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Queen P.M.
12-30-2015, 04:39 PM
This is about two twin vampires Sky and Iceis who were separated at the age of 1 after their parents got killed and are now being observed by the hunters in England. Sky was placed in a rich happy family and Iceis was put in a lab to be tortured and pushed to the edge so they can test the limits of her abilities. But eventually they will be reunited with one another and want revenge, especially Iceis.
Sky - cielbk
Rin - cielbk
Iceis - queen p.m.
Ms. Ella - queen p.m.
Older brother Sebastian - holocast
Ceros - Yuuzuki
Althea - mimiruchan

12-30-2015, 05:29 PM
Yay my first RP ^^

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 06:48 PM
When Miss. Ella Evans walked into the lab she had been in a bad mood for a while and yelled "where are the test results for this thing today!!?" Looking at Iceis flouting in a huge testing tube.

01-01-2016, 06:49 PM
Mortis rushes into the room, holding a clipboard with documents attached. "Here you are, ma'am! The results are written and categorized in order, as you requested."

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 07:15 PM
Ella snatched the documents from Mortis's hand while saying "where's...... The other assistant?"

01-01-2016, 07:21 PM
Mortis back away a little as she took the clipboard, saying "He called in saying he was "sick" ma'am.. I'm not too sure about it but he hasn't shown up yet."

Mortis went back behind his lab table, taking quick glances at the test subject, but making sure his boss didn't notice.

01-01-2016, 08:23 PM
After rin called in sick, he sat on his soft looking couch as he thought to himself how can he do these terrible things even though they are not human they are still living beings, they breath and eat as much as any other human so why....after a long and quiet while rin lifted his head and said to himself with a big smile on his face "thats it!! instead of hurting them i will help them!" although he will have to do it in secret so that his boss wont find out.

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 08:58 PM
"Mortis! Take that thing to testing room A11 to test its endurance in combat against three enraged elephants while I call Rin." Ella said standing behind Mortis tapping her foot.

01-01-2016, 09:10 PM
While rin was still happy with his decision he heard the sound of his phone ringing, he ran to look who is calling him and saw the name of his boss surprised as he was he answered the phone and said "h hello its rin speaking"

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 09:15 PM
"What do u think you're doing!? Did i tell you it was ok for you to take a sick day?"

01-01-2016, 09:20 PM
"So sorry i didnt mean to upset you, i'll be there as fast as i can"

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 09:26 PM
"You better hurry up so you can get that thing cleaned when Mortis is done with it." Ella said in a stern tone of voice before hanging up.

01-01-2016, 09:43 PM
"Yes, of course"rin answered with a troubled mind as he remembered how much scary his boss can be, although it also gives him the opportunity to change his actions and do his best to help the test subjects, so he ran as fast as he could to the lab, and when he got there he bumped right into his boss.

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 09:47 PM
"Watch where you are going! I dont want some commoners filth on me."

01-01-2016, 09:58 PM
"Y yes i apologize,h hmm im sorry for asking but can you please tell me where is Mortis and the test subject?" Rin askd with his eyes looking at the floor.

Queen P.M.
01-01-2016, 10:06 PM
They are in testing room A11, now and be on your way." Ella replied then took the elevator up to the main floor of the mansion.

01-01-2016, 10:28 PM
"Yes" Rin answered as he watched her get in the elevator, then he went to the testing room A11 as he noticed Mortis and the test subject he also saw Mortis say something to the test subject but he couldn't hear a thing so he chose to ignore it and just went inside saying "yo what are doing?"

01-01-2016, 11:55 PM
Mortis quickly turned around as he heard the voice of his fellow lab assistant. "Ah, you actually showed up? About time. I was about to start testing on the test subject."

He fiddled around with some controls, prepping the testing room which was on the other side of a large glass window. He looked at the test subject, and with an aching heart but cold words, he asked "Ready or not, it's time to begin testing."

01-02-2016, 09:22 AM
Rin looked at the bruised and tired test subject with a burning feeling in his gut all he wanted was to scream STOP!! but he couldn't as long as Mortis is around, so he waited until the the test was done,and said to Mortis "its My turn to take test subject now, i need to clean it"

01-02-2016, 01:14 PM
Mortis was delighted. The test subject did better than he though she would, and deep down he was happy that she was still okay, even though she was beat up.

He looked wearily at his coworker and said "Very well, but make it snappy. You know how our boss doesn't like her time wasted."

Mortis left the assistant with the test subject and walked back to his office, contemplating how he was going to initiate his plan.

01-02-2016, 02:07 PM
"Yes i know" Rin replied as he watched carefully as Mortis walked away to his office, then he went to the test subject, while he gently cleaned the bloodstains that were on her face and body,he asked "are you alright..? "i am deeply sorry for doing these terrible thing to you... but i promise from now on i will do my best to make it less difficult for you, so please do not worry". Rin looked at her with his brtightest smile, hoping she will say something back.

Queen P.M.
01-02-2016, 02:42 PM
Iceis growled loudedly in a terrifying manner as she grew her claws out of one hand scratching rin across his forearm

01-02-2016, 02:57 PM
Rin screamed from the pain, causing Mortis and and his boss come runing towards them to see Rin lying on the ground, surrounded by a pile of blood.

01-02-2016, 03:00 PM
"What on earth is going on here?!" Mortis shouts, running into the room. He was shocked to see his coworker on the ground, bleeding and the test subject's hand covered in blood.

"What did you do to her?" Mortis asked Rin, looking back and forth between the two, trying to figure out what was happening. "You were only supposed to be cleaning it."

01-02-2016, 03:26 PM
Rin was still shocked from everything, he could barely hear what Mortis just yelled at him, but he could understand what he meant just by his expression, as hard as it was for him to speak Rin said "i.. i don't k..know i..i can't..."before Rin could finish his words the pain caused him to faint.

Queen P.M.
01-02-2016, 03:36 PM
Iceis licken her nails over and over again enjoying this new taste in her mouth

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Iceis enjoyed licking her bloody nails over and over again wondering what this wonderfully new taste was

01-02-2016, 07:40 PM
Mortis watched as the test subject tasted new blood, a grave look spreading across his face. He turned to his boss, whispering in a panicked voice, "Ma'am, may I suggest we put her back in containment?"

He looked back and forth between the both of them, a strange mix of nervousness and excitement coursing through his heart. He wanted to remove his coworker to prevent more harm, but he knew better than to make sudden movements when a new vampire tastes blood for the first time.

It wasn't good news for them.

Queen P.M.
01-03-2016, 02:32 PM
"Yes that thing need to be confined...... And put Rin in a locked room to be observed." Ella said giving rin and Iceis dirty looks as she cover mouth with her handkerchief.

01-03-2016, 02:46 PM
"Yes Ma'am" replied Mortis, immediately grabbing a sedative out of his pocket and injecting it into Iceis before any more incidents could occur. He grabbed Rin and hoisted him on his left should, and grabbed Iceis and lifted her onto his right shoulder.

'This is getting out of hand.. ' Mortis thought as he made his way to the containment sector of the base, having some conflicted thoughts. 'Hopefully Rin will be alright, we already have enough bad situations going on right now...'

Queen P.M.
01-04-2016, 04:34 AM
Iceis had woken up a few hours before she normally would've if she had been sedated because of the affects of having human blood in her system for the first time. Her eyes started glowing a chrome red color as she felt the silver chains that were wrapped around body burning her skin. Which Miss. Ella had some other assisstance do for her before she left the lab.
Iceis screamed in a loud anganizing tone of voice sending out a loud painful single to all the other vampires in a 500 mile radius without knowing, several times, before passing out again.

01-04-2016, 07:05 AM
While this was happening Sky was deeply asleep, in her sleep she was dreaming, at first it was a soft and loving dream she could see a woman with a beautiful ruby red eyes, she felt comfort when in her arms like she knew her from somewhere, and then her dream became a nightmare she heard a loud and sorrowful scream the woman in her dream began to grow fangs slowly resching to her neck,as she was about to bite her Sky woke up screaming with tears droping down her face causing her mother run to her room.

Queen P.M.
01-04-2016, 08:23 AM
"Sky! Sky! What's wrong!?" Her mother said rushing in Sky's room but stopped at the doorway in shock. 'H..her eyes are red!' Miss. Ella thought as she quickly covered up her disgust with a loving smile. "What happened? Did you have a bad dream?" She asked Sky giving her peaceful and soft hug.

01-04-2016, 08:47 AM
"M..mommy?" Sky asked with tears falling down her soft pale cheeks, "i was so scared!!" Sky yelled as she was holding her mother's hand as tightly as she could.

Queen P.M.
01-04-2016, 03:24 PM
"Mommy's here my darling, there's no need for you to cry you're safe now." Ella replied calming Sky down so her eyes could go back to her normal shimmering lime green state and after a while they did.

01-04-2016, 04:31 PM
Mortis looked in the mirror, staring at his reflection. One pair of matching red eyes stared back at him, a look of defeat and weariness pertinent throughout his facial features.

'I've got to figure out what I'm going to do.. this has been going on for so long.'

He reached down and slipped on his green-tinted contacts, his black hair obscuring his face. As he was finishing up, he heard a scream ring through the mansion, alerting him immediately that it was Sky. He threw the washcloth he was using into the sink and took off to her room, the driving thought in his head being to protect his younger sister, no matter what.

Before he managed to rip open the door, however, he heard Miss Ella's voice, comforting Sky. He paused and listened, and when he was sure everything was fine, he went away silently into the kitchens, preparing himself to start the day.

'Something needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon.. '

As he was setting out the plates in the grand dining room, all that was on his thoughts was his little sister Iceis, her earlier cry of anguish still effecting his heart and paining him.

'Just give me some more time. I promise you won't have to suffer for much longer.. '

He heard the dining room door open, and forced a strained smile on his face.

'Not much longer.. I promise.'

Queen P.M.
01-04-2016, 04:51 PM
"Go bring Sky a hot cup of chamomile tea and watch her. I am leaving for a while." Ella ordered him then turned to leave the dining room.

01-04-2016, 04:59 PM
"Yes, ma'am" replied Mortis, turning and walking into the kitchen.

He went to the cupboard and started making the tea exactly how Sky liked it, and put the teapot and cup on a tray. Just before he walked out, he added a few biscuits, just in case she was hungry.

He made his way to Sky's room, looking at the huge, detailed paintings hung up in the halls. There was a whole history of the lineage that had lived in this house, from men in war uniforms to women in grand, colorful garments. As he reached the end of the hall, there was a painting of Ms. Ella, her face set in a cold, stony expression, like it always was and always is.

He knocked softly on Sky's door, balancing the tray with ease on his other hand. "Miss Sky? Your morning tea is ready."

01-04-2016, 05:19 PM
Sky was still shivering from last night she felt as if something wrong is going to happen, 'what is this?,what is going on with me? was it just a bad dream and nothing more?' her head was filled with questions, and her eyes began to tear up as she was trying to hold back her tears from falling she heard a soft knock on her door it was Mortis who came to bring her morning tea. looking at him put the teacup on the shelf that was beside her bed, made her feel at ease and calm for some reason, without realizing it she was staring at him.

01-04-2016, 05:28 PM
As he finished puring the tea into Sky's cup, he could feel her eyes on him but made no indication that he knew. He put the cup on a saucer and handed it to her, smiling warmly.

"You're tea, ma'am. I hope it's to your satisfaction."

He went back to preparing the biscuits and put those on the table next to her along with the tray.

01-04-2016, 06:48 PM
"Yes thank you" Sky replied while snapping out of her daydreaming 'that was weird, why would i do that?' Sky thought to herself as she took a sip from the the hot tea "mmm its good" Sky said to herself with a small smile.

01-04-2016, 07:00 PM
Mortis smiled to himself as he heard Sky express how she liked the tea.

He started gathering the dishes up, meticulously going through the motions like he's always done, and stood facing Sky, holding the tray.

"Is there anything else I can assist you with now, ma'am?"

01-04-2016, 07:46 PM
"Hmm yes there is a place i always wanted to go to, will you take me there?" Sky asked hoping he will do whatever it is that she wanted.

01-04-2016, 07:49 PM
"Of course, ma'am. Anywhere you would like." replied Mortis, bowing and stepping aside so Sky could get out of bed.

01-04-2016, 08:10 PM
"Ok then, take me to the lower floor where you and mom always go to, i know mom said that this place is off limits but if you'll take me there secretly she wouldn't get mad right?" Sky smiled at Mortis knowing he will take her there.

Queen P.M.
01-04-2016, 09:27 PM
Meanwhile back at the lab Miss. Ella was in the middle of examining Iceis, trying to see if she had any new abilities due to the fact that she has he been blood for the first time. They put Iceis back in the training room to train her against the three elephants again and they were not disappointed. In no time Iceis had killed each and every last one of the elephants and was devouring them to her heart's content before Miss. Ella could get her to stop. She had some of the guards use tranquilizer guns to shoot Iceis but Iceis dodged every last one of them before taking them all down. 'Oh no!' Miss. Ella thought and she watched her men get sucked dry. Then as quickly as she could she slammed her fist on a big red emergency button sending out an alarm throughout the mansion and the entire lab.

Machine guns came out of the walls of the training room, aiming at Iceis but she froze every single bullet before I could even get 10 feet close to her. When the machine guns had all run out of ammunition she went over to the big glass window, frozen it, and stuck all of her long razor sharp fingernails slowly through the glass. In seconds most of the glass shattered in pieces right in front of Miss. Ella as she screamed and thought to herself 'I don't want to die!!!!!'

01-04-2016, 11:59 PM
Before Mortis could reply to Sky, he sensed his other little sister's blood lust, as it was so strong it was even reaching him from the mansion. Quickly, though not quick enough to alarm Sky, he replied to her saying "Well, ma'am, I promise we will discuss this further as soon as I go help your mother. I promise I will return shortly."

He made his way to the door, and as soon as he shut it behind him he flew off, using his speed and flying abilities to quickly rush downstairs to the basement, making his way quickly through the maze-like corridors that he had memorized from the many years of being here. He sensed his sister was in the experimentation room and burst through the door, not bothering to grab the handle and instead broke it down, knowing something awful was about to occur.

He was correct in his assumption. He made it just in time to see glass shattering in front of Ms. Ella and Iceis lunging for her neck.

In the blink of an eye, he was upon her, using his inhuman strength to hold her down. He grabbed the sedation serum that he always carried around for situations like this and swiftly proceeded to push the needle in the back of her arm, making sure every drop was injected successfully.

Breathing heavily, he heaved the now passed out Iceis up on his shoulder and looked down at his suit, a dejected look passing over his face seeing how many tears were now in it. 'That's the third suit this month...'

He turned to Ms. Ella and asked in a steady, composed voice, "Are you alright ma'am?"

Queen P.M.
01-05-2016, 01:20 PM
"Does it look like I'm alright!? I nearly got killed by that thing!" Ms. Ella yelled as she slowly got up. The the fear of dying which filled mind and heart slowly turned to anger and rage making her want to kill both Iceis and sky even more than usual.
But knowing that she wasn't allowed to unless instructed by the higher ups made her think 'what if this one was to accidentally die? Then they wouldn't blame me for anything. And plus we have another test subject we can use....' Ms. Ella giggled for the first time in years as she stomped her foot onto Iceis's hand squishing it into the floor. "Brake off a few of her nails for testing and have this mess cleaned up now.

On her way out of the lab she started realize that Mortis just took down Iceis so quickly as if it was nothing. She wasn't really sure what to think of it though because she was getting tired and told herself she would figure it out tomorrow.

01-05-2016, 03:48 PM
Mortis knew that he had messed up.

But he had no other choice, he couldn't let Iceis kill Ms. Ella, that would only make her a stronger target for other hunters. If anyone was going to take her down, it would be him.

That being said, now the plan he had been working on for so many years had to be executed so suddenly, his mind was in a fritz. All he knew was that he had to get to Sky before anyone else, while also making sure that Iceis was contained safely so she couldn't hurt someone before he got a chance to explain things to her.

He rushed Iceis quickly and quietly to the containment sector and made sure no one was present inside the room before laying Iceis on the ground. He quickly grabbed the special restraints made specially so she couldn't break out of them from the counter.

"Don't worry little sister, we'll be out of here soon enough..." Mortis- or rather, using his real name now, Sebastion- said to himself.

He quickly bonded her ankles and wrists, and just for extra safety measures in case he ran into any employees, carefully placed her into a large duffle bag and zipped it up. Just as he was about to make his way to the exit, he remembered the quirky co-assistant Rin. God knows what Ella would do to that poor soul once it was confirmed that he had turned. He grabbed a handful of syringes and sedation serum and stuffed them into his pockets and made his way quickly to where he sensed Rin was.

01-05-2016, 04:38 PM
Rin woke up in an all white room with only one door who can only be opened by the outside, 'whaa!? where am i? What am i doing here?' Rin was shocked to the point that he couldn't even move, he looked all around him to see nothing and no one, he was so scared he didn't know what was going on, the only thing he remembered was cleaning the test subject and then... "ohhh i remember now i was attacked by the test subject..."

looking back Rin understood that it was he's fult for provoking her, Rin was preoccupied by not only how it was he's fult, but something else felt weird for some reason he couldn't describe that feeling... it was like hunger but much more complicated it was like something he couldn't control ,he had to eat!! and it had to be right now!
Rin felt this weird feeling in he's mouth so he opened it and started to feel a really strong pain in his teeth it was fangs growing out of he's mouth, he freaked out not knowing what to do, "what is going on!? What is happening to me!!?" Rin shouts out a really loud scream that made everyone in the lab including those who were in the mansion immediately stop what they were doing.

01-05-2016, 04:46 PM
As he was opening the door to where Rin was being held, he heard him let out a terrifying scream.

Sebastion quickly ran in the room, setting the duffle bag down gently on the floor. He quickly pressed the button that would open the door and ran inside, seeing Rin freaking out on the floor.

'I can't blame him, poor soul.. ' Sebastian quickly ran to him, covering his mouth with his hand and whispering "Be silent, I am here to rescue you and Iceis but you need to cooperate. I need your help, so just calm down and come with me, okay?"

Sebastian kept in mind that he still had the sedation serum, but he didn't want to use it just yet. If he could get Rin's help, then his plan would play out much smoother.

01-05-2016, 05:27 PM
Rin gazed at Mortis with for some reason trusting eyes, he didn't understand why but he felt like he could trust him.

First he calmed down and said "will you really help me? do you even know what i turned into?
In the state i am now i don't think i can control myself.."

01-05-2016, 05:36 PM
"I do know what you are now, but I promise I will explain everything as soon as we're safe. You just need to come with me quickly, we need to get out of here as soon as we can."

Sebastian got up and went out of the cell, picking up the duffle bag and stood by the entrance, smiling and gesturing at Rin to get him to come out of his containment.

"Also, you can call me Sebastian."

01-05-2016, 05:50 PM
'S..Sebastian?' Rin thought to himself "well i don't get what is going on but i'll do as you say, as long as i'm out of here".

01-05-2016, 05:55 PM
"Fantastic, now follow me. I might seem too fast for you at first, but you can keep up now."

Quickly Sebastian raced off, using his unnatural speed to go for the stairs; it would be quicker this way. With Rin right behind him, Sebastian couldn't help but chuckle to himself seeing the shocked expression on Rin's face at the speed they were going.

Finally they reached the Mansion level, and Sebastian opened the door slowly, looking around and making sure the coast was clear.

"Alright Rin, we are going to have to be really quiet. We don't want to alert any staff of our presence here, we need to get Sky and get out with as little commotion as possible."

Queen P.M.
01-05-2016, 05:55 PM
Iceis stats moving in the bag

01-05-2016, 06:11 PM
As Sky was preparing to go to bed she heard a strange noise coming to the direction of her room, 'ahh,what is this noise?' Sky thought to herself as she walked towards the door, and as she opened it something really fast came inside her room, she turned around and saw Rin and Mortis who was carrying a big bag on his shoulder.

01-05-2016, 06:15 PM
Sebastian quickly ran to Sky's room, making sure him and Rin were quiet. He saw her door opening and ran in, closing it behind him.

"Hello, Sky. I don't have time to explain, but we're going on a trip, okay? So gather your things and let's get moving." Sebastian smiled kindly at her as he felt Iceis stir inside the bag he was carrying. He turned away from Sky and made sure to block the view from her with his body as he undid the zipper slightly and only injected half a syringe of serum, not wanting to overdose Iceis but enough to keep her contained until they could leave the mansion.

He didn't want to take any risks, he had to get them out.

01-05-2016, 06:28 PM
"Wh..what are you talking about!?,what trip? no one told me anything about it! and what in the world is inside that bag!?, answer me now Mortis!!"

01-05-2016, 06:41 PM
Sebastian sighed, deciding that the quickest way to get all of us out was to explain.

"We have to go, because my name isn't really Mortis, I am actually called Sebastian. I don't know how much you remember, my dear, but I am your older brother," He sat down and got to her level, looking into her eyes, "And in the bag lies your twin sister. When we were young you and your sister were separated from me by evil people who wanted nothing more than to do bad experiments on you. They've only started with your twin sister, but they are planning to come after you now. It's why you were kept from knowing her, because you two are much more powerful together," Sebastian took a deep breath and gave her a grave look.

"Which is why we need to leave. Now. I can explain the rest to you when we are safe, I promise you." He looked into her eyes and put a hand on her shoulder. "I just want to keep you safe."

01-05-2016, 06:59 PM
"Big brother? Twin sister? Whaaat!!? I don't get it at all!!
If what you say is true and she is my twin sister then why is she in that bag?, and why is Rin here? is he also one of "our family" too?"
Sky looked at Mortis with a confused expression trying to figure out what is going on.. and then she asked "if you are saying the truth then at least show me some proof, how can i believe to such a thing with out any soild proof?"

01-05-2016, 07:07 PM
Sebastian sighed and smiled.

"Rin is not part of our family, but is a friend now. Your sister is in this bag because I had to sneak her out." Sebastian glanced from Sky to the bag and made a decision.

"If you'd like proof, and it will hurry us out of here, then I will show you."

