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Aife Ronan

Ronat Chavez
*Like the picture above but only red...
In a rush, she felt deep inside herself before the child ripped her very essence out of her being. Using that essence, she searched through time and space seeking out those who would save her world she loved so much.

Twisting the rifts of time and space, she saw them as they walked on other plains. As she watched them one by one, different lands, different creatures, she flew through and lay a small piece of herself in them. Only slumber could release them from bounds in time and bring them forth to help her.

The towns folk of Sien Grumbia found them laying asleep against the towers wall where they had found the descendants body earlier that day, motionless, cold, but surprisingly still alive. They were dragged into their cells and locked inside as the people began to discuss exactly what they should do.

Some thought to hang them, others a beheading. No one could agree as to what should be done to them.

And as they argued, the small child slowly walked back to the tower and spoke to the wall, its whispers shaking the land, the skies darkening with utter terror, every soul in the town shivering at an unknown fear.

As the people looked up at the tower, some screamed, others ran. Parts of it began tumbling, the growls of the demon Myutaen’s voice echoing for miles.

Before the descendant could awaken the heroes, her world began falling apart, she knew what had to happen but she couldn’t get her voice to reach any of the sleeping heroes.

She left each a small package filled with clothing, a weapon, two potions, and 500 cristals hoping that it would help them as they begin their journey. Her last message before she began fading, not knowing when she would reappear to them, hoping they received it in their minds, began with: Beware of Rona-

No person survived the attack, no animal left to be heard, the seal shattering little by little, time running short.

Her message was left unfinished, none of the Heroes know who to beware of, who it is that they had heard, their cells unlocked. One by one they stand dressed, bag on their hips, and walking towards the exit, eyeing each other, but no word spoken until almost to the entrance of the prison.

A small red orb floating in front of them causing some to jump, others to stare in awe. My name is Chavez. I have called you here for your assistance. Please, help me save my home land.

Each look at each other and think upon themselves. A hard choice to make, a strange place to explore, a long ways to return from whence they came.

You must hurry, Ozma arrives shortly, he is one of many demons who have come to plague this world, he comes to destroy you, Heroes of the Light.

Psrima without secret locations added xP

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Skang eyes the sphere. He had heard legends of this sort of thing happening in the past. It wasn't entirely unprecedented. Still... he looked at his weapon. Rather similar to his guisarme, but simpler in design and a bit shorter.

"If you somehow whisked us all here, why the budget gear? Do these things even hurt demons? Also what does being a "Hero of Light" mean? Is there some ability I have that I should know about?"

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Looking about, Mia saw a bangaa, a viera, a hume, and a miqo'te, where was she?

Her fever felt worse, and a small thought kept popping into her head, this is what caused her illness.

Budget gear? It grows with you, mends itself, your very essence brought forth the very tool you hold. It circled around the the bangaa, then the miqo'te. Heroes of Light are people whom come from a lineage of fighters, defenders, soulbound beings for what is right.

"Not everyone sees what you see as right or wrong, but good and bad. What may be right for the good may not be for evil, and vice versa." Mia spoke ip, her voice hoarse, she leaned against her staff, boring old stick that stood almost twice her size.

That is for you to decide, though I do hope you will make the right one formy land.

The door budged as if pushed, but did not open, the wind picking up outside.

"Who is Rona?" Mia asked, a long exasperating cough leaving her breatheless. It slowly circled the lalafell.

She wishes you to not help everyone, to turn back and let Myutaen out, let him cause havok to the land. Ronan.

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Ugh…not the first time I’ve woken up in a cell, Locke thought. But definitely the first time I’ve woken up to a flashing orb and a free pass. He continued walking to the door, listening to the others.

“Hero of Light,” Locke said incredulously. “I hope you have the right person, uh…Chavez.” Locke couldn’t shake the silly feeling of talking to an orb. He looked around quickly at the motley assortment of characters around him. Hearing Mia cough almost compelled him to check on her, but he wasn’t comfortable with his arrangements enough to venture outside of mere banter.

Locke winced in the stark daylight that poured in through the door. Stepping outside he felt the wind grow stronger. He didn’t feel quite like himself, and he didn’t enjoy that realization.

“Okay, so I’m not the only one who heard that voice in my head?” he asked. “And it’s name is Ronan? Weird. I think the voice in my head was cut off too quickly.”

He looked in his bag and looked back up, his spirits picking up a bit.

“Not bad! I usually have to find these kinds of things on treasure hunts, but I don’t mind free gear. This dagger…nice and light. I could think of a few improvements, I guess.” He smiled at the potential to upgrade the weapon, as Chavez had explained.

“Myutaen. He’s imprisoned, if I gather what you said correctly about Ronan wanting to get us to ‘let him out.’ But that Ozma thing sounds a bit more like a pressing matter. I’m not totally sold on the fact that this isn’t some elaborate prank, but what should we do to prepare for Ozma, Miss Orb—I mean, Chavez.”

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Ozma is slowly headed, his anger is horrible, if anything tries to prevent it he will dispose of it. But he shouldn't be too much of a match for you when you get stronger.

The black headed viera tapped her toe, arms crossed, but no word spoken. It was as if she was contemplating.

The miqo'te's hand laid on his thin sword, leaning against large rubble that once belonged to the ceiling.

I had used too much energy, when that happens I fade away until I can reform myself in front of you. Chavez looped around the lalafell-Mia- then floated only a few inches away from the hume's nose. get out of here, head to the farthest shore, there will be docks with boats still attached. Let us hope of two things, we do not run into Ozma til we return, and the boats wont snap by the cord and float away.

A earth shaking rawr echoed from the tower, the building's ceiling began to fall apart a little, the bangaa jumped to the side avoiding being hit, the viera pushed the miqo'te out of the way, a small chunk hitting her shoulder, and the hume-Locke- rolled over top the lalafell-Mia-and out of the way of any damage.

Chavez began to fade. Be careful...

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Long ears perked at the sound of voices and the answering of enigmas. Feminine hands clasped over a bag and the scabbard of a blade unfamiliar. Ocean green eyes opened with a gentle flicker of life, surveying the surroundings with a tenetive sort of fatigue. An elegant yawn pervaded from between her fine lips.

The feminine figure arose from her rest seemingly oblivious to her surroundings, or so she would have one believe. With care she trek'd into the hallway, keeping toward the wall as she made her way towards the exit where she presumed the voices originated. She noticed people of various creeds speaking with an orb, information regarding an untrusted person slipped into her thoughts as she watched the lot carefully. They saw her already, and she seemed comfortable with that.

Much like touching the water to figure a comfortable tempurature she waited before speaking.

Casually yet gracefully she interjected "Don't leave me out of the party."

One step forward led into a twirl, her arms presented in a position of dance. Pleased with herself she stood at ease, her ears like radar dishes taking in the waves of conversation.

Having made her entrance, the rest of the orb's message mentioned danger, and a roar which shook their footing engendered. Having the reflexes, Saber quickly moved a fellow sojourner and got wounded in the process.

Her eyes narrowed as her breathing became sharp. It was time to leave alright. But she wasn't sure where to go. At this point she would follow whoever left first.

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BIC:Hearing the woman say a warning to him in his sleep then disappear he was in fustration on not getting the whole thing, but knew enough to avoid Rona'Who ever that is'. Awake he gathered what he could from Ronat Chavez in sphere form then seeing if possible took it into his body so she/he could remain safe.(Like Cortana and Master Chief except he pushef the orb against his chest area where his heart is) The ground shaking, with the loud roar making the ceiling start to cave in, he tried to help who ever he could to avoid the falling pieces and get them out."QUICK! EVERYBODY OUTSIDE! HEAD FOR THE NEAREST SHELTER!THIS BUILDING IS CAVING IN."

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The Viera was the first to sprint right after the Miqo'te, the Bangaa after that, the Lalafell-Mia- was coughing too hard from the dust beginning to form to chase after, the Hume-Locke- picked her up under his arm and dashed out.

Being incapable of getting out on her own disappointed Mia, her throat felt sore.

"Thank you." She whispered out in hopes he heard her. She just held tightly to her stick and watched as they whisked past bushes and flowers, the paved ground smacking under everyone's feet. The wind calming down a little but still whipping her hair all about.

Then everyone halted, she coughed once more and was sat on her feet. "Dead end.." She muttered out, nothing but ocean past the island.

Head North.. A faint voice informed, but no one had said it. Whoever this female was, they weren't around, and it did not sound like Chavez.

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"Ok I'm Definitely not going north! We just got warned to avoid this Rona whoever she is, and now another person/sphere is trying to get us to go north right after We've just met Chavez and that sure Doesn't sound like Chavez! I'm going to follow the direction Chavez said to do the farthest shore. this one I think is Rona trying to trick us, and have us do what she wants in the long run which will lead up to the freeing of that demon whoever Chavez said was."

Cross Avantgarde
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"No problem at all,” Locke responded to Mia. “That’s a rough cough you have there, Miss…”

Not knowing her name—or anyone’s—he looked at the crew around him again. Judging from their faces, they had all heard the voice that had told them to go north. Just then, the miqo’te voiced his concern over the nature of the voice’s command.

It was a valid point; maybe this was indeed the voice of Ronan that Chavez had warned them about.

“Okay, say we don’t listen to that voice. Does that mean we should do the opposite and go south? We’re supposed to go to the ‘farthest shore,’ but I’ve no clue where I am.” He looked around, wondering if someone had an idea. Being somewhere without a map was new to him. “Can we just follow the shore until we see boats at a landing?”

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"I have a few maps from when I was just finishing a mission in my Kingdom before somehow ending up here. However first we must find a village to figure out where exactly we are. I have maps of the oceans and nearby kingdoms of my Kingdom of Sunny Fox North. Which direction are we going to find the nearest village?"

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After making it to the outside it became apparent that the wind was appreciated by this feme. Her ears tilted in a wide arc, wide relative to their make surely, and her eyes scanned the distances. Her breath drew in deeply, releasing with a sigh as her athletic arms reached upwards toward the sky and back down behind her head, elbows pointing up.

"Worrying is the friend of the unknown." She almost whimsically peeped. "Why not follow the wind, 'neh? We'll meet our friend of a friend genuinely."

Her shoes tapped their way towards the direction of the wind, regardless of where it pointed. There was in no hurry, showed no real commitment or drive. It felt a waste to stay put and bicker about fate.

"By the by, you lot may call me Saber." She spun on a heel, walking backwards, stopping to bow courtly, just once.

Whether they followed or not did not concern her. At least, not in the grand scheme. She sought a path and would find it eventually. If they are destined to fight side by side she knew she would see them again- if they decided otherwise.

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OOC: Note: Majority of the island IS a village, the jail you escaped was at the edge, now, shall you trust the blue orb and go north? Follow the wind with Saber? Walk the boarder of the land? Will you explore the village? Or seek out Ozma? Let us hope you do not run into any 'friends'.

Mia gripped onto Locke's pant leg, she was feeling a little light headed, the wind snuffling her breathing space. Small person, small lungs. But she felt as though this Hume was worth trusting, at least for now.

Though, she felt as if North was a good idea as the new voice suggested, she did not voice it, not as though she could even if she could.

She tugged on his pant leg and held out her necklace which had her name on it while stifling another cough.

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"Hey Saber why don't we see what we can find along the boarder of the island. we're suppose to find the dock with the rafts/ships tied to them right? So We'll go with you, but lets be careful on our surroundings. We don't want to run into that demon."

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Hearing Saber talk reminded Locke of how he used to be: a carefree treasure hunter who only needed a map not to get lost. Lately he had fallen into being contracted by rich business owners who wanted rare objects in their homes or places of employment to showoff to others. If there was no treasure to be found, Locke didn’t venture there; it wasn’t always that way. Instead of being carried by the wind, a feeling that led to pure elation when he found secret passages and sparkling treasures, he was now carried from contract to contract. It was an easier life; well, easier in the sense of having some money to fall back on. Even so, seeing Saber’s display of freedom led him to a nostalgic feeling that hinted of the possibility that he had been wrong to follow contract after contract for so long.

“Saber; Nice to make your acquaintance,” Locke said in reply to her name. “And yours as well,” he said to everyone else. “My name is Locke. And…” he wanted to say more, but all of this felt so unreal that it seemed forced. Luckily this strange feeling was broken by Mia tugging at his pant leg and showing him her necklace. He read it out loud.

“Mia,” he read. “I reckon that’s your name? Nice to meet you as well.” It seemed like her cough was harsh, and Locke hoped that he was wrong about its severity.

“I’m game for wherever we go. And I can’t help but wonder when another voice might guide us. We’ve had two now, at last count. Kind of freaky, to be honest.”

He looked back down at Mia. “If the walk is too much, feel free to hop on up." He patted his left shoulder, signifying his back or neck. "You’re a light load, and there’s no need to make the cough worse. Speaking of that, if we see a shop we might need to look into finding some tonic or medicine.”

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sunnyside very quiet ^-^

Mia coughed once more and nodded her head. She looked over her shoulder at the bangaa who seemed to debate where he wished to head.

As she looked forward, she saw Saber dancing and twirling, the wind blowing her hair back out of her face, her ears curling and uncurling as she smiled and chatted away.

The miqo'te had yet to give his name, nor the bangaa, but the miqo'te seemed to have interest in the deep conversation of direction with Saber.

Locke had his right hand rightly wrapped around the top of his bag, it was as if he feared he would drop it. The dagger he had played with earlier made her wonder even more of what he really did. Not that she ask.

Aife was flustered, she had given them the hint of the boats, though she disliked the fact that it was Ronat who had told them to head there. She had to warn Ozma.

Chavez took many deep breathes trying to focus on reforming herself, they needed her.

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"If the wind takes us there, then that is our destination~" Her words were accompanied by a whimsical smile towards the feline folk, said smile was then pointed towards the direction they were moving. "Demon or not, she will guide us true."

Her ears turned and twitched as she heard the hume, "Locke and Mia..." she whispered to herself before responding in earnest "The pleasure is mine."

Her stride continued. Onwards towards wherever the wind would take them.

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Skang realized he'd gotten a bit lost in thought as the others conversed. Or more specifically he had gotten lost in thinking about his weapon. He was having a hard time telling if the orb thing spoke true. That the weapon was somehow special and could change.

He thought about asking a bunch more questions and for some kind of demonstration. He thought about protesting not getting to have his maps and other possession. He thought about debating whether to go any which way anything said.

However after a moments thought, he realized none of those were especially useful comments. So he got into step with the others and simply said.

"My name is Skang by the way. hurm. Nice to meet you all."

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Cross Avantgarde Meds? Hmm.... Maybe, just maybe, the wind heard your thoughts, or.... NAH!!!

Though they had been walking north east and was very close to another shoreline, the wind gust shoved them west, though they had to raise their voices on occasion to hear each other and the wind whipped them about a little too often for their liking.

The town they exited before was beginning to come into view, windows shattered, doors wide open, some houses, others stores. But no person was found. Shall you explore each house for loose leaf items? Try to find a map? Try to find Ozma? Or something else?

Mia tripped, her stick rolling away. It didn't go very far before Locke stepped on it to stop it. Though he helped her up, he seemed focused on something else.

Skang was frantically looking about, caution in his eyes. 'What is it he is seeking?' Mia wondered.

She noticed a bruise forming on Saber's shoulder, she pushed forward, coughing a little, then grabbed her hand. That had to be healed or it could hurt badly. Such a beautiful dancer shouldn't stop dancing do to something like that. She looked down startled, head cocked. Mia just pointed at her shoulder, letting out a harsh cough.

"She wants to see your shoulder." Mia heard Locke. But he wasn't looking at them, how did he know? None the less, he stayed close to Mia, she felt comforted by that.

Slowly Saber knelt down and Mia closed her eyes, taking a big deep breathe, stifling another cough. She felt the light flowing through her to her destination, Saber's shoulder.

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Skang looked at the buildings and pondered. Eventually he said, to anyone who might listen to his musings, "you know, there really ought to be a mark or symbol or something for people in situations like this. But as I recall from the old legends it seems like the hero's still have to pay for stuff and find things. People don't go much out of their way to help them.

Maybe we'd better check out the buildings, I'd feel better with some rope and other stuff. Maybe we could figure out what happened here."

He pauses for a moment.

"And maybe we should stick together until we've figured out that "what happened" isn't still here."

01-14-2015, 06:24 PM
"Agreed. We don't know what might have cause this town to be deserted if they did that is."

Cross Avantgarde
01-14-2015, 07:09 PM
It didn’t take Locke long to notice that Mia was apparently healing Saber’s shoulder. Hoping it would prove successful, he noted the irony of the situation; Mia was healing Saber but needed healing herself.

After hearing Skang and the Miqo’te, Locke nodded in agreement. “Sounds like a plan. I’d really like to find an apothecary’s shop around here, though. We could use some potions and remedies and, who knows, maybe we’ll find something that helps Mia in there.” He looked around at some of the buildings and couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that pervaded from the broken windows and open doors.

What could do all this? he thought to himself.

Just then he spotted an apothecary’s wooden sign above an open door. “Let me take a quick look.” Mia was busy healing Saber so he walked alone to the door.

Stepping away from the party just a bit, he peered inside; if any threat appeared he was easily within earshot if he had to call for help. As he looked inside he felt strange having access to something so precious without having to pick a lock to gain entrance. It looked as if some potions and such were intact behind the counter. He stepped inside to get a closer look, hesitating more than usual.

01-14-2015, 11:06 PM
As Skanng and Nyanter begin to discuss supply ideas, Locke finds the cabinets the supplies are in to be locked, and Mia finishs healing Saber's shoulder.

