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It is a hot September day as the School of Seven Towers officially opens. The wind blows strong from the North, carrying dirt and crumbled cement dust from the wastelands and long abandoned buildings in that direction. However the high walls of the school protect the green oasis within, and any late arrivals traveling today are likely used to wasteland conditions.

The towers have been occupied for some time as the different cultures prepared to live there, however now a steady stream of students and faculty head out toward central campus. Some take the black metal Magitek trains connecting the seven towers and the Southern gate to central campus, but they are having some issues with reliability and sending hot embers down on the passengers from time to time, so many are walking.

On the green at the edge of central campus there are groups of students playing with various balls, disks, and sticks as they try to figure out sports that work for people with so many different kinds of abilities. But most students seem wary of those from other cultures as they shuffle among the buildings.

Central campus is a flurry of chaotic activity as opposed to any kind of orderly assembly. Faculty are posting sign-up sheets for their classes on the walls of the different buildings, and some are clearly editing them at the last minute, or soliciting students to hear what they might be interested in. Posted everywhere are simple sheets stating “Form teams! Ideally with diverse skills! Group projects will be required!” some add inconsistent details, such as “teams of 4-6” or “fewer than nine” and some call them “study groups” instead of “teams”.

There are some faculty and students encouraging newcomers to show off their abilities on the central stage, and flashy demonstrations of power or bits of entertainment are happening continually.

There are a number of arguments going on. A group of Celestials are quite unhappy about some Bushido and Magitek faculty posting combat classes, considering that the school is supposed to exist to prevent combat.

A Wanderlust class on teaching “Repurposing” is drawing a lot of ire as well, since the point of that is teaching students how to unlearn thoughts and magical abilities from their home cultures in order to embrace new ones. Plenty of adults from the other cultures take that as an affront, and some of the sign ups sheets have been torn down.

Other classes that are posted include ones dedicated to teaching the abilities taught by the seven different cultures. Also music, art, world history and exploration, philosophy and debate with the last one being featured very prominently.

Campus Description (from sign in thread)

That the School of Seven Towers came into existence at all is a miracle given that different cultures had to work together to build it. While there was some collaboration, for the most part construction was a chaotic blend of uncoordinated efforts. There is no single person who knows the actual layout of the entire campus, much less about the insides of the different buildings.

The dominating features are the huge circular wall, the seven massive towers that are part of it each spaced about three miles apart from one another, and the aqueduct going into the Therian tower on the Northern end of campus. These structures were built by volunteers from the Celestial culture, and they have a gothic sort of look with arches, high vaulted ceilings, and greyish stone everywhere. They left the towers quite unfinished so the different cultures could complete and furnish them as they saw fit.

Within the circular wall is the campus green. Most of the planet is a barren wasteland and this area was no exception. Considerable work and biomagic from Therian volunteers went into purifying the water coming from the aqueduct and turning the wasteland into lush fields, patches of flowers, woods, or jungle, alongside small ponds and lakes. The area was quite hilly, and between that and the newly added trees and bushes it is rather hard to see very far in any direction when on the ground.

At the center of the circle is the central campus. This area was largely worked on by volunteers from the Magitek culture, and contractors from the Pactmaker culture (funded by donations chiefly from the peace seeking Celestials). A basic map of the campus is handed out to all students noting the towers and a number of buildings in central campus including the massive Main Lecture Hall, Administration Building, Challenge Field, the Danger Room, the Gymnasium, the Arena, the Workshop, the Library, and the Dining Hall. In the center is the Platform where small Magitek trains head out to the seven towers and the South gate.

However it quickly becomes obvious that there are more buildings present in central campus than are listed on the simple map, and there are also structures scattered throughout the campus green that aren't listed on the map.

For external appearances the Therian tower to the North looks to be covered in moss and ivy with a waterfall cascading down through green layers in order to get filtered before the water radiates out through the campus green in streams and eventually into the plumbing for the rest of the buildings. Clockwise from the Therian tower is the Wanderlust tower. It's largely unfinished, however murals and splashes of color are beginning to cover its surface. Continuing the circle clockwise is the Bushido culture's tower, which has recently taken the appearance of a huge pagoda. Next is the Celestial tower, which retains the gothic look but they have added arrays of statues and stained glass windows. Next is the Magitek culture's tower. It is a hodgepode of contraptions on the outside, with massive cranes and elevators to lift materials to the higher levels. Between the Celestial and Magitek towers is the southern gate, which is closest to the port to the south and is where most newcomers and supplies enter the school. Clockwise from the Magitek tower is the Pactmaker culture's tower, which has largely been covered over by privacy screens or one way glass, and has a "spikey" appearance due to a great many private airship docks being present. Next is the Netherkin tower. It is also relatively unfinished but a mist generally obscures it from view with ghostly forms swirling around it. People are starting to question the wisdom of concentrating Netherkin in a small area.

Outside the campus to the South is the port, to the North is a settled area where the Therian volunteers have claimed some territory and are in the process of greening and expanding it. To the East and West sides of the campus a shanty town of sort has cropped up. Originally these were the workers that helped constructed the campus. There weren't really meant to stay. But the school still has some jobs, the port is becoming popular for trade, and all the quarrying down by the Celestials to make the school ran into a number of silver and copper veins, leading to miners swiftly staking claims once the Celestials moved on. The town is considered rather seedy and, while students could reach it by going out through the south gate or out through any door or window in their home tower, they are discouraged from doing so. Because the workers in the town have intermixed and are no longer particularly affiliated with any one culture, they are considered suspect by all.

It is known that there are some cities destroyed by MMGs in the Apacolypse war to the North, but the students aren't encouraged to go there either.

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OOC: I know there are a lot of terms here that some might not understand but using their English equivalents did not give off the same feeling that I wanted. A quick google search will give you the definition. Also if anyone is interested to know what Katsuya's odori (dance) looks like in real life there's videos available on youtube just search Himesanja.


An array of ambrosial blossoms which included white roses, camellias, Arabian jasmines and lavender softly floated on top of the lukewarm onsen. Leaning her head back against the towel which rested on top of the rocks that surrounded the private onsen, Katsuya looked up towards the roof that was richly decorated with scenes of the primordial gods Izanami and Izanagi creating the Oyashima, the Great Eight Islands of Japan, from the desolate and chaotic ocean. Ironically, modern day Earth had once again returned to the state of nature - solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. It has been several years since the Apocalypse War had ended but anything but peace had returned to the lands and tribal like martial law oppressively reigned over. Something that Katsuya vehemently disliked and the reason she had agreed to momentarily leave Gion Kobu and join the experimental School of Seven Towers. Shaking those thoughts off her mind Katsuya slowly raised herself off the hot spring and quickly a Shikomi handed her a towel meanwhile Katsuro awaited in Katsuya's private chambers with one of her favorite kimonos; a tomesode which was crafted by a renowned artisan.

As Katsuya approached her quarters two Shikomi with their knees bent underneath them bowed before slightly bending over and opening the shoji which revealed a spacious room and a secluded garden decorated in the Washitsu style with wabi-sabi aesthetics. As the sliding doors closed behind her Katsuya allowed the towel to fall to the floor revealing a voluptuous body with a large crouching golden tiger tattoo in her back, a relic of Katsuya's time as a member of the Bushido culture. At this blatant gesture Katsuro who had been patiently waiting for Katsuya began to turn a bright shade of red. Feigning ignorance Katsuya sat down in front of Katsuro making sure that the nape of her neck was clearly visible.

"G...ggoo..good morning Milady."

Laughing Katsuya responded, "Your as transparent as spring water Katsuro. You shouldn't have that sort of reaction especially since you are my Spirit Servant which means you and I are essentially the same entity. Not to mention you are also a Geiko's Otokoshi you should be used to such sights by now."

In a meek voice Katsuro replied, "I...I apologize..."

"Lighten up Katsuro after all there was no harm done."

Katsuro bowed slightly towards Katsuya before going into a separate room that was annexed to Katsuya's room and retrieved Katsuya's makeup and accessories. In the meantime Katsuya dressed herself in simple cotton yukata so she could apply her make up without dirtying an expensive kimono. Shortly after Katsuro had arrived with all the items necessary.

"Thank you Katsuro."

The first product to be applied on the bare skin was an oil called bintsuke abura which would act as a primer for the Geiko's iconic white foundation, the Oshiroi. Finishing the first step Katsuya grabbed a flat bamboo brush and began attentively applying the white foundation, first at the base of the neck before eventually working her way up to the face. The third step was to remove the excess white foundation with a sponge before applying the finishing touches which includes the bewitchingly red lips that were applied in a way that gave an illusion of a flower bud. Smiling Katsuya looked at herself in the mirror before Katsuro placed a Shimada styled Katsura on her head along with the traditional Kanzashi worn by a Geiko. The concluding step was for Katsuro to dress Katsuya in her formal kimono, a black tomesode whose motifs were chrysanthemums, yellow gingko leaves and pine needles all tied together with a golden obi.

"Is Katsuru ready? We must not be late for the first day of school."

"Yes Milady. I have finished helping Katsuru get dressed an hour earlier."

"Good then summon Katsuru we shall depart very soon."

Placing his right hand over his chest Katsuro bowed before disappearing into thin air,"Yes Milady!"

By the time all three of them Katsuya, Katsuru, and Katsuro assembled in the Grand Hall of Gion Kobu the sun was high above them. Slightly smiling Katsuya extended her hand and Katsuro handed both Katsuya and Katsuru their respective Suzu, sacred handheld clustered bells used in ceremonial Shinto dances.

"Can you do it Katsuru? This time try matching the same level of spiritual energy."

Nodding Katsuru began to simultaneously release her spiritual energy along with Katsuya. Assuming their positions side by side with their knees bent underneath them, heads lowered and hands neatly in front of them along with their suzu; the odori Himesanja was initiated. A quadrivial of spectral beings each splendidly dressed in a Maiko's full regalia slowly materialized flanking both sides of Katsuya and Katsuru. In perfect harmony each Geiko executed their parts naturally as if it were breathing. With each delicate flick of the suzu and precise steps, a large kamon appeared in the floor in the form of three kikuzakura blossoms. Stepping within the boundaries of Himesanja Katsuya, Katsuru and Katsuro were instantaneously transported to within the school grounds.

Upon arriving the three of them were greeted by a waft of irking humid air nauseatingly mixed with various unpleasant odors. A typical setting for a September day in the wastelands where the School of Seven Towers was built. Showing the adequate poise for a Geiko both Katsuya and Katsuru opened their paper parasols and graciously continued to walk in the school grounds among the other students. Although the same could not be said for Katsuro who for the first time had stepped outside of Gion's pristine and protective barrier.

"You may go now Katsuro. I know that stepping outside of Gion for the first time can be quite an experience. You have served me quite well today."

Bowing in a ninety degree angle Katsuro disappeared into thin air and presumably returned to Katsuya's private quarters in Gion Kobu. As both Geikos continued to walk towards the center of the school Katsuya noticed an unlikely scene - a meadow in the middle of the wastelands filled with a flourishing flora that encompassed several greenhouses, flower beds and a large pond.

Katsuya murmured to herself, "Perhaps this will be little bit more tolerable than I thought."

After a few moments of walking Katsuya and Katsuru arrived in what it seemed to be the main grounds for the School of Seven Towers and where the majority of students seemed to be gathered. Also the yard seemed to be plastered with makeshift sign in sheets of classes that had no structure whatsoever.

"This is rather disheartening considering the revolutionary ideologies this school was supposed to represent."

"Let's wait before we make any harsh judgments Katsuru."

Looking at the wild assortments of different advertisements for classes Katsuya could not help but wonder how all of this chaos would eventually restore the equilibrium that was starkly absent for the past several years.

"Well for now lets just join the debate class as it seems to be the most useful among the classes available. Shall we Katsuru?"

With this Katsuya took the pen which had been dangling from a string attached to the bulletin board and signed their names in the sign in sheet.

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((I was hoping to wait for more people to post to give me something to go on, but oh well. o.o))

For the longest part of an hour he had been sat somewhere in ... well, signs everywhere dictated it to be the 'central campus' of the school, but since he had actually gotten there it had been more a minefield of chaos and shouting than it had been a school campus. Unlike a lot of people, he had unceremoniously gotten bored and irritated with the amount of shouting and arguing and discussing and instead of attempting to find what classes he was supposed to take - or indeed what classes to take at all, for there seemed to be no real order - he had instead opted to sit and wait it out until it died down, or until he overheard something that caught his eye. It didn't show any signs of doing that, at all.

Plenty of people had given him confused, concerned or curious stares that morning - not since he had parked his backside on a low, stone wall, but since people had discovered he was there. He had kept a decidedly low profile since arriving about a week before and few people outside of the Therian tower - and less than you'd expect within it - had seen him let alone spoken to him. Nobody had really attempted to speak to him since he'd shown up, either - and perhaps more than a few people were a bit irked that he had opted to head into the campus center neither by the admittedly-shoddy train service or by walking, but by using the little technological wonder he'd acquired in years gone past to make his own way in.

He didn't care if people thought he was weird, whether his Hoverboard was 'stolen' or whatnot. It was his, and he used it as he damn well pleased.

Well, isn't this peachy. So much for a school ... doesn't even look like these tutors have any ball of a clue what to do here.

He breathed in and sighed out; a low, indistinguishable huff. He was bored at this point of simply hanging around doing nothing and it nagged at the back of his head that if he waited too long, some of the classes that might be good might have been taken down or ended up full. It didn't look like the madness was going to die down, either. Maybe it was better he sign up for something, get some sort of timetable and mosey on back to his quarters where he knew it'd be quieter. The Therian side of the campus seemed to be left well-alone by most.

Shi'ran - as was his given name - mulled over this for a moment, was distracted by someone shouting about being whacked by a stick, mulled a bit more. He gave up, pulled himself up off of the wall and tucked his mechanical-magic apparatus under one arm as to carry it with him. With some small begrudging resolution he started on the whole task of finding some reason to be at the school.

Obvious to him - at least one reason he was there was ... well, he knew better than to ask. He figured it would be frowned upon and it wasn't like he needed his first real day to go downhill from the get-go. Maybe there was something else he could do, too. Martial arts? Swordplay? Any sort of magic technique? Keeping to himself he wandered the main set of buildings, trying to make sense of what was being offered. He came across a half-dozen adults causing a scene outside of one over something called "Repurposing", and quickly went another way to avoid getting into the crossfire.

Eventually, he came across a sign-up board and a tutor for some sort of exploration class. This, unsurprisingly, immediately piqued his interest and he inquired into what exactly the exploration entailed.

"I'd wager as much as we can get away with." The tutor explained; the exploration class seemed relatively popular for some reason. "We'd be looking at trips beyond the school walls, exploring the further reaches. Could be some journeys to some old ruins, or some cities that are left behind from before the War. Can't guarantee it will be safe though, so bear that in mind if you're interested."

The tutor seemed quietly confident that Shi'ran - an unusual-looking character - wouldn't be too off-put by the threat of 'danger' ... and in the end it seemed that way, for after a small period of deliberation he'd nod and quietly add his name to the sign-up list. It was a start, at least ... maybe there'd be something else that would catch his eye.

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"So to close out today's class, I'll leave you with the task of looking about you to try and discover your own improvements. Find those common items we use day to day and see what you can come up with. Perhaps one of you will discover the next great invention much like Zig Antares. Hopefully not in the same way however, because I prefer my students to not have to save their own lives when caught in an acid rain storm." Laughter bubbled up from those students who were still paying attention. The others had already tuned out the closing remarks as they chatted amongst themselves and planned the rest of their day. "Dismissed!" Sefton announced right as a tone sounded across the entire campus, signaling an end to the period and Sefton's first day of the new school year.

Professor Sefton Senachall had a good smattering of races in his class. Mostly Magitech city citizens and Therians (both with and without collars). The rest were a mix of Pactmaker, Bushido, Wanderlust and one Celestial as well! Professor Sefton taught a number of courses at the School and seemed to be well liked by most of the student body. Many saw him as still being a student himself since he was always pouring over some old book or new trinket. The demonstrations of some of these trinkets were what attracted many students to his courses in the first place. Today's demonstration had been on one of the inventions of the aforementioned Zig. Zig had been out looking for an area to open a new mine when it began to rain acid. Pollution and strong magical residue still remained throughout the world thanks to the Great War. Highly acidic rain became a rarer form of these side effects.

With little options of cover available, Zig was able to slap together a small magical forcefield emitter that protected him from the worst of the storm. The pelting rain wore away at the battery before too long and so Zig ended up with a very holey outfit and pack upon his return. Not to mention the small chemical burns all over his body. Sefton chuckled as he remembered how patchy and singed Zig's beard had still looked when Sefton had the opportunity to meet him.

"Ysar says you have a letter from those Wanderlust singers we met last Spring." said a gruff voice coming from no visible source in the classroom. "Excellent", Sefton responded without opening his mouth, "I'm rather touched they took the time to respond to my message." Sefton grabbed his band and exited his classroom, turning left down the hallway as the door closed behind him. A gray Schnauzer of much larger than usual size fell into step with Sefton as he hurried to the exit. Shar had been Sefton's Familiar for many many ears and though he didn't particularly enjoy being the look-out for tardy students he could always look forward to Sefton's payment. As their Contract demanded of him, Sefton would always provide Shar with bones and Sefton had taken to doing so at the end of each school day.

Fishing a handful from his pocket, Sefton casually tossed a number of small bones to the dog at his side. Shar quickly and easily snapped them up as if they were tender morsels of meat. "MOLE BONES?!" Shar barked, growling up at Sefton, "You've gotten lazy you ashy busybody. Where are the rabbit and chicken bones? Or better yet a deer?! Something with more marrow than a mole!" "You're lucky I'm not working through my surplus of sparrow. Would hollow bird bones be more to your taste?" Sefton jabbed playfully at his companion. The pair descended a flight of stairs and exited the building out onto the School's central campus. Many students went to and fro looking at signs and speaking with representatives of organizations, study groups and other loosely affiliated "teams". Sefton waved to a few of the older students as he and Shar headed towards the Pactmaker Tower.

"You wouldn't dare!" Shar finally managed to sputter out in rage and exasperation, "All those years I've run messages, scouted rooms, intimidated tavern Informants and even watched out for you while your nose was buried in some book for so long that you'd forgotten to eat or sleep. To offer such paltry payment when..." "Yes yes yes, enough!" Sefton interjected before Shar had worked himself into a lather. "There's a large leg bone from a lamb waiting back at home in the Tower, IF you start acting the part of a Pactmaker's Familiar." The pair reached the base of the tower and started inside. Shocked at both the idea of such a bone and how easily Sefton returned his rebuke, Shar couldn't help but laugh at how they had grown together. The entrance room to the Pactmaker Tower was rather lavish, with large plush couches scattered about the entrance in tight packed groupings for meetings. Gold leaf, well painted portraits of the Pactmaker Tower's funders and marble statuary dominated the view everywhere. A large bank of lifts stood sentry on the far wall to take the students, teachers and distinguished guests up to their rooms. The pair strode through as Shar chuckled and said, "Careful there you grainy washout. I'll still give those ankles of yours a bite."

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Juggernaut was just returning from the explorations tutor office. Shi had a keen interest with history and wanted to explore areas. Shi was Well Known to those on campus, and most liked hir almost instantly. Shi was easy to be around, and easy to chat with. Shi made others in a cheerful mood even if they were just Grouchy one second before coming near the area shi was in. Shi enjoyed socializing with others, and often was found talking with the teachers, and other students when something was bothering them or if the group was trying to learn something. Shi was becoming pretty much well rounded in knowledge since shi joined a long time ago as a teacher's aide for a few.Upon meeting those teachers they instantly wanted hir to be their aide, and asked permission to have hir fulfill those roles. Even though shi was considered a student in some classes. So Juggernaut was always eager to expanded hir knowledge deeper on things of hir interest or of something was important. Those shi couldn't really help shi pointed and directed them to the ones who could on what shi knew.

Shi had signed up for multiple classes. The exploration class, the history class, and a couple others. The practice of sportsmanship such fencing and other martial arts. Shi was a aide instructor in that field at times on the ones shi knew.

Shi likes to learn and help others who weren't as fast as shi was. Shi would help some others at times in exchange on some things if shi could get some deeper understanding, or tutoring with certain problems shi had in some classes. A lot of students looked up to hir as a friend and enjoyed being around hir, also learning from hir on what shi knew.

Hir dorm area was HUGE, and one of the biggest dorms on campus considering there was other chakats and anthros living in the dorm and had to get by each other on a day to day bases. Shi made hir room like a Japanese home bedroom. With hir sword and dagger on a pedestal in the center back near the two windows, which were letting the sun come in at the moment. Shi is the Head for hir dorm, and is considered responsible for any problems and, solving any issues that may arise there.

Shi was returning to hir dorm area when shi got shoved into a Fellow bushido student Mizuki Senshi"Hey. Watch where your going!" Shi called after a more ruffian student."To Heck with you furball !!!!"
Turning hir attention back to Mizuki Senshi," Sorry about that miss. Hows your day been so far? Finding your way around ok?" Juggernaut asked as shi extended a hand to pull Mizuki Senshi up to her feet. Just as shi was about to be help Mizuki with any questions, one of the teachers asked hir to come with him. He brought hir to the area where the student council president area was. Shi was introduced to all the council members there, and was asked by the Head of Security to be a Disciplinary Committee Member. Shi accepted the role only to keep things in order, and to help those who needed it. Shi got the armband attached to hir uniform on the appropriately required arm.

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[[OOC: Alright! Glad to start! I tried to flesh out the Netherkin tower, I hope I did ok. Also I apologize if this is hard/annoying to read. It's been a while since I've done any writing]]

Spirits swirled and moaned with whispers and cries, letting all know the sun was up. Netherkin, Xexiam included, heard their whispers and acknowledged their cries. Many others possibly heard the loud moans of the spirits. The chamber Xexiam resided in was musty and dreary, resembling an old gothic layout. The architecture, of Xexiam's section of the tower, was based off the Celestial but with more macabre and grim tones about it. Books were stacked on one side of the room, near a wooden desk. The rest of the room was barren except for a bed and a closet. When physical feeling becomes numb and the idea of living life becomes a blurred line, the concept of luxury seems trivial.

The chamber lacked any windows, a theme common throughout the Netherkin Tower. While the spirits and mist provided a well enough barrier against the sun, some rays do manage to penetrate through. Instead of sunlight, the parts of the tower that are illuminated are done so by chandeliers, candelabras, and various other candle holders. Yet a good portion of the tower is left in darkness. Many prefer it that way. The most illuminated room is what many have come to call the 'shadow walk room'. The room is awkward in its design. There are a lot of edges in the room; pillars, turns in the bizarre shape of the room, and just from corners of the actual room. Candles are strategically placed all around to create large and dark shadows. The words 'most illuminated' are used only because this room has the highest concentration of candles about the entire tower. As its name implies, many use it to shadow walk about the school, and some teleport back to this chamber

Xexiam paced in his chamber, reflecting on it being the first day of school. He would have to go to the main grounds, which meant dealing with the sun. Also he would have to deal with various students trying to socialize with him. He stopped in his pacing and stood still. Fixating his gaze on a single point on the floor. He stood there doing this for what seemed an eternity before shaking his head in false realization. He turned toward Mr. Bones, his skeleton companion, who sat on the floor against the wall. Xexiam would have to leave him there, it was pointless to bring him along.

Taking his time, he walked his way toward the 'Shadow Walk Room'. He kept his gaze forward, and quickly glanced over to other Netherkin. As he entered the room, various other students were using the shadows to teleport, assumably to the central campus. Xexiam was about to do the same. He gazed into the shadow,--the abyss--and he could feel it gaze right back. He reached out his hand and stepped forward. Darkness enveloped him and soon he could feel the bizarre sensation of the shadow walk. Cold, tugging, stretching, pushing, all of it at the same time for just a brief second. His exit was outside, where the campus hid the sun. Few students were here, as it was the opposite location of sign ups.

Xexiam gave a shurg and pulled up the hood of his upper robe. He walked around the campus to where everyone was. He gave a phony smile as he pushed into the crowds. People would take a moment to stare at him, and he wouldn't pay any heed to them. He heard arguments of repurposing and the point of this school. While tempting to join in, just for the sake of inciting something, he refused.

Xexiam signed up for a philosophy class, music class. He saw a woman dressed in a formal kimono; the color scheme immediately getting his attention. She was signing up for a class, and when Xexiam moved in closer, the title read 'debate'. He waited for her to finish before grabbing the pen and turning to her, “Debate class...now that could be interesting. Many people get angry when their ideas or arguments are questioned.”

His voice was calm, but it seemed to lack...something. As if something wasn't there when he spoke.

Light Buster
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Hiro approached the center of the campus, with a note in hand, and with specific instructions written on them. He is to meet up in a Bushido class for further instructions.

(Hiro) “That’s it, huh? Just go to a Bushido class for further instructions?”

The instructions were vague, but he wasn't ready to question them yet. For now, he made his way to the Bushido tower for further instructions.


In a middle of a chaotic area, there were students amassing the central area of the campus. Today is the very first day of the school and Mizuki can feel the high spirited energy around her of all of the students that are attending the school. Although she has been around other trainees during her training, this is her first time that she will be exposed to the public. As she knows, many others have various opinions on other cultures so although she will get either compliments or criticism, she will have to put up with them from time to time.

(Mizuki) “Now about those instructions.”

Mizuki made her way over to the Bushido tower to wait for further instructions until she was knocked down by another student and fellow Thearian, Juggernaut.

(Juggernaut) "Sorry about that miss. Hows your day been so far? Finding your way around ok?"
(Mizuki) "Yes, I'm okay, I'm find this place lovely so far."

Just as the conversation started, it ended quickly when Juggernaut was called by a teacher to escort her. Mizuki dusted herself off and decided to go walk around the tower until classes started.


Mami was just outside the Bushido tower as she was communicating with her guardian spirit dragon. The dragon said that she was to meet inside the tower for further instructions by the Bushido culture. There was no point in doing anything at the moment so she made her way quietly into the tower.

10-02-2014, 03:13 AM
Juggernaut returned back to where shi was going before and met up with the other students for the Bushido class.

"AHEM!!! HELLO! I will be your instructor for this class, and the foreseeable future. I have already got some aides here who can help you when you need help with something. In Fact one is here now. Shi is a fellow student among you. Please welcome my students, your fellow bushido, and an Disciplinary Committee Member, Juggernaut."

Juggernaut now slightly embarrassed made hir way forward through the crowd as they let hir get through with awe at who shi was. Hir armband gleamed brightly. When up on stage shi took a drill instructor pose with friendly but piercing eyes addressed the class. "Hello. My name is Juggernaut. I am like yourselves a student here to learn and to develop relationships with the other cultures, and to learn of our world more. I am willing to help out those who need it be Bushido or some other form of problem. Those I can't I will direct you to ones who's better suited for the job than I am. I hope we can all get along, and learn from one another, and become friends." Juggernaut bowed to the class, before raising her head back up looking to the rest, and those outside the area.

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Dust rolled along winds from the wastes outside the walls of the institution. Sunlight observed the landscape with it's immense pulchritude, ever unforgiving of a land scarred by it's own people. A mirage beyond the dusty veil in the shape of a white specter with platinum eyes continued it's stride towards the walls. At last the journey of a wayward soul would finally reach it's ultimate conclusion. The end of a previous life in favor of the new. Each step like the gentle force of nature pushing dirt ever so gently, the figure approached the main gate with a gaze of intrigue, surprise and perhaps a tiny sliver of confidence.

Walking through the Gothic arches this platinum specter adorned in white leathers, plates and silks to match his short hair- became part of the symbiotic whole. A school could not exist without students, a role that was both a challenge and a resource. The tools one could learn here reach further than the seemingly narrow purview of traditional practices of cultures. Just a few more minutes of walking would bring him, the specter with sad eyes, to the edge of this world- where he would leap into the next.

But not without caution. He was choosing his path now.

His left hand shifted finger by finger into esoteric shapes and combinations while the arm remained prostrate at his side. As he approached the inner core near the class-list tower, it was as if he was fading away. A true ghost becoming one with the air, whose presence could only be felt on the wind as he carefully moved.

He reached a point where lift-off would be most practical, and with a few more hand signs, he became a blur lifting into the air over the crowd from his jump. The signs were completed in mid flight, and even though most of the crowd would not have noticed him without effort, it would become obvious to the reader that he was defying gravity to look over the classes. Essentially a spider crawling overhead along the wall of the tower in question- his limbs adhering to the surface while maintaining equilibrium with his body.

Again those with distinct powers of awareness, or perhaps less fantastic powers like that of observation and mindfulness (paying good attention to surroundings); would see the occasional pen lifting from boards and a name becoming written by phantom forces.

That name was 'Shisoume Sakurai'. Those with any decent knowledge of the bushido language would interpret it roughly as 'Sad-Eyes the Pale-Blossom'.

Classes written:
Martial Arts between Cultures
Mathmatics, Mathmagicks, and How to Number.
The Arts of Bushido I (Bushido "required" course, or not really.)
Languages Between the Cultures
Magiteck, an Introduction
Exploration Course

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As the teacher begins the first class of the day, while most students are still milling about central campus deciding what to take, Juggernaut has a brief time before taking hir seat where most of the attention in the class is focused on hir.

While not mindreading, Juggernaut’s empathic ability allows hir to detect the waves of emotion directed hir way from many of the students. The one thing shi doesn’t seem to do is provoke a mild response.

Some students are from hir corner of the world. Some are impressed, some want to meet hir, some are perhaps jealous and want to best hir, but there is a certain degree of respect mixed with that.

Those from places increasingly far away have never heard of hir, and shi gets the impression some don’t even know of the Chakat form. Some are curious. Some think shi’s a freak. Some seem to think someone perhaps raised up a collared Therian to become a teacher’s aid, and that’s what shi is. Some are just confused. Some seem angry or dangerous, though perhaps shi’s just one more new type of person to have to get used to, and they aren’t adapting well.



As Shi'ran stands in central campus, he becomes aware of someone coming over to him. She looks to be from the Magitek culture, with her brown hair a bit unkempt, and odd tools and whatnot poking out of the pockets and straps of her long lightweight coat.
Standing rather lower than Shi'ran she look up to him and puts some sort of device up to her ear. “Whe. Wh… Where did you get that from!” She eventually manages to say, pointing at the hoverboard. “Did you, or one of your fellows hurt someone and take it hmm? Steal it? Perhaps recently?! “

She then waits for him to answer, leaning the ear with the device held to it a little toward him and puts her other hand into one of her pockets.

She seems to be alone, but there are a fair number of people in the general area, and she seems to catch the eye of Magitek guys.

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BIC: Getting all this emotions Juggernaut planned something else, and spoke up. "All who are curious about me maybe come to my dorm area later where I can accommodate you all in for chit chat, and for personal questions. I'll reveal my past history and we can get to know each other and the others on a more personal basis, on friendly terms. Food and drinks included. For those of you who don't know my species come also please. I have the room also for you. Those who feel like I was a collared one raised to be a aide. I was never collared or raised. It just came naturally." Those who want to best me in Bushido I wish you good luck, and I look forward to friendly competition."

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Aria had been walking around the central campus trying to get her choices down on paper. After looking through all the different class lists, she chose three classes. Exploration, Music and Foods from Other Cultures. Happy with her choices, she started to skip off to the Therian tower, but she remembered that she promised her dad that she would continue learning how to defend herself. So she quickly ran back to the sign-up sheets (while avoiding bumping into everyone) and signed up for a Martial Arts.

Happy with her choices, she decided to wander the school, making sure she knew that she wouldn’t get lost. It wasn’t long before she was able to lose herself in a melody she’d heard once a long time ago.

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Having no more need to loiter around this particular area of the campus (having signed up for the exploration classes), Shi'ran wandered off back around central campus looking for any other classes or courses that interested him and weren't yet completely filled up (or riddled with so many arguments and whatnot that they were going to get pulled down).

For a while nothing caught his eye, and he did what he could to avoid any meaningless interactions with other students. Glances came occasionally as he stood out to an extent, but nobody approached him and thus he ignored them - that is, until he found something about combat training, where he was finally approached by someone.

That someone was some strange girl - short, but only because he was so tall - who proceeded to demand to know the origins of his otherwise unusual contraption carried under one arm. His initial reaction was to take a step away from her, and then to move his free arm to secure his Hoverboard; he was immediately suspicious that she might attempt to have it taken away from him.

"What? So presumptuous! I don't even know anybody here! I've had this since years, and not stolen." He huffed with a frown on his face, appearing thoroughly offended. His arms stayed tight around his contraption for the time being. "Why? What do you want with it?"

Initially hostile, he quickly backed down a little when it seemed apparent that she didn't intend to relieve him of it - or at least she didn't look like she was going to. She seemed to him to be struggling to speak or hear properly because of what she had held out towards him although he didn't lean towards her or anything. The tone of his voice, initial hostility aside was ... strange, to an extent. There was a slightly inhuman nuance to it because of his appearance and physical alterations over the course of his teenage years. Some people found it threatening, he had been told.

Nonetheless, having asked -his- question he stayed firmly put and awaited what the strange girl would respond with. He didn't know why she had taken an interest in it.

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There is a feeling of surprise from the students, some wondering why Juggernaut would say that. Some perhaps suspecting shi has some sort of telepathy or something, it's hard for Juggernaut to tell that kind of detail with Empathy.

Sensing a potential distraction, the teacher quickly says "Thank you Juggernaut," smiles briefly, and then he shifts into a deep loud voice and begins "This class will teach you about the Bushido history, culture, our code of honor, as well as some of the important skills Bushi need. There will be some martial arts training in the second half of most classes, though some days may feature an introduction to poetry or one of our other refined arts.

Sufficiently advanced students may be taught some of the other abilities a Bushi uses to supplement their sword wielding skills. I expect some of you that are already Bushi to spend a portion of this time helping those who are not, though it is vital you continue to hone your skills as well."

He then moves into the history of the culture. A splash of empathy causes Juggernaut to briefly focus hir sharp vision and then hearing to a group of students a little ways away. They allow hir to just pick up one of them saying to another "If we want to meet her in her room, I suppose we'll have to go to the Therian tower." There is the briefest of laughs, but they're Bushi, and know better to let their teacher catch them not paying attention, even if they've heard this particular bit a hundred time before.

OOC: Up to you if you want to RP in the class, after the class at your room, and if you want to actually tell people where it is. (You could abstract this. The towers have about 50 floors each, though much of the space is wide open churchlike spaces. Number schemes on floors tends to be decided on by the Bushi there, who tend to be from the same rough area.)



The girl only seems to be half paying attention to Shi'ran as he spoke, seeming to fidget with her device. She takes it away from her ear, shakes it a little, smiles at it, and then seems to remember that Shi'ran is there and continues. "Well, Ok, that seems to check out, though perhaps you're just being evasive. Perhaps you didn't steal it but got it as what you might consider spoils of war or something someone didn't need anymore after you or a fellow dispatch them. It's just highly irregular for som, uh, some, someone like you to have such a thing as that thing which someone like you is holding. "

At that she seems to notice Shi'ran again. And looks up. She looks a little troubled with the looking up. And, keeping one hand in a pocked, she puts away the device she'd held up against her ear, into a pocket and retrieves what seems to be an overlarge set of goggles with various flashing crystals on them. She looks through them at Shi'ran and seems to involuntarily say "Oh my!" and jump just a bit. She quickly puts them away, takes a step back, and starts rummaging through pockets until she locates the device for her ear.

"Well, uh, someone, holding thhhh the thing, what do you have to say about the thing and the holding by the someone? Hmmm."

