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09-07-2016, 04:50 PM

The problem with harry potter and Percy Jackson is that they imply that humans can't do anything without magical powers. In my newest book you'd be amazed what people can do if they're willing to make fools of themselves.

In a world where the tradition of a court jester never fell out of style Castle Joy is the premier school for all manner of jester, clown, and fool. It's expensive and every day is full of hard lessons, but should the students pass they are granted a license to do anything they want without consequence for their actions. Dahlia, the daughter of a duke, never wanted to be a fool, but after she caused a small scandal her father disinherited her and forced her to enroll at Castle Joy. Shortly after attending though Dahlia learns that her lessons from her old life transfer remarkably well to the new one and soon she finds herself breezing through her classes, even though the school is encouraging her to break every rule and taboo she's ever known. Dahlia quickly begins to prank, fight, seduce, and joke her way to graduation in true foolish tradition. But all is not fun and games. Plots are afoot both from inside the school and without. Some students will do anything for their license, including removing the competition and others seem to have plans for the school and Dahlia herself. Soon the question isn't whether she will graduate and become a complete fool, but whether she will live long enough to try.