"Hope that holds up properly." She roughly gets out between coughs, almost too soft for normal ears.

None of them heard over the wind the creaking of bones from within the town.

01-16-2015, 07:24 PM
Seeing that the little one was helping her, Saber's ocean-green eyes softened. Her ears remained perked to keep tabs of things to be heard, it just so happened that she heard Mia.

In a colorful tone with an air of gentleness she responded, "It'll do fine, m'sure of it." Her words were offered with a smile.

For the moment Saber remained in the most central part of the group, hoping to be the early alert system with her radar dishes for ears. When she noticed Locke step away she memorized where he went in case she heard shuts for aid. all the while her sword hand was at the ready, swaying in a casual guise.

01-17-2015, 12:43 AM
Skang see's one of them heading into a shop, an apothecary by the sign, and follows him in.

After watching him stare at the contents for a while he stays. "Hello there. Um...what was you're name again? Anyway, are you going to bust in to see if there's anything useful or do I have to do it? I doubt the owner will be by to sell you anything...or to be by ever again. If you're worried we could leave an I.O.U. from the Warriors of Light or something. "

Despite the probable danger, Skang can't help but smile a little at the absurdity of it all. Thinking about that a moment he adds "You know, I think I'm feeling a lot better about all this because we haven't been running into any bodies. But maybe that's not a good thing?"

01-18-2015, 08:14 AM
Mia's cough dragged on, past the point of her own lungs aching and oxygen properly getting to her brain, she fell over from exhaustion and continued. She had no control over it and it was painful, and loud. Loud enough that Viera picked up creaking from a distance but was not one hundred percent sure she had heard it. What choice shall she make of this?

Skang realized Locke most likely hadn't heard him, the look on his face was purely of focus, he also saw his hand twirling something in his pocket. Instead of focusing on that, maybe finding a map in here would be wise?

Nyanter looked around buildings, his ears perking up to listen and catching wind or the doors swinging, sometimes thinking he found something of importance but nothing.

Return to them... Return to who? The group?

Cross Avantgarde
01-18-2015, 06:05 PM
Locke jumped a bit when Skang entered. He hadn’t heard him come in, and he almost missed what he said as well.

“Oh, my name? Locke. Yours was…Skang, right?”

He looked back at the bottles in front of him. He was trying to find the necessary bottles quickly.

“You’re right. Letting it all sit here won’t do anyone any good.” He shook his head for a second. Taking things from a legitimate shop was much different than finding a jewel embedded in the earth that had no visible owner. Even so, Skang had a point; no one was here to take from, it seemed. Locke had to laugh at the idea of leaving behind an IOU from the Heroes of Light, however.

“Yeah, ‘Heroes of Light.’ Are we supposed to buy that? I mean, sure, I can’t discount the fact that glowing, speaking orbs are a little strange and there has to be something to that, but who’s to say that we’re not all being duped?”

Locke shook his head again. “Maybe I just need to shut up and grab some tonic and potions. Mia is sick enough, and that’s evident, whether or not anything else is so obvious. Alright, let’s do it.”

He started to pick a lock when he realized that he might be wasting his time. Why not bust in? Old habits die hard, however, and he continued to pick one lock on a lone case of tonic and potions until it came open. He placed as many bottles as he could into the satchel in which he had found his new dagger. Several other cases of tonic and potions remained intact, and Locke figured Skang and the others might stock up if they so chose. Perhaps even leave an IOU. That thought almost made Locke laugh again.

Skang mentioned the absence of bodies, and an eerie feeling set over Locke. “I…yeah. Finding no one in the town is a bit more bizarre than finding bodies, that’s for sure. Maybe we should hustle out of here.” He moved towards the door, the bottles clinking in his stuffed bag. He didn’t see Mia at first, and that troubled him.

“Hey, tonics and potions in the apothecary’s shop, everyone! Didn’t see any ether, but I didn’t take a long time to look.” He called out to everyone in the vicinity, but he could only see Skang behind him in the apothecary’s shop through the open door.

01-20-2015, 12:47 PM
"Ok. Its good that we got medical potions and other necessary things from the shop. However if we do come across the Rightful owner, We'll pay for the things since its still their products we're using. For now lets get her taken care of."

01-20-2015, 01:14 PM
As Locke works on the locks Skang looks around the area for anything else that might be useful. Money, maps, hastily scrawn messages by someone about to be drug away by an unspeakable horrer.

Or maybe a snack? The sorts of things you'd expect to find in a place like this, he thinks to himself.

After a bit of looking her replies. "You're right about the orbs. Even if they aren't actively duping us, they could be mistaken, or duped themselves. Or not telling us the whole story. Like maybe they're weak, and we're just want they could get ahold of, instead of a proper army. I think my plan is to take this one step at a time. I mean if we get attacked by gibbering abominations or deamons monologing about how they're going to destroy all life than, well, there you are right?"

01-22-2015, 04:28 PM
"I can't explain it but somehow I feel like this is a Life Or Death situation on a galactic scale. I can say one thing though; Every since I was young I had this ability to just know if someone was telling the truth or lying.Not by voice but from feeling. It helped me in ways you couldn't even imagine, Some very very Very scary ones my king had dealt with and I was called in to deal with the questionings also, if they're lying or not."

01-22-2015, 11:11 PM
Mia listened contently to them, leaning against the wall next to the door where Saber was listening to some small noise.

She watched as Locke was sorting through different bottles, some with liquid, others with pills. It seemed he found what he was looking for do to his looking up towards Mia and smiling but she could have been mistaken.

Nyanter seemed to be speaking his mind, what seemed to be from his own heart.

Skang searched through a drawer and found a file that had a map with marks on it pointing to locations around an island, location of where the apothecary, jail, tower, and many more buildings lay, it also showed the pier which was literally just north of where they were located.

As they are preparing in the building, the skeletons begin to march towards the apothecary. A total of twenty.

01-23-2015, 01:05 AM
Nyanter's mouth stop suddenly then his whole head sweeps in the direction of the approaching skeletons. "I feel uneasy like something is coming from that direction." He was indicating the direction he was viewing.

01-23-2015, 10:38 PM
Saber stepped from her knee'd position as she heard the footfalls. it sounded like a fairly large number, from wht she could grasp, more than what her troupe had when they first started traveling.

"Nyanter's right. There are many steps, each strange and light. They move in unison." Her usual elegance of voice turned to a precise harsh whisper, hopefully loud enough for her allies in the area to perceive.

Unsure of what was to come and knowing they would be outnumbered, she drew her sword forth and stood in front of Mia in a protective gesture. The blade was held in a horizontal reverse posture, the guard at the bottom of the hand and pommel above the thumb. Said blade was visually bisecting Saber, the way she held it forward and away from her chest indicated a firm yet malleable stance.

Cross Avantgarde
01-24-2015, 07:44 AM
Locke heard Skang behind him in the apothecary’s shop, and nodded at his comment, ignorant of the fact that Skang might not be able to see him outside. Seeing Mia, the miqo’te, and Saber again, he knelt down to Mia and said, “Alright, which of these do you think will do the trick?” He held out the various potions, pills and tonics he’d found in the apothecary’s shop, hoping something useful would be inside.

He stayed kneeling down when he heard the miqo’te and Saber making remarks about something ominous coming their way. Saber seemed poised and ready to fight it, but it is what she said that caught Locke’s attention.

“What? ‘Many steps,’ you say? And you want to fight it?” He looked around nervously at everyone, and looked behind him at the apothecary’s open doorway to try to see if he could see what Skang thought about the whole situation. Sure, his companions looked fierce enough, but this sounded like an approaching army, from what his comrades were saying.

“Has anyone considered…you know…” He felt like a total coward for saying it, but he said it anyway, albeit after a moment of hesitation. “Has anyone considered running? I mean, from what Saber hears, we’re likely outnumbered, and I’m used to getting in, getting out, and getting home; this whole conflict thing…”

He looked into his open satchel and peered doubtfully at the new dagger inside.

01-24-2015, 09:57 AM
OCC: Cross Avantgarde Saber, Nyanter, and Mia seemed to have been just outside the door so you didn't have to go too far. I think Skang could hear it all, unless he was too busy absorbed into what he found.

Mia took one bottle at a time and read the very fine print on the backs of them, one helped with coughs but not with sore throats, one was for headaches, aches, and pains, another for... Well, she did not wish to have read it but she had and pushed it furthest away.

After reading through all of them, she picked up the cough one and cupped her hand, pouring it out only til her palm was full and sipped it down. It burned greatly going down and a nasty taste she would hope not to remember any time soon, brought tears to her eyes but refused to let them out.

Locke laid his hand on her head like she was a child, which she wasn't. She was seventeen, the exact age of courting someone, which got ruined.

Slowly she got up, gripping her staff, she was prepared to be backup to her group, whatever it was that was coming would have to face them being healed while they fought.

Mia noticed Locke's puzzlement on his face, almost as if he was attempting to decide in a stressful manor if he should or shouldn't do something. She laid her hand on his shoulder and smiled. She hoped he saw she would be there to help.

As they spoke of the oncoming 'band of evil' that they did not know what yet, Ozma moved from his current position on the island to the far end of the town, no footstep heard, the wind picking up once more. Ozma sought inside him for the instrument of his power, he would not let anything go near that tower, it was his. Escape was not an option for the people here, death would be their end. His helpers would make sure of that.

01-24-2015, 09:39 PM
Note sure exactly what's going on, Skang steps outside and says.

"Hey, what's all this, what's going....on...oh, OK yeah"

He eyed the skeletons a bit, trying to gauge how dangerous they are, they didn't seem to be too fast. Thoughts start flooding into his head about orders to give the others, or tactics to try, but he quickly decided what he really didn't like was a wall to his back and two feet on the ground. So without much talk he leaps up into the air, planning to hit a skeleton on the far flank of the group that was as far from the others as any.

01-26-2015, 11:15 PM
OOC: sunnyside hope i understood this correctly.

A tune fills the air and the ground shakes under their feet, Skang's landing did not happen as pleasantly as he would have liked.

Three of the skeletons turn to face him. The rest continue to march towards the others. They look fragile but the bones are strong.

Do not fight.

He is coming, his minions are here to help him keep you from escaping!

Cross Avantgarde
01-27-2015, 07:33 AM
Locke looked around frantically. He tried to appear strong as Mia reassured him, but the close proximity of the skeletons was getting to him. His bewilderment only grew as the ground began to shake and something like a song filled the air for a second. Just as he quickly brandished the dagger out of his bag, two voices were heard.

He shot a look at the others.

"Alright, I'm officially confused! Do we fight these things or not? Whatever we choose, I think we'd better act together!"

01-27-2015, 12:21 PM
OOC: sunnyside hope i understood this correctly.

A tune fills the air and the ground shakes under their feet, Skang's landing did not happen as pleasantly as he would have liked.

Three of the skeletons turn to face him. The rest continue to march towards the others. They look fragile but the bones are strong.

Do not fight.

He is coming, his minions are here to help him keep you from escaping!

OOC: So Skang missed?

01-27-2015, 01:43 PM
OOC: He cleared the skeletons but did not hit one. Blame the earthquake.

01-29-2015, 02:14 AM
The obviously dark forces drawing near, and the group on edge, Saber knew it was time to put her best foot forward. In this case it would be more than one foot, and a body to follow.

"Follow the rythem, and don't give them a chance to strike!"

Her form became an elegant razor, each move harnessing the momentum of swings and strokes reminiscent of flower petals floating in a pond before harsh ripples strike them appart..

This was her signature dance, one of speed and steel. The Saber Dance. Her body moved with a heightened agility, attempting to pick off foes as she moved into the fray. The sight was either beautiful to behold or disconcerting to ponder, as beauty melted steel and elegant movement. Whatever it was doing, Saber's allies could feel their joints limber and their combat limbs become lighter than normal.

<Saber Dance to increase party's attack speed, and hopefully clobber some skellies.>

01-29-2015, 02:23 AM
"We must fight as we flee. I found the direction we need to head. If we stay that Omza or whatever demon was mentioned will come and not let us escape alive." He quickly moving like a ninja slashed an X at some skeletons from close range on the move.

01-29-2015, 11:40 AM
( sunnyside ) They finally are within reach and the three swing down towards Skang, he blocks successfully though.

( Tetsanosuke ) Saber has four skeletons surrounding her, the sound of their teeth chattering everywhere.

( Black-Cat0001 ) Two skeletons skulls crack, one falls apart, two more stagger forward in lung motion, Nyanter can see his attack increase.

( Cross Avantgarde ) Three head towards Locke, one of them throwing a bone at him.

( me) Mia stands up, taking a deep breathe, opening her eyes to see five skeletons marching closer. She listened to none of them truly agreeing on a way of dealing with it all. Nyanter wanted to run, Skang wanted to fight. From the looks of it, Saber chose to fight.

She saw Locke still unsure, just as unsure as she was. She swung her staff at the closest one but it did not do any damage, it grabbed her staff and tried pulling her in. She wished she had fighting skills.

In the distance, Ozma comes closer, no noise heard from him at all, his horn stuffed away, twenty more skeletons marching behind him.

Be careful, please.

He is coming!

01-29-2015, 01:03 PM
Skang gives an angry snarl as he stumbles on the shaky ground. The roars out "If we aren't able to even face this thing why did we get hauled out here!?!?!"

Still, he realizes this isn't a time to vent frustration and there isn't even a good target for it around. As he gets his balance he takes to the air again. He's interested in hitting a target on the way down, but he splits his attention, looking to spot what threats are incoming and where they're coming from.

01-29-2015, 05:28 PM
"We got to move NOW! That..Demon is coming!" He slashes at the enemy skeletons in X who were attacking Mia. He wanted to help her.

01-31-2015, 09:58 AM
Mia finally got her staff free and backs up closer to Locke. She cracked one over its head successfully and watched as it fell apart. She looked over as she swung across hoping the staff wouldn't break.

She saw each of their weapons had changed slightly as they fought, looked stronger, pieces changing, but only a tad bit. It was strange.

Mia opened her mouth to speak but only a small cough came out, her throat raw to the point she could only whisper but knew it could not be heard over all the fighting.

One grabbed her hair and knocked her over.

01-31-2015, 02:02 PM
Nyanter attacks the one who just knocked over Mia, and tries to shield her from the rest." We got to get away from here that demon is coming here, and they are just here to keep us detracted as a diversion until he/she gets here. You can still fight but please try to focus more on support. I'll act as a shield while you cast your spells. He was guarding Mia while was alert for any danger around them.

01-31-2015, 07:47 PM
OOC: I'm unsure of how you want things run in your game. Are you looking to have me come up with what he sees based on things you've posted and describe coming down on a skeleton?

01-31-2015, 09:49 PM
OOC: I am leaving details based on both what has been posted and what you visualize. Though I may be the GM, I prefer seeing the creativity of the players themselves sometimes such as during the fight. Though the closest to Mia had been Locke, Nyanter got to her first. I am assuming it was do to his quickness on his feet. There for the creativity there was his speed to save, but then it put more in that location.

The other creativity point here is trying to get through the skeletons or wait for the easy boss. On one hand, we have Nyanter wishing to run away for the safety of everyone. On the other hand, we have Skang wishing to fight, his anger pushing him forward. Then we have Mia who can't really fight, only support.

Though it seems like a ton load of skeletons, they are quite easy to get ride of, since it is the beginning it wont be too hard to do the things needed to get to the pier and get to the main land. The closest place is a city named Birnloo. From there it would be easier for everyone to discuss where they shall go, who to trust, their objective, if they shall stay together or separate, and so on. I do hope that answers that x_x

IC: Mia takes a deep breathe, thankful for the cats help, then focuses on her the spell protect, she was going to make sure the physical damage was reduced as much as possible so her companions could fight easier.

Cross Avantgarde
02-01-2015, 06:37 AM
Locke quickly dodged the bone that was thrown at him, but it lowered the courage he was trying to muster.

Seeing Mia fight, despite her sickness, acted as a catalyst for Locke. Though she was sick, she was still trying her best to protect the party, and now she seemed to be trying to cast something to help them further. Nodding to the miqo’te for saving Mia, he then looked squarely at the three skeletons approaching him. Seeing the space on the ground around them, he noted where he could run and strike all three in what was hopefully the shortest amount of time possible. Gritting his teeth and breathing deeply, he charged.

He struck the first, then the second, and finally the last skeleton in the midsection with the dagger, but did not stop charging. He got behind them about 3 meters and then turned, hoping that if his hits were not enough then at least they couldn’t strike at him from this distance easily.

02-02-2015, 06:22 PM
Ooc: Not a whole lot of writing energy right now, and I'm a bit unsure about action resolution. So I'll wing it and you can retcon it if you need to.

Saber's dance spun into a twirl of forceful steel, a powerful arc of strikes against the four skeletons that surrounded her. The four fell , if not split in twain then at least bashed apart by the force of her blows.

The feat took some toll on her, but she would not stop the dance. It was in this state that she fought the best.

02-03-2015, 12:46 AM
As he arcs down towards a skeleton Skang spots Ozma headed their way with more skeletons.

Finally landing the skeleton offers, if anything, to little resistance and Skang lands hard as the thing shatters under his spear and feet. Looking around quickly, it seems all the skeletons remaining are the in process of crumbling under attacks.

Standing back up he yells "Alright, the puff balls say we aren't ready to fight this thing yet, and it's over there." He says pointing with his guisarme. "So I guess we ought to head the opposite direction. He's got a bunch more skeletons following him, maybe two dozen. Though if everybody in this town is a skeleton somewhere, that could be a lot of 'em"

In the moment the others have to consider his words, Skang looks at the fallen skeletons around to see if they look more the ancient warriors brought back sort or if them might have been villiagers a while ago.

02-03-2015, 06:23 AM
"Alright Lets Move It. WE Wasted Enough Time Dinking Around, And The Final Boss Demon Is Coming Now So Lets SCOOT!!!" Nyanter scoops Mia into his arms holding Mia in the bride position and runs to the pier with her in his arms with his fast reflexes and speed hoping they didn't waste too much time.

02-03-2015, 09:50 AM
OOC: Tetsanosuke Well I am trying to figure out what stance you guys are at instead of pushing you guys into everything. As Black-Cat0001 is trying to push all of you away from the fighting, it seems as though Mia wants to fight. It had seemed sunnyside wanted to but with the boss coming it feels like he wants to back it up now. Cross Avantgarde wants to run but is staying to fight anyway and I think that may have to do with Mia.

IC: Being picked up jostled her cast but was luckily finished with it to begin with. It covered the ground and filled each person with a stronger strength of not power but of defense. She could feel it flowing through as if it was water washing her insides.

Unknowingly, Ozma has the skeletons rounding them further and further away from the tower, but also away from the pier they must head to.

Upon a closer look, Skang sees they are more ancient than they are fresh. A brownish tint to the bones only dirt could cause, crumbly looking, and absolutely no smell of decay, just a must of mothballs and earth surround them. He also notices that the bone structure is not the same as the races he has seen before.

Saber easily breaks the skeletons apart and looks about.

The sky is darkening, a green light can be seen at the very top of the tower, something pacing in front of it, a large mass seen with an extremely loud rawr. Everyone has spin tingling fear strike them.

Get past them, head north!

It came faint but still heard in all their ears. It was as if she was some how standing next to all of them at once.

The only thought Mia couldn't voice was that she felt as if they were headed towards a trap.

Cross Avantgarde
02-04-2015, 07:23 AM
Locke saw the numbers of the skeletons in close proximity to them falling rapidly, but it seemed like more were coming without end. And now, to add to this, it seemed that Ozma was nearby. The voice had commanded them to go north, and Locke saw the miqo’te run with Mia towards the pier. He took a quick look at Skang and Saber to make sure they weren’t falling to the skeletal horde. They were holding their own nicely, and he noted how powerful Skang’s blows were and how graceful and deadly Saber’s dance was. This made him feel a bit more at ease, but he still wasted no time running towards the pier after the miqo’te and Mia.

02-04-2015, 09:30 PM
"I'll bring up the rear!" She shouted, using the momentum of striking skeletons to shunt her light frame after the group.

If the bangaa was right they would need to be stronger before fighting something like a demon. Where the group went she would be sure their backs were defended.

OOC: Makes me sad, but no meat to these bones for now. I dislike writing blocks in almost all their forms.

02-05-2015, 12:23 AM
OOC: Is North away from the direction Ozma is approaching from? Is it also away from the tower?

02-05-2015, 07:48 AM
OOC: Tower is to the east of town, Ozma is northeast of the current location.

Cross Avantgarde
02-08-2015, 07:00 AM
Locke turned his head when he heard Saber say that she would bring up the rear and nodded at her, not knowing if she saw it or not. This crew seemed to be able enough, but what would Ozma be like?

A glimmer in his bag caught his eye as he ran, and it seemed for a split second that the dagger looked a bit different. It wasn't much, and perhaps he was just imagining it, but it seemed somehow different than when he had first looked at it.

02-08-2015, 09:09 AM
Mia could see Skang and Saber still fighting, and Locke slightly jogging towards them. Even though she could open her mouth, her words wouldn't come to her, as if the gods had reached down and stolen her voice from her. She knew why it was not there but that did not matter as to why, only that it was gone.

The sky darkened even more as they got further through the town, almost slightly colder.

(Tetsanosuke sunnyside) Saber and Skang getting father left behind, the skeletons focused their attention on them, close to surrounding them. Several were bashed to pieces by Saber already and Skang crushed just as many.

The top of the tower glowed a nauseous color of green that was creeping through the island. A grounded mist grew from the base of the tower, thick and hard to see through and spine chilling to the touch. A creepy song echoed through the air, the earth itself only slightly trembling to the noise. Myutaen had finally fully awoke, but incapable to leave still. Not that any of them knew that.

Mia could see it all happen and feel Nyanter's feet stumble only slightly as he kept moving. The light was roaming closer to Saber and Skang, it touched the first few skeletons and they dropped dead.

02-08-2015, 08:47 PM
Seeing things getting out of control fast Skang starts Jumping as fast as he can roughly toward the pier, but giving the tower and Ozma as much space as he felt he could without ending up lagging behind the others.

As he flew between jumps he scanned the North to see if there was anything they might be trying to reach, such as a ship at the pier or a bridge.

02-09-2015, 04:21 AM
Nyanter ran with Mia in his arms making sure to know drop her. He ran towards the pier and looked for a ship big enough to carry all of them, or two that could accommodate all of the party and then would tie them together. "As long as we can stand and have the will to fight we can go on. I Sure Ain't Giving Up! Neither is the rest so lets all face this problem as a team. Right now we're not ready to even be at the level of that demon's feet. We need to train and get more knowledge and train ourselves more before even thinking of taking on a low level boss yet. That demon however is TOO powerful for us."

Cross Avantgarde
02-09-2015, 06:07 PM
As the strange tune filled the air, Locke could have sword he felt the earth moving a bit. This was hard to tell as he was running almost as fast as he could. What the miqo’te said made sense, and though Locke’s confidence in his comrades was quickly rising, he was in no rush to fight a demon.

“Hey!” he cried to no one in particular. "When we do get on a ship, where the devil do we go? The voice said ‘north,’ right?”

02-10-2015, 04:46 AM
"That voice was the one we don't want to follow. The ship will go to a nearby island where we can find locals. I have maps which to chart stuff and make maps. First let get one big enough for us all or enough to get us into two of them."

02-10-2015, 04:05 PM
OOC: Black-Cat0001 remember, none of you are from here, so none of the maps you do have will be right, though they do not know that.

IC: The darker the sky got the colder it got to Mia's bones. She couldn't help but cough once again, it was small but it sought its way out of her body.

Though she saw each of her new comrades slowing following behind them, she could also see the skeletons marching behind, and when she looked to their side, there was another group marching towards them just outside the town, only they seemed different. Not all their bones seemed to match up to where they were suppose to be.

Looking towards the pier, she could see only one single boat, small but a six seater, or so it looked like. And further than that shown light on a land further away, a white light.

02-12-2015, 12:41 AM
[QUOTE=ELR;2842515]OOC: Black-Cat0001 remember, none of you are from here, so none of the maps you do have will be right, though they do not know that. OOC: However you need to Re-read my last post. I said he had things to Make maps and chart them down.

Nyanter got Mia set up in the required safety gear, and tried to get the rest of the party's attention."over here. Quickly."

Cross Avantgarde
02-15-2015, 06:37 PM
Locke saw the same boat Mia looked at and almost laughed. "Seaworthy? Maybe. But I guess it's our only chance to get out of here."

He looked back behind him at the skeletal army which had suffered a reduction in numbers. "They don't look like they can swim, so...this might just work."

It was then that he saw the other thing Mia had spied: another skeleton army approaching from the outskirts of town.

"Oh, for the love of...alright, let's get going!"

02-15-2015, 11:01 PM
Simply put, Saber picked up the pace to follow her companions. Hostile opposition would be met with the edge of her steel.

Upon reaching the group she looked between them and shouted "I call a front position!" After which she made her way to make good on her claim.

02-16-2015, 07:44 AM
Slowly but surely, all who had followed safely got on the boat, Nyanter taking the lead on it.

Agonizingly slow do to having to use the power of their own arms but the further away from shore they got, the safer they felt, even though it was a bit too wavy than it should have felt, but not harsh enough for the boat to flip over.

Mia had her ears covered, eyes closed, she kept thinking to herself I'm just on dry land.. and hoped that she did not release anything from her mostly empty stomach. This was her nightmare, seasickness.

---consider this a type of cutscene yall cant see---
The little girl is standing at the wall, smiling as she sees the heroes of light leaving, whatever it took, she would make their lives a living hell.

"I am disappointed, was hoping for a show, for them to begin." She spouted out. "Didn't you father?"

She slowly turned her head towards the wall and touches it gingerly. "You will make them."

Then her eyes returned towards watching them, her red eyes glowing through the mostly darkened sky. "I enjoy that thought!!" She squealed, a noise that echoed throughout the land. Causing the closest of liquids to freeze inch by inch. "I know exactly how to do it."

02-18-2015, 12:01 PM
Skang lands in the boat with a thump, pushing it further from shore, and then got to business with rowing. He wasn't so thrilled to be at sea. When his kind spent too much time around water people tended to start thinking of them as lizards, and you can't jump on water anyway. However he hoped that it would provide safety.

Unsure what to say, he casts glances over his shoulder to look for any sign of land, or if the bit of light was all they had to go towards.

Cross Avantgarde
02-19-2015, 08:02 AM
The boat was already drifting from the shore, so a shove-off was unnecessary. Locke leapt a short distance from the shore and landed on the back of the boat as gracefully as he could, not wanting to rock or shake the craft. This put him in a location near the rear and he saw Saber near the front.

He was confused by the light he could see; what was making it?

“Hate to bother anyone, but I think—and this is just a thought—that our weapons may have changed a bit back there. Or am I crazy?”

02-21-2015, 05:53 AM
While making a map and charting it,"I think those weapons of ours respond to our physical being as well as our emotional state." He was going towards the nearest land mass he could see away from the enemies location.

02-22-2015, 01:07 AM
Mia held up her staff, the wood was evened out unlike before. the top curving slightly. What Nyanter stated seemed extremely logical. How else would they be able to do just that?

And then there was Saber, she had been fighting hard, did she re-injure her shoulder? She was up front with Nyanter while I was sitting in the far back with Skang. She looked okay, she looked extremely energetic, looking about in several directions, assisting with the rowing but only barely, and smiling as if this was not a terrifying day.

Nyanter kept stopping to doodle on a paper up front, he seemed focused, kept using tools in his pouch towards the sky, then doodling some more before returning back to rowing. His ears kept twitching, some how that twitching calmed her pounding heart.

Skang, unlike the others, was focused on rowing and surveying the horizons. Though he can see far, the ice is not visible to any of their eyes.

And Locke was helping with the rowing, but seemed flustered about the weapons. Though, Mia was sure it was his way of avoiding his fear of what had just happened, he did have a point about them.

She peeked around him slightly, but fixed herself when the boat teetered. Ashamed for having made that happened, even if just slightly, she lowered her head towards her lap. Not only was she small, helpless in most situations, but she was a danger to the boat itself. Or so she felt.

Cross Avantgarde
02-24-2015, 09:05 PM
Locke blinked several times after hearing the miqo’te provide a theory concerning the changed weapons. “Well, seems about as likely as anything else that has happened today!” He almost laughed, but the stress of rowing was finally getting to him and he grunted with a few pulls.

“I’d just like to say that I’m impressed by everyone’s skills back there! Now, as to where exactly we’re rowing…well, perhaps someone can impress me further by explaining where we’re going?”

02-26-2015, 12:32 PM
Skaang grunted as he pulled back on an oar and turned his head a bit to address Locke.

"On this little boat with us pulling it along, I'd say where we're going is "wherever is closest that doesn't have a demon we can't beat standing around."

He pauses a bit

"I'm really hoping the light we're seeing fits that bill. Guess if not we could try doubling back and setting in a few miles up or down the shore from where we left. But that whole land mass might be a death zone."

03-02-2015, 08:06 AM
Roughly about a third of the way there and Mia snapped her head around at the sound of crackling. Ice was creeping towards them and something further down close to the island was beginning to run towards them, something huge behind that.

Mia tugged on Skanngs arm and pointed towards what she saw but he ignored her, or that is how it felt to her. It looked like a little child, but then again, her eyes could have mixed that up with something else, her mother always told her her eyes were poor in sight.

"Were coming to get you..." Her red eyes focused on the little boat that was unaware of the ice, her plan was very well planned, Ozma in follow.

"WAIT!! FREEZE!!!" The pitter patter of every skeletons feet strode in behind him.

03-02-2015, 02:40 PM
The actions of Mia however didn't go unnoticed by Nyanter and he too looked trying to see where Mia was looking after she was tugging on Skang's sleeve. He had pretty good eyesight since he was a wee kit, and was told that hie had eagle eyes/laser eyes by those he grew up with in a mixed community. "We Need To Haul Butt!!! Ice is creeping this way and it looks like the ice is the enemies doing. If it gets us we're screwed I'm sure that demon is probably following us on that creeping ice.!"

03-03-2015, 11:18 PM
Saber took hold of whatever could be found in the ship nearby that could be utilized as a paddle. Though her shoulder wound ached, a whole lot more would hurt if the enemy had the drop on them. Ice magic in the water put them at a grim disadvantage,

"In my country, we have a saying for moments like these. HAUL BOTTOM!"

Cross Avantgarde
03-06-2015, 01:47 PM
Locke silently agreed with Skang, putting his head down a bit as he rowed. Skang was right; knowing where to go wasn’t the simplest of matters. Soon, talk of impending ice caught his attention. Mia seemed very excited about something, and the miqo’te and Saber were saying that they had to move fast due to the danger of the ice.

“Where’s the ice?” Locke thought to himself. Still, he trusted those in the party and started to row for everything he was worth.

03-08-2015, 03:52 PM
Facing backwards, Skang watched the approaching ice and...is that a whole freaking army?

Between strokes he manages to grunt out "I don't suppose anybody here has any kind of ranged fire attack or anything. Ranged attacks of any kind? Maybe if we can take out their ice machine over there we'll be Ok."

03-08-2015, 10:25 PM
Mia shook her head vigorously, she couldn't even see a machine, nor where the ice was coming from, or why it was spreading towards them.

She could hear and see the panic from all of them, including herself.

As Skang had stated, there was an army rounding up behind the sphere who Mia assumed was Ozma and the girl in front of him. Would the ice break and leave them to their freedom? Or would it be thick enough theyd catch them and they would be sent to their fate?

But a loud booming voice echoed across the sky itself. "Get back here! You will pay!"

It put fear in Mia, it reminded her of some of the traders who came through her town when she was little, do to her age, they treated her like nothing more than a idiot.

Some how, even with fear, she felt the anger of those days bubbling up. And the ice was just slightly faster than the rowing of the four of them. She knew the outcome. Looking behind her, she grasped her bag and staff and prepared first spell, her focus on Skang.


Cross Avantgarde
03-13-2015, 09:01 AM
A tremendous voice seemed to shake the water, the boat, and the party itself—at least that’s how Locke perceived it.

Before he could turn his head to see where the voice had come from, Mia arose in the boat and began casting a spell on Skang. Was Locke missing something?

Placing aside the oar, Locke crouched down and removed the dagger from the bag.

“Anybody see where that came from? Are they close?” It would seem that was not the case, given the fact that the voice demanded that they return. Even so, Locke couldn’t shake the feeling that he was missing something that might be closer to them than he originally thought.

03-25-2015, 12:03 PM
OOC: Was hoping for at least 1 more person to respond, but guess I shall move this forward since so much time has passed.

IC: Mia focused harder and felt the protection wrapping around Skang, then focused on Saber next. She heard Locke speak but couldn't lose focus.

Even when she heard a deep gasp and the crackling behind her, she focused on the protection.

With the boat beginning to become colder, an a laugh that caused chills down her spine, she did not lose focus.

"I will leave them to you!" The child laughed out, flipping over the heroes an dived into the water before it froze over past the boat.

"How dare you run away from me!" Ozma growled out. "Attack!" He yelled out to his skeleton, the weight was a bit too much though, the ice cracked and seperated away from the rest of the skeletons leaving Ozma with only 3 skeletons. "No matter, I will dispose of you lot and continue on.."

03-25-2015, 12:43 PM
OOC: Do you have any idea of how you'd want to deal with the characters of people not posting? We're missing most of the team.

03-25-2015, 05:58 PM
OOC: Attempting to get ahold of Tetsu, I have seen BC around, going to do the same. Was debating on how to phrase everything so was awaiting til dawn to message. If, in fact, they wish to stop, then I may have a plan for their toons. But I will not get ahead of ourselves.

On that note: All players are on the boat as we speak, the ice is drifting towards the main land, three skeletons and Ozma are there. Also, the issue of the child is still around, though whether her issue should be dealt with now or later is another matter. And then the orbs (Ronan, Ronat), which one is to be trusted, which not. Also, there is an option of diverting your attention from the main goal and focusing on your own nick knacks. An example would be seeking out knowledge, training til you become a mightier you, or seeking out side adventures to gain trust of the towns and cities.

Trying to give options of staying together or separating, prepared myself for either option. And once Ozma has been defeated, if yall do, will give a huge reward (stats AND items).

03-26-2015, 01:55 AM
"I don't know about you guys; But I Don't want to get caught by that Demon!" Nyanter putting more floations onto Mia first lowered himself into the water then got Skang to lower her into the water so he could swim with her. "It's Sink Or Swim Guys!!! Lets Go! Anywhere is better than being with that demon and getting ourselves killed."

03-27-2015, 10:37 PM
(OOC: I'm not even completely sure what options are possible at the moment, so I'm going to assume the ice is close enough to jump to.)

The wind picked up and blew towards the direction of the coming foes, and with two of the group in the water Saber had a decision to make. Of course she followed her instincts, and the wind.

"I'll do what I can to draw them away. Find a way out." She spoke out, readying herself for a rabbit-jump.

A few moments later and the boat shifted from the recoil as she leaped her way onto the ice edge, sliding into the beginning of a sword dance after drawing her blade. Though she was not running straight into the crowd, she was taking to the left, hoping her presence would draw the crowd after her.

03-28-2015, 11:38 AM
OOC: Recap! The heroes have fled the island using a small boat. Upon feeling relieved of escaping and avoiding Ozma, the child appears and brings Ozma along behind her, not to mention tons of skeleton minions. Nyanteer has decided to flee and take Mia with him (against her will) when the ice catches up to the boat and breaks off leaving it large enough for Ozma, 3 skeletons, and the heroes to fight upon (if they so choose to do so). Saber (assuming) ran past Ozma and the skeletons and jumped onto the other side to keep the others from coming after them. Sound about right guys? sunnyside Tetsanosuke Black-Cat0001 Cross Avantgarde

IC: Mia's spell failed, she was jostled by being forced into the water. Freezing water that made her yelp with no sound leaving her sore throat. She tried pushing away from Nyanteer, attempting to swim back to help in any way she can.

03-28-2015, 11:32 PM
OOC: So the boat is stuck in the ice attached to the demon guy, but the "child" went underwater and is nowhere to be seen?

Cross Avantgarde
03-29-2015, 08:21 PM
ELR: Exactly, I think Saber is drawing the enemies away, running on the ice at the moment. I’m also picturing things the way sunnyside explained in the post above.

Jumping up in the boat, Locke tried to assess how quickly the ice was approaching the boat through his panic. Saber was running slightly towards the enemy, and from what she had said her intent was to draw them away from the party. Locke was unsure if the enemy would give chase, and he also felt guilty for staying in his place while the enemy threatened them.

Against his better judgment, he ran towards the prow of the boat, jumped off the front edge, and barely landed on a piece of nearby ice. He slipped and fell hard, but managed to finally get back to his feet on the shelf of ice that had formed so quickly and frighteningly.

As Saber was running to the left of the enemy, Locke darted off to the right of them, hoping that he could divide the enemy that would potentially follow Saber by two. Saber was much faster and more agile than himself, but Locke was almost sure that if the enemy was divided he could manage for a while until he figured something else out with the rest of the party, especially since most of the skeletons had fallen into the water inadvertently. It seemed that only three remained, though the large demon was present as well. Locke did not want to face the demon alone, but perhaps he could draw him away to buy time. Had he seen Mia swimming for help, however, he would have aborted this effort to draw the attention of the enemies.

His feet slipped and clumsily trod on the ice step after step, but Locke was starting to pick up speed as he darted to right of Ozma and the three skeletons. He barely remembered the child jumping into the water, as that had escaped his mind while the large demon was in his view.

03-29-2015, 10:38 PM
OOC: Yea, the horde of skeletons is on the chunk of ice still attached to the island. Ozma and the 3 skeletons ARE attached to the one the boat is on. Sorry that I did not make that clearer. The child, as stated, is no where to be seen. But that does not mean she is out of sight.

IC: Mia finally pushed away, her head plunging into the water. She felt she HAD to get back on the boat, she had to protect them. If she didn't, someone may die.

On the other hand, Saber and Locke's split up got the attention of not only the three skeletons behind Ozma, but split the others in half, half running after Saber, half running after Locke. The three on the island fall into the water and break apart trying to follow them.

Ozma starts whispering a dark chant, the world beginning to distort, trapping all five heroes in a half dimension. "With thee instrument of hazard, may your fate be sealed." The multi colored orb changed slowly into a human like form, a staff in one hand, a odd shaped tool in the other. The air thickened the darker the background became, less chill in the air, they were trapped.

Both the blue and red orbs become more visible.

Protect my land, please.

I am sorry Ozma, it should not have come to this.

If only you would you realize, you can not win, we will defeat you!

Before Ronan could return a respond, Ronat slams into her. As Ronan begins to fade slightly, Ronat dives into the water and brings up a semi unconscious Mia, not breathing, skin icy.

Survive th-

Ronan slams into her. Their own fight began.

Ozma outreaches his hand and begins casting.

The battle has began, what shall they do?

OOC: Because you have been doing so well, stats addition has been given to each of you. +10hp, +10mp, +5eva OR csp and an additional 10 points of your choice. I am also giving 1 skill point. Either pick a new skill or increase a skill you already have!
Mia Fell:
HP 120+10 MP 150+10 CCI 40
ATT 5 DEF 7+3 EVA 12
MAG 21+5 DFM 13+2 CSP 12+5
Cure 1+1
Shell 1
Protect 1

Because it is no fun to go in blind, basic knowledge is given, not all detail given but can be learned in battle.
Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP ??? MP ???
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: ???
Weakness: ???

Once Saber and Locke have finished with the skeletons they can attack from behind. Skills done in water are halved unless done by mage (unless by fire mage, then it is down to a quarter the damage). No worries though, I do not see any mages right now other than Mia. lol

Any questions?

03-30-2015, 12:58 PM
Things all seemed to be happening so fast. Skaang stood on one of the seats in the boat, taking it in for a moment. There were so many factors. Some kind of super powered ice child in the water, the battle of the orbs, skeletons and demons and icey water.

However he knew "nothing" was probably the worst thing he could do and leaving mages to cast seemed pretty bad as well, so, wordlessly, he took to the air in the demons direction.

04-03-2015, 09:25 PM
Nyanter quickly got out of the water and began to do CPR on Mia's unconscious body. "C'Mon breath Mia Breath!" Nyanter would dry quickly considering how hard he was working on getting Mia back to breathing. His clothes though, and Mia's would have to be dry though later and the two would have to slip out of them to escape hypothermia. Nyanter's fur would insulate him better from the cold than Mia so he would look for a blanket for her in his back pack hoping for a very warm one.

Cross Avantgarde
04-05-2015, 07:38 AM
A skeleton was directly in between Ozma and himself, so Locke slowed his run a bit and faced it, coming to a stop. His footing was unsure on the ice, and he would have to be careful how he advanced. If this skeleton was as strong as the ones back in the deserted village, this would be less than challenging. If not…

Locke noticed the wide stance the skeleton had. Its weapon was poised far from its midsection, and it would take a second for it to strike. Locke figured he could use the wide stance and the time it would take to strike with the weapon to his advantage, but he couldn’t ignore the fear that seemed to be concentrated in his throat. Nervous, he charged at the skeleton.

Just before he reached the skeleton he took out his dagger, fell to his back, and slid under the skeleton’s legs, slashing his dagger upwards and forwards as hard as he could, targeting the skeleton’s midsection.

04-06-2015, 08:05 PM
OOC: Do not forget to add your stats an skill points. o.o; As soon as you do I can calculate damage accordingly. nd because i am nice, i will quote it.

Because you have been doing so well, stats addition has been given to each of you. +10hp, +10mp, +5eva OR csp and an additional 10 points of your choice. I am also giving 1 skill point. Either pick a new skill or increase a skill you already have!
Mia Fell:
HP 130 MP 160 CCI 40
ATT 5 DEF 10 EVA 12
MAG 26 DFM 15 CSP 17
Cure 2
Shell 1
Protect 1

Because it is no fun to go in blind, basic knowledge is given, not all detail given but can be learned in battle.
Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP ??? MP ??? (damage taken -29)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: ???
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)

Mia coughs up the water from her lungs and begins to breathe once more but raspy. Before Nyanter can try to find a blanket in his napsack, Ozma's spell finishes, cast towards Nyanter-Stone.

Stones pelting down towards him as Skang polearm had slammed into Ozma's makeshift arm causing Ozma to stagger back almost a foot and a half.

Saber ran to the edge of the sphere they were trapped in and spun around to begin dancing to a Haste Samba.

Locke does not notice the skeleton that went behind him but some how dodges his attack while trying to lower himself to stab the one in front of him.

Ronat slams into Ronan once more, more anger into her attack, her glow becoming brighter.

They will win, we will become victorious, we will over come Ozma!

Ronan pushed Ronat against the blackness and her scream can be heard but nothing can be done about it.

Take me as no fool Ronat, fate will over come you and your kind.

But the words were a whisper, no ears could hear over Ronat's screaming.

Ozma swung his staff out and attempts to hit Skang while focusing on yet another spell.

04-12-2015, 07:51 PM
OOC: sunnyside Black-Cat0001 Cross Avantgarde Tetsanosuke (who I am semi helping since his schedule is odd) think I should probably start permanently placing your names on here x_x

04-13-2015, 12:41 AM
OOC: I don't think it's the mentions, I'm pretty sure we just saw that we had to figure out the stats and skills before posting and have been stuck and/or musing on that. I guess I'll just dive in.

HP140 MP140 CCI 55 ATT43 DEF14 EVA5 MAG9 DFM5 CSP7

Regeneration-15Mp (1max blue mage
*Magic Barrier (1max blue mage
Jump-5Mmp(1max blue mage
Headbutt-10mp (3max blue mage)

Add: +10hp, +10mp, +5eva +10 ATT Increase headbutt (really I've kinda run outa Blue mage stuff, how would I go for warrior? )

HP150 MP150 CCI 55 ATT53 DEF14 EVA10 MAG9 DFM5 CSP7

Regeneration-15Mp (1max blue mage
*Magic Barrier (1max blue mage
Jump-5Mmp(1max blue mage
Headbutt 2- uh 20mp



Skang didn't like being on the ground especially much, but he didn't like this thing getting a chance to cast, already having his knees bent from his landing, Skang comes up, sort of jumping, but instead trying to hit him with a magical headbutt.

Cross Avantgarde
04-16-2015, 07:24 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delay; I believe I have this down, but feel more than free to correct me.

Base: HP 100, MP 100, CCI 30, ATT 5, DEF 5, EVA 5, MAG 5, DFM 5, CSP 5
Hume additions: +25HP +5MP +20CCI +15ATT +9DEF
Job additions (Thief): +15HP +35MP +5CCI +3ATT +4MAG +2CSP
Additional 20 points: +5DEF, +5EVA, +10CCI
Total: HP 140, MP 140, CCI 65, ATT 23, DEF 19, EVA 15, MAG 9, DFM 5, CSP 7

With the new additions:
HP is now 150
MP is now 150
EVA is now 20
Increased the skill “Steal”

Locke braced himself for the impact of his dagger making contact with the skeleton, but he had not anticipated his slide stopping abruptly on the ice once he had struck the skeleton. This left him exposed on his back, and he wasn’t sure whether his dagger had incapacitated the skeleton or not. Just then he heard the blow of a skeleton’s weapon on the ice behind him. It seems that he had accidentally dodged another skeleton’s blow behind him. Locke scrambled to get to his feet, but his dagger was lodged in the lower trunk of the skeleton before him. Hence, he tried to force the blade upwards with enough force to finish the skeleton in front of him, planning to turn around and strike the skeleton behind him next. Speed was of the utmost importance, because if he was too slow finishing the skeleton the one behind him could prepare to strike at him once again.

A terrible scream rang out and distracted Locke. Who was it? Was it one of his friends? It sounded otherworldly somehow, in a way that was hard for Locke to understand. Little did he know it was Ronat.

04-24-2015, 01:37 AM
OOC: Here is my previous stats for my character. 170HP 125mp 160cci 22att 25def 25eva 8mag 10dfm csp5
Now I add the add ons. +10hp, +10mp, +5att +5def+5eva

My new stats 180HP, 135mp, 160cci, 27att, 30def, 8mag, 10dfm csp5

Provoke-5MP (10max warrior)-Causes enemies to pay attention to you. (lasts 15-25 posts)

*Defender (4max warrior)(6max knight/samarai)-Defense raises x10 times. (lasts 5-15 posts)

Restraint-5MP (4max warrior)(6max knight/dragoon/paladin)-Doubles damage.

Double Strike-15MP (3max warrior)(7max knight/samarai/dragoon/paladin)-Hits twice.

Counter-parry (1max musketeer)
A defensive movement where the fencer moves the opponent's blade away by making a small circle with the tip of the blade around the opponent's blade.

Which uses up my one skill point and you said I could learn one new skill so I plan to over time forget the other moves and make all four of my musketeer skills work.
My character uses a Epee.
Now where was I..... Oh yeah ok I'm ready. Cracks knuckles pushing fingers forward.

BIC: Nyanter quickly wraps Mia in the blanket to get her warm, then slashes at the incoming stones with a fierce speed hoping to block and if he was successful, to the naked eye would make it appear as sparks appearing randomly and and very quickly in a chain link session of random points. "Can someone please help me with getting Mia warmed up?! She's going to go into hypothermia if she isn't warmed up quickly but I'm trying to block these rocks from going at us!"

04-25-2015, 12:12 PM
She swung herself to and fro, kicking her legs and moving her arms and her blade in a flowing pattern. She did not seem to command any of the enemy's attention, which frustrated her to some degree. If she made herself quicker with her dance she could possibly strike from an advantageous angle.

She dashed towards the nearest enemy to her readying a strike with her saber.

+10hp, +10mp, +5eva OR csp and an additional 10 points of your choice.Job: Dancer
Future Job: Lady Luck

HP 140+10, 150
MP 135+10, 145
CCI 55

ATT 26 +10, 36
DEF 15
EVA 15
MAG 12
DFM 13
CSP 7 +5, 12

Saber Dance-10MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Doubles persons attack speed. (lasts 4 posts)
Curing Waltz-30MP (2max dancer)(3max lady luck)-This soothing sad dance gives life to friendly watchers up to 75HP. (lasts 2 posts)
Haste Samba-25MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Allows speed to enter people. (lasts 5 posts)
Chocobo Jig-1MP (1max dancer)-Lures and tames a close by chocobo. (not a battle skill)

+Quickstep-10MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Between spinning kicks and twirling arms, can attack an enemy up to 2-10 times in one shot with the finale. (3 posts)

05-04-2015, 10:30 AM
OOC: Sorry for delay, been having net issues here. And very possible sunnyside just wanted to be sure it was not just looked over and forgotten about is all.
Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP ??? MP ??? (damage taken -29)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: ???
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)

IC: Ozma rears back from being headbutted, the spell canceling. But that did not keep him from beginning up his spell again, the ice forming around the edges, slightly more jagged than what originally spread on the ground.

Nyantaer got pushed back but the last onslaught of stones. (damage 13) Mia looks fine and is breathing fine, just cold. Possibly by finishing the fight will give a chance to warm her but not if it lasts for too long.

Speaking of Mia, the spell that she had casted on Saber wears off, and more skeletons begin to note her and head towards her instead of Locke.

Ronat got pushed away, the screaming stopping, their fight beginning back up in the air.

05-05-2015, 11:04 PM
As Skang goes through the long ago memorized motions of jumping, he spends a fraction of a second eying the flying balls, seeing if his instincts felt like that was a fight he'd be able to reach and engage in.

05-12-2015, 11:38 PM
OOC: sunnyside Black-Cat0001 Tetsanosuke Cross Avantgarde It is that time of year when people are seperating in their ways, if you are going on to do something then let me know, trying to keep things moving.
Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP 41/70 MP ??? (damage taken -29)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: Silence
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)

Ozma swung out at the same time he casted out at the same time at Skang-Silence. (Damage 5)

Locke seems slip closer to the edge of the dome.

Saber's kitten like anger is persuading her use rage along with her skills, her motivation to bust them apart. Though her attacks were perfect, accurate, agile, and swift, there seemed to be no closer end of the skeletons then there is echoes in the space.

Nyantaer has no more worries of stones but something in the air catches his attention, something about the spheres fight. The fight between Ronan an Ronat ranged over 15 feet above but bellowed in the dome. It seemed like an even fight but Ronan's sphere dimming while Ronat's sphere brightening up. Then Ozma's chuckle forces his ears to perk at that. (not forcing options just giving path ways)

"Honestly, why bother fighting? It is not like you could possibly win!"

Ronan slams into the ice and it wobbles Ozma, Skang, Nyantaer, and Mia. Mia's body slides towards the edge and when it lifts up it rocks back hits the boat, the blanket only half covering her. Maybe it is a safe haven during the fight.

Defeat Ozma and the dome will fade away, we can begin to save the land. He wont last for much longer!

Ozma's anger arising towards Ronat. "You viper, you and your fiends will pay for disturbing what was built in place." His focus changes and begins to cast towards her.

05-16-2015, 11:23 AM
Saber kept up the onslaught. There was not a lot she could do, other than 'entertain' her opponents. Perhaps one of the others could come up with a plan, that would allow some change in the state of things. Until then she kept up what she could.

Cross Avantgarde
05-17-2015, 06:35 PM
OOC: Thanks, ELR; that explained the full scenario. I have edited accordingly. I’ll include a mention to Tetsanosuke since this directly involves Saber as well.

More skeletons were now appearing, and it seemed as if Ozma’s onslaught of projectiles was not slowing. It seemed that the bulk of these projectiles were concentrated in front of Ozma, but the problem was currently twofold: one, Ozma’s back was to the water as he was close to the ice, and two, Locke was unsure of whether or not he could make it to the second mass of ice to get Ozma’s attention. But he was sure, however, that Saber could.

“Saber!” he called out after forcing his dagger from the shoulder blade to the torso of one of the skeletons. “Ozma can’t seem to direct his attacks behind him! His back is to the water now, but suppose someone could get him to turn…you could attack his flank. Problem is, I—”

Locke had to stop short to dispatch another skeleton, and unfortunately another one was close by. He was confident, however, that Saber would know what he meant: he was unable to make it to the ice mass on which Ozma stood, but someone as agile and lithe as Saber could probably do it.

05-20-2015, 01:03 PM
OOC: So Skaang is under a silence effect? Does that actually have any bearing on his abilities? I presume that your response means Skang isn't in a spot to get involved in the fight of the balls, so I'll just land on Ozma.

05-22-2015, 08:32 PM
OOC: Actually, sunnyside , I pulled names to see who he casted it upon and it ended up being you. xD Other than Jump, no real effect on you. Want it to be a fair chance for everyone. Mia's name is even in the bowl. As for his spells, I also pull those. That may just be best though, I did not intend for anyone to get involved in the Ronan and Ronat fight.

As for the arrangement of everyone! Cross Avantgarde
-There are TWO ice chunks.-
On the one is Saber and Locke fighting skeletons, you two are spread out.
On the other one is Nyantear, Mia, and Skang along with Ozma. Nyantear are on one side of it near Mia by the boat and Ozma, who is on the other with Skang, is getting really close to the EDGE of the ice, if you did you'd be on the edge of his toes in order to stay on. On the other hand, maybe you did not land BEHIND but BESIDE?
You realized something the others had not though, the spells only head in front of him, that means his weakness is what?

Hope this helps, will give little more time for changes from Cross and see if anyone else replies.

ALSO!!! I must apologizes, I have been extremely busy over here, been switching between 3 houses taking care of sick and hurt people as well as children. *bow*

05-23-2015, 11:09 PM
OOC: Oh, so Skang isn't jumping now? Can he still headbutt or use other special abilities? Does the random chance magic protection thing still work?

05-24-2015, 12:44 AM
OOC: I'm answering when I can cause my lap system is kaput.

BIC: Nynater also came to realize what Ozma weakness was but couldn't really act unless he got Mia into the boat and got her covered and warm. Nyanter using his brute strength and for all he's worth brought the boat ashore and tried to make it stay ashore. He picked up Mia after wrapping her in the blanket once more and set her carefully down inside. Then turning to face the rest began running towards the skeletons to carve them up as he raced towards Ozma.

Cross Avantgarde
05-24-2015, 06:54 AM
OOC: Quick note. I edited, but did not include Skang's descent on Ozma due to the fact that my original post happened a bit earlier. Thanks for the info ELR; that was very helpful.

06-01-2015, 02:11 PM
OOC: Accidently deleted my post via tablet. Here is the sitrep: Saber takes the chance to leap to the other ice chunk in order to attempt flanking Ozma.

06-04-2015, 05:58 PM
OOC: I shall take it as landing beside Ozma Tetsanosuke
Take your time Black-Cat0001
sunnyside (added after the fact) Sorry!! On it! And extra details too *sigh*
FYI: Yes, I do have a plan on how things will END, easy bosses, got to love them. <3

Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP 41/70 MP ??? (damage taken -29)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: Silence
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)
Saber landed light footed next to Ozma, unnoticed, her breathing untouched.

Locke's words echoed out to the others, it clicked in two of their minds, possibly the third but was not noticed if it had. Some of the bones of skeletons were beginning to slide towards each other in the middle of his ice land.

Ozma's spell finished-Aspire. It headed towards both Ronat and Ronan, both trapped and disappearing into a black mist, their screams introducing their pain. Their sight gone. But they were not silenced in the darkness, the sound was amplified.

Nyantear charged towards the skeletons (who are on the other island of ice) and tries to skid to a stop but splashes into the water.

Skang on the other hand stood back, seemed calculative, but readied. What was his attention on though?

06-09-2015, 12:18 AM
OOC: And Skang?

06-19-2015, 05:16 PM
Bump: sunnyside Tetsanosuke Cross Avantegarde Black-Cat0001

06-19-2015, 10:35 PM
OOC: Sorry, still unsure what Skang can do. I guess I'll go with something basic that should work.


Things where whirling around and Skang was angry that he'd missed a beat, he NEVER did something like that. His scream of rage was hushed by the spell as he thrust his polearm into Ozma.

06-20-2015, 11:42 AM
Saber started attacking Ozma to the best of her ability, hopefully capitalizing on her angle to deal some damage.

OOC: Nothing elaborate. But it's what comes after getting into position.

Cross Avantgarde
06-23-2015, 04:41 PM
A glimpse of hope had presented itself, and Skang and Saber were attacking Ozma with all their strength. The fact that Locke was not as strong and able as they was not lost on him, and that thought led him to his next action.

He looked over to Mia, who was being tended to by Nyanter. She seemed to be okay, albeit rattled, and this further reassured him that he could focus his full attention on Ozma. The only problem was that the large portion of ice that Ozma stood on was too far from him to simply jump to it. For some of the others it was no problem, but he had a real predicament on his hands.

“I can jump to it and probably hold on with my hands, but landing on it with my feet is out of the question. This…is gonna be cold.”

Running as quickly as he could to the edge of the platform of ice that he now stood on, he jumped as high as he could to the other portion of ice that Ozma stood on. His descent happened more quickly than he anticipated, however, and as his hands caught the edge of the ice, his chest hit the side with such impact that it nearly winded him and caused him to lose his grip. The sharp pain of the cold water flooding his boots which were now below the surface of the water took the rest of his breath away.

Grunting and wincing, he raised himself to the top and took a brief second to get his breath. The feeling in his feet was pretty much gone already. Perhaps this was a smart move anyway, since more skeletons were forming behind him on the other ice platform, but he wasn’t certain of that.

He was unsure if this would work, but he had to try. Ozma’s projectiles were a real threat, but he had to draw some fire to ensure that Saber and Skang would get solid hits on him. Running straight at Ozma, he noticed that Ozma was not firing projectiles at the moment, and he hoped that would continue. Locke had missed the Aspire spell that Ozma had cast, along with its effect on Ronat and Ronan. He noticed, however, that Skang and Saber were delivering powerful blows to Ozma, and he had renewed hope that this potential distraction might aid them.

06-24-2015, 11:07 PM
sunnyside Black-Cat0001 Tetsanosuke Cross Avantgarde Giving til MIDNIGHT Friday to see what yall do before I release his final spell. (NOTE: Not listed on the skill list)

Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP 11/70 MP ??? (damage taken -59)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: Silence
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)

Locke barely successfully made it, his toes on the edge of the ice, his arms wrapping around Ozma, the daggers gashing him deeply. (extra damage for surprise as well as for physical attack, this INCLUDES Skang and Sabers attack as well.) Ozma screams out loud and fell forward, Locke gets thrown over Ozma and skidded across the ice.

The harshness of the motion causes the ice to shift and Nyantear grips the boat to keep from shifting, Saber and Skang slipping towards the ice edge then reversed towards Nyantear. As Locke slides by the boat, Mia rolls out and before anyone hits water or another person it straightens out and aspire vanishes, the screaming gone, both Ronan and Ronat vanished with it.

Ozma slowly gets up, gripping his staff harder, his breathing harsh. "You will not WIN!" A figure of an object began to softly glow inside of him. His arms spread out to his sides and he begins his last spell.

06-27-2015, 10:36 PM
OOC: Ooop! Crazy life here.


Despite the cold of the ice sweat dripsfrom Skang due to his exertions. He normally prided himself on being a strategic fighter, striking down with thought from the sky, but his mind was just screaming "finish him! finish him!" as he continued to press his attack as fast as he could.

Cross Avantgarde
06-28-2015, 07:55 PM
Locke was surprised by how far he’d slid from Ozma going down, and it took him a second both to realize where he had ended up and to get his sense of balance back. The screaming from Ronat and Ronan was suddenly gone, and, strange to say, the silence seemed even eerier without it. Then, based on what Ozma said, it seemed things were about to happen all over again.

He saw that Mia had fallen out of the boat, and that Nyanter was close by where he had been tending to her. Skang and Saber could jump (Locke was ignorant about the silence spell), so it seemed like the best thing to do at the moment was to avoid Ozma’s next move. Perhaps after that Ozma would be open to another attack, but he seemed ready to deliver a strong spell or attack.

“Let’s prop the boat up and get behind it!” he said to Nyanter and Mia as urgently as he could. As he worked to turn the boat on its side (a feat already half accomplished since it had moved with the ending of the Aspire spell), he grew ever more worried. Was this small boat shelter enough? Would it hold up under the pressure of whatever Ozma was about to unleash? Probably not, but perhaps it would take the brunt of whatever was to come and protect them—for the most part.

But maybe it wouldn’t.

He looked over at Nyanter again. “Listen, no worries if you think you can jump to safety with Mia.” Locke pointed at her. “She won’t weigh you down much, and you’re much more nimble and quick than me. I think I’m going to have to stay behind the boat, though. Or Mia, perhaps you can decide what’s best.” He hunkered down behind the boat and prepared for the worst, hoping that Skang and Saber would be able to get to safety in time as well. Or perhaps they had another plan altogether.

06-28-2015, 11:47 PM
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sunnyside Tetsanosuke Black-Cat0001 Cross Avantgarde

Ozma: Arcanist Mage
HP 0/70 MP ??? (damage taken -70)
ATT 9 DEF 20 EVA 17
MAG 35 DFM 20 CSP 31
Skills: Silence
Weakness: Physical Attacks (15% extra damage)

All characters (except Mia) get 25 points, an 2 skill points!!

IC: Mia opened her eyes, her body aching, everything disarrayed. Turning her head, she watched the scene unfold in front of her eyes.

"No!" Ozma cried out, Saber's and Skang's daggers plunge deeply. "This can't be..."

As they step away, he falls own onto his knees and changes back into a orb, its colored dim. "Do you know what you have done?" His words became a whisper. "AIFE RONAN!"

His screams echoed as the blackened mold around them began to dissipate from the top. Fresh air flowed through and the ice slowly began to thaw, extra skeletons began to fall into the water and disappear.

I won't let her win, i swear to it!

Ronan appeared behind Ozma and flew straight through him, the glowing object in Ronan's grasp. She flew past Saber, Skang, and Nyantear.

"No!" Mia yelled, her voice scratchy, painful sounding. She sat up and grabbed the object, dragged across the ice. Locke just barely grabbed her leg before getting dragged upward into a portal. Ronat floated raced towards the portal but it closed before she could enter it.

This can't be happening! She got away, she took them, she took it! I have failed...

With the boat left sideways in the ice, the dome gone, three of the five heroes are left. Birnloo in sight.


They crashed into a wall, fell two feet to the ground. A pain ripped through Mia's body from the impacts. Her eyes opened and adjusted to see what looked like a chapel, rows and rows of somewhat broken pews, shattered glass close to the walls of assorted colors, three steps that lead up to an altar. The altar held two candles, a plate with a rotted apple upon it, and a tattered red cloth underneath everything else.

She slowly got up and grabbed her staff off her back. "Locke?" She lightly called out. She pondered where he was.

Cross Avantgarde
07-01-2015, 08:52 PM
OOC: I know the fall was only two feet, but I’m going to have it rustle Locke’s senses a bit.

IC: Softly, distantly, Locke heard his name being called. He saw dust floating in the air in the scarce light. It was strange. Just a weird dream. But the pain seemed real enough. As for his limbs, they started to move when he struggled to get up. It was almost like this was real and not a lucid dream.

Only when Locke sat up and looked at the detail of his surroundings and himself did he finally realize that this was no dream. Someone had called his name. He tried to find out where the voice had emanated.

He struggled to stand. Nothing seemed broken, but he felt far from okay. Who was that? From where did it come?

When he finally stood he noticed that he seemed to be between what he could only describe as pews. A church? Was he inside a sanctuary? Everything had the feeling of dilapidation about it.

He walked to the center aisle, closer to where he heard his name being called. There, close to the altar, was a small woman that he thought he recognized.

“Mia? Is that you?”

He wasn’t sure how he would sound, fatigued as he was after the fight. He was certain, however, that he did not like the way his own voice pierced the silence. It made the eeriness of the whole setting increase, and his tension rose as he looked over to Mia, hoping that it was in fact her.

07-03-2015, 06:34 PM
Slang wasn't sure exactly what was happening to who. But he quickly lept into the boat. He shouted "hey anybody on my side get in!" As much to see if he could as the importance of the fairly obvious statement.

He then took a moment to take stock of the situation. He had come out pretty unscathed, but magic had let him down, where direct attacks had gone better.

OOC: could I go in the warrior class?

07-04-2015, 02:39 AM
OOC: Read previous stuff wrong, so edit.

Floating in the water, Saber look puzzled, worried and fatigued. She tried to best to get the boat in a position to carry them when the ice would fully melt.

07-05-2015, 08:20 PM
OOC: sunnyside we discussed it at one point, yea, can make that happen, will make a run in with a moogle.
Tetsanosuke Only Locke and Mia got transported, Saber was left with Nyantear and Skang on the ice. Well, unless.. Going to PM you. Thumbs up, I will be sure to get you guys into a position where you can be as creative as you wish to be.
Black-Cat0001 FYI reminder set up, fight over, yall in water. Mia and Locke are missing.

Now that things have been settled and fixed, arranged, will continue. Sorry guys *bow*

IC: Mia hurried over to Locke and hugged the stranger. Her voice came out worse than the best he had heard. "Where are we?" She asked.

A putrid whiff could be barely smelled.

You are at Moogle Chapel. I am glad I could get two of you safe from that child.

It was Ronan. The smell was coming from her too. Behind the alter both could see a bowl filled with deep water and her floating in it.

Both pulled their weapons forth and focused fully on her.

"Weapons down!" A extremely loud roar came from behind them as the doors opened and a very small creature with a big red nose and wings comes walking in. It was the first time Mia felt taller than someone. "Fighting here is prohibited. This is MOOGLE sanctuary, any fighting ends with beatings." It puffed up and walked right past them. "Feeling she defeated the first guardian. Yes?"

And turned the warriors of light against their way of protecting the tower from the keys. Ozma will rest well now, he served wonderfully, was a true friend of the people of Grunbia, their ancestors fought well along side him.

The creature spun around and flew up to Locke's eye level. "I am Moggus." It lowered and patted Mia's head. "Welcome to Psrima, to Moogle Chapel." It went back over the altar where Ronan floated out of the water dripping wet. "We have a lot to discuss."

The chunks of ice pulled away and everyone climbed into the boat, Ronat came out of the water, her light dimmed.

I have failed you, I am sorry.

The sun was lowering further.

It may be time to head or else the cold will sicken each of you.

Cross Avantgarde
07-07-2015, 06:17 PM
Locke stumbled back and almost fell when Moggus flew up and looked him in the face. Ronan was floating over the water now—hopefully that was a good sign. One thing was confusing Locke greatly, though. Before he asked about this, he looked at Mia again. She looked okay but her voice was obviously worse. “We’ll get through this, Mia,” he promised to himself. He smiled at her, hoping to encourage her, despite his own misgivings concerning their present predicament.

“One question,” he said out loud to Moggus and Ronan. “You just said Ozma was a ‘true friend’ of the people of Grunbia. Well, we didn’t set out to hurt anyone, least of all any people of Grunbia, wherever that is, and he didn’t seem all that friendly to us!” Locke shook his head and continued. “So, I guess what I’m asking is…what was Ozma doing attacking us, and how did that lead us here? Are the others okay? Where are they?” He realized after the fact that this was not just one question, and he probably sounded pushy.

07-08-2015, 03:53 AM
Nyanter quickly swam to the surface as fast as he could. It seem to take a long while since he had a lot of clothing dragging him down and the water was dreadfully cold. He swam as fast as he could to the bank and tried to get a good grip trying to get out but getting plunged back into the water again before coming back up again. Nyanter began to start shivering.

07-10-2015, 10:53 AM
"SHE TOOK WHAT!?!?" The whole tower shook.

"The first key, father." She lowered her head and sighed. "But that does not mean we are giving up." She lifted her face up with an evil smile. "I will prove it to you."

"If you fail again then I will shatter every bone of your being." His hand sideswiped her, she fell out of the tower and face first into water.

----- sunnyside ------------- Tetsanosuke -------------------------- Black-Cat0001 ----------------------------------------------------------
Saber and Skang help Nyantear in the boat, Ronat floating to surface and by them, her light dimmed.

I have failed you all.

Ronat's voice came out low, sad, and utter shame.

She took the object we needed as well as Mia and Locke.

It almost sounded like she was going to cry.

She floated up high enough to sit on top the front of the boat and move it towards the island.

Let's get you to dry land, safe, dry up, and figure out a game plan from there.

--------------------------------------------- Cross Avantgarde ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Moggus chuckled, then landed right on the altar, pacing. "Ozma is a guardian of the 'Warriors of Light' and there are many others too. Grunbia just happened to be the island he resided on." He looked directly at Locke. "When danger is near, the people hide in the bunkers, when they hide in the bunkers, Ozma comes out to defend not only the island but the tower there so that the creature inside wont be unleashed-Myutaen." He shivered saying the name. "We just called it Grunbia but its proper name is Sien Grunbia."

His attacking you would be Ronat's fault. She was running away from him and used you as bait. She is the one who trapped me in spirit form, my body to be in a place I don't know. Since she ran into you guys, he most likely thought you were conversing with her. But since he perished, I had to take his key far away.

Ronan sighed and dropped back down into the water.

'Most likely the people are coming back up as we speak, they will collect the bones and put them back in their cave for Ozma. They will be fine, for now." Moggus pulled out a map and laid it upon the altar, Mia slowly moved closer to it. "So this island here is Grunbia." He pointed at a very small island bottom right of the map. "And most likely your friends will be headed here." He pointed just north of the island at a spot saying Birnloo. "From there, and do not quote me on this, we think that Ronat will be headed to the next Guardian: Ifrit." He moved his finger to a mountain just northwest of Birnloo called Sceinaro.

As soon as I am done purging out the darkness that came from Ozma's spell, I am going to head there to warn Ifrit, try to convince him to hide his key before they head there.

"Any other questions?" Moggus's voice came out slightly pitcher, but he was serious on the question part.

"Why us?" Mia asked, her voice hurting her throat.

"Only a limited few are born with light inside of them, even if on the outside they look strange and thief-like, or look evilish, that light is what makes them wish to become heroes in the end." His eyes drifted up to Locke's eyes.

Ronan flew over quickly and flew around Mia, a small blue light flew out of Mia and out of Locke, the blue light spread white light around them both.

Mia closed her eyes and felt the white light mending whatever damage was done to her throat and other areas.

Cross Avantgarde
07-15-2015, 09:09 PM
Locke winced a bit at the “thief” comment, though it wasn’t meant as an insult. He strongly preferred to be called “treasure hunter,” but now didn’t seem like the best time to argue semantics.

Locke scratched his head and frowned. “Then Ozma wanted to protect us? And Ronat caused this…then…” Locke’s head was lowered in thought but suddenly shot up with that realization. “Then the others might still be listening to Ronat! She could still be tricking them.”

Moggus had asked if there were any other questions and Locke had one for Ronan, but she seemed to be busy. Locke was on guard when he saw her get close to Mia, but it seemed that Ronan was healing her.

“Just two more questions, yeah, because I think we really need to try to get a move on and help the others. One, I was wondering who Ronan was, as she said her body was taken from her. And two, what’s the quickest way to get to the others, preferably at Birnloo? That’s the more urgent of the two, of course.”

Locke was eagerly anticipating Ronan’s completion of her healing of Mia, as he was hoping it had worked. Mia’s health had gotten steadily worse since they had initially set out together.

07-21-2015, 10:43 AM
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07-21-2015, 12:40 PM
OOC: Do people in this world "get" classes and how advancement and such works such that they can talk about it or is it not understood and uncommon?

08-08-2015, 01:39 AM
With mysterious red orb leading the boat, Saber sought out any means of propulsion to help them on their way. Perhaps an oar, or maybe she could use her hands to help? In the moment, a strange feeling of defeat took her consciousness. Though they had won, they were separated. The feeling metamorphosed into grim determination, though she did her best to hide it.

08-12-2015, 01:21 PM
Tetsanosuke Black-Cat0001 sunnyside Hoping this gives a small influence of creativity for each individual. Just reference the Moogle when you are ready sunny.

Slowly, but surely, they arrived at the pier of Birnloo, plenty of noise about, it being a lively city. Though the sky was darker, Birnloo was filled with lights and plenty of voices heard even from the distance they were. Buildings were no higher than three stories, and could be seen from where they sat the crowds of people who swarmed. If the ear strained for long enough, the sound of slot machines could be heard, and people yelling stuff such as 'FRESH FISH'. And the smells that wafted their way to their noses were mouth watering. Some was sweet, others savory, some distinguished between fish and others as chicken, the salty smell of something else lingered close by. It caused their empty stomachs to quiver in their appetence (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/appetence?s=t) for food.

As they land next to the pier, Ronat begins to fade. Rest up... eat up... we shall head.... in the morning... Her tiredness could be heard and seen as she disappears.

Cross Avantgarde

Moggus nodded as Locke came to a realization. "She is tricking them, but that does not mean she will harm them personally. Her goal is the keys so she will need them for gathering them." He paced back and forth.

Then Locke's next questions made Moggus's eyes to open. "Ronan did not tell you?" He looked at her.

As she finished Mia's recovery, she went back to the water and sighed. I did not have the time to explain. I am the guardian of the tower, the last descendant of the warriors of light who trapped Myutaen and keeping him from destroying the world. I saw this girl talking to the tower, then I saw her red eyes, the next thing I know, I am floating about, and my body missing. I had to get defense for this world so I found heroes who were light filled and brought them here. You two are Heroes of Light.

Moggus lifted a jar and poured it into the tub Ronan was in. "It would be a few days journey but just out those doors, towards the land and NOT the water, head northeast to Einville, then follow the mountain til it breaks past and you will see a chocob-"

Could always give them a lift through the port.

Moggus sighed and slumped on the altar, he looked defeated. "Could, but I guess, since it's you, I could for free for once."

"I have two questions." Her voice came out clear as a bell, her skin color was pinkish, her stretch visibly seen. "Where is Ifrit? And is there a map somewhere?"

Closer than Birnloo inside a tower called Sceinaro just past Bangaa village.

Moggus walked past the two of them and entered a small door on the wall to the left that was not seen before. He was there for a minute before walking out and came out with small rolls of paper, he handed one to each and then jumped back up on the altar. "Those are your maps for the land. You can repay me by returning them before you leave this world and saving us all." His voice sounded as if he was smiling.

09-15-2015, 01:20 PM

As Skaang surveyed the village he felt a strong urge to lose himself in food and fun. However his thoughts kept jumping back to recent events and how strange it was to be in a town going on as if everything was normal? Should he shout apocalypse from the rooftops.

As he pondered he noticed his companions also seemed lost in thought. Perhaps best to leave them that way. Without looking at them Skang climbs up on the pier and absent mindedly ties up the boat then says over his shoulder. "I'm going into the town. You can come if you like and we can get some food. But I won't force you too right now. Maybe there's only one inn, or we'll otherwise run into each other. If we don't lets meet up here when the sun starts setting.

Skaang ponders the situation as he goes into the city and follows his nose toward some food, there's some chicken here somewhere and he's got some money.

Should he have tried to grab some weapons from the skeletons to sell? Perhaps it wouldn't matter, his special weapon seems to be one he wouldn't want to upgrade, and armor is of perhaps dubious use. potions are always nice.

More to the point if he'd grabbed part of a skeleton perhaps that would be proof of what's going on. ...or, on second thought, since the skeletons stopped moving after being defeated it would just make him look like an insane grave robber.

Skaang searched this thoughts. The thing that weighed on him the most was the running. They were supposed to save the world, but their first battle had been to flee, and even then they'd nearly been caught by more than they could handle. And that's before they'd lost some of their group. Skaang strongly felt how he was in some ways up against the wall in terms of development as a blue mage. His ability to soar through the sky just wasn't going to be where it would surely need to be like this. He'd need to manage another path to advancement. He'd always figured he'd seek out the dragoon's path. Perhaps now was the time to take that difficult step backwards before advancing again?

09-16-2015, 11:20 AM

A little tiny creature strolled up and tugged on Skangs pant leg, once Skang notices her, he sees a small moogle with a small red nose, a somewhat haloed bobber, and a pink dress that matched the bow upon her head.

"Hello, my name is Lulu, you look troubled." Her voice was gentle but rawred aloud as if everyone could hear her but only Skang heard her, did he notice?

At the same time, the smell of chicken whiffed from the east road. Lulu notices a growl in his stomach. "I'll pay, we an talk." She starts off, a small skip to her step.

09-25-2015, 04:09 AM
Nyanter Shaking uncontrollably, with the towel frozen in his hands go shivering through the crowd trying to find anywhere it was warm. He eventually got to the inn. It read on the swinging plack Skippers Cutthroat. All the people stared up from what ever they were doing to look at the new comer. Some people quickly helped him over to a place by the fire while some one quickly got the owner's wife to help get some stuff made. A basin with luke warm water was soon brought out and they helped Nyanter take his boots off and put them into the water. The wife brought a healthy bowl of Piping hot soup and some medicine. A lot of the regulars were curious on his story since not many of his kind was often found in this neck of the woods.

All this commotion brought down the attention of a rather attractive young catian who was shy around almost everyone except the owner and his wife. However she seemed to take a special interest in Nyanter and rushed down to help the owner with caring personally for Nyanter doing things for him. "Will....You...Look...At...That?!. She's takened a interest in our Strange friend here. Maybe she knows him." Owner/Bartender-"No Lisa, I think he's the same species or close to her thats drew her to him." A sailor customer,"YOur Both Wrong! She's In Love With Him." Own/Bartender, "Boy I think you Are Right." Cleans glass in hand. Nyanter turns and indicates his head to the coin purse of his but she just shook her head. Young catian,"You can tell me whats going on after you get some rest and out of those clothes. I'll get those washed and dry." "!" shot through Nyanter's eyes as what she was saying took instant understanding. He went to say something but no words would come out. She guided him up to her room then into it. She striped him completely before putting him down covering him completely under her bed covers. She took his clothes and set them aside as She sat next to him looking down at him as he began to drift off to sleep still shivering. She took his clothes off to be washed and cleaned.

Cross Avantgarde
09-27-2015, 07:21 AM
Mia’s voice was clear and full of life, and Locke felt a great deal of relief with that in mind. He had not yet looked at her to see how visibly healed Mia was, however.

Locke took the map with more relish than was at first obvious. As a self-proclaimed treasure hunter, maps were veritable lifelines.

Ronan had explained how she had been the last descendant of the warriors of light, and had been robbed of her body. And furthermore, it seemed that they had to warn the others as quickly as possible about Ronat’s intentions.

“Thanks, Moggus. I’d love to be able to come back and say that we’ve saved—”

Locke stopped short when he looked over at Mia. She appeared much healthier and he couldn’t help but smile. “Look who’s feeling better!” he said. Turning to Ronan he added, “Thanks for that.” He knew they had to move fast, however; their friends were being deceived by Ronat.

He quickly stretched and added, “Alright, so we’re going through the…‘port’, was it?”

09-29-2015, 12:59 PM
Skang stares at the small creature and, having no better idea what to do, follows them. "Hello, um, Lulu was it? My name is Skang. And you may not believe this but I'm.... Actually you won't believe it. Let's just leave it at that I'm doing something really important, and it seems to involve fighting, and I feel like I've peaked as a Blue mage, at least in terms of what I feel like I'm meant to do and I don't know if I can go any higher. heh. I guess that's true literally since getting into the sky is what I'm looking to do more of. "

Skang partially forgets his hunger for a moment as his mind goes back to the running battle he feels like he just barely survived.

10-05-2015, 02:45 AM
Upon Awaking Nyanter very slowly came into existences first he could hear only talking then it slowly got clearer and louder. Then his eyes started to move it hurt moving his eye lids then weakly he opened them squinting he opened then all the way after getting use to the light. His eyes looked to his left where there was a small table cabinet with a glass of water and the lit lamp. He turned his eyes right then began turning his head with some effort and saw that This table cabinet had a lamp also, and that there was his clothes in a far off corner hanging drapped over the back head rest of a chair. Only then he just noticed the lower of the dress that the catian was wearing, and slowly rising took in her figure to look into her eyes. "Well your finally awake. How are you feeling? Better" Nyanter's stomach answered for him and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "LOL Its perfectly alright you don't need to be ashamed." She fed him slowly a nice bowl of Chicken noodle soup. "I noticed that you have the royal symbol on your robe/sash. Are you a knight/officer/captain/or General of that kingdom?" Nyanter slowly shook his head. He slowly mouthed.'I am the prince." Shocked"!" eyes came quickly on the young catian. She has been attending to royalty in a manner unfit for his status. She quickly stood up to bow and as she tried to treat him properly, Nyanter mouthed,"Its ok no need to act this way. This is great enough for me." "But Your Majes""Its alright. I need to get familiar with the surrounding area, and I am looking for a place to stay for a bit. This inn is a real pleasure and I am enjoying having your company. Miss" She blushed her entire face turning lobster red. At the next second Lisa came bursting in. "Ahh Your Awake Eh. Your shirt and Cape is now dry and needs to cool off. How about a nice bow of grapes with some fresh hot Bread straight from the oven, Sound Good? No?" Lisa left to get the bread after putting the shirt and cape with the rest over the chair. Nyanter Just stared at the ceiling then smiled with a content look on his face. He then looked back at the young catian still mouthing, "What is your name?" "My name is Dianna Sophiea Prince Nyanter." "Dianna Sophiea "'Correct'" That has got a pretty tone to it." She felt that he was piercing her and looking into the depths of her soul. She blushed again going beet red. Dianna then got up to go down stairs and get some more ice cold pitcher of water and some aspirin for Nyanter's bruise he received to the left of his forehead. Before getting half way, tug Dianna turned to look at him mouthing"Wait can you please help me with getting a drink of water?" Diana beamed her eyes shining. "Why of course your highness." She slowly help Nyanter drink the cup of water waiting till he had enough then went downstairs to finish her task.

"Ah....AHH.......AAAAHCHOOOO!" The sneeze was heard from down below with the room shaking up stairs. Dianna came back up with the food, and found the glass and water on the floor, the chair in the corner moved a bit and the chair near Naynter knocked down on its back. She cleaned up the spill with a rag and set the cup on the left table side near her chair. Dianna re-straightened her chair to its upright position. She sat down with the food in a basket on her lap. "I better your hungry Prince, so here is some bread for you to nib on." Dianna broke small portion off to hand to Nyanter," I'll go get you some tissues and another bowl of Chicken noodle soup. Be Right Back." :D

10-10-2015, 04:42 PM

Saber stayed behind, her heart heavy, the breeze blowing not so close to Birnloo, or at least not felt.

A small viera peeks around the corner of the closest building, then inches closer. Her light blue eyes focused on Saber, her white hair sliding off of her shoulder, she seems curious but not a word spoken.

As the girl scurries away, Nyanter feels a chill not from his cold run down his spin. The ceiling above creaks as if someone was walking in the floor above. And when the girl returns with the soup, the sound stops, the chills gone.
Cross Avantgarde

Ronan slumps back down into the water and her blue faded.

Moggus, however, jumped off of the alter and was digging underneath it. "I still suggest resting up here before heading out, though you are standing strong now, you both look as if you may fall asleep where you stand."

Mia knew what Moggus was saying was true, she also noticed he did not acknowledge a welcome back to Locke's thanks.

She tugged on Locke's sleeve and tilted her head slightly. "Leaving it up to you."

"To fly!" Lulu spins in a circle as she enters behind a curtained entrance, the smell of chicken filled the whole building, the color red and gold everywhere.

Instead of waiting for someone to seat them, she walked past and ushered Skang to follow. "I wish I could fly higher but I can only go so far before my wings give out." She sighed.

She spun around and took a seat in the far back corner of the building, plenty of light, and comfortable seating. "So, you wish to step forward then, which may mean stepping back.." She put her hand on her chin, then thought deeply. "Buffet?" She asked kindly.

10-20-2015, 01:16 PM

Skang sat down heavily and frowned. "I'll be honest, I don't like the idea of stepping back. You probably wouldn't believe it if I told you. Though perhaps if you visited Sien Grumbia you'd find everyone dead and I fear still plenty of dark forces present. Actually, if you could take care of all that evil stuff that would be nice." Skang sighed and waved a waiter over, feeling incredibly tempted to sink into normality if only for a little while.

"But we weren't able to deal with it...and there are...less of us now. " Skang had hardly gotten a chance to know the others and he couldn't be sure they were dead, but if Skang were teleporting enemies as Ronan seemed to do, he'd probably do it into a volcano or at least fifty feet in the air. Could someone like Skang hope do to anything against such an attack?

This line of thought eventually brought him back to reality, he certainly couldn't hope to do it like this. Only legendary dragoon abilities like flight might give him a chance of evading or surviving whatever befell Mia and Locke.

He looked sadly at the Mog. "I think I have to..."

As much as Skang wanted to cheer himself up with some well earned food, his voice was forlorn as he ordered some chicken and something to drink.

10-27-2015, 04:12 AM
"Dianna I felt a chill and heard creaking from the floor above while you were away." "Oh you mean the attic? This town is known for being super natural phenomena. Those who have loved ones that were left unexpectedly are often watched over by their passed on worried relatives or loved ones. I think that might have been your Worried Mother of Father, or someone associated with you. I hope they'll be able to find what they're looking for and find peace. I know that I've found what I've been looking for and I hope that person will respond in kind back to me with the same feelings." "Well Who ever he is...He's One Lucky Man." His eyes close and He is Out before his head even hits the pillow. Dianna kisses him on the forehead, Desperately wanting to express her feelings for him but does not know how to.
This was the first time she's Ever had trouble with something. Serving any kind of food not a problem. Advise the Baron and lead as a Valkyrie No big. Help repair Buildings and Shops Piece of cake. Care for the sick and infected hardly any trouble. Discover cures for some diseases and alignments Barely a sweat. Working up the courage to face Prince Nyanter and tell him her true feelings WARNING System Overload! (@[email protected]) Dianna Quickly zooms out of the room and down the stairs into the kitchen she flew. Dianna made a Multiple load of bread, unasked for dishes and desserts with those that were asked for. Enough to serve each person in the Entire Town port 10 times per person.

Now this baffled the owner of this bar/inn but not to his wife the cook. She walked in to find Too much food and immediately rushed to stopped Dianna's panicking attack carefully but swiftly getting the knife away from Dianna she forced Dianna to stop after a bit of a grapple. "Dianna...Now lets talk about this, Also What Do You Plan on Doing With Those Dishes?!" "Dianna now coming back to reality sees what she has done and it hits her in the stomach. ".....sob....Sob....I don't know....sob...sob..." "ok We're going to have a potluck tonight and all are invited so go around town spreading the word and let them know whats happening, Hop to it." Dianna zooms again to visit Town hall. The smells of a Potluck in full swing brought Nyanter out of his sleep. His stomach rumbled hungrily as he smelled the food from where he was staying. Lisa peeking in on Nyanter saw that he had awakened and brought the plate of food with her,"feeling hungry after waking up? Well try this on for size. It had a little bit of everything Dianna made on the plate. Nyanter politely asked for some eating ware and Lisa went to get him some. She smiled as he dove into the food with Gusto. Dainna appeared Sheepishly behind Lisa peeking barely enough to see Nyanter eating it with gusto. She stayed like that while watching Prince Nyanter eat. Suddenly she noticed that Lisa was holding something behind Lisa's back. It was pills to make Males more sensitive to their counterparts mental differences. Diann was on heat right now but she kept it under control but what made it worse was the fact that Lisa was manipulating Nyanter and somewhere in his food was a bunch of small pills of to make a males libido got really strong. Dianna flew and yanked the food out of Prince Nyanter's hands. Nyanter sat frozen in shock not even a twitch. She just gently pushed him back to lie down. Lisa saw Kei flaming out of Dianna's body." :) Your majesty I'll be right back i need to have a talk with the Chief for a moment." Diana's head, body,and personality does a 180 in a second and the expression could make a Ice
Tyrant submissive her."Come with me!" She yanks on Lisa's arm as she tugs her away to the kitchen Where she Exploded on Lisa about her manners and how she was acting.

10-30-2015, 12:39 PM

"Sien Grumbia? You came from there?" Lulu jumped off her seat and started to pace, her eyes narrowed closer together in worry. "I will have to investigate that then, later." She sighed and fluttered back up into her seat and sunk down, her head barely visible. Silently she noted a MUST to see the tiny island.

When the waiter came over, she ordered the same as the young bangaa in front of her, with extra sauce, and then stood up to be seen.

"What happened to make less of you?" She became confused at that portion of his comment. "Such as they died? They succumbed to evil? Did the guardian there swallow them whole?" She watched the pain in his face, this was one of defeat and of self-pity.

"Nothing is wrong with stepping back. Do you not have to take a few steps back if you pass up a house? Is that not similar?" She slammed her hand on the table, but it was not as hard as she wish she could have done it. "The goal is to be stronger, I get it, DON'T GIVE UP!" She jumps up and the last bit he can hear and some what feel could be discerned as courage and strength.

All the noise and smells went mute and disappeared. Lulu knew what was happening. Only, surprisingly, the bangaa was not frozen with place with everyone else. "I will inform you on what is going on as soon as I find out later, right now there is a time opening which could only mean that someone is moving from one place to another, it can take a minute to five minutes for it to open, people to move, then close." She looked around and then back at him.

"Here." She handed him a stone. "When I do go, if you hold this then I can jump to you when I am done." She realize she had an attachment to Skang, he felt like an under dog so that explained a lot.

No sooner than she had handed it to him, everything went back into action.


As Dianna left the room, the creek started up again, only, it stopped as he heard a window open above, then the window of his room opened. A mog jumped in, all the noise outside stopped, and it walked close to Nyanter. It was not the normal color of a mog, it was black instead of white, its nose was darker red, and instead of holding a staff with a time clock on it, it held scroll and a black ominous stick.

It held out the scroll to him and then sat. Upon opening the scroll, Nyanter could read a small note stating:

Next location found. Sceinaro.
Meet west of Birnloo after preperations are complete.
Let the others know. No one else.

Then the mog turned, walked out the window, closed it, the small walking upstairs could now be distinctly be heard different from that of before, and the noise began back up again.


Saber followed the girl and frozen when she frozen, began walking once more when she began. When she stopped finally, they were just outside of the town, peaceful, relaxing. Others were around relaxing too.

10-31-2015, 11:03 PM

OOC: Did the Mog just vanish or was she just describing something in the future while something else odd was going on?

11-05-2015, 09:43 PM
sunnyside she explained why time froze. Portal between the chapel to another place or vice versa opened up. She also stated she would inform him about Sien Grumbia when she found out.

11-09-2015, 12:59 PM
sunnyside she explained why time froze. Portal between the chapel to another place or vice versa opened up. She also stated she would inform him about Sien Grumbia when she found out.

OOC: OK, so She's gone for now? Also, I'm sitting on the skills that were last awarded, but could I still do that while taking the stat increases, or should I wait on those as well?

11-12-2015, 04:44 AM
sunnyside she isn't, another moogle did though, one who met up with Nyantear, know I have misspelled but just woke up and getting ready for work. As for the stts, have a list of what everyone can do but that will had to wait til I get back. You can sit on them for however long you think is needed. Can wait til job change or later if needed.

11-19-2015, 01:02 PM
Skang stared at the stone for a while. Trying to make sense of everything. Eventually he decided on saying "Thanks." to the Mog. After a pause he continued 'Wait, let me clear my head and think of what you asked. I'm not used to all this business of things teleporting around. I got teleported from my home to Sien Grumbia, which is how I got into this mess in the first place. Actually, I think it was a teleporting or portal sort of thing that got rid of the rest of our group. Some blue ball grabbed a couple of us as it fled. I think. I figure they're probably dead but I suppose I don't really know. Actually I didn't even really get to know them. But we're supposed to be Heros of Light, I think, so I don't think I can just put up a help wanted sign in town and replace them properly.

Here, lets see if I can explain this better in case, actually, I should probably get this straight just for myself.

Ok, so there was this red glowing ball, I brought us to Sien Grumbia. I think it called itself Chavez. And it warned us about a few bad things. There was Ozma, this wizard guy leading skeletons. Then there was a blue ball. Ummmmm. Ok, what was the blue ball called. Runan? Anyway how many blue balls can there be. And then there's some ultimate thing that wants to get lose and wreck havoc. I think Chavez might have said on the world? Muten or something like that? This stuff should really be written down. Anyway there was a mention of many Demons being sent to plague the land, and I think they have things related to letting the Muten thing free.

Chavez doesn't seem to be able to stay around very well and keeps disappearing and so it hasn't explained things very well. "

Skang pauses and makes a face "And the fact that it really sounds like I have an imaginary friend who is uncreatively described as a red ball is why I'm not trying to build up some anti skeleton force to try and attack the island or something like that. And we probably can't go back because there's the blue ball, a hoard of skeletons, oh yeah and some little girl demon thing that Chavez doesn't seem to think we can take....I think.

So I'm guessing the game plan will have to revolve around going after other demons that might be separated from the area. Or I don't know what it would be. "

"Honestly it's just really weird to be sitting in a normal place and eating right now. What do you think?"

Cross Avantgarde
12-12-2015, 07:39 AM
ELR Sorry for this delayed post! And short, as well...

Locke looked from Mia and back to Moggus. “Yeah, good idea. We’ll have to sleep at some point, and at least we know that we’re safe here. It might even save time; instead of setting up camp somewhere else later on, we can take the easy route and sleep here.” Locke stretched and it didn’t take long afterwards to realize that rest was certainly needed.

“Does this chapel have rooms and accommodations in it?” he asked Moggus.

01-13-2016, 09:21 AM

Lulu took a deep breath, she slowed her thoughts, she put the pieces together properly before irrationally assuming.

"Is it? Sometimes it is best to be calm while you can or else one's heart will become so filled with regrets, wants, needs, have to's, that it hurts and becomes hard to do anything. It may seem wrong but what is worse: Jumping in and hope that it all can wait to explode til the end OR letting it out every chance you got and knowing that your mind will be clear, your body prepared, and your soul at ease when the time comes?" She smiled, hoping he saw it and it would ease him a bit.

"You feel responsible for them, you are a leader type, a caregiver, even if you do not know those who you wish to give it to. I bet they are fine. If the thing that swallowed them is what I think it is then they should be at Moogle Chapel, or if it isn't then I am unsure. But I do have this feeling that you will see them again."

She thought about the demons mentioned, puzzled as to how. "I know of the Guardians of the keys but not of Demons around here. I can do research into this though, if you would like. As for the skeletons, I know of the ancestors on Sien Grumbia who made Oath with Ozma in order to protect the island from danger. He commands them to defend and protect. So whatever caused that to happen means something horrible began there and he gave the order to the villagers to hide and flee."

Cross Avantgarde

Mia grabbed Locke's pant leg and followed him as Moggus began moving. He brought them down a set of stairs that was hidden behind the alter and started glowing to light up the dark tunnels, he then went down several hallways and opened a door finally.

Inside was two average cots, and a table between them, the room small and smelled of something sweet. "This is the only free room we have right now. Clean up any mess you make in here or else Lulu will be very upset." He set a candle down with several matches and left them in the room with the lit candle.

"I wonder why this Lulu isn't here." Mia mumbled, then laid down on one cot. It was comfier than the one at home, she thought. "I wonder when we shall see the others again." She said louder for Locke to hear, curling up into a ball, her arms wrapped around her staff.

01-25-2016, 04:25 AM
Nyanter not sure what to do with this piece of info, got himself propped up and was wide awake when Dianna returned with some other stuff. Dianna had brought a small wash bucket and a wash cloth. "I'm going to now clean you off, your highness." She approached his side and began to unbutton his shirt. Nyanter had almost no energy to resist and just gave in to letting her do her task. "Dianna My kingdom was attacked and now I am trying to find a way back to it. There in my shirts pocket is something I need, will you get it for me?" Dianna quickly stopped what she was doing and went over to his shirt to and reached in the pocket pulling out a small black box,"Is this the thing you needed?""Yes."She quickly carried it over to Prince Nyanter."Open it."http://www.whiteflash.com/articlefiles/7-5ctw-solitaire-diamond-ring.jpg"Dianna I feel as though I have met the person who i want to spend my life with, will you marry me?""But, Your Highness I can't! I'm Not royalty, Nor Do I have anything that I could give.""Nonsense! You will be giving me plenty with how you interact with others and You are a very kind and caring person. I don't want to spend my life with anyone else but you. Dianna again i ask you will you marry me?" Dianna began weeping and sniffling as she shook her head yes. She bent down and threw her arms around her new fiance. Prince Nyanter just looked at her smiling as best as he could with how he was feeling as sat there while she wept holding him.

Cross Avantgarde
01-31-2016, 06:16 PM

Locke, with Mia holding his pants leg, followed Moggus down the stairs behind the altar. The series of hallways led to a small room with two cots. Mia lay down and asked about the others.

“I don’t know, but I hope they made it out of that fracas okay. We haven’t known each other long, but they fought tooth and nail with us to stay alive, and when we get up we’ll make it back to them as quickly as we can. What do you say?” He smiled and lay on the other cot.

“Lulu…that was the name, right? Wonder…who that is…”

Locke’s words were interrupted by a quick yawn, and he lowered his bandana over his eyes to hasten sleep. "Yeah, I'm worried about the others, too..."

02-04-2016, 10:57 PM
Cross Avantgarde

Mia thought deeply. "What if they don't believe us?" She curled up at the spoken thought.

03-19-2016, 03:40 PM
"Ok Dianna let's get you packed your coming with me to my kingdom. Is there anything you want to bring with you?" Dianna just shook her head. "I'll get myself ready in the mean time you just rest and get yourself well and prepared for leaving." "Ok honey; However I'll be the one you have to listen to, considering we have to do some stuff before we return to my kingdom." Dianna shook her head in understanding. She rushed back downstairs to go ask for a traveling suitcase and to tell her adoptive guardians what was their decision. While that was happening Nyanter just laid his head back to get some much-needed shut-eye and do what she said.

03-21-2016, 01:03 PM

OOC: I thought I was the last to post. My bad!


Skang looked quizzickaly at the Moogle. She seemed to know rather a lot, though perhaps not correctly.

"I think maybe you have things a little off. Chavez, the red Orb thing that somehow summoned or teleported us to the town said there were a bunch of demons and that Ozma was the first. Though I feel a little better about crushing those skeletons if they'd made some kind of demonic pact in life. The blue orb thing was fighting our red orb so I doubt it would just send my, uh, colleagues off to a Moogle chapel.

I'm a little fuzzy on how the little girl fits into everything, probably possessed by some ancient evil or something, which is too bad. "

He goes through what the Moogle had said in his head to see if he had missed anything. "Are those "guardians" maybe demons? Or might they help us fight demons like Ozma? Could you tell me anything about them?"

03-28-2016, 11:38 PM
OOC: So looks like Diana will be joining the adventure!

Lulu crossed her arms and took a deep breath.

"Guardians are mighty creatures who have powers beyond basic concept. Some of them change shapes, others command creatures beyond the living or dead. Some of them comprehend magic while others are physically capable of crushing boulders with their weapons, or too fast to keep up with one on one." She pondered while taking a sip. "Ozma was the Guardian of Sien Grunbia. Cerberus is the Guardian of Sceinaro. Shinryu is the Guardian of Musikan. Cactu is the Guardian of Yueling Mist Maze Forest. There are five smaller Guardians but they do not protect places and objects but skills and jobs for the souls who which consider changes."

She closes her eyes and thinks. "Warrior's Wane is where you would go to change into a warrior." She opened her eyes and focused on Skang, her words piercing. "The Guardian there is Griever." Lulu realized people leaving the restaurant and the lack of people coming in. It was getting late. "There is a lot that you do not know. And your assumption that Ozma is a demon is off base. He protects all those on Sien Grunbia, any threats to the tower or the people." She knew she would have to check there after this meeting to make sure everything was okay there.

Cross Avantgarde

Mia tossed about. "Maybe a moogle too?" She yawned and felt the world wanting to disappear. She could still feel the soreness on her throat from whatever had happened to it.

"I wonder how ma and pa are." She mumbled out as she dozed off finally.

Cross Avantgarde
03-30-2016, 08:28 AM

Locke awoke with a start. Had he been dreaming? He vaguely remembered Mia asking him something or saying something, but he couldn’t remember what it was. Had that been a part of the dream as well?

He shook his head and walked over to a basin of water that sat in the corner of the small room. “Ugh, haven’t bathed in a while; mom would be ashamed.” He splashed water on his face and, though it was cold, he was thankful for it. “Well, she’d understand if I told her was saving the world, I think,” he said to himself. The Warriors of Light…it didn’t seem to be real, even after what they’d seen.

He turned and saw Mia sleeping soundly. It seemed that she was making a full recovery from her ailment. Should he wake her? She certainly needed the rest. And where was the moogle?

“Oh, that’s right—we’re supposed to clean up well down here or else we’ll make that—hmm, forgot the name—that ‘person’ mad.” He moved to his cot and made it up as neatly as he could.

Locke walked over to Mia and gently spoke. “Mia? Are you awake?” That was a stupid question, admittedly. Of course she wasn’t awake, or he wouldn’t have to ask. “Mia? Think we need to get a move on? Wait, one more question: think that moogle will feed us before we go?”

04-14-2016, 12:58 PM

Skang looks like he's about to argue, but eventually yawns, as it's been a long day. "Well, all I suppose I really know about Ozma is that he and his skeleton army were trying to kill us, and we're supposed to be saving the world or something. Maybe he went bad after interacting with whatever that thing that looked like a little girl was.

I'm exhausted from all that, and I think I'm about to go into a food coma. But first I want to say thanks for looking into these things. I figured I'd be on my own as nobody would believe anything. And I'm hoping you're right about my companions somehow being alive.

One last thing though, if I'd do well finding this Griever for training, where do I find them and how do I convince them to do anything for me? "

Skang struggled to pay attention so he could remember everything that was said in the morning.

04-21-2016, 02:39 PM
Nyanter and Dianna were ready to go first thing in the morning. Of course Nyanter still was a bit weak so he had to get some support from Dianna. Some of his weight was burdened onto her shoulders. With the suitcase full of her clothes and stuff she thought she would need like medical supplies and her favorite book, she was packed and they were on their way to the docks. A lot came to see her off. She was well liked in that community. Though she was mostly envied by her fellow docs, she left without a care, and was giving last minute needed stuff to the villagers as they went to the docks. She was considered the head of that area. Even doctors from other areas came to her to learn and seek advice and knowledge. Now she was going away to a unknown area to her. She was both nervous and anxious to see what her new home residents and surroundings would be like. But in the mean time she would be in charge of taking care of Nyanter and his fellow adventures. They arrivd at the dock and was waiting for the others to come back and show up.

05-20-2016, 11:49 AM
Cross Avantgarde Going to fight you tooth and nail on this one xP

Mia yawned and rolled over, curling further into a ball. She didn't want to get up for school yet. She was having such a wonderful dream of chasing the fuzzes around the village.
"Just five more minutes, please, mum?"
Black-Cat0001 You seem to have gotten a one sided thing going, hate to destroy it but using this as a cue on go ahead and explore the town for items needed or such.

Nyantear could see Saber dancing towards their meeting spot outside the window.
sunnyside Decision time. *salutes* ^-^

Lulu shook Skang on the shoulder. "You are very heavy, you know." Under a tree trunk, on top of a make shift bed, Lulu and a small viera watching him as he slept. Only the small viera was at a distance while Lulu was shaking him. "I am NOT going to do this, this is why I didn't have kids, and why I never will. UP!"

Cross Avantgarde
05-21-2016, 07:42 PM
ELR: Very nice touch, lol.

“Mum?!” Locke exclaimed out loud, shaking his head. “Mia, it’s me—and I hope I don’t look like your mom.” He shook her lightly, hoping not to wake her too suddenly.

“Come on, Mia; I can’t be the only one who’s hungry, right? Let’s wake up, now.”

05-21-2016, 10:58 PM
Cross Avantgarde

Mia jumped up and looked around the room, only to realize she had almost hit Locke on his head with her staff.

"Food?" She sniffed the air. "Like fresh eggs, meat, and other stuff?" Fruit? She smelled something! Was this why he woke her up?

05-22-2016, 02:53 AM
Cross Avantgarde Going to fight you tooth and nail on this one xP

Mia yawned and rolled over, curling further into a ball. She didn't want to get up for school yet. She was having such a wonderful dream of chasing the fuzzes around the village.
"Just five more minutes, please, mum?"
Black-Cat0001 You seem to have gotten a one sided thing going, hate to destroy it but using this as a cue on go ahead and explore the town for items needed or such.