He got up and walked over to the duffle bag, taking a quick glance at Sky again, then slowly unzipped it and lifted Iceis out, turning around and showing Sky.

"This is your sister, Iceis. She's in restraints because she has not been around the kindness that you have been. She's asleep now but for everyone's safety, she will remain like this until we can get to a safe place."

Sebastian knew this would be substantial enough proof, because Iceis and Sky looked exactly like the other.

01-06-2016, 04:39 AM
"What?, no way, how could this be true? I have a twin sister and your name is not Mortis but Sebastian?" Sky said while looking at Sebastian's serious expression.

she couldn't help but feel it might be true after all the girl who is right in front of her looks exactly like herself, but inside her heart she didn't want to believe that story after all if it was to be true the person she is now is a lie!

"I don't know what to believe in anymore" Sky suddenly fell into a deep depression causing her to fall on her knees unable to move.

01-06-2016, 08:58 AM
Sebastian smiled sympathetically and understandingly at his little sister. He knew exactly what she was going through.

He got a serious expression and said, "I know this will take time to understand, but for now we must go."

He looked to Rin and gestured to Sky, asking him to help bring her along since he already had Iceis. He grabbed some clothes for all four of them, storing them in the duffle bag. He put Iceis back into the bag underneath the clothes and zipped it securely, standing up and looking at the door.

"Let's get going now, the longer I stay here the more anxiety I get."

01-06-2016, 09:42 AM
Sky teared up as she remembered all the happy and good times she had with her family, only to realize it was all a lie!
"Ok i'll go with you.." said Sky with a sorrowful expression on her face.

01-06-2016, 12:21 PM
"Don't be sad, we'll all be okay soon and you'll get to learn who your real family is."

Sebastian was done with preparations and started leading everyone out. "Okay, now be very quiet as you follow me" he whispered to them. He made his way down the hall with many portraits, and when he got to a specific one of Ella's late grandfather, he tapped on a special spot on the frame three times. The others gave him confused looks but he just smiled as a hidden panel swung loose on the side wall, containing a number pad. Sebastian punched in the code, and after a few seconds the frame swung open, revealing a secret alcove and dark hallway leading downwards.

"Perfect. It took me a while to figure out this place was here.. "

01-06-2016, 02:24 PM
"Whaa!!" Rin was surprised to see that there were something like that in the mansion, of course Sky wasn't surprised anymore after all the things she had learned today, this one was to be expected.

"so there was a place like this also ahh, who would have guessed" Rin said while going down the dark hallway.

"were you the one to build this place?" Sky asked Sebastian with eyes full of curiosity.

01-06-2016, 03:10 PM
Sebastian shut the frame behind them as they went inside and led them through, walking quickly but not bothering to whisper anymore.

"I did not, but no one knows about this place. I happened to discover it while cleaning the portraits. Not even Ella knows about it, I'm sure. We have a long ways to go. So, Sky, when I'm running you'll notice that Rin and I can go a lot faster than normal. You can do this, too. Just keep it in your mind that you can keep up with us and you will."

As he took off, Sebastian started slower than normal to help Sky learn and slowly increased the pace, until they were all running at full speed. He was extremely proud, to say the least, about how fast she was learning.

The hallway kept sloping downwards, getting colder the farther they went. There were a few torches lighting the way, but they were far in between so it was mostly dark. Luckily, because of everyone's lineage, they could all see pretty alright. Sebastian figured he could delve into more explanation for Sky, to help clarify what happened to them.

"A long time ago, when you and your sister were both infants, you were taken away from me by hunters. They left me for dead, but your big brother wasn't offed that easily," He looked back at Sky and gave a smile, "but I knew it was strange why they took the both of you instead of trying to kill you like they tried to do to me. So I followed them for many days and many nights, never losing track of you." He paused and took a deep breath, knowing what he was about to say would shock both Sky and Rin, but it had to be clarified now while they were in relative safety.

"Sky, and now Rin, you're both part of an ancient race called Vampires."

01-06-2016, 03:36 PM
"Vampires!!?" The both of them asked with their mouths open.
"Well i figured that much,that i turned, but are you sure you want to tell her that right now?" Rin asked
Looking at Sky's confused expression.

"don't you want to wait a bit longer cause i think she had enough for today".

01-06-2016, 04:10 PM
"Of course, I'll explain further once Iceis wakes up." Sebastian started running again, knowing they were getting close to the exit. They had been traveling for an hour now and by his estimate, it had to be close to dusk.

As he predicted, ten minutes later they came to a dead end with a ladder leading up and out from the tunnel. He let Rin and Sky exit first, handing Rin the bag and climbing out himself.

It was just like he remembered, the thick trees that the trapdoor led out to gave them good coverage. He closed the latch behind them and pulled out a lock, locking the door tight. He re-coevred the exit with leaves and grass, then gestured to his companions to follow him.

"We're almost there, I have a little camp I set up just for this. This forest is really big, so be sure not to trail behind."

He took off again, anxious to get there and get settled. He'd feel much better as soon as they were far away. He ran the opposite direction they came from, quickly dodging through the trees, disturbing birds and other creatures from their hiding places. After about another hour of fast-paced traveling, Sebastian stopped and he felt Rin run into him from behind. Sebastian chuckled and pointed up to something hidden in the trees.

"And that's where we will be staying for the next couple of nights."

Above was a big wooden hut-like structure with a platform, which was attached to a tree with carved in notches. If you weren't looking for it, it was easy to miss because of all the foliage that disguised it from onlooker on the ground. Sebastian made his way expertly up the tree, having been here many a nights constructing this temporary base. On the platform, there was an unlit fire pit with a spit attached and a couple of logs placed around it, and inside the hut there were three hammocks with blankets folded neatly on top of them.

"It took me a long time to build this, but I say it was well worth it. We won't be here for too long anyway, so we can use tonight and tomorrow to rest up and recuperate for the next part."

He placed the duffle bag carefully down and unzipped it, withdrawing Iceis and placing her in a hammock. He covered her with a blanket and returned to the other two, sitting down on a log ready to start a fire.

01-06-2016, 05:29 PM
"I am really tired ,are we going to wait a long time for that girl to wake up?"
Sky asked while yawning with her hand covering up her mouth.

While that was going on Rin felt like he couldn't hold anymore the hunger, all he could think about was blood, "hey Sebastian i.. i cant hold it anymore i need somethig to eat.. now!!" Rin screamed really loud causing iceis to open her eyes.

01-06-2016, 05:35 PM
"Ah, right. That's what we need to take care of. Don't worry Sky, Iceis will be awake soon. Would you mind staying here and watching her while Rin and I go find food?"

Sebastian smiled at Sky and looked at Iceis, sleeping soundly. He had left her restraints on just in case she panicked when she woke up. He couldn't risk any injury to Sky or Rin. He walked to the tree leading down, and gestured for Rin to follow him.

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 05:57 PM
After they left Iceis lifted both her arms up towards the sky looking at the back of her hands that had been stained with blood and sighed. "I think we should go hunting on our own... sister." Iceis said slowly as she whipped a few bloodstains off of the corners of her lips. "I'm still hungry." She continued in a pouty yet sassy voice then sucked some blood of her fingers making a pop noise when it came out of her mouth.

01-06-2016, 06:06 PM
"Wha.. when did you wake up!?" Sky freaked out when she watched Iceis sucks the blood off of her fingers "i..i should go call Mort..i mean Sebastian" Sky said while trying to get out of there.

01-06-2016, 06:06 PM
Meanwhile, Sebastian was teaching Rin how to hunt a deer that they were tailing. He first taught him how to detect one by smell and sound, and now they were stalking it, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Sebastian gestured Rin to be the one to take it down, mouthing "I know you can do it!" to him. Rin looked nervous but the hunger vastly outweighed any doubts he had, and he pounced.

While he was doing that, Sebastian felt a prickle on the back of his neck, but decided to brush away doubts. They'd be back at camp soon enough, and it looks like Rin might need more to sustain him.

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 06:25 PM
Iceis sat staight up staring at Sky giving her a weird look as she said "Don't be like that my dear sister. I promise you it'll be fuun."

01-06-2016, 06:43 PM
"Fun? Fun how?"Sky asked knowing the best thing to do is call for Sebastian, but the curiosity won over the logic, and she freed Iceis.
"So what is it that we are going to do?"

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 06:59 PM
Iceis smirked then froze the chains and ripped them apart with ease. Standing up made her lose her balance for a second but then she caught herself on the nearby tree head. Iceis noticed Sky looking at her bloody lab gown in a nerve wrecking manner and giggled "there's nothing to scared of this is just blood, haven't you had any?"

01-06-2016, 07:03 PM
"H..had any? what does that supposed to mean?" Sky asked while she looked at Iceis with a confused expression.

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 07:09 PM
"Hahahahahahaha!!!" Iceis started laughed really hard while she held her stomach trying not to fall over. "You mean to tell me you've never been given or had blood before!?" She asked as she slowly circled Sky in a creepy way.

01-06-2016, 07:23 PM
"Wha..what are you doing? Stop that its starting to freak me out.." Sky said while looking down "i don't know what you mean when you say 'giving or had blood before' so if you don't mind, can you explain it to me in words that i'll understand?"

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 07:44 PM
"Uuuuuuugh apparently I'm the smart one!" Iceis replied starting to get irritated. "When I was in that lab the only time I got food was when they put me in front of some animals for what they call testing!" She yelled as she walked to the corner of the campsite and looked down. "Apparently you've been raised differently than I was so they probably would have given you blood in a different way, like oh I don't know through your veins maybe." She went on then purposely fell off the tree.

01-06-2016, 07:54 PM
"Ohh are you ok!?" Sky felt worry for Iceis even though she made fun of her.
"I am coming down, so if you broke something you shouldn't move" Sky yelled to Iceis and then she climbed down to her.

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 08:10 PM
When Sky got to the bottom of the tree Iceis giggled as she left a trail of frozen ice leading all the way to a lake. "Oh sister can't we just hunt for now? I'm getting bored." She pouted a loud while she was hiding from Sky.

01-06-2016, 08:22 PM
"Hey girl where are you? if Mort.. i mean Sebastian finds out about this who knows what will happen" Sky began to worry as she couldn't find Iceis "hey stop hiding and come out already!"

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 08:35 PM
"Don't be fooled by that man sister!!" She blurted out in anger. "He was one of the people who starved me when I was hungry and shot me with bullets in my arms and legs to see how fast I could regenerate. He's not here to help you." Iceis said reappearing behind Sky.

01-06-2016, 08:40 PM
"He did all this to you? but for what reason? besides he said that he is our elder brother why would he hurt us?"
Sky asked as she couldn't believe Sebastian could actually do this after all he was nothing but kind to her.

Queen P.M.
01-06-2016, 09:02 PM
"How am I suppose to know? For me its only kill or be kiilled." Iceis stepped back then took a few sniffs, she could smell a baby deer near by. "I smell breakfast." She said and ran to it.

01-07-2016, 02:24 AM
"Wait you smell what?
Oh where are you going wait for me!"
Sky said while she was runing after Iceis

'gosh why did that have to happen to me out of all the people in the world!' she thought to herself with a sullen expression on her face.

Queen P.M.
01-07-2016, 05:45 AM
The smell grew stronger and Iceis weren't racing towards it 'oh the feeling of a true hunt really gets my blood boiling!!' The thought came rushing through her mind along with the excitement of being out in the open for the very first time. She started slowing down when she saw the baby deer about 10 yards away wating grass all alone and got on all fours, slowly creeping up behind it. 'Hope you enjoyed your last meal cause I'm about to make you breakfast!' Iceis thought as she smirked.

01-07-2016, 07:04 AM
Sky ran as fast as she could to get to Iceis, she could barely breath until she noticed Iceis bending down behind of a baby deer.
when she finally realized what is going on she screamed as hard as she could causing the baby deer to run away.

01-07-2016, 07:46 PM
Right as they were finishing up with the last deer, Sebastian suddenly heard a scream from within the forest, close to where they were. Rin perked up from his feast, hearing it too. They looked at one another and took off.

'That sounded like Sky.. but why isn't she in the camp? What happened?'

He ran as fast as he could, dodging expertly through trees. He suddenly came to a small lake and stopped on the branches of a tree before he could be exposed, noticing Sky and Iceis standing there, Iceis with an angry expression on her face and Sky looking terrified.

'Oh no. How did Iceis get out of her bonds?!'

Queen P.M.
01-07-2016, 08:50 PM
"Why did you do that!!!!! You just ruined my first normal hunt!!" Iceis yelled as she stomped her foot on small sharp branch causing it to puncture her foot. She only felt a little sting though do to the fact that she's been through a lot and her nerves have gone bad, just like her heart. Iceis ripped the branch up and out of her foot then tossed it towards Rin as she noticed his presence near by and said "looks like we have company."

01-08-2016, 03:10 PM
Rin looked at the blood on the branch, there was the smell of Iceis on it, for some weird reason his heart began race like crazy, 'thats weird what is going on?' Rin thought to himself as he noticed sebastian ran towards the two with a worry expression on his face.

01-08-2016, 03:35 PM
Sebastian knew he had to approach with caution, and hopefully be able to explain himself before things got out of hand. He jumped out of the tree and stood on the lake, between Iceis and Sky.

"Listen Iceis, if you could listen I can explain. I am your older brother. The reason I participated in those experiments was because I had to to get close to that awful lady, so I could stay with you and Sky. I couldn't leave you both alone, so I had to pretend to be on her side so I could get you out of there!"

He looked straight into Iceis's eyes as he spoke, a look of deep regret and sadness plastered over his face.

Queen P.M.
01-08-2016, 04:46 PM
"Hahahahaha!! You!? My brother? You've got to be kidding me!" Iceis said with a bit of angry laughter looking right back at Sebastian. "Would a brother really do experience on his own sister to get close to that witch you call a mother? Iceis asked Sky in a very convincing way as she stepped closer and closer towards her. "Do you really think a man with such a twisted nature would honestly tell you the truth now, when he's spent most of his time pretending to be someone he's not? Don't you find that a little weird!?" She added while stroking Sky's hair then putting part of it behind her ear.

01-08-2016, 06:18 PM
Sky couldn't decide who to trust, in front of her stands the kind and caring butler she used to play with when little,
And on the other hand there was the "twin sister" that she just met today, but still she felt a really strong bond connecting the two of them.

Sky looked at Sebastian and then looked at Iceis not knowing what to say, all of the sudden she began to feel really dizzy and she lost the color in her cheeks 'ohh!? what is going on i don't feel so good...' suddenly Sky lost her balance and fainted.

Queen P.M.
01-08-2016, 07:55 PM
"I blame you for everything that's happened." Iceis said to Sebastian before running away disappearing from their sites.

01-08-2016, 08:12 PM
"Wait!!" Rin yelled as he watched Iceis running away, "my god why would i do that?" Rin thought as many other questions ran through his mind.
when he finally snapped out of it he remembered that Sky had fainted and quickly looked in her direction to see the worry and scared expression on Sebastian face.

01-08-2016, 09:39 PM
Sebastian paused, but he had to go after Iceis.

"Take care of Sky, Rin."

He knew he would be the only one able to talk sense into Iceis, so he quickly sped off in chase of her. "Iceis wait, it was the only way to see you both and rescue you! I had no other choice, there were no other options!" Sebastian shouted as he jumped from tree to tree. He was following closely behind her, not wanting to lose her.

Queen P.M.
01-08-2016, 11:56 PM
Iceis laughed in a aggravating way "why should I care!?" She yelled back at him just before picking up her pace. The more she thought about her so called brother the angrier she became and without noticing she ended up leaving a trail of frozen grass behind her.

She had been lost and lonely all by herself for all those years she was stuck in that place, wanting to be loved by someone she could trust. Not that she knew what love actually was or what it felt like. Then at times wanting to die alone so she didn't have to feel such tormenting pain. So now deep down to her very core she thought that the only person and family member she could actually have would be her sweet younger twin sister not some horrible evil older brother.

01-09-2016, 12:22 AM
"If you give me a chance, I promise I will make it up to you in any way I can!" Sebastian called out after her, following her frozen trail she was leaving behind.

He could see her, just right in front of him. He tried his best to catch up, hoping they weren't going too far from Sky and Rin, he didn't want them getting lost either.

Queen P.M.
01-09-2016, 07:08 AM
Iceis stopped in front of a big oak tree and suddenly turned around "What makes you think I would want to give you a chance in the first place!? Do you even remember what you did to me!?" Iceis yelled back almost in tears. She would have cried if not for the fact she felt like throwing up even more, remembering a time where he almost drowned and electrocuted her to death. "YOU'RE NOT MY FAMILY!!!!" she screamed to the top of her lungs then made tons of Ice crystals form from the moisture in the air and had them shoot straight towards Sebastian.

01-09-2016, 02:04 PM
"I know what happened, that's why I want to make it up to you and do anything I can to make it right again!"

He saw the ice crystals shooting towards him and using his laser eye powers to create a heat barrier around him to melt them all inches before they could touch him.

"If I didn't get close to her, you still would be there with a different assistant doing the same terrible things, or even worse since they would have actually had cruel intentions."

Queen P.M.
01-09-2016, 03:03 PM
"I'm sure there could have been a better way other the-!!" Iceis stopped as she felt a sudden throbbing pain in her head like the ones she had in the lab after the hunter scientists did their cuel experimenting tests on her on some days.

She kept pounding her skull while screamed very loudly "make it stop! Make it stop! Just stooop iiiit!!!" As she was losing her balance and shot ice crystals unintentionally in all directions, unable to control herself since she couldn't calm down.

01-09-2016, 03:12 PM
A look of concern crossed Sebastian face as he noticed her dynamic change, as if she was in pain. When the icicles shot out, a few scratched him but he didn't notice, rushing to her side in an instant.

"What's wrong?" He asked in a serious voice, the inner healer and protective sibling in him coming to the surface. He laid her down in the ice-covered grass, trying to asses what the problem was.

01-09-2016, 03:39 PM
In the meanwhile while Sky was out cold she felt a really strong and immense feeling in her heart like it was about to explode causing her to shout out an incredibly huge gust of wind that blown out all the trees around her.

Rin was blown away along with everything in the area, 'what in the world is going on!?' He thought to himself as he hit the ground on his back "haaa!!" He screamd from the pain of falling. 'god!! i need to find Sebastian right now!!' but as he tried to find a way to look for Sebastian Sky opened her eyes and murmured to herself "sis..my sister..." she began to stand up and run towards the direction of where Iceis and Sebastian were.

Queen P.M.
01-09-2016, 03:55 PM
"Don't touch me!!" Iceis screamed at Sebastian as she was worming around on the ground. She flexed her hands out to her sides clawing her fingers away into the dirt.

01-09-2016, 04:16 PM
Sebastian took on a calming voice, as he held her firmly but gently against the ground. He grabbed a small knife from within his jacket and swiftly cut a small incision in his wrist.

"I know you're in pain but if you want it to stop, you need to drink this." He let a few drops fall into a small vial, and held it above her mouth. "It's the only way, little sister. Let me start helping you and proving that I care about you and your sister."

01-09-2016, 04:37 PM
As Sebastian tried to make Iceis drink the potion Sky suddenly appeared out of no where "stop it!! don't you lay a finger on her!" as she shot out a wind blow causing Sebastian to be knocked out cold on the tree next to him.
Sky walked slowly to Iceis saying "big sister don't worry i'll help you, i won't let anyone harm you any longer i promise!" As she was about to touch her, Sky saw the frightenend look on Iceis face making her take a step back away from her and fall on the ground as she steped on a broken branch who was lying on the ground.

Meanwhile Rin got to the place where everyone were, watching as everything goes, when he saw Sky falling down with a terrified and scared experession, he knew this was his chance so he ran to Sebastian and tried to wake him up, finally Sebastian opened his eyes....

Queen P.M.
01-10-2016, 05:07 PM
Iceis kept screaming and banging her fists on the ground until seconds later when the the pain suddenly stopped but Iceis seemed different. Her eyes were glowing red and her fingernails grew 12 inches long. She growled at them and created a hard ice ball that was thrown towards them but aimed at Sebastian's forehead, knocking him out again.

01-10-2016, 05:22 PM
A young vampire watched sebastian get knocked out again from the shadows. he mumbeld to himself: "so that cousin of mine has finally freed them only to get his but kicked by the people he tried to save. That's so like him, anyway I guess I better handle this before it gets ugly." And saying so he disapeared into the shadows to almost instantly pop out behind Iceis. "Sorry we can't have you go berserk": he said to Iceis, and at the same time he hit here head knocking her out instantly. then he turned to sky and said: "I'm not your enemy but if your gonna cause trouble I won't have mercy on you even if we're family."

01-10-2016, 05:37 PM
After everyone calmed down next to the fire place drinking hot tea, Rin had finally broken the ice between them by asking "so would you mind explain to us who are you and what is it that you want?".

01-10-2016, 05:51 PM
"Allright then, I guess I own you guys an explanation.": said the unkown guy. "It must have been a long day for you guys so I will keep it short. I'm sabastians younger cousin and Iceis and sky's older. My name is Ceros and I'm a vampire just like you guys more or less, and for what I want." he stopped talking here for a moment as if he was weighing something. "It just seemed bad to let my family kill itself. That reminds me. Sky, how hard did you hit sebastian even with his regenerative powers he still hasn't waked up yet?. Well nevermind that, he won't die that easily. Anyway get some sleep tomorow we will have to travel a lot." And so Ceros walked to bed not really answering any question.

01-10-2016, 06:35 PM
"Ok.." Sky answered with hesitation in her voice 'not sure if he is telling us the truth, but i shouldn't jump into conclusions, also i need to think more about what happend today, how did i do that?' She looked at her hands not even sure if they belong to her anymore, as Sky thought to herself she began to feel sleepy and her eyes were closing up.

'She must be tired' Rin thought 'i guess i would have to stay awake until Sebastian and Iceis wake up'.

Queen P.M.
01-10-2016, 07:08 PM
Iceis immediately opened her eyes then jumped up onto her feet, she looked to her right then her left in a really quick manner looking very intimidating. "You!" She said pointing at Ceros "how dare you try to kill me!" Iceis went on. "I should just freeze one of your legs to make you suffer!!”

