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10-14-2014, 05:49 AM
Hello Dear Carders!

We're glad to offer you the best dump selling service - Serwaa Dumps Service. We're working at the black markert since 2009. Our main mission and goal is to make a profit together with you! So we're selling high-percent valid dumps skimmed &hacked by our team.

The main advantages of using our service:

- High-percent approval. Latest bases (tr2, tr1+tr2) and Daily Updates. Binlist available.
- Lowest prices at stuff of such a good quality.
- We're selling only to one hands - that's why all dumps that we've sold to you will stay only with you.
- We have: USA dumps, Canada dumps, Europe dumps(France dumps, UK dumps, Germany dumps etc), Asia dumps, Oceania dumps, Latin America dumps.
- We send orders in 5 minutes - 12 hours (depends on a time when we'll recieve payment information etc.)


We accept Bitcoins/Perfect money/Western Union/ Money Gram ONLY.

BTC/PM minimal order -$200 ($180 for order, 10% for comission)
WU/MG minimal order -$500 ($450 for order, 10% for comission)

NOTE! Every feedback in my topic gives you 5% bonus on your next order!

Dumps Prices:

Visa/Master Card-20$
Classic - 25$
Gold - 25$
Platinum - 30$
Business - 25$
Signature - 30$

Visa/Master Card- 30
Classic - 35$
Gold - 35$
Platinum - 30$
Business - 30$
Signature - 35$

ICQ#: 663718171
Yim: serwaadumps
E-Mail: [email protected]