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Without giving hirself away. Shi projected their direction to the teacher, as shi watched for any other would be trouble makers. Shi just smiled to hirself thinking on what expression they would give when the rest who came to hir room would have upon first setting eyes on it. Shi paid attention to the teacher while also doing other things simultaneously. Shi prepared incase shi had to instruct some students on the bushido way. Shi was learning and pinning on becoming a doctor. Shi was going for the highest one shi could get a Ph. D. Shi was excited on showing off hir area shi lived in. It was very amazing. Shi lived on the first floor, and since shi was the head of the dorm shi was given a choice to have any room shi wanted or to have a small one made for hir. Shi rejected the offer since shi needed to be connected to what hir fellow students are dealing with. Shi was in room number 1. Rooms 1-20 were built with taur species in mind. 21 through 35 were mixed species bio's and taurs. 36-50 were strictly anthro's.

Shi had a pretty nice area. Shi had a little garden with a small pond with a bridge over it going outside hir living room. In hir other area was a space which had hir family's sword and short sword on a pedestal in the center wall area. Shi practiced hir bushido here, and there was enough room for eight chakats to use it without bumping into each other. Rooms one through four were all interconnected with the chakats providing the income equally and sharing the bill expenses. There was a stair way leading upward to a another small cove. First was the study/library area, then the bedroom. Leading past the stairway was the living room and then Bushido practice area. The sword shi had was very dangerous and had a special condition on unsheathing it. First the sword was VERY dangerous. If it scratched the enemy or even the user they would die. Nothing could be done about the poison and no cure has Ever been found fast enough to counteract its .00002 second speed. Next was the condition to unsheathing it. Only hir sire so far has unsheathed the sword in the last one hundred years. The User's will must match the sword's to unsheathe it.

When they were settled in with their drinks and food shi began. "Thank you all for coming here. As the instructor said earlier my name is Juggernaut. For those of you who don't know my species. We're known as Chakats. Because the titles Mr. or Ms, etc. would be inappropriate, Chakats are usually addressed by their species name followed by their personal name. They get a name some time after birth which reflects their characteristics, physical or personality, which may change anytime up until they reach adulthood. Then they may choose to keep their current name or choose a new adult name, but from then on, the name is permanent. They are very fond of descriptive names and rarely use human-type names. They almost always use just one personal name (not counting nicknames) and they regard themselves as one great family. Lineage is denoted as being the child of two others. For example, I would be formally addressed as: Chakat Juggernaut, child of Furysteel and Windstorm. (Alternatively - daughter of - abbreviated to d/o for written purposes.) The mother is always named first, then the sire. The informal honorific is the word Shir which is pronounced like the French word cher, which means "dear". Thus you would address me as Shir Juggernaut.Chatkats are known as hermaphrodites, meaning We're both male and female at the same time. "

"The proper pronoun for referring to Chakats is Shi (or Sie, both pronounced Shay), never He or It! Being referred to as an "it", implying a lack of gender or sexuality, is highly offensive to most Chakats. The possessive form of shi is Hir (usually pronounced like Hare, but also sometimes pronounced Heer). However, Chakats are frequently referred to in the feminine gender, which they don't particularly mind. It may only irk them when they are in male phase and trying to attract a female partner. Most who don't know the physiological of the chakat's would say their all female, which normally does not bother them. It might irk them though when their in their male phase looking for a partner. Also chakats can Never! be raped, even if you pin a angry chakat. Chakat's have a special muscle which will only open and allow some one to enter the chatkat, If they willfully allow it. Even if their in heat!"

"Chakats are not into the slightest form of self-mutilation and so you will never see tattoos, shaved fur or even an ear-ring (clip-ons excepted). They will also avoid surgery whenever possible but are not foolishly blind to the need. Chakats are extremely social. They hate living alone, and when there are several in a household, they tend to sleep together in a communal bedroom, although they do have individual rooms for their personal possessions and for times when they desire privacy, such as when making love to a mate. This strong social interaction is extended to their guests too. All guests are offered a choice of having a private bedroom or a bed companion to snuggle with. This is not an offer of sexual relationships, unless the guest is a person whom they are already intimate with. Chakats, every member of this species has a strong Empathic ability. This enables to detect, share and project emotions. This means that they can easily tell what actions give the most pleasure or satisfaction to the person(s) whom they are interacting with. They make great mediators and very pleasant companions for this reason, and the more subtle aspects of their Talent are useful in fields such as psychiatry. Me however I'm a E6 which to those who doesn't know what this means is tht I go above and beyond what most of my species can do."

"They weigh a lot more than a human, require more food and plenty of sleep. They hate confined spaces, although a very flexible spine partially compensates for this liability. As mentioned earlier, they cannot tolerate high temperatures for very long. They enjoy water and bathing but drying the fur can be a long and tedious JOB if they are not prepared to drip dry naturally. They must spend a lot of time grooming, although they tend to use this time for socializing with other Chakats. Special furniture and facilities must be produced for their needs. A rug on the floor is fine for a lounge room but their bathroom facilities are more complex. Here is some facial expressions shown by two lovely chakats, and what they mean. If a tail is slowly lashing the air in a arc your treading dangerous waters.http://i266.photobucket.com/albums/ii253/ChakatBlackstar/Windsong_and_Mythril_Emotions_by_Ka.jpg"

"My mother was a warrior in the War of the Lake, with her detachment attacking the Amazonian Chakat Tribeat the time.
Being resilient to poisoning, and having access to bio-magic, the Chakat's had readied a surprise chemical gas attack. Turning the tide of battle in their favor. However their empathy had revealed that my mother was pregnant. So, feeling it wasn't right to kill me, they helped her by turning her into a Chakat.
My mother was ashamed by hir loss in battle. But didn't commit seppuku because I was growing in hir. Unable to face my sire with hir now altered appearance at first, my mother decided to stayed with the tribe, and allowed hirself and me to be turned into a Chakat as well. My mother came to be known as Fury steel. I had a happy life among the tribe, and none of the children had known any other species at the time except my sire which my mother finally brought with hir after shi had worked up the courage to show him hirself. My family living a new life together chose to keep their last name despite the custom's the tribe had. My sire Chris would in time become known as Windstorm after the transformation, and would eventually adapt and mellowed out and blended into the tribes ways mingling with hir's. So it became a balanced home. For years they've told history lessons, and shown examples of not only art but also the style of bushido. My mother still retains hir pride, and they practice with me, my two sisters and the rest of the other chakat youngster's. However it was now as a way of preparing them for possible future generation attacks, and how to counteract it. Shi also mellowed out a bit each day like hir husband with each day they stayed in the village there. I am the oldest of three daughters. My younger sister Cherry Blossoms is great at writing and arts. Shi is a cream colored chakat with a brown fore paws socks. Flaming red curly hair. My youngest sister Oracle a Goldfur chakat with blue eyes like mine had a cheery blossom kimono and one behind hir left ear, was getting into magical elements. which shi'll soon be in time going to a area to learn hir skills since its a area my parent's can't do. Since I was the most deadly of the bunch, and could keep going at it for hours in the training dojo, I got my name from my mother. The name was not unusual in the sightliest since it did define me so well in the tribe's view. Whether it was training, work,study, or play I used the same level of focus which gave me, my name. "

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OOC: Before I post I should make sure I understand properly. What tower does Juggernaut live in? The Therian tower would be much as you describe, if you're there than fine. However within the Bushido culture the situation around your characters upbringing is a rare exception. Which can be interesting. The only reason, within the Bushido culture tower, that the other rooms around would be set up for Taurs, mixed species, and anthros were if your character were near the collared Therian servants/subjects. Of course within a class it would be reasonable to have cultures that typically didn't mix do so, as that's much of the idea of the school.

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OOC: sunnyside What tower does Juggernaut live in? The Therian tower

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As Katsuya finished signing their names on the roster sheet Katsuru sensed a miasmatic ambience meandering through the schools grounds like a wily succubus attracted by the ambrosial scent that is life energy. Noticing the corrupt aura approaching Katsuru subtly placed her hands on her Tessen, a close combat weapon designed to look like a harmless fan, which was placed in between her houmongi kimono and obi. Noticing this from the corner of her eyes Katsuya placed her hands lightly on top of Katsuru's hands and spoke in an barely audible tone.

"As a Pactmaker, Katsuru, you have to be able to correctly read the customer and atmosphere."

Turn in the direction of Xexiam, Katsuya saw a man of lanky stature, ghastly pallid skin like that of what you would see in a cadaver, foreboding umber colored eyes wearing loose fitted in obsidian colored robes. After many years as both a Pactmaker and a Geiko, Katsuya encountered a myriad of distinct individuals and Xexiam wasn't the first to have a uncanny appearance. Thus unfazed by Xexiam, Katsuya turned to him and did a small bow.

"I apologize for such curt behavior. And people get angry perhaps because it is humanity's innate nature to practice self-preservation. Having your beliefs challenged in which you feverishly believe in is a direct threat to the very fabric of your own world. Although it's really a petty reaction."

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Also hints of mention with Tetsanosuke


Grabbing the pen, Katsuya gave Xexiam a small bow. His eyebrows lifted up and his eyes gave his amusement away. His mouth opened, giving a silent 'ahh', while keeping his smile. Matching her polite gesture, Xexiam gave her a nod. His mouth closed as he listened intently to her response. In her brief speech, his eyes would dart toward between her and her companion, Katsuru.

“Humanity....such a fun word. Humanity. However...I suppose you do have a point..”

While speaking he noticed a pen signing one of the sign up sheet, without anyone holding it. In his pause, he narrowed his eyes and gave a scowl in its direction. He felt no phantom. Nothing undead. That's when it clicked. He was in a magic school, people more than likely have the ability to go invisible. He quickly turned back to Katsuya with a cheerful smile. As hallow as it was, it appeared genuine.

“I do look forward to hearing your ideas and how you present your arguments...uh, m--right! It crossed me that I have no idea who you are. I am Xexiam Nethrull. You and your companion are...”

He didn't bow, nod, or offer his hand. He simply looked at Katsuya and occasionally Katsuru. Very briefly he would look at the floating pen.

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The sign up sheet for the exploration class indicted the students were supposed to meet at the Challenge Field. However as the time draws near students arrive using their crude maps of central campus to find that Challenge Field is a huge area.

It has seven large grandstands a few hundred yards apart in a rough circle, with the gothic style architecture that indicate Celestial work, especially in the half arches that make a roof overhanging the seats. However the metallic gleam of Magitek enhancements such as lighting and what might be sound producing boxes of some sort hanging from the overhangs.

However what they overlook isn't a field as such. Instead tan colored tarps and tents cover the areas in front of six of the grandstands. The wind is still fairly strong and the material flaps in the wind, occasionally revealing a shape, but it's hard to tell what they're covering.

The seventh grandstand seems to be looking over a bunch of ancient ruins in a roughly rectangular area about a hundred and fifty meters by a hundred meters. Perhaps one of the ancient cities with its skyscrapers and apartment buildings, now destroyed and with plants starting to poke through the ruins. However students with sharp eyes or other special senses will be able to quickly figure out that it's anything but ancient. The broken bricks and stones have sharp edges instead of being weather worn, the twisted bits of metal have hardly rusted at all, and the plants and vines twisting through the buildings have ties attaching them to the walls, and in some cases are coming out of planters.

It's at this grandstand that students are starting to gather, standing or sitting among the seats in the front rows near the stairs. There are a number of teachers as well, and they seem to be wandering among the students and forming groups. There aren't a lot of students here, barely two dozen at the moment, though there are other exploration classes during the day.

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The lift climbed higher and higher within the tower. A combination of systems powered the elevator, both Magic and Steamtech allowed it's riders to reach their destination safely and comfortably. "Some fresh faces this year." Shar commented non-nonchalantly. Sefton voiced a small affirmation as he did his best to unwind during the climb, listening to the gears churn and crank beneath their feet. "Perhaps there could be some of them have new leads." Sefton looked as his companion quizzically, "This is odd coming from you. You hardly ever take an interest in why I'm even still here at the school." Sefton replied. "Aye there isn't much I get to see being your Familiar." Shar said as he stretched himself out and gave a yawn, mirroring Sefton's attempt at relaxation. "I need to keep you driven somehow though. The accident was awful though and is still a mystery, and crime, that needs solving and putting right. Plus whenever you're happy or following a new lead, the better tasting bones are suddenly easier found on your walks." Sefton laughed lightly and playfully scratched behind Shars ears, "Thank you old friend, I didn't know I needed that but it helped a great deal."

The lift gates opened onto a lobby, much smaller than on the bottom floor, but just as lavish. Sefton lived on a modestly high floor in the Pactmaker tower. The higher up you were indicated how much pull you could produce at any given moment, whether with the Pacts you made or just by force of Character, Charisma and Presence. 25 stories up was a good place for Sefton, half-way up he didn't look like a threat to other more serious Pactmakers and he could be left in peace to go about his business that hardly ever stepped on any toes anyway. Walking out of the lobby and down of the the three hallways that branched outwards towards the floors apartments Sefton headed for his own on the West and South face of the tower. The carpets here were a rich Royal Blue while the walls were a warm cream coloring. This set off the deep greens and light browns of the ivy and other flowering vines that had been magically enchanted to grow along the walls. The Therian enchanters were to be commended, for the plant life did not wither or grow rampant throughout the hallways. The walk back to his own home always did it's part in calming Sefton as he allowed his eyes to follow the twisting of the plants and alight on each blooming flower. It's small flash of color filling him up with warmth and providing silent support on those occasions when a research trip or investigation didn't go very well.

Coming to his door, Sefton found it opening well before he would have needed to even begin to reach for the handle. "Welcome home Master Sefton." Ysar said as he smiled warmly, Sefton returned the smile and suppressed an urge to try once again to get Ysar to drop the "Master" from his address. Ysars smile was an expression that he wore often while around Sefton, one that had been made soft and warm like leather from constant usage. Ysar wore clothes similar in coloring to Sefton, who was in a deep burgundy vest and tie with black pants, but also were appropriate for his station of aide to Sefton, a long crimson robe with white cuffs and trim that hid his arms from those who may not be too disposed to be polite to Therians. The terms butler, manservant or chauffeur were all titles Sefton disliked using since Ysar was of the same social standing to Sefton, at least in Sefton's own eyes. It mattered not that he was a Therian. While the change of appearance had taken a little getting used to when Ysar had undergone it, Sefton soon came to see Ysar's feathers and birdlike appearance as no stranger than any Netherkins or more transmogrified Therian. "Hello Ysar, good to be home." Sefton said as he and Shar entered the apartment. Immediately Sefton felt what little stress and anxiety he had still been feeling melt away as his eyes gazed upon his collection. Shelves lined every wall and all were filled with oddities, objet d'art and figurines. Tables were also greatly present, dotted along much of the floor like islands, each with their own mound of treasure. Along the far wall were floor to ceiling windows filling the room with orange afternoon light. Dust motes floated about and added their own silence to the surrounding quiet, punctuated only by a the apartment residents footsteps and a few of Sefton's treasures that were perpetually making slight ticks or hums.

Again before Sefton could even think to burden himself with action or effort, Ysar was beside him with the letter Shar had told him of before. "Thank you again Ysar. I often wonder what you would do with yourself if I ever managed to open the front door before you could." Sefton said jovially as he broke the seal on the letter and unfolded it. "There's not a chance that could happen Sir." Ysar replied as he moved to a glass fronted cabinet tucked away behind the front door and began making Sefton a drink. Chuckling to himself Sefton began to read the letter from a young man who belonged to a group of Wanderlust singer whom he had assisted last year.

This particular group had formed a singing troupe with some talent that had no trouble in attracting crowds or patronage. Townsfolk practically dropped everything they were doing to listen to them sing when they rolled through their small town. City folk on the other hand weren't able to hear them. With the conflicting cries of several loud vendors, carts laden with loose cargo and braying pack animals as well as the bustle and clamor of other citizens as they went about their daily business, it wasn't surprising that few ever heard them performing when they set up in a square or marketplace. While it was true that there were many parks and quiet areas out along the edges of these cities, at least when they were in areas mostly missed by the Great War. However the further from the center of the city the less foot traffic their was and by extension, the less money to made. Sefton, Shar and Ysar had been leaving the home of a rather wealthy merchant when Sefton laid eyes on the group. Sefton had just made a Pact with the merchant that required Sefton to be at the merchants disposal twice a year to entertain his contacts and family at his estates in exchange for an oddity. The merchant had found it in the very estate he lived when he first bought it out years ago and to this day he knew not whether the object was anything was important or what it did, but Sefton knew. Sefton saw it and immediately needed it for his own collection. He could discern a feeling of use from it, though it may not have been activated for decades. As Sefton and his company were returning to their own lodging Sefton decided to go over and talk to the troupe. Introducing himself to a young tenor named Leopold who was taking in the lack of attention they were garnering as he rested from singing, Sefton struck him up in conversation and learned of their dilemma. Seeing the chance for a second helpful Pact in the same day, Sefton decided to make one with the young Leopold, knowing he would see much more of the world in a much smaller amount of time than Sefton ever could. Closing his eyes Sefton took a deep breath and began the process writing on the air before them, his finger leaving a trail of light from the magic that would bind them together in perpetuity. In exchange for Leopold looking for something Sefton had been searching for for a long time, Sefton would part with an item to help them attract more attention whenever they had the opportunity to perform in a city.

Sefton drew up the last remaining parts and had Leopold sign his own name in the same space, the boys expression growing shocked as he saw his own finger leaving a light trail and then, with a rush of wind, the Pact was made and sealed. Sefton smiled as he handed over a small figurine. It was made of some pale blue stone with streaks of black throughout and was carved into a near life-like resemblance of an elderly man using an ear trumpet. Its facial features were made to look as if he were desperately listening to someone and trying to make out the words through the acoustics of the trumpet. The 25 yard "bubble" that it produced when warmed, whether through heat generated from the friction of rubbing it or placing it out in the sun, blocked out sound both coming in and leaving out. So while those within could hear them no one outside would hear in and so they'd be forced to see what the gathering crowd was there for. It also allowed those who were simply walking about to pass through and caused no hindrance. Sefton would use it for private meetings when in public venues. Though it was exceptionally useful he had many other items similar to it back at his apartment on campus.

Now his foresight and kindness was being returned. The contents of the letter clearly had brought a change to Sefton and Ysar saw this as he returned with a glass of fragrant Tralian whiskey. "What is it Master Sefton?" he asked as Sefton took the glass and downed its contents in one gulp. "It's good news, old friend, very very good news. Pack our bags Ysar, I have a party to form!" Sefton replied excitedly as he ran out of the door and back out into the hallway. "Oh I feel it. Yes! This is what I like to see from you you boring old stump!" Shar barked out at Sefton, his tail wagging back and forth in a blur.

Sefton returned to the central part of the campus and ran for the nearest stone mounted light pole. The central area had many of these lining its paths and walkways. Large cylinders of an orange crystal had been set in larger stone pedestals. At night these crystals emitted enchanted light that bathed the dark campus in a warm glow. Mounting one such pedestal Sefton intoned out across the campus, his voice carrying well over the crowds of students. "Bushido! Netherkin! Wanderlust! Adventurers, explorers, those with a hunger for excitement all! I am Professor Sefton Senachall and I am in need of a party of smart, educated and lively souls for an expedition! Who amongst you would like to travel? To see more of the world outside of these walls and educational halls is what I'm offering as well as a chance to see what an education here can allow you to accomplish out in the world." A small crowd had began to form below him and he caught as many peoples eyes as he could. "True the school year has just begun but this opportunity won't be around for long and I need to be away as soon as possible. We would be back soon so worry not about missing out. Come see me now if you wish to know more or volunteer." With that Sefton jumped backwards off of the pedestal and allowed those interested him to follow him as he headed towards the main office of the college to inform the President of his departure.

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Shi’ran observed the strange girl quietly whilst she struggled with her equipment and tools; he kept a relatively neutral expression but inwardly he was getting a little torn between being agitated by it and intrigued about the tool and what it was and why it seemed to be giving her so much trouble. He kept his thoughts on that to himself and said nothing until prompted; he lightly leaned between either foot as time rolled by. When she insinuated that he was some sort of trouble-maker or had ‘dispatched’ people – perhaps assuming because of his appearance – he did in fact become visibly irritated.

”… Why is it ‘highly irregular’? I’m not allowed to have anything because I’m a Therian, is that the problem? Just assuming I stole or-…”

He didn’t get to finish what he was saying because he was interrupted by the examination and the consequent gasp. His fingers tightened up on his contraption a little and he contemplated taking a step back or, to a greater extreme, leaving. This girl, whilst he reasoned she meant well and was just curious, was sort of creeping him out a little. What he perceived to be a struggle to maintain focus and a struggle to even communicate with him didn’t help either; he did feel some degree of pity, although it stopped short of being outright compassionate.

”Listen-… are you okay? You sound like you’re struggling to even talk to me! It’s kinda-…”

Again, the dragon-kid was cut off – but this time by some sort of commotion from nearby that was impossible to ignore. His ears poked and twitched and he turned his eyes away from the confusing little girl to the direction of the shouting; near where he was, someone claiming to be a professor of the college was making an announcement about some sort of exploration expedition. Part of the exploration course he had signed-up for, perhaps?

Nonetheless his patience was wearing with the girl – though admittedly not of entirely her own fault – and the announcement he heard sounded somewhat … appealing. He looked back to the girl, out towards the odd man’s shouting, back to the girl. He made a decision there-and-then.

“Listen, miss-uh-… I don’t know your name but, I gotta go. Class-stuff. If you’re really that fussed about this thing then … just try find me later, okay?” He didn’t really give her much of an opportunity to acknowledge it or not; he was running off even before he finished talking to her: “And try get that ear-thing fixed, it’s creeping me out! Sorry! Bye!”

If she was that curious about why he had Magitek technology then she could do that, but for the moment he was just glad to get away because he was getting a bit of a headache. The run to the stone stand the professor was stood on shouting at wasn’t too far, either, and didn’t take much effort in catching up to the small group of other ‘students’ that had also had their interest piqued. He slowed to a walk upon approaching the stone stand and stopped just aside the rest of the group without saying a word, and similarly followed the guy when he headed the group off to leave the campus.

10-10-2014, 12:03 PM
After writing his name on the final class, Shisoume started his way back up the side of the tower. But it became apparent that one of the other students had noticed the pen moving. This pale figure's vital energies felt... odd. His aura was lean and pale yet vibrant in a strangely macabre sense, which took Shisoume off guard. Could this be one of the Netherkin which he heard about on the way to the school? The beautiful woman with her assistant, perhaps her second, also caught his attention. She did very much look like what the monks described as Geisha. If he wasn't invisible the gentle amount of blush on his visage would be apparent.

Focusing his keen senses, Shisoume listened in on their conversation, finding out that the macabre looking being was known as "Xexiam". That was about all he could acquire, as the loud voices of other students and teachers shouting drowned out the rest. To him discretion was the better route in this case, especially considering that his Ninjutsu was running thin. He scaled up the tower to a point which seemed high enough for his purposes. A swift turn of his body set his hands and the soles of his feet upon the stone, and with a powerful jump he once again became a blur through the sky. He landed right outside the crowd, appearing like a ghost back into perception.

The next course of action was to find the challenge field. It would soon become apparent that others were heading in that direction, and upon arrival he broadcasted a confused look on his face. His gray eyes scanned each podium and pillar, looking over faces and listening to discourse. Finally he heard a booming voice coming from the direction of a dapper gentleman with his dog. He approached his general vision and listened intently, still unsure whether this was where he should be.

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Hiro, Mizuki, and Mami all stood and listened to what Juggernaut had to say. Of course, what she had to say was almost unnecessary. Almost. The three were still waiting on their room assignments from their masters at the Bushido tower. For now, they'll just let the whole thing ride out for the time being.

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IC: Ranshiin

As Shi’ran started running off the young woman took off after him. "Hey. What, where do you think you're. You can't. Huff. Just. Houpuff I don't even know who you *cough*"

It seems she isn't the best runner around. It probably wouldn't have mattered in any case, as Shi'ran has a much longer stride and biomagically enhanced muscle, to say nothing of being able to fly if he had felt the need. However by the time he reaches the professor Shi'ran suspects he's lost her.

Black-Cat0001 and Light Buster

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There has been something of a measure of disbelief among many of the students starting at the time they found out that a tutor in a Bushido culture class actually WAS living in the Therian tower. The students who had said that earlier thought it was a joke.

Though there were some from Juggernauts little corner of the world who seemed to quite take it in stride. Once Shi had assembled the students from class, most of the Bushi, but also a couple curious Magitek so found that some Therians from the tower had also joined in to see what was going on. A number of Wanderers were present as well, though based on the feelings Juggernaut was picking up from them with her empathy shi has a hunch they are more excited about having found a source of free food. The prospect of leftovers quickly becomes dim. But at least they're good listeners in any case.

While their voices are silent as Juggernaut speaks shi, their emotions are not. Therians and Wanderers have a certain openness about things sexual, however shi feels like a few of the Magitek and almost all of the Bushi were shocked and a bit scandalized that the subject was brought up at all. And when Shi held out the sketches of expressions shi could feel their eyes staring at the "passion" picture. That is except for three, a male and two females, who seem if anything seem too preoccupied to really notice.

When she finishes there is a pause, and eventually a Bushi, dressed particularly traditionally and even with his black hair done up in a chonmage, steps forward. Two others step after him, they are similar but at least appear shorter than he does due to their posture.

He seems to be searching angrily for words and finally manages

"You. This is wrong. You should have stayed a Therian. It is dishonorable to abandon the Bushi culture, or dilute it in another. Clearly you have quite different ways. It is true that it was your parents who did these things, and you clearly have been raised...as you have been raised. And you have been taught as you have been taught.

But you have been taught wrong. You are not a Bushi, you are a creature with a sword, and you should not be tutoring any Bushi class, for quite a few reasons. You should simply associate with your own kind, and then all can be in its proper order. "

As he finishes he looks around. Most of the Bushi seem to have adopted a contemplative state of mind. However the Therians seem quite upset. None of them have decided on what to say in this moment, but Juggernaut can detect that they feel they have somehow been insulted in all that.

10-11-2014, 08:58 PM
Juggernaut's tail was slashing in a slow arc which shi just taught was dangerous to those who see this. Shi frowned angryly at the person who just made a poor choice."So I'm Just A Creature?; And what did I just tell you about Chakats?! So you don't consider anyone else to being intelligent if they don't think and breath like you,or the same race?! I think what you just did there was call Discrimination, and racists if history is recalled correctly. For your information The Bushido and Chakats I grew up around came together and made one big city with my family being one of the center pillars of the community that came of the two tribes combining. Its very enjoyable. New relations, new ways of strategies, and tactics. New attractions for tourists, the market is also improved by our combined culture. Also more powerful warriors and a more powerful tribe! We've had some become chakat's also of their own free will. So if you think your so Superior. Your not. Looking at history, each that thought they were superior over others, look what it got them. I suggest you learn to see the advantages from learning about a different culture, and how they can help you improve not only your life but yourselves too. Do the rest of you feel the same way about us chakats? We're just as intelligent and able to do things you can but some jobs require our species more. Chakats only want peace among cultures nothing else. However we'll defend out friends and family fiercely if their ever threatened. We have mothers who have chakat children."

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After a little while of roaming around, Aria decided that she should get to moving on to her first class. On the way there though, she saw a professor practically running to someplace in the middle of the grounds. Intrigued, Aria followed.

It was easy enough to hear what Professor Sefton was talking about, going out of the school, out in the wastelands of the old world. Torn between going to class or following this teacher, her wanderlust got the better of her. Practically running to keep up with Professor Sefton, she noticed some others following him. The most prominent being a Dragon form Therian, who towered above everyone else. She also noticed that he had some sort of Magitek item.

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There was a brief exchange before she introduced herself as Katsuya and her companion was Katsuru. Xexiam kept up his hallow smile. A trait Xexiam noticed on Katsuay was she is very well spoken. In the remainder of their conversation, Xexiam began to feel a weight in his chest. It was followed by a turning in his stomach, as the resounding echo of negativity flew through his body. He began to take longer and deeper breathes through his nose. Perhaps noticeable, but he hoped it was subtle. His fingers started to curl, slowly forming a fist. His eyes darted around in a hurry; the pen was no longer there. His attention went back on to Katsuya, but everything felt distant. The result of being a Netherkin, one will lose any base to reality. The results could be a catatonic state, a state much like a mindless zombie, or in some noted cases, loosing all grasps on reality and just become a moving entity.

It brought the echo of panic to Xexiam, since true emotions are diluted to him. He nodded at Katsuya, “While....our....conversation...... has been most....interesting....I do believe I must go. Other matters.....require my......focus.”

Before she could say anything in response, Xexiam walked away from her. His left fingers uncurled and for reasons he cannot explain his hands began to move on their own to slide down his hood. His fingers brushed through his hair and brushed it out of his robe. Letting it sit along his back. He wandered about the area, trying to find something to anchor him back to reality. Some people began to appear as wraiths, and all the noise pooled together. Making it difficult to find an area useful to him. He would catch few sentences here and there and one that stood out the most was the mentioning of “Challenge Field” where most students were going. Xexiam felt that could be a suitable location to find excitement, or anger. Anything. There was the chance that it would be the same as the current location he was in, but it was worth a shot.

Xexam began to tail a small group of wraiths—students. Words were jumbled, but the words of one person echoed above all else. This...man was calling to students, speaking of adventure. He could feel the excitement and spirits rise among his peers. Some were drawing near this man---Master Sefton Senachall. Xexiam moved himself over to that location. The curiosity and excitement oozed from th students, and Xexiam soaked it up. While not enough to full ground him, it was enough to cause the wraiths to disparate. Things become more attuned and he could focus slightly better.

The Master jumped off the stone and began to walk. Students followed in suit and Xexiam was among them; taking what emotions off them he could. He followed this Master to wherever the end destination was. As his attention wandered, he noted many interesting figures. Two of which were Therians; a dragon and a what Xexiam could only assume to be a wolf-like entity. His eyes would often dart at these two.

10-13-2014, 11:29 PM

The Bushi pauses for a little while after Juggernaut speaks. Carefully he continues. "I am but a humble student. I do, however, consider the Bushido culture to be superior. The Therian culture has...it's place. Obviously superiority is not given freely but something that must be attained. The Bushi that were tasked with the honorable duty of engaging in combat with your, what was it, Ami.zone..a, tribe had obviously not attained it. They failed, and instead of doing what honor required they accepted defeat and were subsumed.

Perhaps you have never known other Bushi. I think you will find most will not fall so easily. In any case it would be inappropriate for you to attempt to cause such a fall under the pretense of a helpful tutor.

Maybe we will meet again...in a Therian class. "

He seems rather pleased with himself. And looks around for approval. His two friends smile, and most Bushi seems perhaps unsure of themselves. However he then becomes aware that there are an increasing number of Therians making their way into the room and hanging out just outside of it. He does not need Jugggernauts empathy to tell that the Therians are not pleased. While he conceals his emotions well, Juggernaut can feel that he's becoming quite concerned and looking for a way out.

For their part, the Wanderers are also sensing the mood, most also having some empathic ability, and are moving towards the windows...by way of the refreshments table.

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As the Netherkin, Xexiam, walked away, a man walked up to Katsuya. Although the action somehow seemed more like he was sliiiiiding over to her. He might be in his early forties, and was dressed well, though in a different manner than Katsuya. His overweight frame was flatteringly framed by his tuxedo with black pants and tophat, white gloves and shirt, orange/gold vest and red coat with black accents.

The result doesn't make him blend into the crowd easily, but perhaps he wouldn't in any case. His hair and long curly mustache are orange red and he has a twinkle in his eye to go with his exaggerated motions.

He gives a tip of the hat to Katsuya and Katsuro. He seems to ponder on the situation a moment and then decides to throw in a bow to both of them as a follow up. Without providing an opportunity to react he starts speaking.

"Hello there young ladies. Now, obviously we have different fashion. Perhaps we are even of a different culture. However I can recognize HIGH culture when I see it." He punctuates his statement with a finger pointed upward.

"This school needs rather much more of that wouldn't you say? Hmm? Chaotic and more than a bit dusty. Yes? But they've open space at the moment scattered all about the campus. And not just grassy fields, I mean buildings! Though there are plenty of fields one could build on. All you need is to jump through some hoops and perhaps some capital to get things set up. " He ceases gesturing for a moment.

"Sorry ladies. I've been doing all the talking! So rude! Erm then. I'm Joseph Talbot. Could you perhaps tell me a bit about yourselves and your amazing fashion? " At that he gives was certainly seems to be a genuine smile, and combines another bow with leaning in.

10-14-2014, 02:47 AM
"I respect your opinion, and I hope you respect me for what I have achieved. Yes I was born a Therian, however I had to earn my position as a tutor. I was tried and tested by the teachers whom I am an aide to. The tribe of Bushido I am referencing to did not lose to the Chakat Amazonian tribe. That was my mother's detachment force, however the Bushido learned to see ways to adapt and improve themselves by combining with our tribe. I myself was raised by my mother and others in the ways of bushido. Some extremely thick and stubborn traditionalist thought I shouldn't be learning the ways, but I soon got their approval, and they opened up whole hardheartedly. It was rather embarrassing how much interest they showed in teaching me the ways, I learned hard and fast. If you'd like to have a friendly spar with me you can get a jump start before others go at it with me. " Juggernaut opens the room which shi would practice hir Bushido, and asked what weapon he was skilled at. Handing one out to the student before going to hir respectful area and waiting for him to come to his. Shi'd then prepared hirself clearing hir mind, and closing hir eyes, before opening them again.

10-15-2014, 12:14 PM
The move to take out even practice weapons puts the Therians on edge. However Juggernaut can feel the tension from the Bushi receeding rapidly. This is martial arts, and they're comfortable with this.

Juggernauts opponent is actually calmer as well. A bit apprehensive perhaps, but Bushi conditioning was designed to make its members go into even deadly combat without great stress. With the path clear there is nothing but to do it.

The student takes the bokken and shifts into a ready stance. He seems to feel he needs to speak in the pause that follows. "I appreciate that you do not hold that Bushi tribe in disdain. You have a particular situation with them though. I wonder if all your fellow centaur cats feel the same? There was a war, and they were not conquered or collard. I'm sure your fellow Therians knew that the won as clearly as it is to all the others here."

10-15-2014, 01:12 PM
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The move to take out even practice weapons puts the Therians on edge. However Juggernaut can feel the tension from the Bushi receeding rapidly. This is martial arts, and they're comfortable with this.

The student takes the bokken and shifts into a ready stance. He seems to feel he needs to speak in the pause that follows. "I appreciate that you do not hold that Bushi tribe in disdain. You have a particular situation with them though. I wonder if all your fellow centaur cats feel the same? There was a war, and they were not conquered or collard. I'm sure your fellow Therians knew that the won as clearly as it is to all the others here." "While that war was going on my tribe was only concerned with the people they knew, and tried to get those back if they were caught unintentionally involved visiting another area, otherwise they stayed away from getting involved. Only way they were involved was if they were attacked and forced to counter against their invaders. While I can not speak for other therian species; I know mostly all chakats want only peace, and the ability to raise their families in a friendly culture and safe environment.After this I can show you , and the rest some other styles I got taught back at my tribe if you want to learn more styles. One more thing before we begin, I want to tell you all something my sire told me about bushido."To remember every single breath of life you take, every cup of tea. To remember those you've met in your journey basically.That is Bushido,the way of the warrior.""

Light Buster
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Hiro looked outside a window and saw the challenge field from outside. He then just remembered something, a special instruction from the Bushido culture. He then left the room he was in quietly and made his way to the challenge field. He then began to look around as if he was looking for something.


Mizuki noted someone leaving the room that she was in and followed him out of the room. She followed him to the challenge field of the school to see what he was doing. He was Bushido, given his appearance, but he looked so familiar to her that she couldn't quite grasp the name fully. She just stood behind him trying to figure out his name.


Mami heard her dragon spirit speak into her mind for a set of special instructions. She left the room along with two others she saw leave earlier and made her way over to the challenge field. She saw the two from earlier as her dragon spirit told her that she is to group up with the two. Mami approached the girl as she knew both of them, thanks to their good reputation.

(Mami) "His name is Hiro. We are to group up with him"
(Hiro) "That is correct."

Hiro turned to the two that were following him.

(Hiro) "I am gathering some of the most interesting people here. It would be an honor to join me."

Mizuki now understood what was going on and her instructions from earlier. This is Hiro, and she was to join him at this very school to further her training.

10-16-2014, 04:58 PM
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His reaction to her latest statement is something of perplexion. "That's...different. I suppose it is fitting in that way." Around the room the relatively calm and attentive manner of the Bushi is rubbing off on the Therians, who also seem to have calmed a bit.

As the pause became a bit awkward he begain. Advancing in towards Juggernaut. In the first echanges of wood on wood Juggernaut can tell that his technique is good. Better than most students, but not as good as hir's, and his speed is also quite impressive, though again perhaps shy of hirs again. More telling is the difference in strength, when their swords cross the magic in her muscles combined with the extremely solid quadroped base and bodymass means he always is driven back. Though with wooden swords and without wearing armor one has to smash through the advantage of Juggernauts strength isn't as decisive as it might otherwise be.

He looks hir over, circling the room, surely trying to find a weakness. Suddenly he lunges forward, using a bit of his skyleap ability. He doesn't make an attack as he closes into striking range with Juggernaut, instead he simply deflects her blade and passes beyond her. He then spins and attacks hir haunches while standing out of reach of hir sword. This time it is Juggernauts turn to leap and spin as quickly as she can, barely avoiding being struck. But shi managed.

10-17-2014, 10:36 PM
The various bodies moved between podium-pillars at the challenge field, and of the pillars Shisoume counted seven. He kept his keen awareness open and on guard, having no allies in the world outside the monastery. Should his parents' old enemy have representatives here he would find himself in combat sooner than he would be comfortable with, and it wouldn't be the sort of combat he desired at a school. This was to be a new experience, something outside the scope of the sub-culture-cultural teachings he was brought up with. Out of all of his skills, Shisoume felt that adaptability would be critical here. So he left open all channels.

He noticed the netherkin he had earlier seen at the class boards around the central tower. Xexiam? Some others seemed to get the latter's attention. A wolf-like Therian and a dragon-like Therian with a... Board? Maybe that was his family plaque, or his dojo's sign? Or even better, the sign of a dojo he singlehandedly defeated? If he was formidable in martial arts than his being at the school would be a sign of wisdom. Wise masters never eschew the value of learning new things. His thoughts carried on, and to the best of his ability he watched that general direction in the most subtle ways possible- aiming to not be noticed. After all, he still needed time to size them up.

10-19-2014, 12:29 AM
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IC: Sefton headed off towards the main administration building of the School located in a space between the Netherkin and Celestial Towers. The two story building was made of gray stone with large round windows giving it a warm and inviting look. Sefton felt this had been intentional and an integral part of why the School was gaining so many new students. Here was where those that came to the School first stopped in order to gain room assignments, pay the bursar, make adjustments in their case load and meet with the college president, Aura Borelle. It was to the presidents' office that Sefton headed now. Past the protesting secretary and up to the solid Spruce doors before he was stopped by two guards. A very large Therian whom had the eyes kin and tail of a Salamander and, strangely, a Netherkin wearing a hooded gray robe. "I need to speak with the President." Sefton said to the two sentries. "Denied." sighed the Netherkin to his right. "You have no appointment, so no entry." the Therian said in a voice like a rockslide. "Fine fine fine." Sefton said turning away only to say loudly, "Shar!" Within seconds the Schnauzer was by Sefton's side. Small-distance teleportation being an ability of Pactmaker Familiars comes in handy sometimes. "Let the President know I need to see her." "I'll ignore the lack of a 'please' for now because I'm itching to be off myself." Shar responded as he trotted through the doors and into the Presidents office. "So, how are you gentlemen today?" Sefton asked as they watched Shars tail disappear through the door and turned to look at Sefton with frustration. "Sorry Professor, but you'll still have to leave." said the Therian as he went to take Sefton's shoulder and lead him away.

The office doors opening and a hand placed gently on the Therians shoulder however, prevented Sefton's expulsion from the building. "Thank you for your diligence Tak." she said to the Therian who obediently released Sefton and returned to his original position by the door. "Please allow Professor Senachall in Voth." she said to the Netherkin. "Thank you Madame President." Sefton said as he walked past the two and entered the office. Inside, the president's office was lush but modest. Large windows dominated one wall, looking out onto students and faculty milling about outside, as well as the small crowd that Sefton had created with his announcement. The other two contained bookshelves holding thick leather tomes of unknown records and information. President Borelle took her seat at her desk, falling back into a large leather chair and scratching Shars chin absentmindedly after he took a position there by her side. "It's always good to see you Sefton, but lets not make a habit of such slapdash appointments. Although I'm always happy to see Shar." Shar gave a content sight and said in return, "The sentiment is mutual lass." President Borelle wore a smile as easily as she could wear a stern face or anger or sympathy and it's partially what helped her gain her position as President of such a School. Medium length brown hair pushed back by a simple yet elegant hair clip framed her expressive face and hazel green eyes. Though only 10 years older than Sefton the two found themselves easy to be themselves and drop titles when in public, though nothing romantic or even intimate had ever happened between the two. President Borelle simply knew what it was Sefton had become a teacher to do and could find something in his story that spoke to her as well.

"I'm afraid I need to leave the School for a time Aura. Not long, three weeks tops. I've received information on finding what I've been searching for and I need to hop on this chance before I lose it to some upstart tomb raider or well-meaning archaeologist." President Borelle winced at the idea of a number of classes being suspended after the very first day of school. "Sefton, I want to help you I really do but the term just began!" she said in exasperation. Sefton's face remained the same however, a mix of grim determination, excitement and anxiety. "You're going anyway no matter what I say aren't you?" she asked and shook her head, defeated before Sefton's need "Where are you going?". "I'm afraid so Aura. As to the where well, it's a ruined township to the West, outside of Tierce. Also I've got a few volunteers to go, well a little more than a few students actually. But lets consider it a field trip of sorts." Sefton said, not knowing how to bring up the students except to blunder straight in like an ox. You could have heard a pin drop. "No. NO no no no no NO no no no nonon nono." President Borelle sputtered, sounding as if she had just remembered she left her stove on at home. "Was that you causing such a ruckus earlier in the central fields?! Dammit Sefton some of them are Freshmen! Who knows what sort of families some come from and what trouble they could bring down on us if they are hurt because Tierce!? Tierce?!?!?! There is not a lot of safe havens and footholds of civilization out that way Sefton." "Exactly!" Sefton replied, "It's why this lead is so reputable, fewer hands going through the dirt means a better chance that this is what I'm looking for." President Borelle rubbed her eyes tiredly. Sefton gave her his best wounded puppy dog look, not easy to do with gray hair and more weight on you than a puppy would ever accumulate, but whether it was because he looked so silly or she knew there was something in this trip worth the risk she, again, relented. "Three students Sefton. Only three, and you have to take Shar and Y'sar AND one of my own guard service." she said seriously. "Tierce is dangerous Sefton and I will not have any of these students harmed. I will make a Pact if need be Professor Senachall." she said seeing his disgust at needing to take those he didn't himself choose "I won't budge on this one and I'd rather not have a Pact marring our friendship, but I will do whatever can be done to protect these young lives."

Sefton only needed a second before agreeing. "Is it the lizard? It's the lizard isn't it?" he asked as he took a deep breath and started mentally calculating the route he needed to take and supplies they'd need to acquire en route. "Tak? Oh no, I need an intimidating figure to help with those students who want to wave their family's influence around for preferential treatment. Everyone is equal here." she replied laughing gently, "No, Voth will go with you. He's receded a bit and needs some time out in the open to ground himself. Though he is devoted to his position, it isn't easy remaining so forever as a Netherkin." "Oh thank the stars." Sefton said in relief, "Right, thank you Aura. I'm indebted to you yet again, let's go Shar!" Sefton turned to leave and practically ran out to the front of the building. "Fortune favor you Sefton. May you be safe." President Borelle said softly as she watched him go. Back outside, Sefton burst out into the open as if he had just defeated an army single handedly. "With that bit taken care of students, let the culling begin! That is I can only take three of you, there will be no killing of the weak so that the strong may go on. So lets see who sticks out as the most capable!" Sefton called out re-energizing the small crowd in front of him. A number of candidates stood out, to Sefton and he headed towards one such individual. An even larger lizard-like, "Perhaps dragon?" Sefton thought, Therian than Tak back inside the main building. "You my large blue friend, how about you? Fancy yourself an adventure?" he asked as he looked him up and down, not an easy feat seeing as the Therian towered over him. "If not there seems to be a rather curious Netherkin off to the right I'd like to talk to as well. Rather nice Jet Board you have there. It looks like you take good care of it and this is the perfect chance for you to use it."

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Juggernaut then got the wind knocked out of hir by his next blow, however the thing which made hir get hir job was how shi recovered, and defeated hir enemies in battle or in practice. Shi suddenly got up and looked like a zombified Chakat. Then Shaking uncontrollably shi then began do the moves that were too fast for him to keep up with, and defeated him. Shi smiled at him. "You knocked me out there, however now you see why I was made a tutor. As I fight my opponents or spar with them, I learn their style then I defeat them using their own style against them."

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After making it to the administration building, Aria could do nothing but wait. Looking around, she noticed a couple other Therians different from her or the large Dragon type, with the majority of the group being Wanderers. She also spotted one Netherkin who seemed to be interested in the tall Lizard and herself. She didn't have to wait outside too long before Professor Sefton came back out, exclaiming that he could only bring three students with him.

While he went up to the dragon type, she edged her way closer to him so that she could join this expedition. When she got close enough, she waited for him to finish speaking before getting to what she wanted to say. "Um, Professor, would I be able to join you on this expedition?"

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Elisa, showing her natural disinterest in the world of the commoners, arrives to school late. In fact, the day seems to be ending. Unfazed by this, she reads through the notices, but no lesson catches her attention. Sighing, she signs up the the most eloqent subjects that she can gather from this mish mash of posters. Debating, Music, Classical Studies and History... Leaving at that, she notices another class that catches her attention: The Combat Classes. She smiles and adds that to her lesson list. As she walks past a fellow Therian, she is asked whether she will join some sort of expedition. She shakes her head without so much as a glance at the person asking. No... She does not want to involve herself in the pass times of commoners. In the distance, she notices some sort of fight going. Pff... Even in this place of study people cant contain their barbaric instincts. As she has a few hours till her lesson begins, she drifts towards the forest near the Therian tower, wishing to practice her violin.

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The student struggles to his feet. His friends seem be wondering if they should help him, and worry about how he will react.

He works on regaining his composure, it takes him a while. "You are fast Therian. And stronger than me. You must weigh three times what I do. "

He stops again and controls his breathing to avoid gasping, in his silence Juggernaut can feel him struggling to come up with a way to save his dignity.

Eventually he says "Still, if it has been steel, and I had been using Unstoppable Cut, you would have been much more than knocked about."

Just as he finishes saying that one of his friends quickly interrupts. "We need to get going! The next classes are about to start, and it would be dishonorable to be late!"

The injured Bushi nods and starts making his way towards the door. Over his shoulder he says. "My name is Higa Aki, I'll be seeing you around Therian". He then ads, softly enough most people in the crowd without superior hearing would have a hard time making it out, "but hopefully not in Bushi classes" He then attempts to make for the door, along with the crowd.


Light Buster

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At the challenge field (OOC: description above) there are teachers wandering around, putting students into different groups unless they're already in groups of three to five.

A teacher, who appears to be an elderly techmage, comes over to Hiro, Mami, and Mizuki. He eyes them through a pair of large goggles on his face, which distract somewhat from his combover, but not enough. There is a slight creak in his walk, and the three suspect he's got some kind of device under his black pants that help him walk.

After a moment he sharply says "Humph!" to make sure he has the attention of the three. "So. Three Bushi. Do you think you can work with someone else, or are you just going to be trouble if I put you with anyone? If you think you're better with your own sort than it isn't fair to someone else to put them with you."

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Juggernaut sent him a telepathic message, 'I'm sorry but the decisions the teacher's of the martial arts and the Academy President made is final. I will be one of the aide's there, However I look forward to sparring and being with you all.Plus its not all bad, I will also teach you guys the style's I've learn from my elders, their not easy to learn with the sense's you currently posse.However their awesome to learn I know I did enjoy learning them.' "Now off to the challenge field." Juggernaut then went off also to the field and looked for the professor there. "Hello professor Sefton hows it going? I heard that your planning on going somewhere?"

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(Hiro) "And who is this someone else you might be talking about? We can work with them as long as they can work with us."

The three turned their attention to the man who just approached them. He is an elderly person, a techmage of some sort.

(Hiro) "However, if they cannot cooperate with us, we'll be better off on our own."

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So, Blackwaltz, Princess Lemon and Thrasher J, there are mentions of your characters. Forgive me if I missed something. ))

Shi’ran waited for the Professor-guy to get himself ready and head off to arrange his much-hyped public venture into the wilderness and wastelands and the Therian followed him without as much as a second thought, along with the rest of the group that the older male’s shouting and raving had caught the interest of. At least unlike most other places in the School he’d been to, this guy actually bothered to do something that made sense. Perhaps it was dangerous to be lulled-in by his desires and demands but frankly, the dragon-guy had thought that through and had decided that he would take the risk in return for the potential rewards – learning more about this world, exploring, perhaps even finding something unusual that he could keep?

Sefton took the group to the administration offices to deal with the matter of heading out on a field trip. The matter became chaotic as the President’s bodyguards refused to allow the man entry. Shi’ran had no interest in the whole argument and kept to the side and let the man deal with the two guardsmen – though it seemed apparent to him right until the very end that perhaps his wishful thinking had been wasted and perhaps a more mundane approach to the School would have been better. That was, until some strange … well, it looked like a dog … appeared out of nowhere, and diffused the whole situation.

… A dog? Where-… how does it talk? Who is this guy …?

The Therian lad was left bewildered for the remaining duration of the matter being settled. The President came, sorted everything out and agreed to let Sefton take a group out to explore – but only three. It made sense, supposedly – at least in Shi’ran’s mind it did, although he expected given that he was one of the so-called ‘freshmen’ – and a Therian – that he would be brushed aside for someone else … like perhaps that creepy-looking ghost-kid that he’d caught a few glimpses of giving him some sort of death-glare during the walk.

He’d ignored it because he didn’t want to get into a fight. Not on the first day of School. He had gone out his way to enrol here, and didn’t want to get thrown out as soon as he had arrived.

But yet-… Sefton took an interest in him? Shi’ran didn’t really expect to be asked to join him, even though he did admittedly stand out a great deal in many ways. Notably, many students were … giving him some rather blatant physical space, and not just because of his Hoverboard – that Sefton called a Jet Board, but whatever.

“Me? If I didn’t want to go exploring I wouldn’t have taken interest in your speech earlier, Professor … feh, I thought it was freakin’ obvious …” The latter insult was mumbled incoherently. However, he did his utmost best to answer as ‘normally’ as he could. “Take that as what you will … to me, it means ‘yes’. And as for my Hoverboard … of course I look after it. No sense letting it rust, else it would become useless.”

He admittedly had a very … well, abrasive personality. Some might have called it aggressive, or lacking in tact. Shi’ran called it ‘telling people what they should know’. Hopefully Sefton wouldn’t get too put off by his attitude because, genuinely, the Therian did want to join him on his exploration journey. The tall Therian was a little disconcerted that Sefton took interest in the Netherkin guy – the ‘creepy-looking ghost-kid’ as mentioned before – and someone else came running up asking for admittance, but he said nothing about it. He had expected the School to be full of creeps and weirdos. Perhaps some of them might not be so difficult to comprehend after a while.

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Light Buster

The Tech mage stands a bi straighter and eyes the three for a little bit. He takes out a cigar, bites off the end and puts it in his mouth, lighting it with what looks like a small handgun, except it shoots a focused blow torch like flame about ten yards when he pulls the trigger. He takes a few puffs and says.

"Arrrright. Cooperating with you. I think I'll leave it just the three of you for now, and if we have any latecomers maybe they'll just have to...cooperate. "

Checking the map, Hiro, Mami, and Mizuki have been assigned a large building at the corner of a block. It's currently eight floors tall and made of brick. Probably an office or apartement building. It is built to look like it had been taller, but that the upper floors have collapsed, leaving a pile of rubble on the top of the buidings and brick and stone all around it. The windows are empty, it looks like the builders didn't bother with adding broken glass. There doesn't seem to be a fire escape, but vines go up two sides of the building, those facing the sidewalk and street. On the distant side there is a shorter building not assigned to the three, it's five stories tall, and seperated by a small ally. The three can't really see into the ally from the grandstands as it is on the opposite side of the building.

On the final side there is what appear to be the main doors. The idea is that there was probably greenspace there, but now there are a bunch of trees and shrubs choking the area.

Around them, groups of students are either discussing plans, or making their way onto the course.

He then asks their names and writes them down on a piece of paper. Sticking it onto a map of faux ruins. He then coughs just a bit before addressing the students.

"Alright, I'm Doctor Mills. One of the instructors for this little exercise. Throughout the world are wrecked cities of all sorts. Wrecked, but not empty. There are certainly resources in the forms of metals, gems and the like, but also technologies, magical devices and artifacts, to say nothing of potential survivor groups.

However those that are left as they are have reasons why they haven't been scavenged. Magics of mass destruction may have radiated or poisoned them, all manner of undead, bioweapons, and golems may be stalking the streets, and those survivor groups may or may not be friendly. You also can't rule out traps, a lot of the cities expected to be invaded and prepared defenses accordingly. If they actually were invaded the traps might all have been sprung. But if they got hit with poison gas maybe all those surprises were left intact.

It is felt that exploring these locations could help our world. Both in terms of finding more resources, but also by making more places where people can live, easing some of the territorial conflicts we're facing. "

He takes a puff of his cigar. "I'm afraid we don't really have a book how to best do this. We'll be writing it together, you and us. Or rather you'll be writing it as reports and I'll be editing, proofing, binding, *cough* distributing, handling sales, requiring it for next year *cough*.

"Um, where was I? Oh yes!" He points his small weapon at the map "each group has been assigned a section of the field. It's full of surprises for you. Your objective is to search your areas without getting caught. Arrrright lets get going!"

One of the other teachers, a Celestial by the look of things adds "Remember safety first! Be careful not to bring buildings down, do things that could threaten your fellow students, and be careful!"

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(OOC: This post will be bare bones, as there is not much swing to my step at the moment. Call it a 'maitenence post' I suppose. Just trying to keep in the game.)

Shisoume watched on as the teacher, known as Sefton walked in and out after his first announcement. Apparently only three could accompany that group, and it was apparent that the students he had been watching prior were all but lined up for the task. With nothing more to see here, he caught wind of Doctor Mills with his keen senses and carefully maneuvered over to his vicinity. He listened as intently and keenly as his walk there, and pitched into the group sort.

All that was left was to see who he would be grouped with.

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As Elisa walks around the campus, she is approached by many fellow Therians, offering her housing in their tower, friendship and other, less 'legal' items. Ofcourse, as her honor dictated, she turned them down without a thought. The evening was approaching and the sunlight had an interesting red hint as it passed through the clouds of dust above the campus. Bored of the lessons and people trying to befriend her, Elisa leaves for the woods behind the Therian tower. As she enters, she is surrounded by all sorts of animals interested in her half human smell. Finding a quiet, peaceful meadow near a stream, she takes out her violin and begins playing. The beautiful music attracts even more animals, and she sits there surrounded by hundreds of little critters. The music she plays is full of emotion, of sadness and pain. It is almost like a call out for help, for someone to break down her barriers.


Light Buster
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\Seraphim You can come to me if you want.

By the sound of the instructor, Hiro knows something is up. Still, best to follow along first before acting. After all, he needs to confirm first that he is truly an instructor or if he is planning something big. Mizuki and Mami can also sense something can go really wrong here, but again they should wait to see if it is confirmed before they make their move. For now, their assigned area is an abandoned building for the time being.

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Seraphim Here comes my character into the forest.

BIC: Realizing that shi was not going to get anywhere shi left the area, shi stopped by hir room area to pick up hir guitar. Shi went behind the therian tower a ways into the forest to not distract the rest with hir practicing. Shi took out hir guitar and began first with a song shi knew how to play quite well by now.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5jlPL1tNDY Juggernaut had a Collection of music sh was learning with lyrics included and shi was trying to learn to play them by ear. So shi had a small professional looking crystaline object which kept the beat and tempo for hir. Shi knew this one well enough though so shi sang along to the song in hir voice.

Then Juggernaut got out another shi knew before shi went to learning the others.

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Light Buster and Tetsanosuke

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For quite a while Doctor Mills just observed the students making their preparations, not noticing Shisoume at all.

Actually, he wouldn't have noticed him at all, as he seems rather lost in thought. But one of the other professors, fox like Therian, happen to notice him and nudges Mills.

Mills is startled by the nudge but then follows the pointed finger towards Shisoume.

"Ah! A latecomer? Well, that's to be expected with how everything is here. Well, you look Bushi...um, and if you aren't maybe you can fool that lot over there."

He says and points toward Hiro, Mami, and Mizuki

"Anyway you're with them. I said a lot of stuff. Very inspiring. Maybe they can fill you in. Anyway your job is to explore that building over there and not get caught by anything. Um. it should be pretty safe. Just don't stab each other hm?"

One of the other groups starts making their way into the fake ruins, which immadiatly captures Mills attention.

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Finishing her practice, Elisa decides to explore the campus that will now be her home for the foreseeable future. Of course, the Therian area of the campus was full of life. The woods was made of a curious variation of classic evergreen trees and mutations caused by the war. One oak tree particularly caught her attention, seeming a fusion of animal and flora. Stroking it delicately with her fingers, she noticed that the tree shuddered. Smiling and making a mental note to explore these woods more she departed and headed for the Therian tower. The path was bricked, but the bricks had long been overgrown by weeds and other greenery. As she walked down the path, Elisa wondered how it will be to live here. The campus seemed filled with chaos, as expected whenever commoners, especially of other races worked on a project. Maybe it would be beneficial to take charge of some small organisation here?

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"Oh a hover-board!" Sefton exclaimed, unfazed by the Therian's stiff demeanor and attitude. Years of being exposed to Shar and his curmudgeonly ways had inoculated him to taking any kind of offense. "I hadn't realized they were being called that now. Back at the height of their manufacturing, before the war you know, there were some that went leagues faster than it looks like your model can. So they called them Jet Boards, at least Illerio Positronics did, but they were the big name company so... Oh my but I'm lecturing." Sefton laughed as he interrupted his rant. "Either way I would enjoy to tell you more if you wish to come with us. Tierece is a bit dangerous but I think with your size and that board you'd be able to handle yourself...." before he could continue however Sefton was interrupted, not by himself this time but, by two new Therians. The first was the large Chakat, Juggernaut, who was the new overly empathic Teacher's Aide to the Bushido demographic on campus. As shi padded up to him and inquired on his newly announced expedition Sefton recalled how had felt very apprehensive about how shi would be received by the Bushido students, but time would tell on how that turned out. Hir clothes and fur appeared a little mussed up so perhaps a scuffle had already broken out. The other Therian was female and much smaller in stature with prominent wolf-like features. The Chakat however departed, seemingly having lost interest, before Sefton could even explain to hir where they were going.

Shrugging, Sefton watched hir go and then turned his attention to the remaining female Therian and said, "Hello. Yes. Sorry, a lot to do and very little time to get it done in. What can you provide for this expedition my dear? As I was saying to this strapping young student here" gesturing behind him towards the dragon Therian with the hover-board "we're heading to a found abandoned settlement in the region of Tierce. It's rather dangerous and empty of law and order so I need to know what you can provide to make you worth bringing along." Sefton added in a conspiratorial whisper, "I'd start with your name." Winking at her Sefton turned towards a seemingly random direction, random to the attending Therians at least, and called out, "Mr. Netherkin! Yes you, with the spectralness! You've been keeping your distance! Why not come and join the fun?!" Sefton liked what he saw in these three. They fulfilled a number of things he'd need to make this expedition go smoothly, although he would have preferred the Bushi that had been in the crowd earlier for Defensive reasons as well as variety, he supposed this mixing would work to his advantage as well.

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(( Blackwaltz Congratulations. You cottoned onto something I didn’t even realise myself could be a thing and you’ve gotten his curiosity. Heh.

Small mention of Princess Lemon's character creeping Shi'ran out still. ))

The Therian lad had been about to take offense to being told that what he called his ‘board was incorrect, when Sefton surprised him by telling him how there were other – better – ones that presumably still existed. The name that the Professor used – a company that existed before the ‘war – went over his head, but the information didn’t.

There are … better ones? Faster ones? I figured I was lucky because I found this one and I met Nad and he helped me scrounge the parts to repair it but-…

Sefton had given the dragon a very valid reason – beyond simple intrigue of exploring the unknown – to join him on this journey. Shi’ran managed himself enough to give the Professor a nod to acknowledge what he suggested, and would have queried further on the history of the Hoverboards – or Jet Boards as Sefton named them as – had other students not gotten the older man’s attention. He had just opened his mouth, but curbed his tongue and mouth was shortly closed. He told himself to be patient. He’d get what he wanted if he was patient.

One of the students that had gotten Sefton’s attention was the one he’d seen approach himself. The second was … well, it made him take a step away and he clutched his Magitek contraption just out of habit, because what the hell was that thing? Well, he immediately reasoned that it (he couldn’t decipher whether it was a he or a she or anything) was a Therian just by common sense of being one himself, but beyond that he was stumped and, frankly, a little creeped out. He’d never seen Juggernaut around the premises as his first few days at the School prior to its official opening had been … well, spent rather reclusively, and he had bounced back-and-forth between the School and his excuse of a ‘home’ in a predominantly-Magitek settlement a days’ walk from the School itself (which was obvious not a full days’ travel for him, owing to his little hovering machine).

For whatever reason, Juggernaut left. He ultimately thought nothing of it, snorted and lost interest. Well, at the least his assertion of there being ‘weirdos’ at the school was correct. His attention on Sefton’s conversation waned and he grew bored, and he then rather promptly sat down on the ground with his ‘board turned upside-down over his lap, and he started to pick the blades of grass out of its workings. When he overheard Sefton referring to him not by name but by thumbing at him, he looked up and cocked a brow but did nothing except frown because he wasn’t quite sure – having been on a different matter of thought – why he was being pointed at. An example, perhaps, of some reason? Whatever.

He went back to cleaning his Hoverboard’s mechanics until Sefton acknowledged the ‘creepy-looking ghost-kid’ as being a possible candidate for the expedition. Oh, seriously? The tall Therian sat upright in a manner perceived as being unsettled by that nature. His fingers – three of them, claw-tipped – clenched around his board for his own sake and he started to look around to try and spot where that kid had gotten to since Sefton had called him out.

"… Jeez, old man, you’re seriously not gonna take that guy on are you? He looks like a serial killer …" He asked Sefton, voice low and distrusting.

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After Dr. Mills came to notice Shisoume there came a pang of relief. He was not completely sure what he would be doing that day as most of his classes started the next one. He approached the map spread between Hiro, Mami, and Mizuki after finding out they would be his 'team' for this assignment. Careful fingers brought upon the page, the occasional glances towards the trio aforementioned coupled with his loose body language spoke his willingness to cooperate.

He noticed the paper that Mills slapped on the map, and pulled a vial of ink and a small brush from his bag. With careful strokes he wrote his name under the other three.

"Shisoume Sakurai," he wrote. "Ready for the challenge." Right beside it.

After those strokes he looked up from the map and nodded to the group before stepping back and bowing. Using his motion with some slight of hand he replaced his writing utensils where they came. From the depth of his bow and the care of his positioning between the three he was displaying respect. At least this was his intention.

Scourges daughter
11-02-2014, 01:42 PM
Silver walks in as an wolf * I'm late sir she said turning back into an human

11-03-2014, 11:46 AM
Scourges daughter

OOC (Out of Character): I'm not sure who you were aiming that at, but I'll roll with it if you don't mind. I'm glad you've arrived by the way :)

IC (In Character):

The man Silver addressed gives her a smile before replying. Sitting near the main gate to the school he seems to be serving a role somewhere between welcoming committee and guard. Silver suspects he comes from the Celestial culture, his oversized armor appears to be made of ornately carved white Jade or white Opal. Pretty to a degree, but probably less protective for the weight and bulk than metal. That attemp to appear non-martial is more of a Celestial hang up.

The large open gate is creating a wind tunnel effect and the blustery winds send the dust from the wastelands over the far wall of the school and around the walls. He blocks that a bit for Silver, though the dust seems to love collecting in his armor and blowing around his brown hair with its bowl cut.

"Welcome" he says "I'm Swain. Things are actually quite chaotic around here, I expect there will be plenty of students arriving after you, we'll all do our best to get you up to speed in the school"

"You're a Therian I suppose? You might want to head to their tower first and pick out a room, maybe say hi to some people. You could also just head to central campus too, sheets for class sign ups are scattered around, you could look around and join one, or just pop in on a class in progress. I'd hope the professor would be happy enough to have a new studenty that they wouldn't mind the intrusion.

You can get to either by taking the train. We've been having some trouble with them, but I think that ones about to head off."

He points at a small train and platform a little distance away. There are three cars with students sitting in them. In the front is an engine with young Techmages crawling all over it, checking gauges and making adjustments.

Swain continues "Although I suppose it's possible you're just as fast on your own as a wolf."



If you head to the Therian tower you could run into //Seraphim's or Black-cat0001's characters.
If your character decides to live in the Magitek tower instead you'd just be RPing with me
If you head to central campus I suppose there'd be a number of options. Including looking though classes in general. Joining the "exploriation" class that's just starting with a few player, running in Yuuchun's character.

Or you could do something else entirely, of course :)

11-03-2014, 05:07 PM
(Changed profile locked out if my normal one) silver smiled a little she have never had so much kindness " I'm fine sir I can walk my way

Thrasher J
11-04-2014, 12:41 AM
OOC: Alright, Ranshiin Blackwaltz and Princess Lemon

--- --- --- --- ---

"Oh, uh, right. Um, my name is Aria van Moren." She introduced herself to Professor Sefton. "I can cook, I don't know if any of you can cook, but that's probably my best talent. I can also defend myself if need be, my father taught me a bit on self-defense." Aria started to explain, before she could finish however, Professor Sefton turned towards the Netherkin and invited him to join in this expedition as well. The dragon form turned and looked at the Spectral Student and complained a bit. "You shouldn't really judge someone just by looks. Oh, my name is Aria." Her voice was shaking a bit as she introduced herself again, this time to the dragon. She held out her hand, hoping she didn't anger him.

11-04-2014, 08:51 AM
(( Thrasher J Don’t take my response the wrong way, it’s just how he is to people he doesn’t know and doesn’t really see a reason to talk to. X3 ))

Shi’ran’s closest ear lifted slightly when he heard someone speaking towards him, telling him directly not to judge someone on appearances before attempting to rectify their remark with an introduction, when he turned to glance across at them. The tall Therian recognised the young woman – as he deemed her – as being the one who had only just joined the group after catching them up at the Administration buildings. He’d been more interested in tinkering with his machinery than paying attention to Sefton culling the group of students – so hadn’t really paid attention to the two talking briefly, and didn’t know that she was being considered as part of the expedition group.

He blinked once, the unusual-looking colour of his eyes – a reddish-orange hybrid – glancing between her face and her outheld paw. He finally settled back on her face and, even though he knew she was just trying to introduce herself, he didn’t feign politeness just to save face. He drew a breath, like he was going to reel off a spiel at her, but instead of word a thin jet of flame left his lips directed at her feet – although it was so deliberately weak and harmless that the flames dissipated long before they got anywhere close. He just wanted to try and frighten her a little, or at least make her jump.

“And what right do you have to tell me how to think? Just because you’re a Therian, like me?” He asked with a rather stony tone, lips now curled into a frown. “I’ll think of people how I want, thank-you.”

The offer of her hand went untaken; it wasn’t that Shi’ran didn’t appreciate the offer, it was more that he didn’t particularly want it at that given time – he wasn’t offended, either, but just proving a point. He figured she’d leave him alone for the time being given his rather direct retort, though, and he went back to cleaning his Hoverboard whilst waiting for Sefton to finish sorting the group out – or until something else of note happened.

(( He's not easy to get along with. Also an excuse to play with some abilities, x3 Pretty sure if you find a way you can get him to lighten up a bit but eh, I won't expect anything for the time being. ))

11-05-2014, 12:07 AM
(Changed profile locked out if my normal one) silver smiled a little she have never had so much kindness " I'm fine sir I can walk my way

OOC: Normally people request more than an one liner. It makes it hard to reply to. However as long as it's just me you're fine. :)


Swain stares at her smile for a moment. And then another moment. And then in the next moment he seemed to decide that was one or two moments too many and looks away a little embarrassed. Stretching and armored arm behind his head.

"I'm sure you can."


"Well I mean I'm here to help new students. Do you know where you want to go or are you not sure? I might be able to help. Don't let me hold you back from your adventures though."

Nearby the train gives furious whose and a whistle as the tech mages seem to get the steam going right. One of them yells "all aboooooaaaard!" A few other students that had just entered the school through the main gate, maybe Wanderers by the bright clothing, rush toward the train.

11-05-2014, 07:40 PM
Silver turned into this blackish wolf ready to run

11-08-2014, 12:46 AM
Silver turned into this blackish wolf ready to run

OOC: Sorry about the delay. I rather wasn't quite sure how to respond to that and life and whatnot. Expect faster from me.


Upon changing form, Swain seems to expect her to take off, and looks around to see how the other arriving students seem to be doing.

In her wolf form Silver can catch a bit of the scent of the Therian tower on the far end of the school, a blend of fresh water and the scent of magically altered skin. It's quite far away, but the wind is going through it and then heading out toward here. In the distance she can see the buildings of central campus. There are quite a few of them, but they're much shorter than the massive towers that house the students. Plenty going on there, perhaps there's some sort of activity going on at some sort of outside arena.

Closer there are a lot of sounds of students, and especially the train. Though Silver thinks she can hear what sounds like people fighting, somewhere nearish, in the campus green. She can't see them. And of course there are probably combat classes and those could be other sounds.

11-08-2014, 02:16 AM
Juggernaut then chose a more harder piece of music, and began to practice it. All who knew music history would recognize this famous piece of music.

11-08-2014, 01:01 PM
Turns back all the noise hurts head grabs head in pain " ow !" She whimpers but she ran onto the train claws driving into it jumping on top of it

Light Buster
11-08-2014, 05:27 PM
As the group began to form, another joined them. He wrote something to him as he joined them.

"Shisoume Sakurai," he wrote. "Ready for the challenge." Right beside it.

It was good to see someone like him to join. Now they need to plan their move to their intended territory.

11-08-2014, 10:53 PM
Turns back all the noise hurts head grabs head in pain " ow !" She whimpers but she ran onto the train claws driving into it jumping on top of it

As the train takes off a couple of the tech mages yell at Silver to get off. However the driver, a slightly older man in grey striped clothing yells at them. "Oy. Lay off! Hood ornaments are good luck! " He smiles broadly and gives a great belly laugh while blowing the whistle with his eyes twinkling, clearly enjoying himself greatly as the train hurtles down the track.

It doesn't take too long to reach the end of the track through, near the center of central campus. Here all the train lines heading out from here, the central campus, to each of the towers and the main gate. Some of the students on the head to the other platforms to reach a tower. Most fan out into central campus looking at the various posting for classes. There are some adjuncts or teachers going around saying that today it's OK to jump into classes in progress.