01-10-2016, 07:26 PM
upon hearing Iceis shouting these words Ceros couldn't help to smile. He turned around and started to walk slowly to her. "For your information":he began talking clearly underlining every word "if I had intended to kill you, you would be dead right now, maybe you didn't notice but you were unconcious for the last few hours" and while he talked he kept coming slowly closer to her and started to let more and more killing intent escape. "You know little girl maybe you should swallow that tongue of yours for once and think before you say something" With all the killing intent coming from Ceros Iceis was forced to take a step back and so hitting the wall, and then faster than anyone in the room could blink ceros disappeared, only to reappear almost instantly right before Iceis, so close that he could feel the heath from her skin. while Iceis was pressed against the wall "Are you sure you want to fight me? I won't be so nice as that brother of you.": he said. It was clear that this wasn't just some empty threat, if Iceis wanted a fight she would get one.

Queen P.M.
01-10-2016, 08:43 PM
Iceis knew she had to back down, the risk of her losing her life was at stake after all. But even so in her heart she wouldn't give up that easy. She would just wait for herself to get stronger and then challenge him head on. Iceis took Ina deep breath "I get it.... so can you move?" She answered trying to hold in her anger and fear.

01-10-2016, 09:32 PM
Sebastian was confused.

Actually, Sebastian was more than confused. He was downright confounded.

He was in a room. It was a simple room, the walls made of stone and the floor a plush red carpet. He looked around, trying to figure out where he was. When he did, he noticed he was laying on something plush and covered with little white stars. He looked up and realized he was in a weird wooden structure that was a lot bigger than him. 'What on earth? Where the hell am I.. ?' he tried to sit up, but found he couldn't for some reason.

Suddenly he heard a door open, and soft footsteps coming towards him. He was on his guard instantly, but he still couldn't move and for the life of him had no idea why. He saw a face appear above the wooden structure, and looked in surprise. It was his mother. She was smiling down at him with that familiar, warm expression. 'There's my baby, you're growing up so fast!'

He couldn't help but start crying, overcome with joy. 'Mother! It's.. it's you! You're alive, I knew you were!' he found he couldn't speak out loud either, but he was so overwhlemed he didn't care.

'Sebastian, you need to wake up, my dear.'

He was confused, what did she mean? He was staring at her, fully awake. 'You need to wake up, dear. Someone needs you.' Her voice started turning frantic, but her smiling, happy face never changed its expression.

'What are you talking about, mother? I want to stay here, with you!'

'Wake up Sebastian..

wake up..



He woke with a start, making an exasperated noise in seeing Rin's face hovering above his. He pushed him aside and stood up, immediately feeling a sense of disorientation. He pushed it aside though and looked around, sensing something was amiss.

He noticed first that they were back at the tree house.

He noticed second a terrified look on Sky's face.

He noticed third Iceis being pushed up against a wall by someone with their back turned to him.

'Ah.. so he found us.'

He sighed and walked up behind his cousin, hearing the words he was saying to Iceis. Sebastian put a hand on his shoulder, clearing his throat. "I believe there isn't any need for violence, Ceros. Leave your little cousin be."

He looked to Iceis and gestured with his head for her to go sit down next to Sky, turned his little cousin around to face him, and smiled warmly.

"It is very nice to see you again. You haven't changed a bit."

01-11-2016, 12:35 AM
"Oh, Sebastain you're awake": said ceros after turning away from Iceis. There was no trace remaining of the so hostile atmosspere of just a few second ago. Ceros took a seat close at the fire. "It's been far too long since we last saw each other.": he said then turned his head in the direction of Sky and Iceis. "So it seems you finally found them, your precious sisters. Well it still must have been quite a day for all of you so get some sleep. I'll take guard duty tonight." And so he walked outside but he stopped at the door and cleared his throat. "And umm.":he stated talking. "Iceis, I'm sorry" It was almost inaudible but everyone could hear it because of there enhanced hearing as a vampire. "I guesss that we're family and since we're family we should look out for each other, so sorry" And then he walked outside for his guard duty.

01-11-2016, 12:43 AM
Sebastian smiled, nodding to Ceros and setting up a sleeping spot by the fire.

"Alright, little cousin. Everyone try to get some sleep, we have to travel tomorrow to our clan, and it'll be a tiring trek."

He laid down, looking at the stars and thinking about finally reuniting with his clan tomorrow.

For once in a long time, he felt peace at how things were turning out.

01-11-2016, 01:18 AM
It was cold on the rooftop but that didn't seem to bother Ceros. He was thinking about the events that just happened inside. He took a deep breath and let out a heavy sigh "Well that didn't go exactly what you call good. Iceis will probably hate me now.": he started talking to himself. "I guess that they were right when they told me that I always leave terrible first impressions. Well I'll have to make it up to the lot tommorow." Then he saw a deer running through the forest from the corner of his eye. He hadn't eaten at all that day so he was starting to feel hungry. "guess I will make breakfast today" And then he let himself emerge in the shadows. He had always loved the feeling of when he became one with the shadows, it was his safe place were he could feel at comfort and it was the only such place he had left. After that he emerged close to the deer and killed it painlessly with one hit. "Thanks for the food" he offered a prayer at nature. Since it was almost day he decided he could beter start prepare it for the others would wake up .

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 01:51 AM
Iceis stayed on her guard the entire night not getting any sleep because she felt unable to trust anyone except her younger twin sister. At daybreak she went outside to go hunting alone before the others woke up so she didn't have to deal with them. As she was walking around the forest looking for her prey she felt like she was being watched from behind and quickly turned around throwing a ice crystal at whoever it was that was watching her.

01-11-2016, 01:57 AM
"yeesh, watch out with those will you. You could hurt someone.": said Ceros while he dodged the ice crystal.

01-11-2016, 02:01 AM
Sebastian yawned, not really wanting to get up from a slight throbbing on his head. He knew it would probably heal before the sun had risen, but it still really sucked.

He slowly sat up, stretching and looking around the hut. Sky was curled up under a blanket in a hammock, and Rin was nearly falling off of his from his sleeping position. Sebastian chuckled and noticed that Ceros and Iceis were gone. He worried about Iceis, but decided to let her be. He knew she needed some time and that everything was happening really fast.

He decided to go ahead and start the fire, needing to warm up a little and get an early start to the day. He started packing up everything and grabbed a change of clothes from the duffle bag, seeing how dirty his current ones were.

'Have to make a good impression for the family.. '

As soon as they had time to wake up and have breakfast, they would have to head out.

Staying too long in these woods made him feel anxious.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 02:54 AM
"Why are you following me!?" Iceis said as she turned around and continue walking forward.

01-11-2016, 05:52 AM
Well last time we talked you practically threatened to torture me and the time befo-. But Ceros decided he could better not say that "Well I guess I'm woried about you, there could always be hunters around after all."

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 12:59 PM
"I can take care of myself so just go back to the others and leave me alone." Iceis replied then ran off.

01-11-2016, 01:18 PM
"ICEIS": Yelled Ceros but she was already running away. He knew that it would be better to let her alone, but he had a feeling that it would better to watch her. It wasn't because he didn't trust her, even if they had never met before Sebastian trusted her and that was reason enough for Ceros to do the same. He couldn't explain what he was afraid for but he had learned to trust his instincts, after all it had safed his life more then once. "Still she doesn't want me to follow her and I don't want her to start hating me even more than she does already.": he mumbeld to himself. "Well since nothing happened tonight I guess that she's safe." He took a deep breath and let out a long yawn. "I guess I better catch some sleep for we move out" and he layed himself down in the grass and took a little nap.

01-11-2016, 02:14 PM
Meanwhile Sky had a very weird dream in that dream she could see herslef at first she looked normal but then fangs began to come out of her mouth her eyes were glowing red and there was only destruction and death all around her, Sky opened her eyes as widely as she could almost out of air to breath, "whaa!?" she said while a drop of sweat fell of her small chin, her heart was beating like a drum causing her to feel as if it's going to rip apart,
but even so she knew it's not time to complain and make of it a big deal, she looked around to see that Rin was still asleep Sebastian was packing for their journey and both Iceis and ceros were not inside, so she went outside to the river that was close by and washed up. as she was done, she saw Iceis come inside with an angry expression and the scent of blood reeked from her body.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 02:48 PM
When she came in she saw that Sebastian was awake but Sky was gone. Iceis immediately got worried and left again yelling ”Sky!! Sky! Where are you!?” Over and over again on her way out.

01-11-2016, 02:57 PM
Sky saw Iceis come out again calling her name out loud 'wahh she is calling for me?'she thought when she finally realized she had to answer 'Oh yea she is calling for me'
"Umm.. i am right here! did something happened?" She yelled back to her.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 03:14 PM
"..... Do you want to get out of here?" Iceis asked Sky when she arrived at the river. "We can leave now." Iceis added looking at her very seriously.

01-11-2016, 03:40 PM
"Wahh!? how come all of a sudden.. did something happen? are you alright?" Sky said with a concerned look.

01-11-2016, 04:24 PM
"Where am I?": asked Ceros confussed as he noticed that he was laying in the mud. "CEROS": someone suddenly shouted in his ear. "Get on your feet or do you want to be killed!" And the owner of the voice lifted Ceros on his back "Ugh, Aquila?": He asked almost hopefull, but that couldn't be he thought to himself after Aquila wa- "AAH": Ceros screamt when suddenly a sharp pain shot trough his legs. "Try not to move Ceros,": Aquila said to him. "You've been shot in the leg with one of those special bullets of the hunters." Ceros grinded his teeth and tried to endure the pain. Ceros could hear from the sounds around him that the hunters were encirceling them and closing in on them. "Aquila..." He said while every word he said hurt. "drop me..." "What are you saying you moron.": he instantly replied. "We're comrads, togheter till death right?" Then he stopped. The unexpected movement hurted Ceros so much he almost lost concious." Aquila layed him against a tree and started talking with a sad face: "Ceros listen we don't have much time so I can only explain this once." Aquila took a deep breath and started talking while Ceros focused all of his remaining concious on what Aquila was about to say "The others are all death" while he said that a tear went down from his cheek. "We're the last remaining ones. But it won't take long before the hunters will close in on us. I'll give you my blood so that you can escape" Ceros wanted to protest but Aquila shutted him done by placing his hand over his mouth. "I will use my magic to stop it in a container so that you will consume it in over five days, so stay alive until then." After he said that he let out the claw at his left index finger and ripped his artery open while using his magic to force the blood in a tiny red ball" "They wouldn't let me stay alive you know. But you a young and almost dead vampire they wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to capture you.": Aquilla started to sound weaker and weaker with every second. "With this you will not only recover your strenght": he said almost unhearable "but you will also inherit all of my strength and powers": Aquila was getting as white as snow now. "After you escape search for my cousin Sebastian, you can trust him he's a good guy just tell him who you're." Aquila was now really on his dying breath and forced Ceros to swallow the red orb. Then he spoke out his last words. "I'll always love you my little brother" and then he died with a content smiley on his face. Ceros wanted to scream, he wanted to cry but he didn't have to power for that, he must have sat there for a few minutes holding the death body of his brother in his hands and then he got hit on the back of his head and he finally lost concious.

Ceros, jumped up from the ground "It's just a nightmare, just a nightmare" but he knew better then that he always dreamed off that day when something bad was about to happen and he would always temporarily lose all his strenght and powers. "I must get back to the house" but when he tried to walk back home he tripped and had to vomit. "I must... get back" and he tried to get up again and grabed a stick to lean upon and that way he walked back to the house like a crippled old man as fast as he could."

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 04:26 PM
"We don't really know those people.. They may look nice to you but they're not." Iceis said softly to Sky.

01-11-2016, 04:36 PM
"Umm.. i..i don't know wha.." before she could finish what she wanted to say, Rin emerged behind Iceis and started to talk "what are you two doing?"

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 05:27 PM
"What do you want you piece of trash!?" Iceis said turning around and putting her arm out in front of Sky.

01-11-2016, 05:47 PM
"I..i am so sorry did i interrupt something?" Rin asked as his heart began to race at the thought of Iceis being mad at him 'i don't want her to hate me even more then she does already!' At the mere thought of that happening made him feel a weird itch in his heart.

01-11-2016, 05:55 PM
Ceros finally reached the house. His powers were recovering and he was beginning to feel his strenght returning to but his concious was weaking. He walked inside the house and wanted to say they should leave but then the light went off and he fell on the ground.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 06:00 PM
"I asked you a question! What do you want with us!?" Iceis said aggressively while she used her other hand to create a hard ice ball behind her back.

01-11-2016, 06:16 PM
Rin looked at the angry expression on Iceis face he didn't want to upset her even more but he had to ask her"say do you hate me that much that you want to hit me with that ice ball?" Even though Iceis thought he couldn't see it, Rin was fully aware of it.
Then he sighed and asked "did you really think i was that dumb?".

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 06:34 PM
"Frankly I did." Iceis whispered to herself as she dropped the ice ball. Then said "you turned because of me so I expect you to be loyal to me, do you understand?" Iceis told him as she went up to him and put her hand on his shoulders then looked deep into his eyes.

01-11-2016, 06:53 PM
the touch of her hand on Rin's shoulders and the look of these big purple eyes on him made Rin feel really hot like he is on fire, he couldn't think straight let alone speak and answer her.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 07:06 PM
"If you don't say anything I'll take your silence as a yes." Iceis smirked as she stroked his cold cheek.

01-11-2016, 07:23 PM
Sebastian sighed. 'What on earth is going on?'

He rushed to Ceros's side, relived to find he was just unconscious and not hurt.

'Alright, I think it's time we all head off.'

He gathered the rest of the supplies, grabbed Ceros and held him on his shoulder, and jumped elegantly off the tree house to the ground. He brushed some leaves off of his jacket and looked around him.

'Now where are those siblings of mine?'

He sensed they were nearby and took off in that direction, dodging swiftly through the trees and foliage. He saw all three of them in a clearing and sighed, hearing the words being spoken to one another.

'Christ, I can't leave anyone alone for one minute.. '

01-11-2016, 07:34 PM
While this was happening Sky sneaked away and as she walked through the forest trying to figure out what was happening back there she steped on something 'ahh what is this?' She thought and then Sky looked down to see what it was, 'what is this its...its..so cuute!!' Sky yelled as she picked it up, it was a small creature that looked a bit like a squirrel but with much sharper fangs and nails "hehe whats are you little guy?" She asked with a keen smile on her face "if you wont tell me then that means that i'll have to give you a new one! Hmm how about 'chii '? hehe it a great name for you" sky said with a big lovely smile while she was going back to show everyone her new friend.

Rin finally snapped out of it and answered Iceis "yes i understand i be loyel only to you and i'll never let anything or anyone harm you".

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 07:57 PM
"Then help me escape..." She replied in a sweet sweet tone of voice as she slowly slid her hand down to his chest then creeped it up to the back of his neck. "But first let me drink a little bit of your blood... I'm still hungry." She pouted in a sweet way before having her fangs grow out and bite his neck.

01-11-2016, 09:52 PM
Rin's heart went like crazy, all he could think about is how beautiful Iceis is and how much he wants to be of use to her "do as you like.." as she bit him Rin did not feel pain at all in fact it even felt good.

"Woah..!? What are you two doing? stop it now!!" Sky yelled at them with a creeped out expression, she had never seen or bit anyone before so to her its unnatural to do these kind of stuff.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 10:43 PM
Iceis took one more sip before letting go and sighed "you just don't understand your true nature sister but that's alright you were raised differently than I was." Iceis wiped the blood stains surrounding the corners of her mouth onto Rins clothes then walked up to Sky "let's get going, ok?" She said smiling for the first time.

01-11-2016, 10:55 PM
"Hm.. ok" sky said with a jittery look "never mind that!! but what do you think about this guy isn't he the cutest thing you ever seen?" Sky asked with a bright smile.
Although through the eyes of a normal person and even through the eyes of a vampire that creature would look really ugly and creepy.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 11:09 PM
"Hahahahaha that's the most ug-.... Uuuuuuh pret-....hmmm uniquely looking...... thing I've ever seen sister" Iceis replied trying not to laughed the entire time. "Now putting that aside I need you to use your powers to blow a powerful gust of wind in that direction." Iceis told Sky pointing in a specific area of the forest.

01-11-2016, 11:21 PM
"Heheheh his name is chii by the way" Sky said as she saw Iceis reaction, she really thought that Iceis found chii to be cute.

"But about that gust that you want me to make i..i dont really know how to do it on purpose... sorry" Sky apologized with a sad expression knowing she wasn't of any help to her.

Queen P.M.
01-11-2016, 11:50 PM
"I know you can do it. Just focus your energy really hard on the area I showed you and then let it all out, do you think you can do that for me?" Iceis said walking behind her while slitting her own palm in the process, letting the blood gather, and then quickly making Sky drink it.

01-11-2016, 11:52 PM
"Woah..." Sky screamed as the blood went down her throat
At first it was disgusting but along the way it had a sweet taste, Sky's pupils had widen up and her heart was racing,
'I..i want more...more blood!!' Sky thought as she held as tightly as she can the palm of Iceis, drinking more and more of her blood almost causing her to faint...
Untill Rin jumped in and pushed Sky to the ground "are you alright!? He asked with a concerned expression.

01-12-2016, 12:43 AM
when Ceros awoke he noticed that Sebastian was caring him on his back through the woods. He didn't understand what was happening for a while but then everything returned to him. He had to find Iceis and Sky. "Guess I've no choice then it's two dangerous for those two to wander off on their own": he mumbeld to himself. he didn't say that because he was woried that someone would hurt them but because of the harm the could do to themselves. "Sebastian, wait for a minute and drop me": Ceros said. "I never told you about this but I can find them" Sebastian let him off his back and Ceros started to meditate. By becoming one with the shadows he could hear, see and feel everywhere where there was a shadow never matter how small or weak it was but It was very tiring and so he limited the search area to the forest, Than he saw an image he had rather not seen, Iceis gave Sky her blood. "The fools!": He said worring about them. He walked to Sebastian and without a word of warning or explenation he grapped him and shadowwarped them to the location Sky, Rin and Iceis were.

Queen P.M.
01-12-2016, 03:41 AM
"I.. I'm fine but I need more strength in order to stop them from coming after us..." Iceis answered getting closer and closer to Rins neck then..... Bit right back into him sucking more blood out of him.

01-12-2016, 03:42 AM
Althea could smell the scent of blood in the air. Sniffing, she could pick up sweet hints coming from the clearing ahead of her as well as something more familiar. The strongest smell though denoted the presence of a newly formed vampire. She forced a grin, happy that she had FINALLY come upon them. She assumed that sending Ceros after his cousins would have been quick work, unfortunately this did not seem to be the case. Worried, she herself had made the way to the compound where she new Sebastian had been working to free his sisters. Finding chaos on scene she could recognize things had begun and cursed herself for not sending Ceros sooner.
Althea urged the Earth to quiet her footsteps as she made her way closer to the group standing, no, feeding off of each other. Sighing, she materialized right in the middle of the fray; kneeling down holding her legs under her she stared curiously at the most intriguing beast beside one of the twin sisters. She could feel the affinity this creature had with the girl and poked its cheek. Finally, she allowed her presence to be known; "What a curious friend you have here" she stated with a stern voice strong enough to cause the three vampires to look at her. She ignored them as she continued to poke the animals cheek.
At the same moment Althea mentally sent Ceros as message "I see you are losing your touch my son"
She glanced up at the three vampires with cold eyes causing them to freeze and stare at her awkwardly. "I do believe you should rein in your hunger young Iceis, or you may end up killing your....friend" Althea's eyes glinted with recognition to something long lost to her.

01-12-2016, 10:30 AM
Well they didn't trust me and ran away when I was out in the forest: Ceros sent back to his mother. He didn't know wheter or not he should tell the others of their relationship as mother and son so he decided to wait and see how things would unfold. But as much as he didn't want to admit it his mum was right he had lost his touch.

01-12-2016, 04:26 PM
Sky snapped out of her confusion and lust for blood the moment she saw the mysterious lady poking chii "WAH..! WHAT DO THINK YOU ARE DOING!?" Sky yelled at her while snatching chii away from her, "dont you dare touch my chii got that!!" Sky said to the lady with a furious tone of voice, then looked at Iceis direction to see if she's ok when she saw Iceis lying there with almost no strength she said, "i am so sorry its all my fault" she said while looking down.

Queen P.M.
01-12-2016, 04:38 PM
Iceis let go of Rin "Its ok sister." She replied as she got up onto her feet. "I'm ok now but who are you lady!?"

01-12-2016, 05:27 PM
A moment of frustration passed over Althea’s face upon hearing Sky’s tone. She shook this off with the reminder that the child was young and uneducated towards their ways. “My name is Althea” she stated flatly. She stood up and walked towards Sky, placing her index finger onto Sky’s “third eye” she allowed her energy to seep into Sky dissipating the Blood lust within her and settling her. “Keep your friend close my dear. He really is special." She nodded towards Iceis "Do not fret about your sister, the amount of blood she has consumed in such a short period of time had only but given her a momentary high. She too will soon have her strength back.” Pausing, she removed her hand and materialized in front of Iceis. She stared coldly into Iceis’s eyes “Feeding from a family member, someone who is an ancient, or those you changed have a tendency to boost every cell in your body and leave, feelings, for a short period of time afterwards. You might even find you can communicate with each other now in new ways”. Althea forced a smile to her face. It was always difficult for her to retain the semblances of humanity. At such a critical point in their journey; she was using all her effort to seem normal however she knew her smile would never again reach her eyes. “Unfortunately, the first time is always difficult to control” As she turned towards Sebastian she continued to speak to Iceis and Sky, “I know you two do not know what is fully going on, and I understand you have no reason to trust anyone at the moment but please allow the two to help you at least escape before you make your choice to run . You are new to this world and have been through so much, but if you cannot trust us you will be forced to go back as you do not have the abilities yet to help yourselves. Let us teach you” Althea allowed chosen memories of her past to momentarily flash through Iceis’s mind. She forced Iceis to see her and Sky’s mom taken from their home, the battle that ensued when Althea had realized they had been betrayed by their own race and the humans they had forged a peaceful relationship with. “I would seriously consider asking your brother to share with you what had happened while you were taken”.

