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=o Will reply to Cross when he puts something up, but saw you put stuff up (sunny and Shiin) and decided to at least get those parts out. (yes, got nicknames for yall xP shhh)

He huffed out a breathe before he could say something without allowing his brain to function first. By having these roundabouts, they were wasting time figuring out a game plan, then heading out. And ignoring the side bicker between pup and dragon, it was like having a bunch of children around. "Yes, arms is to protect the ship, and the runner is a helper for a group who needs. The runner does not stay, just helps then leaves back."

He rolled it up the map and then sighed. "Two groups. Group one will stay in the clipper, the second will leave it once we get close enough. Team 1 is communication: Skimro, Shar, Leopold, and myself. Second team will be set up into single groups. Sone and the girl." He pointed to Phoenix. "They can gain money best way they know how to, music and dancing. Next: Voth and yourself. You don't seem the type to deal with much bull so seems a perfect match, straight to the point to gather intel." He then looked his daughter, he hated making this choice but if Skimro had the conversation as he is suppose to then it would give her a way of freedom. "Your magitech with Skyla. She has been trained to gather important items needed for climbing and removing things. She also know good preservative for food. And with the magitech with her, they can craft together cheapy stuff to assist on the climb into the place."

He pulled out a small notebook from his pocket and write down on the page with his finances, subtracting out two-hundred coins made of silver, a dozen diamonds, and a rare black sapphire. Then he put it back and pulled his bag off, then rolled his shoulders. "Well? How does that sound?" He awaited an answer as he dug in his bag for what he deducted.

Now that she was not having to get stuff for anyone, til they asked next, she let her mind wander on the papers she had read. Was her father really going to just toss her off at some random place? Was she that much of a hassle? Was there too many mistakes to allow her to stay around any longer?

That is as far as her mind went before realizing her mother had followed her and was pointing to both Skimro and then the girl behind her. When she turned around, she was looking at her, so she walked over to her and smiled, her eyes averting away from her face. "Can I get you anything? A drink? Something to sit upon? Clothing to fix?" Her voice was meeker than usual, was it do to the fact this girl had helped her of her own accord and not because it meant she would get something in return?

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OOC: ELR (I'm just going to mention you on here for now to complete the conversation with Skimro; sorry to hold you up!)

Skimro took Jasper off to the side and began speaking in urgent, hushed tones. Discerning that this was very important to him, Jasper focused on what Skimro was saying so much that he was at a loss as to what the others were saying at the moment.

When Skimro mentioned the promethium, Jasper’s eyes widened and his mouth felt as if it had instantly gone dry. The container in which the amazingly rare element was found was also a telltale sign that the element was to be handled with care. Such was the radiation of the element. Jasper took the container with astonishment, and was visibly speechless.

Jasper looked down when Skimro mentioned the fact that he had paid dearly for the element. He didn’t have the heart to admit that when he had told Skimro he needed the element years ago, it was a wistful request that he never thought would be granted, even to the point of joking. Promethium could hardly ever be found. Thankfully the owner of the element who sold it to Skimro did not realize the true value of it, though he still charged Skimro heavily for it.

“Skimro…I can never thank you enough for this. I have never found someone who could get ahold of this stuff. Even in the schools back home, they had a select amount that stayed under lock and key. Again, I can’t repay you for this great kindness, and I don’t know what to say.” The one thing Jasper did not want to say was that he wasn’t even sure if his idea of a master invention would ever get off the ground. He needed the promethium for it, but he would never have thought that he would have the rare element before the prototype of the Tear was even finished.

The Tear, the machine that could revolutionize transportation and even help repair the rifts in the cultures. Maybe it was just a pipe dream. It was certainly a lofty goal. The thought that Skimro believed in Jasper enough to get this for him humbled him greatly.

Upon hearing about Skyla from Skimro, Jasper’s face went from astonishment to sadness. “That’s horrible. So horrible, Skimro.” He shook his head and closed his eyes for a second. “Wait…by ‘boss’ you mean Hanze? And does he have a place in mind to take her? You know I’ll help, Skimro. After this…it wouldn’t be enough to repay you to begin with. What does he think the safest place is at the moment?”

So, Skyla was partially Celestial? Jasper’s ignorance about the Celestials was almost as deep as his ignorance concerning the Netherkin, but he had a few books authored by Celestials back home that were centered on the subject of absolute truth and goodness. If she was only partially Celestial, what else was in her pedigree?

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Phoenix caught Skyla and wrapped her arms around her instinctively as she muttered phrases that were nearly incoherent. At least that's what she thought at first, but then she realized it was in her head. The girl was using telepathy and didn't realize it. The poor thing was trembling. She was about to ask what had happened in this building but then the girl started to pull away. She felt her emotions shift. The fear still lingered, but it was a different type. An anxious fear. It was almost as if she was hiding something. She was sapped from her reverie when Skyla thanked her.

"Oh, yeah. No problem. I was just worried," she said as Skyla walked past her.

She glanced around the building. Why was she even in here? For a chair? The message on the wall was some sort of warning. A blind man could feel the sinister atmosphere in here. It made her sick to the stomach. She backed up and turned to search for Skyla, who had nearly run into her. Well, more like they almost ran into each other. She apologized again. Phoenix tried to brush off the interior of the house. This girl was riled up. She didn't need Phoenix to make it worse. That collar concerned her though. Weren't Therians usually the collared ones? Not that she thought it was right, but that seemed to be more of what was considered typical. It was suspicious at best. She wasn't one to assume though. That group, if they were truly Wanderlusters, they wouldn't have a slave laying around. She could sense something else in this girl, but she wouldn't question her.

"You don't need to apologize." She smiled at her, hoping to put her at ease. "My name's Phoenix, or you can call me Fefe." She paused then placed a hand on Skyla's shoulder as gently as a mother would, "You're name's Skyla, right? You seem a bit troubled. I know we don't know each other yet, but if you need to talk about anything, you can come find me." She waited for a response, but she really needed to get back to the group so they could leave.

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ELR sunnyside

(( Oh yeah, derp, I thought Hanze was a Wanderluster and apparently he’s a Pactmaker? Not sure about the others though. ))

Shi’ran didn’t understand why Hanze seemed to get a little … he looked like he was beginning to lose his patience, or at least sounded like it. Dragon’s observation. The Therian appreciated the honest response about the terminology though and nodded to convey across that he understood. At the man’s more finalised statement about what to do? He just nodded again, and he pulled himself up from crouching on the dirt since there was no longer a need to.

”You’re putting a lot of faith into Jasper, eh? I suppose at least one of us needs to …” He commented once he was stood up straight, watching whilst Hanze foraged in a bag for … money? He wasn’t sure. ‘Money’ was such a broad term given the state of the world, the different necessities of different cultures …… apparently. Pause … and then a cough, and word to return the conversation from irrelevance to relevance. ”But, okay, I’ll go with that. The-uh-… Netherkin guy? Voth? He might stand out a bit too much in my opinion but, since he has to come with us— Because that person that runs the School said he has to … grrrgh.” (this part was muttered so under-breath that Hanze might not even hear it but he then continued on as normal; “–Then I guess it’s probably best I go with him so the others don’t get the suspicion. I’m gonna stand out anyway, most likely, unless there are other Therians around here.”

He was basically just giving a last opinion, without arguing Hanze’s decision. Hanze wanted to be the ‘boss’ – Shi’ran let him.

”… So what’s with all this stuff? I’m guessing the gemstones must be for bartering with the scavengers, huh?” He then asked, just because he was curious. A cursory glance away from Hanze told that he wanted to know how the ‘progression’ of getting ready to go was, and given what Hanze said he expected Shar (and Sefton’s other lackeys) to go off and ready the Cloudclipper to depart.

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Kershaw pouts a little and looks sad, swinging her feet back and forth under the chair that she's sitting in. "Aww. The coffee was what I was working on. I mean not the coffee itself. It's more that the extract is black and needs particulates to stay corporal and so coffee is all it really goes with. But I thought it would be an awesome experience. Like tapping into the dreams and experiences of yourself and others in the area. Just wild. I thought everybody would want some, and it'd be irresistible and I'd rule the school!"

She had started to get excited and her voice had been rising and she'd clutched the notepad to her chest. But then she frowns again and lowers it. " Maybe I need to include something else? "

She makes some half hearted notes on her pad. "Well, did it do anything interesting or was it just a bad feeling?"


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Shar listens as Shi'ran and Hanze sort out the details. As they seem to be reaching a conclusion Shar starts toward the airship. "That all sounds fine enough to me. As for the jetboard we could point you in the right direction and keep an eye on you. But don't let me goad you into something you aren't confident in. You should be able to fit in. You and Hanze seem to get along well, perhaps you can be the cozy pair on a bench. Perhaps that will help you sort out any final details on the way."

Shar starts back towards the airship and considered ordering Voth to come along...but then thought better of it. He wasn't exactly sure what made Voth tick, but he had a suspicion and was willing to let Voth decide when to come on his own.

Voth, for his part, just gave off a silent vibe of being unsure of what to do, but enjoying his tea and stool.

Ysar was still in the ship casually scanning the horizon with the calm thoughtless focus that his collar provided as a side effect of suppressing disturbing memories and thoughts. He absent mindedly took a bit of one of the leftover pastries, appreciating the comfort of his chair and the sweet taste in his mouth.

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Sliver Walked out her belly growled "Man im hungery i could eat an human"she cried walking down the hallway with her gang

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He swallowed and then looked Kershaw up and down. She seemed innocent enough, but he knew from experience that appearance could be not the same as the being themselves. "Okay.." He took a deep breathe and sat down.

"Interesting: some of the things seen were things I have dream-pt of doing or have already done while others were nightmares, things I wish would never happen. It was like being forced into both in the same place." He gritted his teeth and then withheld a grumble.

Well, Magiteck kids were known to use people for experiments. "It would have been nice to have known beforehand." Then something came to mind. "But it would be a nice prank to pull on some of the people here." He finally smiled at Kershaw, his plan was beginning to unfoil, his family wanted to upset the school balance and he just now found his first step.

sunnyside Ranshiin Yes, Hanze is pactmaker, Sone and Leopold are wanderlust, and Skimro magitech. ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde Your call on if you wish to leave it for conversations later on through com, or before leaving on the ship, or if it would be continued and awaiting for them to be called over to the group.

"You'd be surprised as to what magiteks are capable of." He laid out the bartering currency and then sought out his other booklet and viewed the list contently. "Do you know if your wanderlust has a dancing outfit?" He found what he was looking for, Sone's clothing list.

He chuckled at the comment about the Netherkin. "You'd be surprised on how many of them are found in places you would least expect them. When you avoid them for years, you come to realize they are always around." He could not find the one he was hoping to find. "They are straight forward in likes, dislikes, and finishing their objectives. You think slaves and servants are good at their jobs of obedience? Netherkin, nine times out of ten times, follow through and exceed the orders given."

Why couldn't he find it? Getting agitated, he shoved it back in his pocket. "Call these bartering chips, some require certain objects. Most times, though, this is what people seek out. Since most big places only use these for trading and buyings." He began splitting it into groups.

He put Twenty coins of silver, and two diamond into one pile. The next put one-hundred thirty coins of silver, four diamonds, and the black sapphire into the next. Lastly, he put the fifty coins of silver, and the six diamonds into the last. The first would be the wanderlust earning pile, the second for bartering for information, the last for seeking items for the mountains. IF they went there, that is.

He looked down to the ground, he could feel his cheeks go some what red, he was not good with thanks when it was for being something he was suppose to do. "If I do find any more then i know where to put it." He smiled up, but then back to a frown.

"Yes, Hanze is boss, he has protected me and kept me moving forward, has allowed me to expand inventions. Been trying to bring forth a new jetboard with old style look but with better set up than what in new boards." He remembered then something of importance. "If you go into the bazaar, can you pick up an order for me? It is the newest board. It will help with my research, I hope." He looked over at the dragon. "Would also help for a first generation board as well." Which was what the dragon, Shi'ran, had.

"The safest place? He believes it is this school which people are calling Seven Towers. He filled out application, has a note for Sefton, who I guess could not make it." And he wondered why. "It would keep her out of harms way from a group of Netherkin who are seeking him out." He felt better now that he knew but still felt bad doing it behind her back. "You can ask whatever questions you wish to ask."

He pulled out one of the ear pieces and the sleeve that went with it. "If we get into the field and you have a question then you can ask still." He pointed at a set of buttons on the sleeve. "My private line is the very last one, which will be closest to your elbow." Holding it out, the ear piece was small, just small enough to fit into ones ear without being seen, and was clearish, was meant for invisibility. The arm piece, on the other hand, was black, and absolutely seen on it.

Skimro pulled his arm up to show the same thing on his arm and then clicked the part of the sleeve that covered the palm of the hand and the device turned on. "With it being under your sleeve, you can turn it on and switch with ease, but that is if you know what you are doing." The device had over a dozen buttons that ranged from elbow to wrist. "Hanze is the next closest to the elbow. I will be giving you button seven, Shi'ran eight, Phoenix nine, the netherkin ten, and Shar will not need one unless he wants one." He bit his lower lip. "Though, I may have to use the tack to his ear to keep the ear piece in, but that may be hard to get back out. Unless he wishes to go out and rely on Voth, or if what I believe his ear canal width to be."

There was so much that Leopold wanted to do, compose a song, feel the none existent breeze, and dancing next to a fire.

But he couldn't, so he nabbed Sone's bag, and his own, and headed towards Hanze and the very tall dragon.

"Thanks!" He hooked his bag on his back and skipped in behind Shi'ran, or what he thought he heard his name was. "So, what's the plan?"

'Does she know?' She thought. Her heart picked up speed.

"I love exploring, but dead bodies scare me." She lowered her face and closed her eyes. "It is a downfall and I am to be obedient, that means even if you had not entered, i would have had to exit with the chair for the sir."

She let out a breathe then looked up, for a rare occassion, and looked Phoenix in her eyes, every fiber in her body screamed to look down, but her heart felt like she had a sister for once. "I will be fine, I should grab my bag, since everyone else has, and head over to Master Hanze and see what i can do." A smile formed around her mouth, her heart calming down.

Skyla skirted over to her bag, past the netherkin, and then followed suit behind Phoenix.

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Elise perks up her ears and looks around. The other wolves clearly can see or hear something she couldnt, and she didnt like that.

"What do you mean, connected?" She said slowly, trying to analyse the situation. "Who is back?" Silver... No that name didnt ring any bells. "Who is Silver? Is she the girl I saw in the woods?" She sniffs the air and looks at Eira. "Should we follow them?" and Luka Megurine

OOC: I think time to get this moving.

Anna paces around a little on her four legs and says to Elisa and Eira. "Ummm, oh yeah. You must have seen Silver. Remember when we first met you we almost attacked you because we were confused about what had happened here. We thought you'd been mean to her. But it was someone else, I guess, that sort of cat thing. "

Juanita stretches her arms over her head and butts in with.
" Those four are really connected to her and always do what she wants. The rest of us are together because individually we'd have been victims back there, and here too I bet. She's the strongest of any of us, and she has those four, so she kinda gets to lead. I think Carolus would really like to be the leader, but he's not strong enough to challenge her. "

One of the other brown Werewolves (Lilac) suddenly jumps in. "Hey Elisa. Maybe you could be part of the gang too. You're wolfish. How strong are you. And Eira I mean, I guess we've kind of got a wolf thing going but maybe we could branch out? "

Before anyone can answer Anna buts in "Anyway it might be good to see what Silver is up to, but some of us should probably stay here, I can track the others if anybody wants to come with me. "

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OOC: Juggernaut is running off, but Mizuki (or one of the others) could follow. Mizuki in particular doesn't have the movement abilities to keep up, but she might be able to get a ride from someone, or just arrive a little late.


Juggernaut bounds through the school. Soon he spots another Michael flying above him. This one without an escort from any kinda of magitech vehicle. But it might be the same one from last time. Part of the idea behind the Michaels is that it's hard to tell which one you're dealing with. In order to be heard over the flapping, the Michael yells at Juggernaut.

The Michael swoops down near Juggernaut, it's wings straining to keep pace. "I take it we're responding to the same disturbance? We're getting these all over campus unfortunately. Actually it makes me very sad... in any case the policy that has been passed down is to avoid violence unless there is a clear and immediate physical threat. That means for the most part we are allowed to do nothing."

Juggernaut can feel the relief from the Michael about being able to avoid even removing people in most circumstances.

Some distance away, the Silvers enhanced ears can hear company approaching, and could overhear the yelling.

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Cross Avantgarde ELR sunnyside ~Shobu~

Shi’ran frowned at Hanze and very quickly quipped about the ‘you’d be surprised what Magiteks are capable of’ bit without even needing to think; ”Oh, I know what Magiteks are capable of. I’ve lived with some for years … and none of them are like Jasper.” But it was just that – a quip, an observation. He didn’t have high standards of Jasper, though perhaps as time went by that would change? Maybe.

To the series of things that Hanze then proceeded to speak up about, Shi’ran answered in sequence, and as appropriate. ”… My Wanderlust? … uh, dancing outfit? My knowledge of you people is bad … pretty sure what she’s already wearing constitutes as a dancing outfit. Ask the Dog, he made us a bunch of clothes to wear for this trip. Made hers all frilly and sh**.

… and my experiences with Netherkin is limited too. I don’t really trust them.” He made no comment on the ‘slaves’ and ‘servant’ thing. Given he had said he had come from a Magitek settlement, it sounded like he knew and would rather not talk about it so brazenly as Hanze did. Instead, he turned his attention to the monetary things, watched, listened, and nodded.

He then posed Hanze a question, once he knew what each of the three piles of ‘money’ was for; ”So … if the first pile is to be given to the girl for dancing, and the second is for me and the Netherkin, and the last is for if we need to buy supplies …… then what are we going to use to barter for the robot? They aren’t going to just give us it.”

Of course, once he had an answer to that he didn’t really argue it or anything; he evidently wanted to get going (moreso he didn’t want to give Shar an excuse to complain), so he asked for this money to be put into bags or pouches or whatever-it-was-best-put-in for them to carry it. He was aware that Hanze’s friends had heeded being told they were to be leaving and had come across, so he didn’t want to keep them waiting and get complaints, either.

So, once that was in order and everybody seemed to be gathering and wondering what was going on … he thought for a moment about how to go about it, but then he came up with a simpler and perhaps better idea; ”We can talk about it whilst we’re on the ship, I guess. Or you can explain it to them, Hanze, but we should get going … I’ll go grab Jasper and his friend.” He said and shrugged slightly, judging Hanze’s response only by attempting to read the man’s expression … and then he turned and scooted away from the ‘large’ group of gathered Wanderlusters and Pactmakers to where the two Magitek kids were sat fiddling with things.

… Hanze had mentioned something about communication? They seemed to be fiddling with some communicator technology, and talking about it. Without really waiting to give the pair time to acknowledge he was there – outright interrupting them more-or-less – he stopped alongside Jasper and hooked the Magitek kid around an arm and proceeded to tug him away from Skimro. ”You two can talk about whatever you’re talking about on the damn ship. Weren’t you listening to anything I said earlier? We have to get going. You too, fat-Magitek.” He didn’t know Skimro’s name, so he just used his observation … a crude observation, but it was the only one. ”Your boss mentioned some way we need to communicate with one another on this little conquest Sefton sent us on … so you can figure it out on the ship, right? He said you should already have something.”

He then pulled on Jasper again to make the kid walk – and by proxy to make Skimro follow. Whatever communicator devices they needed for this foray into the ruined city they could sort out in the hour-or-so they’d be flying. Hopefully Hanze would’ve told Phoenix and Skyla and Sone and Leopald and whatever on what was going on. Hanze wanted to be the ‘boss’ after all.

(( He’s just impatient, mainly. And I'm not sure whether we should waste time explaining what's going on when we could just imply that the others have it explained to them? o.o ))

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"I take it we're responding to the same disturbance? We're getting these all over campus unfortunately. Actually it makes me very sad... in any case the policy that has been passed down is to avoid violence unless there is a clear and immediate physical threat. That means for the most part we are allowed to do nothing." Juggernaut looked over at Micheal. "I'm getting a lot of different emotions coming from the direction We're heading. Anger,Killing intent, Fear,Frustration,Panic,Worryisome,Madness,etc."

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Hanze wanted Skyla to get placed in the school? It saddened Jasper greatly to know that something that had happened to him almost incidentally—being placed in the school—was something that others needed desperately due to the protection it would afford. How long had Skyla been on the run?

Hanze had probably arranged this with Shar or, as Skimro had explained, with Sefton in the past. That’s undoubtedly why Skyla was brought to the group. “Skimro, I give you my word, if that’s my task then I’ll gladly carry it out. And if—”

He didn’t have time to finish his sentence as he was quickly being escorted—albeit by surprise—by Shi’ran to the ship. Shi’ran made it clear that urgency was required at the moment, and instead of making Shi’ran drag him, Jasper started to walk voluntarily, though his arm was still taken by Shi’ran.

“Okay, point taken,” Jasper said, walking in tow. He went over in his mind the numbers that Skimro had dictated. Jasper was number seven—his favorite number, coincidentally—Shi’ran was eight, Phoenix was nine, and Voth was ten. Skimro was the button closest to the elbow. Easy enough.

Jasper noticed the size of the small earpiece as he boarded the ship. This was a newer model, no doubt about it. The last com device he’d seen was larger than this one. It would be fun to try out.

As he boarded the airship again, he looked around. Where had Phoenix and Skyla gone? Perhaps they were already on the ship?

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(Mizuki) "Ah, gomen'nasai. The Bushi wanted me to check up on all of our members including yourself. After all, we haven't talked in a while since we got split up."

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OOC: ELR Ranshiin sunnyside Cross Avantgarde Hey guys, so I'll be going on a cruise next week so where ever we get by this coming weekend, I'll have Fefe out of commission somehow so that I don't hold you up. I'll try to post as much as possible this week accordingly though. Just wanting to let you know beforehand.

Phoenix simply smiled as Skyla spoke. She was a cute kid. Phoenix had a hard time believing this girl was a servant. There were too many signals, but it wasn't her place to speak about it. Instead, she waited for the girl to grab her back, then headed back to the group.

Shi'ran was already heading back to the ship with Jasper literally in tow. She looked to Hanze. Skyla had called him "Master". Taking a second look at him, she realized he was not a Wanderluster. He had a different air about him. Most likely a Pactmaker. She didn't know why they were trying to play the ruse of Skyla being a slave, but since it wasn't her place, she decided to play along for now. Sone and Leopold, the actual Wanderlusters had joined them as well. She didn't say anything and let Hanze speak. There wasn't much to say and they needed to get going. She could imagine Shi'ran had lost his patience completely, hence why he was dragging Jasper to the ship. It made her smile to herself just thinking about it.

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Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde sunnyside

Everyone filed into the slightly cramped airship, most were standing on the sides, Hanze handed him a piece of paper and Skimro fixed his goggles, he was ready as ever to give his instructions out.

He pulled out the box of equipment out and took a deep breathe. "My name is Sk-kimro." Not good.. NOT GOOD! He was panicking. "I h-have an imp-portant stuff for e-each of you." He rushed the last bit out of his lips and swallowed.

He pulled out the sleeves first and matched them up with ear pieces, fumbling more than he should have. "Shi'ran, eight." He let them pass the stuff down the line as he listed off. "Voth, ten, Jasper, seven, Phoenix, nine." Then he straightened up and looked directly at the wall where he could not see anyone, it is like practicing alone. "Skimro, one. Sone, five. Leopold, six. Hanze, two. Skyla, four. These are number digits for each person for personal lines." He pulled his arm out of his sleeve and then pointed at his arm, the sleeve was almost not seen, exception of glimmer. "When put on, the black sleeves shall stay black til activated." He pulled his earpiece out and it became black and once put back in it became clear once again. "The numbers are simple enough as long as you d-distance it on your arm."

He then pointed at the very top. "Be s-sure to have the buttons on the black sl-leeves facing inward." He straightened out his arm then pointed at his elbow. "This is one, two, and so on, as you go down the arm." He then took a even deeper breath with a swallow.

"The confused looks on your face must be from the fact they are huge, misfit looking to even stay upon your arms. I assure you, Skimro is a wonderful Magitek who made sure to let it fit all arms."

Skimro looked down just in time to see Skyla helping Phoenix with her arm sleeve, then pointed at the button so everyone saw, then held it just at her elbow and pressed the button. Slowly, it shrunk down and fit snuggly upon her arm. "Th-he ear pi-iece is in it's pocke-et." He swallowed harder. "Y-you can h-have the sl-leeve st-tay black t-t-too." He averted his eyes again. He felt extremely nervous, he could feel his whole body vibrating in fear.

She felt really sorry for Skimro. And assisting him with his demonstration to assist with the mission was the only way she could relieve some of his nerves. "To have it stay black, you have to press the button next to it." She helped Phoenix put the ear piece in comfortably, then when the sleeve became invisible, she pressed right next to where her finger had pressed the first button. Instantly the sleeve appeared and was visible. "Since you can not see the buttons, others will assume it an accessory like this. Sadly, Skimro has yet to perfect the color change." She chuckled remember it turning Hanze's arm purple, the arguement they had gotten into, and how they ended with laughter. "And, the most important part."

She stepped back, making her own sleeve black, she held her arm out, pulled out a piece on the sleeve and two buttons appeared. "The left button is to mic all." She hit the button, it shimmered for a second then nothing. "The second is to actually speak." She pressed the button and hummed for a second into it. She could see on a face or two shock of what she assumed was how it hummed slightly in their ears and then heard her voice only a second or two later. "There is a delay, it also depends on distances on how long the delay is. If the airship is two hundred feet away, that means it could take a minute or two for a reply to come back through. Unless you fixed that." Skyla looked at Skimro, then saw him shake his head. "Think that is about it."

