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08-09-2015, 04:47 AM
This is a North Korean cartoon about these anthropomorphic animals fighting each other in a war. From what I've read about it, the different species of animals are supposed to represent people from different countries in the world. They are:
Squirrels = North Koreans
Hedgehogs = North Koreans
Mice = South Koreans
Bears = Soviets/Russians
Weasels = Japanese
Wolves = Americans

Here's a couple web pages with info about it.

You can watch most (if not all) of the episodes on this Youtube channel, which actually has English subtitles for the videos.

Note that despite the name of this channel, it is not officially connected to the actual North Korean creators of the show. Note also that the episodes were not all uploaded in order from 1 to 32, so you may have to search through the videos to find the first episode, and the next one, and the next one, etc (though a lot of them are in order).

Note also that episode 27 is missing English subtitles. I got in contact with the uploader about this. He said he lost the subtitles file, so all the work of the translator he hired to translate this episode went down the drain.