Ceros, you need to move now. Those people, they are not far behind me, they have one of ours helping them. I am still not sure what is going or how they managed to be able to control them but I can feel their rage and hatred seeping closer and closer. You must cloak yourselves while I lay a false trail. Continue home for protection. I need to find out how they have manipulated our kind to do their work.

Althea glanced towards Sebastian, “I need to know everything they have done within those walls. May I glance your memories?” She only asked because she knew it was polite, but also would force the issue if she had too.

01-12-2016, 05:51 PM
Ceros didn't like what he heard at all. One of their own had betrayed them such as they feared and imidiatly he remembered that day again, that day that his brother died. could it be that was also the cause of a traitor. He had trouble not to show the anger he felt. But right now that wasn't important. He used his magic to make a banner around everyone of their group to keep their presence from leaking out, since it would be hard for him to keep them all up the whole time so he made it that the barrier would feed of the vampire's own power since none of them had any really talent for this kind of magic they wouldn't notice. He might had to use all of his powers for the coming fights so it would be best if he would go home and pick up some certain... items. Seeing that Iceis and Sky had calmed down he realised he could start to make his way back to the home of the tribe. If he would shadow warp them all then would the enemy surely notice so they had no other way then to go on foot. "Sky,Iceis listen I know a place which is safe and you can learn to control your powers it. If we leave now we can make it before midnight": said Ceros. He walked to the three and picked up Sebastian, the poor guy was never good with shadow traveling and always ended up motion sick. Then he turned around and said: "Sky, Iceis will you come with me?"

he only sended a quick last message to althea good luck and try to kill as many of those bastards as you can while you have the chance. since he knew this could be the last time they met.

Queen P.M.
01-12-2016, 06:59 PM
Iceis rolled her eyes. "Alright I'll come with you... BUT only so I can get stronger then I'm leaving." Iceis answer annoyed by the way she found out part of the truth. Even so she still didn't want to have any to do with Sebastian but Rin was a different story. She could tell he would be of some use to her and simply wanted to have someone she could mess around with when she was angry. Iceis smirked as she looked at him and thought "he is delicious so I'll try not to kill him... just yet.' Then licked the blood up that was on a corner of her mouth.

01-12-2016, 07:16 PM
Rin felt a chill down his spine when he saw the smirk on Iceis face he could tell exactly what she's thinking but still there was this feeling of happiness in his heart because he was finally of use to her.

Sky heard the answer that Iceis had giving to ceros, at first she didn't want to agree on going because of what that woman did, but since her sister did agree she had no choice in the metter and said, "alright, but if you promise me that that woman will NEVER EVER bully my chii again then i'll go with you quietly" Sky said with assertive look in her eyes.

01-13-2016, 01:23 AM
Ceros couldn't help to smile a little when he heard sky's condition to come along. "Yeah sure I will guarantee it.": he replied and started running towards the village, still caring Sebastian on his back, he was still motion sick from the shadow travling.

01-13-2016, 04:35 PM
He started at Sky's backtalk to Althea, but calmed himself remembering that she had only known about her lineage for only a few short hours. He knew that the animal was important, but was happy that Sky had found it. He had a strange sensation of tingling danger on the back of his neck, sensing Althea's words to be true and that they needed to leave very, very soon.

He was surprised in the information about the enemy learning to control their kind, but not because of the fact, but because they had accomplished their goal quicker than he had given them credit for.

'I knew this was coming, but damn.. I didn't know they had already perfected the control!' He thought, thinking about the implications that could hold.

Sebastian nodded slowly to Althea, allowing her access to his memories. He knew better than to refuse.

She put her hand on his forehead, and everything went black.

01-13-2016, 04:50 PM
After running through the forest at high speed for hours they finally reached the village. Iceis and Sky could keep up just fine but to be sure he didn't go at his full speed and besides them there was still Sebastian lying on his back, all this running was of course not really good for his recovery. "Let me warn you sebastian.": he wispered so that only sebastian could hear him "If you dare to throw up on me then are we going to make a few long trips around the globe using shadow travel." He knew it wasn't fair from him but he was a little pissed off because of the news of the traitor. As he checked up on Iceis and Sky he couldn't help to think that all of this would have been so much easier if he had just shown them what happened like his mother did but there were various reasons that he didn't do it. For one he didn't like to power and the second reason he still wasn't to sure about but if it would be right then Iceis and Sky would get another thing to deal with and they had it hard enough already. "Behold": he said to Sky and Iceis as he turned around and spreading his arms out in a theatric way "The vampire village." Ceros shouted to one of the vampires for help "Sebastian has trouble with the usual issue, bring him to the docter." And after they brought Sebastian to the docter Ceros turned around to the twins "Well I guess you two will look around, ask one of the villagers if you want to know something. I have a few things to do first" and then he left the village and entered an other part of the forest.

01-13-2016, 05:16 PM
"Hmm ok then where should we go first Iceis, chii?" Sky asked the two with a big smile and eyes full of curiosity, "oh i almost forgot, Rin would you like to join us?"

Rin looked at Sky with a surprise, 'the diffrence between Iceis and her is so big even though they look the same their personality is so diffrent but oh well i guess the reason is, is the way they were raised so there is no helping it' Rin thought as he answered with a small smile to Sky's proposal "ok i'm kind of bored so why not".

01-13-2016, 05:46 PM
Ceros was running through to woods the fastest he could. Only because of his enhanched senses he could do this without running against a tree he must have been running quite fast since he had caused a sonic boom not that he knew that after all his speed was higher then the sound.
Even after all those years I still know the way
He ran for another hour till he reached his goal. At first sight there was nothing here to see but at second sight, well actually no matter how you would look at it there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. It would have been so much easier if I could just shadow travel to here. Ceros was breathing heavily and took a few minutes to catch his breath before he walked without any doubt to a tree. He stopped for a second to make sure he would do it right.one mistake and I'm death meat then in a clean cut he opened the tree verticaly. The opening that he made in the tree was barely noticible and only a few centimeters wide, Ceros putted his hand in the opening and pulled something out of it. It was impossible to say what it was exactly since it was wrapped in cloth. "allright then let start this": said Ceros in order to give himself some courages. Ceros started mumbeling an enchantment in an old language and whatever was under the clothing started glowing, giving off a dark light. he unclothed a small part and in deep concentration cuts Ceros his finger upon and drops some blood on the small piece of the object which isn't covered by cloth. Right at the moment his blood hits it a sharp pain goes through his mind. ARGH, I... Must... Endure and as suddenly as the pain came it left. "..... It seems like,,, You still remember me, are you ready to get back in action?" Ceros bounded it carefully on his back with the cloth still on it and after that he traveled back to the village but this time the easy way by shadow traveling.

01-13-2016, 06:57 PM
It was dark. Why was it so dark? Sebastian couldn't make sense of it, he felt like he was floating but he wasn't. It was very disorienting.

He took a sudden inhale and opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a dark brown ceiling and tall white curtains surrounding him. He groaned, feeling a sharp pain strike through his forehead as he tried to sit up. He but his elbows on his legs, waiting for it to subside.

'Ugh, I hate when Althea does that. Always leaves me with a terrible headache.'

He looked around, trying to figure out where he ended up. Upon seeing the red tiled floor and the black bed he was laying on, he knew immediately that he had been taken to the small infirmary at the village. His home. He felt a surge of excitement; he'd be able to see all his friends and family again!

'Wait, if I'm in the infirmary.. that means.. '

Before he could finish his thought, he heard a door shut and the scraping of a chair being pulled out and someone letting out a long sigh. Sebastian immediately stood up, not wanting to waste one more moment lying down. He pulled back the curtain and there he was, in his familiar white medical coat and black wardrobe, his long white hair pulled back into a loose ponytail and red eyes scanning some paperwork on his desk.


Delano looked up from his paperwork and smiled warmly at Sebastian, asking "Did you get enough rest, dear?" Sebastian nodded furiously and ran over to him, wanting to embrace him. He had too much momentum though and ended up knocking them both over onto the tile.

"I've missed you too!" Delano laughed, hugging Sebastian back and smiling.

Sebastian was overwhelmingly happy, having not seen his partner in so long. Sebastian couldn't say anything, he was just so happy to be back.

01-14-2016, 03:19 AM
After having returned to the village Ceros decided to check up on how Sebastian was doing. The thing he carried on his back was very light and Ceros had to check a few times to be sure he didn't just drop it. "Yo Sebastian are you feeli-": Ceros started talking when entering the infirmary but he stopped at the sight of what was before him. "I guess you're allright": he said on a dry tone. "Tsk, try to do these things in a non public space" and then closed the door and left.

01-14-2016, 01:45 PM
After leaving the infirmary he headed back to what was his "home" since Iceis and Sky were most likely still viewing the village, or more likely in Iceis case, knocking in some skulls.
Well they should be fine since it's commen to fight in order to decide the heirachy in this village toghter with social connections. Well even so that doesn't mean that the higher one is the stronger one .His mother she was strong but not the strongest in the village. Besides the fight are honest and one on one noting like in a real battle.
And thinking about that he suddenly to thought of Sebastian since he would have ranked a lot higher if it weren't for the fact that he was gay and openly too" After a little bit of walking he reached his house and opened the door heading to the bedroom. The interiour of his house was boring and didn't give anything of a personal feeling, there was just the basic furniture and tools and that's it. The bedroom wasn't much better, it was just an unpersonal room with a bed and closet. He let himself drop onto the bed and started thinking.

Iceis told me that she wanted to get stronger, but how can I help her with that? I don't want her to go through the same way as I did. I guess that I will just teach her how to use her magic properly since Sebastian will be too bust flirting with Delano. I certainly hope that Iceis and Rin won't do the same kind of thing, not that Rin has any chance he's just a thrall after all. But what about Sky? She didn't really seem to have a purpose so in what way could I help her? And while pondering over these questions for a while the hours passed.

01-14-2016, 02:41 PM
Sebastian chuckled, watching his younger cousin leave.

"He's still the same old Ceros." Sebastian said, smiling at Delano. "So shall you show me the village, since it's been so long since my last visit?"

Delano nodded and stood up. He helped Sebastian stand as well and they both headed out the door.

The village wasn't too huge, it was mostly made of living quarters. There were simple paved streets with clean sidewalks, some trees growing around here and there. Most of the houses were two story, stone-brick houses with black tiled roofs. The only two buildings that were bigger was the Council Hall, where the vampires would meet monthly to discuss problems and concerns, and Althea, the clan leader's, house which was three stories high. These were in the center of the town, the four branching streets connecting houses, the clinic, a blood shop where vampires would go out and harvest blood for those that couldn't or didn't want to hunt, a small school for the few children that lived there, and a small one story bar. All of the buildings had rough stone bricks as walls and black tiled roofs, some with windows and others without. They had street lamps lining the roads and the surrounding areas that were rigged with magic to turn on when there was danger. There were special magic wards that were heavily placed around the village to prevent mortals from entering.

Sebastian was surprised to see a lot of new resident houses than before. When he was here before, there were only two hundred residents. Now there seem to be close to four hundred.

"Yes, population has grown since you've been gone. Though some of the new children are quite prone to hurting themselves, I see around a couple every day." Delano sighed, walking with Sebastian down a street towards the little bar. "Socrates hasn't changed much, still as wacky as ever and chasing the kids away from the alcohol."

Sebastian laughed, remembering when he, too, got chased away by the crazy man when he was young.

He smiled at Delano, saying more to himself, "It's really good to be home again."

Queen P.M.
01-14-2016, 04:57 PM
A small scream came from an ally near the bakery in the village, Iceis was all alone cornering in a little boy that looked like he was about three years old. "Why did you scream little thing?" Iceis asked as she picked him up by one arm. She was really curious to know what the boy was because she'd never seen a child before. He started crying was got very afraid by Iceis's appearance, she had dry blood stains around her mouth, blood all over her outfit, and her eyes looked like they were ready to kill at any moment. Then some villagers started to gather and whisper until one spoke up saying ”put the little boy down!"

01-14-2016, 08:36 PM
Meanwhile Rin and Sky were busy looking for something yummy to eat at the bakery when they heard yelling outside, when they went to see what was going on they noticed Iceis holding a small child by his arm "wah is..is that Iceis? What is she doing?" Sky asked as she suddenly heard some of the villagers yelling at her to let go of the boy, Sky couldn't understand what is going on but she couldn't stand seeing her sister being treated like that but when she was about to say something..."stop it!!" Rin screamed at them as he went towards Iceis and asked "are you ok? did something happened?" He asked with a worry look.

Queen P.M.
01-14-2016, 08:45 PM
"Hey what is this? I've never seen someone so small before." Iceis replied with eyes filled with curiosity. "Its so soft and light." She said as she tossed the boy up in the air a little then caught him when he came back down.

01-14-2016, 09:16 PM
"Iceis stop that its not a toy" Sky yelled to her as she releast the boy from Iceis hand, "are you ok little boy?" She asked with a concerned expression, and then smiled "that's ok little boy dont be scared of my big sister she can be really cute you know" she said with a bright smile.

Rin looked at the surprised expression on Iceis face, and immediately understood her confusion ' i see she's acting that way cause she never saw a child before...' " hahahah" Rin started to laugh "you're really are something... i'll tell you what that small creature is so lets get out of here before one of these villagers will get mad" he smiled with a bright look in he's eyes.

Queen P.M.
01-14-2016, 09:35 PM
Iceis slowly went back to her old self after the little boy left her arms "who are you laughing at!?" She said to Rin as she got thicked him on his forehead. "Oh and do something about my clothes." Iceis went on as they left the ally.

01-14-2016, 09:45 PM
"Yes my lady" Rin said with a big grin on his pale face,
On their way back from buying Iceis new cloths,
Sky noticed something weird about how chii is acting "chii is everything ok?" She asked as he jumped from her shoulder to the ground and started running " wah!! wait where are you going!?" She yelled to him while she chased after him, finally chii had stoped infront of the main gate "hehe i got you" she said with a bright smile and sighed "man you shoulden't run away like that geez"

Rin and Iceis were following behind them "god! What in the world do you think your doing!" Rin yelled at them with a worry look "what if something bad would have happen to you!".

01-15-2016, 04:03 AM
OOC - Sorry I've been delayed in replying. My uncle was very ill. He's doing eh.


Althea was backtracking to Ella’s last location. She had chosen to avoid the group when she had first run into their trail in an effort to reach Cero’s location first. Unfortunately she hadn’t been able to scope out the enemy at the time but could only sense the danger coming from them.

Now, in closer proximity, she could see that Ella had indeed taken on a vampire as her accomplice. She could feel the anger and hatred coming from the group as they trekked through the forest. However, something which was new to her, she could not pin point where exactly the other vampire was located. It was as if the atmosphere was tinged with noxious poisonous fumes which emanated from everywhere. She was caught by surprise when long bony fingers circled her neck. Flipping around, she tore her body away from the foul smelling creature before her. This vampire, shrieked in angry laughter and cracked its knuckles. What Althea was looking at baffled her, even without the abilities to feel, she couldn’t help recoil at the disgusting thing before her. The vampire’s skin clung in pieces on its skull, its hollowed eyes were black bottomless pits staring fathomlessly at her. Its breath let out plumes of poisonous gas as acidic spittle dropped from its mouth. Its legs were knobbly as if it had not eaten in years, and where its feet touched the ground, the Earth almost in response recoiled from it, darkening and dying upon the creature’s foul touch. This was no longer a vampire, this creature was death itself. It pointed its long decaying claws at her and motioned a come hither gesture while smirking confidently at her. As disgusting as this creature was she felt compelled by some dark force and was momentarily frozen.

Althea was not used to fear, and at this moment, if she could feel she would probably be cowering just from the shear deformity and evil before her. While in a daze Althea momentarily did not see a guard approach her with a dart gun. He spoke up when he was in clear shot of her “Ella wants her alive. Do not, I command you, do not kill her” he paused and smiled arrogantly “but you can harm her anyway you’d like, after we have her under our control”. The guard looked at Althea “Don’t worry sweetie – you filthy thing of a vamp will soon be all ours and it won’t even hurt a bit. You see our little friend over there? That will be you in a month’s time…this little dart here is able to change any of your kind into deranged monsters that just want to kill and feed…but I guess that isn’t far from reality now is it?” His laughter came in a pitched shrill burst "Except you’ll be all ours – and bonus, this elixir has been perfected thanks to your disgusting offspring”. He fired the gun at Althea and hit her in the arm.

Althea allowed the dart to hit her and allowed the chemicals to enter her body. She was an ancient healer and knew how to interpret the reactions and chemicals from almost any element that could make it to her body. Letting go of herself and her surroundings and allowing her captors to believe they had won. She studied the nano-bots and chemicals as they tried to destroy and reanimate her cells she watched and repaired her body just as quickly as they changed making sure she knew how to cure or at least prevent the chemicals from doing further harm to herself, or others. It was becoming even more difficult and, as a result as to prevent them from taking over completely she expelled the chemical through her pores and disappeared, by thinking of her body changing atomically she turned her body into mist. Not an easy feat considering she had expended so much energy. She knew she had to get out of there and back home before it was too late. These people were coming for them.

The war was not over.

A day later Althea stumbled into the village and collapsed at the gate. Her energy fully expended.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 08:09 AM
"Hey look over there.” Icies said pointing at a body lying on the ground. "Why would someone sleep in a place like that? Well, whatever." Iceis shrugged. "Let's go exploring outside of the village, I'm getting bored here."

01-15-2016, 08:26 AM
"Sleeping on the ground" Rin said to himself as he got suspicious 'why would anyone want to sleep there?'
"What are you talking about we have to wake that person up what if he catches a cold" Sky said as she ran towards him "hey you shouldn't sleep in a place like this you know..he..." Sky couldn't finish her words as she saw that the person who was lying on the ground was.."that horrible woman!?" She asked with her mouth open from the surprise.

"God we need a doctor" Rin screamed for help as he touched her neck to check Althea pules and heard nothing 'my god is she dead?' He thought with a terrified look.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 08:32 AM
She smirked. "Hey loser, aren't you a doctor?" Iceis asked Rin trying to hold the her laughter with a straight face.

01-15-2016, 08:45 AM
'Wait... i am a doctor' Rin thought to himself while trying to hide his embarrassment from Iceis,
'I forgot everything from the shock, but now what do i do if she's dead there is nothing i can do' he thought while he heard an unknown voice saing "what is going on!? Miss Althea?".

01-15-2016, 01:05 PM
Ceros woke up from his long sleep. He was a bit embaressed that he fell asleep, but there was no one who knew it so there was no harm done. He got out of his bed and quickly changed into new clothes. I wonder why I'm feeling this uneasy. Did something happen while I was asleep? He headed outside and bounded the cloth on his back. There were a lot of people standing at the gate. Ceros, worried that there was something wrong, made hast to get there. He was pretty shocked with what he saw. His mother was laying down on the ground. either she was dead but since she still had a pulse she had to be alive, or she had run out of energy which was a very scary idea since she was one of the ancient vampires and there were a very few things that could handle one of the ancients. Then his training took over. "Rin, move": He said in a threating tone. He didn't have the time to be nice since if a vampire has to little energy for a too long time, they will temporally lose their powers and not knowing what would face them it would be quite problematic to lose such a powerfull vampire. He placed his right hand right above Althea's forehead and his other hand above her hearth. He did this in order to give some of his mana to Althea and remembered one of the magics he had studied when he had left home to travel the world after his brother died.
The basic principle off every vampire power is mana, it's the life force that enhances everything, it's what causes your better vision and physical ability from normal humans. Mana can also be manifested outside the body in any way imaginable, Every vampire has a small basic amount of mana they generate each second and in adition to this mana itselfs generates mana. The amount of mana one can store depends of the power of his blood and age. When a vampire is out of mana it will take very long for this vampire to regenarete enough to use it, but when fast enough an other vampire can replensh mana but only when it's within twenty-four hours. Of course all of this was far more complicated and there was far more he learned but this was everything he had need of now. He started to slowly transfer a bit of mana into Althea her body to make sure that it could handle it when he increased the mana supply. But since it was his many he poured into her body he could see what had happened inside. everything had healed exellent and whatever caused it was gone but he could find traces that indicated that something had tried to change her cells. Since there weren't any problems with the mana transfer he slowly raised the level of mana he poured into the body until it was the same to the amount of mana he generated. He knew that none of the bystanders would get what he was doing and the only thing they would see was that Althea's body was glowing were he forced mana in her body. But since he was Althea, who was one of the greatest vampire healers of today, her son they would think he was healing her. He was far from the level his mother was but this was something he could still manage. Luckily Rin, Sky and Iceis stayed out of this too. after one minute of pouring in mana he figured this would be enough and it would take not too long for her to fully recover. He stopped with giving mana and stood up "One of you get here too the infirmary": He said to the bystanders. "I don't care what she will say when she wakes up but for the next 6 hours she isn't allowed to even get out of here bed." The way he said it left no option to argue for the bystanders and quickly she was brought to the infirmary.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 03:27 PM
"Sister let's go now while they're not paying any attention." Iceis said as she locked arms with Sky pulled her away.

01-15-2016, 03:40 PM
"Hm..hmm are you sure about this, what about that horrible woman...she was outside up until now right? doesn't that mean that something from there was strong enough to make her this injured? Its too dangerous lets stay here for the time being ok?" Sky asked with a worry but confident look.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 04:33 PM
"Alright fine I'll just go with the doctor then." Iceis said in a pouting manner while unlocking arms with Sky and then clinging onto Rin. "Do you really have no sense of adventure?"

01-15-2016, 04:40 PM
'Wha.. what is she doing? Rin thought while blushing 'wait that is not the time to think that way' "Iceis please don't do this to me, you know i'll follow you where ever you go but now i really think that sky is right about this one...you know what lets wait a little bit before we'll go didn't you wanted to get stronger? if you'll stay that ceros guy will teach you some stuff don't you want that?" Rin asked in hope she will agree.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 04:55 PM
"I never said I was running away! I just wanted to go exploring for a little bit.... Doc you know I've never been outside the lab walls!" Iceis hugged Rin tightly and then looked up at him "please Rin? Only for a little bit then we'll come right back."