He cleared his voice and stared at the paper that Hanze gave him. "Teams! Group one is in here, communications. Shar, Leopold, Hanze, Skimro." He swallowed and skipped extra details, then moved to second. "Second team split into single groups! Sone and Phoenix, you two are set for gaining financials extras. Voth and Shi'ran, gather intel. Jasper and Skyla, you two will go for preservative foods, items for useful tools, and so on so forth." He licked his dry lips and straightened up. "Leopold is runner!"

08-28-2015, 08:13 AM
Cross Avantgarde ELR and sunnyside and ~Shobu~ even though I don’t think Shi’ran has anything directed towards you two. Just so you know I’m still around >.>

Shi’ran didn’t let Jasper go, being very … well, hands-on about making the Magitek ‘follow’ because he was sick of sitting around doing nothing. It seemed that everyone else followed his (or Hanze’s) que and it wasn’t long until he was back onboard the Cloudclipper, wherein he let Jasper go, and everyone else followed suit.

Whilst Shar (he assumed) dealt with getting it airborne and moving towards wherever near this ruined city and the Bazaar the familiar wanted to dock the vessel for safety, Shi’ran sat himself down on his spot on his bench and just let everyone else sort themselves out, he didn’t care so long as they were getting somewhere.

In silence therefore, he listened to Skimro (who he had called ‘fat Magitek’) try to introduce himself and to explain what the devices that he passed out were. Were they the communicators that Hanze had mentioned the kid had? … Yeah, they were. They were self-designed obviously, typical of a Magitek. He figured that much but as Skimro struggled for some reason to co-ordinate what he wanted and needed to say about them, the stuttering and the difficulty began to grate on his nerves and ultimately he spat out a rather sharp complaint directed towards the poor kid who was trying his best to be useful.

“Oh for fu** sakes, will you stop stammering already? I swear I’ll come up there and kick you below the belt if I have to!”

Christ … and Hanze says I should rely on this guy? He can’t even pronounce his own damn name properly…

He would probably get shouted at for the threat, but the kid’s lack of confidence was agitating and thus he made it known. It seemed to work; Skimro stopped fumbling over his words so much. It was either that or it was by the … the weird girl with the Therian collar whom helped him to calm down. Shi’ran almost got up out of his seat but he proceeded to sit back down with a rough ‘thud’ and grumbled to himself before going back to affixing this strange, black-coloured sleeve to his arm in order to be ready for when they arrived at the bazaar.

Though Skimro opted to explain that the communication sleeve could camouflage itself, Shi’ran opted to leave his visible. Why? Because he was wearing a dustcoat, and the sleeve hid it from view anyway. It would make it easier for him to find the various buttons that seemed to be necessary to co-ordinate with other users too, if/when he needed to.

Thankfully, when Skyla demonstrated the voice communication he didn’t react; that was simply because he hadn’t figured out yet how to wear the earpiece. It was evidently intended for human ears and he, well, didn’t have human ears. He didn’t want to, but eventually he swallowed his pride and he stuck his hand up and spoke out regretfully. “… Can I get some help putting this damn earpiece on? … Please?”

… I take back what I thought earlier. When he’s not tripping over himself he’s actually pretty smart…

08-30-2015, 11:48 PM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde and ELR

As the groups discuss the sleeves Shar is up with Y'sar in the pilothouse. The takeoff was less startling without the sudden drop from the tower "spike" however the red crystals are obviously straining more than last time as they force the ship straight up off the sand before accelerating forward.

The flight to the bazaar is pretty brief and inconsequential, although there is some circling as Shar and Y'sar discuss where to put down. Eventually Shar directs the ship toward a rock outcropping near the bazaar. Y'sar can be heard struggling with the controls against the blowing sand as the ship on one of the orange windblown rocks of the wasteland. The outcropping isn't that big, but the height and lack of vegetation does provide a view of anything approaching, and somebody would have to go up a short but very steep slope to get to the ship.

However only forty yards away, protected by other outcroppings, the tents and small buildings of the bazaar start and stretch out from there.


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Scourgesdaughter Light Buster Black-Cat0001 Clockwork Bird Luka Megurine

OOC: Let's presume LBs character said their bit to Juggernaut before they ran off. One of their characters could show up at some point. Clockworks and Luka's characters could as well if they asked to follow Anna to Silver. It's also fine if they don't though.


The Michael replies to Juggernaut. "I suppose it is a matter of degrees, however aren't those emotions one would expect from a bunch of students thrown into such a new situation as this? Wouldn't you be picking that up everywhere?"

OOC: Since Silver and the others can hear Juggernaut and the flying armored angel looking Michael approaching but they don't really know quite where she is, it's up to Scourgesdaughter how she'd want to "make her entrance" or if She'd like to evade or something.

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Kershaw keeps up her pout a little. "We'll I guess it sorta kinda worked. It was supposed to be an awesome experience though.
Tapping into oneself and others in the school. All feeding thoughts and emotions into the ley lines and then I'd distill a bit of that. I mean that's awesome right?

I was going to have the greatest thing ever, and everybody at the school was going to come to me to get some. Well, at least a lot of them.

Hurm. Maybe I need to work on the euphoria. There are simple enough chemicals for that. Kinda boring and a little dangerous on their own.

But my distillate seems to immobilize the user for a while! No danger right! Ohhh! I think I know who might have some of the chemicals and components I'll need! I mostly have the basic hardware here already! This is going to be great! Um, you wanna wait here a bit or come along? "

Sam is reasonably sure she was actually listening to him fully, even if she doesn't seem to be getting around to addressing all his points anytime soon. Her hands are twitching, a bit like if she's considering grabbing Sam and dragging him along on her quest.

Cross Avantgarde
09-02-2015, 06:39 PM
sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

Shi’ran let go of Jasper once they were securely in the airship, and soon after entering, Skimro started to explain the use of his invention, the communication sleeves. Jasper couldn’t help but smile as he heard Skimro put the use of the communication sleeves into laymen’s terms. All of the work, all of the precise and intricate engineering, could easily be overlooked in favor of the sheer utility of the device. If one truly knew how much work went into such an invention, it would have been impossible not to marvel at how Skimro had made such a device at so young an age. He had surpassed Jasper’s skill, that much was certain, but that didn’t surprise Jasper in the least. When Shi’ran’s impatience became evident, Jasper felt for a second that he needed to step in and quell the negativity directed towards Skimro, but Shi’ran stopped soon enough on his own volition.

After Skimro was finished explaining the devices, an endeavor that took some effort on his part, he went on to read Hanze’s orders. Though Skimro had communicated Hanze’s wish for Jasper to transport Skyla away from the area earlier, in the orders he was told to stick with her and collect supplies, both practical and edible. Jasper nodded in agreement, but soon felt a pang of regret. He would have to split up from Phoenix, after all. Perhaps it would be just a short time.

Jasper looked over to Phoenix when that realization dawned on him, but he didn’t want to show any degree of discomfort. Instead he simply smiled, and looked back over to Skimro.

Takeoff was not long initiated, and though it seemed smoother than their first embarking, it did somehow seem noisier as well. The trip was surprisingly short. When they had landed—another smooth event—Jasper walked over to Phoenix and reached inside his workman’s belt for the gadget that he always had at the ready.

“There is almost no chance this will come in handy,” he said with a small chuckle, a smile starting to appear on his face, “but just in case you find yourself in need of some light, this will do the trick. Just squeeze it with a little force, and it’ll engage. Hey, maybe you could even name it while you’re at it? Never could come up with a good name for it, myself.”

He could have added the fact that it was his only original invention, but there wasn’t time and, had he been honest, it wasn’t something he wanted to admit in the first place.

After handing it to Phoenix with another smile, Jasper walked over to Skyla and formally introduced himself. It was a practical thing to do, given their assignment, and he realized he hadn’t yet done it. “Hello, Skyla. I’m Jasper. Jasper Baire. I’m a Magitek, like Skimro. Not quite as skilled, but I can find my way around a shop if need be.” He smiled again, realizing how skilled and resourceful Skimro had become. “Glad to be working with you.”

Jasper heard Shi’ran ask for aid in putting his earpiece in. Jasper walked over to Shi’ran and said, “May I?” Though he should’ve waited for an answer, he took the earpiece and placed it partway down Shi’ran’s ear, tucked snugly in a small crease in his ear. “That should be close enough to the inner ear, I think. And it should hold. I don’t know much about biology, but I’d put my money on you getting a good, audible reception with it right there.” He thought for a second. “And be careful.” Jasper figured that he knew Shi’ran enough to know that he wouldn’t care for that last comment, but Jasper felt that it was worth it to mention it.

09-07-2015, 09:06 PM
Ranshiin sunnyside ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde I have to apologize for the disturbance of writing, my schedule has been extremely busy, new job, broken vehicles, out of the house x15 more than usual for other stuff other than job, and lots more. Sorry.

Stepping forward while everyone was preparing, placing their equipment on, Shi'ran's question rang in his mind. "So, a very important question was asked, 'how will the robot be paid for?' Well, I have that on me, and will hand over when we head towards the correct destination." Smiling, he watched as his daughter was readjusting equipment on people and a pang of sorry filled him.

There was no time for that though so he pushed it aside and went to find Shar.

Skyla saw her father leave and the papers came back into mind. "I hope this fits well enough but not too tight." She smiled at Phoenix and then walked over to Skimro and whispered. "I think my father is up to something."

" Wwhat do you ttthink he is up to? " He asked back.

"I found papers to a place called Seven Towers." He coughed and looked away. "You know about this?"

" Your father told me not to tell you. " He squeaked. " Bbbbbbbbut, yyyou wwwwwill bbbe in ggggood hands. " She looked over at Jasper.

So someone else knew.. Her fear kicked into over drive, she stepped out into the hall away from all eyes and took several deep breaths. "Mother, spirits, those of great kindness, protect me please."

The look in her eyes was extremely creepy, her excitement contagious. "Let's go. Ladies first." He bowed and smiled, though he wish it had not been as wicked as it ended up being.

09-08-2015, 07:31 AM
Cross Avantgarde ELR sunnyside ~Shobu~

Shi’ran lowered his hand when someone responded to his query/request for help and likewise stopped attempting to fiddle with the earpiece lest he break it and screw up the mission. That was pretty much what this all was, wasn’t it? A mission, an end-goal … maybe he’d even get to punch someone. That was always fun …… though he was pretty sure many people would object to the fact that he wasn’t afraid of a fight. Pfeh.

He let Jasper do whatever he needed to do to get the earpiece settled; the dragon-Therian had to restrain himself from the urge to knock the Magitek away during the whole thing, and was inwardly relieved when it seemed to be done. So much so, that he even let out a small sigh in gratitude. “Thanks.” He mumbled quietly, though it was solely to the aid, not the kid’s request for him to ‘be careful’.

He indeed didn’t care.

Shi’ran otherwise minded his own business up until the ship found somewhere to settle that Shar was comfortable with and it seemed appropriate for them all to get ready. He got up then, stretched and yawned and waited a little for the others. He correctly recalled Hanze having said that they should go in as individual groups and at separate times, so he spoke out to request information from Hanze or Shar about the ordering.

“So … who’s going first? Since we need to go in separate groups who’s going first to the bazaar and … maybe we should decide on a timeframe on when to return? An hour? Two hours? I know we need to find these guys but we need a reasonable upper-limit of when to admit defeat otherwise we could end up here all day.”

I know the Dog wants me to be the leader but jeez, how am I supposed to know what’s best for this? They’re the ones who thought we should split up.

“… I’d personally say the dancing group go first, then they’d be set up and getting attention and I guess money and stuff when the rest of us show up. Might help ‘soften the mood’ to help me and the Netherkin get intel, I guess.”

Whilst he got an answer and everyone figured out when they would be headed out, Shi’ran collected his and Voth’s portion of the funds that they’d need to use for bartering. Hanze had said not to worry about bartering for the robot itself, so he didn’t worry about that. He basically just wanted to know when he could head out, and when he was expected to come back to the Cloudclipper.

These acquaintances of Sefton’s … they could get distracted for days, he felt, whilst watching the ruckus aboard the ship in wait.

09-12-2015, 11:07 AM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde sunnyside small sorry. FYI Hanze already left that area. Ranshiin has his already, the rest will be at the door when exiting.

Stretching, he listened and pondered. "You the boss, then that's what well do then." Limber thoughts, limber thoughts. He reached his hand out to Phoenix and grasped her hand gently, raised her hand and kissed the top. "I am ready whenever you are." And smiled, pulling out his ocarina and started out a low soothing tune while turning around skirted towards the exit..

09-12-2015, 06:36 PM
8522785228Sliver ears flicked she put her hand up the others stoped "Bone,Frost,Snake,Brick Battle Fomrasion its gonna get bloody" She whispered Sliver ran out the door faceing Juggernaut and the flying armored angel looking Michael Her gang right behind her Her claws out and leaped onto Juggernauts backs digging her razor sharp claws into it and bitting her fangs into her back the rest of them attacked Michael doing the same

09-13-2015, 09:50 AM
8522785228Sliver ears flicked she put her hand up the others stoped "Bone,Frost,Snake,Brick Battle Fomrasion its gonna get bloody" She whispered Sliver ran out the door faceing Juggernaut and the flying armored angel looking Michael Her gang right behind her Her claws out and leaped onto Juggernauts backs digging her razor sharp claws into it and bitting her fangs into her back the rest of them attacked Michael doing the same

OOC: Looks like Sliver is looking for Trouble, and She'll get it alright if Juggernaut gets actually furious. What people don't realize is that Taur species can take a arrow through their lower middle and it'll only hinder them not stop them from moving.

BIC: Juggernaut slammed hir adversiary and hir lower side into the wall whiling twisting around to Pepper spray Sliver in the eyes who was on hir back. Hir lower was going to be a little bruised from the wounds but nothing serious. Shi looked to see if Micheal needed any help.

09-14-2015, 03:31 PM

If Kershaw noticed anything about Sam's expression she gave no hint. Although while she doesn't exactly look away, Sam notices that she doesn't seem particularly good about making proper eye contact when she interacts.

In any case in a moment she's grabbed Sams hand and is dragging him through the hallways though the magitek tower.

As she gets into the actually populated regions Sam starts seeing a menagerie of creatures. Not just collared or employed Therians but what are probobaly biological constructs of some sort. Some of them made from animalish components. There are some copper skinned robot seeming creations bumping around as well. Some of them and some tech mages appear to be standing around near the stairwells and main halls as some sort of security, but Sam has no idea how they could tell who should and shouldn't be here. The aren't checking identification or anything.

Eventually Kershaw leads Sam to a dark corner of the tower. Sam notes this is because someone put grey cloth over the magic light sources that seem scattered over the rest of the interior spaces of the tower.

Kershaw barges into a door in the hallway suddenly.

Inside a couple people shield their eyes from even the relatively dim hallway light across from the door. Sam thinks that they seem more like laborers as opposed to students, judging them to be in their thirties and wearing fairly basic work clothes.

A young man who could be a student yells "Geez Kershaw! Have you ever heard of knocking!" He's got coat loaded up like a tech mage might, and is holding what seems like a sort of gas mask. The room seems to be mostly a blend of couches and a chemistry lab sort of thing in a corner, where bubbling beakers and long runs of glass tubing are up to something.

Without giving much though Keryshaw says "Yes, I've heard of that. Anyway I need some of your stuff."

The boy rubs his stubbly chin and neckbeard and replies. "Huh. I thought you said my stuff was "without novelty" and "dull" Decided you need a little relaxing after all this new school stuff? "

Kershaw says "I said that because it's true. However I need some as a reagent. So it's still useful. Don't get all gloomy! I think I'd like three hundred grams to start."

"Huh", he replies "Well, you make pretty good piping, I guess you could get that for three of those small burets you make."

Kershaw doesn't so much reply as make an high pitches happy squeal and gives a quick triple clap and hop, and if Sam doesn't resist he soon finds himself being drug out into the hall once again.

Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde and ELR

OOC: Don't let waiting on me jam this up, I'll just throw this in there quick.

IC: As everyone was talking Voth was hovering on the stairs to the pilothouse. He'd been entirely silent, but was opening and closing his hands into fists, anxiety of some sort playing out on his face.

Suddenly the blurts out. "Let's just get going. We've got the sleeves, so we can keep talking about the details as we go." He moves over by the hatch and gestures to Shi'ran "Lead the way student."

Scourgesdaughter Black-Cat0001

OOC: Huh. That makes things maybe complicated and interesting. As far as Silver and Juggernaut go, your high point characters are held together by your magic. They'll notice fairly quickly that any wounds you inflict on each other aren't brining the other down like you'd expect. You're free to resolve this in freeform RP/karma if you'd like, just come to me if you feel your more at an impass and would like a dice rolled. Also I'm not presuming that the gang members are shape shifters like Silver, though wolves with claws instead of cats. All the same points wise in any case. Much might depend on other players showing up as well.

IC: The Michael seems to be caught entirely by surprise by gang as they leap high into the air and start grappling him with their claws and jaws. With his wings wrapped up he plumets to the ground. The five of them hitting and rolling down a hill all in a big jumble. For the initial moment the Michael's armor seems to be holding up, but he can't really bring his oversized sword into play like this either.

09-16-2015, 12:02 AM
OOC: Ranshiin ELR sunnyside This post is gonna be awful, but I'm just trying to catch up at the moment. Cross Avantgarde So I kind of assumed it was some sort of squishy ball-like device. I don't know why but that's what came to mind when he said "squeeze". Correct me if I'm wrong haha.

Phoenix didn't say as Skyla helped her with her communicator and band, instead just thanked her with a sweet smile. She didn't know why Skimro was so nervous, but she didn't pry. She kept her abilities at bay, which took a bit of concentration. To block out a person's emotions that were so close to her took effort. She still needed some help in that area. Following suit, she boarded the Cloud Clipper along with everyone else.

When they landed, Jasper approached her. She couldn't resist the smile that spread across her face. Regrettably, they would be working separate, but it was only for a little while hopefully. She was just glad that Skyla was under his care. If anyone, he was the most capable. He handed her some sort of little device. It was shaped like a pebble that fit perfectly in her hands, but when he squeezed it, the light was rather bright.

"It's lovely. Thank you," she said, smiling down at it as she took it with the upmost care. Immediately, she recalled a name she learned from an unforgettable old man during her travels. "Lucia." It was the name of his daughter whom had passed away at a young age. It was only a coincidence that it meant 'light'. She gave it another squeeze to turn it off and placed it into her satchel.

After Shi'ran spoke, she was about disembark when Sonne, the Wanderluster she was paired with, came up and kissed the back of her hand, spoke, then exited. Normally, this would not bother her, but she knew how this looked to non-Wanderlusters. "Of course," she said, smiling. She resisted the urge to throw a glance back at Jasper and walked off the ship like nothing had happened. She'd be lying to herself if she wasn't a little concerned about his reaction, but to Wanderlusters, it was completely customary.

09-16-2015, 09:08 AM

As they walked, and Sone played, he noticed her sigh, her shoulders lower than a normal wanderlust, and her head lowered.

He took a deep breathe and stopped playing. "I have no boundaries when it comes to wanderlust but you seem upset so I must ask what is bothering you." He turned around and began walking backwards.

Cross Avantgarde

Skimro looked into the room and waved Jasper outside before he continued. He took a HUGE deep breathe and let it out.

Confidence! That was the one thing Skyla has been trying to get him to do, now was the time to put it into practice. HAD to.

"It iisn't mmy decision." He took the papers from Skyla and lowered his head. Confidence was a losing battle...

They kept silent until Jasper walked in and Skimro handed them right into Jaspers hands, including the ticket for his pick up item, and smiled at Jasper, a poor meekly one. "She is now in your hands." He turned to Skyla and smiled. "Maybe it's time for th-the scarf." Then left them with that and moved to his station to set up the big communication box.

She wanted to cry, but tears were pushed back. Instead, she stormed towards the exit, grabbing their bag of coinage on the way, and watched in the distance as Sone and Phoenix were walking towards the destination.

Hoping to be fast, she pulled her hair up and twisted it into a bun and felt for the latch. She froze as she felt hands helping her with it, she hadn't even heard the door open or shut.

As the collar fell to the ground, Jasper can see horrible damage to her neck, places were her skin had ripped open, where pieces of the collar had dug into her neck, bruising in certain places, and scar tissue from over the years layered over each other. Though it was just a second, his eyes could see and register everything of it.

Then next second she pulled a scarf out and put it over her shoulders, undid her hair, and put the scarf over her head to cover her hair and neck.

She was humiliated beyond what she was willing to admit and the veil broke once again, her unknowing, her thoughts somewhat clear to Jasper's own mind. "Why? Why did he have to see? Why does he want me to leave? Was I not good enough for his purposes?" And they went on and on, round and round for a minute or two.

Then she broke away, her mind focusing on the mission. "We should get going." Her voice was so low that her inner voice sounded like it had been shouting. She held her head low, put the collar in her bag, then headed towards the Bazaar.


Walking in, he could visibly see the frustration on Voth's face, and he watched as the dragon-Shi'ran, was tapping his toes. He couldn't resist any longer, he walked right up to him and looked up. "What would you like for your board?"

sunnyside I shall leave the first one short but a real response for Sam, can ignore Hanze's section if wanted.

Finally making his way into the pilots station, he watched out of one of the windows as they went off group by group. "Think the kids can actually do it? My money is on it having lots of quirks. Or how about a bag of bones?" He smirked.

[color=teal] Sam stayed quiet, he watched and observed, the smells went to his head and started making him feel like he was on waves, then was pulled back out of the room and the feeling almost instantly disappeared.

He came here to disrupt the school, though he felt guilty about it on occasion, but ended up being this girls personal pet project or assistant or whatever. "What is a buret?"

09-18-2015, 08:37 PM
Sliver. Yowled in pain Bone got off and attacked Juggernaut his power slamming agent the wall snake and frost and brick attacking a swell. Leaping onto Juggernaut as there leader was blinded Slivers got back up and attack Juggernaut as well. Her sharp wolf claws attacking at her eyes scaring over the

09-19-2015, 06:05 AM
Cross Avantgarde ELR sunnyside ~Shobu~

(( I admittedly thought out an entire conversation with Voth but I ran out of space. I'll try and remember to do it in another post or something. ))

Shi’ran frowned to himself as the rest of the ‘crew’ (if it could be called a crew) got themselves together to do what Hanze had suggested they do; Hanze himself wasn’t even around at that point but it looked like everyone echoed what the Therian had said he thought they should do and that …… well, it was a good thing. People stopped loitering aimlessly.

He saw Phoenix and the weird guy with the guitar-looking-thing share a moment and then disembark the ship; he didn’t understand Wanderlusters at all, they seemed so … random. His ears then turned from the doorway to a small conversation he heard between the two Magiteks and the girl with the Therian collar, whom he couldn’t tell whether she was a real Therian or not. Well, why would she wear a collar if she wasn’t one? Such a thought was absurd, right? He couldn’t really hear much of what they said, save for something about a ‘scarf’. Shi’ran was completely clueless to the matter of Skyla being taken towards the school he’d come from.

Then she left, with Jasper. It was basically just him and Voth left at that point so … he fetched his Hoverboard from besides the tables and went to head across to where the Netherkin was stood, only to get stopped by Skimro out of the blue. Shi’ran, admittedly, would’ve just outright dismissed the kid had Skimro not projected an air of confidence in his voice – or at least he didn’t stammer, which was enough to get his attention.

“… Huh? My board?” He sounded confused for a second; his mind had been focused on other things so he’d forgotten about why he was even there. “Oh yeah-…uh … what do you mean ‘what would I like’ for it? To be honest I was told that somewhere on this trip someone would have a more modern one; that was what your ‘friend’ Sefton told me … he called it a Jetboard.

…… I think earlier Hanze mentioned that you’d know something about this stuff, right?” He paused there, lest he overwhelm the Magitek kid with so many things to comprehend. He was just relaying what he knew and had been told, of course; he didn’t know about what Skimro might have or might know that would be of use to him.

Cross Avantgarde
09-20-2015, 07:08 AM
~Shobu~ Perfect description of the portable light.
ELR I hope I articulated Skyla’s thoughts hitting Jasper correctly when the collar fell off. If not, just let me know and I’ll edit.
sunnyside Ranshiin

“Lucia,” Phoenix had called the device. As Jasper had guessed she would, she had given it a great name. Much more inspired and original than “portable light,” to be sure.

As she spoke to Skimro, Skyla looked over to Jasper and, though he couldn’t be sure, he thought he saw distress in her eyes. She probably knew of his task to watch her; that much Jasper was sure of. He was mistaken, however. Skyla knew much more than that, and knew that she was supposed to be escorted to the school. Given Skyla’s quick exit out of the room, it seemed that she was unhappy with the proceedings at best.

Great. I just got assigned this task and I’ve already lost her. Some escort…

Skimro motioned for Jasper to follow Skimro and Skyla, and he did so. Skimro gave Jasper a collection of papers and an item ticket, but seemed troubled. Had something occurred in his discussion with Skyla that had troubled both of them? Skyla headed quickly for the door again after Skimro’s exit.

Jasper sighed and started to follow her, but as he did so he saw Sone kiss Phoenix’s hand. The quick male instinct of mixed jealousy and nervousness and even a tinge of anger struck up inside him, but perhaps the fault was his own. Maybe he’d been reading too much into Phoenix’s actions, and this was simply kindness or her culture’s natural way of interacting with others. Had it all been wishful thinking? The thought dimmed his mood, but he hoped he was wrong. Phoenix’s smiles seemed much too deep, at least to him, to be flippant. The quick event had the effect of causing Jasper to lament his separation from Phoenix all the more.

