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08-02-2003, 05:17 PM
This series is one that I've been ranting about to EVERYONE! It's adorable and sweet and lovely. I demand that you all go and download it now from any digital fansubber you can find! .. Well. Most any. Xenon is one of the better ones. Along with.. ahhh. Something with an S. Anyhow! .. It's really cute and based around Norse myth. Right now, in the "child version" of the series, 18 episodes are out in Japan. Sixteen have been fan subbed and released on the net. The storyline centers around the trickster god, Loki, and the punishment he is receiving from Odin. He was cast out of the Asgard because of the fear that he would bring on Ragnarok too early, and now the other gods are trying to kill him. He is trapped, as of now, in the form of a little boy who runs a detective agency. And SO CUTE! He lives with a mysterious man named "Yamino" who behaves like a servant. I love Yamino-kun! He's like.. a nerd of nerds! Everything that he owns comes via mail-order (which is actually ironic when you find out WHO he is in Norse Myth). Together, they help the crazed Daidouji Mayura who adores "fushigi mystery," in her own words, and lives in a shrine with her widower. She comes to their house all the time, gets entangled in magical affairs (which she never remembers because she gets possessed/knocked out, etc.) .. But I love it! Now, go! Find and download, my pretties! .. or leave comments on your own thoughts on the series. ^^

Loki - Cute little detective boy
Yamino - Mysterious cook/house keeper/guardian
Mayura - Adorable and wackie pink-haired miko-to-be
Thor - Narugami/Narukami-kun. The wonderful cook and part-time job obssessor (he always loses them because of.. mysterious happenings) who wandered out of the world of the gods and got lost
Reiya - A VERY odd little girl.. wonder who SHE is.. mwahaha..
Freyr - "Kaitou-san," as named by Mayura, loves to cook and helps Heimdall while searching for his sister Freya and trying to catch his "Yamato Nandesico" Or some such nonsense (He has a crush on Mayura.. and is a riot. His Seiyuu is the same as Ilpalazzo from Excel Saga)
Heimdall - Loki's archenemy because of an incident in which Loki caused Heimdall to lose his eye.

That's all! .. No more help in understanding.

08-19-2003, 10:02 PM
Reiya: she IS weird. o.O' I need to look more into this series. Im unfamiliar with the anime. =/

04-18-2004, 10:58 AM
it sounds like something i'd be interested in :3 i'll have to check it out, but of course 'm gonna be too lazy to download it and too poor at the moment to afford it when it's for sale, anyway o_o; but i have the first manga of course i think 's the same thing, has the same name O____o; haven't gotten around to reading it yet ah well ^_^;;;