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08-07-2003, 04:32 PM
I have a tendency to go to Planet Anime and browse their shelves. I've found, by doing this, that I can eventually seek out wonderful, but really obscure manga. So this is the question for this thread, what is the most obscure manga that you have found to date, and where? You already know that I get mine from Planet anime, so there you go.

So far, I have found:
- Gururi - "Spiral." A series about a boy who accidentally brings down upon himself and three friends the four gods of Chinese myth; Seiryuu, Suzaku, Byakko, and Genbu. There are two books to the series and in them, the four kids have to find ways to protect the SD gods, each other and their school from the escaped demon king.
- Naitingu Naito - "Knighting Night." (I think, anyway. I've found many sources that say otherwise..) About a girl who has a serious obsession with the night time world and magic. She's, ironically, afraid of the dark. Anyway, she befriends a boy who is an exorcist in training. They meet a demon boy and gain a magical egg that will hatch a "god." It's complicated, and the series was never finished. There are two books, both of which I have. Aqua Mizuto wrote the series, but disliked it and discontinued it.