Jasper reached for the handle as Skyla was putting her hair up in order to open the door for her, but he was quickly taken aback by the falling collar or, to be more exact, the markings on Skyla’s neck. Almost simultaneously, he felt strange feelings, almost like another person’s thoughts, going through his mind at the time, though he couldn’t make sense of any of it. Was Skyla doing this, or was something else going on. It rendered him incapable of talking. Why was she wearing that collar?

Skyla quickly put on a scarf, said they should be going, and walked outside towards the Bazaar. Finally collecting his wits, Jasper followed outside, papers and ticket in tow. “Hey! I mean…wait.” The word choice wasn’t any better.

“Skyla, one second, if you will,” he said, hoping to mitigate the controlling sound of his words. “Can we walk together?” Walking in silence wasn’t the best idea, that much seemed certain. What should he talk about? The collar? Out of the question for now. Sone? No, his jealousy would be obvious, and he was ashamed of that fact. Skimro seemed a safe enough topic, and Jasper was genuinely interested in hearing the story from Skyla’s perspective.

“So, while we walk…do you mind telling me how you met Skimro?” She was clearly troubled. Would talking help at all?

09-20-2015, 05:22 PM
Sliver. Yowled in pain Bone got off and attacked Juggernaut his power slamming agent the wall snake and frost and brick attacking a swell. Leaping onto Juggernaut as there leader was blinded Slivers got back up and attack Juggernaut as well. Her sharp wolf claws attacking at her eyes scaring over the

Fighting against the pain Juggernaut grabbed a hold of Silver's Collar and using a 1/10 of hir overall strength did a Punch to her face which would make any who didn't have master stamina training to go flying a few feet.

09-21-2015, 12:54 AM
Cross Avantgarde Oh good!
ELR I think I'm describing the right character. If not, correct me. It's a little late and I'm too tired to look through old posts. =.=

Phoenix lifted her gaze from the ground. She hadn't even realized she was acting strange. It was only natural that Sone would notice, being a Wanderluster himself. There was no use hiding anything from him. Empathy was their thing. It was what made them such an honest culture. Besides, Sone had this disposition about him that made her feel at ease. His soft, almost feminine features were definitely pleasing to the eye and his music soothed her, reminding her of the childhood spent with the Sun Dancer tribe.

"It's nothing major really. I'm just a little concerned that our customs might be lost on other people." She said, playing with her braid. "I know it's silly to worry but, well, I don't want a certain someone to get the wrong message. He's pretty clueless when it comes to our people." She laughed a little, more to herself, when thinking of Jasper's eccentricity.

She hoped Sone wouldn't scold her about her 'selfish love' ideal. That's what Onyx called it when she told her about her feelings for Spirit. 'Wanderlusters are people of free love. We possess nothing and no one. Everything belongs to the Earth,' she had said. Phoenix was stubborn, but in the end Spirit was like-minded when it came to the concept of love. 'Love all and all will learn to love' is what he had said. That was one of the reasons she had to leave the tribe. That one ideal nearly isolated her from everyone else and she couldn't bear it.

09-23-2015, 12:17 PM
, but ended up being this girls personal pet project or assistant or whatever. "What is a buret?"

OOC: Hurm. Noted. Though I assure you I don't intend to create GMPCs that steal the show. It's still Sam's situation. I'm sort of poking you toward another player (or two) that I hope to get active again.


Answering a technical question with more excitement than seems warranted Kershaw says. "Um. Ok, so a buret is like a glass tube, but there is a valve of some sort in it, and then above the valve there are marks in the glass so you know how much liquid you have in it. Then after you measure, you open the little valve and the liquid goes where you need it. I appreciate the curiosity and hope that helps out in some chemistry class you have!"

As they get closer to her laboratory she starts thinking out loud. "You know, the experiment sort of worked. It's just that you didn't enjoy the experience exactly. I wonder if that's maybe because you live too freely and seem to have neurotypical emotions. Maybe others would experience it entirely differently! Like Netherkin! "

She gives a little shiver "They and their little minion things give me the willies though. Studies have indicated they can be dangerous and are usually...weird. And, um, I should really get started on making the burettes. " She seems a bit awkward. "I guess what I'm asking is if you'd be up for taking some of the product and getting some Netherkin students to try it? Or some other students if you think that would go well. I could give you the plain stuff you tried, and some laced with the euphoria inducer we just picked up. "

She looks nervously at Sam for a moment. "Ummmm, when the stuff gets popular I can totally cut you in on a percentage. Actually, I hadn't really thought through the whole selling business."


Black-Cat0001 and Scourgesdaughter

OOC: Scourgesdaughter, I think part of your last post got cut off. Though Black-cat0001 seems to have rolled with it well enough. FYI you might consider PMing other players that might be involved with you. They might respond well to that. I throw in some mentions here though.

Clockwork Bird
Luka Megurine
Light Buster

For the wolves, a wanderlust type could be very useful in avoiding detection, ThatOneBelgianGuy has a character, though an NPC might be an option.

Also I'm still sitting back as you freeform. However the full gang together has an advantage over Juggernaut, though they'll find Juggernaut won't go down from slashes that would have ended a more normal individual instantly, much the same as how Silver is highly resistant.


As the gang rushes to surround Juggernaut the Michael slowly stands up. A small amound of blood coming through some damaged portions of the armor.

They're quick to retrieve their huge sword, and then look at the gang members. Vulnerable to being charged and stabbed in the back. However the Michael hisitates. It's hard to tell their emotions due to the expressionless ivory face on their helmet, but they seem reluctant to engage in violence. The delay has only been seconds, but those seconds feel like an eternity for those giving and taking damage just a few meters away.


09-24-2015, 10:11 PM
Ranshiin Always time to talk to Voth ^-^; When my annoying Magitech shuts up.

Skimro scratched his chin thinking deeply. Modern ones were expensive, his was the newest one, but he id not have it on hand yet, Jasper would have it on him once he obtained his package. But would trading for the new for the old be worth it?

"I'm not friends with Sefton, but Leopold and Hanze are, or at least Leopold is, Hanze and Sefton aren't always on the same page." Crossing his arms, and pacing for almost a minute, seeing the Dragon getting irritated, most likely from being impatient from awaiting his answer. "Okay, let's say that I could get my hands on a modern one for you, would you trade even for it?" He looked him straight in the eye.

Cross Avantgarde Yup, right person, maybe I should have been more clear on that.

She slowed down until she was walking side by side with him, her eyes towards the ground. The question put a smile on her face, but only a small one. "I do not mind answering. I met him when I was a young child. Hanze, Sone, and Skimro would visit my mother and I at least once a month, they would eat, sleep, and assist in any issues my village would have.

"My mother was very fond of Hanze. But you speak of Skimro." She closed her eyes while they continued to walk, the sun high enough to raise the heat.

"You could say that he was my guardian, he would show me new inventions, teach me about different types of material, different tools he used. He never taught me anything more than that though, he said it was a safety thing, something kids should never do." She exhaled and pulled her shirt closer to her neck, covering the tattoo from his eyes, pulled the scarf down slightly. "He introduced to me music, and technology, and told me what it was like growing up."

She watched his eyes looking forward, she could guess who he was looking at. "Tell me about you and Skimro, if you do not mind." Bringing up what she assumed would be bad especially since she did not know for sure if what she thought she saw was real.

~Shobu~ You got it correct.

His fingers slowed even further, she sounded sad and upset. "Love is a tricky matter." He changed his tune to a happier one, then smiled. "Some say that love is for all, and all whom follow suit shall learn to love." Then laughed. "Maybe it is true, maybe not. I believe, you set the tune on your instrument and play and maybe those who listen will remember why they love, or ask who shall I love and love me in return."

He spun backwards and walked in front of Phoenix, his heart swelling with hope. "I believe your friend, as you said, may have misinterpreted, my apologizes." Sighing, he returned his ocarina in his bag, it was hard to speak and play at the same time. "I do hope to amend the wrong i have done upon your emotional boundaries." He bowed and returned to walking forward. "Maybe the spirits will guide him to you in manners unnatural to what we normally expect. With what the world has become, the wind blows anew, the rain falls fresher, and the sun and moon dance brighter every day." He could remember people dancing and eating, and most upsetting the spirits of the world by using their status as wanderlust to make profit for gain instead of enjoying everything around themselves.

Though he earned money, he was not for his own profit but for future expenses for people he cared for and he danced and played for the spirits either way. As long as they let him be free, he could sing and dance and be free. Though he forgot about the spirits on occasion. "As long as it is close by and of your free spirited will, you can do anything. What do you believe?" He asked as the Bazaar came closer into view.

sunnyside Before even reading I was considering making Samsilus leave the tower to find others who need interaction since he was created for such things as that and the idea of passing out drugs may help 'HIS PLAN' of helping his clan destroy the towers.

Interesting! He had never heard it be called such a name before. "Possibly, and passing it out gives me time to go to my tower to actually wash up and change." He smiled. This would be a fun friendship.

"It did give a weird feeling, a PUSH to relax, those with a stuck up personality-" He flinched at his own words. "-may not enjoy it like others may. Don't give up. I will pass it out to Netherkin, possibly Wanderlusts too. They seem free spirited enough to like it."

09-26-2015, 11:37 AM
@<a href="http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=27400" target="_blank">ELR</a>

Sone's words were wise and up-lifting. He was very true to what a Wanderluster should be--laid back, carefree, and compassionate. Not to mention musically talented. As he spoke, she felt a weight slide from her shoulders. She already felt comfortable around him. Then again that wasn't too hard when she was amongst her own kind.

"I believe that you're right. The spirits will guide me as long as I stay true to myself. There's no need for you to apologize though. I'm sure if he is concerned about it, he will confront me about it. If not, I'll simply ask him if it bothered him and explain. It shouldn't be a complicated matter. So," she said, as she released her hair from its braid and shook it until it fell in fiery waves around her shoulders. "Let's go have some fun, shall we?"

With that, she took out two pairs of zill from her satchel, slipped them on her fingers and danced towards the bazaar, tapping the cymbals together with jubilant fervor. She spun on the balls of her foot and smiled at Sone, urging him with twists of her wrist and rhythmic chimes to hurry.

OOC: In case anyone doesn't know what zills are:


Cross Avantgarde
09-27-2015, 06:40 AM
sunnyside Ranshiin ~Shobu~ ELR

Though Jasper did not see the tattoo, when Skyla moved the scarf the scar tissue became evident again for a second. Surely, it was too early to bring that up. Even so, Jasper couldn’t help but wonder what had happened. He would have to ask soon, he thought.

Smiling when she talked about Skimro, Jasper nodded. “A guardian. Yep, that sounds about right. Skimro was always generous and selfless.” Nostalgia welled up inside him as he spoke, memories flooding back to him along with other peoples’ faces.

“I don’t mind talking about it at all. We have this huge fair every year in which the Magitek show off their new inventions. It’s full of wonder, excitement, speculation, and the occasional explosion. Well, I met Skimro there. He was tinkering with a device that his family was trying to sell and couldn’t seem to fix it. I was able to try a different wiring configuration and it just so happened to work. Basically, I got lucky, and he was so thankful. It’s probably the only time I’ll ever improve something he’s made. I don’t have to tell you how skilled he is.”

Jasper laughed as he added, “He even took my request to get Promethium seriously. I have no idea how he found it, but I need it to add luminescence to a device that only exists in here.” At this, Jasper pointed to his head. “The luminescence must be added without including any spare parts, so I need to apply something instead of build something. You see, an application allows…”

He stopped short. Being around other cultures had allowed him to realize that it was possible to talk about things other than machinery. “It’s rather boring. But anyway, I lost contact with Skimro years ago when he stopped showing up to the fair. And now he shows up out of the blue, and gives me the Promethium! He’s one of a kind. But he also told me that his family was killed. It’s heart-wrenching, and it couldn’t have happened to a better person.”

As they walked on, he realized that he might lose sight of Sone and Phoenix very soon—possibly, anyway. “Hey, that Sone guy...what culture is he from?” The way in which he walked with Phoenix made him see how much they had in common. He hoped it was restricted to a cultural reason as opposed to one based in chemistry.

“One more question, if you don’t mind. I saw that you looked pretty upset after Skimro spoke with you. What…”

Jasper didn’t want to reveal too much, but he wanted to know how much Skyla knew about the plans to relocate her at the school. “What was the matter?”

09-29-2015, 11:54 AM

OOC: Located at the Netherkin tower is animereality who hasn't been RPed with properly in the game yet, but is a delight. ThatOneBelgianGuy has his character there as well if he'd be interested in playing again.


Kerhsaw gives a little clap and rushes towards her lab. "I hadn't even though about the Wanderlust culture! They seem to experience so much on their own. I figured the Netherkin would be the big sell as they seem to always be missing something emotionally and are seeking it. But perhaps experiencing a lot just makes you want to experience more?"

Once she reaches the lab she gets right to work on some more "coffee". Soon steam is shooting through spikes, crystals are glowing, and the skulls are being spun so fast Sam can't even really make them out individually.

Sam has a bit of time then, but soon she is filling up and corking vials of the substance and putting them in two small satchels alongside papers and a towel she's cut up. One satchel labeled "with" and one "without".

09-29-2015, 01:25 PM
ELR sunnyside

(( Sorry. I’ve been dealing with finance issues and other sorts of stress. ))

Shi’ran listened to what Skimro had to say in answer to him, but frowned and muttered an underhanded comment about when the Magitek kid explained that he didn’t really know Sefton. “Okay, okay, whatever, you know what I meant,” was his comment, but it wasn’t spoken loud-enough to really interrupt Skimro and it wasn’t its intention.

So, the real question that he had to answer … a trade? The dragon-Therian stole a glance away from the kid in search of Voth, since he figured that the Netherkin would probably be getting … impatient? Did Netherkin get impatient? Probably. But it stood to reason that he needed to get going. Skimro had a valid point though. A deep one, too. Shi’ran ended up rubbing a finger and thumb against his chin whilst he contemplated it.

The obvious connotations of the answer were simple. However, the more apparent problem he had wasn’t.

“… Would I trade even for it? Yes. I would.” He answered, figuring to get the simple answer spoken so Skimro knew he was paying attention. “However, the bigger question about that is … what? What exactly would be deemed an ‘even’ trade to you? Monetary payment? Resources? Completing some task or assistance of some manner?

… I guess this thing-…” He meant his Hoverboard, as ancient and oft-unreliable as it was, “…-would be under consideration too? I mean, I’ve had this one for a long time…”

09-30-2015, 10:21 AM
~Qanun, looks like a lap sized harp made inside a odd shaped box. Also can be spelled as Kanun.
~And this is going to get slightly crazy with describing the bazaar (If you don't like it sunnyside then just let me know and I will change it up asap), and SOME of the stuff found there.
~Splorg, Magitech candy with a mixture of odd flavors.

AHA! Something he DID enjoy doing. Now if only he had access to a Qanun to go along with her Zills. They would sound wonderful together, but he left his back in his homeland a long long time ago. Maybe he could find one in the Bazaar.

Instead, he spun around and started clapping his hands to the rhythm she set, just the tips so it had a deep sound to her light chimes, and clinks. His twists were not as elegant as the fair lady who was dancing in front of him.

As they got closer, they could both see how rickety it looked, run down, almost like no one was around for miles, not a sound.

This made Sone smile, it was a quiet place, and it was time to liven it up!

As they entered, he realized why it was so quiet, though it was quiet on the outside, you can hear the voices down below, can see a new set of handmade steps that leads down the side of the wall, and when he looked down, he could see lots of lights, and four levels of places down below. And to their left was a machine to bring things up and down. It looked almost shabby but Sone thought he saw a invention he remembered hearing Skimro talk about all the time upon it, so it was nothing more than an illusion of being shabby if that was what was on it.

And then on the ceiling was a device that Skimro explained to him before. "Certain places dislike disturbing the outside so that black orb piece up there?" He pointed it out to Phoenix. "That cancels noises outside of the building. So even if it is cricket sounding only outside, there could be one heck of a fight in here, RIGHT HERE, and no one would be able to hear them." He smiled and then started down the stairs, dancing and clapping his hands, and being careful not to fall.

Most his attention was on places that were inside of the building. Then he pressed the button, swinging his hands up in the air, doing a half spin, then pointing out places to Phoenix while he spoke but was talking to everyone in general. "I see a sound canceler up top, four floors. seems like top is mostly a pub like area, there is a bar so watch out kids. I don't think Shi'ran will get asked for tag ID, seems to mature to have to be asked, but best not since he is in school." He thought he heard grumbling in his ear. "Looks like instant eats are there too. Second floor looks like it is mostly just fabrics, baskets, instruments, and so on of that type of stuff." His eyes found a Qanun and he held in a gasp of excitement, but the excitement still found his voice.

"The third is Magitech crazy, everything from small handheld splorgs, up to as large as a modern chem sets build to fit inside any room." Then his eyes caught something bone chilling. "There is a corral for slaves..." He hoped Skyla was covering up the collar.

"It will go well." Skyla intervened.

"Focus!" Hanze's voice crackled in louder than Sone expected from him.

"Yes, sir." He swallowed and continued semi dancing down the stairs. "The last floor is literally the most crowded of all four. It has a mixture of Magitech stuff, clothing, packed foods, sellings of slaves, it is a mother load of stuff." He unpressed the button finally and turned to look at Phoenix.

"Are you planning to use Phoenix? Or another spirit bound given name?" He smiled, he knew exactly which floor they should preform on. In the bar!
Ranshiin Thought I had Skimro state something about a Modern Jetboard, oh well. And it is okay, I just added in a paying job, and a few other things to my pile so I get to look on here once a week. Hope everything will be fine with you.

His eyes began sparkling with excitement, overjoyed by the thought of getting his hands on that jetboard. "A brand new, never been used, jetboard for your old one!" He slightly squealed with overflow of joy. Shi'ran could see it bubbling off of him like boiling water.

He awaited Shi'ran's answer when Sone began describing the building.
Cross Avantgarde

"To apply something means to join while in the other sense it means to combine, yes?" She thought she was keeping up with him well enough, maybe the lessons with Skimro had paid off after all. "Or did I not understand that at all?" Skyla bit her lower lip in wait.

She then smiles fondly once more, letting lose of her lower lip. "Yes, he is one of a kind, heart filled, welcoming, shy but extravagant, and selfless. That may be why we understand each other very well." Jasper was easy to talk to, just like Skimro.

Sone and Phoenix disappeared inside of the building and he started talking, and added a comment when needed with a snap from her father to stay focused. Was that really needed?

When Sone finished she shook her head slowly and began to walk slower. "Sone is wanderlust, he is different than most tribes of wanderlust though. He believes purely on the spirit and self-guidance, he enjoys having fun, and he sometimes does not realize until it is too late if something upsets someone else. He is like a child most times, wants the fun and adventure but forgets everything else that goes along with it." She chuckled. "Whenever he would get sassed by dad, he would come over to me and-" She froze, she just called Hanze her father in front of a stranger. "Erm... uh..." Looking away, she continued, her guard back up slightly. "He would come to me to calm down from being upset."

She crossed her arms and slowed her breathing so the panic attack would subside. And the next question brought it to the surface even worse. "It was... it was over the fact I am being forced to go to the school and never informed about it..." She closed her eyes and forcefully focused on calming down. "Being a child sucks." She whispered.
sunnyside that works too!

He eyed the satchels and shrugged, she would explain if she wanted him to know, though it was very curious as to what she was attempting to do with the two different bottles. "We better go and get something to eat before classes start." Instead of waiting for her, he started out ahead of her.

Light Buster
09-30-2015, 12:45 PM

OOC: I'm going to assume that I've caught up with Black-Cat0001 and to see her under attack.

The three Bushido caught up with Juggernaut to see her surrounded by a set of attackers. While they were to observe some notable warriors, they were currently under attack. For the time being, they need to save her and her friend. The three prepared for combat as they caught up.

Cross Avantgarde
10-03-2015, 08:33 AM
ELR (I’m assuming only Skyla heard Hanze’s order to focus; if not, let me know)
~Shobu~ sunnyside Ranshiin

“I see Skimro is a good teacher as well as being a good inventor. Yes, that’s right. I have to combine the Promethium to the device as opposed to making a separate apparatus for it. The design will not allow for one centimeter to be altered, and yet I have to find some way to generate luminosity.” The way in which Skyla spoke of Skimro confirmed in Jasper’s mind the fact that Skimro had not changed all these years. That was a good thing.

Skyla spoke into the communication device and then seemed to hear something in return, something not altogether pleasant. Skyla then revealed that Sone was indeed from the Wanderlust culture, a statement that relieved Jasper a bit. Now he could chalk up the chemistry between Sone and Phoenix as stemming from a common culture—he hoped. Surprised at his own jealousy, he spoke once Skyla finished.

“So, Hanze is your father? Or did he adopt you, perhaps? I know you spoke of your mother liking Hanze a great deal, but I don’t want to assume anything incorrectly.” Jasper felt that this was possibly asking too much too quickly, but it definitely beat the collar question. “Sone sounds like a good guy,” Jasper said, hating to admit it.

And there it was: Skyla knew that she did have to go to the school and was being forced to do so. Jasper spoke quickly but sincerely.

“No, no, it’s not a bad place. I mean…yeah, I haven’t been there long at all, but I didn’t want to leave home at first, either. Some benefactor set things up for me to go there, and I have no idea who this benefactor is. I really think I’ve grown to like it. And I’ll make sure you get there safely.”

That last statement seemed a bit premature. How would Jasper help if a crisis arose? Would he pull out the Promethium, take it outside of its lead container, and hope to slowly poison a would-be assailant with the radiation? Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

“Really, it seems to be a good place. Any reason in particular you don’t want to go? Or is it just leaving home that has you worried?”

Jasper looked around the bazaar and shook his head. “Big place. Where do you think we could trade in the tickets for the supplies we need?” Jasper had not yet spied the Magitek section of the bazaar, but heard sounds that were familiar to any tekmage.

10-06-2015, 12:16 PM

OOC: I PMed Animereality regarding Sam but haven't heard back yet. As for the bazar that seems OK enough. None of the cultures officially condone true slavery, the collared Therians being a more complicated situation, and Pactmakers always use language like "transferring contracts of indentured servitude," but if you're willing to put up with living in a wasteland or dangerous area like this it's pretty trivial to exist as a fairly lawless area.


Black-Cat0001, Light Buster, and Scourgesdaughter

OOC: FYI Light Buster has three characters, which would seem to make him overpowered as a player. But it's something I'm cognizant of, and perhaps works well here with all the NPCs otherwise around.

IC: The Michael, perhaps still hoping to avoid violence, at least steps into action and flies up into the air, putting themselves in a position to land a devastating attack from above as Juggernaut struggles in their five-to-one battle.

Between the sound of the battle and the Michael taking to the air, others trying to find these groups know where to go. Three Bushi approach as fast as they can, with Hiro holding onto the other, slower, two and pulling them along as he tries to increase his speed with his leaps.

However another group converges on the area as well, five of the other Members of Silvers gang. A Wolfman in a red cape leads the group holding onto the chain of a large, scarred, black wolfman. Three other brown werewolves in brown ragged clothing follow, two males and a female. Their wolfen forms are swift. The one in the cape gives an angry snarl at the Bushi and yells "keep away!" as he looks at the Michael Rising into the air and hurries to try to get to Silver.

OOC: Scourgesdaughter FYI the one in the cape is Carolus, the large damaged black furred one is Char, and the brown ones are Sam, Lilac, and Wu. Silver would know them and they generally follow her lead. However as you didn't pay points for them they're NPCs and might not always do what Silver wants them too.

10-07-2015, 07:05 AM
Juggernaut does a back flip then does forward flip. Left leg forward . side right foot. kick stomach. Double flip left foot Face. Target kicked by hir goes flying.

OOC: See 2:10 for the kick at the end.

10-07-2015, 11:26 AM
(( I apologise for the delay on my behalf, I’m not at home and I’ve had a huge headache/cold for the past few days. Slowly recovering, thankfully. ))

ELR and I think maybe sunnyside. Nobody else is on the Cloudclipper, really.

Shi’ran simply raised a brow as the tubby Magitek kid’s excitement seemed to overflow. He had gone from being timid and nervous – scared, even – to being so confident … all over the idea of his Hoverboard? Well, thinking on it a little, was that really so surprising? For a Magitek to have the possibility of getting hold of technology that perhaps predated their own?

That latter thought was as much an answer as it was a problem, unfortunately.

“… Mine, in exchange for one that you can give me?” Shi’ran reiterated what he had heard the kid tell him, if just to double-confirm it and to spell his own thoughts out. He then leaned back a little and thought; Skimro might notice that in thinking his tail started to sway and flick to and fro like that of an animal’s. It depended on how many ‘true’ Therians the kid had encountered in his years as to how strange a sight it was, but for the Therian himself it was perfectly normal.

“I’ll—…” He began, only to be interrupted by a crackling, slightly-echoed voice in his ear. It was … the guy with the guitar-thing, right? It seemed to be his voice. Sone, if Shi’ran recalled correctly, whom unintentionally intervened to describe the bazaar to everyone. It seemed he and Phoenix were there already.

Instead of giving Skimro an answer Shi’ran let out a sigh and gave the Magitek kid a look – a look that pertained to explain, ‘sorry, but this is more important’. Things were said about the shabby nature of the building’s appearance coupled with underlying Magitek technology within its façade. Shi’ran ended up thinking it interesting how such technology would be used in what was effectively the middle of nowhere. Reasons existed, obviously.

He listened patiently and waited, though he did cringe when Hanze spoke up to scold Sone and to keep him on-track. It wasn’t the scolding per-se that made him cringe, but the suddenness to it – the volume that caused the speaker to crackle irritatingly in his ear. He almost went as far as to rip the earpiece out but caught himself by reminding how annoying it had been to get it in in the first place.

