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06-05-2015, 06:06 PM
Um, hello! I'm Humi! RPs are...cool. I don't really do many things online because I'm really bad at tech. Um, I thought maybe I could make an RP so here you go.

A Tendency To Die:
Maysu and Naysu are twin sisters who own a hairdressing store. They have a few friends who help them run the store. Nyaruko Ajoy, Maysu's best childhood friend, dies. Narugo Tusemo, Naysu's boyfriend, dies. Elias Jaqes, a friend of both the sisters, dies. The twins wonder why so many of their friends are dying. What's going on? They decide to try and figure out what happened. Naysu was just glad her pet parrot, Flounce, was okay.
Maysu Saka
Naysu Saka
Aysa Sihmo
Rin Joso
Liam Lest
(Notice: You can say you think a character did it at any moment. There are some characters that are in the RP that aren't listed as suspects but you can still say you think they did it.)
Maysu Saka (female, human)
Naysu Saka (female, human)
Aysa Sihmo (female, human)
Rin Joso (female, human)
Liam Lest (male, human)
Roomi (female, human)
Flounce (male, parrot)
Jasker Ronou (male, human)
(Notice: You can make up characters but they must either be pets or humans.)
If you make your own character their profile should look like this:
This is my character:
Owner: HumiImp (your username)
Name: Ramen Ino (your character's name)
Gender: Male (your character's gender)
Race: Human (your character's race, must be a pet or human)
Age: 19 (your character's age, must be 16+)
Bio: Ramen is a young boy who likes to cut hair. He wants to be a hair dresser. His girlfriend, Maysu, and her sister, Naysu, have let him work at their barber shop. He's very trendy and likes scarves.
Look (optional but must be a picture):

No cursing. I know curse words are alloyed on the site but I don't want them on my RP so please don't do them even if they're like:
"You little son of a ****"