11-09-2014, 04:27 AM
Getting done with hir current one, shi then decided to play a more heart felt song.

Thrasher J
11-09-2014, 05:45 AM
OOC: Sorry for the late reply Ranshiin, personal stuff came up. Also, there is a mention of Sefton, so Blackwaltz as well.

--- --- --- --- ---

Aria flinched a little bit at the fire, "That's not it. That's not the reason I said that. I only said that because people should be given chances. Not everyone looks as they seem." She explained herself. "Those probably seem like empty words to you, but I've spent enough time wandering about to know that not everyone is as they seem. If I offended you, I apologize." Dropping her hand, she apologized and turned back to Professor Sefton.

11-09-2014, 12:38 PM
(( Thrasher J. Shi'ran's still being a total goober though. I'm also wondering where the heck Blackwaltz is because I'm getting bored of waiting for this to start... ))

Shi’ran was paying enough attention to Aria following what he’d said to hear her answer and see some semblance of reaction; he was inwardly a little impressed that his rather dangerous demonstration garnered little more than a flinch, but none of that showed on his face whatsoever and in the end did not affect his opinion and further words.

“… And what if I believe that people don’t deserve chances? You’re not the only one who’s spent time wandering the wastelands.” He grumbled, his hands halting on the undercarriage of his ‘board whilst his eyes – red-orange and intense – lifted back up to the other Therian. “The last person I gave a chance to almost killed me. I’m going to think of him as I want, until he proves me otherwise.

If you’ve got a problem with that – fine, have a problem. I’m not changing my opinion. Now, how about a change of subject? Or just leaving me alone? I came here because I was interested in the Professor’s announcement, not to argue and bicker. If he’s going to take both of us, then the least you can do is respect what I think so we can try and work together. Okay?”

He was perhaps a little too blunt in telling her what he thought, but if she was offended then so be it; it mattered none to him. He had been about to divulge further, but refrained from doing so in the end; like he’d said, he wasn’t there to bicker. He’d have threatened her anyway, telling her that the last thing she’d want is to need his help and for him to leave her to the dust because of a spat. That disturbed some people, apparently.

At the least he didn’t outright dismiss her – he suggested two options, in lieu of Sefton still dealing with getting the trip started. Aria could find a different subject to talk to him about, or she could leave him alone. As said, either worked for him and he pushed neither choice towards her in the end.

11-10-2014, 12:13 PM
(( Thrasher J. Shi'ran's still being a total goober though. I'm also wondering where the heck Blackwaltz is because I'm getting bored of waiting for this to start... ))

OOC: I've been PMing related to that. He's been waiting on and now trying to get ahold of Lemon. However Tetsanosuke thinks Lemon may be AFK for a while, so we'll see how Blackwaltz handles that.

Clockwork Bird
11-12-2014, 02:33 AM
OCC: Black-Cat0001 Sorry man Ive been Ill and havent been online for the last two weeks, I wasnt ignoring ya ;--;
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
Hearing Shi's music, Elisa decided to go investigate who was playing such a concerto.

"A most gracious welcome to you" she says bowing lowly, "What do they call you? And your music, I must say is on a better level than most Ive heard in these barbarian countries"

Sitting on a near by log, she waits for an anwser.

11-12-2014, 11:20 AM
OCC: @<a href="http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=305545" target="_blank">Black-Cat0001</a> Sorry man Ive been Ill and havent been online for the last two weeks, I wasnt ignoring ya ;--;
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _
Hearing Shi's music, Elisa decided to go investigate who was playing such a concerto.

"A most gracious welcome to you" she says bowing lowly, "What do they call you? And your music, I must say is on a better level than most Ive heard in these barbarian countries"

Sitting on a near by log, she waits for an anwser.

OOC: I don't mind that now that I know that you've been feeling ill. It should have been hearing hir not hearing shi, but oh well you'll be in my prayers hope your feeling better.

BIC: Juggernaut looks to hir new acquaintance," Most recognize my race known as the loveable friendly chakat's,unless you threaten a friend or family members. My name is Juggernaut, its nice to meet you. I was just practicing away from those who would be disturb by it. I've still got plenty more of songs I'm trying to learn. Care to play stairway to Heaven with me?"

Clockwork Bird
11-13-2014, 02:20 AM
Smiles withing the bow. Yes, I will peform with you gladly.

*readies violin

"I saw you fighting those people in the dojo earlier. Good fight."

11-13-2014, 04:29 AM
"I am one of the instructor's aides,but however there are a few who just couldn't seem to accept that One of their instructors is a Chakat. " shakes head disapprovingly.

---------- Post added at 02:29 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:51 AM ----------


11-14-2014, 10:52 AM
OOC: Bear bones post again./sad face

Shisoume understood now they needed a plan, but the objective was infiltrating and exploration, without getting caught. Caught by who exactly? Or what? Whichever way it was, being stealthy was within his niche, so he placed his fingers over the map to start memorizing the layout.

Quiet as always, he pondered over their approach, occasionally looking at his newfound partners in this endeavor.

11-15-2014, 01:38 PM
Silver who fell asleep on the ride woke up ) yawns * ugh how long was I asleep

11-17-2014, 04:28 PM
Tetsanosuke and Light Buster

As the group waits other groups of students are moving through the ruins. For the most part they seem to be able to move unimpeded through the streets, however Shisoume's sixth sense alerts him just as a section of a building falls on a group of students as they opened the front door.

There was a gasp from some other students who saw that, however the "stones" didn't squish those they landed on, instead they turned into, or were always, something closer to putty, sticking to the students and pinning them to the ground.

Shishoume's eyes follow his sense again and he looks behind himself. While Dr. Mills seems to be looking over the whole of the field, most of the teachers and assistants are focusing on specific points. Some are underneath curtains and seem to have something under there that they're looking at. Shisoume can tell most if not all of them are using some sort of magic.

Another shout makes Shisoume turn back towards the field again, however this one seems to have come from inside a building, so he can't see what's going on. However he can see some flashes through glassless windows, and get the feeling students are using powers in there.



The conductor jovially replies "Ah! it was that smooth of a ride on my train was it? Ha! But don't worry it's only been ten minutes tops."

Next to him there is a coal shoveler. This fellow is tall and wearing coveralls that he's undone the tops of so that he's shirtless around the heat of the enginee, and while he's got a lot dust from the coal on him, some tattoos peek through. Perhaps a thorny vine?

He probably isn't a teacher, maybe a worker living in the shanty town that sprung up around the school.

He eyes the wolf on the engine a bit. Eventually he says "That's an interesting necklace you have there."

11-20-2014, 11:21 PM
Her voice was still there even now, her cries echoing as I see the gift I had just made for her the week before shattered, the sage binding smashed into the ground, the smell of copper everywhere.


"Mama! Where are you?" Entering her room, my tears turning to screeching sobs.

Sone was dragging me out of the room, as I kept reaching out, screaming her for her to wake up. Her lovely white dress stained red, her silver hair covering her face, her hand outreached as if she was begging me to go away and to stay at the very same time.


Jolting awake, drenched in sweat, chest heaving, gasping for air. Just a dream..

"Dang girl, thought you'd never wake up from that." Startled eyes slide over to see Sone's worried face. "Your dad said it's almost time to go. And, boy, is he mad. Asked me to write that letter out, was very straight forward about how not mentioning him and stuff, when he learned I wrote to Mr. Senachall telling him he'd be meeting a troupe of Wanderlust? Boy always trying to make it seem bad, can't ever see the positive." He was waving his hands around, making fun of my father, humorous.

"Wait!" I hurry to stand up but stumble. "I was suppose to be awake an hour ago to wash clothing. Why didn't Skimro's makeshift alarm go off?"

Sone lifted up the alarm and it was shattered. "I'd say, someone thought it was trying to drag her away from them there nasties." He picked up my necklace after that. "This, however, was luckily saved."

I snatched it up quickly. "Thank you.." I sputter out, eyes closing, slowly opening it to hear my mothers voice singing with Sone's music right behind it. Their gift for me.

"Your mama could have been an angel from old lore."

"She is an angel of old lore. I remember her telling me this was a Gregorian piece she learned at a monastery as a very young girl."

"Yes, that was, her mother, and grandmother, and everyone else in your line learned that song." Both Sone and I jumped, neither had realized Hanze was in the entrance of our tent.

"I remember." I bow my head low, an attempt to hide my somewhat red face.

"Hey, no time for embarrassments. Make sure to get the collar back on before exiting, got some Netherkin around here seeking runaways."

Blackwaltz Plausible Sone saw yall and knew or sas apart of the group, he fibbed in the letter! XP

Stepping off the train, a single wolf awoke on the train, its fur shaking out as it seemed to smile at the train conductor. Pity, the communication was one way between them, this Therian may have talked his ear off if she had enough energy to do so. Most likely a child from Therian's who had been 'tamed' and 'used' to make this world 'better'.

I couldn't keep sight seeing the small little things, I had a mission to do, it wasn't about me, it was about [is about] the pit. Observe, report, blend in. That was my role.

But I have issues blending in, especially when it came to how peoples brains work. It isn't like I have to sign up for anything, elder brother did so for me, he was slithering around here somewhere, he'd be gone even sooner. That is what is best about twin slithering serpents Therians, perfect for gathering plenty of information. Only, he wouldn't be here any longer than to fill in my name.

Walking towards a group of dispersing students, a single teacher stood speaking to a very small cluster of students speaking about a special 'hunt' that they wished to go into.

A Netherkin walked closer and this teacher noticed him, a long black robe covering from his shoulder down. I had to get a small amount of freedom before I doomed this school into its fate. Closing my eyes, focusing on a small hum right behind the temporal lobe, the brightness from the occipital lobe, then opened my eyes a slit. I could feel the change in them, see his eyes look right into mine, his mouth slack slightly, body breath slower, taste its heat increase. Prey in the trap.

Taking several steps forward, I hear the voice of a child rudely battering slightly towards what sounded like a woman, one who sputtered out her words trying not to sound flustered.

It was only about behavior towards others, nothing of true importance, though I would love to pick through the woman’s mind, I could not pick her smell out from everything around.

"I hear you need student volunteers." I flick my tongue out, keeping my eyes slit and towards the Netherkin. I had probably four minutes to seal the deal. "Seems this one seems to have had a cat swallow his tongue, fear of a trip?" Too bad I never mastered how to make beings do things in the trance or else I'd have this fool slowly nodding his head and backing away.


"My name is Samsilus Slivers. It is hard to pronounce properly without this-" Flicks small forked tongue out once again, then back in. "-so most just call me Sam."

11-21-2014, 07:07 AM
Using telepathy of hir fellow roommate shi projected a message to all in the campus. "To all students who aren't in a class at this moment. I am with a few of my roommates am going to be heading to the center of the campus to do some dancing if Any are interested in learning some new dance styles and routines; Then come to the dance group. Not only will you learn dance history but also their steps and styles, which also includes their unique specific tempo's. Shi looked to hir new acquaintance. "Interested in learning A New dance routine?" Juggernaut got hirself ready to go toward teh center with plenty of dances they could learn and picked out great songs to dance to.

11-21-2014, 06:08 PM
Thanks " silver said before leaping off the train and walking to the school she fixed her hate before walking off

11-25-2014, 11:42 AM
OOC: I'm back from my trip


As she starts to walk off the guy who complimented her necklace starts to get out of the train but he is grabbed by the conductor who says "Hey Laddy, we're paying you to do a job here not chase after girls"

Anger at being grabbed flashes in the mans eyes and with a rough twist of his shoulder gets the conductor to let go.

Looking over he sees that Silver is already being lost in the crowd. He shouts "Hey, I'd like to talk about you and that necklace. I get off at six and will hang around the main gate for a bit before getting some food in town."

The conductor gives him a bit of a stare for that, but soon they're busy keeping the train going as students are piling on.

At the train station, there are trains arriving from and heading to the various towers, filled with individals from those different cultures.

Central campus is a hubub of new students and people looking at various sign in sheets for different classes, or just hanging out together and having fun or talking.

Faculty are posting sign-up sheets for their classes on the walls of the different buildings, and some are clearly editing them at the last minute, or soliciting students to hear what they might be interested in. Posted everywhere are simple sheets stating “Form teams! Ideally with diverse skills! Group projects will be required!” some add inconsistent details, such as “teams of 4-6” or “fewer than nine” and some call them “study groups” instead of “teams”.

There are some faculty and students encouraging newcomers to show off their abilities on the central stage, and flashy demonstrations of power or bits of entertainment are happening continually.

There are a number of arguments going on. A group of Celestials are quite unhappy about some Bushido and Magitek faculty posting combat classes, considering that the school is supposed to exist to prevent combat.

A Wanderlust class on teaching “Repurposing” is drawing a lot of ire as well, since the point of that is teaching students how to unlearn thoughts and magical abilities from their home cultures in order to embrace new ones. Plenty of adults from the other cultures take that as an affront, and some of the sign ups sheets have been torn down.

Other classes that are posted include ones dedicated to teaching the abilities taught by the seven different cultures. Also music, art, world history and exploration, philosophy and debate with the last one being featured very prominently.

There is also a wide open area where there are some grandstands overlooking some probably fake ruins. Groups of students are now heading out from the stands into the ruins, though some groups are holding back and watching.


Using telepathy of hir fellow roommate

OOC: So you'd like a roomate with telepathy? We can discuss, but since this is a flavor/RP thing and the game has karma it's OK.

IC: \Seraphim

While a fair number of students are trying to be serious and are moving into different classes. Plenty are still getting adjusted, have already gone to a couple early classes, or are just looking for some fun. A fair number of students, and a lot of Wanderers, are soon making their way toward central campus for some dancing.

Some disagreement starts coming up about dancing on the stage, where various students are still doing demonstrations of their abilities, or an open grassy area on the edge of central campus.

11-26-2014, 08:42 PM
Some disagreement starts coming up about dancing on the stage, where various students are still doing demonstrations of their abilities, or an open grassy area on the edge of central campus. "With your permission we'd like to use the grass fields near here for dancing. Sure showing your abilities is important, but learning about other culture's dances and songs are just as important too.

11-26-2014, 10:37 PM
Silver walks off in two the crowd she leaped out walking alone missing her half gang friends know she climbed the school tower and sat on top of it and sighed deeply

---------- Post added at 11:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:34 PM ----------

She mumbles to herself " I don't need anyone i better off alone im aan lone wolf I am an always will be ". She said leaping off the tower landing on her two feet as people came around her and asked her how she did that's she just put her hood on and walked off

11-28-2014, 03:11 PM
Thrasher J, Ranshiin, Princess Lemon, ELR so sorry for the late posting. I've been a lazy ass and I"m sorry to have kept you guys waiting. :(

Sefton thought he had discovered the location of the Netherkin in the surrounding crowd, but upon searching could not find said student. "Well, I'll grab them later." he said as he returned to the waiting group. "But first, two things!" he exclaimed raising some fingers to the sky and looking to each of them. "It is a pleasure to meet you both. I see in each of you a trait that will be very useful in the coming days as we make for our most interesting destination! I'd like to invite you as well as the other members of our party to my quarters for a briefing on what's to come. Where we'll be going, who we'll be meeting, what we need to watch out for and, most importantly, what it is we're going to be going to acquire.Hopefully." Sefton said before starting, as if reminded of something, and turning to Shar who had stretched himself out in the grass behind Sefton. "Shar, would you please inform that Voth fellow of his invitation and show him the way?" Sefton asked before turning back to his charges. Huffing in exasperation Shar responded, "Do I look like your post boy you upstart son of..." any further complaints were silenced when a large circle of bone flew over Sefton's shoulder and was quickly snatched out of the air by the previously portesting Familiar. "Mmmmm, you're lucky there was a lot of good marrow in that one." Shar said as he licked his chops and head back towards the Administration building without another word.

"You're invited as well Mystery Netherkin Student!" Sefton called out, startling some nearby students who were simply going about their business. "So, if you would both be so kind as to follow me, we'll get you two caught up to speed." Sefton said and began to lead the way towards the Pactmaker Tower. However shortly afterwards he stopped suddenly and turned back to the attending Therians, "Oh I nearly forgot my second point." Sefton said as he turned to Shi'ran and flicked the tip of his nose, which wasn't easy given the Therians height advantage over Sefton. "I'll have no more horseplay, well Dragonplay I suppose in your case, from you Shi'ran. From this point on every member of this expedition, including Aria here, should be considered a valuable comrade and protected. I have no doubts that you can handle yourself but I need you to be above mere self-preservation and think about the team as a whole. We'll watch out for you, so please do the same for us. If you can't do that, tell me now because I will not have any of you in danger if I don't feel like I can count on the assistance of you and the other members." Sefton held Shi'rans gaze after he finished addressing him and allowed the severity of the moment to sink in before turning away.

Sefton then came face to face with a very pale Therian standing right behind him. Immediately Sefton felt uneasy, perhaps it was his forked tongue, which wasn't too odd considering he had known many lizard and snake like Therians. However combined with the gray eyes, closed down to slits, it gave the young man an aura so thick and cloying that you could choke on it. "Samsilus." Sefton attempted the name but missed the slur the boys tongue afforded him, "Sam. I appreciate the offer but I'm afraid I have too many students as it is. The President allowed me only three and I feel our Netherkin friend might not be as unsure as you believe. I thank you for volunteering however and will think of you should I need any other tasks or students." Sefton reached into his vest and pulled a small white card which he handed to Samsilus, "Simply bring this card to the attendants at the base of the Pactmaker Tower should you need to reach me." Though Sefton was partially lying on their group being full, seeing as how he had been unable to spot the Netherkin student, he didn't trust this Therian. Call it intuition or suspicion but he couldn't risk bringing someone he didn't trust.

"Right! Please follow me to my humble apartments and we'll go over all of the details of our very impromptu trip." Sefton announced as he resumed their small parade. "The trip shouldn't prove too hazardous, but it never hurts to be prepared" he thought to himself as his thoughts turned to the preparations and items he would need, "Especially with inexperienced students coming along." Sefton's need for the item in the letter was too strong to dissuade him from his path so he steeled himself for the things to come, praying there would need to be no sacrifices in order to set things right for those he let down so long ago.

11-28-2014, 10:41 PM
The washcloth was chilled by the mornings water, no time to warm it up, no time to take my time, wincing at every touch on my neck, jumping every time the wind blew into the tent.

“Are you sure he has to come?” I could hear my father ask.

“Of course Leopold has to come.” Sone’s voice was not as shushed. “He wont come near the place if he isn’t there. You two may have bad blood but Sefton trusts him. That and Leopold has his own agenda to handle.”

The tent flap opened once again, Skimro strolled in with a goofy smile upon his face, his goggles atop his head, blinded without them. Most likely attempting to be nice enough to not see me cleaning myself. “Yo…your ointment…” He sets it down on my bag and hurries out.

Poor guy, he has never been very social. But his heart was much bigger.

“Wonder how much it cost him this time for more ointment.”

Blackwaltz lol Buys time at least?

Odd, he seemed to physically gesture away from me as my eyes came to. Was slitting my eyes the wrong thing to have done?

Oh well. “Thanks.” I take the card and smile.

But he hadn’t heard the thanks, he was hurrying away like a mouse fleeing for its life.

“Sucks to be you.” My brother says behind me, slipping his hand in my pocket. “I’ll sssslither after him and watch from the crevices.”

“No, not needed, Ross. Go back to Sirense, he will want to know everything. I will take you to the boarder.” Our fingers gently touch as I feel him change, morph, slide up my sleeve, wrapping around my bicep. “May no one have seen you.”

No need to watch where I needed to go, my brain new the territory, my feet reacting to, from days of poring over the school map on the pamphlet they had handed out. But womder over comes me again, what classes did he sign me up for?

School classes:
Hand-to-Hand Combat (Ordered by Sirense, you are weak in his eyes)
Debate (Suits you)
The Taste of Worldly Foods (That Therian wouldn’t take no for an answer)
Peace-of-Mind (Celestial and Bushido guided Meditation)
Group Clean up (Ground and building surveillance)
Future’s Eye (Best way to figure out disruption)

Taking a deep breathe, I step the last step towards the Dead Man’s Land and felt him slide off, watching his small frame thickening, growing arms and legs, watching the skin pale out, the cloths appearing from the shedding skin, the tail sliding up in the coat. “Take care to remember our goal.” He reminds me.

“I shall, from sky to ground-” Our motto….

“From flame and gale-” It was always to be said before we left each other….

“May kindness be halted-” Our reminder to each other of the clan’s goal….

“Till payment is paid in full. Good bye, brother.” He waves as he strolls away, his arrogance showing in his smile.

And knowing he was out of earshot, I knew the words that needed out finally.

“It should have been you.”

11-28-2014, 10:48 PM
Black-Cat0001 and \Seraphim

While some people tensed up as a crowd approached the stage, once it became apparent shi isn't trying to kick them off the stage the students there calmed down.

A techmage there in oversized googles say "Sure. It's no problem over there. Maybe I'll even come over there for a bit. Maybe ..no" *cough* "Anyway have fun!"

He then is quickly distracted by what seems to be a Pactmaker leading something that resembles a dog in crystalline armor up onto the stage.

Word spreads and soon prospective dancers are moving toward the green. The crowd is about half Wanderers along with a surprising number of Netherkin and their undead "friends" walking with them, a bit of a mix of other cultures, except for a notable lack of Techmages. Also the Celestials seem like they might be more interested in watching than participating, given how much they're hanging back.

There seems to be a rather "Ok what now" feeling to the crowd as the numbers start to build.



OOC: Did those wolfish things we discussed accompany Silver to the school. You haven't mentioned them, which is OK, maybe they're hanging around outside waiting to be called. But if you weren't interested in them, you'd have more points for other stuff.


Silver gets a flash of a telepathic message asking people to come and dance in central campus. (OOC: See above). Otherwise students are soon moving off for classes or to head back to the tower of whatever culture they belong to. Some other students are just hanging around. A couple Netherkin just sort of staring off into space. A Techmage more engrossed in a device she's holding than anything. Some other student in fine clothing wandering around, seemingly bothered about something. Silver notices some adults, maybe teachers, are starting to take note of lone students, one of them going up to one of the Netherkin and trying to get them to talk.

Silver also notices she's getting a bit hungry.

11-29-2014, 01:36 AM
"Thank you all for coming. I've prepared songs which would be easy to dance to, and made sure they would also be catchy to those who want to join in or watch. If your interested in jumping in with us when you feel like it then go ahead and join in with us. I'm going to teach the steps to those who are interested in learning the moves. The first song I'm going to teach you is called Little Apple. It is a Very popular song in China and has progress over to many other parts of the world. Sure you can learn by watching, but you get a better understanding of the movements if you follow along with the motions with me. To those who already knows these steps please come forward and do the moves with me so the rest can learn please. we'll be the lead group individuals."

11-29-2014, 06:54 AM
(( Blackwaltz Having looked back through all my responses to you and Thrasher, Shi’ran has not yet actually said his name and he didn’t technically ‘sign up’ for Sefton’s class, so expect a very confused response about how the Professor knows his name. xP ))

Given that Aria didn’t make any discernible response to his ‘threat’ the dragon Therian assumed that she had chosen the latter of his two offered possibilities – to leave him alone – and he turned his attention back to picking flecks of grass and mud out of his Hoverboard whilst waiting for Sefton to finish figuring out who the hell was going to come with them on their trip.

He was aware Sefton wanted that creepy Netherkin guy to join the team, yet the guy in question, as it seemed, had disappeared. Perhaps like the equally-creepy four-legged Therian, the kid had grown bored and had gone to do something else. He didn’t care; he didn’t particularly pay attention until the Professor announced loud enough as to warrant it, and he then appropriately lifted his eyes from the piece of technology on his lap to regard the older man and listen to what was being said.

They were to go to Sefton’s quarters for a briefing on where they were going and what they were doing? The Professor had already mentioned Tierce; that had been enough for him but … whatever, he wouldn’t argue it. Shi’ran moved his Hoverboard from his lap as to be able to stand; he leaned over onto one knee, and then hauled up to his full and supposedly-intimidating seven-ish feet of height and awaited the Professor leading him and the Therian girl off. That was, until he was berated for having threatened and insulted Aria.

He was sorely tempted to outright bite that hand when he had his nose flicked. Why not? He had teeth, and he had taken to his Therian form very literally. Instead he just flinched back when flicked at, frowned, huffed some manner of annoyed sound and restrained – really restrained – himself from retorting. Not until the man had finished berating him and very much using his position as tutor and professor – and Shi’ran’s position as a student – to his advantage, anyway.

”… Fine, I’ll do what you want.” The tall Therian muttered when there was a lengthy-enough pause to warrant him responding. ”I don’t know how you know my name since I never told you it but … fine.”

He was half-lying, but it didn’t show in the tone of his voice, nor in his eyes. As he had told Aria; he was prepared to work with them if they worked with him … but only insofar that they kept their side of it. He refused to swear outright loyalty, but would keep it so long as Sefton and the other students warranted the respect.

That all said, Sefton proceeded to dismiss a fifth student who showed up who, frankly, seemed a little suspicious, and then the Professor invited the two Therians (and supposedly the mystery Netherkin guy) to follow him to his quarters. Having given his word in attending and helping – if only for the sake of exploring, perhaps to find something interesting, maybe unearth history on the thing he carried around or even a better one – Shi’ran nodded without word, gave the board a little whack between the footrests with his free hand and then set it down on the grass, and stepped right onto it once it was down. The whack, quite bluntly, was to tell it to ‘wake up’ and when set down it very literally floated, hovered a good four or five inches above the dirt even when he was stood on it. Shi’ran could have walked, yes, but he had the ‘board so why not use it? He didn’t know where Sefton’s quarters were, and for a secondary reason wanted to be a bit of a jerk by coasting about on it for a while, at least until they got to this briefing.

11-30-2014, 03:16 PM
"Now the next one I'm going to teach you comes from my tribe. We have a mixed tribe. My tribe is a peaceful tribe and the neighboring tribe of Bushido were in almost constant contact with us and was beneficial for both of us. However we each had things the other tribe needed but the other tribe had things we lacked. So our leaders of both tribes talked it out, and ours combined to strengthen our area of land into one huge city. All are equal in our city. We have had some bushido tribesmen become chakats of their own free will because not only did they want to strengthen their lives but also wanted to be with their loved ones. Also the city itself improved greatly when the two combined to become more popular area as a tourist area Everything from food to clothing and tourist attractions improved greatly now. Now we get other cities visiting our area as long as they follow our custom rules their welcomed to visit and stay. We have our own city of policemen both chakat's and bushido together some bushido who became chakats are in that force. So I'm nothing special except of being one of my sire's daughter's. My sire is one of the captain officer's in our city, and I'm a officer also. I'm also learning medically so I'm also learning to become a doctor. Now the Busihdo masters who taught me had a way of getting themselves prepared each morning for practice, I thought of a way that would make it more enjoyable for the rest since it lacked feeling, and the masters liked my idea after i showed it to them. Now its not only enjoyable; It burns calories, prepares the body for other bushido excerises,and is a way to have fun for everyone in my tribe since the two have combine to for our city. Will the bushido and very good dancer's please come forward. We'll show you how to do it first, then you'll learn it slowly until we can do it all all once. Ok here we go."

12-01-2014, 11:40 AM
Black-Cat0001 and \Seraphim

The reference to a "china" goes rather over the heads of almost everyone in the crowd and it doesn't seem anyone knows the steps. However a number of them give learning the dance a try. The song goes on to loop quite a few times. At first people have a hard time hearing Juggernaut's small device way in the back. However people start taking up the song, particularly the beat, in voice and instruments. (OOC; possibly including Elisa).

The process of learning the steps is a bit confused. Juggernaut doesn't move like a regular bipedal human, so it's rather an approximation. However some people, particularly Wanderers, are quite good dancers and quickly pick up some steps, others just seem to have fun dancing to the music and either can't or won't learn the steps at all. Others...need quite a bit more help doing anything that looks good at all. But the crowd is young and looking to have fun and so soon even poor dancers are having a silly good time, and the crowd seems to grow.

Things get a bit more complicated going into the second dance. All the vigor is there from the wanderers, who if anything seem to have enjoyed the speech, and most groups seem indifferent. But there seems to be mixed emotions from the Therians. Some positive and some negative, but all of them taking their mind off having fun on a beautiful if windy day on the grass and remind them of the politics of the world, despite this having a positive spin.

The effect is fairly devestating on the Bushi's hower. Since she's now rather prominently alone Juggernaut recognizes a Bushi from hir hometown, Kagami, Chinen Kagami. Other Bushi, already small in number for dancing, are uneasily moving towards the edges to think more than dance, or just leaving.

But, since their numbers weren't that great and since the Wanderers are quite good at getting attention it seems like only Juggernaut and Kagami noticed that, and the dance goes on.

12-01-2014, 01:30 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster Reference about Thrasher J and hope youre okay with this sunnyside

Strolling through the now crowding school yard, my mind wanders to the woman I had heard. I had forgotten to veer my look over to see what she looked like.

Maybe she is a Therian too, or possibly Bushido.

Snapping out of my train of thought, I realized I had walked far across the campus where groups of students were covering over something. Most were groups of five or more, but one was smaller, only four.

“What do we have here?” I felt a hand on my shoulder as I looked over to see what I assume is a teacher. But before I could open my mouth to say anything, he pulled me forward talking away about needing a group and leading me towards the small group of four. I couldn‘t even inform him that I was not registered for whatever it is that they were attempting to do.

For this exploration group. All who looked Bushido.

What was this teacher thinking? Every time I try to get a word in he still talks.

12-01-2014, 01:50 PM
"Kagami!" :D "I didn't know you'd be attending as well. Hows your mother and sire doing? What is the bushido tower like?"

12-01-2014, 08:30 PM
Back and forth he took in the periphery of sensory information. But just as he was about to make a step a voice entered his head. Some message about dancing or gathering, and for a few moments he thought he heard it.

When it clicked that his hearing was not interrupted, his eyes narrowed as he attempted to find the location of such sorcery. However this venture was destined to fail. His index and forefingers came to his temples until the message was over, and afterwards he stared ahead at the building once again.

Another glance towards his three compatriots, he made gestures as if using some sort of sign language. After a few signs, however, it was clear that he would have to speak.

"Be on guard." He quietly and carefully spoke, "Trust not even the walls or the very floor you tred..."

Just as he was about to sprint towards the objective, a fifth student was being ushered in by a teacher. Possibly a fifth member. Once again putting his body at ease, he watched the approaching duo with careful concern. His grey eyes shown no impatience, only consideration.

12-02-2014, 11:47 AM
Black-Cat0001 and \Seraphim

Kagami keeps dancing as she moves over toward Juggernaut. "Well, I think they're fine. It's still a bit strange being away from them and not really knowing. I know I was supposed to come, but I still feel like I wouldn't be fulling my duties as a daughter if was descended on our town and I wasn't there with them.

Still, I'm sure they're fine. "

She dances a bit and seems to be thinking about how to respond to the other part of the question.

"It's really strange in the Bushido tower. At first it seemed a bit like home, just with many different fashions and many different forms beyond normal human and Chakat. However, well, all the Therians there I've met have been collared. I mean they seem well treated, and they seem happy, but the collar does that, I think. I'm still learning about how all that works.

I suppose when one grows up somewhere, you just think what you're used to is normal, and take it for granted. It's weird to discover it's so unique. "

12-02-2014, 01:17 PM
"Yeah I understand that. You'll have a lot easier time dealing with other fellow bushido members cause your human. There seem to be some who instantly reject me just because I'm a chakat; Even though the instructor even said I'm of the aides in teaching the class, when all were assembled."

12-02-2014, 06:42 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster

This fool was imprudent, and impossible to get through too. He was blabbering away about the fine art of adventure, I don‘t think a knife could get a cut through with this mans talking either.

As we got closer I could see the Bushido‘s clearer, two females and two males.

The closest female had very extra long bluish black hair, a red kimono type of clothing, bare footed, and almost cold stare. Those maroon colored eyes reminded me of home, if home was Bushido, that is.

The next female wore something very ostentatious, extremely sleazy. Her black hair atop her head, the bangs covering her amber eyes. A small smile toyed around her lips.

The first man stood in front of the first girl, tied pants, really buff chest. His dark brown hair was pulled up and over a headband. His sword hung on his bang hanging off of some sash, and wearing gauntlets. His skin was far darker than usual people from the Bushido culture.

The last person, male, was insubstantial, his hair included. Eyes ice cold. He wore some warrior outfit, two swords on one hip, one hand touching the hilts. Even though he seemed very imperturbable, something about him seemed very perceptive.

I had to be careful around that one..

“Okay, this guy didn’t have someone, he will work with you four, watch out for traps.” He turned on his foot to leave.

“I’m not even registered for this class!” I finally get out.

“Well, now you are.” He handed a pamphlet over and walked off without another word to be let in.

“Impertinence buffoon.” I sputter out. Instead of just strolling off I just turned over and placed my hand on the now seen map. “I am Samsilus Slivers.” My eyes looked into each one of theirs and I kept all the fear of being caught inside and gave a very small smile.

12-03-2014, 01:28 AM
OOC: Yay! Intro post! Black-Cat0001 and anyone else in the dance gathering.

"One sandwich in exchange for the performance, as promised," the man behind the counter said as he shoved the plate toward Phoenix. She thanked him with a bright smile, which he brushed off and went back to tending his bar. The sandwich was cut into two. She took both halves and walked out the door to the bustling streets. The smell was short of putrid due to a fish vendor having set up shop a few yards away. The roads were hardly worthy of the name and the buildings were worse for wear. Men leered as they passed and from their stands. She was accustomed to it. She knew that her outfit was somewhat revealing, even with her shawl wrapped around her shoulders. But she didn't care. In fact, she was flattered. That didn't mean she'd give any of them the time of day though. She had much more important matters to tend to.

A sullen brown-haired child sat against the wall, playing with brightly colored pinwheel Phoenix had given her earlier. Sliding down the wall, she took a seat on the ground beside her and held out one of the halves.

"Told you I'd come back." She said, with a little smile.

The child's eyes widened as she gingerly placed the pinwheel on the ground and reached out for the meager meal. She was starved, anyone could see that. Phoenix was beginning to think she didn't want her her own half.

"Thank you," the child whispered as she bit into the contents in her tiny hands, chewing slow, savoring it.

"Not a problem kid." She paused. "What's your name anyway?"

"Melonie." A full-mouthed response. Phoenix chuckled.

"That's a pretty name. You can call me Fefe, 'kay?"

"'Kay," Melonie said with a smile. Phoenix heart melted. Behind the dirty face a faded eyes, there was a beautiful little girl who just needed someone to care for her. Phoenix was surprised by the number of orphans in this town when the ever-so prestigious School of Seven Tower was an hour's walk away. Speaking of which...

"Hey Melonie, you know when classes are supposed to start at the School of Seven Towers?" She asked. She hadn't taken a single bite of her sandwich yet.

Melonie shook her head and swallowed. She still had more than half her sandwich left. She was truly relishing in her meal. "But, I did see a buncha people in town that I never saw before. They all left this morning though. Some of them left yesterday. It looked like they were going towards the school."

Phoenix froze. Oh sh- She stood calmly and brushed off her bottom. She handed Melonie her half of the sandwich. The child blinked at her, confused. Phoenix stretched casually and sighed. "Well hun, I'd love to stay and chat but it seems that I am horribly late for my first day of school." She patted Melonie of the head and turned on her heel. "Stay out of trouble okay? I'll probably see you again!"

When she was certain she was out of Melonie's sight, she took off in a dead sprint toward the school, cursing herself all the way and clinging to the shawl so it wouldn't fly off.