Silence eventually fell; he was afforded time to speak to Skimro … but it seemed like time had been wasted for long enough.

“… Tell you what, Skimro. I’ll think on it. This Hoverboard means a lot to me and … I need to get going anyway. I’ll let you know when I come to a decision, yeah?” He told the Magitek, which was as positive a statement as he could make right then. Following that he made himself move and he went to leave, stopping alongside where Voth was waiting to signal that he could actually leave before ducking to get out through the door into the open.

10-08-2015, 04:18 PM
Sliver looked at he the werewolves she giggled " what took you guys so long !!!" She said Turing into her wolf form her small form was half as big as an werewolves form her mattered black fur with one white paw her normal Collar around her neck the others did turn too

10-14-2015, 11:05 AM
~Shobu~ If you don't like the tune, just say so, can find another.

After swiftly dancing down the stairs to where the object he wanted was-Qanun-buying it, and then back up to the pub, sat down against the wall, and sat it up in front of him, placing the metal pieces upon his finger, and started to tune it properly.

"This will only take a second." He whispered, his main focus on the device. Once it was tuned properly, he began playing a musical song (https://youtu.be/K7kKI6x37t0) that was soothing but quick enough for a real show to happen. And with the different tempos, it would show to be a real that wanderlust should show.
Cross Avantgarde it was so everyone could hear but I can fix it up so it explains why your person didnt hear it. As for the thoughts about being tired, I will let you decide if her thoughts leak out into yours or not.

Skyla noticed Jasper not flinching at her fathers voice, she walked to his other side and checked his ear piece, only one of the two buttons were pressed in so she pressed the other. Good thing she noticed that or else he would not have been able to hear certain number coms. "That should help."

She tilted her head slightly and thought. "Though he is, it did take years for a lot of it to stick. I am not a magitech so it is not easy for it to stick to my brain." She mumbled out, eyes down low.

Her father? "Hanze is.." she bit her lower lip. "If what they say is true then he is Pactmaker and was in a-" She swallowed, "scandalous relationship with my mother. Though my town ignored what had happened, they didn't forget and treated me like an outsider most times. I was raised Celestial though. I know not of the pactmaker life training nor does Hanze want me apart of it." She exhaled and swallowed again. "I guess my mother had written out books for me and he has been handing them out only when they are needed. Like the communion with the dead, I got good enough to-" She looked away, her words unfinished. "Let's just say the books are a challenge."

She shook her head and focused on something else. "I never said it was bad there, I just am tired." Tired of being pushed away, tired of pretending, tired of lies, tired of... of.... EVERYTHING! I just want them to tell me the truth, I am not who I used to be, I can take whatever it is they need to tell me, I am not a idiot. "I don't have a home." She left it at that.

She saw the ticket he pulled out, she knew who gave it to him. "He has you grabbing his stuff for him?" She almost giggled, that surprised her, she straightened up and looked down. The building was loud and so many things to look upon. "First off, that would be at the exchange desk on the crazy floor. I mean.." Wow, was she really speaking her mind, that scared her. "The magitech floor." She had to be more careful. "Follow me." She started off without him, she hoped he could keep up.
Ranshiin Unsure exactly what to do, but gave your team enough time to have distance from the others at least. AND got a chunk of the discussion of the jetboard out of the way.

Skimro thought for a minute then smiled up at him. "Understood. Have fun out there!" He hollered as he strolled away. It was now time to sit, wait, and listen.
sunnyside okay, just let me know then. *salutes*

10-20-2015, 12:05 AM
Ranshiin and ELR

OOC: First of all, don't worry about being slow. Even I'm getting caught up in things and not doing all the behind the scenes stuff and recruiting I usually do in a game. Hopefully at some point here I'll get my life more in order. But for now it's occurring to me you're probably looking for a Voth post. Which is a little tricky since we're doing more exposition in this group, but I tend to not explicitly write out emotions and thoughts with NPCs. As a player I tend to like trying to figure NPCs out. Though I guess I'd been doing it with Shar, and perhaps it would help with player understanding, fleshes out a post with more content, and might help interaction. Think I should lay things out or would you rather I didn't?


There was enough of a pause Voth decided it was finally time to get going. He waved to Shi'ran and starting walking down the slope as Shi'ran ducked through out of the ship. It was a bit of struggle for him to navigate the sand blasted rock with all the stuff on his back, but he regained composure once he was on flat terrain. He started quietly toward the town, seeming to fade a little as the pair got closer and closer.

Then he just stopped and paused. He looked over his shoulder at Shi'ran. "This is stupid. We're doing something else."

In order to avoid giving a pause where Shi'ran might protest he quickly whips one of the packages out from under his cloak and sets it on the ground. He flips it open without ceremony, showing cloth packing material and a rifle like thing. Long, oversized really, and bulked up with what are presumably magitech components.

Voth then starts off walking toward a pile of rocks. "Your board thing works. We can get to intelligence gathering later. Shar's idea anybody could understand new gear quickly in an emergency I ridiculous. He has his pactmakerish reasons for now wanting to play show and tell. But still ridiculous. Take that and meet me on the other side of that dune."

Voth points a more solid looking finger at a dune in the distance, away from down and the ship. "That will give some privacy"

At that he gets silent again and marches toward the pile of rocks, which isn't really in the direction he indicated.

10-21-2015, 10:28 AM
ELR sunnyside

“… Sure.” Shi’ran answered Skimro in a very nonchalant and somewhat forced tone whilst disappearing out the doorway of the ship. Walking to a town in the middle of nowhere just to ask about whether some particular people had been there earlier on? Sure, that was going to be real fun.

Once out of the Cloudclipper though his composure returned and, since Voth had gotten something of a head-start, it took him a few moments to catch up. The Therian quietly wondered whether the Netherkin was struggling with all the stuff Shar seemed to have made him carry but he didn’t have the conscience to ask or to offer to help. In fact, for a long while whilst the pair trudged through the empty, rocky landscape Shi’ran simply didn’t say anything and just followed assuming Voth to know the path to the bazaar.

What was he supposed to say, or talk about? It wasn’t like Voth was a student or anything …… or there on his own free will. Last thing he wanted to do was saying something that irritated him—

On that thought Voth caught him off-guard by very suddenly stopping and announcing his disapproval of the current ‘plan’. Shi’ran nearly stumbled into him when he stopped and had to take a step back and to the side, and that in of itself prevented giving him the time to complain or ask what Voth was intending to do or why. He got as far as opening his mouth when the Netherkin ‘introduced’ him to what he quickly recognised as some sort of firearm whilst complaining about Shar’s ‘ridiculous’ intents.

“… I guess I’m not the only one who thinks he’s expecting too much out of everyone …” The Therian mused in some evasively-worded agreement of what Voth thought. His eyes moved between the Netherkin/where they had been supposed to be going, and the rifle that had been laid out on the rock, and then back again. He knew what he was supposed to be going, but …

Voth’s sudden change of mind had intrigued him, and quite frankly it sounded far more interesting than finding out where some scavengers were. He wanted to know what the Netherkin was planning – plus it wasn’t like he was given much choice, Voth was stomping off even before he did anything with the rifle. So, the Therian decided to go along with it; he shrugged to himself before setting his Hoverboard down and setting it active. Luckily for him it didn’t splutter and struggle, it seemed Jasper’s little fiddling with it had helped it a fair bit. Once it was idling waiting for him to step on he stooped to lift up the oversized firearm and its packaging – and was surprised that it was a fair bit heavier than he expected it to be.

“…… What the hell am I getting into?” He wondered out-loud, hands and arms moving to find a way to better support the weight of the equipment he’d been given. After that though he figured it was best he not make Voth wait, and he turned his eye onto stepping onto his Hoverboard. Once on and stable he gave it a good shove with his back foot and then promptly spun it to the side, and took off in a small cloud of dust and dirt in the direction of the dunes Voth had told him to go to.

10-22-2015, 08:34 PM
OOC: ELR No! I love it! Wonderful choice! Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin Sorry guys, I've been stupidly busy with school. I don't mean to hold anyone up!

Phoenix finally felt like true self again. The past few days, she had experienced so many new things and met so many new people, she didn't have much time to do what she truly enjoyed. Although they were just putting on a show for money making, she could easily lose herself to the movements of her own body, but still, she took note of all the places Sone pointed out. Doing street performances really taught one to think on their toes and multi-task... or at least try to.

When they returned to the pub after Sone bought his qanun, she poised herself before him and let the music take her. It rolled her hips and possessed her hands to twist and tap the zill to the rhythm. As the music picked up, she released more energy, moving about the crowd that had began to form. In the process, she threw her satchel down, lip open. It wasn't uncommon for her people to do this without fear of personal items being stolen since they were taught not to have possessions.

10-27-2015, 11:29 PM

Voth continues at his steady pace toward the rocks and eventually sort of walks around to the other side where Shi'ran can't see him. But once Shi'ran crests the dune he sees that Voth is already there, he sets down the rock he's holding on a ledge in a rocky outcropping maybe a quarter mile away, finishing a row of six.

Looking up he see's Shi'ran and starts walking towards him again. Shi'ran moves faster on his board, so the two meet maybe 300 feet away from the rocks.

As the get close Voth starts speaking. "See that thing has a number of purposes. The first is what it's made for, damaging stuff from a distance. But the second one is letting people know you can damage stuff from a distance. You're big, I'll give you that. But people are going to have some expectations about you. They figure if you don't get close the best you can do is grow a stupid apple tree and throw one at them. People might not know what that weapon does, but they know it looks like tech magic and that it has a good end and a bad end and they're on the bad end.

Of course Shar doesn't want you knowing about the rifle yet so don't get too attached.

My thinking is that between your board and those wings you might be hard to pin down if you can hit from a distance. That should make it easier to bring you home alive if something happens.

By the way it would be better if something doesn't happen, so be sure to follow my orders, even if you're supposed to be leading. "

He pauses looking for agreement or understanding in Shi'ran's eyes. Voths face seems much more defined, and the light can reach under his hood here. He actually looks...non descript. A guy without much tan and brown hair and eyes. Nothing distinguishing about his face at all like a scar or prominent feature, no fancy haircut just shortish growth.

Turning toward the rocks he continues "So your weapon is simple, Shar only wanted simple stuff since his plan was to drop it on all of you at the last moment and only if he felt he really had to. You flick that prominent switch on the side, the positions are off, stun, and destroy. The thing will whine for a while. Once it stops it's charged. You look through that tube, put what you want to hit in the cross hairs, while holding this bit up to your shoulder, and then pull the trigger there. Something like lightning will come out and hit whatever's in the crosshairs.

A techmage would tell you more, but you aren't a techmage so you wouldn't understand it if they did. "

Voth gestures towards the rocks "Try it"

10-28-2015, 07:19 AM
Juggernaut had just about enough of these intruders. Hir eyes shifted and the stare shi gave off could make a rampaging animal intelligent or not submit instantly. Shi did a flip into the air hir body spinning left then a kick the the first intruder near hir send both flying back at the same time. Shi quickly cuffs their arms and legs behind their backs. The repeats the process with the other two only Sliver and the other wolves off a ways staring at them are up, Juggernaut was now getting ready to set up Silver up in cuffs with the same position as her friends. You'd have to be as strong as Kong from the movies to break the cuffs.

10-28-2015, 12:02 PM

Shi’ran obviously didn’t expect Voth to be at where he was supposed to be going before he himself got there so seeing the Netherkin wandering off in a completely different direction only to see him coming from where he was headed a few minutes later was …… well, when the Therian summited and passed over the dunes and caught up to Voth midway between the dunes and the rows of rocks, it was obvious on his face that he was rather baffled.

He wasn’t given enough time to try and ask how in the world Voth had done that, the Netherkin distracting him from the matter by bringing up more information about the rifle he was holding, something to do with Shar’s motives, and himself. Shi’ran didn’t argue or anything, though the comment about ‘growing an apple tree and throwing an apple’ did make him quirk a brow.

… Voth had a sense of humour? Or was it a sense of satire or irony? Or both? Shi’ran hopped down off of his Hoverboard whilst the Netherkin instructed him and he glanced between the man’s more obvious features, the rifle he was holding onto, and the distant rocks on the ledge. When Voth paused to see some manner of response from the Therian, Shi’ran stopped looking at things in order to focus more on the Netherkin …… and after a small pause he nodded.

“… Sure, man. Whatever you want.”

No complaints. If anything there was a sense of relief in his tone when he acknowledged Voth’s rule, and then whilst the Netherkin proceeded to explain to him how the rifle worked, he removed it from the cloth packaging he had been carrying it with and dropped the cloth and whatever-else-there-was on his Hoverboard, so he was holding only the rifle in his hands. Being told where the switch was, he proceeded to move a hand over to it to ascertain its location, and likewise at being instructed on how to hold and fire it he did similar. The Therian obviously had a grasp of how a firearm worked, though whether he had ever used one was a completely different matter. The way he constantly moved his hands to examine the rifle, it seemed more towards the latter.

Then he was told to practice it on the rocks Voth had set out. Well, it was obvious that was what the Netherkin wanted him to do. Shi’ran had just taken to looking through the ‘tube’ to understand what things through it looked like, so at that point he lowered it and looked back at Voth, then across to the rocks. Then, he looked back down to the rifle in various places given the movement of his eyes …… and then he let out a very obvious shrug – wings included – and he turned the gun over to find the switch and he tugged it to the position labelled ‘destroy’. Just like Voth told him, it began to emit a rather audible – if quickly irritating – medium-pitched whining noise.

“I’ve lived in a Magitek city for a few years, you know. But …… erh. The rocks, huh?” Shi’ran momentarily looked back to Voth, but it was more just to show that he was acknowledging; in the next instance he lifted the rifle up, set the part Voth had told him to rest on his shoulder onto his shoulder, and then he adjusted his posture and eyeline to peer through the ‘tube’ and to align the crosshairs with the rows of rocks. They showed up much, much clearer through it – even for him, having better eyesight than most people owing to his biological transformation. “Okay then.”

He waited for the annoying whiny sound to wind down – per Voth’s instructions that meant it was charged – and then with visibly more focus he lined up the middle-most rock, waited a moment … and then he pulled on the rifle’s trigger.

10-30-2015, 10:57 AM
sunnyside It is all a matter of self opinion. In my case for Skyla, I just wish to explain why she is fidgeting even if no one else seems to know around her. And then there are few moments when others can 'hear' her. Leave that up to your own standard of wants.


Sone watched carefully the surrounding people, many could not keep their eyes off the young miss, and he could not blame them, she was truly wonderfully at dancing, but others were avoiding them both as if they were leeches. They were mostly Netherkin at the bar, and it was Wanderlust and Therians mostly by them.

Then the first reward was tossed towards them, but nothing more, a small diamond, and it seemed it bounced off of Phoenix's hip and into her pouch.
Cross Avantgarde

When Skyla turned around at the desk, she could not see Jasper, her nerves arising. Was she to stay still? Or seek him out?

Her father would be extremely upset that she did not stay with him as she was suppose to. She kept her eyes to the crowd and hoped to see him.
It was really quiet, not an inkling of noise through the waves.

This part bored him greatly, he disliked always being behind the scenes, but it kept things from falling completely apart.

Instead, he dug through his bag and pulled out his farewell gift to Skyla, a trinket that flashed through images taken from when she was a child through many of their assignments and trips. He hoped to finish it as quickly as possible before she left.

11-03-2015, 10:56 PM

The gun discharges as Shi'ran pulls the trigger. There isn't any recoil as such, however the components in the gun sort of jerks around as internal forces push or pull on each other. However Shi'ran is pretty hefty and it doesn't move that much. There is a flash and Shi'ran feels like he could almost make out a white oblong shape flying into the rock. The rock is obviously hit, part of it glows and little parts of the rock shoot out like sparks. However it barely wobbles, and after a few moments it begins to cool, showing just a small pit maybe an inch wide and half that deep.

Voth stares at it for a bit. "Hurm. Well, you hit it. I guess maybe lightning doesn't do a whole lot to rocks. I bet a person or machine wouldn't like it though. "

He continues.
"By the way you mentioned living in a Magitek city for a while. How did that happen?" He pauses a moment "Were you colla...er. Never mind. "

He seems awkward and uncertain for a moment. He manages to recover quickly and barks "More importantly we should practice more! And with a bit of multitasking. Apples aside, you should be able to use your biomagic to quickly grow yourself some tougher skin or something. The sort of thing you'd want if there might be return attacks plenty of people have some way to attack at a distance. "


Scourgesdaughter and Black-Cat0001

OOC: Was kinda hoping to add some people, but I don't want to leave you hanging too long. Also, I can appreciate that it can be awkward with cinematic RP combat as you balance not wanting to god mod with wanting to do something. You can always request I roll some dice and put up some outcomes, but your characters can take some damage, and there's the karma thing to balance stuff out. So you might humor some damage or allow yourselves to be hit.


Under his breath Caroulus mumbles "Well you never let us know when you're about to do something crazy." However he still rushes in to help her, crossing the Bushi's path.

Up in the air the Michael surveys the handcuffing with relief at perhaps not having to attack, though the marble facemask doesn't reveal this, leaving the figure in it's damaged armor circling the scene like some sort of celestial vulture.

Silver has also been able to spend a bit of time observing. This creature she's faced with moves in a strange way having extra limbs and some Bushido like training. It's fast, strong, and nimble, but Silver is starting to get a feeling for how fast, how strong, and how nimble and in what ways.

For his part Carolus is paying more attention to the broader scene as figures arrive across the plains, maybe just curious students out to see a fight, but there could be more security inbound, and who knows what students might try to do, to say nothing of those Bushi. To the wolfkin near him, and Silver if she can hear, he says "we've got more and more company coming, we're going to need to wrap this up." He eyes the handcuffed gang members worriedly. Shape shifters have ways of dealing with cuffs, but it can take a while.

11-04-2015, 11:41 AM
sunnyside with a passive mention towards ELR because continuity and I know at some point people are going to start wondering where he’s gotten to. xD


Although unsaid, there was a decided reaction of surprise at how the rifle fired – and how it pulled in his hands and against his shoulder. It might’ve torn itself free of a regular person’s grasp …… even for him it was jarring and as said, though he remained silent his thoughts raced and his expression, if Voth was observing, told enough of the story.

He lowered the rifle’s muzzle towards the ground after the shot, needing a moment to observe what happened to the rock. He’d anticipated the rock like, exploding or something. It hadn’t even fallen over. Voth spoke up as he let out a wary sigh and with a twitch of an ear he turned his eyes from the rows of rocks to the Netherkin, and forced himself to hold back a frown;

“I kinda expected it to explode, to be honest …… but I guess you’re right.” He mused … then added an addendum. “Maybe this thing needs to shoot fire or something.”

He then heard Voth question his residence within a Magitek city … Shi’ran let out a shrug and was about to give a basic explanation of it when the matter of a collar was brought up and …… awkward moment incoming. The Therian held his tongue, his mouth partially-open. He watched how Voth recoiled away from the subject … he was surprised that the Netherkin seemed to care.

“…… I wasn’t collared.” He then stated in order to dissolve the matter, since he didn’t want it to become important. It was difficult to tell if he was lying or not, his tone was very neutral if firmly-informative … though perhaps the fact he felt the need to respond hinted towards the truth? Voth didn’t drag it on so he dropped it as simple as that, and turned his attention back to what was then barked at him. Apples? Multitasking? He had such strange terminologies for things ……

“… Well, I guess I could, at least to an extent.” He answered, his eyes looking back towards the distant line of rocks. “I don’t know if I’d need to, I mean …… look at me. I have scales, deliberate, natural armour. But-…” He paused there to look back to Voth. “… What’s your point in all of this? You’re going to start shooting at me or something?”

…… There was a momentary thought regarding this rather impromptu ‘hiatus’ … they were supposed to have been at the bazaar a long time before. He realised that at some point Hanze, Leopold, maybe even Shar were going to start to wonder where he’d gotten off to; they’d probably think he was in trouble or something. There hadn’t been any noise over the communicators regarding him yet, so he was wondering when or if it might happen … might become a problem, since Voth seemed rather enamoured in this little impromptu teaching-lesson of his. Maybe he should go as far as to instigate the call himself to explain his delay? Maybe … maybe not. Shar wasn’t supposed to know.

Light Buster
11-05-2015, 11:59 AM
As the Bushido regrouped with Juggr, they were met with an immediate threat. They had to defuse the situation before Juggernaut could get injured. Hiro and the other prepared for combat as Hiro and Mizuki entered their fighting stance while Mami removed her feet from her sandals and allowed her bare feet onto the ground. She wad prepared to fight with or without her kimono.

Cross Avantgarde
11-10-2015, 04:38 AM
OOC: My turn to apologize! Very unlikely to have any more delays like this for what remains of the year. Again, my apologies for the very late post.


It was difficult for Jasper to relate to Skyla’s anger at being lied to for so long. He truthfully couldn’t think of a single time in his life in which he had been consistently lied to. Sure, small fibs happened all the time, and that was probably true of all cultures. It was almost a routine to exaggerate the effectiveness of an invention at the annual fair; it was practically a selling point in itself to extol a false virtue or two. Sadly enough, Jasper never had a chance to do this as the Portable Light was his only unique invention, and one that he had not had much time to peddle.

Jasper noticed the irony when Skyla fixed his earpiece. A tech mage having his device managed by a Celestial—it had to be proof that the cultures were more compatible than they seemed on the outside, surely.

He was just about to ask what “communion with the dead” meant when Skyla remarked that the Magitek floor was actually known as the “crazy” floor by accident. She then walked towards it while he scratched his head for a moment. Looking at the different cultures gathered around, Jasper did indeed notice that the most frenetic and excitable people at the scene usually happened to be the Magitek. He shrugged and laughed a bit, and walked to where he had seen Skyla disappear into the crowd.

“Skyla? Sky—” he stopped once he realized that he could just use the device to talk to her. But what if that sounded as if he had lost her, and this quickly? Everyone would wonder how things had gone wrong so quickly. Feeling ashamed, he looked around for a second. Despairing of his chances, he figured he’d have to use the device after all. As soon as he reached to activate it, he glanced at the exchange desk of one of the shops. Rushing to her, he had to apologize for bumping into several people. Truthfully, he felt less awkward given the fact that they were mostly fellow Magitek, but he felt rude nonetheless.

“Sorry, Skyla,” he said, finally getting to the exchange desk. “I’m holding us up. It’s just weird being in such a crowded place—I haven’t seen a scene like this since the annual fair, and even then we don’t have so many cultures present. Anyway, I digress…time to trade in the tickets, right?” He pulled out the tickets and examined them again.

11-10-2015, 10:57 AM

For the first time Shi'ran has noticed Voth gives a little smile. "I don't think rocks are known for burning either. Maybe stick with the lightning. It's what we've got anyway. You can't be so choosy when you're getting the pickings of an eccentric collector. "

He seems to make an actual mental note to check that smile though, and wipes it off his face, making himself fully solid again in the process "As for armoring yourself or something it's just prudent. I don't have a good ranged attack myself exactly anyway and it'd be stupid to really attack you anyway, we need you uninjured. But if trouble does start to brew using biomagic should help you. I've always found it strange how often Therian's are supposed to have just rushed into battle without doing something like that. I guess it's supposed to be distracting. "

(OOC: Actually I don't know that Shi'ran can buff himself as most Therian's can since you spent points to alter how Shi'ran's biomagic is expressed.)


After saying that the wind picks up, channeled between the dune and the rock outcropping which makes it travel faster and with more force, little rocks and sand blow up against the two and voth shields his exposed face with his hood, the gust dies down after a few moments, but it seems to have brought Voth back to reality a bit.

He frowns and says "In any case do what you can to practice quickly. I don't want to have to deal with the annoying conversation I'd have with Shar if he knew what we were up to, and maybe we'll actually be able to learn something useful in the bazar." His frown deepens "What was your experience in a Magitek city like? Maybe you will do well in the bazar. Not that it's exactly magitek, but I think the chaos here is somewhat like what you find in the bowels of the hives that call cities. I've randomly walk into one a few times, but never much cared for it."


Scourgesdaughter Black-Cat0001 and Light Buster

Carolus leads the werewolves forward toward Silver and Juggernaut, but then ends up having to deal with the interposing Bushi. As they groups get close Carolus slows his pace a little allowing the others to close first. While outnumbered, but Bushi manage to evade the initial charge, though the crazed scarred black furred one almost manages to overrun Mami, she barely dodges in time however her flowing Kimono provides something for the big wolf to get his claws into. He keeps his momentum going despite her dodge and quickly turns, whipping her up into the air like the end of a flail at the end of her kimono, her arc obviously leading to a harsh impact with the ground in another moment. Mizuki finds herself facing two wolves as does Hiro though with Carolus being a step behind he can face them more one at a time.

For his part Carolus yells "Hurry up and do something Silver I think we need to get out of here!"

With the constructs occupied with shifting their forms to get out of the cuffs, Silver and Juggernaut are left together in a strange calm point in the growing fight.

11-10-2015, 03:20 PM
"Silver....We don't want incidents at this school. We just wanted a peaceful area where the students could all get along and learn and enjoy each others company. Instead you come in here bringing your gang and trying to pick a fight with the campus. That can not be allowed. Also As a fellow student a lot of us just wanted you to be our friend and you explode on us without warning and rush off. Why don't you want to be our friend?" Juggernaut turns to the cuffed shape shifters,"Please don't try to get out of those we don't want to use more force then we already have. Also the campus only wants a safe environment for the teachers and students to learn. We gladly welcome you into the school if you guys wouldn't attack people and cause major incidents. Ok?" Turning hir head back to Silver,"If you guys calm down and do not attack others or threatening the staff on campus I'll let you guys go. I'll also remove these cuffs also. I also want to be friends with you and your gang if they'll accept me." ^^

11-11-2015, 09:39 AM
sunnyside Looking through Shi’ran’s profile his skills are set out so that I think he can do either – though he seems to have not really practiced using restorative or protective biomagic on himself all that much. The only demonstration I’ve given of it so far is that he uses his biomagic to charge his Hoverboard.

tl;dr he’s probably not very good at it heh.