01-15-2016, 05:07 PM
'My name she called my name for the first time' he thought while trying to hold back the excitement "cough cough..if you really want to go that bad then..ok lets go" Rin sighed at the fact that there is nothing he can do against those big and beautiful eyes of her's.

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 05:14 PM
Iceis looked down and smirked 'this is to easy!' She thought to herself then let go of him. "sis are you sure you don't want to come with me?"

01-15-2016, 05:24 PM
"Yes i am sure and i don't think you should go out there as well" Sky said with an angry exprission since Iceis wasn't listening to her, "besides chii is geting tired so we better go somewhere we can rest for a while" she said and then quickly walked away.

01-15-2016, 06:07 PM
Guess that now Althea is down I'll have to take over. What a drag. Ceros had, to put it nicely, pretty much a lack of intressest in ruling the village. And so Ceros handled it like he always did.Well I guess that I'll leave it to Sebastian I'll leave just him with all the troubles. But I'm quite worried about what the hunters are doing so I better check this out. Since it was already dusk he decided to leave immediatly, but he knew this would be to dangerous without a partner and since it had to be someone who could at least stand his own in combat that pretty much limited the chose. I need Sebastian to deal with any possible upcoming problems in the city so I guess that the only real choice which remains is. Ahh perfect, there she is. He walked towards her and just said it directly. "Iceis I'm going to kill some hunters are you coming along? If you really want to get stronger you shouldn' let this go to wast."

01-15-2016, 06:27 PM
Sebastian and Delano were just walking back to the clinic to close it up for the day and spend some time together, when they saw a panicked Ceros and what looked like an out-cold Althea. Delano quickly ran forward and opened the door for them, asking Ceros what happened while prepping a bed for her.

He was surprised to learn that she may have expended all her magic, seeing as how she was an ancient and something like that hasn't happened to them for centuries.

Sebastian looked on worryingly, wondering what was to happen now that their clan leader had fallen. Ceros explained his rushed plan and ran out the door, leaving Sebastian dumbfounded.

'Did he just say I was the temporary clan leader.. ?'

Delano smiled at him, starting Althea on a mana treatment therapy. "You better call a meeting before panic starts, dear. I've got everything handled here."

Sebastian nodded and kissed him goodbye before making his was to the meeting hall, feeling his nerves start to set in.

'Oh hell, what shall I say? This really sucks.'

He walked inside, some residents already there and talking amongst themselves. He walked to the front elevated podium and cleared his throat. The vampires looked at him as he said, "If you could have a seat, I'll be calling everyone to meeting here shortly."

He grabbed the microphone that was enchanted to become an intercom so everyone could hear him no matter where they were in the village. "If all residents could please report to the meeting hall."

Ten minutes later, hundreds of eyes were silently staring up at him, most of them confused, some curious. After all, where was Althea? If not her, where was Ceros?

Sebastian looked down at his hands and took a deep breath. 'Well, here goes nothing...'

He looked up at the crowd and opened his mouth to speak, but before he could get a word out the doors flew open and in ran a severly stressed-out looking Delano.

'Oh god, what is it now?!'

Queen P.M.
01-15-2016, 06:30 PM
'Oh its him again...' Iceis thought before thinking his idea over for a few minutes, taking her time walking back and forth then said "Well I was planning on going out anyway so sure." And shrugged.

01-15-2016, 06:41 PM
"Well in that case try not to get discoverd before you start killing and try to avoid drinking blood until we are finished." While Ceros was talking to Iceis he grabbed her at the shoulders and hugged there. He knew that right now the only reason that he wasn't hit yet was because Iceis was to stunned to do anything. "Try not to move": he whispered in her ear and used his shadow warp to travel to a location in the forest that he had found earlier while he was scouting the area with his telephatic powers. When he let him and Iceis drop out of the shadow he pressed Iceis immediatly to the ground. "Be sillent their is an enemie patrol coming this way."

Queen P.M.
01-16-2016, 01:53 AM
Iceis really wanted to start a fight with Ceros for getting all up in her personal space without permission. She was seconds away from screaming "YOU LITTLE CREEP!" In his face but the smell of a fire burning and a sound of familiar laughter from someone she knew, coming from a few miles south of her, made her flinch. "Did you hear that?" She whispered slowly to him then Immediately started running in the direction the sound was coming from.

01-16-2016, 03:16 AM
I was looking into the most striking emerald eyes of a kind and handsome man. “My love” I smiled as I reached up to his face only to grasp onto a cloud of smoke. The smoke morphed around those green eyes desaturating them into black pits, his handsome face twisted into a mask of pain, and then to rage as its eyes sunk into its skull and the hollows of its cheeks became more prominent. Long jagged fangs protruded from his face. I was transfixed on its transformation as its bony arms formed, reaching a hand up to cup under my chin. A smile flickered on his deformed face. This familiar man sent chills down my spine. My mother had always told me that déjà vu moments denoted something that had or would happen to her, something subconscious attempting to surface. I grabbed my chest as pain gripped my heart.
My world started to spin and morph into complete darkness leaving me disoriented. My body suddenly felt limp and leaden. It felt like my skin was on fire. Flames licking up my body cleansing me and healing me from the inside out while burning and cauterizing my wounds. I was dream walking, a transport trait passed down within our lineage. This however was different, I was not in control of my own dream as if I was in a deep sleep. My family each exhibited a unique version of it, Cero’s for example had a strong ability to walk within the shadow world. I could travel within dreams, be it my own or others – a decent power when needing to absorb or transmit information, however, when drifting within my own mind it often left me confused. It always felt like a part of my memories were missing as if I had attempted to erase them, I could feel them, but never grasp them long enough to understand. This moment was no different. I knew that after the death of one of my sons I had decided to rip out my heart and hide it for safe keeping. I no longer wanted to feel the pain of losing all of my loved ones and my inabilities to help them. I needed to be faster, colder, and calmer. It had been the best decision of my life…”but…had I taken away some memories as well?” I heard my voice hoarsely say out loud.
Slowly, I opened my eyes to reality, actually to Delano’s huge eyes which looked on in concern. “How long have I been asleep? I feel weak, did you try to do a mana transfer?” Cursing, I knew I hadn’t fully recharged. “Delano, I need to get the counsel. Where is my son?” I tried to get up but fell off of the infirmaries bed. My legs felt like jello. I cursed again. Did you test my blood? Look into my body? You must have seen the damage from the cancerous elixir Ella’s parent company has created. It is beyond my scope. I need to get in touch with our brethren.”
Althea’s eyes, normally a brilliant blue had turned silver with worry and anger. She knew they were in danger and hoped, no prayed, her only son hadn’t tried to deal with the situation himself, and heaven forbid alone.

01-16-2016, 03:50 AM
Delano started in alarm as Althea fell off the bed, rushing in to help her get back up. "Yes, I did notice the evil coursing through you from some elixir I am unfamiliar with, and that's saying something."

When she was safe back atop the bed, he described to her how Ceros had, in fact, gone off to try and take care of the situation himself. As of now, Sebastian had called a meeting at the council hall and he was, in fact, about to run down there to tell him of his discovery of what was coursing through her veins.

"So, you see, Sebastian has taken over in place of Ceros, and needs to know what has happened to you and, from what you've told me, what could possibly happen to the rest of us."

Delano was extremely concerned and worried, though no sign of it made it onto his expression.

'This is much worse than we thought.. we need to talk to Sebastian right away since only he might have a clue about this elixir that is being used to take over our kind.. '

01-16-2016, 11:50 AM
5 years earlier

The rain poured down so hard that Ceros couldn't even see his own hands if he extended them. The only reason that he didn't get lost was because he already was lost hours ago. I can't see anything, this rain isn't normal, but I guess that means I must be close. He purposely forget that he had said the same thing to himself hours ago. Normally he would just use his shadow powers to scout the area and then warp but there was a strong magic laid above the jungle to prevent that. To make it worse that magic was just ridicules: It spawned an area with a radius of 50 miles and it sealed away the magic of vampires and like that wasn't enough already it just had to cause it to rain so goddamn hard. Still Ceros couldn't help to smile. "This definitely is it, Aquila. No one could make such a strong magic which would last longer than a thousand years except him. The oldest and first vampire and, sadly enough for him, impossible to find. Many people even thought the first vampire was a myth, but Ceros knew it had to be true he had no other choice than to believe it. Night had already fallen but Ceros didn't go to sleep and kept searching until morning, he hadn't slept longer than an hour since his brother died half a year ago but it took Ceros a week of searching before at last arriving at the hidden temple. After his brother had died he became obsessed with getting stronger and the only one who could help him to get the strength he needed was the first vampire so that he never would have to lose anyone again. The first month he researched every clue there was to find in books, folklore, history and weather patrons. Eventually he came up with quite a few locations of which to most likely were the north pole, Antarctica, and the amazon forest. That's how he got up here and now after all that searching he was at the entrance of a temple. His hearth pounded so fast that he was afraid it could fall out of his chest. Then he entered the temple but it wasn't what he had hoped to see: It was a monument, a monument to honour a death one of great importance, it was a monument to honour the first vampire. All the hope he had pushed onto the goal of finding the first vampire collapsed upon him as despair. “It was all for nothing?”: He whispered, not wanting to except the brutality of reality. “I can’t believe it… I REFUSE TO BELIEVE THIS” fulfilled with rage he kicked the stone coffin of the vampire open. His anger disappeared immediately with what he saw. In there were three things: a book as big as he had never seen it should have more than ten thousand pages, a katana made of a metal he had never seen before and which gave off a feeling of magic he had never seen before and a letter. Afraid yet hopeful he opened the letter.
Child of the darkness, when you read this it seems you have finally found me even if I’m no longer here it’s because I’m no longer a vampire. This temple you are standing in was built to fulfil my greatest wish, it was to die. I couldn’t because my original magic as a vampire was rebirth: every time when I would die I would spring back to live like I just was knocked out for a second. To do this a great man build this temple for me which can turn a vampire into just an ordinary human if this vampire lays himself down in the coffin when the full moon is above the temple and unleashes all of his/her magic. The man who build this was your brother. He maybe never have told you this but his magic was time jump. He could once in every decade time jump to a location of his choice, but he wouldn’t be able to take anyone with him. That’s why he sacrificed himself to keep you safe from the hunters, but you must understand that you have this magic too since Aquila gave his powers to you. I’ll never be able to repay my dept to him so after I heard that he died. I returned here once more as a human and took two gifts with me: A book which contained all of my knowledge: it’s magic so if you touch it you will absorb all the information in it and remember it if you can use it or not depends on how much you will train. And my beloved sword: Majikku. I can’t explain what it will do because that sword isn’t just a sword it’s alive and he can be your greatest ally or worse to fight with than a wooden stick so I’ll just hope he will like you. Anyway try to keep everyone else safe and remember that there is more in life than revenge. And with this I consider my debt to your brother paid.

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present day

"Wait I to-": Ceros yelled after Iceis but she had run away alread. "Ugh, that girl sometimes":He said to himself, annoyed that Iceis had run off without waiting. And Ceros sprinted after her.

Queen P.M.
01-18-2016, 06:07 AM
The feeling of blood lust and the thrill of being free filled the air as Iceis ran passed the umber brown trees at top speed. Hearing some squirrels scurrying around and a waterfall falling from a nearby cliff pounding into the rock below it, Made her smile a little. Seeing the different kinds of trees that seemed like they went and touched the sky then branched their branches and leaves out shading her from the sun as the warm rays crossed her path, made her smile even more. But the there was still something missing. Iceis felt so alive when she was hunting, fighting, and even getting emotional for that matter. It was the feeling of being able to interact with the outside world that was missing during that moment and she didn't like that. After realizing that she dropped her smile and started to slowed down.

Iceis sighed thinking 'I cant go and start a fight if I'm unfocused and want to just play around!!!' Then got really mad when feeling like a complete idiot. When she came to a complete stop she turned around and started looking for Ceros. "Heeeey!" She yelled out in the open. Then said "hmm.... what was his name again.... loser....? Stuck up? Vermin? No no no!"

A second later she felt a really dark energy randomly appear behind her. She thought it was Ceros and continued "Oooh now I remember! It was annoying bumb." But when she turned around she was face to face with this dark, bony, and lifeless looking thing. During the couple seconds she was looking straight into its black eye sockets her heart started racing in fear and her mind was filled with flashbacks of her dark scary past. Then before Iceis could say or scream anything, she heard Ms. Ella say "do it!" And Iceis was immediately harshly punched in her stomach making her fall to her knee's.

01-18-2016, 02:16 PM
As he saw Iceis falling after being punched in her stomach, he drew his sword resulting in the cloths which were wrapped around it falling on the ground. The sword was a katana but the blade was coloured in a strange black or maybe it's better to say darkness as it seemed a live and absorbing all the light. It didn't have any decorations yet it looked beautiful and fearsome at the same time. Ceros placed himself between Iceis and the abomination of what was once a vampire, so that he could guard her from any attack. Behind the vampire stood a human, a female who seemed to command the vampire. Ceros slashed at the vampire but he dodged his attack easily by jumping backwards and the vampire tried to counter attack immediately with a downward attack, but Ceros blocked it using his katana. The moment when the vampire's hand touched the blade of the katana smelled Ceros the sweet scent of burned flesh and could hear the blade burning the vampire. Ceros couldn't help to smell now that such an easy opening was presented and stabbed the vampire with his sword but the moment he wanted to pierce the vampire he saw that the woman raised a gun. The gun wasn't aimed for him if that would be the case he could have easily dodged it, instead it was aimed for Iceis. Normally he wouldn't have bothered when someone would use a gun to shoot at a vampire, sure it would hurt a heck of a lot but it wouldn't kill one and the wound would almost instantly close, but this time was different, he had the feeling that if he would let Iceis be hit the result would be terrible and he had jumped before Iceis before he realised himself. As the bullet, no it was a dart Ceros thought and at the moment he realised what the dart was, this was the thing that had taken out his mother. The dart piercing through his flesh in his right upper arm, infected him and Ceros could already feel the structure of his right arm changing. AAARGH His mind couldn't help but to scream out and ,how tempting it may have been, Ceros couldn't just surrender to the pain and let himself been taken over. His mother spend all her energy in order to survive, he didn't have the skills his mother has which were needed to make this work, so he did the only other thing he could do. One clean cut, one clean cut that was all that it took to cut off his right arm. blood poured out of where he cut-off his arm: the sword hadn't scorched the wound like he had wanted too because he was already running low on mana or because the sword didn't want to hurt him. Ceros, now standing before Iceis one armed, seriously weakened mustered his mana together in order to travel one last time. He saw that the vampire was realizing what he was doing but it didn't seem to plan to interrupt, Ceros made sure to make a mental note of this. He opened a shadow hole on the ground as he fell on Iceis her lap. He tried to connect to hole to the village while clinging to his sword. Then he fell into the comforting shadows feeling Iceis body heat upon his skin.

Queen P.M.
01-18-2016, 11:47 PM
'Dang it hurts so bad, my entire body is screaming in pain. I can't take this much longer. I have to get out of here, but I can't move. My body is too weak. Somebody better find me soon, somebody better find me and get me out of here, or else I won't make it. I don't want to die!!!' Iceis was stuck in her past, wanting to escape but couldn't. She was back in the tank and it was filling up again. Then Ella came up to her and started watching her, then Sebastian, Then Rin, and then a few other people came. Each time someone new came the liquid in the tank would rise and rise until the last person came.

"You need to leave." The voice said from far away and then Iceis started moving. 'Oh really? I hadn't noticed!!' She thought as she slammed her palms on the glass. "You can't stay here. Because if you do... You'll both die." Said a man with pale white skin, wearing a all black turtleneck sweater and jeans, a long white ponytail that sat on his left shoulder, and bright gold eyes came out from behind Rin looking very worried. "Use your brain Iceis." He continued calmly. "What... Who are you!? What do you want with me!?" Iceis yelled. "Wake up you idiot! If you don't that boy will die." The man confronted her and opened a loophole showing her Ceros bleeding really bad trying to stay conscious. Iceis just yelled "HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO HELP FROM INSIDE OF THIS!? Its impenetrable!"

Then all of a sudden the glass started to crack but the liquid started rising again. The man sighed as he looked back and forth between Ceros and Iceis, looking disappointed. "I'm leaving, your acting hopeless. I can't stand the fact that my new master is so unreliable. What a pain." Then he disappeared but left the loophole open. By that time Iceis was completely swallowed in by the water and was starting to lose air. 'I- I can't breath!' Iceis squeezed her eyes shut while swarming around feeling like she was getting closer and closer to the darkness, Even so she didn't want to give up.

She banged and banged and punched a few times as hard as she could. Until she had a moment of silence then remembered, her nails could cut through anything. So Iceis grew out one set of nails to slice through the impenetrable glass and it worked. Iceis made a nice clean cut in the shape of circle straight through it and the water started pouring out like a waterfall.

When she opened her eyes she was gasping for air but wasn't in the lab anymore, she was in the back of some old abandoned house, sitting up against the wall, in a unfamiliar city. "Where the heck a-" Iceis tried to say as she got up but couldn't. Then she noticed Ceros leaning on her almost out of breath with one missing arm.

01-19-2016, 12:58 AM
He felt something moving under him "Iceis is that you?": His voice sounded very weak more like a whisper. "I need you to listen carefully I need you to seal my wound or I could die. Is there a fire or anything here?" He grinded his teeth as his body screamed out. At the time it had seemed like a good idea but he sword was made of a metal that was poisenous for vampires. The blade had also its own life so he had hoped that the blade liked him enough to not kill him. He tried to look around if he could see anything familiar but except for Iceis against who he was leaning there was nothing, except for... his arm? he probably took it with him exidently since it still was a part of his body. Well since he tried to shadow warp in that condition he should be proud of himself that they ended up somewhere safe. The last time he was deadly wounded and tried to shadow warp he ended up on a island in the middle of the pacific ocean it had taken a month to recover enough to go back home, he remembered with a smile. Still he wondered why he had taken the dart for Iceis, rationally it would have been smarter to finish the vampire, let Iceis be hit, cut out a part of Iceis, kill the human and then warp back to the village with Iceis together with the gun with the darts to get it anylised. The thought of letting Iceis be hit by that hidious dart fullfiled him with disgust of himself. Anyhow he knew that he had done everything that he could and that his survival no was in Iceis hands, if he had been in this situation earlier in the morning when the two of him would have just met he would have been dead for sure, but now he wasn't that certain anymore. He had a feeling that he and Iceis had known each other longer than just a day and that he had some feelings for her but he didn't know of what sort. And with that thought he lost concious once again.

Queen P.M.
01-20-2016, 01:53 AM
Iceis could feel Ceros's blood sliding along her arm and down to her fingers. It's warmth soon turns cold and, as it reaches the tips of her finger, the drops let go and fell to the ground. Iceis dragged him around the corner of the house and sat him up against the wall next to a door. Then went around to the front of the house and carved a huge circle out the bay window that led to the living room and climbed in. Luckily there was a couch there when her hand slipped causing her to fall, face first, onto a white sheet covering it. As she got up she left a blood stain, coming from the center of her palm, dripping from the window and smeared across on the sheet.

Iceis took her time to walk over to the kitchen and unlock the door the backdoor. "Ok so how and I suppose to make a fire?" She said to herself as she went up to Ceros and looked at his arm. "Well don't just stand there! Get your butt inside." Said the mans voice from before. "Who-!? Where are you!? Show yourself!" Iceis yelled as she got on her guard and looked around. "Your little friend is dying and all you care about is where I am? You really need to work on your selfishness." The man replied as he leaped from the rooftop and gently landed on the ground in front of Iceis. He walked up to Ceros and lifted him up and threw him over his shoulder. "What are you doing!!?" Iceis yelled then tried to cut his neck with her claws but he easily evaded the attack by jumping out of the way. "There's no need to be alarmed, I'm only here to help but if you want your cousin to die then we can keep talking, I don't care what happens either way." The man suggested as he waved Ceros's missing arm around. "Where did you get that!....fine.... And he's not my friend or my cousin." Iceis replied as she calmed down. A couple hours later the man was able to reconnect Ceros's arm back together and then laid him on the couch. "Here, I managed to extract the poisonous serum that was taking over his arm and preserve it in this. Try not to break it, oh and the won't be able to use his arm for a while." He said handing Iceis a clear ice all filled with black stuff. "Yeah, that's great. Now who are you?" Iceis replied, sounding like she didn't care about the sphere. The man sighed "I'll answer both yours and the boys questions when he wakes up." Iceis simply got annoyed and slouched herself on the floor next to Ceros, impatiently waiting for the him to wake up.

01-20-2016, 12:02 PM
When Ceros woke up he was laying down on a couche, Iceis was sitting right next to him, she looked like she didn't really care but she still watched over him. He had been able to follow a little bit of the conversation more or less but as he was half unconcious he didn't really get much. "You know Iceis, after all we have been through, I thought we would be at least friends." He noticed that his right arm was connected back to his body but he couldn't move it, well he should be happy to have it back. "And thanks for helping me."He said as he turned to the unknown stranger. "But I've a few questions. Who are you? Why did you help us? How much do you know of us? And where in the world did we end up? " Ceros felt a little uncomfortable since he didn't see his beloved katana anywhere. "Also can I have my katana please? I don't really feel at ease without it." Despite that the stranger had helped them he could never relax around other people. There were a few exceptions to that rule but in general he didn't really trust anyone.

Queen P.M.
01-21-2016, 02:10 AM
Iceis looked at Ceros awkwardly saying "first you threaten to kill me, then you get me trapped in a unknown place, and you trying and get me to help you! What's makes you think I would want to be friends with you?" Then got up to go sit somewhere else in the room. "There's no need to rush yourself Ceros, Iceis just doesn't know how it feels to take care of someone else or whats its like to be taken care of, she means you no disrespect." The man said as he handed Ceros a bottle of water and gently smiled at him. "Yes I do!" Iceis yelled back denying the truth. "Anyways, as for questions I'll be sure to answer them to the best of my ability. First I don't have a name at the moment, I'm helping because I am her spirit guardian and I have been summoned by Iceis and I know everything there is to know about her, we're in the capital city of Hungary called Budapest, and your sword is out in the back but I really didn't want to touch it." The young looking man replied to Ceros in a polite way.