She didn't stop until she reached the gates of Seven Towers. Panting, she put her hands on her hips and attempted to calm herself. She didn't know how long it took her to run but she knew that it didn't really matter since she was already late. She finally was able to control her breathing and walked inside. She walked right past the administration office in awe of the massive area that was somehow contained inside a ring of cement (OOC: or stone?). It was like their own little city inside of the walls.

Suddenly, something peaked her attention. Music. And where there was music, there was dancing. If there was none of that them she'd make it so. She eagerly investigated where the sound was coming from and found a mass of people in a field, watching what seemed to be a dance lesson by a beautiful black Therian. She couldn't help but squeal and clap with excitement. Coming here was definitely the right choice.

12-03-2014, 05:15 AM
The squeal didn't escape Juggernaut's ears though. Shi turned hir head to look at the owner coming over to the area. Shi went over to the newcomer. "Hello my name's Juggernaut daughter of Furysteel and Windstorm. Wanna come dance with the group I'm in?" Shi directed her to hir circle where shi introduced hir town friend and few others dancing together which made up hir part of the group. As shi got back to dancing again,"What is your name, and where do you come from if I may ask miss?" :)

12-03-2014, 11:12 PM
Phoenix was ecstatic as the Therian approached her and introduced hirself. She recognized that Juggernaut was a chakat. She had run into a lovely bunch during her travels. They were kind enough to give her lift to the next town and offered her a place to stay for the night and food. It was a rather enjoyable night; they were quite a rowdy group. That was the first night she had ever experienced sleeping with a pack of chakats. Needless to say, she loved the feeling of soft fur against her skin.

"Pleasure to meet you Juggernaut," she said. "I'd love to come dance with you."

Phoenix followed hir without dispute. She dipped her head in greeting any on-lookers. When they reached the group Juggernaut spoke of, shi asked her a question as shi began to dance again. Phoenix joined her, falling easily into rhythm. The music was not suited to her form of dance that she was used to, but she was anything but a, as an elder would say, "one-trick pony".

"I'm Phoenix, but you can call me Fefe if you want. As for where I come from, uh, well. I really don't have a home. I'm a wanderer so I just kind of go where my feet take me. What about you?"

12-05-2014, 11:58 AM
Black-Cat0001 \\Seraphim and ~Shobu~

The dance routine starts to get out of order as people start dancing however they feel like. The music flows, not to another song par se, but into an ongoing musical freeform as the different musicians play off each other.

The "town friend" Juggernaut had introduced, Chinen Kagami, turns toward Phoenix and says "Pleased to meet you, uh, Fefe." and then looks to Juggernaut

"It occurs to me that maybe the deal is that probably a lot of the teachers, even Bushi, are here for the purpose of the school. To mix cultures and share awareness. Maybe you were exactly what they were looking for.

The students and some of the other adults running the towers however...."

"On that note maybe I should try and mix with someone else instead of just talking to the one person I already know."

At that she starts to look around the crowd and drift away.


ELR Tetsanosuke Light Buster

OOC: Maybe a bit of something to move things along. On that note there was some discussion with Tetsanosuke, Light Buster, and myself about trying something in scenese like this where others or I as the GM can manage inactive players characters. What I'm saying is if anyone is up for leading you don't have to worry about not having anyone with you. Also let me know if there is more you need/want to be able to interact with the situation. Note that it's also fine to just talk a bit first though! I'll provide a little recap of things here so you don't have to look through old posts.


Looking out for the first time after being dragged up here, Samsilus takes in the surroundings. Below the grandstand is a bunch of what look like ancient ruins in a roughly rectangular area about a hundred and fifty meters by a hundred meters. Perhaps like one of the ancient cities with its skyscrapers and apartment buildings, now destroyed and with plants starting to poke through the ruins. However it isn't to hard to figure out that it's anything but ancient. The broken bricks and stones have sharp edges instead of being weather worn, the twisted bits of metal have hardly rusted at all, and the plants and vines twisting through the buildings have ties attaching them to the walls, and in some cases are coming out of planters.

Checking the map he could see his group is assigned a large building at the corner of a block. It's currently eight floors tall and made of brick. Probably an office or apartement building. It is built to look like it had been taller, but that the upper floors have collapsed, leaving a pile of rubble on the top of the buidings and brick and stone all around it. The windows are empty, it looks like the builders didn't bother with adding broken glass. There doesn't seem to be a fire escape, but vines go up two sides of the building, those facing the sidewalk and street. On the distant side there is a shorter building not assigned this group, it's five stories tall, and seperated by a small ally. One can't really see into the ally from the grandstands as it is on the opposite side of the building.

Another teacher, a Celestial by the look of them, comes over and says to Samsilus

"Hello, I'm not sure if things were explained to you. Well, Dr. Mills, had a speech and all. But for now what it boils down to is that your group has been assigned a section of the field to explore. It's maybe full of surprises for you. Your objective is to search your area without getting caught.

But remember, safety first! Be careful not to bring buildings down, do things that could threaten your fellow students, and be careful!"

Looking around Samsilus can see that he's now with the last group to roll out, as a group of Celestials and now cautiously making their way into the ruins area. There are occaisonal shouts, but they seem to be mostly coming from inside the buildings, so Samsilus isn't sure what's going on in there.

12-05-2014, 04:23 PM

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12-05-2014, 11:16 PM
OOC: Black-Cat0001 Hey love, just wanted to make sure that you saw that Fefe asked Juggernaut a question.

"It was nice meeting you Kagami," Phoenix said. She started to pay less attention to the dance moves that Juggernaut was showing her and joined the crowd in using her own moves.

"This is really fun! Are you an activity coordinator or something?" She asked. She yearned to see where she would be staying. On that thought, she realized she didn't go to the administration office. Crap, I'm so dense sometimes.

12-06-2014, 01:35 AM
OOC: I din't see it cause it didn't appear when I checked before until today. Now I'm going to answer that question.

BIC: Juggernaut looked to Phoenix and answered,"I am one who thought it help bring different cultures together, for relaxation and just pure plain simple fun. I'm not an activity coordinator or anything. However it might be cool to get the headmasters approval for a dance group. I am a aide to some teachers though since I proved to them on my abilities. I come from a mixed culture where two become one city and for the good of all its people. My city is of Chakats and Bushi. Not forced of course. My city of Amazioan is of Chakats and Bushi. Some even became Chakats of free will to improve one of their loved one's life, or to better protect their city. We chakats had things the bushi lacked and they had things we lacked. We improved our tourism and every other thing from clothes to products and police task force with our combined ways. We are a peaceful living city. However if invaded or attacked We'll defend and counter. "

12-06-2014, 11:02 AM
When Samsilus introduced himself there was a moment where Shisoume looked him over. Before long he reacted to the introduction with a small bow. Since Samsilus Noticed the map, it was convenient for Shisoume to simply point at his name and nod. His quiet nature was fairly apparent by this point and he was not going to deviate. His eyes turned to the ruins where they had their assignment, and started by scouting the edge of the decent.

It would be important to find a safe way down, and Shisoume would do just that, for the sake of his team. Otherwise he was confident getting down there would be simple enough. He fashioned a few hand-signs, enacting his inner forces to become less wind resistant, to perhaps be able to glide. Being adept at the 'powerful jump' ability, he could land easily, but being a glider could help in his entry for further recon. Shisoume found some vine-work that could hopefully hold numerous people all the way to the surface. He looked to his allies and pointed it out.

Light Buster
12-06-2014, 04:05 PM
OOC: Back to business.

Hiro and the others looked back as they saw a new member join them. Their objective remained the same however and they were glad they had a friend join with them. Now their odds of success were much higher.

12-07-2014, 12:11 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke
"Thank you." This Celestial teacher was delightful, helpful, and not incompatent.

Looking over at what I am assuming is Shisoume, watched as he signaled hand signs, not a clue as to what he was attempting to say but a small inkling of some of it meant from what Ross had tried on me before.

Follow. Halt. Go that way. Slow.

But the others were not sinking in. Silence was the key though. I knew he was right, slightly uneasy still about being grouped with Bushidos but thanked my stars it wasn't a full group of Celestials.

Shisoume lead, the girls right behind him, but the last guy urged me ahead of him only using his eyes. The smell of the building reminded me of dust, very thick and could be seen by the eye. The walls were crumbling and the sun could still leak through.

then the girl with the hair pinned up looked over at something small and I grabbed her wrist. She tugged out of my reach, refusing to lok at my head profusely shaking,

12-07-2014, 01:18 AM
Phoenix listened with interest. "That's really neat. I haven't been to Amazioan yet. I'll be sure to keep it in mind though. By the way, do you know what I have to do to-" She suddenly felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. She realized she still hadn't eaten yet and she had run the entire way here and danced a good amount before and after that venture. She swooned a bit, her body threatening to fall over. She brought a hand to her head. "Whoo, sorry. I'm a bit light-headed."

12-07-2014, 04:23 AM
Juggernaut carefully guided Phoenix to a table where shi order some food for hir and her new acquaintance. Shi had ordered two soups in a cup chicken flavored. Juggernaut set out one of the hot ones out in front of Phoenix and told her to wait for 5 minutes before eating it, considering it just came out piping hot. "Once your done eating I'll take you to the administrative office."

12-10-2014, 11:55 AM
ELR Tetsanosuke Light Buster

OOC: Sorted some details out with Tetsanosuke and ELR and I think this meets what they were shooting for.


As the group moves out Shisoume leads as they approach the building. All around the area in front of the building are various pieces of rubble, presumably representing taller origional floors that had crumbled. The main entrance facing the street looks like it was meant to have a large pair of glass doors, flanked by large windows. The metal doors are there, but there isn't any glass.

Then, in a move Samsilus presumes was expressed in the hand signes, Shisoume rockets ahead and leaps up to the top of the building. Landing, Shisoume finds that the "floor" of that level is really pretty sturdy. Although there is a hole in the middle leading to the next floor down, as well as a partially rubble filled stairwell going down to one side.

From here Shisoume can see that the vines that reach all the way to the top of the roof are attacked to the top of the wall with a few plates and what look like bolts going into the brick. The vines could look healthier however, with a bit of browning apparent.

12-11-2014, 11:34 PM
Phoenix allowed Juggernaut to lead her and graciously accepted the offering of soup. Shi then told her shi would take her to the administration office. She didn't remember telling his about need to pay them a visit. Did she just look completely lost? Probably the case.

"I really appreciate it Juggernaut. Honestly, I was pretty ill-prepared for today," she said with a smile.

Phoenix waited for the soup to cool a just bit because she preferred her soups piping hot. Disregarding the spoon, she took the cup to her lips, blew into it a bit, then began sipping. It was a delicious broth that reminded her of a dish this on family she stayed with. The spices and vegetables created such a distinctive flavor, she would never forget the for as long as she lived.

"Thank you so much for this again. It's exactly what I needed."

With that she continued to savor the soup sip by sip until it the cup was empty.

12-12-2014, 12:54 AM
When Phoenix was completely done with eating and drinking the broth. Juggernaut then took her to the Head master of the campus. "Hello, I have a new student here, and she needs to find out what tower and room she's going to be in. She's was late on the timing of the opening day. Me and my three room mates are willing to share the space with her if she wants to join us." :)

12-12-2014, 04:24 PM
Black-Cat0001 and ~Shobu~

OOC: Oh my....if only I could see Shobu's face.


President Borelle is usually somewhat hard to reach. However a professor still seems to be making a ruckus outside the building and security is paying attention to him.

In any case she takes the intrusion quite well and simply looks up from her desk with a gracious enough expression, until Juggernaut finishes hir question. The fine and rather cosmopolitan tailoring and fashion in her glasses and robes makes it easy to forget her Celestial background, but with both Phoenix and Juggernaut having empathic abilities they can tell she's rather flustered and scandalized by the request. However she doesn't show it outwardly...much.

In any case she quickly regains her composure. "Ah yes. I recall reading that something like this might happen with the Chakats. I believe it was said of their culture that they are "extremely welcoming". "

She gives a little cough. And then focusing herself stares at Phoenix. "I'm afraid I don't have a file on you. I would love to have one though. I'd remember. I suspect that means you're a Wanderer?

If so you would of course be welcome to stay at the tower built for the Wanderlust culture. "

She sighs slightly

"I would rather say that you SHOULD stay there. However it has quickly become apparent that the only way that we're going to be able to get the wanderers to stay there is if we lock them in, those who arrived before school started have been found sleeping all over the campus, particularly in the green, and locking them up doesn't hold with the point of the school. And the way they've been going on in there with their music all hours of the day and night I don't know if it's conducive to a good nights rest in any case.

So I suppose you're welcome to stay where you'd like miss. If you wish to join your fellows in the tower you might want to try the basement or higher up the tower where things seem quiter. "

12-12-2014, 08:23 PM
Still unsure what the woman bushido was looking for or at, I was forced to look up to see Shisoume jump to the top, my tail tightened around my waist. So I had missread his hand signals... They had been handsigns. Maybe that was what considered energy control.

Instead of releasing the an exasperating breathe, I close my eyes and taste the air, it tasted of over salted clay, and something else I could not put my finger on. "Traps..." Whispered through my lips.

12-12-2014, 10:57 PM
Shisoume approached the hole with stealth and careful alacrity, weary of even his very steps. A few more hand signs blurred his visual presence, and would be noticeable if he made a fast movement. To be sure this was the last thing he intended to do, made apparent by the same combination of signs from earlier in the day that allowed him to defy gravity on the wall. Carefully and with all power of his perception his looked into the hole.

Should he have seen or sensed danger he would react accordingly, dodging if something projected at him, or staying still and stealthy if necessary. He planned to lower himself partially into the entrance if the coast was clear, moving like a shadowy spider along the ceiling in search of danger and clues as to why they were assigned to look through the place. If this was just a test of ability, then he would not disappoint if he could chose.

12-13-2014, 12:40 AM
OOC: blackcat0001 sunnyside <---- Something similar to that haha.

Phoenix followed suit, still admiring her surroundings, even when they were indoors. Upon entering the President's office, she forced herself to pay attention to the woman. She was definitely a stylish person despite Phoenix hearing about her being a Celestial. She could sense that Juggernaut's request put her off, but she couldn't understand why until she heard the words "extremely welcoming" emphasized. She couldn't help but let out a little laugh. She'd almost forgotten that there were people with such restraints on their libido. Phoenix had had relations with the last person she stayed with (really nice man, he was) and she'd been traveling alone for about a month or so, therefore it was easy to forget.

President Borelle seemed to be a little exasperated over the situation of the Wanderlust culture as a whole, but she caught on pretty quickly on how the lot of them worked. Phoenix simply smiled at her and said, "I'm sure I'll have a grand time in the Wanderlust tower but I'm a bit worn out today so I may end up taking Juggernaut's offer. Of course, sleeping will probably be the most excitement I have tonight. Rest assured madame President." She winked at the President, laughing to herself on the inside. Teasing people like her was a wonderful pastime and no one could convince her otherwise.

12-13-2014, 03:21 AM
"We're friendly yes but not so much that it causes problems. That is common among our race. If you want to see the everyday lifestyle me and my roommates live you can Miss Head." Juggernaut smiles at her, then looking at Phoenix guides her out to the area where there is a bunch of papers on what's available and other group activities."See any here you are interested in?"

12-14-2014, 09:06 PM
Instead of releasing the an exasperating breathe, I close my eyes and taste the air, it tasted of over salted clay, and something else I could not put my finger on. "Traps..." Whispered through my lips.

OOC: Hmmm intriguing. Perhaps that was meant to just stand alone, but it'd be curious what you might try and do to actually detect any traps with taste(scent).

Tetsanosuke Light Buster


As Shisoume moves into the building. This area looks like it might have the floorplan of an apartment however the room is quite spartan. There are some tables and chairs, a simple magical heating unit, and he can see a corner of a bed through an open doorway. The door to the hallway is open, but it appears fairly dark. He can see that there are what appear to be simple magical lights of the style that was common before the Apocalypse was, but they aren't working, the only light present in the building is what gets in from the outside.


At first President Boreal struggles to come up with something to say.

In the end she settles for a polite smile as Juggernaut and Phoenix head out.

"We're friendly yes but not so much that it causes problems. That is common among our race. If you want to see the everyday lifestyle me and my roommates live you can Miss Head." Juggernaut smiles at her, then looking at Phoenix guides her out to the area where there is a bunch of papers on what's available and other group activities."See any here you are interested in?"

OOC: She might need more to work with than that. Are you looking to have me come up with some things other than classes? I suppose any student would be free to put up any sort of flier for anything they'd like to see happen. And having clubs and things was something I intended to play with shortly.

12-18-2014, 04:02 PM
OOC: sunnyside just trying to use different description other than sight and hearing xP never thought about it as a trap detector.

But I had no true proof, even though the house was made of some sort of stone, it did not mean that there was not other materials used to build it. It did not mean traps were in play, but the likelyhood of there being no traps was slim to none.

As the Bushido's dispersed in the place on their own, I was left at the entry room, the wind whistling through the air, shimmering lights through cracks, the taste of ivy thicker the more steps were taken into the room. And then a scream came from outside, distant but still sent shivers down my spine.

Had to be the one for this mission, had to be the one getting into messes such as forced into a situation where isolation and fear drilled into me.

Then my eyes caught a small hole where vermin lived, or supposed to. Maybe a peek would be nice.

But then that may be where they want me to head, a trap with impending time for a stray to fall into it.

The same could be said about just standing here. One thing was for sure, Bushido's may call themselves honorable but they were no team working group.

12-18-2014, 10:48 PM
~Shobu~ and Black-Cat0001

OOC: Ok, black cat has asked me to come up with some things. Actually I'd had some ideas so I appreciate getting to bust things out. :) Though these are at an early stage with students just putting ideas up, their posters may get more elaborate, or, ideally, players will make their own. Actually I realize I don't have much time so these might be extra rough.

IC: There are a number of different posters up.

One is from the faculties athletic department. They aren't advertising sports. Instead they're asking to come up with sports! Most cultures have sports aligned to the skills they're best at, but with the cultures mixing there are just so many different abilities and sizes. A little map shows an athletics building where they encourage people to come with ideas.

From the students there are a number of people trying to set up groups. There are a bunch of bands, based on your taste. One group wants to make a Host/Hostess Club happen, if you are "Outgoing and a people person looking to enjoy and after school job!"

A group wants to start a "Towers Weekly" newspaper.

There are at least a half dozen fighting competition groups being set up, and a cardplaying one.


ELR and Light Buster

OOC: I'll give LB a little time to respond before doing anything. Actually with three characters being together I'd be more comfortable with the second and third being more NPCish and the primary being rather "hands off" for godmoddish stuff.

12-19-2014, 11:44 PM
OOC: shiiran and @ThrasherJ Sorry for the long wait. I've gotten my head back into creative mode and won't wait any longer for Princess Lemon to get back for more postings. Let's get our story moving!


IC: The walk back to the Pactmaker Tower was uneventful as Sefton went over what he needed to inform the students of to prepare for their trip. As the group entered the lobby he could feel them lag behind a bit and gaze at the oppulent display around them. Chuckling softly Sefton strolled back to the pair of Therians. "It really is a gaudy display don't you think?" he asked them softly so as not to offend any nearby Pactmakers. "My kind really do have a knack for rubbing others faces in how much they profit off of their Pacts and information gathering." Sefton had toured the other towers when the School was about to open and knew that none, save maybe the architecture and murals of the Celestials could be called this grandiose. Sure the Magitech had their amazing gadgets and machinery and the Therians had their displays of nature, much like what ran down the hallway of the floor Sefton resided on, but none could match in intention much like that of the Pactmakers. "I prefer to use my resources on other, more important things, than flash interior design. However I still enjoy a bit of showboating with other things every now and then." Sefton said with a wink and soft smile before herding the pair to the lifts ahead.
As they boarded the lifts and were ferried up to Sefton's floor he turned to the Therians and said, "A bit of warning to you both. I, as you may or may not know, am a collector of sorts. The relics, trinkets, baubles, toys, equipment and other various items I collect can be dangerous and especially so when handled by those who do not know how to use them. While you may not have incurred much injury figuring out the mechanics of your hoverboard Shi'ran, I've nearly lost digits to some of the items I've found." turning to Aria he continued "Also some of them look like items, or furniture, you may find familiar and use in your day to day life but know this, they are not as they seem. Especially the tall standing mirror you may see to the left as we enter my residence. Beware it." Sefton turned back towards the gates of the lift, his face showing that of serious warning as they slowed to a halt. Exiting the lift he couldn't help but smirk a little having seen an expression of worry and caution flit across Arias face, there wasn't really anything wrong or dangerous about his mirror but it helped his collection remain untouched if they perceived there to be danger hidden in those islands of antique treasure.
Ushering them down the ivy traced hallway Sefton didn't even bother slowing down at the door as Y'sar opened it and beckoned the group in warmly. "I will find out how you know I'm approaching one of these days Y'sar." Sefton said as the door was closed and locked behind them. "I look forward to the day of seeing that look of puzzlement cross your face when you fail to do so Master Sefton." Y'sar responded as he again went to prepare refreshments for Sefton and his new guests. "The snacks can wait Y'sar." Sefton called out after him, "We need to discuss our expedition. Everyone, please follow me." Sefton led the way for the newcomers to a room off to the left of the front door, intentionally leading the group past the mirror he had warned them of in the lift. Pulling aside a small screen door the Therians and Shar were ushered into a small drawing room with low backed leather couches facing each other on an ornate gold and green floor rug. Large curio cabinets lined the walls and a large grandfather style clock ticked quietly in a corner unobtrusively. Moving over to one such cabinet, Sefton opened it's glass faced door and pulled out a long thick rod and moved back towards the entrance to the room. As everyone settled in around the room, Y'sar refusing to sit as usual and Shar plopping himself down at the foot of Aria in hope of some attention, Sefton attached the long rod to some nails that were sticking out from the top of the silk screen door they had entered from. Depressing two buttons on the side of the rod caused it to open to reveal a large white hard surface which Sefton wrote out the word "Tierce" using his finger. Circling it he turned back and said, "Let's get this Tet-a-Tet started."

12-20-2014, 01:23 PM
(( Blackwaltz You should be careful of trying to put thoughts or actions onto other peoples’ characters. What you might want them to do or hope they do for RP plot or progress might not necessarily happen. :P

There’s also a mild reference to some other characters, though nothing too intrusive. I think it's ~Shobu~ and Black-Cat0001 amongst others. ))

Per initial intention – and knowing roughly where they were going to an extent – Shi’ran proceeded to be thoroughly difficult to converse with by meandering about on his hovering board-contraption, sometimes within clear earshot of Sefton but other times being completely distracted by the means of negotiating the thing about the paths or groups of other students (or deliberately antagonising a group by negotiating right between the lot of them, which he did only because he recognised one of them as being the odd-looking Therian creature that had shown up at Sefton’s announcement and had gotten bored. He didn’t know Juggernaut’s name of course, and they just happened to get in the way at the wrong time whilst they were looking for extra classes and activities to do).

He did overhear most of what Sefton was saying, given the rather long journey from where they’d started to the Pactmaker’s tower. Whether the Professor had the patience to repeat things to him or not was up to the Professor, but his means of being irritating was mostly due to boredom and he obviously didn’t plan on being so disrespectful once they actually got going on their trip.

Once at the towers he dismounted his ‘Board and … ended up falling back because getting it to turn off was far more troublesome than getting it active. He really needed to get it fixed; Sefton apparently mistook his dawdling in the Tower’s foyer as him looking around at the supposed ornateness of the place (especially when compared to the simpler decoration of his Tower), to which the tall Therian would scoff and correct the Professor as to not have incorrect thoughts flying about;

”I was getting this thing-“ He meant his Hoverboard, ”-To turn off, actually … sir. Damn thing is sometimes stubborn. I kind-of figured you wouldn’t want me using it indoors, hm?”

Well, whatever. Having disabled the contraption he hoisted it up under one arm and wandered back to Sefton, and followed him in mostly-silence through the premises to the Professor’s room. He did glance around at the décor but mostly out of boredom and not from intrigue. The place did seem far too gaudy for his tastes, though … but it was a Tower for a different culture, so he didn’t make any apparent complaints. It was proof that he could show some manners if needs be, if only to make up for his immaturity on the venture over.

Being told in advance not to touch any of Sefton’s stuff on account of it being dangerous, however, was perhaps not the best way to warn this particular Therian. If anything it goaded him towards picking stuff up and manhandling things simply to prove a point and the ‘dragon’ would frown to the warning, yet held his tongue. He debated whether to keep to Sefton’s plea or whether to go against it all the way to the man’s quarters, where they were somehow greeted by some strange fellow who seemed to already be expecting them.

Weird place … why does this dude have so many people working for him? Pact-stuff? Shi’ran wondered in thought once in Sefton’s quarters. He said nothing to whom Sefton identified as Y’sar and his attention dwindled as he’d look around at these … trinkets, items, thinks of unassuming warning that he’d been told not to touch. Should he pick something up? Prod something? Deliberately nudge something with his ‘board or his wings or tail? Well … come to think of it, those were as easily possible by accident … he wasn’t exactly the smallest of creatures.

Before he could figure out an answer, Sefton had him and the other Therian removed from the room into some other room, probably used for drawing or research or something. Well, that answered him and his idea of prodding stuff. He’d sigh once they were in that room and he relaxed his hold on his Hoverboard so he had it pointed lengthways-down, so he could lean against it like it was a tree or a cane. He looked between the other Therian and Sefton, whilst the Professor set some contraption up that he could use to write and describe instructions upon.

”… Where exactly is this Tierce, anyway? The hell sort of place is it? Some abandoned old city or factory or underground ruin or something?” He’d ask when Sefton suggested they were to start discussing the journey, and it was the first thing he wanted answered – where were they going? How far was it?

(( I'm also aware this is really long but I had quite a lot of information to respond to. ))

12-20-2014, 11:13 PM
Phoenix scanned the various flyers, her interests peaked by the ones that advocate a student creating their own sport. Dancing was a sport right? She didn't know what qualified as a sport. She looked to Juggernaut, pointing at the respective flyers a she spoke of them.

"I don't really know what a hostess is but it sounds fun! Also, dancing is a sport right? We could come up with our own dance club!" She said, obviously excited by both ideas. "Are these what students take at this place or are these just extra curricular stuff?"

12-20-2014, 11:54 PM
"Hostess clubs are a common feature in the night-time entertainment industry of Japan, East Asian countries and other areas with a high Japanese population. They employ primarily female staff and cater to males seeking drinks and attentive conversation. The more recent host clubs are similar establishments where primarily male staff cater to females. A more dangerous area if your not prepared for it. The dance one I want to create can indeed be a sport. Clubs are for students to intermingle and associate with others under a common topic, or subject. There is ones here by teachers and ones here listed by students who are trying like me to get a group created or going."

12-22-2014, 04:31 PM
ELR Tetsanosuke and Light Buster

OOC: Alright, lets keep things rolling. I'll collect some feedback about how people, espcially LB find me keeping their characters going.


Upon closer inspection by Samsilus, the holes in the building don't look to have particularly made by their furry inhabitants. But instead from misalignment of the stone and brickwork that makes up some of the walls on this level. They seem sturdy enough, just hastily made. In any case they seem to small for a human to make their way through, just smaller animals.

Up ahead their is a shout, a splutching noise, and a clang. If Samsilus catches up to the Bushi he would see that Mizuki has been coated in some manner of green goop and has fallen through the ground. The goop is putting out a green glow and seems maybe be moving to hold onto her, though for her part she's eminating some sort of silver glow that seems to be fighting whatever magic is in the substance. The presumed source of the goop is a golem of some sort. Simple and tan and color it has a vague shape of a human and from the "clang" sound is probably made mostly of metal plat. Instead of having hands, both its arms end "holding" onto a large chorm colored canister with a hole on the end, a panel of glass with hash marks shows something green inside the canister. As soon as Samsilus could see the thing Hiro lands from a powerful leap and kicks the thing hard. It seems to pop apart more than break, with it's joints perhaps having been designed to give instead of snapping. There is a second on in the open room, which has a desk where a greeter might sit, a pair of hallways on either side of it going back, and on the sides of those are openings to staircases that seem to go up and down.

There is a second golem similar to the first, it tried to goop Mami but seems to have missed, though it is lining up for another shot as she runs towards it.

Far above, from his place on the ceiling Shisoume can hear that there is some ruckus downstairs. However he can also hear some movement just outside of the room he came down into. Perhaps a pair of things walking? The sounds start from outside the open door to the hallways, as if someone had been waiting there just out of sight, they might be moving toward the stairwell.


~Shobu~ and Black-Cat0001

OOC: I quite like the idea of making the host(ess) club happen as that might be a "place" where people could interact and create some interesting plot/RP options. I'm also interested in what you might do for a dance club (you could perhaps discuss if it's a school club that likes dancing or more of a place thing (i.e. a dance club), or a little of both.

All those possibilities might be a good place for me to send new players. And I'll see if Yuuchun might be interested.

12-23-2014, 10:08 PM
Packed, cleaned, dressed, and a coy smile around my lips.

Play the part, be a slave. Repeating throughout my head.

"Skyla, remember to tie the bag tightly before we head out." Sone reminded me. "If we go dancing or swaying we do not want any sort of mess to pick up, do we?" His smile sincere.

I bow my head slightly. "Yes, sir."

Removing the pack, I tighten it and make sure it has no openings. "Shall I do the same with yours?" I asked, it was standard to ask but I knew he wouldn't make me.

"Nah, did mine already. Hanze has a gift in store for you. Can't say any more though."

Curiosity tugged at me. "Where may our destination be this time?"

"A very old cottage, if I heard right, it has lots of nature to it. It is suppose to be some sort of hide out in the past for run away Therians. That's what I heard at lesst."

The noise pulled my attention from looking at the hole to looking at the hall, my feet dashing to catch a glimpse of golems.

One disassembled, the other slowly squeezing one of the girls. I could taste the smell again. "So that was you..." I was going to regret this choice in the evening.

Slipping my friend out of my sleeve, I use both my hands and dislocate my jaw, feel it changing into a sort of half form, and colors changed to hues of grays, the tastes intensafied, heat begging to be absorbed into my scales.

The pain of the half form nothing more than an itch compared to what I knew I would feel.

Close steps becomes stumbles, the first piece within reach, opening my mouth, its width thrice its original size, swallowing the golems foot, the skin pushing and pulling, wedgimg its way to its final end.

Nasty, delicious, gruesome, precious. The feeling of my bowels acids intensifying, the fight between life and death choking the last breathe away as stillness arose.

Again and again I took the process as my body accomendated every piece, the ripping of my very being saving whoever it coild, my position could not be compromised yet. But what was I to do about the girl?

OOC: I think I upset my stomach writing this x.x ........

12-27-2014, 12:24 PM
A presence in the next room came to Shisoume's senses, and he carefully climbed down the wall nearest to the door in an effort to peek out, while still nearly imperceivable.

Should it be something of a foe going down the stairs he aims to follow and strike with his unstoppable cut at an opportune time. If it doesn't seem hostile he aims to follow any way. Making sure his allies have back up when needed.

(OOC: Yeah. Don't have much writing umph. Might be action specific posts for a while. Kind of peeves me but eh.)

12-27-2014, 10:43 PM
ELR Tetsanosuke and Light Buster

OOC: Hurm. Interesting choice ELR, hopefully I'm interpreting this correctly.


The golem seemed quite focused in shooting at Mami and then at Hiro. Forcing them to keep some distance for the moment. It didn't seem to register Samsilus's approach and was taken by surprise as the snake form got ahold of it.

As Samsilus engulfs the golem, Mizuki finally manages to do something to get the goop to quit sticking her to the floor. Hiro helps her up, and Mami hears something up the stairs. Together they rush on to meet whatever is coming down, leaving Samsilus behind.

While captured, the golem doesn't have to breath, which is making dealing with it difficult for Samsilus. And then it fires its weapon. A burst of green shoots out of his mouth, hitting the wall. For a brief moment he can't breath, however the stuff seems to be designed to open pathways for air, and soon he can get a breath.

The goop seems to have entirely jammed up the golem, which isn't really struggling anymore, but Samsilus has the strange sensation of having his insides sort of glued together.

Upstairs Shisoume gains on the things making the noise. It seems to be some sort of golem. It's hard ot make out in the dim light, but they seem very roughly humanoid, and to have a tan/yellowish color and seem to be carrying something in front of themselves. He thinks he's following three of them at the moment. Though sometimes he thinks he might hear more further down the staircase.

However he also feels a sort of twinge. Something going on magically on level 5 of the building. He can't tell much else, and doesn't pick up anything else in particular at this distance.

12-30-2014, 02:10 AM
"Exquisite! A host club and a dance club it shall be then! Are there any unoccupied spaces around here? If we can get the head master on board with this, we could probably find a place that's not too shabby. Maybe form something like a little night club on the weekends and the host club could be a weekday thing." Phoenix was becoming excited. She didn't know how to get any of this started but she knew if she found out how these clubs and such were started, she could probably draw in a crowd. Not to mention Juggernaut seems an expert in coordinating events.

"So where do we go form here?" She asked Juggernaut.

01-03-2015, 10:04 PM
"Exquisite! A host club and a dance club it shall be then! Are there any unoccupied spaces around here? If we can get the head master on board with this, we could probably find a place that's not too shabby. Maybe form something like a little night club on the weekends and the host club could be a weekday thing." Phoenix was becoming excited. She didn't know how to get any of this started but she knew if she found out how these clubs and such were started, she could probably draw in a crowd. Not to mention Juggernaut seems an expert in coordinating events.

"So where do we go form here?" She asked Juggernaut.


OOC: Well I'm back. I figured it might help if I threw in some detail. The school has quite a few buildings built that haven't been allocated to any purpose all over the campus on in the wider area of the green between the towers. Actually, due to all the different groups and volunteers involved all the structures and things on the campus aren't all on any one map yet. There's unclaimed space in the towers as well, particularly the Wanderlust tower.

If you pick something, I might try a bit more recruiting and send people that way.

01-04-2015, 10:45 PM
Gasping for air, it felt as if crushing it made no help in destroying it.

If I did not spit it out, I would most definately die of suffication, would not give my first report, though I am truly uninterested in giving one anyways.

Slowly, agonizingly distastefully I pushed it up, feel every goop begging to stick to my insides, the golem striving to move. Was this how it felt for the females of my colony? Was it worse? Better?

Even this trivial thouht lasted no more than a second, tears springing forth, its hand reaching out. My throat recoiled, trying to regrip as I kept pishing, as it kept crawling out.

As it finally escaped, my jaw latched back in place, a loud audible poping sound echoed past the golem. It stood, whole, ooze from my insides dripping off, the smell of melting rubber filled the air. Whatever the golem was truly made out of, it made no logical sense.

Stopped mid sentence, it stepped forward, its limbs making a horrid noise, it was ready to goop me.

Closing my eyes, awaitkng for its onslaught, I could hear behind it a small humph and opened them to see a blurred red dress flip over its head, her sword slicing down its fave, only small damage but it seemed distracted for the moment, an attempt to repair?

"Come, Therian.." she sound agitated.

"Sam.." I hiss out, then cough up some slime, could feel my own bial wishing its way up.

"Mami...." she muttered out. She seemed very scary now that she wasn't hidding behind someone else.

01-07-2015, 02:16 AM
"Well I think I found a good one for the night club, but we'll first have to get the headmistress'es permission for it." Juggernaut looked toward the building which on hir first day arrival shi found to be perfect for a club/cafe area. Shi could picture it being used as such.(think Extremely Goofy Movie for interior detail)

01-08-2015, 09:40 PM
Blackwaltz Ranshiin Thrasher J Princess Lemon

I followed behind the four men, an umbrella covering my head from any sun to burn my skin, my father's and my packs on my shoulder.