And ELR just in case he wants to deliberately interrupt or something to get them going towards the bazaar again.

“… Rocks don’t burn, no.” Shi’ran answered with a tone that was a little dead-pan and also a little wry – like he knew from experience and had expected Voth to know too. “They do however melt …”

He gave a slight glance off to one side, but after that … nothing. He glanced back to Voth, just-about catching the fleeting end of the strange man’s smile before it disappeared into that shade. Besides, the Netherkin had a point; there wasn’t an opportunity to afford being choosy. The Therian shrugged lightly. “An eccentric collector, huh? Sure, sure, I was just mentioning it anyway … I’m not being picky.”

Again he fell silent and listened; the wind picked up and almost caught him off-guard. The Therian winced following a small pebble hitting the side of his face, and after that he frowned rather obviously and moved one of his wings, fanning it up and around to use it as a sort of shield, to deflect the dust and dirt from hitting him until the gust subsided. At then being told to ‘hurry’ and practice a little more before the pair needed to depart he nodded and turned his attention back towards the distant rocks. Rifle was lifted, positioned, steadied … he took to looking down the tube for focus again whilst Voth inquired into his stay in a Magitek city.

“… It’s … well, it takes some getting used to.” He admitted in explanation at that point, before firing off a shot at one of the rocks. It looked like one or two of them had been knocked over by the wind. Not that it mattered. Whilst he waited for the rifle to charge for another shot he continued on. “I didn’t really struggle there, it took a while to kinda fit in but they never had a shortage of things I could do. I always thought I got pretty good at it, but …… the noise, it’s mostly just the noise. It was so noisy there, so loud. Even when the workshops were shut down in the dead of morning the mania rang in my ears like a second mind. I got used to the grime, the metal, the explosions, the egocentricity of the engineers, people waking up at dusk and dropping dead on their benches near noon … I never got used to the noise.”

He paused again; he sort-of trailed off like he forgot that he had company and fell silent, focused again on aiming the rifle. A few moments later, he spoke up again, “… I kind-of miss it,” and then he pulled the trigger a third time to fire a third shot into the distance. After that shot he lowered the rifle, looked over from the distance to the Netherkin, and then seemingly changed the subject; “So … how to you reload this thing? Or charge it? I mean, isn’t it going to run out of bullets at some point?”

11-13-2015, 12:07 PM

OOC: Well, I have some flexibility until things happen "on screen" perhaps something to sort out. Maybe Shi'ran could muse on his abilities?


Voth gives a Shi'ran an nod and smile at the mention of reloading. "That's a good thought. It would be a good idea to recharge it, and you ought to practice it. The basic process should be similar to your hoverboard or many Magitek or Pactmaker devices, so I'm guessing you'll be able to manage after feeling it out a bit. Just interface with the crystal on the side there. Be quick about it. You should have some time to recover as you fly into town. I guess that's one advantage of your board over wings."

As he waits for Shi'ran to get to it he continues "I never liked the noise of Magitek cities either. Besides the machines I find people just never shut up there. Or at least it seems like somebody is always shouting or something. I have a feeling the bazar will be annoying that way. Yeah, you do the talking. I'll hang back and make sure you don't get backstabbed or rolled. "

11-15-2015, 04:13 AM
Ooc: going to cry, thought I put it up! sunnyside Ranshiin

Ic: What was taking forever? It wasn't even 150 meter walk!

Then smoke arose. "What the hell is going on out there?"

Cross Avantgarde

"You aren't holding us up. We have plenty of time." The woman behind the desk snatched up the tickets and started reading them. Skyla noticed an odd look on his face.

The woman turned around, looked through some stuff, then returned with three box's, one being big.

"Thanks." Skyla waved and slowly started off, staying right beside Jasper.

11-16-2015, 05:54 AM
ELR ((I couldn’t interpret whether it was something said through the communicators or to himself, so I have to assume the latter (so that Shi’ran didn’t hear it).))

I also apologise if this is all over the place.

Shi’ran listened calmly to Voth’s explanation of how the rifle was ‘reloaded’ … the Therian visibly looked like he had momentarily zoned out, thought he was somewhere else other than the middle of a sandy nowhere with a stranger, but eventually (albeit very suddenly) snapped back to. His hands and arms moved the rifle around in his hold again, predominantly to turn it so he could look at the crystal that Voth mentioned.

…… Magitek technology wouldn’t be anywhere near what it was without magic. Funny how that was. Shi’ran mused on that matter for a second-or-so, deliberately ignoring Voth’s command to ‘be quick about it’ and actually going about it at his own pace …… which wasn’t really much longer in the end. “I suppose.” He commented, responding to Voth’s statement about the advantages of his Hoverboard before following that up by attempting to recharge the rifle’s crystal; he moved his hand off of the barrel and against the crystal instead, breathed in and then out slowly. A soft, orangish-coloured glow – almost completely masked by the dusty colour of the landscape and the bright light – shimmered into life across his palm and to his fingertips.

It took time. That was why he ignored Voth’s urge to hurry up. Biomagic couldn’t be hurried. “… The funny thing is? I lived in a ‘quiet’ area.” He added on to the Netherkin’s comment about the noise of Magitek settlements. “But sure … I’ll do the talking, whatever. That’s if that Magitek kid and the girl and … whoever-the-hell that girl who was with Hanze, Skyler, Skyla, whatever …… that’s if they haven’t beaten us to asking around.

I bet that Hanze guy is wondering where the f*** we both are.” That was added on more as an afterthought, a mutter that Voth heard but barely. A few moments after that little ‘gripe’ and the dragon-Therian withdrew his hand from the rifle’s crystal; he seemed done with it, and with that he sort-of held it out towards Voth.

“I guess we should actually go there before the Dog starts trying to ask where we are. Shouldn’t you take this thing? Or …?” He left it an open-ended question, purporting to whether Voth needed to take the rifle back or whether he should keep it with him. Since he wasn’t supposed to know about the weapon, he reasoned that he needed to hand it back (and pretend he didn’t know it existed). There was definite reluctance to his tone, but as much as he wanted to stand around taking pot-shots at inanimate pieces of the scenery (and trust him, he really did), he didn’t want Hanze to be on the communicator demanding to know why he wasn’t at the bazaar yet – or worse, Shar.

There would be another time he could play around with it. He’d make sure of that.

Light Buster
11-19-2015, 10:12 PM
As Mami recovered from the impact, she dusts herself off and noticed that her kimono was ripped in the process, some of it at least. She dropped the kimono to the ground and as she stepped out of it, a dragon appeared before her, it's body surrounding her as it glowed like a moon. She then took her fighting stance in case Silver's friends decide to attack her again.

(Mami) "I suggest you do what she says. Otherwise you might sustain unnecessary injury yourself."

The other two kept an eye on the others to see how the situation will play out.

11-20-2015, 12:03 PM
Ranshiin and ELR

Voth takes the rifle from Shi'ran and looks it over, turning it around in his hands, gives a nod, and then puts it back into it's box as close to how it was originally packed as he can manage.

The then fusses a little bit getting it back under his sand colored cloak with the other items. "Alright. We should get going. We should be able to make up some time if they expected us to be walking. I'll Shadow Walk into the bazar. If I don't land in too much trouble wherever I step out I'll walk towards the edge of camp I'll expect you to be arriving from on your hoverboard from if you head straight in from here.

Voth nods again, and turns and starts walking away from the bazar toward the rocks he set up. He seems pretty solid and Shi'ran notices that Voth is standing up straight, or rather notices that Voth must usually slouch a fair bit under his cloak most of the time or something

As Voth walk he says over his shoulder "You know, the school grounds looked about like this before the Celestials and Therians started terraforming and reclaiming the area. We think a fire hurricane took out this entire area killing all the vegetation and turning the topsoil into dust that blew off and left the wasteland in a strip a hundred miles wide and hundreds of miles inland, and even then battles seem to have been fought, or at least mechanical and bioconstruct weapons survived and got loose. There shouldn't be any so close to town. But we should be careful in the ruins. "

He then steps into a nook in the sandblasted rock face.

OOC: I'd been looking to sort something out with ELR, but I don't want to make Ranshin wait too long for content.

11-25-2015, 09:25 AM
sunnyside Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde I do have to apologizes, work increased to 77 hours a week til beginning of January, been oober tired, I am trying though.
As for Hanze, yes, it was suppose to be heard by Shi'ran but I will just run with that, I was very unclear when writing it so it is my fault. Going to keep this open ended here on purpose to give a few options open. Doing it this way for a few reasons:
1-Shobu and Cross are delayed on replies just as I am, that I can notice.
2-Step to take for each group to get talk back up.
3-Beginning place to begin searching.
4-Still figuring stuff out with sunnyside like he said already.

Sone and Phoenix keep entertaining the bar mates, or at least the ones who notice, they have made only a few measly donations. A strange Pactmaker at the corner of the bar has his eyes on Phoenix.
Jasper and Skyla are now open to browse items for the upcoming adventure. Skyla uncomfortably has her arm looped through Jasper's arm. Many Magitechs lurk out for their attention.
Voth and Shi'ran have caught the eye of a few people, they think them strange being together in the bazaar. They notice immediately.

12-01-2015, 01:13 PM
ELR ((I typed this almost a week ago, I've been waiting for other people to reply but nobody has. I've noted your last post and I'll put it into my next response o.o))

Shi’ran kept the rifle held out until he was certain that Voth had a good grasp on it; the Netherkin might notice that he unsurprisingly had a very strong grip. The Therian let it go though and he took a step away, momentarily observing (without interfering) Voth pack it away into its protective covering and then back under the cloak. He then listened to the Netherkin’s instructions on, basically, to just go by himself as quick as was possible to the bazaar. Did he have any argument? No.

“… Sure. I’m pretty sure I want those guys to be shouting at us as much as you want them to be.” He commented, incredibly dryly and cynically, followed by a shrug and by crouching down to his Hoverboard, sat all unattended and lonely in the dust. He turned it over, found the power switch, brought it to life … he ascertained to himself that he would probably have to recharge it later in the day, maybe even before he went back to the Dog’s dang Pactmaker float-boat. He then stood back up to see Voth already on his way towards a distant object, presumably to do that ‘shadow walk’ thing he had off-handedly mentioned.

Shi’ran watched on and listened as he heard the retreating Netherkin make an observation about their surroundings and about the School and some potential dangers that may lie afoot as a result. Bioconstructs and machines, huh? …… “That explains the rifle. I bet he’s got more things like that …” Shi’ran mused to himself, unheard by Voth obviously. His next words were louder, a direct response. “I know about the School, then again most of this country is like this anyway! And sure …… you ought to be more worried about the others being able to handle that crap, not me! I bet Jasper couldn’t even handle the ri-…”

Too late. Voth was gone. Shi’ran frowned and lifted a hand to hold his hair from being blown across his face by the wind … and then he remembered that his Hoverboard was idling and would maybe go skating off by itself if he left it unattended. He reached out with a foot and pulled it back with the sole of his boot before climbing onto it properly and setting off lest he keep Voth waiting. He had a vague idea of which direction to go in, given the direction of Voth’s impromptu ‘lesson’.

Hopefully Jasper, Phoenix and the others hadn’t gotten themselves into trouble. Well, he hoped more he’d get there before he got into trouble … it was only a couple hundred meters from the ship, right?

(( I guess I’m going to have to read back because I can’t remember what’s been described of the place, bleh. Derp. ))

Cross Avantgarde
12-12-2015, 06:29 AM
OOC: Apologies for holding things up!
sunnyside Ranshiin ~Shobu~
ELR 77 hours a week? Hang in there, January’s almost here.

Shaking his head as he looked at the three boxes, it started to dawn on Jasper that he was picking up items that could be anything under the sun, as far as he knew. Would he get into trouble if the contents were exposed? How closely should he guard them? Close, he decided. Just in case.

Jasper nodded thanks to the merchant after Skyla gave her own and then walked beside her, holding the large box with the two smaller ones resting on top. There was considerable weight coming from one of the smaller boxes, but perhaps Jasper was mistaken and it was the large box that was heaviest after all.

As they left that particular counter, Jasper noticed that many of the Magitek venders were now stepping out from behind their own tables as if to display their wares. “Skyla, think we could use anything on the trip that we don’t already have? If you see a device and have a question about it, I’ll sort out the Magitek-ese that you’ll get when you ask about it. Trust me, we love to ramble about specs that are as good as a foreign language to some. But you probably know that, don’t you? You might even know what some of these things are, hanging around with Skimro for so long!”

It was then that he noticed her arm looped through his as he held the boxes. The realization made him suddenly feel more protective over her, as he started to see himself in the role of a guardian of sorts. Is that what he would be, in essence, as he went with her back to the school? Suddenly another thought ran through his head: if Phoenix saw this and thought something different, what conclusion would she come to? That thought made him bite the inside of his bottom lip.

01-05-2016, 05:20 PM
ELR and Ranshiin

Voth walks toward Shi'ran as he sees him approaching on the hoverboard. Between the sun and windblown grit Voth is wearing his hood down, but Shi'ran's sharp eyes might be able to catch a glimps of Voth gritting his teeth and throwing sideways sneers at those looking on.

As Shi'ran gets into walking range Voth starts speaking. "I arrived in some shadows in the main structure here, which is mostly underground. Your fellow students seem to be there. I didn't see the wanderlust bunch, but from the sound of things they're having a good time in the bar.

I suppose we should get to what we're supposed to be doing. I don't want to wander around for ages having no idea where to find the people we're looking for. I'm not such a fan of surprises either, though in principle this should be a simple enough trade."

He pauses a bit. "I also don't like standing around. So here are some options Mr. moneybags" he says, referring to the coins and gems Shi'ran had picked up earlier for this work.

"Obviously we could just try asking around to see if anybody knows anything worth paying for, either here on the outside with the tents and small buildings or in the main structure. If the people we're looking for operate out of here there have to be people they sell to and buy from, if not hang out with.

We could also get some pactmaker to do that for us. The sort of person who brokers in information around here and if they don't know anything they should know who to ask or have people who can fan out to find what we want. Somebody like that is bound to be around and they don't tend to hide, but they're going to charge more.

Another option is that I heard some heated discussion off by the tents that I think might get ugly. We could try swooping in and playing hero. Make a friend with whoever seems like they might need one."

He looks back over his shoulder again and continues.

" Though I'm not liking being stared at. We could grab somebody and play it hard. They're giving you the ugly eye too. I figure that means they owe us some information. "

Voth looks a little healthier after speaking, and he gives Shi'ran a sideways glance "Obviously we might want to keep some of those later options to ourselves."

01-07-2016, 02:55 PM
sunnyside ELR Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran seemed to take longer to reach the ‘civilisation’ than he maybe should have and he initially interpreted Voth’s gritted, sneering visage as being irritated and condescending of his tardiness when he finally did arrive. Out of hesitation due to seeing so many different tents, MacGyver’d shops and stalls and other things – and people – the Therian slowed his Hoverboard pace down to a crawl in order to negotiate to the Netherkin without bumping into anything or anyone. Last thing he needed was to be shouted at … people were watching him already, whether it be what he was riding on and because of his appearance.

Or both.

Shi’ran gave Voth a rare expression upon coming to a halt near him – apology, for being ‘slow’. He wasn’t able to tell if Voth acknowledged it or not. Whilst Voth explained where he believed the other students and the others of Sefton’s acquaintances were, Shi’ran set about turning his ‘board off and picking it up. He had a hand up to shield his face from the blowing sand and dust.

“… Is that so, huh?” He mused openly, albeit quietly – so he wouldn’t be overheard. The Therian thought for a moment on what Voth had informed him of whilst looking around the bazaar. It was a lot bigger than he had expected it to be … and much of it was underground? Huh. Well, he supposed it made sense. The heat of the wasteland and the dust and sand was enough reason.

Though Voth seemed eager to just pick a fight – not that he himself cared – Shi’ran refrained from the moment from causing needless commotion. “I’m all for just ‘playing hard’, but we ought to play this smart in case word gets spread the wrong way and the guys we’re trying to find get warned and escape or something.” He paused, peering up to Voth from beneath the hand that shielded his eyes from the dust and sun. “And … well, first we ought to figure out if the others have learned of anything … might help narrow our choices a little.”

He didn’t want to, but blast it all. Shi’ran moved a hand over the controls of the communicator on his wrist, trying to remember which buttons were for whom. Eventually he found Jasper’s, pressed it down, and immediately regretted it as he got an earful of …… of stuff, goodness-knows-what noise the Magitek was involved in. It was a fight not to visibly wince.

”Oi … Jasper, right? Ugh … the hell is with all the noise? Look, where are you, what’s going on? Heard anything, found anything yet?”

01-07-2016, 04:09 PM

Ranshiin ELR Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

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Light Buster black-cat Scourgesdaughter

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The werewolf in the cape eyes the situation noting Juggernauts words, the approaching students, and the circling Michael. He gives a little smile as Mami slams into the ground, another of appreciation a moment later, but then it vanishes when the dragon shows up and Mami speaks as if uninjured. That hit should have taken a lot out of someone, she must have strong magic reinforcing her.

The large scarred blacked hair werewolf rushes at Mami again, but this time the caped wolf grabs onto the chain dangling from the black haired wolves neck, and yells “easy Char! Everybody be easy!”

He manages to get everyone’s attention for a moment, but then they all look to Silver, clearly regarding her as the true leader of the group. The caped werewolf quickly moves beside her and puts an arm over her and starts talking fast to Juggernaut.

“That’s a very gracious offer. We’ve been through a lot. Char here isn’t exactly even in his right mind, so we have to keep him on a leash, literally. It’ll surely take a little while to adjust to being in a safe place. But I don’t see any evidence that any of us have done any damage to anybody. How about we just get some space between us and everyone for a little bit, calm down the nerves and all that. “

As he speaks he’s starting to back away, holding onto Silver. Juggernaut’s empathy can feel relief pouring from the Michael, who clearly entirely supports this turn of events.

01-10-2016, 12:27 AM
Silver Laughs Drawing more Students to the scene " Friends with you Please ... I killed my own Family and Friends. ... I have no reason for friends Anymore... My heart is Black and Cold and so are my Gang mates ,These collars the spikes are The teeth of the weak whom tried to, beat us .... Please I'm Silver Once Ruler Of Blood Clan !!" She laughed Students whispered " and if I was you I'll would try not to get on my bad side for you safety of you lives " she said laughing Her Icy blue eyes Had a Dark evil glow As she Laughed her body transformed into A wolf Her hands now smaller than the cuffs they slid off her paws as she wiggled from the werewolves grasp and landed on the ground and looked at the Juggernaut And snickers " You may be more swift , Quick , Powerful , and Bigger and Stronger But You not .... As Clever As me " she said running up to a student and had class to her neck " Move and she died , Uncuff my Gang and let us go I'll let the girl go ,HEAR Me!!" She hissed

01-13-2016, 08:01 AM
sunnyside Sorry, holidays were rough like walking on razorblades in flames.
Ranshiin Will attempt not to allow anymore unnecessary delays.

Cross Aventgarde Yea, I wished I could have bashed my head in but then I would not be capable of replying on here then. All is well in the end though.

"Maybe, but then again, I still become confused, lost, out of place when it comes to magitech stuff. As for the trip, I think we should find something in case of cave ins, stuff for climbing, may want to find something in case it is too dark." Then she looked at him directly. "Unless you have more of the gift you shared with Phoenix." She doubted that and she questioned the name, if she had said it right.

"Oh! I do not mean finding the items per say, we could just find ju-" She bit her lip shut and reconsidered her words. "Unwanted items that could be disassembled or loose leaf stuff to make them. Well, you and Skimro make at least. I can't make anything." Her head lowered a bit.

Skyla's head snapped over as she heard something come through Jasper's earpiece, it was just loud enough to hear it buzz but that was it.

Instead of questioning who and why, she turned her attention back to looking at the assorted items on the tables.

Sone kept a watchful eye out, more people came swarming to watch. He could not blame them, she was extremely exotic looking. Her steps seemed light and flourishing as she continued. But his attention had to be towards others, a must on seeing if anyone seemed out of place.

The bad part was, he knew this song would come to a closure soon and a moments rest would be needed. Would he miss something? Nah, if he did then who could blame him.

Cross Avantgarde
01-14-2016, 04:43 AM
sunnyside Ranshiin ELR ~Shobu~

Skyla made a good point; it would be much cheaper to simply buy the parts needed for the climbing gear and light sources, and between himself and Skimro, he was sure they could rig things up in a hurry.

“I like that idea; let’s save some money by purchasing just the stuff we need for assembly, and Skimro and I can take care of the rest. As for the Portable Light—”

Jasper stopped short when he realized that the device finally had a name, one imparted by Phoenix. “Lucia.” It sounded good and fitting. “That’s the name of the device, I mean—I’ve only got one, but I could get with Skimro to make more of what we need, for sure.” Skyla looked a bit sad when she recalled how she couldn’t make anything. Jasper was just about to reply how Skyla was probably ahead of most Magitek apprentices after hanging out with Skimro when the earpiece rattled to life. He freed his arm to allow himself to speak back, doing so slowly so as to be cordial.

It was Shi’ran, and he wanted to know how things were going. He touched the contact band on his arm to speak back.

“Sorry if it’s loud, Shi’ran—we’re still in the market. We have the boxes that we came for safely in tow, but we’re thinking of picking up some other items that we might need—well, parts of the items that we can assemble later. We’ll hurry. Give us about…ten minutes, I’d say, unless we need to move now. What about you and the others—is everything okay?”

Skyla had heard the details on Jasper’s end, so he waited for a response while looking over to her.

01-15-2016, 07:14 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Shi’ran frowned, having turned his face away from the blowing wind as the dust in it was getting irritating …… like the static and loud shouting-slash-commotion-slash-banter he could hear around Jasper’s voice. Made it hard to really hear what the Magitek was saying but he managed to piece it all together out of the ‘chaos’. Out the corner of his eye he glanced at Voth, giving the man a physical check – but he didn’t say anything to him.

“… Stuff for exploring the ruins, right? Hrmmgh … okay.” The Therian grumbled; he didn’t think to make absolutely sure he spoke loud-enough for Jasper to hear him so it was possible the Magitek might not hear that. His next response he did speak clearly-enough to be heard. “No, there’s no rush … I was asking if you’d heard or seen anything about these nomads with the robot-parts Sefton wants but I guess not … just … keep doing what you’re doing, I guess?”

He paused.

“Don’t get yourself killed. Sounds like a riot’s going on down there.” He then added, pseudo-humorously, and he then let go of the button to cut off connection to Jasper and Skyla. Another cursory glance was given to Voth and again nothing was said – instead he fumbled about for the button that’d give him connection to …… what’s-his-name, the guy with the guitar-like-thing that had gone with Phoenix.

He eventually found the one that would get into her ear. Not knowing that she and Sone were in the middle of drawing attention and performing for money he spoke up to the girl; “Phoenix, right? …… at least it’s quieter where you are.” >.> “Listen … how-… how are things going for you? Any progress? Have you heard anything about the group we’re supposed to be finding?”

He knew she had been sent to fetch some extra funds but it was still as likely she might have heard some useful information whilst performing.

(( I know Sone and Phoenix haven’t heard anything but this is just an excuse to tie everyone back together and give Shobu something to respond to since she’s been away for a bit. xP ))

01-15-2016, 10:39 AM
Blackcat, Light Buster, and Scourgesdaughter I hope that I don't annoy you guys with suddenly jumping in but it seemed a nice way to join the story and I look forward to meeting you all. Please have some patience with me.
"It seems that I'm finally home, Ignia.": Dodar said against to strange bird sitting on his shoulder while leaving the ship. In a world were magic was involved into daily lives as much as this one a creature wouldn't easily called strange, but there still were a lot of people looking at the strange bird on the boys shoulder. This bird which the boy called Ignia was a phoenix, a mythical creature that if it dies turns into ash and immediatly reborns from the same ash... and it was always cloaked in flames which was most likely the reason most people watched. I wonder if the people are staring because of Ignia or because I'm not being burned by the fire. Dodar thought while feeling uncomfertable. He didn't like being in the spotlight, what was a little bit strange since people wouldn't expect that from a child of the wanderlust culture but that simply was who he was. Ignia seemed to like that all the people were staring at here and enjoyed it. In this aspect Dodar and Ignia really were total opposits from each other. Well it must be said that Dodar himself was also quite strange because it was obvious that he wasn't a therian but he didn't have any hints to what culture he belonged. The only reason anyone could be really sure is when Dodar told them about it but he had enough knowledge about each culture to pass for almost any of them.

Finally having arrived at the school and leaving the village behind Dodar entered through the main gate but a quick look gave away that there was no one there. that's strange I heard that there were a lot of people attending the school. Looking for someone to explain him were he could register to attend the school he walked around the campus. It would have been a lot easier if he would just let Ignia scout the campus but he didn't want to freak anyone out. From his own experience a lot of people reacted quite different to him and Ignia; From trying to kill them to a trib that was confinced that Ignia was a god and Dodar the prophet, not that he expected such an extreme reaction here but it was better to be careful. When he was close to the middle of the campus he heard some yelling and decided to head that way. First thing he saw was a wolf with its fangs around a students neck. He knew that there was nothing that he could do without endangering the student. "Ignia": he started to whisper to the phoenix "listen good, If that wolf killes the student and try to run away then try to cut the way off with fire and if that fails then shadow them to see where its heading and report back, but don't endanger yourself" Ignia, having heard Dodar his orders, flied up and started to gather her magic just in case. Dodar himself made sure that he would stand ready if there would be any change in the situation.

