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03-01-2015, 08:48 PM
Concept: All gods from all polynomial (Multiple gods) religions exist, but their time is running out. Twenty years ago they were discovered, and told humans that they will all die in 100 years. Because of this, the universe will become unbalanced and collapse, so they need to find humans worthy of fulfilling their legacy and become gods. The selected humans are called "Favored children". These favored children go to a high school to develop their divine power, and to test if they are worthy of being a god. There are now eighty years left, no one has reached divinity, and the first god Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and hunt, has died. There are three requirements for a favored child.
1. They must have no family so that there will be no one to miss them after divinity
2. The must have an emotional attachment to the god (Major or Minor) so that they'd be willing to become a favored child. As an example, my character felt bad for her god since his sister had died. That's all it takes. Something as small as that.
3.They must have a relation to the god so that they can successfully fulfill their legacy. (I'll clarify this in a minute)

Character build up:
Like I mentioned before, you can be ANY god from any polynomial religions. No monomials. Being the only god is to overpowering. Anyway, there are restrictions. You can not be the favored child of a dead god, or a favored child of a god who already has a favored child, or be a favored child of multiple gods. I will keep a list of occupied gods, but in the meantime, go all over the place! Any religion means Japanese, Buddhist, Norse, Greek, Roman, heck, if you wanted to, you could even be Chin, the Mayan god of homosexual relationships! As long as there are two or more gods in one religion, you can belong to that religion.

Keep in mind, that your character wouldn't be replacing a god if it didn't have some form of relation with said god. This relation could be that you caught the attention of a rival god, you could be related to a former (Or present) favored child of a god with a strong bond with your god (like my character), or you could relate to their reign (Like a swimmer who caught the eye of Poseidon).

Your character set up should look similar to this:

Respective god, the god's reign, and relation to god:

I will use my character as an example:
Name: Melody Parker
Age: 16
Gender: female
God: Apollo, Greek god of the sun (And a bunch of other things), Melody's mother was the failed favored child of Artemis, Apollo's twin sister.
Appearance: Long blond hair with green eyes, 5,6 in height, normally wears colorful clothing.
Personality: Very bright and cheerful, but also far off and ditzy
Hobbies: Painting and music
Bio: Melody had a mother, a father, and a twin brother. However, they died in a car accident when Melody was 15, so she lived on her own for a year. Then Apollo claimed her. Her life was getting back on track, and she was getting happier, but because the Greek moon, Artemis, had died, as the sun, she started to feel alone, and there was no one to balance out her power. The rest it to be written in game.

You don't have to write your bio like I did, I just make mine a mini-story. As for roleplaying, feel free to make your player as OP as you want. Don't worry about people thinking of you as ridiculous. Your character has been given a portion of a god's power! There's no way they wouldn't be even a little hot headed. So, feel free to have an epic battle that destroys the courtyard, as long as your prepared for your character to be the one to clean it up. Also, unless you have the god of war, try finding other ways to keep the dialog going. If you want to be accurate, research your god and think of what they would do. Keep in mind, anything that is okay with the mods, is okay with me. Have fun! And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

The current unavailable gods are: