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12-05-2014, 11:17 AM
This is an animated movie that tells the story of a famous warrior in the early days of the Islamic religion. His name was Al Abbas, and he fought against the Umayyad army, and apparently got a LOT of kills (which Muslims seem to believe is proof that he was a chosen warrior by Allah/God). He's such an important figure from a religious point of view, to the Muslims, that like with Muhammad, they refuse to show his face in any drawing (including this cartoon). However they make up for that in this cartoon by instead of using a regular black censor bar over his eyes, they show him with a glowing white area covering his eyes, giving him the appearance of having glowing eyes, as if he was giving off a supernatural light/aura by the mere fact that he was a God-chosen warrior. So that was a kind of cool way to censor the eyes region of his face in this movie.

If you like medieval Arabian/Islamic stories such as Aladdin or Arabian Knights, then you'll want to watch this animated movie. However, it is unfortunately entirely in Arabic language, and there are no English subtitles for it. If you want to watch it just for the action/battle scenes, then that's fine. However if you want to understand what they are saying, you'll either need to know Arabic, or wait for somebody to release an English subtitled version. The only way I even knew what it was about was while searching around on the net for a subtitled version (searching by the title of it) and found links to related things like "Battle of Karbala", so I figured this movie had something to do with that battle. And looking up that battle on Wikipedia told me a lot more about it.

Here's the best Youtube video of it that I could find. Violence Warning: In this movie, sword cuts are accurately shown to release blood (no blood or violence being censored out like in American cartoons).


12-12-2014, 07:53 AM
Same company that made that cartoon, also made this one, depicting the conquest of the city of Khaybar (sometimes spelled Khaibar) in Saudi Arabia. Originally this city was held by Jews, but was conquered by by the Muslim warrior named Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a son of Abu Talib, and cousin of Muhammad himself). One of his nick names was Haydar (sometimes spelled Haidar or Haidara). This is an Arabic word that means Braveheart. The strongest Jewish soldier guarding the city of Khaybar was a man named Marhab. As seen in this animated reenactment of the battle, Marhab was given 3 choices by Ali. These were convert to Islam, pay tribute, or face war. Marhab chose war, and was quickly killed by Ali, as Ali's sword quickly sliced though Marhab's helmet, cutting his head in half. As in the above movie, the important religious people (such as Ali) have their faces censored out, by a glow that gives them the appearance of having eyes that are emanating a supernatural energy. Muhammad himself is completely censored out. His entire body is covered with this glow that gives him the appearance of being made out of pure supernatural energy, like an angel.

Here's the Youtube video. Note that the thumbnail pic on the video that appears before the play button is pressed is incorrect. It shows a scene from the above posted movie, rather than this one.


10-09-2016, 06:13 PM
Anybody watched these videos yet? I posted this a couple years ago, an nobody has replied, so I don't know who's watched the vids. Today I'm going back through some of my old posts, and checking for replies in them.