01-16-2016, 02:40 PM
OOC: Cross Avantgarde sunnyside Ranshiin ELR You guys are awesome T-T

Phoenix was thoroughly enjoying herself. She was lost in the music Sone played. His sound was lovely. The rhythm carried her and it was easy to fall into step. Her dancing may have been attracting the eyes, but Sone's playing enticed more than a single sensation. The song was coming to an end after the energetic peak. Phoenix spun and spun as she moved, clapping her hands along with her zills. Then the music came to a halt, so she stopped, posed and gave two last embellishments with her finger instruments. Applause rang out. She bowed and gestured at Sone as well. She then scooped up her satchel, smiled at the crowd, and held it out as people tossed their money in.

Suddenly, she heard Shi'ran's voice in her ear. She had completely forgotten about the communication device. "I haven't--thank you--Sone may have--thank you very much---I've been dancing so you might--oh, you're very generous--you may want to ask him." She said. She set the satchel down, keeping it open for anyone else who might throw some change in. "Sorry, we're just finishing up but Sone may have been keeping an ear open as he played." The crowd began to disperse. She picked up her bag and turned, smiling at Sone as she walked towards him.

"That was amazing, Sone!" She said, placing her zill back into her satchel.

Light Buster
01-17-2016, 08:43 PM
OOC: Oh good, we're moving again. Also, sunnyside I think you wanted this Black-Cat0001


Hiro assessed the situation,

Hiro assessed the situation that has evolved. It was only getting worse by the second as the leader had taken a student hostage. He can use his power to attack her, but he'll end up hurting the student as well. Mizuki also noted the change as well along with Mami as they kept a close eye on her.

(Hiro) "Juggernaut, the situation is only getting worse, we need to get the other students to safety before they get involved and possibly get hurt."
(Mizuki) "She using the student as hostage, she'll kill them if we make any sudden movements."
(Mami) "I will keep an eye on her. Juggernaut, you need to get the others out of here before they get hurt."

01-24-2016, 01:56 AM
"Alright.....Just let me get the cuffs off." Shi then goes over and slowly approaches them taking the cuffs off after giving them a sedative strong enough to keep them under control. "There now I left them unhurt, and I'll let you guys go, now Back...away...from...the...girl." "Everyone else for your own safety please get inside the nearest facility."

01-26-2016, 09:45 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~ ELR

Shi’ran frowned when he heard Phoenix’ reply and was told that she hadn’t heard anything …… he silently questioned himself about why he was even bothering to ask even though he was the one who had made that call and rolled his eyes, but he refrained from actually saying anything that would tell her he was displeased.

He then listened to her suggest to talk to Sone and ask him … though what were the chances that he’d have heard something she hadn’t? Out of the necessity of maintaining calm and remaining ‘professional’ the Therian brought a hand up to rub his forehead before answering back with a neutral tone. “Sure …… thank you.” The compliment was heavily delayed; Phoenix might not even hear it, and at that point he fiddled again with the damned forearm-attached communication instrument to find which button was Sone’s. He figured it out.

“Sone, right? The guy with Phoenix?” He paused, glaring out of the corner of his eye towards Voth. He was running out of patience and visibly wished he had just taken the Netherkin’s advice. ”I don’t know if you heard what I asked her but … have you heard anything, seen anything that might be relevant with finding these people we’re looking for?”

He was prepared for a negative response; he was already contemplating Voth’s earlier observations.

Cross Avantgarde
01-31-2016, 05:11 PM
~Shobu~ ELR Ranshiin sunnyside

No rush? Don’t get yourself killed? Jasper put his arm back down after the communication was over and was slightly puzzled. Was everything okay? Shi’ran’s caring question, hastily stated, had put him off guard.

Jasper looked over to Skyla. “That was Shi’ran. Just asking how things were going. Think we should pick up a few of those items to rig up and then head back?” Jasper looked around again. The market seemed massive.

“You seem to really know your way around, Skyla. Mind taking us to a table or two where we could pick those things up?” He shifted the weight of the boxes he was carrying and wondered again what was inside.

02-04-2016, 09:44 PM
I must apologizes for the length of time it has taken to get back. I will not explain as to why but I am still in a weird situation and will be on as often as I can possibly maintain. If I do not get on quick enough for things to get rolling then sunnyside has full permission to take over in whatever way he sees fit.

~Shobu~ Ranshiin Note: In this moment Sone is going to be a ditz who hit the wrong button so EVERYONE hears him.

The piece spoke to life, the voice full of nerves but also could hear a hint of something else. Sone couldn't figure it out but it did not bother him. Rubbing his arms down, he hit the button he hoped was the correct one. With eyes still towards the outside, he packed up his new toy the best he could and stretched. "I see no suspicious beings. Then again, suspicious is all who are here."

Twisting about, limbering up, flexing his fingers, then began humming and vibrating his vocal cords. Pulling out the ocarina, he sighed and smiled. "But seems looks like plenty enjoy Miss Phoenix's dance style." He releases the button and puts it up to his lips, closing his eyes, wishing the wind would push his tune in for him.

"Ladies!" A talk dark skin male walked up, his green eyes slim and welcoming, his black hair slicked back. He looked over dressed for such an area. He was surely out of place. "I wish to buy you a drink, each." He walked past everyone else, his voice deep. Sone did not like the aura he shoved off.

He smiled and spun Phoenix in, pulling her purse close to her hip, his arms wrapped around her. "I'm not sure." He meeped out.

Pulling his face close to her ear, he whispered. "Feels unfriendly. What do you think?"

Cross Avantgarde

Her face flushed red. "Well.." Skyla fixed the scarf on her neck and looked around. "We could try the far walls? Skimro said most places you can find misfits farthest away."

Then she remembered a device Skimro gave her on their last mission. She pulled it out of her satchel and looked at it. She still did not know how it worked. "Skimro said this helps out in a snap. Any idea on how to use it or what it is used for?" She held the round metal piece in the palm of her hand, the darkness of the center scared her. She looked back up at Jasper.

02-17-2016, 11:00 AM
ELR sunnyside

“… Right.” Not knowing that Sone had mistakenly hit the ‘broadcast to everyone’ button he simply replied as he would have himself; decidedly very brief, mere acknowledgement. He let his finger off of the button after he said the one word … and then he immediately turned to the nearest wall and bonked his head onto it.

Hopeless …… utterly hopeless.

He lifted his head off, bonked it a second time to the wall and then backed off so he could run a hand through his hair in frustration. His eyes flashed around between the surroundings in the bazaar, to Voth, to the surroundings, back to Voth. The Therian was frowning at that point – almost a scowl – and it took a lot of willpower not to just throw his arms up in agitation after a point.

“… Okay, y’know what? To Hell with ‘em. What was it you suggested before? We go find a pactmaker or something? C’mon, let’s just go do that … and if they’re lucky I won’t punch them in the face.”

He made some sort of ‘to hell with this, let’s just go’ gesture with his hands as a prompt to get Voth to move with him so they could venture further into the outer-most streets of the bazaar. He was done with waiting around, it was time he do something instead.

02-22-2016, 04:22 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delay. Life is crazy at the moment, and just when things settled a bit where I can get at my computer, it turns out my wife might have a major medical issue. We'll see how that turns out, I'm really really hoping it turns out to be nothing.


Ranshiin and ELR

Voth gives a nod. "Yeah, lets do that. We've got stuff to offer and usually they get down to business, it should make up for our lost time and maybe give us a little more."

He looks around a bit and strides over to a man and a women desert gear wandering into the area of the Bazaar. Voth says "Hey there. Where can I find a good Pactmaker that knows this area. "

At first the people look annoyed at being bothered, but the woman smiles and can't resist saying "Well, I don't know that I've ever met a "good" Pactmaker, but there are two reasonably skilled ones around. "Desert Dan" tends to hang out in the bar down there." She says pointing towards the main structure where the rest of the group is. " And Jenner hangs out in a house that looks more like a big pile of rocks over that way." She says pointing out through the sparse above ground structures, some rocks peeking over the top of some shanties probably being the destination she's pointing at.

After saying that she gets something of a suspicious look on her face and eyes Voth for a moment. Then quickly turns and the two of them continue on their way without another word, but Shi'ran catches them glancing back to keep an eye on Voth and himself.

Voth lets them go and starts striding towards the above ground stone structure. Over his shoulder he says "It's too noisy down there."

02-24-2016, 12:15 PM
Yuuzuki Black-Cat0001 Scourgesdaughter Light Buster

OOC: This might be a tish more manipulative of scourges character than I'd like, but I want to unstick people. By the way I'd like to point out Yuuzuki's post putting his character in the area, in case anybody missed it.


The caped wolf smiles as he sees Silver exploit one of the students in the crowd that had congregated to see what was happening, well, he said to her under his breath "I guess their curiosity is satisfied now huh?"

More loudly he adds "Alright everyone, lets just take a little walk towards the main gate." The large burned black furred werewolf doesn't seem to have noted any of this and he surges toward Mizuki once again, however a light colored female wolf manages to leap in front of him, he seems unwilling to stomp over her, at least for a moment, giving her time to get his chain in her mouth and starts tugging him towards the others.

As the gang, some slow under sedation, moves toward the gate, it seems that at least some students followed Juggernaut's order to disperse. However Juggernaut can feel plenty more are eager to try to play the hero and aren't willing to just go away from the situation so simply. (OOC: I'm presuming this includes Dodar, Hiro, Mizuki, and Mami)

However no-one tries anything. You don't need empathic magic like Dodar and Juggernaut have to be able to tell that Silver is far to crazed and violent to attempt to assume any delay if anyone makes a move.

As the group near the gate the wolves start moving better, recovering from their various light injuries and sedatives. Carolus also starts increasingly telling people to back up, putting some distance between the groups. In the end it seems even he isn't so sure how Silver would have ended things if left to her own devices and seemingly gently holds her arm and extricates the hostage. As soon as she's free the wolves dart away from the school and out into the ungoverned area around the school, where those involved with the construction had set up something of a shanty town and now seem reluctant to move away, their powerful quadruped forms giving them impressive speed.

The might not be as fast as the Michaels, with three of them now in the air, but they show no interest in perusing further violence, particularly outside the school's wall.

02-24-2016, 01:24 PM
OOC: Black-Cat0001 Scourgesdaughter Light Buster sunnyside allright I didn't write much but I just want my character to get to know everyone. alos sunny I hoope for you that it will turn out to be nothing too for you.

Dodar was releaved when he saw the wolves leave. He didn't really get what was going on but he decided to talk to the, if there was any really, leader of the group. I have no idea what his name was but Dodar needed to understand was going on. "Ummm hi, I'm Dodar" he said towards the leader. Shi was a chakat, until then he had only read about them in acient stories and this was his first time meeting one in reallife. It was a bit painful in Dodar's neck to have to look up into the chakat's eyes. "I have sent my friend after those wolves to see were they are going. Shall I call her back or do you want to find out their hideout?" Dodar didn't want to clash immedaitly with everyone and decided to remain a bit passive in everything until he would have enough information about what was going on to act on his own, besides making some friends couldn't hurt, right?

02-24-2016, 03:10 PM
"No, Dodar I appreciate you wanting to help however your friend needs to retreat back here. Those wolves are good people I can tell, but their leader....a bit too hot blooded and very short fuse. Anyway welcome to The School of seven Towers. My name is Juggernaut. How may I help you?"

02-25-2016, 09:52 AM
Ignia you can turn back, probably the wolves won't be any danger to us. After Dodar sent his orders to ignia he replied to Juggernaut, "Well yes if you would be so kind, I'm new and I was wondering were the tower of the wanderlust is, and also if there were any other people of my culture around here. There are a few things I would like to ask." At that moment Ignia, in her true form flew down and placed herself on Dodar's shoulder. "And this is my good friend and partner Ignia" Dodar says pointing at the bird on his shoulder. "She's a phoenix I was also wondering if there were more them on the campus. Anyway nice to met you all."

02-25-2016, 02:20 PM
"I would recommend first coming with me to the head principals office so we can get you sign in, and up and running. I'll then give you a tour while we get your stuff needed for your classes, and no so far Ignia is the only Phoenix I know of at the moment on this campus. I also go to school here but I also work for Security here." then shifting eyes she whispers,"I also friends with the principal, and I've never been a slave."

Cross Avantgarde
02-28-2016, 05:20 PM
OOC: sunnyside I am very sorry to hear about your wife. I truly hope it’s nothing major, and I hope to hear good news from you soon.
ELR Ranshiin ~Shobu~

IC: Looking at the device in Skyla’s hand caused a smile to form on Jasper’s face. “Good one, Skimro,” he said, though Skimro was nowhere in sight. “That, Skyla, is a molecule compressor. It safely—well, the good ones do this safely, at least—compresses the matter in items to reduce their size and contain them in that device, making it very easy to transport.”

Jasper winced as he remembered debates about trying them on living things. “It’s not recommended for use on precious things, as there’s no guarantee that molecular damage won’t occur, especially if you buy one from a dodgy vendor. Since it came from Skimro, I’d trust it. That’ll come in handy when we have to go around on foot for awhile and need a break from carrying around cumbersome things. You'd be surprised at how much this thing can hold!” He thought for a second. “I’d try it right now on what we picked up, but as I’m not sure of what’s inside these boxes, I’ll wait until we take it back to the others.”

Jasper looked at the far walls as Skyla had suggested. “Let’s see what they have over there.” Walking to the tables, Jasper glanced at the items on display. It didn’t take long to notice that Skyla had been right about the vendors on the far wall; they did seem to look more suspicious than those around them, given their darting eyes, baggy clothes that almost certainly concealed items underneath, and visages that were equally as suspicious as Jasper must’ve felt.

“Just a few quick requests,” Jasper began, talking to several of them at once. “I need at least one grappling hook—um, small, I think—and some rope or twine to go with it.” He thought again and scratched his head. “A knife would also be useful. Serrated. Might have to cut the rope or twine.” He looked over to Skyla. “What else, do you think?”

02-29-2016, 12:03 PM
OOC: This goes for others as well but particularly Ranshiin . Always feel free to shoot me a PM if you have a bit of writers block, or if you'd just like me to advance things to give you more to work with. I sometimes tend to offer more "breaks" for a player to do something than might be needed. You could also make a shorter post to clue me in to keep rolling, but I know some people don't like making those.


Yuuzuki Black-Cat0001 Light Buster

As the scene seems to be over most of the students finally start dispersing. It's late, and the presence of campus security, particularly the statue like Michaels flying overhead, makes the students less than comfortable. So they head off, generally is chatting clusters. The main gates to the outside also close again for the night.

It's actually Mami who first notices that the girl who had been hostage doesn't look right. She's still standing where she was when she was released. She isn't crying or anything, and she almost doesn't exist as far as empathic abilities are concerned. With her ashen grey skin and black shirt, pants, boots, fingernails, and hair she doesn't make much of a visual impression in the dark either. But Mami notices that she doesn't seem to be blinking or moving at all her eyes having a thousand yard stare, focusing on nothing, and her skin is starting to wither, almost seeming like she's drying out.

03-01-2016, 04:08 AM
"Whats up Mami?" Juggernaut looks where she is looking, Juggernaut takes out her comp," We have a hostage who needs medical attention stat. Conditions; She isn't crying or anything, and she almost doesn't exist as far as empathic abilities are concerned. She doesn't seem to be blinking or moving at all, and her skin is starting to wither, almost seeming like she's drying out."

03-01-2016, 12:14 PM
Dodar just wanted to leave to the principal office together with Juggernaut when they saw that one of the hostages had some problems. She didn't blink or cry and he couldn't pick up anything from here with his abilities. Ignia landed back on his shoulder having returned from wherever she followed those wolves. He didn't want to get in the way with Juggernaut his problems so he just waited till he was done.

03-03-2016, 08:35 AM
sunnyside No, it’s not that I was struggling with writing, it’s more that I just have been a bit busy and distracted the past week or so.

Shi’ran didn’t need to do anything else reaction-wise other than get moving to follow Voth, and that’s what he did. Voth must’ve been getting bored too, he thought … go figure. It didn’t take them long to find someone that looked like they’d know enough to be useful and Voth got some answers out of them.

A Pactmaker indoors – where Jasper and Phoenix and Hanze’s colleagues were – and one outdoors, huh? Well, that was a start … if these strangers could be trusted, but given how specific they were it was unlikely they were lying. The way they became cautious of Voth and the Therian too …… Shi’ran did notice her looking back at him after she left, and it made him frown.

Voth made the decision to go towards the one that was above-ground, and Shi’ran didn’t argue. If anything the dragon was quick to catch him back up; he looked agitated, and was quick to voice why. “I don’t like the look those two gave us … I think if we hang around here too long these travelling idiots we’re supposed to be finding are going to hear about us and get spooked …”

Having said that he fell quiet, albeit being rather way and watchful of his surroundings whilst they quickly made their way towards these shanties and the rocks that they’d been pointed towards. It was hard not to be suspicious of everyone else wandering around the markets after that one little conversation.

03-03-2016, 04:33 PM
Let's stir some things up. Ranshiin sunnyside

Unknowingly being watched, a small person walks by an nabs the bag of trade able goods and walked straight into the crowd in the opposite direction the lady was headed. Carefully, quickly, quietly, the small person hides away.

Cross Avantgarde

Her eyes widened, hearing what that thing could do excited her. "The likely hood of him getting something too precious in those boxes are slim to none but could ask him if you end up not wanting to do so." She bite her lower lip and tugged the scarf further up her neck.

She browsed the goods and pondered. "Torches of some sort would be nice, maybe ones that someone not Magitech could use easily." Skyla picked up a sound amplifier and looked it over. It seemed to be older, the use of regular electricity it seemed to use. "Aaaanndd..." She put it down and picked up climber hooks. "Aid sprays?" She looked at Jasper, putting the hooks back down, a questionable look upon her face.

~Shobu~ already started something there, just awaiting response.

03-05-2016, 02:49 AM
OOC: Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde ELR Sorry guys, just been busy, per the norm. sunnyside I'm truly sorry to hear that sunny. I pray that she makes a full recovery from whatever is ailing her. Be strong love!

Phoenix could have sworn that Shi'ran said something else before he cut his connection. It sounded suspiciously like words of gratitude, but she wasn't quite certain. Surely not Shi'ran, she thought just as the slick-haired man approached them.

"Ah!" Before she knew what was happening, she was suddenly spun into the man's arms. She blinked a couple of times to refocus. It felt strange when she wasn't expecting it. Although, she was accustomed to dealing men trying to handle her like a plaything. She smiled at him and took his wrist and seemingly playfully spun out of his grasp, sure to keep her bag close. Sone then whispered into her ear asking her opinion on him. His sleaziness was nearly dripping from him, but a drink never hurt anyone if one was aware of exactly what was being put in it. Besides, they were still waiting on the other bunch. If anything, this guy could be useful in some way. She didn't know how, but Wanderlusters had a way of luring things such as truths and information out of people. She decided to keep her empathy open. It could come in handy.

"A drink would be lovely." She said with a flirtatious quirk of the corner of her lips and looped her arm through Sone's, pulling him close. "But we don't take drink from nameless faces. To whom do we owe the pleasure?"

Light Buster
03-06-2016, 01:13 AM
sunnyside Black-Cat0001Yuuzuki

(Mami) "Something's not right about her. It's as if she never existed to start with."
(Mizuki) "I'm getting nothing from her either. What's with her?"

Hiro on the other hand began to focus his attention on the lifeless girl. He kept his guard up in case something else was up.

(Hiro) "In the state she's in, she needs help, but something about her isn't right. Let us keep our guard up as we get her to the doctor."

03-06-2016, 06:09 AM
"I know however if we act too obvious, it'll draw unwanted attention, and we're already running short with all the stuff thats been going on."

03-06-2016, 03:01 PM
ELR and Ranshiin

Voth shudders a little bit and then firmly but nonchalantly says to Shi'ran "Here, you go on to talk to the pactmaker, I just thought of something I need to take care of quick." He catches Shi'rans eyes in a glance, and Shi'ran suddenly notices his eyes. They've got amber flecks in them. Shi'ran doesn't think they've changed there's just...more detail to them. Similarly his pale skin shows some texture and hair, and his cheeks have a bit of color to them. Subtle enough to not be noticed by someone without enhanced vision, and maybe it could just be Shi'ran's imagination.

Voth doesn't wait for an answer, he just points at the building they were heading to and and adds, "It'll probably be a better learning experience without me anyway" he then turns and heads off into the crowd, sniffing the air.

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Black-Cat0001 Yuuzuki and Light Buster

The girl wavers and shrivels a little more, the tightening of her face pulling back her lips, showing her long pointed canines. She waves a little, and falls down to her knees, barely exerting enough effort to put out an arm to keep from falling right onto the ground.

03-06-2016, 03:35 PM
Juggernaut slowly and extremely cautious approaches the victim. "Easy now, we're here for you, are you ok miss, can you tell me your name?"

03-07-2016, 08:07 AM
sunnyside ELR Truth be told I did in fact just flip a coin because I wasn’t sure how to react. I left it up to fate. >w>

Shi’ran had caught Voth back up and was walking with him as best as he could given how busy was, so was rather jolted when the Netherkin suddenly did an about-turn and announced he had ‘something to take care of’. The Therian ended up doing as much of a stop-and-turn as Voth did in response, and likewise caught the man’s face (and eyes) in the process of trying to ask what was going on;

“Wait, what? But we-… h-hey, what about the-…?! ……”

The sudden increase to the man’s ‘detail’ caught him as strange and from what little experience he had … he knew it meant something. What, exactly, he didn’t know, but even after being told to carry on he made a start towards Voth only to moments later lose him into the crowd. There were too many people …

Son of a-… now what? Crap … okay … fine. Weirdo.

He didn’t have much choice, did he? Get lost trying to find Voth, or go to where he’d been told to go knowing the Netherkin would eventually show up there? He reluctantly turned back around with a huff under his breath and rather hurriedly returned to heading in the direction of the shanties and the big rocks. It didn’t take him too long to get to the buildings … and once he was there it was just a case of finding this Pactmaker.


03-09-2016, 12:11 AM
ELR and Ranshiin

Shi'ran was initially faced with a few buildings that seemed like they might be heaps of rock, but one did seem to stand out. He doesn't have the think about it very long as soon a man in robes is waving Shi'ran into the building. "Come come, you're looking for Jenner yes?"

(OOC: Presuming Shi'ran goes in, unless you'd prefer smaller chunks. Also I'll point out that I like to keep the focus on the players, so Voth is "off screen" for the moment.)

The inside of the stone building is covered in colorful pillows, blankets, and rugs some on top of either benches or carved rock to produce something like couches. Tables are scattered here and there, with food and bottles presumably of wine on some. Besides the entrance Shi'ran ducks through there are two doors at the back of the large room, and some women are leaving through one of them.

There is one man remaining sitting on one of the "couches." He's tannish in color and bald, with brass or gold ring piercings, one after another, forming a line starting at the ring finger on his left hand, continuing up his arm, across his collarbone, and then up his neck to his right ear. To keep those exposed instead of a shirt he has a strap going across his chest holding a metal shoulder guard on his right shoulder, with cloth and armor extending as a sleeve down his arm and below the strap to cover most of his chest.

He gives a nod to the man that waved Shi'ran in, and he goes back outside where he had been.

The man speaks "I'm Jenner. You are here to see me yes? Now, " He says as he leans forward with obvious interest in his voice "I'm sure you have some official business. However my friend at the door says that when he first saw you, you were with a partner, but they went a different way. Why is that interesting you may be wondering? Let me tell you. Sometimes it seems like everybody has a partner, or a whole team here. At least anyone with any resources eh? And a team, they always want to get down to business. Talk about what the team is looking for. A bit of scrying of the ruins, maybe some information on what people are looking for that might be worth bringing back, maybe looking to get information on how to get some piece of gear they're missing. So boring really.

Ah but someone who comes from a partnership but is on their own? Someone new? Ah, that lets me ask you. What do you really want? We can still talk business in a bit. But for now forget about your partner, forget about any bosses back wherever home is. Forget even what people might think, I tell secrets, but my reputation depends on never telling ones I learn of in this room. " His voice drops to a whisper "Tell Jenner what you really want."


Black-Cat0001 Yuuzuki and Light Buster

OOC: Ooop, gotta make this quick


The girl seems mostly unresponsive. Though maybe in reflexive response to Juggernauts proximity as much as anything else she makes a half hearted biting motion in hir direction, loses her balance, and falls over.

03-09-2016, 07:55 AM
sunnyside I’ll admit that I’m a little uncertain about what you’re trying to imply I do or say xD.

Shi’ran had barely gotten into the shanties and was just beginning to look around for where he was supposed to go; he’d just-about noticed this one ‘rock house’ that stood out a little compared to all the other ones when someone at the front of it was waving and gesturing him to follow inside. They mentioned Jenner. How did they know who he was looking for? It caught him as strange, so very strange … but he could tell that they weren’t malevolent or lying. Something with the situation … someone intending to cause him trouble probably wouldn’t be so obvious.

He followed them inside, looking baffled about their apparent clairvoyance but not saying anything about it. The Therian looked around the interior, that to him didn’t seem to fit at all but who was he to judge the culture of others? Maybe this was normal for someone living in the desert. The bottles of wine made him feel thirsty; he legitimately thought about trying to snag one of the bottles, but he wasn’t really given an opportunity at that point.