The unknown man was supposedly Leopold, the required key to meeting up with a mysterious person named Sefton Senachall. This Sefton person sounded to have been, at one point in time, close to Hanze. I guess there had been a dispute over something that caused them to fall out, but the questions I can't stop asking myself are:
1-What caused their fall out?
2-Who is Sefton Senachall?
3-Why was he such a secret around me? (they kept going quiet every time I came near..)
4-Where exactly were we going?
5-Who were these other Wanderers we were hooking up with later?

I knew no one would TRULY answer these questions for me, I had to figure them out on my own. I wasn't a little girl any more, why protect me?

Yet another question I would not have answered.

"Leopold, it is getting extremely quiet here!! Ready to jam it out?" Sone asked.

"Not even that far away from here and you are bored?" Hanze asked, a laugh to his tone.

"I agree with him, it is too quiet!" Leopold pulled out a flute, Sone a lute, and their tune began up, strong, joyful, it could almost make you tap your toes.

Skimro fell back with me, his goggles over his eyes, his pack looking a little too heavy for him. Did he have to carry old parts for machines that most likely did not be around any longer? Something called a phone, another thing called a jet board, a virtual eye band, and a few other things I can't remember as of right now.

I could feel the energy of the land as it changed from green to some what barren. 'This must be the first step into the land we are not suppose to be in.'

What would mother say?

01-09-2015, 04:02 PM
Shisoume made hand-signs to renew his limited invisibility, carefully breathing deep to ready himself for what was next. He decided following the three to await an oppertinuty to strike would be his best course of action, and would perhaps lead him to an important location. The feeling from the fifth floor stayed in the back of his head, it would have to be looked into.

01-09-2015, 08:11 PM
ELR Tetsanosuke and Light Buster

OOC: Glad to have two active!


His ninjutsu is still fairly new, and it is a bit difficult to maintain while moving. But the shadows and noice downstairs are continuing to keep the golems from noticing Shisoume as they continue down story after story. Each staircase and landing seeming pretty identical to the last on the fifth and fourth floors.

Light illuminates the area through the small glassless window openings on each landing.

As he reaches the third floor however Shisoume notices that the steps feel notably different. They still look like stone, but the feel, well, soft.

Shisoume can now hear the sounds of combat directly below, perhaps in the first floor area. And it seems like more steps, maybe golems, are arriving at the second floor landing. As they arrive there is a tremor through the squishy steps. Shisoume pauses for a moment to keep his balance, however the golems just plod along, their feet landing heavily and awkwardly and one bumps into the wall. All of that makes the "steps" shake even more.

Down below Samsilus and Mami hear the clear sounds of the other two Bushi fighting something in the first floor staircase landing. Mami gets a serious look on her face and hurridly says "COME!" to Samsilus as she rushes to join the other Bushi.


Black-Cat0001 and ~Shobu~

OOC: Huh...goofy movie...

Anyway a structure with that sort of space would be perfectly fine. It might have some furnature too and magical lighting. However the music and decorations would be lacking. However Phoenix knows some people who could help with that. Or rather she's probably never met them. But she could have enough of a feeling for Wanderers with their art skills, music skills, and magic to suspect she could make something happen.

In the herding cats way Wanderers are known to get things done.

Or you could be specific and choosy with NPCs. Your call you two. :)

01-10-2015, 09:25 AM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster

Yes, something to fear, her voice sounded like my venom when it enters a person's blood stream.

He followed, spitting out slime that was still in his stomach. If only he had just walked off, then he wouldn't have had to taste that...golem...

As he got to the stair well, he had to drop on the ground, the head of one of the golems flew by. Looking up, it seemed as if the Bushido were dancing while attacking, moving together as one.

Being of no real help, I felt myself shrinking, my snake rubbing up against me, then we moved up the stairs past the fighting, attempting to avoid any damage, or to be stepped upon.

Where had Shisoume gone? Was he chicken? Or caught up in his own drama of fights?

None the less, we were told to avoid traps and bringing the building down. I had a huge feeling that the traps were unavoidable, and if the fighting continued the building would fall apart.

01-11-2015, 07:49 AM
"If we get mistress'es permission I'd like to be in charge of setting up the dance floor, working the lighting off the club and being the club's DJ. This will be my absolutes if we get the go ahead for the club. You can pick out the wall paper decor and furniture. The drinks we get though we have to talk that one out. You get to pick the wall lamps decor though." :)

Light Buster
01-13-2015, 10:50 PM
Mami hurried to her fellow Bushi as she saw them take on two golems. With Samsilus with them, they now had to deal with the two golems in a swift manner before the building collapses on them.

(Mami) "Help Hiro, I will assist Mizuki."

01-16-2015, 09:55 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke
She was kidding, yes? Did she not see what they did when I tried fighting back? Maybe they were all daft...

None the less, I turned around and wrapped around the leg of the one the male-Hiro-was fighting. Just hoped he did not slice me up along with it. And also hoped that I could squeeze hard enough to remove parts.

01-16-2015, 06:29 PM
The novice shinobi felt that he was not gaining ground, or perhaps it was more appropriate to say that he was not accomplishing his mission. The others were discovered, meaning he was the only one left not to be. He would not fail this mission, not without trying.

He decided that he should head to the fifth floor, perhaps finding what they were there to see without getting discovered. Or perhaps he would find an unassailable test? He didn't know, and didn't care to speculate. His allies were fighting... A strange move on their part. it was not the mission. Perhaps something went wrong with the parameters? Maybe the rules changed?

Either way, the fifth floor seemed his best option. That pang of energy was curious enough.

01-16-2015, 11:38 PM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke and ELR

Once again the golems don't seem to really register Samsilus's low slithering approach on the ground.

Although the Bushi are quite attention grabbing. Hiro manages to slash one of the two closer golems before getting his left arm partially gooped up by a shot from a more distant one, with it stuck to his side he's forced to fight with only his right arm, though he notes that Mizuki had been completely gooped up, but was somehow able to do something about it.

As she arrives Mamilands a kick on the damaged, golem. It falls backwards into the staircase. After it does so, a portion of the "ceiling," which is the steps above, falls. The piece looks like stone, but a chunk of stone the size of a small table top would make much more of a sound than the heavy "pumpf" this does as it hit.

The second golem fires at Mizuki but misses as by this point Samsilus has wrapped up it's legs and lower body, toppling it. That leaves the two golems just arriving on the first level, and it sounds like more are tromping, or perhaps now falling, down the steps.

Further up in the building, Shisoume detect no motion at all has he heads back up the stairs. As far as he can tell, every golem or moving thing in the building is heading to the sound of fighting below. In the dim silence above he tries to follow his feeling. His senses are sharp, but detecting magic isn't his specialty. Still, there's something. Looking through empty halls and rooms there isn't an obvious path to whatever it is he's feeling. It seems to be on the other side of the wall perhaps, but there doesn't seem to be any obvious door. Though it would take a while to properly search the whole level, even with the rooms being mostly empty.

01-17-2015, 11:58 PM
Silver ran she felt her past comeing to get her she ran off into the forest sitting next to an lake crieing because she was bullied being called small and weak again she cried intell know no one knew how broken she was inside

01-18-2015, 07:22 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke

Sam flinched a few times as the blade of Hiro's sword almost got him a few times.

Maybe they didn't like fire, he thought. But he doubted any of them knew where to find some as of that moment. The lighting was nothing more than of magic, or tech, not real flames.

Or.. were they?

He moved his body and wrapped around both legs, he squeezed until his body couldn't press any harder. He couldn't speak to them in this form, which was a drag, but maybe if there was space to say something, he could change and say it.

(On the other hand, his pet snake was long gone, wrapping itself gently around Shisoume's foot, looking up proudly for having found him.) Damn snake, where did he go this time?

Light Buster
01-18-2015, 04:20 PM
With his left arm out for the moment, Hiro clinched his sword with his right hand. Now he needed to work with right arm as he there was another golem to deal with. Mizuki on the other hand manages to evade the other as Sam sends it downstairs. Mami prepared her dragon spirit to finish of the remaining golems in the area.

01-20-2015, 08:14 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke

Sam heard it before he saw it.

A Dragon.

Before he could unwrap himself, the dragon pounced, the floor collapsing under all the weight, saw them Bushido's walking up the stairs, except for Mami, her eyes watching the dragons contently.

Her face came out of view, could hear the first golem slamming against the next floor, and could feel himself being able to uncoil, as fast as he possibly could, he leapt, mid-change in the air, rolling all the way against the wall, and watched as the floor gave once again.

His face felt paled out, his breathe gone, his heart pumping to the point it could be seen through his chest. Then he saw her feet hanging from the ceiling. Was she watching them fall by the help of that dragon?

Finally, what felt like minutes but was truly just seconds, he took in a exasperatingly painful breathe. "Idiots.." He mumbled out, sitting up.

01-20-2015, 12:07 PM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

OOC: Sorry for the lag. I feel awkward when it seems players may be missing something.


The stairwell was proving an advantagous place for the Bushi to fight. In an open area the golems ranged attacks would have meant the Bushi would have to dodge many attacks from many golems before they could use their weapons against any of them. Here the golems appear close to the Bushi, and tend to get in each others way.

"Gun" arms pointed at Hiro and Mizuki are kicked aside before they can fire allowing them to follow up with attacks and for Mami to deploy her spirit dragon from her tattoo. The creature flying over the heads of the others to attack a golem that hadn't even been able to line up a shot yet. Another golem shoots the dragon in the midsection, but the long narrow creature isn't "stuck" as a result, it just needs to be carefull not to touch that part of itself.

The Bushi begain to feel confident that, unless there were a great many more golems, they'd be able to deal with them all in this place.

However as more golems arive above alongside the falling ones finally cause the stairway to collapse.

Surrounded on all sides by blocks and stairs there isn't a place for the Bushi to jump to in the moment the realize what's truely happening.

Mami briefly finds a handhold leaving her seeming to dangle from the ceiling, but soon that gives away as well, along with the next level up on the stairwell, burying her as well.

After having rolled down the stairs and hurling themselves away from the area, Samsilous watches this unfold, with blocks rolling away from the pile that's been produced toward him.

However he notices that the blocks, though they rather look like stone, aren't making stone like sounds, or cracking together to produce stone dust. Similarly Hiro, Mizuki, and Mami would find that they're quite buried, but that they're buried in something on the softer side. And the with the blocks all jumbled together they have a tiny bit of wiggle room and might even be able to see a tiny bit of light that can reach them after bouncing off many surfaces.

There is a fair bit of thrashing in the pile between the stuck golems and dragon. However as far as Samsilous can tell there aren't any other golems. At least none he can detect. Samsilous thinks he might be able to figure out hwere Mami is buried, but he couldn't see the others to be able to figure out where they are, though perhaps he could guess.

Up above Shisoume would have heard all the "ploofing" of the stairwell collapsing.

Clockwork Bird
01-21-2015, 03:02 AM
sunnyside , Scourgesdaughter , Black-Cat0001
OCC: Sorry for the long absence, life is a crazy combination of things ;) I dont know where to fit in the the story now so I guess Ill do another introduce post. (Sunny, is the sad girl you mentioned Silver/Scourgesdaughter or am I missing something? :))
################################################## #################################

Elisa, after a long absence from the school due to family matters finally reentered the gates. After the tranquil mountains and forests of her homeland the school felt so chaotic... But it felt somehow good. Smiling, she decided to walk around seeing what has changed since she was gone. She decided the first place to go was the lake in the forest.

Light Buster
01-21-2015, 11:14 AM
(Mami) "Great, I knew this wouldn't end in our favor."
(Mizuki) "We allowed this fight to drag on longer than it should."
(Hiro) "Let's find a way out before we're buried for good."

The gang began to move about as they attempted to reach for the light and get themselves out of the mess they were in.

01-21-2015, 10:39 PM
Cross Avantgarde, relating to Scourgesdaughter and I think \Seraphim is also about.

The winds have died down as night starts to set in, the din of wind whipping through the woods is turning to silence, and the ripples in the small lake shrink to almost nothing, creating a mirror like surface. The camouflaging effects of blown dirt, leave, and waving branches also cease.

As this occurs the sounds and form of Silver crying go from nearly unnoticeable to quite perceivable.

Much harder to notice, is a human like form some distance above Silver on a branch, shrouded in a grey cloak it seems to look down on her, not moving or making any sound at all.

01-22-2015, 12:16 PM
Slowly, Sam made it over to the rubble and felt what was not stone, and moved them one stone at a time.

"Just my luck."

What material was this made out of? It surely was not clay nor any type of plaster. But the smell of clay was still thick in the air. But it felt more like cushioning.

Slowly the rubble was being removed. Every few large pieces moved showed the goop that Sam could still taste.

Clockwork Bird
01-22-2015, 01:28 PM
Occ: Damn, some good action is about to happen :D
Cross Avantgarde Scourgesdaughter sunnyside

################################################## ###########

Suddenly wary of her surroundings, Elisa transforms halfway to a wolf and readies her spear... Carefully she approaches the crying girl, reaching out her hand in the same way she would for a scared animal.

01-22-2015, 04:06 PM
Juggernaut was thinking when hir ears twitch hearing the cry of Silver. Shi looked to hir new friend"I'll be right back there's something I have to investigate." Shi then goes quietly and focused on the sound the crying shi heard was going to Silver, the feeling shi got cause hir to go.

01-23-2015, 09:46 PM
At some point when looking around he felt something approaching, and when he peered over it, blinked several times. As it approached it did not give off a hostile aura, and after a few moments he recognized an energy signature resonating from it's frame. It was Sam's. After knowing this he waited to see what it would do, and though he was a bit creeped out at first, took comfort in knowing his team mate was sending his support somehow. Even though he could do nothing for him or the others.

Knowing full well that silence was not a good sign, he drew forth Sorrow-Wind and connected the hilts with a whirling motion. Time was short, as far as he felt, and a wall seemed to stand in his way.

He brought the blade to his rear, holding the combined hilt with a single hand as he focused his inner energies using his other hand as a medium, making several signs that were not similar to his previous techniques. This was not ninjutsu, but a pure technique of skill and inner strength.

Shisoume utilized the force of a spinning step, almost like winding up for the baseball swing with a more mystic feeling to it. He used every motion in his body to the best of his ability trying his best not to waste much of it. At the apex of the swing his other hand joined the fray, putting as much careful momentum as possible behind the impending strike.

If he couldn't search for a way around, he would cut his way through with the good old bushido main-stay, the powerful cut.

Cross Avantgarde
01-24-2015, 07:09 AM
OOC: Black-Cat0001: I wasn’t sure from your last post if you’d made it yet to the exact spot, so I didn’t include you in the post. Just didn’t want you to think I had not seen your post.

The leaves crunched loudly without Jasper even noticing as he walked in the woods, throwing a small sphere he called a Portable Light up and down in his right hand. He had just started the school, being sent there from an unknown benefactor who thought it would be a good thing for all who were a part of the Magitek culture, and he wanted to know who this benefactor was. And, truth be told, he wanted to go home. Not content to stay in his room when such feelings were in his mind, he had set out walking.

His thoughts raced from one subject to another: his seeming inability to create amazing things like his peers back home, his failed inventions, his family’s faltering and fading name, his homesickness; step after step, crunching leaf after crunching leaf, he heard nothing but his own mental whining.

He did see, however, that he had just come to a lake, and as he started to see how large it was, something bizarre caught his eye.

It appeared to be a wolf…no, a human…no, definitely both! Had Jasper had his wits about him and not been so frightened, he would have realized that it was likely a Therian. It was reaching out to a girl on the ground, and it seemed to be armed with a spear. Was it helping her? Had it hurt her?

Jasper knew he had to do something. But what? It didn’t matter, because in his shock, the Portable Light fell out of his right hand, hit the ground, and bathed him and the small area around him in light.

Clockwork Bird
01-24-2015, 01:35 PM
OCC: Cross Avantgarde

################################################## ###

Startled by the bright light, Elisa leaped blindly at Jasper growling. She pinned him to the ground and readied her teeth to bite his throat out.
"Who are you and do you know what happened to this girl?" She says quickly, still wary.

Due to the shock of the light she completely forgets that she noticed that human like figure behind Silver.

01-24-2015, 01:58 PM
Juggernaut gets to the area, and the first thing shi noticed was both Silver crying to herself, and the two a ways away fighting. Juggernaut slips quietly with making a sound to the two, quietly shi whispers," You are making more of a incident than he is, and the school board Will Not tolerate violence outside of class. This is just a suggestion, why don't we try to get to know her. I'm worried by the feelings she's broadcasting."

Clockwork Bird
01-24-2015, 02:05 PM
Elisa lets go of Jasper and withdraws to a safe distance, still on guard.

"I thought he attacked me. But let us get to the matter at hand."

Cross Avantgarde
01-24-2015, 05:31 PM
OOC: @Scourgesdaughter (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=324015)

IC: Jasper was still lying on the ground, breathing heavily when the Therian backed away. He saw what appeared to be another Therian, and this sight was confirmed when he finally fumbled his hands onto the Portable Light and shut it off. Now that he wasn’t blinded by the light he could see the sight fully now, and was still terrified.

Finally getting to his feet, he noticed his knees were shaking a bit. “The…matter at hand?” he stammered out. “What exactly do you mean? Look, I didn’t mean to disrupt anything. I was just taking a break from being stuck inside, and I…what is this, anyway? Is she okay?” He nodded towards Silver.

What a scene this was. He dusted off the Portable Light, his lone successful invention, and placed it back inside his tool belt. He felt inside his vest just to make sure his grandfather’s watch hadn’t fallen out. While doing so he noticed he was still shaking, and hoped the others hadn’t seen this.

01-24-2015, 11:35 PM
||gets sythe out and has blade on the guys neck || " what you want tell me before I cut your head off"

Clockwork Bird
01-25-2015, 03:53 AM
OCC: Scourgesdaughter
Just to confirm, this is the shadowy figure behind you not one of us right? :)


Elisa completes her transformation into a wolf and readies to jump at either Silver or the guy, depending on what happens.

She turns to the other two,

"Do you have any idea whats happening?!"

01-25-2015, 11:47 AM
||holds the sythe before it turns into an board looking thing and puts it on ba ck ||

Cross Avantgarde
01-25-2015, 05:37 PM
OOC: Scourgesdaughter: If I’m interpreting this correctly, Silver was holding the weapon at Jasper. If not, just let me know and I’ll gladly edit.

IC: Jasper shook his head quickly, as if trying to dispel a nightmare. Three strangers, and two of them had been on the verge of attacking. The Baire family was maintaining its reputation as a family of misfortune, that was sure. At least, that’s what the cynical Jasper thought.

“I honestly have no idea what’s going on,” he answered the first Therian in wolf form. “I give you my word, I just wandered away from the school and happened upon this spot. If I need to leave, just say the word.” It didn’t look like anyone was in danger, so he could leave with a clear conscience if need be.

“I haven’t met many Therians, to be honest. This is kind of cool,” he admitted. His curiosity, stronger than his cynicism, was starting to emerge now that some of the fear had dispelled.

01-25-2015, 06:38 PM
"I'm here alone and I want to be alone ||unshelds claws and stands in battle ready to attack||

Clockwork Bird
01-26-2015, 12:35 AM
Elisa howls deeply and bares her teeth. Her fur stands up and she knows in her heart this is going to end in a fight. She looks over at the others.

"Look, I belive you" she says to Jasper, "but if we don't do something we are going to have to hurt this poor girl if we wish to not be hurt"

She studies Silver, deep in though whether to leave her alone or try to help by force.

"You seem to be on the school board" she says to Jagger naught. "I will let you dictate our movements"

01-26-2015, 12:13 PM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

OOC: I was hopping ELR would make a post, but I'll advance to keep people from waiting too long per the agreement, assuming Samsilous would attempt to help out Mami since he knows roughly where she was.


Samsilous rushes over to the pile of rubble. If the chunks were actually made out of stone as they appear they'd be far far to heavy for Samsilous to do anything with. However they're closer to some sort of cushion and he's able to heft them and toss them aside.

As he lifts one up, the cube underneath suddenly rockets up at him, hitting the one he's holding and making him stumble backwards into the pile he'd built up. In the hole is Mami, who was finally able to kick away the last chunk on top of her.

The rest of the pile is squirming away. One could get a feeling of where things roughly are, but it'd be hard tell if you're about to free a golem on a Bushi.

Those having the hardest time in the pile are Mizuki's dragon and Hiro. Having been partially gooped, they're sticking together a number of nearby cubes.

Up above, Shisoume lays into the wall with Sorrow-Wind. This wall seems to be made of stacked stone, which would quickly ruin the blade on a sword ,but Sorrow-Wind is resiliant and the Bushi unstoppable cut magic serve to assist in slicing away at the stone, the wall quickly collapses revealing the room within.

The room doesn't have anyone in it, and doesn't really have anything for furnishings. As an interior room it has no windows, nor does it have a door. Instead it looks like a section of the ceiling can slide down and out of the way to create a large opening.

Inside is a single machine, or artifact that's a bit larger than a desk. It's a bit hard for Shisoume to tell what it is, but it's giving off enough light to indicate it's doing something. He's pretty sure those are power crystals on the side, which probably are what "fuels" the thing. And maybe that's a scrying stone of some sort on the top. Once again not a thing in his field of expertiese. Peering into it, Shisoume could see what roughly looks like the layout of the building, with green dots and red dots. He figure out quickly that the two red dots on the fifth floor are probalby himself and the snake. All the green dots and five other red dots are all clustered around the first floor of the eastern stairwell.

There is another panel on the desk with a number of switches and dials. There are twenty sub panels, each with a green light at the top. Seven of the green lights are "off" the others are on, and various guages and lights beneath them on the panel flash and give various readouts that don't make much sense to Shisoume, whoever built this didn't seem to care much for user friendliness.


Cross Avantgarde Scourgesdaughter \Seraphim and Black-Cat0001

OOC: Just for clarity I'm assuming Cross Avatgarde's take of how things went is the correct one. The other fellow is still a good twenty feet up on a branch and hasn't so much as moved or made a sound through all this.

01-26-2015, 01:07 PM
OOC: Sooo sorry about the delayed post. School is driving me bonkers. I kind of just skimmed over everything that's been going on so let me know if I need to correct anything.


With having no solid ideas for a new club, Phoenix bids her new friend adieu and retreats to her dormitories in search of other Wanderlusters. The day had already begun to fade into darkness, an oddly comforting feeling to the girl whom had a rather sunny disposition. Night was when imagination could run wild and solitude was welcome. Phoenix adored being surrounded by people, but her alone time was much appreciated. She decided that perhaps going to the Wanderlust tower tonight would require more energy than she had to muster, what with meeting new people and only eating so much that day. Instead she found an unoccupied tree on the green and took a seat at the base. Reaching into her satchel, she removed her beloved shawl and laid down on the bag, covering her torso with the cloth. She closed her eyes and listened to the wind dancing softly through the leaves, the distant talking and laughter, and breathed in the balmy night air.

01-26-2015, 06:58 PM
Silver put her new red hood on and ran into the forest out of they eyes veiw

01-26-2015, 07:06 PM
"Alright We'll leave you alone, but please don't causing trouble for this school Miss Scrooge. we'll careful go past you now and go our separate ways. Care to follow me you two?"

01-26-2015, 08:32 PM
||gets mad inside the forest more than she should useing Her sythe cutting down trees the school could her it's loud booms as the trees hit the ground || " I do need them at all I need my gang back. Together again but more powerful than before " ||stands on an chiff hood the end apered as rose petals as stand there with sythe behind back before jumping off the chiff and was ready for war||

01-26-2015, 10:28 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster sunnyside (so you know I made it xP )

He became flustered, agitated, and weary. "That could have hit me!" His voice was louder than it should have been.

Without a second thought, he helped her out of her place, leaving her to peal off the gunk on her herself, he began the next section where he could hear breathing.

Upstairs, Sam's snake wrapped around Shisoume's ankle, it looking up at him, tasting the air, then squeezed a little when he stepped forward, it tasted goop that was close by, it did not wish the mission a fail and hoped it got its message through though it could not speak.

Clockwork Bird
01-27-2015, 01:57 AM
Follows Juggernaught, still looking around at the leaving Silver. "Are you sure its a good idea to leave her alone?" she sighs.

After a moment of silence, she looks over at Jasper and curtsies. "I am Elisa va Elgarde, and who might you be?"

Cross Avantgarde
01-27-2015, 06:29 AM
Jasper brushed himself off a bit and looked at the two standing before him. The one who had just spoken to the girl, the one called “Juggernaut,” was apparently a school official. This was not the way Jasper wanted to start things at the school, but he didn’t have much time to dwell on that thought as Elisa had introduced herself. And anyway, where had the other girl run off to?

He had never seen anyone curtsey before, and he wasn’t sure if he should bow or not. Instead he nodded his head, hoping it wouldn’t be considered uncouth.

“Jasper. Pleased to meet you.”

He realized she had provided her surname, and though he was sheepish about it, he provided his as well.

“Jasper Baire,” he said, hoping that it wouldn't ring a single bell.

Clockwork Bird
01-27-2015, 12:42 PM
Elisa looks at Jasper curiously, detecting anxiety in his voice. But she decides not to press.

"Should we look for that girl? " she asks Juggernaught

01-27-2015, 06:47 PM
||silver sat in an tree 1000 miles away and started singing Bad Apple " you can tell me what to say you can tell me were to go " || she turned her sythe into an gun shooting at an hill makeing the top fly off

01-28-2015, 02:21 PM
"Elisa, Jasper, I will alert my superiors my superiors, namely the school Admin, on her and show the whole incident on video recording to them." Shi then indicates a jem which blended in with hir fur which was hanging around hir neck. "How they go about dealing with her right now considering she has just destroyed some of the school's property is up to them. More than likely I'll receive orders to do something to do with the others of the higher admin, with dealing with her. OH! I forgot to introduce myself." Shi gives a kurt nod facing them."Hello my name is Juggernaut, and I am the Chief of the Student Discipline Committee." Hir katana was on hir back. "This are the Discipline Committee they have to act on. A piece of parchment flyer is given each to both Elisa and jasper. The following behaviors are classified as major school rule violations and are prohibited on campus and off campus at school-sponsored events:
Serious breaches of personal or academic integrity, including dishonesty in interactions with faculty.
The use, possession, distribution, or sale of alcohol, illegal drugs, or other substances used to alter the student’s normal mental or emotional state.
Persistent or otherwise harmful physical or verbal harassment, including violence or threatened violence toward another person, bullying, hazing, or unwanted advances of a sexual nature.
Theft, destruction, or vandalism of property, including disruption of the school program and unauthorized possession of campus keys.
Sexual misconduct.
Actions detrimental to the school’s reputation, whether on campus, on the internet, or off campus, including the conviction of a felony.

01-28-2015, 11:12 PM
@Balckwaltz ELR Ranshiin Thrasher J and just in case Princess Lemon

OOC: I’m going to just presume Princess Lemon’s character left the group at some point. In the room that leaves Thrasher J’s Aria, Ranshiin’s Shi’ran, Blackwaltz’s chracter Sefton, Sefton’s spirit servent Shar, Sefton’s collard Therian Y’sar, and Voth, a Netherkin guard from the school. I’ll use Blackwalt’z NPC and get him out of the scene. However if you happen to come back Blackwaltz, I’ll be able to quickly get you back in the mix. Perhaps I'll try and keep in his spirit by making longer posts than I typically do with this group.

Sefton turned toward Shi’ran to respond to his question. “Tierce is…” He then paused. The pause stretched out an uncomfortable length of time and Sefton looked a bit pale.

He gave a little cough and said “Excuse me, sorry. Anyway I was saying the Tierce is…” however before he could finish he was racked by a coughing fit. He seemed about to have it under control when some sort of black mist-like cloud burst forth from his mouth.

Voth jumps back so as not to be touched by the cloud and seems confused, however Shar bounds into action with a speed impressive for his doglike form. As he charges towards a wall he yells at Sefton “If only you hadn’t opened that Urn. I tried to tell you but noooo, you just distracted me with a bone.” After that Shar has to be silent as he used his mouth to chomps onto a small green box on a shelf in the wall. Rushing back to Sefton, Shar “opens” the box by biting down, turning the nice box into a mass of splinters. With a quick twist if his head he hurls the remains of the box and its contents, some sort of powder, over Sefton and the mist.

The mist recoils as if hit, partially withdrawing back into Sefton and partially staying out, with glimmering bits of powder seeming to stick to it. Much of it oozes onto Sefton, but some falls to the floor. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be able to stay in the air with the powder on it.

As Shar looks on at Sefton, Y’sar moves to take some control of the situation.

“I’m afraid I must apologize for this situation. This is something that occasionally…occurs, due to an unfortunate…occurrence some time back. Usually Master has more warning. We’ll be able to get it under control, given some time, I suppose this audience is at a close, I’ll show you back to…”

Y’sar is the interrupted by a loud gurgling noise, which happens to be coming from Sefton on the floor. He can’t seem to speak at all and is struggling to even breath. But he’s shaking his head back and forth.

Shar, still looking at Sefton says. “The item is always on the move, it’s a golem actually, always owned by somebody. I’m guessing what he’s thinking is that all the students have to do is head out to Tierce with Voth and Y’sar to keep them safe, find the wanderer called Leopold at the place indicated in the letter, find whoever owns the golem, buy the golem and come back. Easy as pie and perfectly safe. Something like that hmmm?”

Sefton nods but also points at Shar. “Nope. I’m staying with you when you’re in this condition. As much for everyone else’s safety and my bone supply as anything else mind you.”

Shar hazards a brief glance toward the students “I guess it’s your call. But Tierce is a barely civilized area of towns among old ruins. Mostly treasure hunters, traders, and the like. I’m not sure Sefton here can entirely promise safe, especially if you wander into active hunting zones, there are reasons everything hasn’t been found yet. But I’m sure he could promise gratitude and quite an experience out of the whole thing.”

01-29-2015, 05:48 PM
Silver went back to her gang after getting them together again she headed back to the school the though I'll make this school mine

01-30-2015, 09:14 AM
sunnyside Thrasher J Some things need to be answered. Or maybe they were mentioned somewhere but I forgot, but bleh.

”Tierce is-…?”

Shi’ran for all intents seemed moderately unfazed when the Professor started to pause and struggle with explaining what exactly it was – though, expectedly, predictably and in good need, he did shut up and even back up as the man become overwhelmed by that … black mist stuff? That made him collapse. The dragon Therian looked equal parts confused and concerned – neither were for Sefton’s well-being but more just because he didn’t know what was going on, didn’t know what that stuff was and … he wanted the information.

He backed away from the presentation board and let Sefton’s familiars take control of the situation – they knew best, right? A frown eventually came over him as it seemed like he wasn’t going to get his answer and it frustrated him that he’d been told about this Jet Board, had sworn to help Sefton and then … this had happened. He felt he had wasted his time on the first day of the School’s opening, at least until the two others took over and explained what the Professor had been about to tell him and the other Therian about.

It seemed in the end that since Sefton was now ill, it was up to Shi’ran (and Aria) to decide to go it alone? Truth be told the Therian still wanted that Jet Board and if meeting this guy for this Golem thing would get him to it? But, the School’s President had told him that they couldn’t go alone. Well, nothing would stop him just leaving in the middle of the night, except that he didn’t know where Tierce was exactly – only that it was out in the wastelands.

“… So then. Dog, or the other guy.” Shi’ran spoke up after the explanation of the duty. It was hard to judge whether he was truly interested or not. ”If I were to go ahead with this, where would I need to head to reach Tierce? How far? How long? What does this Leopold guy look like? Would this Voth guy Sefton mentioned still have to go with us?”

He cared not if he insulted Shar or Y’sar in how he identified them but he didn’t really have any other method. He stood in wait, a brow raised in askance of the information. He said nothing on the President’s word aside from the Netherkin that’d been told to go with them for safety reasons. In the end it was his choice to make, right?

01-31-2015, 08:14 PM
Blackwaltz ELR Ranshiin Thrasher J and just in case Princess Lemon

Shar still faces Sefton but looks at Shi’ran out of the corner of his eyes for a moment.

"I think it would be fine. It's just Y'sar acting as a "substitute teacher" for Sefton, I suspect Y'sar is actually the better of the two to have when it comes to not getting into trouble. And there's still Voth coming along for security.

Y'sar can fly the masters small airship. You're trying to find an old cottage, well more of a little hideout hidden in a canyon in the wastelands on the edge of Tierce. I can mark the spot on a map. And then you remember Leopold don't you Y'sar?"

For his part Y'sar perhaps shows some discomfort in how his crowlike feathers ruffle, but his face maintains it's sanguine composure. "I'm not entirely sure I do. But I imagine it will be easy enough to figure out when we get there. I take it by your description that it is unlikely some family has moved in to the cottage to take advantage of a short commute to work?"

Shar gives a little snort. "No. I imagine you'll be able to figure it out."

Shar looks over at Voth as if to give him a chance to speak. For his part Voth still looks quite intimidating...but not entirely with it, and his form looks a bit more faded than before.

Shar looks back at the students.

"I think getting going soon might be good for him to get going soon. I'm sure he'll get with the program if there's any intensity out there. That's how those netherkin work. I guess the only question is if you want to get another student. Maybe a pactmaker in the tower."

Sefton looks a little worried about that, and Shar picks up on it.

"Well, and there was that Magitek girl that was sort of following Shi'ran around, she might still be around. Another student might not necessarily be more helpful anyway."

Cross Avantgarde
02-01-2015, 05:43 AM
Jasper took the flyer, read it, and placed it inside his vest pocket. "Thanks, Juggernaut." He still wondered where the girl had gone, but he was glad that things had seemingly calmed down. He had come to walk outside to slow things down, but it seemed like that would be a difficult feat around this place. Or perhaps he was judging things too quickly.

"Elisa, are you a student, or are you a faculty member as well?" he asked. He guessed the former, given her questions to Juggernaut about protocol, but he didn't want to assume.

Clockwork Bird
02-01-2015, 12:53 PM
"I am a student, although I have been away for a long time on Business in the motherland, hence I havent met you before" She nods politely at Juggernaught. "Thank you, I will respect thoser rules"
Relaxing as much as her pride would allow, she sits on a log and crosses her legs.
What to do now? She wonders.

Light Buster
02-01-2015, 05:06 PM
ELR sunnyside Tetsanosuke

Mami heard Sam as a rock flew past her and almost hit him. She quickly made her way out, with Sam helping her out as she was left to clean herself up. The others though were still stuck as Hiro used his sword to cut past the rock. Mizuki on the other hand move around the rocks to help Hiro escape.

Clockwork Bird
02-02-2015, 03:26 PM
OCC:~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde black-cat001

Realising that this situation was awkward, Elisa decided to roam the woods. Something called out to her, a spark of need and anxiety... She stood up.
"Jasper, Juggernaught, I'm heading for a walk to calm my nerves. You are free to come with me, I would apreciate the company"

She headed for the open green, noticing a large oak tree perfect for her to meditate upon the events while playing her violin.

02-02-2015, 05:26 PM
Noticing the machine, he raised an eyebrow as he puzzled over it's purpose.

There was not much left for him to find, at least as far as he could figure. Perhaps this was the goal.

Once more he reared his weapon, taking a firm stance before utilizing the powerful cut on the machine, ready to ditch the room or endure any possible repercussion of the action.

Machines were not his specialty, but if this device let them see, then getting rid of it would blind them from catching him. Hopefully finishing the task.

Cross Avantgarde
02-02-2015, 06:31 PM
OOC: ~Shobu~; \Seraphim; Black-Cat0001

IC: "Oh, I...yeah, that sounds good. I'll tag along." He nodded to Elisa and joined her in her walk deeper into the woods. If all of these people were here together in one spot, was it likely that more were around? Were students this likely to wander the grounds at this hour? The thought made Jasper happy. It seemed as if these students, instead of having their noses in some mechanical invention, were more apt to have their eyes wide open and straight ahead. This was his first impression of the students, and he liked it.