01-21-2016, 02:06 PM
"Wait because Iceis summoned you? Well never mind that, if we really are in Budapest we might have a problem." Ceros couldn't help to feel frustrated, this was one of the worst place to end up for him. It might be even worse than being caught by the hunters. "We have to move, now!" But when ceros forced himself to stand up, he lost his strenght and fell back on the couche. It seemed like his mana still hadn't recovered enough. Great out of mana, can't move my right arm and I'm in Hungary can this day get any better? He mustered his strenght and forced himself to get his katana and move away. "We really got to get out of here. Anywhere is fine, but we can't stay in the east of europe. There's a chance that the have already found us." Despite that he didn't know the young men he decided asking anymore questions would cost to much time and right now seconds could be there difference between life and death. As he grabbed his katana he noticed that none of the two was even preparing to leave. "We really have to go.": Ceros urged. "I will explain on the road since I don't have the mana to shadow travel. Do we have any way of transport?"

Queen P.M.
01-22-2016, 04:31 AM
Iceis walked right up to Ceros, very aggressively, and stabbed her finger right in his right shoulder. "I'm not leaving here until I get some answers out of you! Who or what is coming? And we obviously cant get anywhere if we have to make sure you don't die while making sure we don't die!?" She argued glaring at Ceros then at the young pale faced man. "Iceis I really think you should listen to the boy or else we'll have unwanted visitors... pretty soon." The man said with calm bright golden eyes and the corners of his mouth slightly turned upward, looking very relaxed. "And i think you should shut up for a while, you're getting on my nerves." She replied as her eyes crinkled close and she gently smiled. The man slowly threw his hands back a little past his shoulders, as if he was giving up, and didn't say a single word after that.

01-22-2016, 03:49 PM
"Allright then": Ceros said seriously annoyed, which wasn't like him since he normally kept his emotions in check. "This land is the territory of a certain group of vampires and" Ceros stopped like there was something he didn't want to say. "Well let just say there happened a few little things between us in the past and that we shouldn't stay here" He didn't even finish he sentence before he started pushing Iceis to the door "And did I mention that this city has also one of the largest hide-outs of the hunters." He was still pushing Iceis but since he had barely any strenght it looked quite sad. "Anyway if we want to life we have to leave. There is no way that they didn't notice my shadow warp." Ceros had barely spoken those words or someone kicked the door open. "Ceros, my old friend" said the young male vampire who just stormed through the door. His hair was as white as snow and his eyes were gold forming a big contrast with his pale skin. "Giovanni": Ceros said trying to not let him see how weakened he was. "It's been a long time" Ceros smilled biterly and holding his katana in his left hand, even though he didn't have it a second ago but it suddenly was there. "A very long time." Ceros sounded a bit sad. "You two over there": said giovanni to Iceis and the young man. "Could you please leave Ceros and I have lots of things to discuss."

Queen P.M.
01-22-2016, 05:22 PM
Iceis laughed at the strangers comment "Not that I care about you guys or anything but we really need to get going.... So Ceros and Umm you let's go." Iceis said as she motioned for the both of them to get moving.

01-22-2016, 06:22 PM
June, 1532
"Hurry up Ceros or I will leave you behind" Ceros was all sweaty from running over the roofs of Rome. "Give...Me...a moment" Ceros said as he had finally cached up. "Giovanni why are we... doing this again?" Ceros let himself drop onto the ground, enjoying the warmth of the sun. Giovanni replied with a smile. "I that any way to than me. Anyway my friend just wait I promise you it will be good. Now come on we need to get moving again." He pulled Ceros back upon again and started running. Ceros couldn't help but to laugh "Why are you always like that? Give me a break." But he still rune after Giovanni. After an half hour of free running over the roofs of Rome, which the guards couldn't appreciate, but those couldn't keep up with them anyway. They finally reached their destination. "See I told you it would be good" Giovanni said as he give Ceros a friendly stump. "Giovanni, seriously?" Ceros said with a wry smile, "Well I should have known it." "Well Ceros, since you're here anyway you should at least enjoy the view." Where Giovanni had lead them was hot spring at the edge of the town which was only available to females. Ceros had to sigh but said "Well your right since I'm here anyway." It had always been like this since the two of them had met for the first time. Always going everywhere traveling to world and doing some crazy things. Well they never did anything really bad like killing someone. The worst they did was sneaking into a hot spring or stealing some food and robbing some king but that doesn't matter too much. It had almost been a century not that anyone would expect since vampire's weren't hunted, most people didn't even think they existed and the few that did were all regarded as crazy. It were good times for the two friends.

1600 Paris
"Ceros... what have you done." Giovanni looked at his old friend with disgust and hate. "How could you!" Ceros was spit in his face still he didn't do anything against Giovanni. "I had no choice Giovanni. At least let me take her with me so that I can give her a proper burial. She always wanted to be buried at that hill were the three of us met for the first time in Rome didn't she?" Ceros completely covered with blood was sitting on the ground holding the body in his hands of a beautiful young woman while surrounded by numberless corpses." Giovanni became enraged by those words "You don't have the right to that anymore! Out of respect for Sofia I will let you live today, but I will look for you and if I find you I will kill you." "There's no other way than" Ceros said and then he let the dark engulf him and when the dark was gone neither he or the body of the girl was there anymore.

Current time
"Iceis, could you please go. This is personal." Ceros said and anyone could clearly hear from his voice that this wasn't a request but also that this wasn't what he wanted to happen. "I've avoided this for too long." He tightened his grip on the katana.

Queen P.M.
01-24-2016, 04:00 AM
Iceis was intrigued by the two but had a bit of a bad feeling going through her mind at the same time. 'If your cousin fights now he will die, not that it's any of my business.' The guardian telepathically told Iceis as he yawned. "What the heck!?" Iceis randomly replied out loud as she turned herself away from Ceros and the new stranger to give her unnamed guardian spirit, who was standing behind her, a fiery purple eyed glare that held a lot of anger in them. Then continued by telepathically thinking 'how- why are you in my head!? Who do you think you are!?' The man laughed a little under his breath 'now isn't the time for this. Do you want Ceros to die? Because if he gets into a fight, in the state he's in right now, he will die. And don't say you don't care because I know you do. So can you get him out of here while I stall the other guy? Also I'm going to need my voice so can I talk now?' The man replied keeping a straight face the entire time. Iceis sneered at him ' Talk? I don't care, go ahead cause it sucks having you swimming around-!' then accidentally yelled "in my head!!!" Really loud making the room fill with an awkward silences.

Iceis sighed deeply and turned back around. "Ceros your an idiot." She said coming between him and his friend. "I honestly believe you'll in up hating me for touching you like this but I've got no other choice." She whispered while hugging him and resting her head on his left shoulder, facing his neck. 'And don't cut off his other arm.....Or his leg... Please? It'll just make it annoying to travel around with him later on.' The guardian thought to her in a begging type of way. Iceis rolled her eyes and slowly lifted up her head to stare into Ceros's eyes "I don't think your in any position to be giving me orders or getting into any fights for that matter. Sooo I thought it would be a good idea to just convene you not to." She said placing one hand behind his neck and had the other sliding down to the center of his stomach then piercing straight through it as she grew her nails out. It was as easy as cutting through soft butter with a hot knife. She smiled a little thinking 'It feels really funny in here.' While playing around with whatever she could feel on her fingers.

Before the stranger could say anything Iceis's guardian appeared behind him and immediately twisted his neck, causing it to make a really loud cracking sound. Iceis laughed soon after asking "did you kill him?" In excitement as his body dropped to the floor. "No, I don't feel like it. I just paralyzed his spine a little. We have thirty minutes to get out of here before he gets back up so let's go." The guardian answered as he stepped over the body. "Well thanks for the laugh.... I think I'll call you Emery." Iceis said as she let go of Ceros and handed him over to Emery then left the house. He chugged Ceros over one shoulder and followed Iceis outside. "Where do you want go?" Emery asked. "Let's go back to the village, I'm worried about Sky." Iceis replied looking worried. "Ok but it may take a while because we'll be stopping every now and then." He said as he picked Iceis up and sat her on his other shoulder. "Just get going already." She told him while tightly gripping onto his arm. And he immediately took off in the direction of the village located in England.

01-24-2016, 09:10 AM
Ceros knew that if he would fight Giovanni now that he would die but he should be able to buy some time for Iceis and her guardian to escape. He and Giovanni just kept staring at each other waiting for who would make the first move when suddenly "In my head!!!" Iceis screamed. It seemed like she wasn't used to telepethy and that her guardian was trying to talk with her. Ceros had finally begun to understand what this guardian was exactly. He was surprised by Iceis her sudden scream and had dropped his guard luckily it seemed like Giovanni was as surprised as he was and hadn't used the opening to kill him. Iceis walked towards him "Ceros you're an idiot." and then she hugged Ceros. "I-Iceis?" Ceros couldn't help but to feel confused as this wasn't something he had expected Iceis to do. If she had run towards Giovanni and tried to kill him, it would be a pain but not unexpected, Iceis hugging Ceros, he didn't see that one coming. "I honestly believe you'll end up hating me for touching you like this but I've no other choice" Ceros didn't get what she meant exactly. He had to admit that he felt weird while Iceis was hugging him, he had fought with ridicules low odds of survival but he felt more nervous now than he had done then. She rested her head on his left shoulder, facing his neck. Then she slowly lifted up her head and Ceros stared into her eyes and he could see that she didn't want him to fight Giovanni, knowing that would be his death. He was still too stunned to move, but he was wondering somewhere why Giovanni still hadn't attacked. If Giovanni would attack him now he would also kill Iceis. Ceros could live with dying himself but if he had to go down he didn't want to drag anyone with him. He tried to leave Iceis her embarrassment but she didn't let go. He was too weak to be able to escape her. "I don't think your in any position to be giving me orders or getting into any fights for that matter. Sooo I thought it would be a good idea to just convene you not to." Ceros had a feeling about what was to happen but he couldn't do anything. He was too weak to escape her and he had his katana in his left hand but how could he use it against the girl he wanted to protect. Iceis placed one hand behind his neck and had the other sliding down to the centre of his stomach. Ceros knew what would happen next and he knew he couldn't escape. a bitter smile appeared on his face knowing that Iceis had won this one. A sharp pain shot right through him. Iceis had pierced right into his stomach and since he felt as terrible as he did right now he couldn't help but to think she was playing with his organs. "please, don't kill Giovanni. He can't die because of me." he tried to say to Iceis but he wasn't sure if she had heard him. Before he finally lost conscious he could her a loud cracking sound. Ceros felt extremely worried but he couldn't see what happened and he was afraid that Giovanni had died. And in that confusion he slipped away and lost his grasp from reality.

"Ceros couldn't help to sigh. this was already the second time today he had lost conscious. How could he protect everyone while he screwed it up every time. And then there was Iceis. He didn't know what he should think of her but he knew that something of here clouded his judgement. He wanted to protect her but that had quickly become more than that. Which was of course ridicules they only knew each other for a few days. But so much had happened already that it felt a lot longer than that. He kept thinking about it wondering when he would wake up again and where. But when he would wake up he had no idea what to say but to most important thing for now was whether Giovanni was alive or not.

01-24-2016, 11:13 AM
In the meanwhile while Sky was in her bed sleeping and dreaming, she could see it all,she could see her mother orders a skinny and disgusting looking white thing to punch Iceis, Ceros hand being cut, she could see everything until the part when Iceis met her spirit guardian when everything ended Sky opened her eyes that were filled with tears and said with a quiet tone of voice "m..my sister my mother, what is going on? why why is this happening?"

"Finally! you can finally see what is going on around you!! haha maybe not everything but at least something" said the stranger with mocking tone of voice "you were always simple minded warn't you? never did you listen to things that were importent for you and others, no wonder you couldn't call me out like your sister did with her guardian"

"Wha..what.. where is this voice coming from!?" Sky yelled with a panicking look.
Cough cough "if you are looking for me you should lower your head a bit girl"
'Lower my head?' Sky thought as she did exactly that "ho my dear god!! no way" she said while looking at the cute and lovely Chii "are you really...invisible!??"
"WHAT THE HELL!??" the voice became louder and louder "are you really that dumb? God.." the voice became calm pleasent again "really now why was i the one who got stuck with her... but no metter, now i want you to look down, can you tell me what your seeing?" Sky looked down again and the only thing she could see was Chii "hmm well i'm looking but i cant see you.. whaa dont tell me your..your CHII?!?"
"YES YES you have finally got that right" Chii sighed and said to her "now that you understand i now can show you my true form" Chii began to glow and grow till finally Sky could see him "wow" Sky said as she saw his long gray hair his big blue as the ocean eyes and the deamon like tail of his, she stood infront of him unable to speak until she realized he was not wearing anything on "wha wha wha wha p..put something on!!" Sky yelled as she was red as her hair color. "Hmm" a devilish smile was suddenly shown in Chii's face "are you embarrassed by me?"
"Y..yo..you shut up you blue eyed monster go back to what you were befo.. before Sky could finish her words she heared a crashing noise coming from outside the village.

Queen P.M.
01-24-2016, 09:19 PM
Ella was a couple hundred feet away from the village, slowly riding in a black Range Rover, behind 5 rayco c140's that were plowing through thin parts of the forest to get to the vampires nest. It hadn't taken them that long to pinpoint it's location because of the tracking devices Ella had implanted in Iceis and Sky's head when they turned three years old. She knew they'd come in handy one day. And that day had finally arrived.

Ella was getting closer and closer by every passing minute. Traveling with Five deadly turned vampires, seven by twelve sets of vampire hungers, and fifteen normal vampires that sided with the hunters. Ella wasn't just trying to get her test subjects back..... She wanted to start a war. A few hours later the forest plowers had plowed their way up to the villages gate. Ella grabbed her bullhorn and yelled "LET THE WAR BEGIN!!!" Right out of the car window causing all her followers to start the attack.

01-25-2016, 12:55 AM
When Ceros woke up the first thing he thought was that he had to throw up. The second was that he must have drunk too much the last day since he also had an enormous head ache. Opening his eyes he saw that he was lying in the back of a car. It seemed that emery knew how to drive a car, Ceros preferred to travel by foot but he had to admit that like he was now they would have to stop every few minutes so he could trow up against a tree. "We're we now?" Ceros asked. Everything came back of what happened before and Ceros was instantly awake "What happened to Giovanni?" Ceros lifted up his shirt to see how bad the wound was that Iceis had given him. It had healed already but it had left a nasty scar. Still Ceros had to quickly grab a convient nearby laying bucket in order to not trow over in the whole car. And did Iceis leave all me organs inside of me. he thought right after his questions.
The wind was cold as it hits my face and I can't help to think how long it must have been since I've been pumped like this. When I heard that there would be a battle between the vampire village and the hunters how could I miss out. I didn't care much that they would see me as a traitor for fighting alongside the hunters. What did they know anyway? It wasn't like there wasn't a good reason but still I had to admit that I was the first to betray my own kind out of my free will and even before all those turned guys with a few hundred years. That grumpy human woman had asked me to lead a part of the vampires but I had refused. I didn't like to have to command units on the battlefield, no I preferred to go out there myself and slaughter them myself. I wasn't following the same rout as the main forces, instead I took a long way around because I wanted to do an surprise attack on the chief, Althea, when the village would be attacked.

When I finally reached the village I had arrived way before the main forces so I climbed in a tree and waited till we would unleash hell. I wonder if Althea still remembers me and if that little brother of mine, Ceros will be there too. That poor kid would probably scare so much when he sees me that he dies instantly. Well I did put up a very good performance so it only understandable that he would be thinking I'm dead. I get excited at the thought of killing all the warriors in the village but I still had to wait for the main forces. This would be a long wait.

After half an hour of waiting I could finally see the black range rover. It was about time, If I would had to wait much longer I would have just done it myself. Even before the hunters could enter the village I had already made the first kill. I jumped down from the tree, landing onto an unfortunate vampire who suddenly felt the cold silver from my dagger in his heart. The vampires around me didn't know what had happened all standing there, to surprised to act. That was a mistake they had to pay dearly for. There were standing seven vampires around me: two right in front of me, three at my left and two others behind me, my right side was clear. I threw two throwing knives at the two in front of my, both knives were aimed for the head and they didn't miss their goal. I turned 180 degrees and ran towards my next victim. He had more or less understood what had happened and tried to use his magic to protect him. To slow. I penetrated him with a knife and swiftly pulled out. I had aimed for his hearth but he tried to dodge it and instead of hitting the heart I pierced his right lung. Not that it did matter, he wouldn't be able to fight like this and he would choke in his own blood and then die within the minute. His comrade tried to kill me with a fire ball aimed at my torso but I dodged it the last second by letting myself fall backwards, still it was a little too close for comfort since I could feel the heath coming from the fire ball and it wasn't because the fire ball was so hot. I pushed myself up immediately with left hand while holding a small needle in my right hand within a split second the needle was out of my hand and pierced through the vampire his throat. There were three vampires left and I could see fear in their eyes. Can't blame them three seconds ago there were eight vampire walking here and now five are dead. Still they charged at me. two of them placed some distance between us while shooting spells rapidly, the third one came right at me with his bare hands. The one who wanted to fight my barehanded tried to hit me with a punch from the left but I could easily dodge it, at least that was what I was thinking but some vines which restrained my feet prevented me and I felt that someone was also trying to take over my mind. I could tell that these three vampires were used to fighting together but it was in vain. I just bended backwards like you do when you try the limbo causing the vampire who wanted to punch me to trip. Not that he had to worry long about that since I shot him right between the eyes with a gun, the vines weren't really strong and the only reason they kept me where I was the first time was because it took me by surprise. I dashed right at the vampire and just separated his head from his body with one clean cut, I made sure that every single one of my weapons was at least that sharp. There was only one vampire remaining and I could notice that she was trying desperately to take control of my mind. It looked just sad how she was standing there all alone and despaired, fighting not to be overcome with fear. I slowly walked to her showing her that her attacks didn't have any effect on me. I grabbed her throat and lifted her from the ground. "Do you know where the twins who came here today are?" She didn't want to answer but I had a feeling she know "their names are Iceis and Sky they were accompanied by two vampires, Ceros and Sebastian" She still didn't say anything she I exerted more force and slowly crushing her throat pulled her closer and whispered in her ear "If you don't tell me I will give you to the hunters who will turn you into an obedient slave" That seemed to work and she pointed to a house in the middle of the village. "Thank you" I tell her as I snap her neck. I started walking to the house before the body even hit the ground, but I stopped soon: there was a little boy standing there all alone, I probably just killed his mum or dad, maybe both and I knew how I would be looking in the kids eyes. I was wearing a long black coat while armed to the teeth: I had a few throwing knives at my left hip, two guns one at each side, a few knives, dagger, and also a sword on my back together with a rifle. And that were the only weapons he could see I was wearing much more and I had even a bigger selection at my houses. besides I was totally dressed in black so I would be hard to spot under the cover of the night and my face was covered till my eyes. letting him only see the upper part of my face and my long hair in a pony so it wouldn't get in the way when I was fighting. Add to that there was quite a lot of blood on my clothes and I must have looked pretty scary. I sighted, these are the kind of moments which make me feel something which you could call guilt but I've I will pretend I didn't see him the hunters would get him so I decided to give the kid the only mercy I could. Still I felt bad when I pulled the trigger even if there was no hesitation.

I keep walking through the village in which has now become the stage of war. everywhere there were hunters and vampires fighting and a few vampire traitors against vampires and those things. As I walk I kill everyone who stands in my way. The hunters know me and they know that they shouldn't get close to me. I killed quite a few extra vampires on my way to the house and I got a few wounds but nothing worse than a scratch. Then I finally find the house and I kick in the door. Inside there was a very young vampire and a naked guy. "Aren't you a little to young for that young lady?" I hear myself saying to my own surprise. "Anyway I have two options for you: one surrender and come with me and I promise that the hunters won't turn you or treat you too bad" I honestly meaned that "Or resist, but know that the whole village is being attacked and that if anyone other than me catches you, you would regret being born." That was sadly enough also true, all the hunters saw vampire as monsters. Well I was an exception more or less but I must admit that I'm not a vampire anymore. "So what will it be?" And I made sure that if they wouldn't surrender I would be ready to do things with force. "And please" I said as I turned to the guy "put on some clothes."

01-26-2016, 03:05 PM
"Whha what was that loud noise!?" Sky asked when she turned her head to chii's direction "hey why arent you answering me? What is going o" "BE QUIET!" Chii yelled at her before she could finish talking
'Chii...'Sky looked at him when she was on the edge of almost crying "uarg damn, im sorry ok? im sorry i yelled at you like that but you must understand we are now under attack we must get out of here and fast!!" Sky was just about to burst in tears when suddenly the door was kicked in and a young looking man came in and asked "arent you a little too young for that young lady?"
'Wha... young for that? What is he talking about?' Sky thought as she completely forgot that chii was fully naked, before she could say anything the young looking man begun to ask her weird questions "what now..? To surrender and come with you? Why would i do that? And what will happen to me if i wont... the village will be under attack?" Sky was confused from everything, she had just learned about Chii's true appearance and now that, when she was about to reply to the young looking man Chii suddenly held out his hand infront of her and said "who the hell are you? and if you think i'll be handing her over to someone like you..your wrong!" He said with a calm tone of voice "oh and if you want me to wear something why wont you come and put them on me yourself" Chii said to him with a teasing expression, preparing himself for a fight.