The Therian stopped looking around so much when he was ‘introduced’ to Jenner and he listened to the man introduce and explain his observations simply because Shi’ran wasn’t really given much of an opportunity to interject. This guy could talk for days… And he seemed awfully … well, he seemed to know more than he was supposed to. At the least Shi’ran cottoned on to the fact that he hinted, very obviously, that he knew where the team of scavengers he was supposed to be looking for had gone even though he didn’t want to ‘talk business’ straight away but talk about Shi’ran himself, instead.

Were all Pactmakers like this? Manipulative? Confusing? Shi’ran looked away from the man, to the side at some of the empty couches and tables, a frown on his face. The bald man had a point though … what did he want? …… Was there going to be any repercussions, was he going to be expected to reimburse the man in some way for humouring him? He thought on it a little … the man obviously knew of the scavengers, the ruins …… Hanze had never said he couldn’t do something for himself, right?

“… I guess if you’re insisting, buddy … I don’t know what the Hell you’re expecting to get out of it but …” He looked back to the man, his eyes looking like a simmering fire just waiting for an excuse to explode. “… I’ve always wanted to know more about magic … dark magic. I … want to learn how to use it.”

03-09-2016, 09:07 AM
Juggernaut was over by her side in a heart beat, and had gotten out her rations of food. She slowly keep her firmly down to the ground."Ok miss, here is some food you can have if your hungry. Maybe you'll be more responsive once you had something to eat." Juggernaut backed away, making sure none were too close to her and was keeping both eyes focused on her.

03-12-2016, 12:31 AM
Ranshiin and ELR

At first the man simply bursts in laughter, a deep laugh and gives a clap. But then he notices Shi'ran's eyes and demeanor.

"Wait. You're serious? I'm sorry I thought you were having a joke with me. No. I'm with you. "

He leans back, giving Shi'ran a long look. And glances around. Then he leans forward in close. "Magic is a strange thing. You know, Pactmakers like myself, we make many deals with many people, but also creatures, spirits, and some call that a dark magic. Others classify magics used to kill, harm, or poison as black magics. There is much that can be taught, and even more, I think, that can be learned. What does it mean to you? What dark things tantalize you when you daydream? What comes to you in the night?"

He looks at Shi'ran, obviously interested, rubbing is hands together briefly before holding them at his knees while he waits.


Black-Cat0001 Yuuzuki and Light Buster

The girls doesn't seem to pay any attention to the food, though she seems to be getting worse. She tries to bite Juggernaut, putting some significant effort into it, though perhaps still not a lot of focus, more like strong but ill directed motions of someone drowinging. Still, her effort is more like a kid trying hard, she doesn't have a lot of strength, especially with Juggernaut holding her carefully down.

OOC: LB or Yuuzuki? I suppose if you really want to move on you could just haul her to the nearest infirmary.

03-12-2016, 09:02 AM
sunnyside I apologise if this is a little hard to work with. Consider it equal parts that Shi’ran is being hesitant, and that he doesn’t really know how to explain his thoughts.

Shi’ran frowned slightly when the man burst out laughing, because why wouldn’t he? The man had asked him a serious question and he had given a serious answer. Maybe it was a good thing Voth had gone AWOL and nobody else was in the room?

When Jenner seemed to take what he’d said seriously, the frown faded away and Shi’ran listened, like before, to what he said. Had he not been holding onto his Hoverboard he’d have crossed his arms, but alas. And then when prompted he replied – first with a minor huff of an answer, and then a more proper one; “… I feel like you expected a different answer from me.” He began, “But if you’re insisting on an answer …… magic that can kill, and harm, and poison. Magic that intimidates, and manipulates.”

He paused. He seemed to think for a moment.

“And sometimes I’ve wondered if the darkness itself can be a tool. Y’know? People manipulate fire with their magic …… pfeh … look at me, you must think I’m frickin’ crazy or something.” He fell to a mumble. He seemed a little … distrusting – with good reason – of the Pactmaker. “Though is that so wrong, that I dream of that sort of power? That I’m not afraid of using it to harm or weaken or do things people consider ‘terrible’ and ‘dark’, especially considering I’m a Therian?”

03-18-2016, 12:04 PM
Ranshiin and ELR

OOC: Sorry for the delay, I've been quite sick and just didn't get on my computer aside from doing what little I needed to keep my projects at work on the rails.


Jenner leans back with a smirk fading into a thoughtful expression, and holds his hands together at the fingers and drums the tips together as he seems to think. Then he starts to smile again and nod his head as he starts speaking.

"Here's what I'm thinking, you want me to be surprised. I suppose I am a little, but this far out of civilization, I've seen a lot of things, and often those out here are here precisely because they don't fit the mold so well. Though there are many reasons.

But more important I think you want other people to be surprised. Let me explain. Pactmakers such as myself often have more than a passing interest in power yes? And sometimes it takes on aspects that people would call "dark" or "scary" or "things man was not meant to deal with" but generally that's not the objective and has more to do with coincidence. Often our greatest items of power or spell are plain looking and efficient.

But that's not what you're looking for. I think you want to shock and awe. And there is some value to that. Magic or confrontation is often a very mental game and a bit of fear can put people off theirs. Try as we might, we still have some primal responses to things, and that can be tapped into. "

He shifts in his seat a bit and adds with a nod "And perhaps just a bit of spite towards the Therian Stereotype eh? "

Cross Avantgarde
03-19-2016, 07:30 AM
sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

Jasper nodded when Skyla showed the items to him. He picked up the hooks Skyla had set down and also picked up a can of first aid spray. “Sounds like a good idea; let’s get these and we’ll store them in the compressor.” Using the funds that had been distributed to purchase the items, Jasper took the items and almost placed them in the compressor right then and there. It seemed less than prudent, however, to do so in front of the vendors and the small crowd on the outskirts of the more crowded market, as someone might want the device enough to pilfer it.

“Tell you what—let’s compress the items when we’re out of the crowd.”

Noticing Skyla pull up her scarf again, he thought that perhaps he might ask a bit more about it. “Ready to radio the others and tell them we’re on the way back?” He reached to the sleeve, pressed the button that broadcast messages to everyone with the earpiece and said, “We’ve got the supplies and we’re on our way back. Let us know if anything came up while we were gone and we’ll pick up whatever’s additionally needed.”

As he walked with Skyla he thought of a way to mildly ask more about the discomfort concerning her neck. “Forgive me if I’m prying, but the scarf about your neck seems to be uncomfortable.” Would that be enough for her to tell him more about it? Perhaps he’d broached the subject too bluntly. He shifted the weight of the items in his arms to break up the awkwardness he’d just injected into the conversation.

03-28-2016, 09:55 PM
She made the decision, guess it was safe enough. But why did he come and pick them? "I am Darius. Darius Marchello." He bowed forward and kissed Phoenix's hand then nodded his head forward. "Now we are strangers no more. A drink for such a pretty lady."

Sone stepped in between and smiled kindly. "Sone." He nodded towards Phoenix. "Phoenix." He put his arm around her and spun her behind him. "Not too much to drink, got to be able to stay on our toes and dance, yes?" He asked while extending his arm up, leg out, on toe.
Cross Avantgarde

Skyla put the items into her bag and hoped she had enough room. Before she could put her input in, Jasper informed the others we were done.

Her scarf? She pulled it closer around her neck. "It isn't the scarf that is uncomfortable." Did he already forget what he had seen as he had walked out into the deserted land? Then her words became a whisper through the mic for only him to hear. "How many 'slaves' are seen without their collars? My neck still looks like it has fresh marks on it, but no markings of having been 'set free' in the eyes of slavers eyes. Though most just consider it a way to calm those who are or were uncontrollable."

Would it sink in?

03-29-2016, 07:58 AM
Comph,"Infirmary I have a mental patient here who is in dire need of your help. She is not looking so hot, and, is in extremely unstable condition. Send a medical team ASAP with stretcher!"click. "Now once we get the medical team to take her we can go to the principal's office, and get you registered ok."

03-29-2016, 09:16 AM
sunnyside Cross Avantgarde (acknowledging that Shi'ran heard the message Jasper broadcast).

Shi’ran listened quietly – though visibly with some self-restraint – whilst the man continued on and explained himself. His arms moved subtly, uncomfortably, his fingers relaxing then tightening around the edge of his Hoverboard – he couldn’t stay entirely still at that point.

“… I think it’s more than ‘just a bit’ of spite. All the Therians I’ve come across … all this magic, and ability, we all have … and all they use it for is for restoration. Healing … for being passive … helpless. It’s ridiculous.

I don’t get it … I don’t get why they all have this magic … and all they want to do is waste it on growing trees, or healing others. Why not themselves? Why not something other than healing?

…… Do you get where I’m coming at here, Pactmaker? I want to be more than just … ‘that’. I’m not wanting to just ‘shock’ or ‘awe’ people. What’s the point of a threat if you can’t back it up? I have potential … I want to use it.”

He looked like he was going to say more, but at that point visibly got distracted; amongst a scattering of static in his ear he heard a voice – Jasper’s voice – relaying some sort of message. “Got supplies.” “On way back.” Something about any additional equipment. The dragon-Therian’s reddish eyes narrowed in the direction of the earpiece and he lifted his free hand up to push on it for a moment to try and better-hear the message, then let it go.

Looked like it was about time he leave. His eyes turned back to Jenner.

“Okay, look, I don’t have time to be going around in any more circles. If you’ve got anything you think’s going to help me with what I’ve already said, then can you just say it, or show it, or give me it, or whatever?

Otherwise, can you please just go ahead and tell me where these people I’m supposed to be finding are? I can pay you for the information, and then I can get the hell out of here.”

Cross Avantgarde
03-30-2016, 07:19 AM

Jasper looked down as they walked back to their basecamp of sorts. “I’m sorry to bring that up. Is Hanze or someone else really so sure that you won’t go to the school on your own volition? Or are they afraid of something else?” It was none of his business, and Jasper felt a tinge of guilt for going further when it wasn’t a comfortable subject to begin with.

He couldn’t shake the feeling that the slave collar was too much. When they had been departing from the airship, the damage to her neck seemed terrible. He remembered what Skimro had told him about Skyla not being a full Celestial, and about Hanze’s concern over the Netherkin pursuing them.

“Perhaps I should ask…or not, but—isn’t there someone we could convince to take that off?”

Light Buster
03-30-2016, 03:29 PM
Hiro approached the two girls with his right hand on the handle is his sword in case things go south. Something is wrong with the girl and he had a feeling it had something to do with the gang.

03-31-2016, 12:07 PM
Ranshiin and ELR

Jenner looks like he's about to debate the point about the helplessness of Therians, he even starts to hold a finger up, but then gets a shrewd look and lowers it, listening to the rest of Shi'ran's speech.

Shortly after Shi'ran finishes, the man outside says through a window "His friend is coming this way, he's still a ways off and he's not hustling, but you don't have many minutes. "

He seems a bit agitated by the rush and says "Let me think a minute" he drums his fingers together and doesn't even need a full minute before he lights up and holds up his hands as he says "Ah! I have it!"

He gets up and starts to move, causing all the rings in his skin to flop around in wavy motions. "What you need is a mentor, a subtle one, who can train you in what you need. That's just the sort of thing a skilled and experienced Pactmaker such as myself and provides, especially given the sort of spirits one can contact out here. Yes. Yes. Now, the spirit will want something in exchange for training, but generally they really crave interaction and access to our world, so, while they can be tricky, you should have an edge in the ongoing negotiations.

What you need me to do, and swiftly if" He pauses a moment and then continues "If you'd like to maintain your privacy in these matters, is to have me summon and bind the spirit to you. This would establish a connection between the two of you that would give you the ability to mentally converse with the spirit and allow it to manifest itself if you grant it the ability to use some of your magical potency for a time. "

He sits back down, lounging on one of the couches "All I require is a modest finders fee. Do you have anything to offer? You'd mentioned paying for other information, if you're short on personal funds, perhaps you could arrange a bit of overpayment for whatever services the two of you had agreed on with myself, hmmm?"


Light Buster Black-Cat0001 and Yuuzuki

Somewhere in your small group being around the girl and Juggernaut sending out a message one of the Michael's in the vicinity finally gets clued into there being a real problem. He or She swoops down, their undamaged armor indicating that this one isn't the Michael from the earlier fight, but otherwise concealing their identity and gender. The Michael quickly scoops up the girl held down by Juggernaut. She attempts to bit the Michael, but her pointy teeth are worthless against even the white decorative marble on the thick armor.

The Michael quickly takes to the sky, flying off with it's fellows, leaving the five of you alone on the campus green.

03-31-2016, 05:18 PM
Comph,"A Micheal has taken the girl into their custody, please guide them to the ER when they arrive at the medical facility and be extremely careful when getting her vitals over."Click "Now how about we go and get those registrations dealt with and I'll give a tour of the campus. Does that sound good?"

04-04-2016, 05:05 PM

Samsilus stretched out of boredom, he wanted something interesting to happen.

He still had the 'secret' item that Kershaw had given him to 'test' on people.

Then he saw a fellow Therian and a few others talking. He stood there watching in the shadows pondering exactly the situation was, it seemed almost hostile.

Cross Avantgarde o.O Hey sunny! Is Jenner calling dead people? Or actually spirits?

She pondered about it, pulling her dress down, and avoiding touching too many people as they moved past people.

"It would be better if they would have asked, I might have went." She might not have though, too. "But I am yet to be 'responsible' in their eyes so my options are limited."

Adjusting the item to the other arm. "With that out, guess you could state that I am like a play figure, my choices made for me."

Skyla felt her walls crumbling down for Jasper with the conversation continuing to happen. "Since you will be my guardian, guess that means you have a lot of questions.."

04-06-2016, 09:10 AM

Shi’ran waited quietly – if temporarily – for the Pactmaker to answer him, and began to frown just as the man started to struggle to think of a rebuke. He forced himself to remain patient and was rewarded in the end; he’d gotten close to growling out that the man ‘didn’t have a minute’, too.

He listened as the man began to pace around the room, the frown remaining on his face. A mentor? The man was suggesting he introduce Shi’ran to some sort of mentor to teach him what he wanted to know? A spirit? Huh … the frown faded a little as he thought about it. Evidently he’d expected too much of the man being able to help him directly … then again he’d been the one to instigate it. Shi’ran couldn’t help but be suspicious that Jenner was just trying to con him.

“…… A mentor, huh? … Sure, if you’re confident a spirit is going to be able to teach me what I want to know.” He shrugged. “But I have one stipulation at the very least … I want to be able to end the connection at any time. The bind, the … y’know what I mean. The ‘pact’, you people call it. Got it?”

He waited a small moment for some form of acknowledgement, and then he relaxed a little, seeming less wary of the situation. “Anyway I should have something spare funds-wise to cover both this and the information I want. That’s if you’re okay with coins and gems and stuff.” It wasn’t like it was his money to begin with. >.> He turned away from Jenner slightly and began to look for the bag he’d been given by Hanze containing the ‘bartering funds’ for dealing with the Pactmakers …… and that up until then he hadn’t known had been stolen.

“Wait, what the fu-…… where is … on the Heavens that Voth bastard didn’t steal my crap, did he? ……” He paused his attempt of finding the funds; he knew he didn’t have them on him. Given a further moment he let out a loud sigh and he kicked the heel of one of his boots on the floor in disdain, and he begrudgingly turned his eyes back to Jenner. “…… Seems like anything I can pay you with is-uh … missing. I guess my … ‘companion’ must have them, so unless there’s something else I can do to pay for the information then we’re gonna have to wait for him to get here.”


04-10-2016, 11:30 PM
Comph,"A Micheal has taken the girl into their custody, please listen to them, and be extremely careful when getting her vitals over."Click

OOC: That might be hard for the others to work with. Maybe say something to them?

Samsilus stretched out of boredom, he wanted something interesting to happen.

He still had the 'secret' item that Kershaw had given him to 'test' on people.

Then he saw a fellow Therian and a few others talking. He stood there watching in the shadows pondering exactly the situation was, it seemed almost hostile.

OOC: Is that a writing prompt for me, or did you move your character over by other players?

o.O Hey sunny! Is Jenner calling dead people? Or actually spirits?

OOC: Well, you can never be sure, but Pactmakers are known for being able to interact with spirits of various sorts. Entirely inhuman. Contacting and making arrangements with them is much of what the pactmaking magic school is about. A bit like summoning, but with bargaining. That's in the character generation stuff from them.


Ranshiin and ELR

Jenner looks more than a bit disturbed and distrustful at the mention of the suddenly missing funds. His brow wrinkles as his mind races and he strokes his chin for a moment. He starts talking, seeming to be working through the facts for his own benefit as much as Shi'ran's.

"Well, according to my man your friend is coming this way. So I think we can rule out a snatch and grab. And it would be a waste of your time to come here to beg without any funds....well, actually it probably wouldn't. I'm a creative man, and your a young healthy Therian with perhaps some potential. " He eyed Shi'ran for a moment. "Also, that board your holding should have some value. "

He pauses again.

"But you hadn't mentioned it, which means you don't want to sell it, doesn't it? Hmmmm. Alright, I think you have a couple options."

A this he snaps his fingers as if remembering something, jingling all the little rings in the process.

" I almost forgot your question. Now, to be clear, it's easy to make things up so that you can sever your relationship with the spirit. Though unless I'm convinced the spirit was utterly incompetent or unreasonable I'll be understandable reluctant to return my fee for establishing the relationship. "

He starts pacing as he continues

"First, you could quickly bargain with me on some manner of debt, with the understanding you'll arrange for some additional payment from your friend or something else soon. That has the advantage of him not being the wiser if this is something you'd like to keep between us.

A second is you could simply make a quick arrangement with something else, or some promises. If that's agreeable it has the advantage of being a completed deal and off you go.

A third is you get your friend in on it when he comes in here, if you think that wouldn't produce any problems.

A fourth would be to head out there to confront you friend about the missing funds, and see what is going on regarding it. He probably won't talk freely in front of me. Perhaps there's a tale there you can use to your advantage, or you could weave one. In any case if you can make some arrangement to get me paid, and if you could stay a bit afterwards, or perhaps I send him off somewhere for a bit, we could work the magic then. That has a number of potential advantages, depending on how it is played, such as having time to do things slowly and having all the payment business handled."

He looks at Shi'ran expectantly.

04-22-2016, 08:52 AM

Shi’ran could tell by the Pactmaker’s immediate reaction that he was annoyed – or at least, Shi’ran thought that he was annoyed. He was too, why wouldn’t the man? He ran his free hand through his hair to try and compose himself again … he’d just have to ask Voth and find out … and hope. The Therian nodded slightly when Jenner noted that apparently Voth was headed towards the building. That made things a little easier. A little.

The comment about selling his Hoverboard made him frown, and hold it a little tighter. Of course he wasn’t going to sell it. He looked like he was about to speak up about it when the Pactmaker beat him to the punch, so to say, and he visibly relaxed again to convey that the man was right. He made the same sort of motion when the man spoke up about being reluctant to ‘return the fee’ if Shi’ran was to terminate the contract early. Then, just as quickly, he caught himself.

No, don’t say anything. It was best he didn’t. Shi’ran hadn’t thought that it would be possible to get a refund, so-to-say. Jenner had inadvertently given him helpful information; it was best he stay quiet and pretend he’d known all along – so he drew a breath, and nodded. “I understand that.” He said.

The dragon fell quiet and let Jenner explain what had come to him in terms of his options for paying for the services. He nodded once, twice, his eyes following the Pactmaker as he paced and spoke. Shi’ran himself remained mostly still, aside from the persistent flick of his tail. “Well … for a start, the hell-exactly did you mean by saying that I’m a ‘young, healthy Therian with some potential’?” He asked, when the explanations waned and he was being expected to give an answer. It was hard to tell if he was confused or simply curious. “I mean, have you got something in mind that I can do to pay for all of this? …… I’m aware that V-… my ‘companion’ might not necessarily have the funds that I’m supposed to have.”

To be honest? Shi’ran didn’t really think Jenner had anything in mind, and perhaps had just been saying what he’d said to derail his train-of-thought. Then again, he couldn’t read the man’s mind so just-as-well he was prying into it, offering – so-to-say – to see if the Pactmaker had something already planned.

That said …

“But saying that, uh … if he does have the money, I think I can get him to wait outside. Unless he’s been sneaky-… and tried to eavesdrop or something,” He caught himself – he’d almost mentioned Voth was a Netherkin. He didn’t know if Jenner knew, or if it was wise to mention it. Given what he wanted, he figured it was best to err on the side of caution, “Then he won’t know how long I’ve been here and I can get him to wait outside as long as you need him to.

… Well?” It was his turn to wait for an answer. Did the Pactmaker have a suggestion for payment without money, or did Shi’ran have to hope that Voth had the money, somehow?

(( I know this is open-ended but like it’s implied, I can’t tell if you had an idea or not so I’m being cautious. ))

04-28-2016, 05:16 PM
Ranshiin ELR

OOC: Sorry for making you wait. And for not a particularly long post, I should keep you moving.


Jenner looked as if he was about to reply to the comment about being a healthy Therian but instead settled for drumming his fingers absent mindedly on his face, making his rings jingle lightly against each other, as Shi'ran continued. Once Shi'ran stopped he pondered for a brief moment and said "My associate would be sure to let us know as soon as your gets too close, though I suppose one never can quite tell what someone else is capable of. I get the feeling you aren't up for getting this done quick now, and perhaps that's for the best. I enjoy a great many things, and satisfied customers is well up on the list. Why don't you head out and see what you can manage with your friend, and I'll see about some refreshments and perhaps getting something written up."

He starts towards on of the curtains going to another room and says over his shoulder "Being efficient with my time isn't high on my list, but it's on there" and he gives Shi'ran a smile over his shoulder as he continues towards the curtain.

05-20-2016, 10:41 AM
sunnyside been attempting to await a response from the other two for Skyla but does not seem to be good idea to wait long periods like this. Then again, it is coming close to summer break so. Will try adding little for them.

Cross Avantgarde
"Jasper, not to be nosey-" Though that was her intention, "-but how well do you know Phoenix?"

Slowly, walking towards the bar, Sone sways and watches the gentleman's movements. "Hanze, something feels fishy."

Celestial building? Boring! Magitechs? Not until he gave out Kershaw's experiment juice. Therian was absolutely not, no issues there until he had completely sunk into spot. That left him with his original thought of the Netherkin tower.

Strolling along, people kept buzzing by, chatter louder than it was the day before. There seemed to be twice as many there the evening before. Chaos, that is what his people wanted, could he do it?

Cross Avantgarde
05-21-2016, 06:22 PM
sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

It was a reasonable response; no one would rather be deceived or forced into going somewhere as opposed to simply being asked. Jasper quickly felt sheepish over being a part of the plan, despite the fact that Skyla now knew about it.

A ‘play figure’? Jasper didn’t like how that sounded at all. As for her remark about his questions, he thought her response was generous. Instead of thinking that he was simply being intrusive, she perhaps thought that he was asking because he was currently playing the role of guardian.

“I hope you don’t feel manipulated—though it sounds like you do. Listen; won’t you feel independent when you get to the school? I mean, then you can make your own choices, right?” He was trying to make the situation sound a bit more hospitable and less controlling, and he hoped that she would be granted her freedom once they were back at the school. Would she?

When she asked about Phoenix, he looked down and thought hard for a second, a strange reaction for such a simple question. “Hey, if I can ask you about all that, you can certainly ask me a small question such as this one. Well…” He thought for a second. “When I’m around Phoenix, everything feels—I don’t know, just wonderful.” He would omit the part about the butterflies in his stomach that made their presence known when she was around; in fact, they seemed to manifest even when he thought about her at times. “And she seems very open and genuine, and I’m sure she is. But it seems there’s more depth to her than that. She’s not simple; no, not like a Magitek. And it makes me want to know her more. Does that make sense?”

05-21-2016, 10:15 PM
Cross Avantgarde

"You basically accepted a contract. And Hanze is a pactmaker. If I know my father as well as I do, that means you accept me as a slave and shall return me as a slave when the time comes. Though I am not, I am to continue to play as one. That and who would accept a celestial who was a slave into a society?"

But the thought of freedom both scared and excited her. "From Skimro's sights, he would want you to be the same as he, like a best friend or a big brother."

"Some slave owners allow their 'property' to live on their own, that is what this contract is stating." She pats her sack. "Or I may have missuerstood..." She took a deep sigh and walked further away from the crowd.

"So you like her?" Would explain why it seemed his eyes were glued to her when she was in sight.

05-24-2016, 05:04 AM
sunnyside and maybe ELR since they kinda started the whole problem in the first place >.>

Shi’ran (with forced patience) held his breath in wait for an answer and … well, the answer he got made him question his patience. He began to think that all this guy wanted to do was rip him off and frustrate him … ugh. Or maybe he was just overreacting because the guy didn’t want to give him answers when he didn’t know whether he’d be sticking around or not?

The Therian lifted a hand and ran it through his mane of hair in a mix of frustration and forced abeyance … and then he shrugged. ”Well … fine, okay then.” He muttered and admitted, and whilst the Pactmaker went to retreat from the room, Shi’ran turned to head back outside to go look for Voth as he said he would.

Where … where the hell was he? He stopped just outside of all the curtains and fancy, archaic furniture and decorations, a hand above his forehead to shield his eyes from the bright sunlight. He looked around, predominantly in the direction he’d originally come from, trying to see if Voth was on his way there or just in view somewhere.

05-25-2016, 04:34 PM

OOC: Ooops, almost missed your text to me!


As Sam approaches the Netherkin tower it's apparent that there's a huge amount of activity there. There's the sort of cloud of spirits that has hovered around the tower for a while now after enough Netherkin congregated there, however now there's also a lot of activity on the ground.

Or more accurately, he finds as he approaches, probably under the ground. It seems like a bunch of undead looking things are digging down tunnels and a larger pit, moving the dirt in primitive wheelbarrows or baskets some distance away and making something of a long hill there. Some Netherkin seem to be overseeing the operation.