02-02-2015, 11:33 PM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

Hiro finds himself able to move somewhat under the press of the soft blocks. Allowing him to use his sword and the unstoppable cut. It slices through the blocks like butter. However after being cut they just settle on him, leaving him cocooned in softness.

However it does give Mami and Sam a fair idea of where Hiro must be. However he's in a layer under layers of golems, who must have been higher up on the staircase as it fell apart.

Up above, Shisoume begins slashing into the machine. It has a certain ruggedness to its construction but it can't hold up to Sorrow-Wind. Especially once it hacks through a section of crystal. Already wary, Shisoume leaps towards the hole he had made in the wall as they start sparking getting some distance away before there is a flash and a hail of shards. Shisoume flies out of that room, across the hall, and into another room he hits the floor and rolls, managing to grab a book case to stop himself before slamming into the wall, though he sends books scattering all over.

Taking stock, he seems more or less OK, it wasn't that big of an explosion. He just has a half dozen small red crystals poking through his clothes and a short distance into his back. With the magic reinforcing him as with many in this world, that barely causes him to bleed.

The snake seems mostly OK as well, just dizzy from the flying and rolling while on his leg, at least as far as Shisoume can tell.

Down below everyone would have heard some ruckus above. And afterwards all the golems seem to stop wiggling, making extraction of everyone fairly straightforward.

02-03-2015, 12:48 AM
Juggernaut follows the two further into the forest alert for any other troubles, and is in radar mode both eyes and ears scanning for danger, while focusing at the same time on the two in front of hir. Shi took out hir guitar to help calm down hir nerves,"Mind if I play my guitar a bit Elisa?" Juggernaut taps hir necklace which begins to shine a little in the moonlight. A tune rhythm begins to come out.

Light Buster
02-03-2015, 11:18 AM
ELR sunnyside Tetsanosuke

Hiro now found himself stuck though it would seem that the golems have finally stopped, for the time being. At this point, all Hiro can do is wait for help. Mizuki and Mami, along with her dragon, move to Hiro to rescue him from his position. Hiro prepped his sword again to cut his way out.

02-03-2015, 11:30 AM
OOC: sunnyside I do hope i understood, if not then please let me know and i shall fix.

The second Sam saw the golems, he stepped back and assessed the situation. They seemed to have issues getting up. "It's as if they are having issues getting up."

Mami seemed to just nod, or he assumed it was a nod from what he had just said.

"Maybe there is an alternative route to get them out than just straight forward, I would rather not deal with them."

As he moved a few feet to the left, he hoped his theory correct and that no golem would be in the way this way to saving the other Bushido.

Then a noise happened far above them, it caused Sam to jump, his eyes looking up though he knew he couldn't see a thing. And when his eyes looked down, it seemed the noise got louder, he hoped he could unbury them quickly before the golems got into action again.

Against the burning heat of the sand, the moon was beginning to become visible, beautiful, full, and breath taking. Almost close enough to touch, or that is how it felt to Skyla.

Her body ached and feet felt blistered, other than Sone and Leopold singing and having fun, not much conversation was had, or none that Skyla could hear. She knew something was up, knew whoever they were meeting was making her father antsy, and may end badly. Or that is how it felt to her.

After a full day of walking, many sounds of her stomach growling, as well as the others, and the air chilling down, they made it to an encampment, could hear multiple instruments, and men, woman, and children of plenty singing, most in tune.

"We'll be resting here this evening." Leopold announced, he seemed excited.

"We'll feast with them and sing and dance, it is mandatory for important certain guests." Sone added. "They LOVE having Hanze around. He always brings them things they need in exchange for a nights rest whenever he comes here."

"And it will give us time to eat." Hanze added. "Those may seem like great things but I would rather be left to rest and leave after we are done. Sadly, the pact made requires all of the above for me and my guests when we come." He looked sad, flustered, and as if he aged in just that short time. He looked over at me and tried for a smile. "Stay close."

02-04-2015, 12:11 AM
\Seraphim ; Black-Cat0001 ; Cross Avantgarde

Had Phoenix not heard the music first, she would have heard the footsteps through the grass. She had apparently fallen asleep at some point during her day dreaming and awoke feeling much more rested than she had started out. Sitting up, she stretched and yawned, her shawl falling languidly onto her crossed legs. The music and singing seemed to be moving towards her. Curious, she stood, tying the shawl around her hips. One of the faces she recognized as her new friend Juggernaut, but the other two she had yet to meet.

Her eyes, by nature, fell immediately on the dashing gentleman in white and gold. It took her but a mere glance up and down his form whether she was attracted him or not. Her natural instinct was to flirt, but she was no longer wandering from town to town. Regardless of what she wanted to do, this was a school and she had to act somewhat appropriately to societal norms. She wasn't daft. She knew Wanderlusters sometimes had an unpleasant reputation, especially when it came matters of affection. She had heard stories of men leaving their wives to follow a Wanderlust woman and ended going back to their town with broken hearts. She herself had been victim to threats that if she came within ten feet of someone's significant other, she'd pay dire consequences. The life of a Wanderluster was not always love and leisure but she certainly didn't expect such animosity when she left her tribe.

Therefore, she would tread carefully with anyone she was even mildly attracted to here, where word could spread faster than wildfire and where you see the same thousands of people everyday. Taking a deep breath, she collected her satchel, slinging the strap over one shoulder to rest at the opposite hip and walked towards the trio, waving with a smile.

"Hey Juggernaut! Long time no see huh?" She said, chuckling. "And who are these fine folks, might I ask?"

Clockwork Bird
02-04-2015, 01:22 AM
OCC:~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde black-cat 001
Thanks for just going along with this :D it's based on a suggestion with from our wonderful game master :D
Shobu, I'm not being rude/judgemental on your character just because, I though it would be interesting to have some tension between our characters as we are so different ;)
Elisa eyed the girl with distrust. She opened her mouth to say something but when the girl spoke to Jaggernaught she backed down and stood behind them. Although she tried not to judge people on apearences, she had a bad feeling about this person. The first thing she noticed was how her eyes wondered over Jasper. (Occ: the gentleman in white is jasper right?) Against her own judgement, Elisa growled very quietly. This person reminded her far too much of the Wanderluster that had ruined her and her mother's life.

02-04-2015, 04:46 AM
This growling Elisa did after Phoenix spoke to hir didn't go unnoticed by Juggernaut," These two who are keeping me company are Eslia, and Jasper the magitech. I am making my rounds while enjoying their company. We just had a bad encounter with a student here, and she has destroyed some school property. Not to mention was threatening to cause trouble and injure other fellow students. I have evidence here that shows what she has done so far." juggernaut indicated the black crystal necklace around hir throat that almost completely blended in with hir fur if it weren't for the moonlight to reflect the silhouette.

Cross Avantgarde
02-04-2015, 06:36 AM
Jasper couldn’t help but have his tension eased by Juggernaut’s guitar, and he almost smiled. His homesickness and bewilderment over who his generous benefactor that had sent him here was finally being displaced a bit. It was displaced even more when they suddenly happened upon a girl who was wearing clothing that Jasper had never seen before. Her skin was a shade darker than his and he had never seen hair styled quite like she had styled it back home among the Magitek. It was luxurious, and it did not even occur to him that he might be gawking. It became obvious that she knew Juggernaut. He couldn’t help but swallow when he thought that she looked back at him.

Asking for their names, he replied, “Jasper. Jasper Baire.” He gave the usual pause after his last name. No one flinched or seemed to recoil so he continued, a bit more confident. “Just got here.” He knew he should say more, but it seemed very difficult all of a sudden. He looked to Elisa, but it seemed she was behind him. He turned a bit and looked at her, and though he couldn’t be sure, he was almost certain she was not as happy as before, but he didn’t detect her growl.

02-04-2015, 11:32 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

OOC: The golems are now just lying still. While it'll take some "digging" i.e. piling up blocks in the foyer, it's fairly straightforward to get Hiro out so I'll leave that to you. It's also somewhat up to Sam what sort of mental connection he has with his snake (vague feelings, telepathically linked, or entirely seperate).

Clockwork Bird
02-04-2015, 03:39 PM
OCC:~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde black-cat001
Realizing that her discontent was far too obvious and rude, Elisa tried to smile. Although she was very aware of how fake it must have looked.
"I am Elisa va Elgarde" she speaks to Phoenix in a stiff manner. She bows crudely.
Her eyes start wondering on the surrounding area, unsure what to do.

02-04-2015, 07:59 PM
OOC: Sam does not truly trust that the golems shall stay still for long so he is trying to get around them. As for his snake, they are separate completely. The snake knows where he is at all times but not reversed.

Even though they were light, it was time consuming but annoying.

Mami seemed to just stare at one point of the flooring, it was just as infuriating as helping them out of the stone, or whatever it truly was.

Too much time passed as he kept unburying them, he got close to their depth and would soon need to dig towards them.

02-05-2015, 01:26 AM
OOC: \Seraphim Oh I know you're just staying in character! This is gonna be fun XD

Smirking, Phoenix arched an eyebrow at the brown-haired girl and placed a hand on her hip. She was about to say something about her little growl, but was cut off when the ever-friendly Juggernaut spoke. Relieved that shi had stopped Phoenix from something potentially rude, she smiled at the black-furred Therian.

"I'm sorry to hear that you've already had such troubles on the first day. Although, I do find that pendant very complementary to your lovely fur."

She looked to the one who introduced himself as Jasper. Up close, he was much more handsome. His ragged boots, utility belt, and calloused hands simply confirmed that he was indeed Magitek. She couldn't remember her Magitek parents to save her life but she has been to enough cities to point them out in a crowd. She'd always found the way they'd take things and make incredible creations very admirable. Even simple tinkering and fixing objects intrigued her. She wouldn't even know where to begin with a broken lamp.

His nervousness made her giggle a little. Men like him were much more charming than the eager and straight forward one--not that she was picky or anything. She was overly extroverted enough on her own. Curbing her flirtatious nature would be more difficult than she realized. "It's a pleasure Jasper. I'm Phoenix, but you can call me Fefe if you want."

The other girl, Elise, finally came out from behind Jasper and introduced herself. Disdainfully, she might add, but none-the-less an introduction. Her mannerisms peaked the Phoenix's mischievous side and she bowed in a dramatic sweeping motion, bending at the knee.

"Such an honor to make your acquaintance Miss Elgarde." She then proceeded to take one of Elise's hand and placed a gentle kiss the back.

Clockwork Bird
02-05-2015, 12:03 PM
OCC: ~Shobu~ I love your style of writing, its amazingly immersive :3 Also Cross Avantgarde black-cat001 Ill stop posting so frequently just wanted this to happen before your reactions to push the story along a bit.
################################################## #
As Phoenix introduced herself to Jasper, Elisa studied her appearance... Her trousers, albeit very pretty in look seemed to Elisa so vulgar. Not to mention the scarsicty of Phoenixe's clothing in general. She was broken out of though by Phoenix complimenting Juggernaughts necklace. This made her glance at her own... It was a pure diamond dagger, there for protection. It was given to her by someone so important, although it was so long ago it was hard to remember how or why. A forgotten Raison d'être. Elisa smirked, but she went into complete shock when the girl in front of her bowed and kissed her hand. Snarling loudly and losing control, Elisa transformed into her halfwolf state and before she could stop herself slapped Phoenix across her face with the back of her hand.

02-05-2015, 01:11 PM
Juggernaut reacted instantly. Shi quickly goes to over power Elisa using her powerful body pins Elisa to the ground, holding her arms behind her back forcefully." Now! When You Calm Down I'll Let You Get Up!!!"

Clockwork Bird
02-05-2015, 03:05 PM
Elisa snarled as the heavy body pinned her down. Although she tried to calm herself the smirking arrogant face of the Wanderluster drove her insane. Her instincts took over, and in a moment she had escaped Juggetnaughts grip, turned into a full wolf and jumped for Phoenixes throat, teeth ready to sink in. Rage consumed her, destroying all traces of intellect.

02-05-2015, 03:56 PM
Juggernaut's 400 pound body of mostly pure muscle Body slams Elisa to the floor and struggling to keep her contain pulls out and puts a injector into Elisa body a drug which quickly reacts put the patient to sleep is injected into her of a small dose.

02-06-2015, 10:58 AM
sunnyside And whoever else because … I don’t really know who else is involved in this. It seems everyone else has given up.

Shi’ran listened in silence as his question regarding where Tierce was and how to get there was explained to him. Travelling there by airship, huh? Interesting. Perhaps not the safest method of transport, but at least it would be quick. Even so, over the explanation he became gradually disinterested not in the sake of not wanting to go, but because it was insinuated that he was suggested to leave during the night.

Quite frankly, he didn’t want to, and he turned a rather visible frown at the mention of that girl that had approached him during the morning. She’d been following him? They knew she’d been following him?

”… Airship, right, right. Well … whatever. It’s not up to me to get any other students or whatever, is it? That’s I guess up to you to figure out since the Professor so badly needs someone to go meet this Leopold guy.” The dragon-Therian grumbled and, very visibly, made it known he wanted to leave – and went to do so.

He stopped at the door and looked back to regard Shar, Y’sar, Sefton, etc etc with a raised brow. ”I’ll still go, but not tonight. Like hell I’m stowing away on an airship overnight, and plus that gives you time to find a couple other people to help, right? So, I’ll be at my Tower. The Therian one, the … ugh, the one with the vines and waterfalls and s***. When whoever’s going is ready, come find me. The rest you can figure out yourself. I agreed to help only because I want to meet this guy with the Jet Board, the rest doesn’t matter to me.”

He said no more, and left it in Shar and Y’sar’s hands to sort out the transport and to find any other students or personnel to go with them to Tierce. He took his Hoverboard and left the room – and Sefton’s room altogether, after debating whether to deliberately knock something over out of spite (and deciding not to in the end). He knew it was late, and he wanted to back to his own quarters and get some sleep. He was also a little frustrated by the whole farce.

(( This is basically me giving sunnyside leeway to see if anyone else can join in on the journey. He’s also going to be walking through the school campus back to the Therian tower now, not sure what’s going on there’s that … thing, going on in the woods. >.> ))

Cross Avantgarde
02-07-2015, 02:40 AM
Smiling, Jasper was just about to reply to Phoenix when Elisa transformed again. As this was the first time he’d seen the transformation, he couldn’t help but stare. What happened next terrified him, however.

Jasper had rarely felt so confused. These individuals he had just met at the school were at once apparently complex and unpredictable, and though this interested him beyond measure, he was also horrified. What was he to do? Juggernaut seemed to be sedating Elisa. “Juggernaut, is she okay? Has this happened before?” He had no idea what could have sparked this, and his confusion swelled. He looked over to Phoenix.

“Are you okay, Phoeni—Fefe?” He stepped a bit closer to get a better look at her face, peering at the spot where she’d been hit.

02-07-2015, 03:15 AM
Smiling, Jasper was just about to reply to Phoenix when Elisa transformed again. As this was the first time he’d seen the transformation, he couldn't help but stare. What happened next terrified him, however.

Jasper had rarely felt so confused. These individuals he had just met at the school were at once apparently complex and unpredictable, and though this interested him beyond measure, he was also horrified. What was he to do? Juggernaut seemed to be sedating Elisa. “Juggernaut, is she okay? Has this happened before?” He had no idea what could have sparked this, and his confusion swelled. He looked over to Phoenix.

“Are you okay, Phoeni—Fefe?” He stepped a bit closer to get a better look at her face, peering at the spot where she’d been hit.

"Yes I and the head mistress had to deal with some idiot staffes who were at each other's throats over way certain things were run, and I was forced to intercept and sedate them. The head mistress of the school is very cross! about violence and fighting. For what sparked her attack though I have no clue, but I'll be sure to find out once I take her in for questioning. " Juggernaut's frown spoke volumes on what shi thought about this incident and the past actions of those staff members who were trying to tear each other to bits. Shi had Elisa legs and arms cuffed with Military strength cuffs so they wouldn't be able to be easily broken. Shi put Elisa on hir back so shi could take her to the head's office. "Jasper can you help bring Fe..fe..in so she can get looked at? Please help her and follow me to the head's office!" without even checking to see if shi was being followed shi headed towards the Head's office.

Light Buster
02-07-2015, 05:20 PM
Hiro began using his sword to cut his way out. As long as the golems don't wake up again, getting out of the pile should be relatively easy. Mami and Mizuki on the other hand began digging for Hiro as he made his way out of the pile, albeit in a messy way.

02-07-2015, 09:01 PM
Silver comes back her. Collor know covered in teeth with her friends by her sides she walks into the school

02-08-2015, 01:28 AM
OOV: \Seraphim Why thank you very much! ^_^

Phoenix was not expecting the transformation of course. She barely had time to react before Elise's paw came slashing across her face, causing her to stumble back, a hand to her bleeding cheek. She knew her mischief would cause her to get in trouble one day. she just didn't expect it to be with a werewolf, or whatever she may be.

She was so discombobulated she didn't realize immediately that Jasper was speaking to her. She focused on his face and smiled, despite her bleeding cheek. The scars weren't deep because she had moved back a bit just in time, but they stung like heck.

"I'm fine. I shouldn't have been so childish." She said, scoffing a bit.

Cross Avantgarde
02-08-2015, 06:16 AM
Jasper's eyes widened when he saw that Phoenix was bleeding. "Childish?" he asked. "I didn't see what you did wrong. I just met Elisa and don't know her too well, but that was a surprise nonetheless." He shook his head, confused. "But more importantly...wait, let me get a better look." He took out the portable light from his workman's belt and used it to illuminate the side of her face. With one hand he held the invention and with one he covered the left side of it so as not to blind her while looking at her cheek.

"Hey," he said, smiling. "Good news. It's not that bad." He then frowned a bit and said, "But sadly all the tools I have in this belt are only effective for crude machines. I think we'd better follow Juggernaut to the school to get it looked at." He looked inside his belt anyway and pulled out a rag that had splotches of oil on it. "Don't worry, I'm just going to wipe off the excess blood. I won't let any oil get in the cut." He wiped at the small rivulet of blood that had trailed down her cheek and then put the rag back in the workman's belt. He was so used to treating cuts and scrapes that frequented anyone associated with working with metallic machines that he realized he had not asked permission.

"I'm sorry, that was kind of an impulse decision! I don't know much about medical treatment, but cuts and scrapes I'm very familiar with. Sorry if that was rude." Wanting to change the subject quickly, he added, "Want to follow Juggernaut back with me?"

02-08-2015, 04:14 PM
Phoenix allowed Jasper to do what he needed. She was too mesmerized by how gentle his movements were despite his calloused hands. She didn't even notice the oils he mentioned, though she smelled it just fine, and didn't even respond when he apologized. For some reason Juggernaut's name jogged her attention and she jolted back to reality. Confused by her own lagging, she absent-mindedly nodded and followed the lot.

Seeing Elise sprawled across Juggernaut's back, she suddenly felt like a fool. Jasper seemed like he was nervous so she decided to try and break some tension with causal conversation. She clasped her hands behind her back and smiled.

"That somehow look a little ironic to you? A cat-like being carrying an overgrown pup?" She asked. "I really shouldn't have provoked her like that. I'm too foolish for my own good at times." She said, chuckling a bit. "Thank you for your concern by the way." She looked at him from the corner of her eye. "Is it strange that I kind of like the smell of your handkerchief? Wanderlusters really shouldn't enjoy anything about mechanics. It goes against all of our beliefs."

02-09-2015, 03:37 AM
OOC: Here is Juggernaut's current uniform.http://www.furry.org.au/chakat/Chakona/ChakatCornfield.jpg

Bic:Juggernaut turns hir back to look at the two with hir eyes, "When we get to the head's office You'll also be in for questioning Phoenix." Shi then looks forward again not paying them any attention.

Cross Avantgarde
02-09-2015, 05:18 PM
Jasper nodded to Juggernaut’s words, hoping that they weren’t more serious than he thought. He then turned to answer Phoenix.

“Ironic?” Jasper noticed the irony and laughed out loud, his tension easing. “Yeah, it is.” Maybe he was taking the situation too seriously. Phoenix was certainly lighthearted about it all, and this caused him to calm down a bit.

Though Jasper wasn’t sure what Phoenix had done to provoke the blow, he smiled when she mentioned his handkerchief. She had used that word when he would have used the word “rag.” Something was different about her, and he couldn’t help but be intrigued. When she mentioned the fact that she was a Wanderluster, his eyes widened.

“I would’ve guessed so! Really! I mean, one of my shop mechanics teachers gave a quick recap of the other cultures. We don’t get taught about them formally, so most of our info comes secondhand and usually in small increments. But he said that the Wanderlust culture is…well, I can’t remember verbatim, but you seem to fit into it perfectly. As in the way you take things lightly. Don’t get me wrong, I think that’s a great thing. You ought to see a Magitek inventor behave like an idiot when an invention works perfectly in the shop but malfunctions at our semi-annual invention fair. It’s a sight to behold.”

He laughed at a few memories of older Magitek inventors, including his grandfather, who lost their wits when a beloved invention broke down in front of everyone. Had Jasper known that Phoenix was already well accounted with the Magitek culture, he wouldn’t have rambled so. But one amazing thing that had transpired was that he remembered one of his grandfather’s failures and actually laughed about it.

“So, what’s this school like? Hopefully it runs better than the boggled inventions that I left back home.”

02-10-2015, 03:31 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster

Sam slowly got through and then heard a gush and what sounded like steel against rock or concrete. He moved faster than before and finally opened up an area where he could see Hiro.

"Someone call for rescue?" He meant as a joke. The goop that the golems had been spitting and tossing earlier was now dripping out of where the guys sword was sticking out of it. "We should probably move before something bad happens."

OOC: shall explain what i meant in a later post
Ranshiin sunnyside Blackwaltz Princess Lemon Thrasher J and anyone else involved!

Kids, adults, men, woman, wanderlusts, pactmakers, and celestials were gathered about, smiling, eating, dancing, huddled in some locations, and spread out in others.

"Welcome!" A wanderlust woman popped out in front of us and Skyla had to keep from jumping back in shock. "We hope that you made it here safely. We have a wonderful night ahead of you and your friends, Mr Senawane." She was shorter than Skyla, black hair, whitish grey eyes, and wore a very colorful dress. She held a rounded flute in her hand.

Skimro grasped her elbow and they all walked behind the woman and Hanze towards a row of tents. They entered the first and it seemed larger than what it had looked like from the outside.

"My name is Lea, I am the Predestines other." She spins around and smiles cutely, then bends forward slightly, hands on her knees. "This shall be your quarters for the evening and I do hope it is to your liking!"

"It will be fine, we shall finish up in here and meet you outside." Hanze ushered her out the tent and exhaled.

"Redress nicely, be prepared to dance and sing as was stated earlier. And, Skyla, you will stay close to me at all times." His eyes were still worn, it worried Skyla a lot. Her mother, on the other hand, seemed to put her hands on his shoulders but not able to actually touch him.

What was she thinking right now?

02-11-2015, 11:15 AM
sunnyside \Seraphim Cross Avantgarde and I guess Black-Cat0001 and anyone else who’s in this decidedly delightful group of stuff.

Since none of them said a further word to him Shi’ran departed Sefton’s room proper, left the lot of them behind (including the other Therian) and wandered the gaudy-looking halls of the Pactmaker tower until finding his way out and heading back towards central-campus. The dragon-Therian was disappointed that it had grown quite late, and yet nothing fruitful had come of the day in the end.

With a sigh he set his Hoverboard down on the pavement outside, fiddled with it a bit to activate it, and then stepped on to coast the journey back through the college grounds to head back to the Therian tower, back to his own little room and to go do something more productive and sleep. Seemed pretty quiet at least, because it was late. Probably nobody around, everyone seemed to be asleep … maybe the Wanderlusters were out somewhere having a late party or something, but for a long time he didn’t see anything.

He got as far as the central campus and the route back towards his own kin’s tower when … his ‘Board gave out under his feet. It stuttered, stumbled, wobbled left-and-right and up-and-down, slowly lost its levitation and then gave up altogether with a loud clank and a thud. Shi’ran very-rightly stumbled over onto his side after a meagre attempt to maintain balance, but aside from his pride he was unharmed in the end once he’d gotten back to his feet and picked the oft-unfathomable contraption up.

… He heard talking, then, from nearby. Something about a handkerchief and embarrassing stories. People were still around at the hour? Just the time for his board to run out of power … his fault for fooling around with it too much and not bothering to use his Therian regenerative magic to charge its power-source. So, who was he unlucky enough to embarrass himself near? After wandering for a minute he saw them emerge from an off-path trail from some trees … a bunch of people he didn’t recognise and … the weird cat-centaur-person Therian he’d seen earlier on who he’d tried to intentionally hit with his Hoverboard on the way towards Sefton’s tower.

And there was someone on her (or his? He couldn’t tell) back, who had been knocked out and chained-up for some reason? Great. He didn’t really want to get involved with whatever was going on, but likely they had seen him fall over and … well …

“… The hell are you all doing? Isn’t it a bit late in the evening for fights and cuffing people up? Or am I missing something here?” He asked, though directed more towards the one who he believed deserved the attention the most. The rest of them he didn’t really speak to in any way; they didn’t seem like they were deserving of being snide to.

Light Buster
02-11-2015, 12:18 PM
(Hiro) "Agreed."

Hiro quickly got out of the hole he was in as his fellow Bushi, along with Sam, helped him out.

(Hiro) "We should leave the area before they wake up again."

The Bushi girls nodded in agreement.

02-11-2015, 02:03 PM
“… The hell are you all doing? Isn't it a bit late in the evening for fights and cuffing people up? Or am I missing something here?” He asked, though directed more towards the one who he believed deserved the attention the most. The rest of them he didn't really speak to in any way; they didn't seem like they were deserving of being snide to.[/QUOTE]

Juggernaut did not give in to his emotions but replied honestly with a stern face, "This student is going in for questioning. She showed aggression of killing intent at Phoenix behind me. After back slapping Phoenix here, she transformed and tried to attack Phoenix directly."

02-11-2015, 11:57 PM
Phoenix didn't know exactly why she would be questioned as well but she figured Juggernaut knew what shi was talking about. Suddenly, she realized she was would give Juggernaut a nickname because they were friends and Phoenix had a penchant for nicknames. Should she call hir Jugs (not just due to the obvious reason)... Juggy? Naughty? Phoenix couldn't help but snort from the thought. This all took place in her head in a one second time span.

Back to matters at hand. Jasper's laugh. What a lovely sound. Not lovely as in musical, but refreshing. Phoenix smiled at this. Then he started to become really excited about the fact that she was a Wanderluster. She didn't know if all Magitek people were like this but she quite enjoyed it. He was so invigorated and every little thing fascinated him. It was adorable.

"I've never been to an invention fair before. I bet there's a lot of neat stuff to see."

He then asked her what the school was like she would have liked to know herself.

"I honestly just arrived here today. I was hoping you could tell me that." She laughed. "It's definitely going to take some getting used to. I'm not accustomed to being kept behind walls for so long, regardless of how much space there is within them."

They suddenly came upon a two-legged Therian who had just gracefully fallen off his hover board. Phoenix winced when he hit the ground and was about to ask if was hurt but when he looked up at them, he seemed a little embarrassed so she said nothing. He seemed to know Juggernaut but didn't seem all too pleasant about it. Phoneix frowned at the way he spoke to her friend but did not intervene.

02-12-2015, 10:40 AM
Reorienting himself from the explosion was not too difficult. It was an expected outcome considering the magical resonance that the device held within it. He stood up tall, gauging his body for wounds before starting his way down stairs. The bushi pulled some shards of crystal from the machine from his outfit, making note of where he would have to mend it.

Upon reaching the second floor stairway and noticing the first floor destroyed an eyebrow raised. This was a bit strange. He hoped his group was alright, so he created a few more hand signs like the one he used to glid into the building while looking for the best foothold he could find on the first floor. Hopefully the door was open and he could swoop through there. That could be the best vantage point to begin his search.

02-12-2015, 12:00 PM
OOC: Sorry for not being around as much lately, I'll post a bit in the OOC thread and get to things here.

Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

If he adjusts his angle a bit Shisoume could look through the gap left by the collaps of the staircase into the foyer and see that Sam and the Bushi are standing around talking with each other.

He could also see the soft "stone" blocks he'd stepped on earlier. Some of them below look like they'd been chopped though, revealing a white inside. Among the blocks below are some golems, but they aren't moving at the moment.

The building seems other wise quite for the moment. In the stillness Shisoume (or any of the others) could notice that things aren't nearly so loud in the rest of the fake ruins either so other groups must also be finishing up. The teachers hadn't said anything explicitly about when a group would be "done" or how much time they would give, seeming to be deliberately vague to perhaps see what the students would choose to do. But if they were waiting for things to slow down, there might not be much time left. Though who knows?


Ranshiin ~Shobu~ \Seraphim Cross Avantgarde Black-Cat0001

OOC: Odd encounter, I didn't expect Ranshiin to do something quite like that, ah well, lets see how it plays for a bit.

I'd think the newcomers malfunctioning hoverboard would be the sort of thing Jasper would usually be interested in, but I could appreciate that Phoenix could be entirely distracting.

Also I'm posting this little bit as Seraphim requested I do it instead of them.


On Juggernauts back Elisa stirs, still groggy from the syrum, her magically enchanced body processing it faster than one might suspect. Most students would be down for quite a while after such a dose. Focusing her concentration just a bit, she begins using her biomagic, beginning to purge the poison from her system as other Therians purge the toxins from the post apocolyptic earth.

Up above the fellow in the grey cloak on the branch above simply perches, having barely moved at all or made any noise at all. There doesn't seem to be anyone else in this section of the forest at this hour, though more distant noises indicate that not every study has gone to bed yet.

02-12-2015, 12:48 PM
"Oh looks like Elisa is starting to come around. I must make haste to the head's office now. if you want to follow and find out what is going on with this incident then, you may come if you wish with us." Juggernaut then focuses back on to heading to the head's office before Elisa woke up.

Clockwork Bird
02-12-2015, 12:50 PM
OCC: Hey I can finally post. :D Thanks Sunny :3
As Elisa slowly wakes up, she realizes how much she messed up. Not only did she alienate these people from her, she could now bring shame to her family by being disciplined. However, a quick look around told her that Phoenix was as unhappy with this as her. This surprised her, having expected sarky arrogance from her. Maybe she had misjudged.
Deciding not to give away her waking, she observed the situation with the newcomer, judging her time to break out.

02-12-2015, 04:17 PM
This is all I could really do given the situation. sunnyside \Seraphim etc etc.

”… Showed aggression and intent to kill, huh?” The dragon-Therian asked with a decidedly disapproving – and above all distrusting – tone … though he knew better than to discount a Therian being aggressive for some reason. ”All because she slapped someone? Makes me wonder what the hell reason there is behind that?”

Red-orange eyes flicked between the … cat-creature, and the other few people there including the one who frowned at him. He almost, almost looked like he didn’t even register it even though he did.

”Besides … the way you’re talking you’re acting like a freakin’ tutor, and I know you’re not … aren’t you acting a little too-…”

He got cut off by the unconscious and cuffed ‘student’ moving a little, followed by this announcement that they had to hurry to the main office and the large Therian-creature telling him he could follow if he wanted to find out what had happened. In fairness he felt more suspicious of what was going on – moreso that there was more to it.

In the end he chose not to waste his time going after them more than he spent finishing what he wanted to say. ”Oi, you realise it’s late, right? What makes you think the Head or President or whatever-the-f*** is still going to be awake to deal with this? You’re wasting your time, acting all high-and-mighty for knocking someone out over a punch-…”

He followed up until then, but then stopped dead and breathed out in a huff at the scene. Why did he even care that they were bullying this other student? Furthermore, did he want to get involved in whatever was going on with them? No … he didn’t, and he gave up all interest in it and thus refused Juggernaut’s offer to tag along with them, instead turning back around to head back towards his tower.

His little argument was perhaps an opportune moment for Elisa to break free – more-so if the Magitek-guy there took interest in his malfunctioning Hoverboard, but as far as Shi’ran was concerned he was done and he just wanted to go back to his room and sleep.

02-12-2015, 05:03 PM
Arriving upon the head's office Juggernaut gave a special rap which would let the head know it was hir. The head coming down tired opened the door quickly assessing the situation ushered them in. Juggernaut explained in exact detail to the incident to the head, along with showing evidence which got projected from her necklace crystal. "So what would you like for us to do about this? The murderous intent on Phoenix'es life isn't so much the concern; However that Elisa back slapped Phoenix then transforming into a wolf and went for her life is! Next is what to do about that miss...(checking student listing) ...Miss Scrougedaughter."

Cross Avantgarde
02-13-2015, 06:28 AM
OOC: Black-Cat0001: I’m assuming that we don’t go to the head’s office, though you are welcome to; hence, I’ll have Jasper continue the conversation in the woods.

IC: At first Jasper was boggled by the fact that Phoenix had never been to an invention fair. It only made perfect sense when he remembered that he wasn’t surrounded by individuals in the Magitek culture constantly, as he was back home. He smiled at Phoenix and said, “That shouldn’t surprise me, but…hey, I could take you to one! I mean, some parts of it aren’t that exciting, but there are always two or three new and amazing things that make it to production.” He suddenly became aware that Magitek talk might bore her, and this was something new that he had never worried about. Strangely, he was happy to have to consider perspectives different than his own Magitek-laden one.

Embarrassment suddenly came over him as well. His knees felt weak as he looked more closely at Phoenix. This was a weird feeling, but it wasn’t new. Though later marriages were sometimes common among the Magitek, with individuals usually waiting until they had a few successful inventions under their belt to bear the cost of raising a family, Jasper still remembered how he had felt among a few of the Magitek girls. Even so, this one was different, and his stomach felt funny all of a sudden.

As it turned out, Phoenix was new too. Jasper felt more and more at ease as she spoke. She did seem restless in the school, but even that didn’t seem to truly bother her. He couldn’t help but envy her lighthearted way of dealing with unpleasant things.

Suddenly, the sound of a minor crash brought him to his senses. Looking over quickly his eyes caught two things: a hoverboard that seemed to be somewhat inoperable and what appeared to be a small dragon. He would have been bewildered by the dragon-like being in front of him, and it would have taken him some time to realize that this person, like Elisa, was another Therian. The hoverboard, however, had arrested his full attention, and those questions could wait. He was mostly oblivious to the new Therian’s harsh words for Juggernaut while he stared at the hoverboard, though he did pick up on a deriding tone in his voice.

“Fefe! You see that?!” he whispered quickly to her, still looking at the hoverboard. “Those hoverboards are magnificent devices! And this one surely worked at least a second ago. You think he’ll let me…” his words broke off, and he called out to the stranger on his own volition, full of excitement.

His excitement was so strong that he did not notice Elisa stirring, though this would have been a very welcome sight.

“Hey! I mean…I’m sorry to interrupt, but could you…did that hoverboard stop working all of a sudden?” He knew his next question should be whether the Therian wanted to fix it or not, but his excitement got the best of him. “May I see that hoverboard, sir? I’ll stay right here and treat it with the utmost respect.” Those words may have sounded funny, but Jasper meant them with all his being.

02-13-2015, 09:08 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~ I guess.

Shi’ran had anticipated the ‘lackeys’ (as he thought of them, as rude as that was) following the large cat-Therian-person off when he lost interest in them, only to be proven wrong by the Magitek-looking guy calling at him and begging him to allow looking at his Hoverboard. The dragon-Therian almost completely ignored the guy, but persistence was a virtue and he stopped on the path, twitched an ear and then turned and looked back to him.

”… It didn’t ‘stop working’, it just ran out of power.” He stated with a rather disinterested tone at the Magitek student, a brow raising in slight irk. This guy was being almost as obnoxious as that girl that had bothered him earlier. Then again, he knew most Magitek people were inquisitive and drawn to technology like that … much like himself, in fact, having been housed with a few of them before he’d come to the School.

