikachu leave me…?” Ash said, sad as a tear came running down his cold cheek.

Chapter Two
Finding Pikachu

It was night. And they still haven’t found Pikachu.
“Ash, it is time. We need sleep. We’ll look for Pikachu tomorrow. I promise.” Said May, sleepy as she went outside. “No…Pikachu’s my best friend. If I were gone, Pikachu would do the same.” Said Ash.
“Well. The others and me are gonna sleep. We are too tired. Sorry.” May said. “Ok.” Ash said.
When May went inside her small tent in a forest to sleep, Ash sat down beside an old tree and sighed. That’s impossible. How did Pikachu be gone? Did Pikachu leave me? What’s wrong with me? Why? How? So many questions. Less time. I have to find Pikachu. I have to.

Chapter Three
Team Rocket’s Plan

“James, this plan is awesome! You have a good yet stupid brain.” Jessie said. “Um. Thank you?” James replied. “This Pokecatcher 1000 is cool! Pikachu, we got you!” Meowth said, happily. “Pika! Pika! Pikachu!” Pikachu cried. Pikachu was in the Pokecatcher 1000, captured by Team Rocket.
The Pokecatcher was a big glass cage with a pokeball with small buttons on top and a collar on the bottom.
“Capturing Pikachu in the storm was easy as cake!” James said. “Yeah, this Pokecatcher 1000 can control any Pokemon in the cage by using these buttons and the collar, the cage will hurt the Pokemon by pressing this red button. The Pokecatcher 1000 cannot be destroyed by any attack!” Meowth said with excitement.
Back at the forest, the group was just having breakfast. It was morning, the group was eating Brock’s special breakfast, the “Brock’s bacon and eggs special”.
After that small breakfast they ate “Morinin’ Dessert”. May was eating apple juice and eating bread from the last time they went to the Pokemon Center. Max was drinking water and eating small pieces of bacon. Brock was eating eggs and drinking pop. But Ash, he ate nothing. (And I mean it.)

Chapter Four
That’s Pikachu?

Soon later, Brock and May found a Pokemon Center close by. May rushed inside while Max tried to run as hard as he can. Pushing their way, Brock and Ash went through.
Nurse Joy went outside to get some health supplies just in case a trainer and a Pokemon got hurt. But saw a bush moving.
“Uh…who are you!?!” Said Nurse Joy frightened. The bush was just a cardboard cutout. And out came the Team Rocket Trio.
“Prepare for trouble…” Said a voice. “And make it double…” Said another. “To protect the world from devastation.” Said the first voice. “To unite all people within our nation.” Said the second. “To denounce the evils of truth and love.” Again, said the first voice. “To extend our reach to the stars above.” Said the second voice.
Jessie showed herself. “Jessie!” She said. “James!” James said as he showed himself.
“Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light.” Said Jessie. “Surrender now or prepare to fight.” Said James. “Meowth, that’s right!” Meowth said as he showed himself. He was holding the Pokecatcher 1000.
“Now, we are going to steal all the Pokemon here and the food!” James said.
“No! Help! You won’t get away with this Team Rocket!” Nurse Joy said. “Ha. You can’t beat us with the twerps. We have Pikachu! Pikachu come on out!” Meowth said. Out came a big, yellow, mouse. And it was Pikachu.

Chapter Five

Ash and the group came out and saw Pikachu. Pikachu looked the same but meaner, bigger and stronger. Pikachu had a small collar on.
Ash looked. “Pikachu! Pikachu! It’s you!” Ash said with delight. “Pikachu, use thunderbolt!” Jessie said. “Huh?” Ash said. “What?” Max said. Pikachu was about to attack! “Ugh! Torchic! Let’s go!” May say as Torchic came out. Torchic c blocked Pikachu’s attack with a Flame Thrower.
“That’s it! Pikachu is under control! By the collar. If we destroy it, Pikachu will be back to normal!” Max said. “Really?” Ash said. “Well, we need Lotad!” Brock said. “And Treecko can help!” Ash said. Out came Treecko and Lotad. “Battle, begin!” Everyone said.

Chapter Six
Pikachu Is Back

Everyone was in battle positions. “Ready, everyone? Battle!” Nurse Joy said.
“I’ll use my Fury Swipes!” Meowth said as he started to jump on Lotad. “Lotad! Use Water Gun!” Brock said. Before Meowth could touch Lotad, Lotad used a big water gun on him. “Torchic! Let’s go! Use tackle on Pikachu’s collar!” May say. Torchic tried to tackle but Pikachu did a quick attack.
“I won’t give up!” Meowth said. “Aaargh! Quick attack!” He said. “Treecko! Use Razor Leaf!” Ash said. Treecko attacked Meowth hard with its Razor Leaf.
“Meowth is unable to battle! Team Rocket, send out another Pokemon.” Nurse Joy said. “Fine. Come out Seviper!” Jessie said. “Guys, I’ll distract Jessie. You guys try to attack Pikachu. When I say now, we will all attack Pikachu’s collar. Then we grab that thing Meowth has and destroy it!” May whispered.
“Oh Jessie! You can’t beat me!” May said, distracting. Brock and Ash tried attacking, but Pikachu was way to fast. “Now!” May said. Finally, Lotad used a Water Gun, Treecko used a Vine Whip and Torchic used Tackle.
Then, Pikachu’s collar exploded. Pikachu was thrown out from the explosion. Ash caught Pikachu and was normal again! The Pokecatcher 1000 suddenly exploded to and blasted Team Rocket and Seviper.

Chapter Seven
The Journey Continues

The group continued their wonderful and adventurous travel. Everything was okay again. “So, Pikachu. You didn’t leave me. You were captured by Team Rocket. I’m sorry I questioned you. I’ll make sure Team Rocket will never do this again!” Ash said. “Pikachu! Pika!” Pikachu said.
As for Team Rocket, they were in a forest. “Jessie, Meowth, I’m scared!” James said. I’m wrong, they’re aren’t in a forest, they’re at a gang hideout in a big forest!

The End

Fantasy fighter
08-03-2004, 12:35 PM
Not bad. I'll give it a 4.3.

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It's a pretty cool story.