01-27-2016, 02:16 AM
"Oh, did I forget to introduce myself? my sincere apologies.": I answered playing along with the naked guy. "My name is Aquila and my job is to kill you vampires. Sadly enough I was asked to capture two vampires named Sky and Iceis. And the village won't be under attack it already is." I knew that I could do two things here: retreat which wasn't an option or to do it with force. "And for dressing you, sure. how about we start with some silver pierced through your body." I sprinted towards the man and jumped on the table while I also kept the girl in my eye, she was weak but had more than enough potential. I knew that the naked men probably the guardian of Sky or her lover, I didn't care, wasn't a pushover so I threw one of my poisonous needles but the guy dodged it. Still it provided a moment in which I could land right in front of them. I pulled out a gun with my right hand aimed for sky's face, which was only a few inches away. And in my left hand I was holding a bastard sword. "If you try anything she dies" I said looking in his eyes. I was still paying attention to Sky in the case that she tried to hit me with her magic, "So tell me, What's going to happen now. Will we keep fighting till someone has died or flied, or will you peacefully surrender.?"

01-27-2016, 09:39 AM
"hahahahah i like you, i'm sure that if we were in a different situation right now we'll be friends but since it is not the case..." said Chii with a calm and stright face but inside his mind he kept a worry feeling for Sky's sake "anyway i dont want anyone to get hurt aspecially not that one over there" Chii said while pointing at Sky
but as he said that he kept on thinking of a way to get out of there without any injuries.

'this guy... what is he saying wasnt he the one who said that he wont hand me over to anyone? hmm what is he thinking about' Sky kept thinking and trying to understand whats going on Chii's mind.. suddenly a voice pierced inside her head and said "listen i have an idea where you can get out of here safe and sound but you'll have to do as i say understand?'' when she heard him sky looked at his direction trying to figure out how to respond, until she couldn't hold it anymore and said out loud "NO I WONT LEAVE YOU" making both Chii and the young looking man who was calling himself Aquila turn to her direction all confused, and
when she finally noticed that Aquila was off guard, her expression changed and she caught the man's right hand who was pointing the gun at her and twisted his arm to the back of his head causing it to break and his gun to drop down on the ground, "arne't you gonna pick that up?" Sky said with a smile on her face noticing the confused look on Chii's face "i am not that weak looking now am i? my mom used to take me to a martial arts classes"
"hahah i guess i shouldn't have underestimated you" Chii said while picking the gun up and shooting it in the guy's leg causing him to fall down'
"alright lets make a run for it" Chii took Sky's hand and ran outside as fast as they could.

01-27-2016, 04:02 PM
I was laying on the ground. I had to admit that I had underestimated that girl. I got up again with no trouble. I had loaded the gun I had pointed to her with blanks, I hadn't imagined that my bluff would have helped me in this way. Currently I was wearing five guns. one on my left belt which was loaded with sleeping darts and two on my right side one loaded with normal bullets the other with silver bullets, than I had two hidden guns in my sleeves. one of those had a deadly poison even effective on vampires, which I made myself and I only I knew how to make the antidote, this was also the gun I had planed to fire if Sky had resisted and in my other sleeve I had a gun containing the turning serum. In the big rifle on my back I had special silver bullets infused with magic which were capable of killing vampires like Althea. I pretended to drop down so I could do a surprise attack later on the two. after waiting three seconds I followed them outside and I saw the guardian draging Sky around the conner trying to flee the fight. I quickly pull out the gun with a poison dart and aimed for Iceis her back but he wasn't sure if he hit her in the end so he decided that he would try to follow them. If he had hit her it would take a day for the poison to kick in anyway, but I changed my mind since this wasn't why I came here in the first place I would just tell that bossy woman that I didn't see them, she could track them anyway. And so I made way to the infarmiary. I still had to greet a few people.

01-28-2016, 12:23 AM
Sebastian took a deep breath and began the announcement.

"It seems that for the time being, I'll be the temporary head of clan. Our leader has been.. poisoned. We're not sure why or by who, but we are planning to find out shortly."

He heard the immediate start of hushed whispers and gasps, everyone beginning to discuss the news at once, not knowing what to make of it.

Sebastian sighed, knowing this was what was going to happen.

02-03-2016, 10:00 PM
Althea woke with a start. The air around her sparked and crackled with electricity, her power finally replenished. It cascaded unabashed from her body. Her long pink candy floss hair danced in the air while she pulled herself upright from her bed. She had passed out again from the effort while speaking to Delano. She scanned her surroundings taking note of any possible danger and occupants in the infirmary with her. The building was deserted, save for herself.
She looked down to her toes and up her body. She grimaced at her lack of attire save for a patient gown tied loosely at her back. She took note that Delano and herself had indeed destroyed the poison in her body; she was gratified to notice antigens running through her system - a sign that if shot again with the same poison that her body would automatically fight it on its own accord hence allowing her the time to fight if necessary and not worry about her internal health.

The hair on the back of her neck stood at end. Suddenly she was assaulted by the smells of burning buildings and blood coming from outside. With her preternatural hearing she could hear screams, tears, shots of guns and the odd slash of a blade. Vivid memories swarmed her mind of war long past. She looked to the corner of her room and walked over to a small window with dark grey cotton blinds drawn over it - she peaked outside, keeping hidden while doing so. What she saw filled her with anger and rage. For some reason she remembered an old quote from Voltaire “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." She was momentarily perplexed to witness her village being destroyed. She had managed to have peace in such a violent society of beings, but here again, she played witness to the horrors of war. What truly was good anymore? Some days, she wished she could be like any new vampire and just fall into the natural cravings of a new born. The blood the rage, the manic euphoria of the kill. She always had forced herself to do "right" and was only able to remain that way through honor, a constant reminder from the spirits she had visited in her dreams while growing up to do no harm, to guide. Yet here she too was being forced to cause violence, to kill.
Althea retreated from the window and moved closer to her bed. She silently and hastily removed her patient gown and stood naked in the room. She used very little of her mana to form clothes out of the particles in the air, an easy feat when you understood how to bend nature. She formed flat knee high black leather boots that tied at the front with laces. They were snug against her lean muscular calves. Under these she wore tight black leather pants which hugged her curves but allowed movement if need when she had to fight. Strapped around her thighs and over her boots she attached harness to hold two guns, as well as two knives hidden within her boots. She wore a black cotton tank top under a black leather corset. The leather was specially made to repel bullets and most human made weapons as well as simple magic. She mainly relied on her magic and skills when fighting only resorting to guns as a means to retain most of her mana. Her clothes were snug as a means of defense. She had seen many fall in battle from cumbersome weight and lose articles being caught by their foe. Her hair, naturally curly, fell down her back stopping just short of her bottom. To her back she strapped a translucent rapier made out of a material resembling glass and crystal, the sword's hilt flayed out similar to wings when outstretched and wrapped around as if to protect the wearers hand. The tip of the blade was stained red as was the tips of the glass feathers. The blade was made for her from her husband, a master when it came to designing weapons. He had imbued it with mana from him as well as herself. Designed to be an extension as well as an amplifier of the owner, she never used it unless with dire circumstances.
Finally finished dressing, she turned towards her room's door and opened it. Stealthily she made her way through the building. It was an old English colonial home with a wrap around porch converted into a medical facility. The floors which would generally creak from a person walking on them made no sound. Suddenly Althea stopped. Her blue eyes turned to a deep ruby red, anger swarmed and flooded out from her turning everything in a haze of red. To her horror and anguish she could sense something familiar approaching her. Easily cutting off her feelings she turned herself into mist and lost all sense of self as a means to not be detected and drifted outside of the building and hid in the roof of the porch waiting silently for whomever she sensed to arrive.
Suddenly, out of the shadows, she saw what she could only believe was a ghost.
In a barely audible whisper she spoke "But...you're dead. I..I...we had to kill you, why?"

If she could feel, she would have cried out in anguish. Instead, numb, she partially materialized on the porch waiting for him to make his move.

02-05-2016, 06:03 PM
"Hello Althea it's been a long time. And is that how you greet your presumed death son. Anyway you can say that you killed your son that day, I'm one of the hunters now, and a human, or sort of"[I] some people really don't have any manners do they? And that should be an example for me. Where is the world going nowadays? "So do you dare to take me on, or will you just run and hide behind others because you still have to recover?" I slowly pull out my sword from its scabbard on my back, I didn't really expect here to fall for my taunt but you never know. The blade feels light inside my left hand, it was hungry for some blood.

02-05-2016, 09:18 PM
“Presumed dead? I held you in my arms, your body had gone limp and I felt your soul leave”. Althea stood her ground. She reached down and pulled a smaller silver dagger from her left boot. The dagger shimmered brilliantly reflecting the faint light from the flames billowing in the village. She held it firmly in her right hand in a defensive stance. Silently she chanted an ancient song imbuing the blade with properties to strengthen it and repel dark mana. “Who are you? You may look like my son, but you can’t be him”. Althea glared at the phantom of her son. “Aquila would never join with the hunters, he abhorred them.” Althea was confused by pseudo Aquila’s comment about being human, for to Althea, she had always known her son had hated the humans she choose to defend, furthermore, this being was vampire. She could feel his blood, however, after seeing what Ella had created, she really wasn’t sure anymore.

Althea’s eyes were becoming such a dark red, they almost looked black. Thoughts flited through her mind; I need to calm down. She attempted to relax while still remaining defensive. Her son, although powerful, was still younger than her – if this was her son and still her offspring. In respect to this, she should have the upper hand. However, Althea remained careful and chose not to take a chance by being presumptuous with this stranger.

“Recover?” Althea feigned a smug grin “Oh love, you don’t know anything do you?” Althea slowly mouthed her next words tauntingly “Your m-a-s-t-e-r knows nothing of my power”. Althea could feel her own bloodlust rising, she lifted her dagger to her mouth and licked the blade, blood ran from her tongue covering the steel, coating it and further embedding the blade with her power. Her face fell serious. Using her speed she sprinted towards Aquila and feinted a frontal attack. She shimmered behind him and held the dagger tip pointed into his neck. His blood intermingled with the blades tip stealing some of his mana in the process. “Don’t move” She hissed, “tell me who you are”.

She mentally attempted to reach Sebastian “Sebastian I need a report, what is going on in my village, where is everyone!?”

Queen P.M.
02-07-2016, 07:24 PM
It was almost dark out and Emery Ceros and Iceis were a mile away from the forest. The cries of the wind had kept Iceis from sleeping for the entire trip; it started drizzling. Seeing the rain for the first time made Iceis feel very sad for a reason she couldn't quite understand. On top of that she kept getting a terrible agonizing pain in her head for the past hour and a half. Iceis took a deep breath and sighed. 'I feel like somethings wrong...' She thought leaning on the car door and looking out the window. "You think its Sky, don't you?" Emery said looking back and forth between her and the rode. "What?.... Oh... Yeah... I think so. And I can't focus enough to try and communicate with her because of all this annoying water!" She replied grinding her teeth as she said so. Emery tried not to laugh, making her to up set when he said "this is type of water is called rain. Wow your an idiot but I guess that's what happens when you were raised and treated like a monster." Iceis had a dead look in her eyes as she slowly turned her head towards him. Emery softly smiled at Iceis saying "Now now, there's no need to be that mad at me and let me explain something first before you try an cut me off." "....Fine...... I really hate how you can read me like that ." She whispered to herself averting her eyes, looking back out the window. "Do you remember the first time you had human blood? It was when you attacked Rin as he tried to help you." Emery said getting serious. Iceis got chills down her arms when she remembered that sweet taste and smell "that terrible excuse for a doctor?" Her heartbeat increased as she started blushing and fidgeting around. "Of course, how could I forget something soooo delicious?" She chuckled sliding her hands up and down the sides of her face. Emery sighed and pulled over in front of an abandoned farm which just so happens to be next to the forest. "For a vampire in your situation getting the chance to feed on at least fifty to seventy percent of the first humans blood you eat is crucial to how your brain will develop past that point but your blood changed his causing him to become a half blood. Basically if you had drained him then, you would've been a lot smarter now. That's all time trying to say." Then Emery got out of the car and went around to open the door for Iceis. When Iceis stepped out she instantly smelled a forest fire and saw black smoke coming up from it as the rain started to come down a little harder. "If you head in the direction of the smoke you should make it to the village in about thirty minutes or so." Emery said suddenly fading away. "Your not coming with me?" Iceis asked. "No, I don't feel like running through the forest right now. Why don't you take Ceros with you if you don't want to go alone? He's been sleeping for a while now so he should be getting up soon." Emery replied smiling just before completely disappearing. Iceis grabbed her black hoodie, that Emery got her and slammed the car door yelling "why the heck would I take this little worthless guy with me!!? Your such a prick!" Then jumped over the ten foot tall fence that stood in front of her and dashed off to the burning village.

02-08-2016, 03:30 PM
The Kurans are unique among Purebloods, as some members of the Kuran family possess and display the ability to handle anti-vampire weapons.Their blood is highly prized and many have attempted to drink their blood, this includes both humans and Noble vampires.

Prologue: Mojo was the eldest prince of West Suzzex and was away on a peace treaty mission. He was the representative trying to get a ally from a neighboring kingdom when a messenger interrupted the process and told them that the Capital has been attacked. He quickly got it done and zipped home to find out the kingdom and the castle to be in ruins and the castle was engulfed in flames. His parent's were dead. Debris was everywhere, and he could not find a single sibling among the debris. So he began reconstructing the kingdom and the castle brick by stone brick. jump ahead a bit Mojo is also a head on the VH council. His wife Julie was a vampire hunter and she didn't know he was an vampire cause he only hunted predator animals that was causing issues with livestock and helping to balance the eco system. He also was her partner when she did hunting. As time went she fell Head Over Heels for him and then on January 16th he was hurt in the left upper shoulder by a rogue vampire; However while attending to his injures,"Julie Look Out!" the rogue bit her, and drained too much blood of hers. He was in a tight situation Either let her die in his arms or pump her with his blood and transform her into one of his species. He chose to reveal himself to her and her eyes grew wide as he bit into her neck and began pumping his blood into her. Well she did become one and he let her suck on his blood for the first few weeks whenever he was near her to help. He also helped her regain her senses of what had happened so that she could continue her work as she was. He also introduced her to the vegetarian version of control. Predator blood. So she accepted and they opened up a safe haven if you will for vampires who would live under the rules that he and his wife had set up for the kingdom they were going to build. It was a trial kingdom but he gave all vampires a hope of starting over and living a life of no harassment/discrimination/equal jobs and a new way to life and laws that were to be followed to the T if they wanted to live in this safe haven kingdom that he would building. They would become his subjects and they'd be watched and cared for by both their own species and Vampire Hunters. I can't tell you how many Flocked to his doors seeking shelter, and before he let them in he In Person told them the laws that he has set for them to be allowed citizenship in his kingdom. If any were found breaking the law or gone rogue He and his wife along with the other vampires and hunters would hunt them down and Slay them! Many agreed to give this new way of living a try and were happy to have a safe haven and place to call home. Many hunters also respect him cause of who he is and his achievements. Not to mention his wife is also Very famous too. He has two son's and two daughter's.Their oldest son Jacob is currently 15 and his younger brother Toby is 10 Their oldest sister is in college and is 21. Their baby sister is going to be 3, Her name is Jessica. Also Julie is five months pregnant with their newest sibling. All are vegetarians.Many who know him trust him both humans,hunters,nobles,and normal vampires.

Central Command HQ England date xx/xx/XXXX time 12:52pm A magistrate was working like countless others when a message came in for Mojo,"Boss there's a call for you from the wife." Everyone was curious cause they knew the story but didn't know what she looked like. "Put her through on screen." Bleep!" Mojo Kuran.""Yes Vice president?""We've found out where your siblings are located; However it seems their being attacked by Dr.Ella. By order of the president you are to get ready and go Subdue her by any means necessary But try to convince her first by talking it out. Though I Doubt it'll do any good. Dr. Ella needs to be subdued cause she's going to put billions of people around the world in danger cause of her whim.""Yes Vice president I'll do my best to subdue her by any means necessary." "Good I look forward to hearing of that Julie Kuran.....BARF...Retch...Out!" Bleep! Everyone was stunned. She was a real beauty even if she was carrying their fifth child. "Alright I want people ready to go and meet at the Heli pads for take off at 1400 hours Double time!" "Yes Sir!!!" People were scurrying every where rushing to get ready as the alarms blared.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWIyb9sA0SQ As he walked slowly to the launch pad, "Hey I want some water douses. I have a feeling that we might be facing some vampires and enemies who can use fire as their weapons.""Yes Sir!!!"

When he got to the launch pad he had to project his voice over the roar of the rotating propeller heads,"ALL RIGHT WE NOW HAVE TO GO TO X AND STOP DR.ELLA FROM CAUSING A WAR THAT WILL BE ENDANGERING BILLIONS OF LIVES WORLD WIDE. I WANT TWO WATER DOUSES PER HELICOPTER, NOW FALL IN, AND GET READY TO TAKE OFF." Each heli was a transport one and could carry thirty three, and their base had four of these choppers. All loaded one would wait ten seconds before taking off after the one before it. After a while Mojo took the mic and made a announcement over the speakers of all the choppers,"Now we're going to the village, however We're going to land a ways before arrival so we can come in and surprise our enemies and to assess the damage that the village has taken. Get ready to move out in an hour." Comph A hour passes,"Alright its the time you been waiting for Move Move Move!!!" A total of one hundred and thirty including Mojo run out of the helicopters guns ready for any sudden movement or of enemy attack. Mojo leads as General while he had squad leaders assigned to the other three groups. They were going in for a flanking circle maneuver. Mojo assess the village before risking it to see if he couldn't subdue her by talking first. "De.Ella! What In Blazes Are You Doing?! Your Endangering The Lives of Billions of people Around the world, Or do you not care?"

02-11-2016, 11:51 PM
Sebastian roamed around his desk in his room, alone but disturbed.

'I know their secret, and I need to tell someone right away just in case something happens.. '

But fear kept him in his room, in a constant pace, wondering who he could trust. His lover was missing, presumed dead, and he trusted no one more than him. It was a wonder how he hadn't broken down already, but he concluded he was still going through shock and that once this whole ordeal was over, he'd get his time to mourn.

'Gods, I miss him so much.. it feels like he's still here, but I know he isn't.. '

Sebastian pace stopped right infront of his window. He turned and looked out from his second story bedroom, upon the city that he knew and loved. A city that, unbeknowst to them, was doomed to fall sooner rather than later.

'I have to tell someone what I learned before my lover died, I have to-'

But before he could finish his thought, he heard a whirring getting louder as each second past. Before he could even blink, an arrow materialized out of nowhere, glowing with a sick-looking purple aura and hit him, point blank, through his heart.

"What-" he gasped in surprise, hitting the floor with a loud thud.

The last thing that happened was a vision of his lovers face, shining and smiling in his vision. Sebastian reached out tentatively and smiled, knowing soon that he would be at peace.

Then the world turned dark.

02-12-2016, 03:29 AM
Althea felt a stabbing pain rush through her being. She groaned in agony and confusion. Clutching her chest she glared at Aquila. "I don't have time for you", she rushed him and swiftly dealt a blow in his gut with the hilt of her blade. He collapsed onto the ground. She noticed him glower at her with contempt.
Ignoring this she de-materialized into mist and sped towards Sebastian's home. She burst through the front doors; with a trembling hand, she slowly opened the bedrooms door. The doorknob made an ominous creaking sound. There in the middle of the room lay a pile of ash. Falling to her knees, Althea reached out scooping the ash into her hands. She was speechless as she let the ash fall slowly between her fingers.
Althea's eyes were stone cold and red with fury. She snarled with venom as an arrow flew past her just missing her face. She stood up tall, and grasped the arrow in her hand and snapped it in two. The mana held in the arrow fizzed and burned her palm. She didn't even flinch as she wiped her palm on her pants. In the blink of an eye she was back outside holding the human who's arrow was shot - and whom she presumed had killed Sebastian. She bit his neck tearing at his flesh. Blood poured down his neck and down her shirt. The human screamed in agony as he flailed desperate for release. Her cold eyes never left Sebastian's window, a small smile flit across her slips as a loud snap resonated from the human's neck. She dropped the now limp body to the ground and swung around to see Iceis running towards her through the village.

In a cold and lost voice Althea bit out "I'm pleased to see you are alive and well" she was biting her lip attempting to calm the bloodlust running through her.
"Where is your sister? -- My son?"