He hadn’t been lying though, but he hadn’t been telling the truth, either. There was more than he let on, and Jasper was persistent enough that the dragon-Therian relented in the end with a sigh and turned to face him proper. His free hand clenched tight until knuckles cracked and popped, then he brought it to the conked-out contraption and held it out with both. ”Sheesh, fine, if it’ll stop you foaming at the mouth. I don’t get why you sorts are even interested in this thing. Is it because it’s old? Because I have it?”

He was displeased; the aforementioned crack-of-knuckles was a threat towards Jasper that if he even tried to run off with it then he’d regret it. He knew to be restrained, though; he respected the interest in technology that Jasper had.

(( OOC: Shi'ran is correct in saying that the Hoverboard (better known by technology enthusiasts as a Jet Board; his is a very old version) ran out of power, but he's hiding the fact that he knows it's malfunctioning and in need of some actual repair due to its age. He does have a fondness for technology too, which is why he didn't just tell Jasper to shove it. ))

02-14-2015, 01:01 AM
Phoenix was unsure whether she should follow Juggernaut or Jasper. With Elise stirring, it would probably behoove her to follow Jasper since she figured she was the last person Elise wanted to see. Jasper ran off in too inspect the blue dragon-man's board and Juggernaut dashed in the direction of the Headmistress' office. Phoenix watched as her form receded into the distance with Elise still on her back. She could have sworn she looked at her. Maybe she was imagining things? Hesitantly, she followed Jasper towards the Therian's broken device.

”Sheesh, fine, if it’ll stop you foaming at the mouth. I don’t get why you sorts are even interested in this thing. Is it because it’s old? Because I have it?”

Phoenix didn't appreciate the tone this guy was taking with Jasper. She'd felt an irritated sensation she rarely felt. It probably wasn't good to make two enemies in one day though. She'd give this guy the benefit of the doubt.

That was really hard to do when the guy was cracking his knuckles in a threatening manner towards Jasper.

"You should probably curb the hostilities. You're lucky you ran into Jasper with that thing. Some people wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over running off with it." She said.

On the surface she sounded calm, but deceptive appearances is something she learned while living with the War Dance tribe. She didn't like to use it. She'd rather be open about her how she felt, but she was playing by different rules at this school. She couldn't just dance, flirt, or fight her way out of something. Predetermined rules meant boundaries and though she didn't care for those much, she wasn't one to overstep a line unless necessary. Her travels taught her to be cautious of stuff like that: Things that could potentially get her into trouble with officials, or even worse, killed. And she quite liked living.

She would not however, idly stand by and allow someone to threaten a person like Jasper. Although they just met, she could tell he was easily distracted and good to the core. Reading people was almost like second nature to her. It a survival instinct that has kept her alive until now as well.

Cross Avantgarde
02-14-2015, 06:56 AM
Jasper heard the Therian’s comments, but they didn’t sink in; such was the distance between the two definitions of “hearing” and “listening.” He was far too entranced by the hoverboard, and once the Therian handed it out to him, Jasper couldn’t help but reach out eagerly. He did listen to the fact, however, that the hoverboard just needed a quick infusion of power.

Though he reached out so quickly, he received it delicately. Taking a larger rag out of his workman’s belt, he stretched it out across the ground. This one was as equally oil stained as the one he had handed Phoenix, but it was bright white. Such a background allowed him to carefully count and keep up with loose parts.
Taking a multi-tool from the pouch, he quickly converted it from a screwdriver to a ply bar, and opened a small compartment on the bottom of the hoverboard.

He whistled briefly in wonder. “Hey…where was this made? It looks like it may have been assembled in a few different places. Well, either that or it’s a bit dated. They don’t even use this kind of wire anymore, but it’s always proven to be fairly reliable. These things are hard to come by, even where I come from. I mean, if you want a reliable one. A lot of people in my town are much more concerned with larger inventions while these nifty little devices go unnoticed. In fact, I’ve never even owned one.” It had not occurred to him that his rambling could be considered boring. Being a Magitek, he assumed everyone was just as interested as he. He looked over at Phoenix to make sure he wasn’t boring her, then returned to the hoverboard with that funny feeling in his stomach again.

He reached inside the opening and pulled up two coated wires. “Yeah. These wires are frayed at the end. You must have put a pretty good amount of distance on this. I can just clip these at the end and rewire them, and the fraying will be solved. The wires will be about a centimeter shorter, but you have plenty of length left to go.” While he was inspecting the device, he stopped short when he heard Phoenix defending him. Though he had been ignorant of the fact that the knuckle-cracking was a threat, it seemed—not surprisingly—that Phoenix was much more world wise than himself, and she knew what it meant. It warmed him deeply to know that she cared at least a little for him, though they’d met shortly before.

He smiled to himself while inspecting the wires at the thought, noting that this might just be the first time he’d ever been able to think about two things at once while working.
He converted the multi-tool to a wire cutter and then thought better of progressing without permission. “Want me to fix the frayed wires? After that, a quick infusion of power should fix everything right up.”

02-14-2015, 07:15 AM
Shi’ran had already placed a frown on his lips and that frown became even more fervent at hearing this calmly-veiled warning from the Magitek-guy’s friend about how he was behaving. She wasn’t the only one who could harbour deceptive appearances – though he didn’t know that on her behalf. She didn’t appreciate him threatening someone to make a point? He didn’t like her warning him about doing it; she wasn’t his superior, or someone he even knew. He’d do whatever he felt that he wanted to do.

”… Don’t tell me what to do, miss … and don’t threaten me, especially about my Hoverboard.” He quietly told the to-him-unnamed lady with a rather condescending tone – though he wasn’t fighting the Magitek-lad’s desire to inspect his Hoverboard. ”Maybe some people wouldn’t lose sleep over stealing it … but then those people wouldn’t get ten steps before I stomped them into the dirt and left them in agony for the audacity. So back off. I’m not here to fight … so long as your friend here doesn’t pull anything funny, you can keep your passive-aggressive snideness to yourself. I’m not going to punch him for having a look at this thing.

-… Sheesh, I can see why she slapped you.-”

The latter comment was grumbled so quietly under-breath that Shi’ran would be surprised if it got heard. Yes, he knew he was being rude, but he hadn’t exactly begged Jasper to look at his Hoverboard, had he? He’d said it was just ‘out of power’, which was true. He hadn’t had time to refill its power-source. He looked between the unnamed lady and the Magitek lad repeatedly, and he then sighed, grumbled and sighed again. Was it really in his best interests to be snarky and rude? He was beginning to think they weren’t really that cat-Therian’s lackeys, so perhaps it was best he … calm down and give them some benefit-of-doubt.

If this Jasper kid was so involved with his Hoverboard that he’d offer to fix it … then he was best off at least trying to be tolerable. He knew he was abrasive but … he was judging this guy from the girl he’d seen earlier. Perhaps Jasper didn’t deserve that judgement.

”… Okay, I’ll admit. It’s busted.” He finally told Jasper with a calmer and more measured tone; a sign that he wasn’t all snide word and teeth and claws and that he could be respectable if he wanted to. ”Damn thing’s so old that it is admittedly a little finicky at times … I just don’t have any means to do anything about it. What do you think? Or is this piece of junk too old even for you?”

Clockwork Bird
02-15-2015, 02:31 PM
OCC: ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde Black-Cat0001 and Ranshiin
Elisa, listening to the conversations around her realizes how much of a mistake she has made. However, it seems to her that she can run away from this situation easily. Juggernaught cuffed her while she was in her large, wolf form, so if she just reverted to human she could slip out of them again. She waited for the moment that Juggernaught spoke to Jasper to do so and quickly jump off his back. Before she landed she transformed again, thanking the Gods it was so close to a full moon and her ability to transform was strong. As she landed on the soft grass she could see the startled Phoenix look at her, and she gazed her deeply in the eyes before running off into the woods. She hoped that gaze transmitted her shame and want for reconciliation and forgiveness.

Cross Avantgarde
02-15-2015, 06:05 PM
The new Therian’s tone with Phoenix was enough to make Jasper protest, but a sudden noise halted his words. Elisa jumped clear of Juggernaut and ran off. Jasper almost missed Elisa’s escape, such was the quickness with which she’d made her exit. He turned just in time to see her running off in her transformed state, and forgot for a second what he was about to say to the Therian who owned to hoverboard.

“Where is she going?” he thought to himself. Though he had missed the look she had given Phoenix, he was convinced she wasn’t as malicious as the scene that had unfolded earlier would have suggested. That would not explain the civil way she had behaved after he had met her, even if he did first meet her while she wielded a weapon. No, he was almost certain she meant no true harm, and this is why he felt concern over where she might be going.

He looked back up at the other Therian. “I think everything will be okay. That was Elisa back there, and she’s not as scary as that looked—I think. She seemed nice enough to me. I’m Jasper, by the way. And what’s your name?” He realized at last that he had nothing to refer to the Therian by.

He looked back at the device. “It’s not too old to fix, of course not. Like I said, a quick snip of the frayed wire edges and we’ll get the full function back. We’ll just lose a centimeter or two of wire length, but there’s plenty to spare. Now, the bad news is that I can’t refill the power. Any place on campus that does that? I can say, however, that it should be good to go once you do so—that is, if you let me take those frayed edges off.” He held up his converted multi-tool, now in the shape of wire cutters.

“How’s that sound? A quick fix, and perfectly free. Although I would like to ask that you give Phoenix a ride on it once you refill the power source. If she’d like to, of course. That’s all I ask. But I’ll fix it either way. What do you say?”

He took out his portable light to illuminate the wires, just in case he was given permission to cut them. He sat the cylinder beside the hoverboard, its light making the environs appear somewhat strange in the mixture of darkness and unnatural light.

02-15-2015, 07:04 PM
Cross Avantgarde \Seraphim ~Shobu~
He's still being an ass. That's just how he is, but at the least he's trying, eh?

Much like with everybody else Shi’ran was startled by the wolf-Therian jumping up from apparently being unconscious and bolting off into the woods from whence she’d (probably) come. Unlike the others, however, his reaction was relatively tame and more a case of a ‘oh, that just happened’ reaction than it being a jump-scare. He simply didn’t expect it … nor had he asked for names, so when Jasper told him who it was who had ran off he simply stared at the Magitek kid and said nothing about it.

Likewise he didn’t say anything about her being ‘scary’; he hadn’t thought it had been frightening that it had happened. Probably it was because he was a Therian himself and seeing others with the abilities to change between hominid and animalistic forms at will was something he’d seen a lot of. The question of his name, however, he did answer. ”… To be fair, I don’t want to tell you. Not yet, anyway.” He spoke fairly calmly, if with a definitive tone. He wasn’t going to argue it, but at least he wasn’t being threatening with how he spoke.

He let Jasper look over the Hoverboard, then. He was really uncomfortable with it, but he allowed it solely on the grounds of silently begging the kid to screw up somehow and to give him an excuse… but it seemed Jasper knew what he was doing. Likewise he was uncomfortable about Jasper explaining what he could do to at the least fix it to some degree, but with some glances back and forth between him and the other person present there – and to where the so-named Elisa had ran off to – he looked back to Jasper and … reluctantly, he nodded.

”I can refill the power … bit hard to explain how, exactly … and don’t really feel like it. But if you want to do that, then do that. Don’t get why you’re so eager to help … but you’d better know what you’re doing.”

At that point he outright put the Hoverboard down on the path – underside facing up for Jasper’s access, and he stood back up and crossed his arms in a way that was deliberately rather intimidating. Why was he trusting this guy? One sole reason: interest in technology. ”And if she wants to try riding it? …” He glanced across to his side, to whom he perceived Jasper meant as Phoenix – the girl he’d muttered as being rude. ”… If she wants to make an a** of herself trying, sure. Don’t expect me to help take her to central campus when she falls off and hurts herself, though.”

02-16-2015, 11:25 PM
OOC: So as I sorta expected I dropped off the earth over Valentines day weekend. Good times. Anyway I should be a bit more steady though I just have a bit of time now.

First bit is sorting out this. Seraphim let Juggernaut win their scuffle so hopefully the running off is fine. I note that black cat's below post works fine wether Elisa is there or not. Although note that Scourgesdaughter is not the name of the character, and she didn't say her name. I'll just take it as saying "the girl in the recording"

Arriving upon the head's office Juggernaut gave a special rap which would let the head know it was hir. The head coming down tired opened the door quickly assessing the situation ushered them in. Juggernaut explained in exact detail to the incident to the head, along with showing evidence which got projected from her necklace crystal. "So what would you like for us to do about this? The murderous intent on Phoenix'es life isn't so much the concern; However that Elisa back slapped Phoenix then transforming into a wolf and went for her life is! Next is what to do about that miss...(checking student listing) ...Miss Scrougedaughter."


President Borelle opens the door. Juggernaut notes that she's still in the robe from this morning and looks quite tired, though she holds her poise well.

She starts with "Really I appreciate your enthusiasm but couldn't talk of dancing halls wait until the morning?" But she takes note of Juggernauts deminor and ushers hir in. As Juggernaut walks in shi notes that there are a number of other people. Juggernaut doesn't know them so well, but shi has seen them about, mostly staff associated with security. Some of them look a little roughed up, all concerned.

But the President has Juggernaut show only her the recordings while the others confer.

She gives a long sigh "We've had problems like these all over campus. It's not entirely unexpected, but perhaps worse than I had hoped. There is so much mixing here. Not only the different cultures but all the different city states make it even more complex. And to top it all off it's young adults, full of..impulses. The Bushi don't even mind a fight to the death. "

She pauses "There have been some close calls but so far our staff has always been able to arrive in time to at least avert damage the healers can't deal with. "

"There is great debate, some of it going on now in the hall about what should be done about all of this. Some want manhunts, other have more magically based solutions to calm students down when needed."

After saying that she sits next to Juggernaut and takes hir hand. "But what I want is for this school to stay together. There is a great deal at stake. You were to young to remember the last war, you wouldn't like the next. So far everything that has happened in view of many people was quickly delt with, because if a lot of people are around so to is security about. Then there are the issues like this out in the wood and corners of the campus. What I most want is to deal with these things quitely, not have word or panic spread. Actually ideally I'd like the students to simply repent and come to their senses.

If they can not be...well, if students can be brought in there can perhaps be some solutions worked out, at least I or one of my staff can spend some time with them. Can you help me in this? "

02-17-2015, 12:56 AM
Phoenix relaxed a little when the Therian seemed to ease up on being defensive. She placed a hand on her hip and smiled at the Therian, not saying anything. She figured he could see her letting her guard down a bit, but not completely. He may have come off as rude but if her were really all that bad he would have attacked one of them by now.

She heard the thumping of large paws against earth before she saw Elise's wolf form appear in front of her. She froze for a moment, thinking that Elise was back to finish what she started but then Phoenix caught a glimpse of her eyes. They were swimming with mixed emotions: remorse being the strongest one. And then just as quickly as she had come, she fled. She wanted to go after her but decided it was best to give her some time to herself to recuperate.

Phoenix didn't realize she was spacing out until Jasper said her name. She liked the way that sounded. Wait... did he'd give her a ride on the hoverboard? Her heart burst with excitement.

"That sounds amazing! I've always wanted to try it," she nearly squealed, bouncing on the balls of her feet with eyes lit up like the northern lights.

She turned--no, spun--- to face the Therian since he sounded unsure. "Don't worry! I'm resilient! It wouldn't be the first time I fell from a moving surface! Oh, thank you so much!" She gave gave him a quick bear hug without thinking about it and bound over to Jasper with the board.

02-17-2015, 02:28 AM
OOC: So as I sorta expected I dropped off the earth over Valentines day weekend. Good times. Anyway I should be a bit more steady though I just have a bit of time now.

First bit is sorting out this. Seraphim let Juggernaut win their scuffle so hopefully the running off is fine. I note that black cat's below post works fine wether Elisa is there or not. Although note that Scourgesdaughter is not the name of the character, and she didn't say her name. I'll just take it as saying "the girl in the recording"


President Borelle opens the door. Juggernaut notes that she's still in the robe from this morning and looks quite tired, though she holds her poise well.

She starts with "Really I appreciate your enthusiasm but couldn't talk of dancing halls wait until the morning?" But she takes note of Juggernauts deminor and ushers hir in. As Juggernaut walks in shi notes that there are a number of other people. Juggernaut doesn't know them so well, but shi has seen them about, mostly staff associated with security. Some of them look a little roughed up, all concerned.

But the President has Juggernaut show only her the recordings while the others confer.

She gives a long sigh "We've had problems like these all over campus. It's not entirely unexpected, but perhaps worse than I had hoped. There is so much mixing here. Not only the different cultures but all the different city states make it even more complex. And to top it all off it's young adults, full of..impulses. The Bushi don't even mind a fight to the death. "

She pauses "There have been some close calls but so far our staff has always been able to arrive in time to at least avert damage the healers can't deal with. "

"There is great debate, some of it going on now in the hall about what should be done about all of this. Some want manhunts, other have more magically based solutions to calm students down when needed."

After saying that she sits next to Juggernaut and takes hir hand. "But what I want is for this school to stay together. There is a great deal at stake. You were to young to remember the last war, you wouldn't like the next. So far everything that has happened in view of many people was quickly delt with, because if a lot of people are around so to is security about. Then there are the issues like this out in the wood and corners of the campus. What I most want is to deal with these things quitely, not have word or panic spread. Actually ideally I'd like the students to simply repent and come to their senses.

If they can not be...well, if students can be brought in there can perhaps be some solutions worked out, at least I or one of my staff can spend some time with them. Can you help me in this? "

"I'll help in any way I can Ma'am However That Miss. I have this unshakeable feeling She's going to do something awful! I don't know what But It'll Defiently Be Big!!! Elisa I can probably deal with Miss though... I think I might some back up!! I wonder though whats up with that therian's attitude towards me. What doesn't he like about me or is it something I did wrong???"

Clockwork Bird
02-17-2015, 02:25 PM
Having ran into the woods, Elisa did not stop. She continued running until her adrenaline had calmed down and her senses told her no one was around. She slowed down and sat by a little pond by the Therian Tower... She changed into her human form and collapsed onto the grass staring into the starry sky (OCC: sunnyside I dont know what time it is rp wise but lets just assume that by the time she stopped running it was the night ;) ) She prays to the Gods that she was taught as a child... She had broken her composure and needed to regain it. She decided that she would give some time before finding Phoenix, Jasper and Blackcat and apologising. She also wondered what happened to that Therian that allowed her escape

02-18-2015, 04:15 PM
"I'll help in any way I can Ma'am However That Miss. I have this unshakeable feeling She's going to do something awful! I don't know what But It'll Defiently Be Big!!! Elisa I can probably deal with Miss though... I think I might some back up!! I wonder though whats up with that therian's attitude towards me. What doesn't he like about me or is it something I did wrong???"

President Borelle gives Juggernaut a sympathetic look. "Our resources are stretched thin. We're a school after all, not an occupation force. There are other factors in play too, and"

She stops herself and sighs. Juggernauts empathy allows her to feel the weight on the president, almost as a physical thing, she's dealing with a lot, things she's not at all comfortable with as a Celestial.

She continues "I don't need to bother you with all that. I guess my point is that if at all possible it would be best if you could deal with the issue yourself or with some friends. We tend to have people on hand in public spaces, and teach can help. She can only do so much, she's still young, but I appreciate that it is much easier to destroy and kill than the create and grow. "

She looks at Juggernaut a moment and then suddenly says "Oh, you asked about a Therian not liking you. Which one in particular?"


Light Buster Tetsanosuke ELR

OOC: It occurs to me that last post of mine didn't nessarily give you a lot to work with. Basically you can do anything that comes to mind in the place to talk to each other. Things will soon move on, so if you just sort of stand around a moment I could move on to that.

Cross Avantgarde
02-19-2015, 06:57 AM
Elated by the fact that the unnamed Therian allowed him to procede, Jasper’s excitement only increased when he saw Phoenix’s happy reaction to the prospect of riding it once the power was replaced. With a large smile he quickly clipped the frayed ends of the wires, converted the multi-tool to something that looked like a screwdriver, and then reattached the wires in their housing. Closing the small compartment, he lifted the board gently and handed it out towards the Therian.

“Should be ready, once the power is restored!” For a moment he envied the Magitek back home that had chances to fix things for people daily as a part of their occupation. But Phoenix’s company quickly dispelled that envy, and he was quite glad to be exactly where he was.

02-20-2015, 08:20 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran had effectively thought whom he’d told to be Phoenix would be offended by what he said about falling off of the Hoverboard – and to be fair to him it was reasonable, because he really, really didn’t want to agree to letting her use it and he didn’t intend to even help her. So, the dragon-Therian was roundly surprised that she seemed happy of all things … and he didn’t expect the sudden hug either …

! … G-get off me you-…!!

He didn’t want the hug, he hated hugs, and he instantaneously struggled in order to get her to let go – not getting to the point where he tried to get outright aggressive but he made it clear he didn’t enjoy it. He calmed down quickly when she let him go, though, and likewise he was quick to back away from her in case she tried to give him another one at some point.

Things calmed down for a while whilst he watched Jasper attempt to fix his Hoverboard, Shi’ran alternatively watching the Magitek kid and the strange bear-hugging rude girl with a shrewd and very judgemental eye … but without doing a thing to stop Jasper tinkering. From what he could tell Jasper knew what he was doing; it didn’t look like he got confused with fiddling with it despite how old it was. Had he had the luxury of fixing similar things before?

When Jasper announced it was fixed and handed the contraption back, Shi’ran took it without hesitation – evidently relieved to have it back in his possession. He even went as far as to hug it, if just for a second … and if out of irony towards Phoenix. After that though, he thought a little and … he sighed, and reluctantly agreed to his side of the bargain. Dragon-Therian crouched, set the board on the floor again upside-down … and set his hands over two, breathed in and out, and then perhaps Jasper and Phoenix might hear some sort of small, soft ‘hum’ from there.

”… It’s going to take a few minutes. It’s like charging one of those … ‘battery’ things.”

He didn’t go any deeper into how exactly it worked, save for that it was obvious it had some relation to his nature-regeneration ability as a Therian. Nothing seemed to happen in those minutes as far as the Hoverboard went, but eventually the hum subsided, he lifted his hands off and, with a bit of tinkering about, flipped the contraption over – whereupon it started to hover, float near-silently a good distance off the ground beneath it.

Shi’ran reluctantly gestured towards Phoenix, then the hovering device … and then got back to his feet to watch.

(( Side-note … I could have been a total jerk in this, and really wanted to. In the end I flipped a coin on how it went. I can happily tell what the ‘other’ outcome would’ve been though xD. ))

02-20-2015, 01:11 PM
OOC: sunnyside sorry x_x The internet has been out for 1 week, or pretty close to it, I'm on it. I think... xD

IC: Light Buster Tetsanosuke
Stretching upward and taking in a deep breathe, Sam points towards the stairs. "That way?"

He looked over towards the golems again, unsure whether to try to figure them out or not, but he knew it would be extremely dangerous if they turned back on. "Or we can try to find Shisoume? He has been gone for a while. Think he is stuck by other of those things?" The three seemed extremely quiet.

Ranshiin Thrasher J sunnyside Blackwaltz
Feeling fresh, dressed in a flourishing white dress, feet bare, hair pulled back, collar covered with a matching white ribbon. She felt over dressed, but knew she couldn't argue.

Sone was singing just outside the tent with the man named Leopold, a duet. It was far better than what was sang during their walk here. They were dressed as they should be, or so Skimro whispered.

Speaking of Skimro, he was in the opposite corner as Skyla trying to get himself to leave his precious mechina, his inventions, his findings, things that he swore to never part with even though he knew he would he would have to every so often.

Her father, Hanze, though, had to leave to discuss something with the lady from before. Maybe it was one of his contracts, maybe it was about the stay. Either way, she had to stay there til he came to get her.

02-20-2015, 08:59 PM
Shisoume made the leap to the doorway by swooping over the pit, swerving to a skidded stop just a foot outside the frame. He looked over his teammates and spoke carefully.

"I think I found our objective."

With that, he looked over his allies with some concern.

02-21-2015, 04:50 AM
He's a blue skin dragon Therian and makes really snide comments towards other people. I also know he tried to do something to me when I was talking to my explorer's professor. Now That miss I don't trust She has a killing intent towards those around her."

02-21-2015, 10:10 AM
Light Buster Tetsanosuke
Sam fell over in fright. "DON'T DO THAT!" He was embarrassed he had became frazzled by the unexpected entrance.

He perked up a bit when he saw his snake peaking out of Shisoume's sleeve. "So that is where you went." He reached out and the snake slithered up his sleeve. Though he did not like these Bushido, he felt a needed gratitude towards this one for keeping his little friend safe. "Thank you." He nodded and smiled. "If he hadn't of returned I wouldn't feel whole again." Which was true.

Samsilus felt extremely vulnerable, no plausible explanation of him having put them at risk by separating could put the smile away from knowing his only real friend he ever had was safe. He would remember he owed this one for a long while.

Sam closed his eyes and felt him slither back to his normal position of his upper bicep and snuggle in tightly. He felt whole again.

Then he snapped his eyes open. "Down to business. What exactly did you find? And how do we know it is our objective?" He crossed his arms and awaited his answer.

Clockwork Bird
02-21-2015, 04:24 PM
Occ: sunnyside I'm currently in limbo, if you think if anything I can do please tell me ;--; I'm just posting to show I'm still here.
Deciding to find the edge of the the forest, Elisa walked forward until she reached the tall wall surrounding the school grounds. The verses of her mothers favorite poet came to her;
"The walls so high, trapping our dreams,
We look out on the world, a dead shell,
Black roses growing from the concrete,
Because the forest is dead"

She suddenly missed her homeland.

02-21-2015, 11:49 PM
OOC: I need to move forward with a couple groups and I think I know what I want to do with Seraphim, but for now just this.

He's a blue skin dragon Therian and makes really snide comments towards other people. I also know he tried to do something to me when I was talking to my explorer's professor. Now That miss I don't trust She has a killing intent towards those around her."

She looks at Juggernaut warmly and seems to be thinking for a while before she replies. "I'm still not greatly familiar with all cultures, but even in mine young adults can be temperamental and even mean. My notes indicate that in other cultures without the advantages of communing that things are much worse. Sometimes shockingly so. It's probably nothing on your part."

While she said that, Juggernauts empathy picks up a stray feeling, the details vague, but something along the line of concern with how often these things seems to be happening around Juggernaut.

Still she soon continues. "You did say that the last thing she did was run off. Perhaps we've seen the last of her? In any case I guess you'll have to decide what you want to do moving forward. I think your idea of setting up a dance club or somesuch is wonderful. Perhaps letting off some steam and having some fun would stop many of these incidents before they even start.

But...well as I said we are having quite a few incidents. Some assistance with students we know are around and are a problem could be helpful. "

02-22-2015, 12:46 AM
"Ok I'll let my friend know and help her with setting up the dance club. As for the miss I'll keep a eye out on her. I don't trust her." Juggernaut wearing hir Black crystal recording necklace goes out to head back the way she came. Shi then spotted Jasper,Phoenix and Ranshin near the jet board. Jasper was just getting done fixing the Jet board. "HEY Phoenix.....Come here." :)

02-23-2015, 12:48 AM
OOC: Black-Cat0001 Whom are you referring to BC? Seraphim is Elise and she is not anywhere near Jasper and Shi'ran. I'm assuming you meant Phoenix since you mentioned a dance club?
Ranshiin It's much appreciated hahaha.

Phoenix waited on nails as she waited for Shi'ran to finish coddling his board, any of his spiteful actions completely flew over her head. Finally, he handed he board to Jasper. She clapped excitedly but didn't move to touch it. She had no experience with technology and decided it was best to let Jasper take the lead. Knowing her lack of experience, she would either end up breaking it again (as if she needed anymore reason for the dragon Therian to resent her) or she would certainly embarrass herself.

"So how do we start it?" She asked Jasper.

Clockwork Bird
02-23-2015, 02:23 AM
Occ: ~Shobu~ black-cat001 thanks shobu, black cats post confused me a bit :D

Still sitting in her lonely bliss, Elisé (occ: the mistake shobu made with my name, I like it. I'm keeping it ;)) decided to follow the wall to see how far it went. Soon the deep forest ended, leaving way to seemingly eternal grasslands. This hit her nostalgia even further, to the "Wild Fields" her family guarded so perciously (occ: see image)


02-23-2015, 04:33 PM
OOC: I'd hoped to get all my ducks in a row on this, but I don't want to leave you hanging too long. I'm thinking this will all be fine with scourgesdaughter and I may post something in the OOC thread to clarify. Long story short she has a gang, and paid for a number of members in it via her chargen points, hence they'd be in town and availible. In order to make things flow more smoothly (and add an interesting angle for myself) I'm fleshing out some NPCs for the gang and having them around as well.

Still sitting in her lonely bliss, Elisé (occ: the mistake shobu made with my name, I like it. I'm keeping it ;)) decided to follow the wall to see how far it went. Soon the deep forest ended, leaving way to seemingly eternal grasslands. This hit her nostalgia even further, to the "Wild Fields" her family guarded so perciously (occ: see image)

In the relative quite of the pre-dawn hours Elisé is jostled out of her nostalga by the sound of people approaching, turning around and focusing her attention she can also hear and see that the person in front looks to be a wolf and is sniffing the ground, following her path towards her.

Behind her is another two wolfish people. Both with that "werewolf" bipedal look. One is golden in color and is a little on the lean side, he's wearing clothes and a red robe that he might be using to conceal something. It gives him something of a regal look, however close inspection would reveal all his clothes are a little on the dirty side with a lot of wear, they have quite a few patches and repairs. The other werewolf is heavily muscled and dark grey with only a simple pair of dull brown pants for clothing or equipment, most strikingly one of his arms is withered and that whole side of his body looks to be badly damaged.

That strikes Elisé as very unusual, Therians tend to be strong in biomagic, and tend to be able to epair that sort of damage. The damage could perhaps be fresh, but it doesn't look like it.

The one in the robe makes a few silent gestures, and Elisé detects rustling in the grass. Whoever he gestured too is staying low and out of site, but there are at least two of them, one going around Elisé to the left and one to the right, but it sounds like there's more than one in each group.

The one in the robe speaks.

"So. You think it's fun to bully other girls huh? Well, you chose to pick on the wrong one tonight. Oh, I can tell you aren't the weird cat thing, but your one of their lackey's aren't you? Don't try and pretend, you were there, we followed the scent. I think your friend went off the one of the administration buildings, but you. You're all alone out here."

At that he gives Elisé a toothy smile.

Cross Avantgarde
02-24-2015, 08:00 PM
His eyes widening as large as saucers, Jasper simply gawked when he saw the Therian infuse the hoverboard with power.

“H…how did you…?!”

This was unheard of. Magic infusers were intricate devices, and though they were a bit ubiquitous in a Magitek town, how was a person able to infuse power into something by their body alone?

“I think we need to talk later. That is, if you don’t mind.” Jasper’s curiosity was bordering on demanding that the Therian discuss this with him, and Jasper tried to stifle his interest enough to retain his politeness.

He looked at Phoenix who had asked how to start it. “It’s ready, thanks to our friend here. Although I’m not sure how. All I can say is that this thing is working, and quite well. Now, as for riding it…” Here he held out his hand to let her up upon the hoverboard. “I’m afraid I can’t help you much! I never had one of these around in times of recreation, but perhaps he can give you some pointers?” He looked at the Therian again to attempt to judge whether he would help with some suggestions or not.

“Would you mind giving her some hints as she tries it out? Phoenix is a delightful person, and I’d rather not have her fall if we can help it.”

02-25-2015, 10:02 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran simply stared at the Magitek lad when Jasper tried to ask him how he’d done what he’d done and then … didn’t finish asking, and said they should ‘talk about it later’ instead. Did he mind? … He chose to think on it and did nothing except to quirk a brow at the question.

Likewise he remained rather deadpan at being called a ‘friend’ by Jasper, and said nothing on that either. He watched Jasper help Phoenix onto the board; she’d feel it wobble about, like it had a mind of its own, but it ultimately didn’t go anywhere.

To the queries, the dragon-Therian crossed his arms over his chest and frowned. “You want me to help-… Rrrrgh… fine. Look, it’s just all about balance … it reacts to changes in balance and weight. Just move the front foot forwards a little, push down a bit. Leaning makes it turn … obviously, leaning back’ll make it stop or go backwards. It’s as simple as that.

It’s sensitive, though.”

He contemplated muttering the lattermost thing in the hopes that Phoenix wouldn’t hear him, would apply far too much pressure towards the front and make it jolt forwards and throw her off – but in the end he spoke it loud enough for her to hear him. He thought it’d be funny if she fell, even if Jasper was being concerned for her well-being. Then again, he had fallen off of it on his first few attempts so …… it was a learning-process, to understand that it was just a matter of practice, as was everything.

The sole reason he chose to let her hear the warning was because he feared if she fell off she’d have the board fly off into a tree and end up far-more-damaged than it had been beforehand… and he really didn’t want that.

Clockwork Bird
02-27-2015, 02:16 PM
OCC: sunnyside sorry for the delay, I was just unsure if to attack them outright or to start a conversation. The bit about the threat is just shaping my characters back story a bit, but if its a problem in anyway please do tell me :) Also, I do realise that they are not from Shobus character but decided this is the most likley for my character to think of.
################################################## ##########################################
As the thugs surrounded her, Elisé readied herself, bent half forward, ready to lash out at them. She looked around, finding the best escape routes and terrain to use in her battle. Although she was outnumbered, and these wolf like creatures seemed strange and in some way dis-concerning, she felt rather sure of being able to beat them in a fight.
But when the leader spoke, she had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. Did Phoenix send these as revenge? In a way she deserved it, she thought, but would still fight.
"I do not want to hurt you people" She said slowly, "I do not know what you are talking about. But by attacking me you bring doom upon yourself and your families."
She hoped that that would make enough of an impression. Then, she took out her pendant. "You see this?" She said showing it to them "This is a mark that I am one of the families the Commonwealth. If you harm me, the entire might of two nations will hunt you down"
This was a bluff and she knew it. The Magnates cared little for her family for they had fallen from grace long ago. But in full technicality, the Commonwealth would protect any that held the mark.

03-02-2015, 10:11 PM
Phoenix smiled as she gratefully accepted Jasper's offered hand and cautiously stepped onto the hovering board. She tested her footing. He said about balance. Her balance was wonderful. But she never had to balance on a hovering object before. When she felt the hover give a little under her foot, she immediately brought her other foot onto the other side. It wavered under her. She kept a tight grip on Jasper's hand until she stopped wobbling. Her nervousness was just as bad as her excitement.

Finally, she let go of his hand, attempting to stabilize herself by moving her hips, something she is obviously experienced at, and keep her torso steady. It just made her almost fall. She was having more trouble than she thought. It was fun none the less.

03-02-2015, 11:11 PM
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The talk wolfman actually seems taken aback by the pendant. He seems to mull it over for a moment and stops his advance. The other creatures/people moving through the grass keep moving though, perhaps not even paying attention to the conversation or not very able to hear it.

Eventually he starts speaking. "Alright, so I haven't heard of your "Commonwealth." There are untold hundreds of city states, maybe thousands, so maybe that's actually a thing. But since I haven't heard of 'em that means their reach probably doesn't much extend to our turf. So, well, that ain't gonna help you. "

He gives a roguish toothy wolf smile. Elisé gets the feeling he might practice it, especially since he tilted his head a bit to show his "good" side.

"As for not knowing what I'm talking about how many girls do you and the cat Taur thing bully around here? Does a girl with black hair, wolf ears and tail, black belt with teeth on it as a necklace ring any bells?"