Nyantear could see Saber dancing towards their meeting spot outside the window.
sunnyside Decision time. *salutes* ^-^

Lulu shook Skang on the shoulder. "You are very heavy, you know." Under a tree trunk, on top of a make shift bed, Lulu and a small viera watching him as he slept. Only the small viera was at a distance while Lulu was shaking him. "I am NOT going to do this, this is why I didn't have kids, and why I never will. UP!"

Nyanter and Dianna quickly gets things needed for the trip before heading to catch up with Saber.

05-26-2016, 09:06 PM
Decision time. *salutes* ^-^

Lulu shook Skang on the shoulder. "You are very heavy, you know." Under a tree trunk, on top of a make shift bed, Lulu and a small viera watching him as he slept. Only the small viera was at a distance while Lulu was shaking him. "I am NOT going to do this, this is why I didn't have kids, and why I never will. UP!"

OOC: I was confused what you meant by "decision time" but I think I get it and I'll bite on the option you're dangling


Skang slowly got up yawning. A look of concern suddenly came on his face and he looked around, groping for his weapon. However he then started calming down as the haze of sleep cleared and the memories of the past day and night came back. He spent a little while before speaking trying to remember some of the more vague details.

"Hurm" he says, looking around "I think the glow ball was supposed to meet us this morning" Skang looks around some more. Squinting, he's able to just make out his group in the distance over the crest of a hill and some tall grass. "Looks like they've gained some allies. They say three's a crowd and they're, what, maybe four over there? "

He sadly looks down at his weapon then back to the Moogle "If it's OK with you, I'd like to see this Griever about becoming more useful. Can either of you help me with that? If it's really important the glowball can find me I'm sure. They didn't have a problem snatching me up in the first place. I'd rather not mess with a long goodbye if one of you could fill them in on the way to checking out the goings on across the water we talked about last night."

05-27-2016, 12:54 AM
Let me get updates out of the way so that everyone is on the same page and know/remember points if forgotten about. THEN I will continue on. And I WILL fix the issue of the squishieness, just give me a bit. Please and thank you!

Name: Skang
Race: Bangaa
Job: Blue Mage
Cristal: 500
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
HP 150 MP 150 CCI 55
ATT 53 DEF 14 EVA 10
(1)Regeneration-15Mp (1max blue mage
(1)*Magic Barrier (1max blue mage
(1)Jump-5Mmp(1max blue mage
[+25 stat +2 skill]

Black-Cat0001 Will be adding in Dianna, she will add in 10 extra CCI but she will not be capable of fighting. That does not mean she will not be seen as a target to your/her opponent(s). To add a plus, the team now has someone who can cook. I will, from time to time, make her do something, say something, or go somewhere.
Name: Nyanter PenDragon
Race: Miqo'te

HP 180 MP 135 CCI 160 +10
ATT 27 DEF 30 EVA 30
MAG 8 DFM 10 CSP 5
(1)Provoke-5MP (10max warrior)-Causes enemies to pay attention to you. (lasts 15-25 posts)
(1)*Defender (4max warrior)(6max knight/samarai)-Defense raises x10 times. (lasts 5-15 posts)
(1)Restraint-5MP (4max warrior)(6max knight/dragoon/paladin)-Doubles damage.
(1)Double Strike-15MP (3max warrior)(7max knight/samarai/dragoon/paladin)-Hits twice.
[+25 stat +2 skill]
Cross Avantgarde
Name: Locke
Race: Human
Job: Thief
Cristal: 500
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles

HP 150 MP 150 CCI 65
ATT 23 DEF 19 EVA 20

(2)Steal (2MP)
(1)Sneak Attack (5MP)
(1)Flee (5MP)
[+35 stat +2 skill]

ECT (and I put this as that because Tetsanosuke is currently out of commission for playing his character, though if he decides to return he may. As of right now I will leave his blank until the next fight)
Name: Mystarica (Saber)
Race: Viera, Rava.
Job: Dancer
Cristal: 500

HP 150 MP 145 CCI 55
ATT 36 DEF 15 EVA 15
MAG 12 DFM 13 CSP 12
(1)Saber Dance-10MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Doubles persons attack speed. (lasts 4 posts)
(1)Curing Waltz-30MP (2max dancer)(3max lady luck)-This soothing sad dance gives life to friendly watchers up to 75HP. (lasts 2 posts)
(1)Haste Samba-25MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Allows speed to enter people. (lasts 5 posts)
(1)Chocobo Jig-1MP (1max dancer)-Lures and tames a close by chocobo. (not a battle skill)
(1)Quickstep-10MP (1max dancer)(4max lady luck)-Between spinning kicks and twirling arms, can attack an enemy up to 2-10 times in one shot with the finale. (3 posts)
[+25 stat +2 skill]
Name: Mia Fell
Race: Lalafell
Job: White Mage
Cristal: 500
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
Assorted bottles
HP 130 MP 160 CCI 40
ATT 5 DEF 10 EVA 13
MAG 28 DFM 15 CSP 17

A woman covered in white clothes stood at the edge of the water, a cart full of goodies right next to her. Only her eyes and fingers show through to all those outside of her, but her eyes watch carefully as the waves slow down from their normal sway, their gentle shoves.

As she watches, Saber comes dancing forward, her cymbals clanging soft enough to ring along with the chirping of birds in the distance, such joy to the new morning that shined through.

Nyantear and Diana scurried right along behind her.

"Welcome!" The woman sang out, her voice soothing. "I am Selina, a traveling shop keeper. I bring plenty from far and wide. Even some that people wonder came from other dimensions."Slowly she turned to the small group and gestured them to look. "Potions, bedding, food, and plenty more." Her silver eyes darted to the ring upon Diana's finger, smiling silently to herself over what she could imagine what had happened.
Lulu sighed and looked at the little viera. "I have a gift for them, may they spend it well and not in one place." She hands the little viera the bags and then stretches her arms.

"Only a few hours sleep but I hope it is enough to endure the training that is ahead of you." She pulled out another bag and hands it to Skang. "If there is anything you need, it is best to grab it now." Lulu looks over at the group. "That is Selina, she and her sister Temperance sell goods around the world. They were found once inside of the summoners summit, a place where mages go to earn more than their fair share of spells and skills. They were almost frozen for eternity for trespassing on sacred grounds."

Putting her attention back on the bangaa, he still looked half asleep to her. "The sooner you hurry up, the sooner I shall be able to get you on your way to training." His eyes looked as if they widened with a new resolve.
As Saber rummages through the items, the little viera that she had followed the night before walks up and hands her a bag. She smiled a thanks and bowed her head.

Then the little veria handed a similar bag to Nyantear, then ran away as fast as she could.
"Since you most likely do not want to run into them, you may want to try inside the town. Three buildings, turn left, five buildings, right, second building on left. You will find assortment of helpful potions and such."

But before Skanng could run off, the viera comes running back and hides behind Lulu. She is extremely small for a viera, just slightly taller than Lulu is. "This is Fei, she assists me with my works. I will allow her to be loaned out to you for the time being. Call her a good luck charm in battles." She did not wish to spoil what she meant by that just yet.

"Find what you need, hurry, and then we shall head to Warrior's Wane."

Fei moved closer to Skang, her movements stiff, almost like she would hide at any minute.

Each member earns an extra 250 cristal putting everyone at 750 cristal (Exception to Locke and Mia). Skang was given an extra 150 cristal.

The stores are open, here are the prices for Selina's store:
Potion (20)
Mana Apple (30)
Group Rations (50)
Safty-Tent (750)
Chocobo-Ride (1250)
Moogle Portal Opener (15000)

Sadly, Skang may not go to Selina's store which is why I gave him extra cristal, all prices will be 25% more. All same items though. Only thing that does not change is the portal opener but no one can get that item right now do to price. It IS there though in case it catches someones eye and they wish to discuss items that are there. Items you wish not keep can be sold! Just be careful, some items you sell you may never see again.

Think that is all. Thank you for your patience. (Only took a few hours) xD

05-28-2016, 01:54 AM
Skang looked at the poor little fellow. In as non-threateningly a way has he can muster Skang smiles and says "Nice to meet you. We should get along And you can help keep watch if we get caught out at night." Responding to the Moogle he holds up a hand and says "All right, I'll hurry."

As he does his shopping he frowns at some of the prices "You know, if I was really a warrior of light that's needed to save the world. You'd think I'd be justified in just taking anything not bolted down. Really, that ball of light should just tell everyone to do that. But yes, I know, it never seems to work out that way in the legends.

Skang picks up a couple mana apples (They keep I presume), and a couple potions. He then eyes the not nearly as appetizing as last nights dinner rations. He looks at the pair. "Do you think we'll need one or more of these?"

06-15-2016, 02:41 PM
Nyanter was completely at a loss for words. He didn't know what to make of it and was in complete shock. He just stared straight ahead looking at the bag and the ground. Dianna, however, was looking to see if maybe she could haggle about purchasing a few tents for her temporary work area and medical ward. They were going to need more than two tents if there was going to be issues down the road, and she needed them to accommodate the patients that were going to be needed, one or two for operations, one for her work/medical office. Not to mention she was planning on going back into town to get more supplies to bring for future issues. (She's prodigious of her time. The stuff we have now she thinks is accurate but some others think she's crazy and insane, She's the Einstien of her work area. Basically, the world is round when it was thought that it was square those type of people.)

06-17-2016, 11:03 AM

Before getting too far, Fei tugged on Skang with a frown. She hurriedly turned back and searched her pockets, she turned up only a single cristal.

Before Fei could run back to bug Skang to pay up, a large female Miqo'te storms out and mugs Fei. "Watcha think you be doin?" She mroewled out. The sight where Skang is looks frightening, if he gets closer he could hear her talking to Fei and the mugged position actually being a bear hug.

"I aint seen you in AGES! You be grown another inch I say. I gots a package fur Lulu, lazy molerat be skipping me from pickin up. Full paid already, go be given it to her." The Miqo'te finally looks up to see Skang. "Who be you?"

Black-Cat0001 Not included as one of the secret item missions.

Selina and Diana talk hushed for a while, could make any person sweat over the discussion, especially since they keep looking over at Nyantear. "Well, these things are old and do not last much longer than a nights fort or two." She looks deeply into Nyantear's eyes, too deep for Diana's liking, and by far too close. "You seem noble, reliable, if you can obtain a willing subject from Bangaa Village I will be sure to obtain a sturdy reliable tent for your lady friend." She winked and smiled. Then her eyes caught sight of the sparkling ring upon her finger. "Or, if going that far is too far out of your way, that ring could do nicely."

Walking back over to Diana, she looped an arm around her. "No worries, I'm not interested in that way with your guy." She chuckled, and let go of her waist, and spoke softly to Saber. They both spoke frantically over the wind's decision on purchases.

After their discussion ended, Saber bought 8 mana apples, 3 group rations, and 10 potions (160 cristal left).

Selina then turned to watch Nyantear and Diana discuss, though it sounded like a light bicker, over what they were going to do.

Cross Avantgarde

Before awaiting a response, Mia runs towards the door and then down the hallway, she moved far faster than anyone could possibly think possible for such a little person. Only, she had accidently left her staff and bag on the bed, her mind not thinking of such things.

Her stomach was hungry and when it came to that she knew to follow her nose.

When she arrived in a large dining area, she sat down and picked up a piece of ham, only to have it snatched out of her hands. "Hey, breakfast is not ready yet!" Moggus snapped. "If you and your friend are to eat then you will await and do it our way. That includes clean up afterwards!"

06-18-2016, 11:13 PM
Getting too close for Nyaneeter's liking,"You seem noble, reliable, if you can obtain a willing subject from Bangaa Village I will be sure to obtain a sturdy reliable tent for your lady friend." She winked and smiled. Then her eyes caught sight of the sparkling ring upon Dianna's finger. "Or, if going that far is too far out of your way, that ring could do nicely." "Not...In...Your...Life!!! No Way Would I let Anyone take one of our family crest rings!"hissed Nyaneter. "So who is it in this village that you need us to get?"

06-21-2016, 12:23 PM

OOC: Is Skang supposed to recognize what that crystal is? Or did you just mean one unit of money?


Skang thinks for a moment, and then sighs and replies

"I'm Skang, warrior of light, one of the chosen ones, on a mission to save the world." He pauses for a beat "I'm not quite used to it all yet, and until somebody scouts out the other side of the (lake?) I'm pretty sure people are just going to think I'm crazy. So just call me Skang for now. "

Cross Avantgarde
07-08-2016, 09:50 AM

What was left of Locke’s grogginess was dispelled when Mia’s staff came so close to hitting him in the head. He laughed when he saw her so excited about the potential for food. He stopped laughing when he saw how quickly she moved.

“Wow…didn’t think she could move that fast…”

Locke looked around and figured that he’d better follow her. He walked into what appeared to be a dining room and heard Moggus telling Mia to wait to eat. “Clean up? Sure, we’ll help. I think it’s likely that we’ve both gone a while without eating, so thanks.”

09-23-2016, 10:18 PM
@sunnyside (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=173112) will leave it up to you to decide if Skang recognizes what a cristal is or not. And just fyi, I completely forgot which accent I was going for for the shop keeper.

"Mhmm.. Warrior o' light you say?" She looked Skang up and down and then patted Fei on the head. "Ye found yourself a funna friend now, you have." She laughed and handed the package for Lulu to Fei. "He seems a wee lost now, he be."

Stretching out, she mewled from exhaustion. "Skang.." She stared him in the eye. "You keep good care of her, you hear? One high hair gets hurt on her and lots of folk be rollin a ruckus around here." Then her hip goes on her hip, her tail swaying slowly behind her. "And if ya got any questions then don't let no cat catch that tongue, just spit it out."

Fei smiled and ran around the Miqo'te, then tugged on her apron, pointing between the two. "Aye, I know. My name be Kuwl."

@Cross Avantgarde (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=13721)

Mia's stomach growled loudly, her frown stuck in place. "Yes sir.." She whispered. She slumped over to Locke and then realized something. "My staff!" She patted her sides and looked in a circle. "My bag!"

She went to run past Locke and then tripped. "Sorry.." She mumbled.


She swayed over, walked around the prince, and chuckled. "Shucks, and here I was thinking it was ordinary. Then with such a honor of a ring to be of a family of royals, it would hold higher price than just a simple tent." She stopped right next to Diana and gave her a quirky bump to her causing Diana to be closer to Nyaneeter.

"Just a willing person to assist Temperance with her travels, she has not been feeling well as of late." She pursed her lips though. "She is my sister." She turns her head and pulls the hood further over her face. "She has been known to have a temper when she does not feel well. And most do not like her for she does not do deals very well. She prefers profit over smiles of help. Though.." She shakes her head and sighs. "Never mind."

Walking back over to her stuff, she starts packing her stuff up.

09-24-2016, 12:11 AM
"Now I understand where your coming from I understand that we all must look after our loved ones. " *Sigh* "Would She care to come with us once we dealt with some issues, and also I could pay a down payment now for the stuff we need but the ring is much too high considering it has been passed down for ten to fifteen generations. We still need some money for food and medical supplies but other than that I'll give up what ever spare money we have as a down payment."

10-07-2016, 01:12 PM

Selina leaned an ear towards Nyantear and smiled. "She is not here at this very moment, the reason I asked that location specifically is because she will be there in two or three nights." She holds out her hand towards Diana and drop a red stone into her palm. "Use this to get there in a blink, and as soon as you convince a person to join her, deliver him/her to Temperance, use that to come back to me." She winked at Diana. "I will be waiting with your 'reward'."

10-07-2016, 06:20 PM
"Ok." Gathering their needed belongs holding hands they vaped to the new location. Appearing in a blink of thin air it suprised/scared some people who were there. Nyanter Looking around ,"Ok so which direction are we suppose to be heading?" "Hmm.....I get the feeling we need to go this direction." He followed Dianna and let her lead them about. They visited stalls/stores and were checking out the merchandise, Many gave them fishy looks and looks of disgust but didn't bother them cause they haven't done anything wrong yet. Most were wary of these two strangers who suddenly appeared out of thin air. Eventually the sun had set, and it was time to call it a day. They explored the area a bit before asking for directions to the inn. The sign read Redtop Buccaneers. -Ding- "Hello, sorry for getting here late, do you have any available rooms for us to sleep in?" The old Keeper there scratched his beard as he thought then replied," Hmm there is only the suite left but its 500 silver a night.""We'll take it for tonight and see how long we'll be staying for later. I'm sorry but all we have are for our way of paying is crystals." The inn keeper eyes go wide," That's enough to cover for four nights." He hands them the keys after getting the crystal. The two decide to make two trips up to their room. The room was very spacious. In the center against the wall of the room was a heart shaped frame foot rest and a red laced California king bed with a close curtain area and red drapes of the same color near the windows. There was a huge tub and shower area. Not to mention powder area for Dianna and a closet for Nyanter/Dianna's clothing/ Everything was clean and prestige. Nyanter whistles at their room they have for the night. Searching the room he found a blue package in the dresser near his end. He quickly put in back post haste into the drawer and shut it promptly. "Honey I'm going to take a shower so please put the clothes in the closet please." "Sure Darling." Sound of water could be heard. Nyanter was careful as he put items where they were needed. Especially the packages of Dinanna's personal belongings. When morning came around the first thing that woke up Dianna was the rude awakening of a Cawing Rooster from the hill nearby. Nyanter who was use to getting up early had already showered and dressed. "Breakfeast is already out on the table for you." Grumbles "thanks." After both were ready they decided to go about seeing what they missed yesterday,prepare somethings and to gather information on various things. Nyanter and Dianna split up and agreed to meet back at the nearby cafe around 4pm. Nyanter went north to where the smell and sounds of the industries could be heard while Dianna went downward south to look into the cosmetics and other goods you'd expect to find in the normal communities.