02-14-2016, 04:31 PM
I scolded myself for getting beaten this easily but he was destracted it was just for a second but more didn't she need to get behind him. "I should know better than getting lost in my thoughts when facing an ancient vampire" I was really angry at myself even though I had completed a part of mine objective. I hold a small glass against my neck to catch my blood. Althea had infused the blade with her blood even if it was mixed with mine the scientists should be able to filter the small part of her blood out of it. I had the chance to fight her but it seemed that some part inside me didn't want to fight my old mother. "Goddamit. I should have been over my past by now." I know I should know better but I was thinking about what she said anyway. "I'm not her son?" That presumption of her hurted me even if it shouldn't do that. "I guess I've changed indeed, but what choice did I have? Time traveling changes a man. I've seen so many vampires doing so many terrible things. Once I hated humans but that one girl changed me. Made me question and eventually throw everything away that I believed about humans. Because of her I started believing in the strength of humans and that they weren't all bad. That girl was human and I was an vampire still we loved each other that was until some low blood vampire killed her by sucking her dry entirely. The love of my live was taken by me because of a vampire. After that I couldn't travel back again and I started helping humans and there civilizations but one time a clan of vampires killed of an village entirely I had been living the last few years. It were those things which accumaleted and started to make me head vampires and love humans. I knew that I was changing so when I was away on a mission with my brother and we got closed in by hunters I decided that I could save my little brother and finally die and be reunited with the humans I loved so much, I remembered a ritual I discovered in an old ruin to give another vampire you're power and I did that to my brother but the result wasn't that I died. Well I did die but came back to live after a year as a human. I was a body that was being studied by the hunters than but I reawoke. The looks on their faces when I vampire corps suddenly started breathing again. I made clear that I meant no harm and they wanted to do some tests. I didn't really care what would happen by than but after some tests of them they descovered I was no longer a vampire neither a human. I was something in between. I made a deal with the hunters to become an hunter in exchange they wouldn't hurt my little brother. I didn't want to tell my brother what I had become. How I had changed but I loved humans and hated vampires this was the job I could use to protect them. But I also loved my brother so this seemed the ideal deal. It was ironic how I once a vampire was now a vampire killer. One of the best in it too. I took three years of training to get used to my new body. I had lost my vampire powers but I still had an extremely high level of many and enhanced abilities. I didn't really age either. three months ago I was transfared to this country and was ordered to work toghteter with docter Ella as the head of the fighters. I know of Iceis and Sky but I didn't help them. I didn't know of Sebastian but I had never come at the mansion. I felt a tear going over me cheek. When I was ordered to attack the village I had mixed feelings between my duty and my old loyalty. Maybe this was the past way things could have end. Since I wasn't a real vampire anymore my wounds didn't heal so fast anymore, they still healed faster than any man could dream of, but not as fast as they used to be. I pushed my hand in one of the many pockets and getted out a small box. In the box was a needle with thread and some alcohol. I grinded my teeth and dropped the alcohol on my wound to disinfect it and with a few quick thrusts I closed the wound. After all my battle I had gotten way to proficient in healing myself. I think a few more minutes to recatch my mental strenght and I decided to leave the village. I was way too confused right now to battle more against any real opponent. I started to make way to the main gate. On my way back a few more vampires attacked me but they were small fries and I killed them easily. "She said she holded me when I died that isn't correct according to my memory." It was of course the easiest to presume she lied but why would she? I just wanted to leave through the main gate to retreat when I saw someone I didn't want to see. It was Ceros. "Oww crap" I said it before I even noticed it. This would be painfull. I did that one thing which is the smartest to do in these situations. I ran away

"Why the heck would I take this little worthless guy with me!!? Your such a prick!" Not exactly the words I wanted to hear to wake up. Imagine one moment you're peacefull at sleep, I deserved some sleep alright I had lost my arm not too long ago. And then you're being waked up by someone complaining about youe. "Yeah good morning to you too" I mumbled half asleep but Iceis had gone ahead already. I swear that girl is so terrible impatient. I noticed that I could use my arm fully again which made me quite happy and I stepped out of the car. I just wanted to warp to Iceis when I realised that I had left my katana in the car. I picked it up and jumped over the fence into the woods. "Iceis where are you!" I yelled hoping to find her. I stopped because that's one I remembered I can teleport. I really am still half asleep. I warped to the village to wait for Iceis, the main gate to be exactly. Quite a shock I had seen some smoke of a fire in the distance when I was at the car but the thought that the village was under attack hadn't come to me. Everywhere there were humans and vampires fighting, houses were on fire and everywhere there were laying dead bodied. The vampire hunters seemed to ignore me for some reason, I won't complain about that. I realised that Sky was still in the village That was when I saw a phantom who shouldn't exist. He gave of an completely other aura yet there was some familiar feeling in it, than I remembered but it was definitly him. "A-Aquila?": my voice trembled and was probably to faint for him to hear but I saw that he had seen me. Yet how could that be? Aquila was dead, right? I didn't see him die, but when I left him he had maybe only minutes to survive. All he said was "owww crap." we stood there for a few seconds than he suddenly ran away. "what was that just now?" I let out. I wanted to follow him and get some explenation why he looked like Aquila so much but that was when Sky and some, naked guy? "what the hell?" I forgot the guys from a few seconds ago immediatly. Sky ran towards me looking scared "Umm, yo Sky been some time hasn't it?":my voice sounded weird "maybe a strange question but why is there a naked guy following you?"

Queen P.M.
02-15-2016, 01:07 PM
Ella turned to see a face she'd hoped she never had to see again and got pissed. She sighed and rolled her eyes, realizing she had to respond to the guy messing up her plans. "What a surprise, can't you see I'm trying to get my test sub-, I mean get rid of a trader and his accomplices. And how is destroying one vampire hideout going to effect billions. Also if your here thinking you stop me like this then guess again, I don't take orders from a vampire." She said then waited for a comeback as she crossed her arms.

Emery chuckled as he reappeared next to Iceis "Iceis, that woman is here. Can't you smell her? What if she has Sky already?" "Whaaaat!?" She replied the aggressively ran off. "She's so simple." He whispered and sighed. "So, Althea, how've you been? I haven't seen you since the war that the girls parents died in." Emery said smiling at Althea for the first time in years.

It took a while but Iceis managed to sniff out Ella's gross flowery aroma form amongst the smoke, ashes and piles of dead bodies, that kept making her even more hungry than she already was. 'There! She's right there!' She thought, seeing her coming up in the distance. But then she noticed the man next to her; Iceis froze and started feeling a sense of familiarity and safety from him, Which was very new to her. 'What am I doing I can't stop now, I have to kill that hag before she gets away!' Iceis created a long ice needle, which now flouted in the palm of her right hand, that would freeze any part of someones body it touched. Iceis bent her arm back, preparing to through it, then launched it towards Ella's heart. But then just as she threw it, a hand reached and pulled her to the side of a partially unburned store to hide. Ella didn't see it coming. Unfortunately, the tip of the needle only managed to scrape the left side of her outer torso, causing it to freeze a little. When Ella felt that rush of sudden pain she screamed out in agony and turned a little, limp like, to see where the ice came from.

02-15-2016, 09:28 PM
"No, but You do take orders from the President who has instructed me to have you stop this from causing issues, where their spreading can cause more harm to the ordinary citizens of the world. Making them go into areas where humans mill about in masses can make the population of vampires go up, and I don't want that to effect countless families, and their loved ones. You are to be stopped By Any means necessary." He turn sharply as the ice came flying from out of the blue, and he looked to see who had shot it. "Alright Whoever Shot That Icicle Stop what you are doing, I have this village surrounded!" "Dr.Ella You will not do more harm than you already have. I will Detain this village, have them under my leadership, and will not have them cause trouble; However I Highly suggest you also give up, and give in. Don't make a struggle for yourself considering it would be in vain."

Queen P.M.
02-15-2016, 11:23 PM
"Can't we talk about this later? Why aren't you helping me? I've just been stabbed!!" She said in a shocked tone with one hand on her hip and the other on her chest. " I think I might die! The world.... is.... going black." She whaled. "I think I'm DYING!!! Ella yelled as she neatly and slowly tried to pretend to faint on the ground but couldn't because of the chunk of frozen skin that was slowly freezing her insides without her realizing it. "It hurts so bad! My siide. I think I need to go home and get myself treated." She went on trying not to touch it; as she started limping to her car, the ice started showing up and spreading more on the outside and she fainted before she could get to it.

02-16-2016, 01:14 AM
OOC: Queen P.M. Rin and Iceis need to do something.
Mojo slowly goes over to where Ella layed unconscious on the ground. He bound her legs, and arms behind her back then holding her firmly in place touched the icicle, it went away as he healed her body. He probed along as he followed it quickly, and dealt with it. Then make her well completely well again. "Hmm" He smiled as he remember in his past the first signs of his younger sister when she first began showing her new power. It was hot out that particular day and when their mother went to give her a bath Iceis had made the water ice cold rather quickly. Splashing some onto her mother's face. 'So she's alive and around here somewhere, I wonder if my youngest sister has survived also.' So instead of being dead their alive. Snapping his fingers all the water douses came flying out of the forest along with the soldiers and Vampire hunters who was under his command." Squad 1 I want you to find anything that can be salvaged for these civilians.""Squad 2 You guys go help them if there's any who need help with trapped people in those buildings that are on fire. or needs help finding relatives that got separated." "Water Douses your squad three work as best as you can, and as quickly as you can." "My squad We're rounding up the Stragglers here who are aiding Dr. Ella and seeing what we can learn."" Move Out!!!" Whips out his cell phone. Beep Beep beep "Honey, the entire village is engulfed in flames, I will have to likely take these villagers, and move them over to our kingdom. Better start preparing for their arrivals. I don't think they'll be able to stay here with the damage thats been done here, and I need you to look into something for me. I need to know what a certain symbol is I found on some of these unconscious vampire hunters." Bleep."Evac Heavy lift gear we got some who I'm sure will be injured, and I also need a pair of cuffs for Dr.Ella she's going to be taken before the president and dealt with. Comph "Roger"Comph.

02-17-2016, 10:46 AM
'damn...DAMN!! i can't believe this, what is going on? all i remember is me wanting to go with Iceis to have a look outside the village and now THIS!?' Rin thought to himsel while trying to find the others, as he ran Rin couldn't quite figure everything out, watching the village being burned down, the vilagers being killed and hearing the screams of children that are trying to find their mothers reminded him of his past.....("mother? father? where are you? why did you leave me all alone..i'm scared i'm so scared...please someone...anyone....don't leave me here alone....)
Rin stoped moving, a screaming voice came from inside a house that was just next to him, his legs started moving towards that direction, not that he wanted to but something felt like he had to, he opened the door and walked to the living room 'huh? there's nothing here...could i have been mistaken? when Rin was about to head back a voice suddenly came from inside the bathroom saying "hel..help me..someone help" Rin ran to the bathroom to find a young girl lying on a pile of blood ''don't worry i'll help you i just need to.."before he could finish talking suddenly he had a strong feeling of familiarity 'huh? is..is that Iceis?' Rin didn't know what to do he looked for Iceis for so long and now she's back, he had to see her right away but what about this young girl?

when Sky and Chii ran away from Aquila Sky felt a small pain in her leg but since it was a small pain she think much about it, as they ran Sky could see someone from a far "it's ceros!" she and Chii head to his deriction when they got to him Ceros asked her "why is there a naked guy following you?" Sky didn't quite understood what he meant by that question.. but then she remembered that Chii is.. "Ch..Chii you're still naked?!?" Sky covered her eyes with her hands "will you put something on already!!" "hmm why? does it bother you that much? ha hahahahahahahaha"Chii started laughing but then immediatly stoped and said with a serious expression "i don't want to, i feel much better when i'm like that so...NO"
Sky felt hot she was angry but at the same time she was embarrassed all she wanted to do is to yell at him but then again if she did, she had to remove her hands and look at his bare body, the mere thought made her face as red as her hair 'che i don't care anymore i'm moving my hands NOW!' as she moved them slowly her big mint green eyes her soft looking lips and the sweat that was dripping down her white cheek suddenly became so atractive to Chii 'what the!?' "we..well fine i'll put something on right no.." as he was about to finish talking he noticed that Sky had a bleeding nose "?? your nose is bleeding are ok?"
"huh? my nose?" when she was about to check if it was true she suddenly lost her balance and fell to the ground, "S..SKY!!" Chii yelled as he ran to her aid 'damn i..i can't breath...not now please not no...w' Chii's heart began to race so hard as if though it was about to burst out of his chest and then he too lost conscious and fell next to Sky.

Rin was on his way to see iceis he ran as fast as he could, he had to see Iceis right away, he missed her so much that he could die...but he couldn't leave that girl like that....so that's why he took her with him....("damn!! ok, i'm going to help you so you've got to stay quiet" Rin stitched up her wounds and quickly picked her up "i know that its not as good as i could do but i just don't have much time, i'm sorry but you'll have to hang in there for me, ok?")
Rin finally got to the place where he felt Iceis and so when he went around the corner he saw her 'i'm so glad..i'm so glad you're ok my dear Iceis..but....' Rin walked up to her,grabbed her by the hand and asked "where were you!! what the hell happened? And why didn't you take me with you!?" Rin couldn't hold back, all he wanted to do is yell and scream at her for leaving him even if she'd get mad he just couldn't hold back his anger anymore.

02-17-2016, 11:33 AM
"SKY": I scream, being quite shocked of her suddenly passing out. Her face was all read, sweat was dripping from her body and her temprature was way to high. I got a bad feeling about this. I quickly search her body while Chii, still naked, had also passed out and was laying on the ground I quickly throw a nearby cloth over him, I didn't really enjoyed looking at a naked guy. Sadly enough it seemed that my hunch was correct, there was a small needle sticking out of her leg and I'm pretty sure it was poisened. Actually I had even a feeling which poisen it was. Getting a high temprature, not being able to breath, works on vampires with strong blood, passing out, it was just like the poisen my brother used to amply on his weapons which he made himself. If I was correct than there were only a few healers in the world who could heal her and only one person who new how to make the antidose, lucky for Sky my brother told me how to make it, however if I was wrong the antidose would kill her. "Hang in there Sky" I say having made up my mind "I will cure you but first we have to find Iceis. we had to make it quick since making the antidose costed much time almost as much time as it would take the poisen to kill Sky. But I was worried about Chii, I knew what cast it on Sky but I had no idea why he passed out, he wasn't poisened or anything but when I used some mana to check I saw that there was some kind of magic link between him and Sky, the same kind of link as Iceis and her guardian had.

Queen P.M.
02-17-2016, 02:21 PM
Iceis got really frustrated with Rin because he messed up her shot. She Dug her fingernails through his hand. "Let go of me!!? Why do I have to answer to you!?" She yelled at him. She looked back in the direction they left from 'Did I get to kill her?' She wondered. Iceis looked back at his and her hand then forcefully let go. "Explain yourself! Now!"

02-17-2016, 02:53 PM
Rin was so angry that he couldn't even feel the pain in his hand all he could hear was Iceis's shitty words and then without realizing it Rin raised his hand and slapped Iceis across her face making it to be as red as a tomato "what the hell!! Do you even know what i've been through because of you? Do you even know how many time have i spent on searching for you? I seriously thought i would never see you again do you...do you even..." Rin stopped, all he could do right now is try to hold back the tears that were choking him and at that moment he remembered something ("Rin come down here for a second mommy has a surprise for you!"---"what is it? what is it?.....Huh? Mommy? mommy where did you go? WHERE ARE YOU!! MOTHER!?")
Rin finally came to when he saw the weird expression on Iceis face, "is..is everything alright? listen i'm sorry i didn't mean to hit you that hard... hey you ok?"

Queen P.M.
02-17-2016, 03:36 PM
Iceis's hand slowly went up to her cheek and she paused in confusion. 'W-what is.... It hurts? It HURTS!!!!' She thought in shock. She felt the sudden need to hurt someone and that someone was Rin. She gave him a calm death glare as removed her hand from her face "You dare slap me?" She said, extending her hand out to squeeze his neck. But then from out of nowhere Emery said "Now now, you don't want to kill him. He's your main source of food." And tightly grabbed her wrist, putting back to her side. Then he patted her head softly adding " you need to calm down, okay?" And so she did.

02-17-2016, 04:40 PM
I infuse my mana into Sky's body This poisen... It's the same as Aquila? Only he and I knew this formula. Then could it be that the guy at the cate really wa- Sky starts moaning under me and I can feel that hear health is quickly deminishing. I try to heal but This formula is slightly different. I can't heal her? I have to find Ella she must know something about the cure Just when I was trying to think of a way I notice some guy running to me from behind. before he could blink I was behind him and holding a knive against his throath "Don't move an inch or I will slice you're throath open. Who's your leader and take me to him." "Our leader is called Mojo and I will take you to him, just get that blade away from me throath." Mojo? my cousin? Why is he here? I take my knive back and I walk towards SkyI lift up Sky her body carefully caring her with two arms. "Mojo is at the center of the town, right?" I ask him "ummm yeah, how did you know?" I didn't bother to answer the guy and just warped to the center of the town holding Sky and teleporting chii with us to, including the blanket. "Cousin I have to see Ella right now!" I scream at Mojo "Sky is dying!"

02-17-2016, 06:06 PM
"Cousin I have to see Ella right now! Sky is dying!"

"Unfournately Dr. Ella is not able to help at the moment. Iceis shot at her an icicle which after scratching her began to freeze her internally made her go unconscious.I healed her and removed the threat but it'll be a while before she awakes. Let me take a look."

"You there sgt." "Yes sir?" "Do you have a flask in you backpack I can use?" "Yes sir right a way sir." Mojo placed his hand on his sister Sky and began to concentrate of bring all of the poison to one area. "Is that flask out?" "Yes sir." "Good bring it here." The soldier approached him and Sky." Now put it under her arm." The soldier did so. Mojo forced the poison out of Sky through her pores and into the flask. He then heals the damaged part of her body, while the solider caped the flask and put into a special container. "There now my sis here should start feeling better."

02-18-2016, 06:07 AM
'What is this? Where am i? Is it a dream or am i dead?' Sky looked around, all she could see is white and nothing more, she felt at ease like nothing is wrong with her it was as she had forgoten everything else 'i like this feeling.. maybe its for the best... i don't even like to fight that much so its all for the best' as she was lying down with her eyes closed Sky heard a familiar tone of voice 'huh? Someone is calling my name, who is it?' As she heard that voice Sky tried to find a way out, she remembered that she had to save the people that she cared about 'i can't stay here! I have to get out of here right now! i need to save iceis and sebastian...oh yea Chii too....well i need to get back!!' Sky looked for so many ways out but couldn't, all she could do is sit down and wait 'why can't i get out of here what is going o....huh? Wha what!?' the white room that Sky was in suddenly began to turn black 'i....i feel..i feel so weak what's happening to me?'

02-18-2016, 10:55 AM
"You idoit! Don't you see that you only are making things worse!" I yell at Mojo angry because he's practically killing Sky. "Our only hope is that Ella knows the cure so get her conscious again!" maybe it's wrong from me to be this angry since he only tried to help but this wasn't a normal poisen. It was the kind that became stronger if the wrong magic was used on it and if one would try to remove it the magic would stay and they poisenious effects to only shorting whatever was left of the person's live. I grab Mojo with the hands and lift him from the ground. All the subordinates surrounding is are grabbing there weapons but they don't dare act. "You better wake up Ella because if Sky dies I will hold you responsible." I wait for a moment so that what I will next will be clear. "If she dies I will kill you." I loosen my grip on him and walk to Sky "I'm now going to try to keep her alive for a few moments longer. So get that antidose from Ella." I infuse my mana with her body and I try to slow the poisen down but all I can do will be buying her a litle bit of time, I can only hope that time will be enough to get the medicine.

02-18-2016, 01:01 PM
Queen Ella needs to respond. also it seems Yuuzuki's character has just done a Huge blunder and reckless action without thinking.

'I've seen enough I'm coming over there!' Mojo rolled his eyes."Great you have just made things worse by threatening to kill me, now Blackheart is coming in." This sudden saying made some who have been with Mojo long enough to break out in a sudden sweat and body with shuddering. The others who haven't been under Mojo's command long just stared questioningly at the others who did, and the ones who did know couldn't speak they were so scared."I'll try to get the antidote, and I'm Not going to let my sister die." Off in the distances a sound like a T-Rex roaring could be heard. Mojo went over to where the unconscious Dr. Ella was,'Dr. Ella What is the cure for the arrows that have been used to attack the village, and you better tell me cause your live will depend on it also. You've been poisoned also with this killer.I ony prolonged your life I need to know the cure so you can get well again.' Still talking to his cousin "not to mention if you do kill me every Vampire hunter and vampire under my command will hunt you down also. I am trying to save them and if you kill me you'll only be doing our enemies a favor. There is many in Vampire Hunter Head quarters who want me dead cause I'm protecting vampires from being hunted and outright killed. Not to mention my wife and children will also be left behind and my wife is close to giving birth. She's also the Vice president of the Vampire hunters. Our enemies will do away with her if I'm killed off. "

Queen P.M.
02-19-2016, 05:50 AM
Ella moaned softly to a nagging voice in her head and felt disgusted by it. Then she heavily gasped as she woke up; Ella was shocked by her situation. "What!? What do you think your doing? How dare you! I have rights!" She said warming around. "How dare those disgusting things do this to me!" She added, whispering to herself, after giving up on trying to get out of the cuffs around her wrists and the rope around her ankles.

After Iceis calmed down she noticed the child Rin was holding. She want to touch it and hold it but felt a little lightheaded causing her to slowly sway. Emery knew Iceis was about to faint so he picked her up; one arm under her legs and the other behind her back. "You need to rest, your body is getting drained by the heat." He told her. "Sky.... I have to save sky...." Iceis said under breath. "Don't worry I'll take you to her." He replied softly. Then Iceis dozed off. Emery turned to Rin and smirked at him saying "and you should try to conceal your jealousy, I can smell your stench a mile away. Now let's go, we're leading to the others."

OOC: Cielbk -rin

02-19-2016, 11:40 AM
'What the..?' "Wait!!" Rin screamed as he looked at Iceis with a gloomy expression "you what is going on? Who are you? And whats your relationship with Iceis? Rin was really confused, in his mind the only thing that he could think about at the moment was Iceis and THAT guy, "please tell me..."

02-19-2016, 03:19 PM
Mojo noticed Dr.Ella was awake. He went over to her and picked her up taking her to where Sky was."Dr.Ella this is my sister Sky, and I want you two to get healed since both of you have been hit by the deadly poison. We need the antidote so we can make it and give it to both of you. I want both of you to survive, Understand?"

Queen P.M.
02-20-2016, 07:03 PM
Emery sighed "follow me." He said as he started walking off. "I'm Emery, Iceis's spirit familiar so I have no feeling for her; you don't have to worry. But I will say this, don't be disappointed if she falls for someone else. You are her source of energy, the only reason you are living is because she needs you to keep her in check. We can talk about this later, after Iceis wakes up." He added with a little form of respect.

Ella had a blank face on saying "I don't see the need to help you! I'll let her die! Why should I care?" As she dared not to look at Sky because she knew if she did she might give in. She kept her head turned and her eyes slightly closed. She hated herself for feeling that way; almost making herself regret taking Sky in as her daughter. "You expect me to believe that you poisoned me after I fainted? Haha don't mock me, fool!" A while after that, Emery showed up with Iceis and Rin. 'Well well well, they actually caught the famous Ella Evans, How funny." He thought chuckling at her. Then he turned to Mojo and said "Its a pleasure to see you again, but I'm not sure you remember me. You were young..... Your still young, in my eyes anyway." As he gave him a small bow.

02-20-2016, 08:44 PM
"Oh Yeah? Then whats this?" He held up one of the arrows that Aqulia uses with the poison on it by the shaft of the arrow."So you Want me to add more to you wound?"He approaches closer to Dr.Ella and there's a glare in the eyes of Mojo' Go Ahead Try Me!' In the distance a loud rumble like thunder could be heard, and a loud thump thump thump then came with it."Its been a while Emery."