View Full Version : Anybody know where i can get the saint tail anime?

Princess Fey
01-02-2002, 01:45 PM
I've got a bunch of the manga and now I'm loookin' for the anime series. I need Saint Tail....

Ashita Enzeru
01-02-2002, 02:17 PM
*Squeals* Saint Tail! Oh boy how I love Saint Tail! *Squiggles* Uhm sorry, I got mine at Suncoast Motion Pictures, and you could check Sam Goody.

01-03-2002, 02:25 AM
w00t!!! Saint Tail i s soo awesome! Yep, Suncoast carries a few of the anime series ^__^

Princess Minako
01-04-2002, 12:08 PM
try VKLL there is a link to it on the front page of tuxedomask.com.  They do really good quality work, and are very reliable both Kaitou and I have used them.....

The Goddess has spoken

04-25-2004, 02:54 AM
er...i'd try www.bestbuy.com or if there's a best buy near you...go there and see..they do have free shipping too