However as the morning sun beats down there aren't many Netherkin themselves to be found. They might have headed off to central campus for class, or might be in their tower. The school hadn't done much, Sam notes, in terms of requiring students to sign up for and attended classes. Getting closer still Sam notices that there are some Netherkin around, they just seem to favor the sparse bits of shade behind rocks or under trees. Some seem lethargic and are staring off into space, some are hanging around a guy playing a Zither, a little further off a few are fighting in an impromptu ring of onlookers under a large Oak Tree's canopy.

A few others that were just laying around seem to have noticed Sam, and one of them starts rushing in his direction with a crazed look in his eye that Sam isn't comfortable with. Sam thinks it's a short guy under those volumous black robes, but he isn't quite sure, as the persons face isn't very well defined except for those eyes. Looking around Sam notices he's the only non Netherkin he can see around. Although a few Netherkin seem to have taken notice of this development and are starting to head Sam's way as well, though with looks more along the lines of concern.



Shi'ran spots Voth approaching may fifty meters away from the door. So he and Jenner wouldn't have had much time before an interruption. As Voth gets closer Shi'an notes, with his enhanced vision, that Voth seems to be doing very well, and that this trip seems to have been doing a lot for him. His features are fully defined, and either he's stopped slouching or he's actually grown taller. In any case he's striding with power and confidence, with a sharp gleam in his eye.

As he approaches Shi'ran he initiates the conversation saying "Sorry for making you wait. I'd noticed that our funds had gotten snatched, so I got them back. Watching out for the operation and all that. Smiling he holds out the bag of goods. "It's all here." he adds.

With Voth seems to be fine in general, Shi'ran notes that there's blood or something like it soaked into the fabric of his glove. He also can't help but notice Voth's boots. In part because Voth had previously looking to walk so that his robe kept them out of sight, but the changed posture or size shows them. They're dark and leather, with a generous number of straps and rivets instead of laces. While the area is dusty and dry the boots are slightly wet. Not blood. Something clear. Further up the boots they're cleaner that they, but nearer to the sole they're already starting to get muddy from the dust on the ground.

Voth continues "I hope this doesn't set us back too much timewise, I hope you've perhaps gotten us past introductions and chitchat and we can get right to the matter at hand. Let's get to it." He makes a gesture towards the stone building "After you."

OOC: I hadn't realized it, but Shi'ran's only enhanced sense is sight. Though I suppose you could bolster anything with your biomagic, though that might not fit with your character exactly.

05-26-2016, 10:26 PM
@Ranshiin (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=26633) You forgot one very special person who wanted this trip to begin with, @Blackwaltz (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=49299) but he disappeared before the mission truly began. Do not forget that @sunnyside (http://www.animeforum.com/member.php?u=173112) ended up causing his character to disappear do to illness so that we could continue. But thank you for acknowledging my trouble making capabilities.

Bad idea, very bad idea.

Keeping his cool, he eyed all those who were staring him down. His heart beated so loud that it was felt through his ears. A horrific experience. It reminded him of the initiation of outsiders for his clan. They would have to go through not only the venom to stop ones heart, a skill Sam had yet to learn, but to bring one-self back to life.

Just things in life that felt extremely daunting.

Then one of them lunged forward.

As quick as he could, Sam transformed small and slithered as quick as he could under the trunk of the trees, under the rooms that stuck up. Though he did not come out unscathed, his tail had been stepped on and the pain reminded him of broken bones.

05-27-2016, 02:52 PM
ELR I think you misunderstood me. When I said ‘problem’ I meant you playing that NPC that stole the money.

Shi’ran frowned a little more, turning to and fro to look in the various directions outside of the Pactmaker’s ramshackle rock-hut-building in search of Voth … his impatience almost made him miss spotting the huge example of a man coming up towards him. Thankfully he did spot the Netherkin – his bright, red-orange eyes narrowed to a thinner, slit-like focus for the moments he observed the man.

Watching Voth approach he did cotton on to the various signs of the Netherkin’s activity. The stride he had (despite the weight of his gear), the fact that he looked … whole, and human. The Therian tilted his head just slightly for a moment, then when Voth came up close he let off of the whole focused-staring thing and let out a small sigh. Before he could say anything though, the Netherkin cut him off with an apology and, well, explained everything that Shi’ran had been about to ask.

… He seems … awfully happy. Shi’ran closed his mouth and thought for a moment, becoming confused as to why and … why there was something that looked like blood on his gloves and … water or something on his boots? There was a side-thought; he kind-of liked the design of them … >.>. He got so confused in fact that he couldn’t really bring himself to focus on being irritated or angry that his money had been stolen in the first place.

He decided … maybe it was better to ask later. He wanted to know but … he didn’t want Jenner to get impatient … or Voth to get suspicious.

”Uh-… thanks. I was wondering why you kinda ran off like that…” He answered, carefully, and took back the pouch of money/bartering goods from the Netherkin whilst pretending to ignore the bloodied glove. ”Could you do me a favour and … well, next time something like this happens could you just … y’know, just tell me instead of leaving me in the dark?


He paused, and turned to look back to Jenner’s hut. He inadvertently thought like that for a moment.

”The negotiations have been going pretty good, I think – considering this is the first time I’ve bargained with a Pactmaker and all.” He turned back to Voth, ”We just got to the point of finalising the payments … which is kinda how I realised I didn’t have the money. So … well, are you okay with waiting around outside for a bit? I kinda want to try and finish the negotiations by myself since you said it’d be a good learning experience and sh** for me to do this without your input … and I kinda don’t want to throw the guy off because you showed up.

… No offense.”

The Therian blinked slowly and awaited the answer, keeping all of his thoughts completely internal. He honestly had no idea whether Voth would agree to it and let him finish the deal with Jenner unimpeded or if … well, it would get awkward.

05-28-2016, 12:31 AM

The Netherkin charging Sam seems taken aback by the sudden transformation, and a moment later a look of disgust crosses their face and they halt entirely. In the confusion one of those moving to intercept the charger steps on Sam, but stumbles away in surprise, muttering apologies. The other Netherkin and/or creatures that were moving into the area slow down as the charger has stopped.

Except one who continues on and blindsides them with a body check and shove, toppling them to the ground. Now standing in the middle of the crowd, with a fair few glares pointed at him, he holds out his hands to the sides and says loudly "Hospitality, mates. Our problems stem from a lack of hospitality don't they. And you wonder why no one comes around with all this rubbish." He waves a hand dismissively and starts striding over towards Sam. He's tall, broad and strong looking for a Netherkin, and wearing leather pants, leather jacket, with fur around the collar. His clothes are mostly in browns and creams, contrasting with the black worn to varying degrees by all the other Netherkin in the area that Sam can see.

He stops a good ten meters away from where Sam is hiding and crouches down, resting his arms on his knees. "Sorry about all that. A lot of us are..." He pouts just a little and nods his head back and forth as he searches for words. "We're a bit pent up. Yes. Pent up. It makes some of us over excitable when company arrives. But as you can see you weren't really in any danger. Why don't you come out and let us offer you a bit of tea...or something else if you'd like. Give us a chance to show our hospitality."



Throughout the conversation, Shi'ran notes that Voth is rather over expressive. Perhaps he isn't used to having to deal with people while fully visible instead of slouching under a hood. Does he even actually have all his facial muscles when he's less defined and more translucent?

So Shi'ran can see confusion playing out on his face when asked about telling Shi'ran when things like that happen, relief when Shi'ran moves one without waiting for a response, and a dismissive smile and eye roll when he asks to negotiate alone.

However Voth then stops and seems to be thinking. His grin becomes less mirthful and more wolfish, and he nods a couple times. "Alright. Yes. That would...uhmmmm...sound good from an educational perspective. Well, or maybe. Anyway if that's what you'd like it's fine." He pauses a moment and adds "At the least it avoids a round of introductions and small talk."

He nods again and turns on his heel, sauntering off back the way he'd came.

06-02-2016, 09:14 AM

Shi’ran didn’t particularly understand why Voth was being so … verbose, with his facial expressions; to be honest he didn’t really have that much experience with interacting with Netherkin and he was still acclimatising to the fact that this huge guy looked like a person right then and not a half-asleep mountain-sized zombie.

When Voth actually gave him an answer, he visibly relaxed; it had taken so much of his focus to keep a straight face, to not react to Voth’s unusual expressions or to give away more than he was supposed to. The Therian breathed in, sighed out quietly and moved a hand to rub the back of his head.

“Thanks. I appreciate it. So can you-…” He began, after Voth had acknowledged his wish, only to find the Netherkin turning and leaving. Leaving?! For a moment Shi’ran was almost dumbfounded and just stared, mouth open mid-word. By the time Voth was a good ten-ish paces away he snapped-to, regained his composure and then rather promptly flinched and jumped forwards. “H-hey-…! You’re-…! Hey, you need to wait here, where the fu-…?!”

Too late. Voth was gone at that point – or at the least far-enough that shouting didn’t matter. Shi’ran fell to a disbelieving forward slouch with his arms hanging loose. What the hell made this guy tick? Where was he going off to? …… Would he even come back? Ugh …

“… Fine, do whatever the fu** you want then … jeez, frickin’ weirdo …” The Therian grumbled and in frustration he reached a hand up, grabbed the earpiece lodged onto his ear and pulled it off. If Voth was going to just go off like that then screw him, Shi’ran thought; he was going to do his own thing and everybody else could just deal with it.

After that he turned around and skulked back indoors into Jenner’s hut, stuffing the stupid earpiece into a pocket in the process. He’d at the least gotten rid of Voth; he knew it would be wise not to keep Jenner waiting longer than he needed to.

06-07-2016, 10:12 PM

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As Shi'ran enters into the seemingly haphazard stone structure Jenner strolls out from behind a curtain. Shi'ran also notes that a couple women have been brought out again on the cushioned benches.

However looking around Jenner seems surprised to see Shi'ran is alone. After a moment he compeses himself and smiles warmly. He a wave of his many ring pierced arm he gestures for the women to head back behind the curtain.

"So" He starts "It seems you're alone". His eyes then lock with unashamed interest in the bag in Shi'ran's hand. "But it seems your meeting wasn't in vein"

He moves over by Shi'ran "I won't ask how you did it, but I'll presume you're crafty. Not a required trait for dealing with spirits by any means, especially with a good contract, but helpful, hm!?"

He turns and opens up one of the benches, revealing it to actually be a trunk with cushions and a blanket on it, and takes out some writing materials and stationary. "Alright, let's get down to business. I'm guessing I'll be needing to handle two transactions in about the time of one? So what are you actually here for, and is there anything else I should know about your... personal needs as I write things up? "
" In any case let's get down to business. I'll presume I'll be

06-10-2016, 08:37 PM
sunnyside I'll add in color when I have a computer. I'll write name before the written portion. Ranshiin,prefer the term pest but troublesome is okay ^-^


Slowly, he crawled out, cautious. Though the lot was backing up, their eyes lingered. He felt like he would be dinner.

Instead of retreating once again, he changed back, only his bones in his ankle crackled and popped. Gritting his teeth, he endured until it stopped, then painfully smiled. "Samsilus, you can call me Sam." Extending his hand to shake.

He was shaken and hurting still but he did come with a purpose.

~Shobu~ Sone

Strolling up, Darius waves his hand and the bartender brings over a mysterious concoction. Maybe Hands didn't reply back for a reason, he would judge only when it came down to it.

Some also made sure Phoenix was on his other side, opposite of Darius. Free spirited people some times had to be rashional during irrational situations.

"So, what can we do for you?" Some asked, swirling the straw around the drink.

"Well well, straight to the point." He chuckled. "I understand there is a group seeking something, based on a few things I have seen, I think it is you two."

Cross Avantgarde Skyla

Something in the air felt thick. Almost closterphobic feeling. Dizzy. Clammy. Tightening in the chest. She had to sit down.

06-13-2016, 07:05 AM
sunnyside ((Your post seems to have been cut off at some point so I’m just going off of what is visible.))

Shi’ran mooched back inside the building after Voth’s departure, expecting to see Jenner waiting for him so being rather …… – surprised wasn’t the correct word for it, it was more like ‘caught off-guard’ – by seeing the women on the benches instead of Jenner or anyone else. He only got as far as to draw a breath to try and ask one of them where Jenner actually was before the man himself reappeared and ushered the women away.

It left the Therian wondering what the heck exactly the building he was in was actually supposed to be. Made him suspicious… not necessarily in a bad way, but simply because he was confused.

To Jenner’s wave though the Therian let out the held breath as a small sigh and approached, the pouch of gems, jewels and money held in one hand. He set his Hoverboard down against one of the benches but rather than just leave it there he ended up sitting down with it – because he didn’t trust that it’d still be there if he turned his back on it for two minutes. “I-…” He began, only to hear Jenner state he wasn’t particularly interested in how he’d gotten rid of Voth. He quickly shut his mouth on the matter and listened.

Eventually, he spoke up again. This time he sounded a little … miffed? Vexed? A bit like he was surprised Jenner was asking him ‘stupid’ questions …… or maybe it was formality? “Come on, I-…… well … look, we already discussed the first thing … me wanting something that can help me learn some magic and things.” >.>; “The second one is just … it’s information. Me and the big idjit I travelled here with … well, we’re looking for a group of people that’ve been around here recently. Scavengers, or something.

I heard they were planning to do an exploration of some old mountain ruins or some sh**, I don’t know, but they’ve got something that I’m after – some pieces of an old automaton. I just don’t know if they’re still loitering around the bazaar or if they’ve moved on; I’m just after finding them so I can catch them up and talk to them so if you know where I’m going to find them and when then that’s really all I need to know on that.”

Maybe he was a little too verbose with explaining it? But the Therian had an idea that Jenner probably knew of these scavengers anyway and there wasn’t really much point in holding back and maybe confusing him. Voth was of course referred to as ‘the big idjit’, in line with Shi’ran’s frustration with him.

06-13-2016, 11:39 PM
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Everyone gives Sam a moment of peace as he transforms, or perhaps they're all just starting.

It doesn't take to long for the big talkative one to start talking again. "Yes, yes. Good, see that all is well. Come" For a moment he seems like he was actually about to throw an arm over Sam, but then he seems to think better of it and gives Sam some space.

"Erm. Yes yes. You see" He says gesturing towards the growing pit that the undead are creating "We're actually making a bit of space for guests. It's turned out that people from other cultures don't seem to enjoy going into our tower itself, and some of us have issues with our privacy. But we really do need company so we're having our friends here make, well, I suppose a club of sorts. Music, dancing, perhaps some spirits serving spirits? Many of us are good at music...and dancing. Good times to be had by all. But we will need the word to spread. So it's good that you've come. Thing are quite rough right now. But there are some tables and we could slap some meat on the barby, or fetch some of that tea I mentioned earlier. Something else perhaps? We are of course curious to hear about other cultures, or share our own."

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OOC: Erg, some glitch cost me a half written post. In addition the earlier cut off bit (thanks for mentioning it) was that he presumed he'd have to write two contracts in the time of one.


Jenner listened as Shi'ran spoke, nodding his head. "Well, lets get down to business. I think I know enough for both. I'll get started on the second and get back to the first while we wait. Now, more details on the group would be helpful, but if you had all the details you wouldn't need me now would you? I'm afraid I don't know them, but if they work out of here, I'm sure I know someone who does. Let me just get some messengers."

At the he falls silent and closes his eyes. Shi'ran has been around enough to recognize someone straining, and Jenner is, while in an otherwise peaceful position to often mean magic. Though Therians tend to be noisier.

After a matter of seconds a small wispy form appears, looking something like an eyeball with a cape. Silently it flies out a window. Moments later another appears, and this process repeats itself five times. Jenner, with a bit of visible strain remaining from the summoning, opens his eyes.

"So while they're out I can start writing up your more personal contract per your earlier specifications. There's just the little manner of compensation. Shall we see what you have to put on the table." The then gestures at the table like surface of the flat topped trunk he'd taken his materials from.

OOC: We haven't discussed trade goods in great detail, but Shi'ran wouldn't be clueless. If you want to handle some of this, Jenner is going to ask for a higher amount first off, but he's still going to want more than would typically be charged for the single request Shi'ran was sent here for in order to cover his training contract. Though excuses could be made why it might cost more, like magical interference or difficulty in finding the information. Some of those could actually prove to be potential problems.

Cross Avantgarde
07-08-2016, 08:21 AM

No matter how Jasper tried to look at it, Skyla’s comments convinced him that the contract was not the best one for her; at least not if he was hearing it correctly. No matter how one might try to make it sound, the word “slave” could not escape its horrible ring and connotations.

“I didn’t consider how society would view a Celestial in your circumstances, Skyla. Also, I hate to admit it, but I’m not sure how the other cultures would view anything like that. The Magitek can be a bit caught up in their own affairs—or work, I should say.” Was there anything better that could be done in light of the contract? How would Skyla’s situation be improved?

Skyla’s next comment caught him by surprise. “Do I like her?” he repeated. He knew the answer, and it was odd that it was even difficult to articulate it out loud. “Yeah. Never known a girl who wasn’t Magitek until I left, but I’m not sure that has much to do with it. I just know that, yeah, I do like her.”

He saw her sit down and she looked uncomfortable. “You okay? I can lug all the boxes myself if you need me to. Skyla?”

07-24-2016, 08:47 AM
sunnyside (( So, basically, haggling? Got it. I’ll keep it in mind. >.> ))

Since Jenner was right in that Shi’ran didn’t have all the details the Therian just shrugged, basically just saying ‘You do whatever you need to do to find where these guys are’. For a moment further he remained silent, but then as Jenner began to work his magic he somewhat tilted his head, initially confused but then more just curious about the floating-eyeball wisps that appeared and flew off. The ‘messengers’, huh?

Pactmakers were weird.

When Jenner asked him about ‘compensation’, Shi’ran just nodded and calmly moved across to the flat top of the trunk. He had the pouch of valuables (both for the Pactmaker … and the scavengers) in one hand, still, and he vaguely remembered how much Hanze or whatever-his-name-was had determined was for either – so he went ahead with scooping out some of the contents and laying them out on the flat surface. A bunch of gemstones, jewels … most of the gold coins as well, in a nice, neat little pile. Jenner would probably know there were still plenty of gems and jewels left in the pouch.

Probably wouldn’t know Shi’ran had held back on one-or-two specifically designated for Pactmaker bartering, though.

“Well … that’s what I have that for bartering for services.” He explained, peering across at Jenner in the process. “I mean, I understand your services aren’t going to be cheap … but then neither are these things. Pretty sure if I dropped one of these in the street out here I’d start a-…”

He cut himself off. Maybe it was deliberate. Maybe he’d realised he probably shouldn’t get sidetracked.

“Well anyway, what do you say? Is this enough to trade for what I asked for?”

08-12-2016, 11:41 AM

Jenner eyes the pouch as items are removed from it, though he's obviously still distracted, presumably handling all the connections he probably has with the spirits that he sent out.

"That's enough to make it worth my while to get started on the process. It could well be enough to be able to see it all through. "

At that he helps himself to two of the gold coins and a gem.

" You see it all depends on how hard things prove to be and how much you want me to keep hunting for information. I used to always try and create elaborate agreements and agreed upon pricing, but not only can I not be sure while I'll find, I can almost be certain my client will ask more questions. "

He gives Shi'ran a large smile. "However this works in your favor my friend so long as finding the information isn't too difficult, you can put the rest towards your own expenses and simply say they were quite hard to find anything about."

He then seems to be distracted by a voice Shi'ran can't hear and his eyes mostly close as he concentrates. Shi'ran is left in silence for a few minutes wishing he could lip read, as Jenner seems to move his lips a little while, presumably, speaking telepathically.

Suddenly Jenner's eyes snap open and he excitedly claps his hands, making the rings along his arm jingle. "Aha! I think I've got them!" he says. However more specifically what he's got is a few more of the gold coins and jewels as he excitedly snatches them from the pile. 'It seems your folks haven't always left the best impressions on everyone. " He leans towards Shi'ran and whispers conspiratorially "Seems they bargained too harshly with a local merchant who was too desperate for some coin to tell them off. I'm getting some information on supplies they acquired and the direction they left town. "

He takes the rest of the coins in the pile "For the merchant you understand."

He then starts writing down a list of items. Many of them common things for going on an expedition like food and rope, but others obviously more specialized, specifically standing out in the list are the "Magitek hellcoal wagon and jackhammer set", and 24 "pactmaker portable glowballs." The volume of food and water seem to indicate that they're planning on being out there for maybe weeks.

As he finishes Jenner adds "They were rather tight lipped about what they were up to, but the wagon might have left some tracks, maybe some are still visible if, perhaps, and outcropping kept the dust from blowing them away or filling them in. Still, they likely were heading straight to their destination in the ruins, but, as the merchant explains it, that wagon doesn't do very well off of a reasonable smooth hard path, so you might be able to guess where they went, until you see some smoke from the magically enhanced coal, head some jackhammers, or find a hold in the ground or the side of some ruins. "

Jenner then adds. " The merchant indicates they didn't buy any weapons...but that's because they already had their own. But as you said you aren't looking to fight them right?"

But then he smiles some more. "You could pay some more and have me more properly scout things out for you. That would take making some pacts with more powerful spirits however. It would take the rest of your pile for that, and then you'd have to have some more for your own needs. But you're clearly a busy man who doesn't like wasting time and might appreciate a map of where they are and what they're up to. "

Jenner stare's at Shi'ran expectantly.

08-24-2016, 09:07 AM

‘Enough to get started’. Shi’ran frowned semi-noticeably and, honestly? He’d have frowned more obviously had he not heard Jenner be openly more optimistic about what he had on offer. He shortly glanced away – just for a second, nothing more – to tell himself to shake off the disapproval and whatnot. He should’ve known by then that Jenner was going to make it more of a hassle than he thought it really needed to be.

Following that he turned back and watched the Pactmaker, listened as the man articulated his reasoning and activity and occasionally took bits and pieces of the arrangement of coins and gems Shi’ran had laid out. He nodded at a point and then found Jenner suddenly go silent; it left him confused, and he uttered some sort of a “Uh?” in gesture only to get no response.

When Jenner suddenly ‘snapped’ back to where they were Shi’ran jumped somewhat in surprise at the exclamation. What the hell had-…? No, he didn’t want to read too far into it; his startled demeanour settled down quickly and he fell back to listening to what the Pactmaker explained to him.

Their activities around town … what they’d bought … how they’d gotten there. A wagon? Shi’ran’s ears inadvertently pricked up as he began to learn of how to spot which direction they’d headed and where they might be. Even though Jenner was writing some of those down Shi’ran still made an effort to place them in memory so as to explain what he’d learned and found to Hanze and the others later on.

… What about a map? It was almost like Jenner was trying to fleece him for everything he had. Ugh. Well … did he need a map? He thought on it a little – visibly, too – and glanced down from the man to the trunk and the smaller amount of ‘barter’ he had left there. He closed his eyes for a second and then looked back up to the man. He looked back down, then back up a final time and then frowned and sighed slightly.

”… Okay, fine. A map would be useful.” He muttered, and opened his pouch of money up once more. Jenner was probably going to only be temporarily pleased as he’d go through what he had left, but he’d only take a few more coins and such out. He knew he could’ve used the whole bag right there, but he’d rather not have Hanze on his backside … alas. So he took the small couple of coins and gems and added those to the pile. ”But what’s there still needs to cover my personal stuff here as well. It doesn’t have to be a complicated map, just … just so long as it can point me in the general direction, since you already told me what to look out for.”

He was already pushing his luck; he could only go so far before his excuses wouldn’t work on Hanze.

08-31-2016, 11:08 AM

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Jenner rubs his chin for a while. "The trick is in the summonings to get the information to make the map, not in how much I put into my artistic skills, unless you pay extra for flourishes"

He absentmindedly picks at some of the rings in his flesh and then seems to come to a decision. He reaches down, flips two of the coins in the pile closer to Shi'ran, and then takes the entirety of the remainder of the pile.

"Here, let's get you taken care of. This should do it. I think you have enough information to work with if you have to, and time is a currency all it's own, and you don't know how much you have before some impatient friend yours interrupts your supply of it. Then we can see about what else I can do with you. "

He quickly raises a finger and adds

"Now, I could be cheaper, but you seem rather particular about the sort of spirit you're interested in. They have their wants and desires too. Those with more...perverse desires are often much more willing to make deals. Offering them more freedom and sometimes control over oneself can tempt a stronger one more easily as well. But I don't think that's what you're looking for. Also, to be perfectly clear, it'll be drawing on some of your energies. However I've got an eye for these things, and I think you have energies you haven't tapped into. We'll find out soon in the process that I'm right. "

(OOC: Remember those reserve points during character generation you couldn't use right away?)

He takes out some pen and paper, which already has some writing on it. "Anyway I know of some spirits that like to mentor and teach. Generally, at worst they can just be somewhat overbearing, nothing problematic. It will almost certainly want to spend some time learning itself though. I'll be writing that it gets two hours a day at it's own discretion restricted by your parameters on what's appropriate. Pretty standard. It gives you much latitude in what it can do, which could be important if you want to keep it a secret for a while by having it not materialize in public. However it's impossible to be proscribe effective teaching very well, so you'll want to keep it in your good graces. Also I'm not adding clauses requiring it to fight or otherwise help you, so you'll have to make it want you to stay alive. "

He then slides over the bench you'd been using as a table and slides over a different one. He places a crystal into a recession that fits it on the benches wooden surface and asks. "Are you ready to begin?"

09-23-2016, 03:14 PM
sunnyside Sorry for HUGE delay.. You know the huge issue as to why I wasn't on but also work got steeper and then witchy people at church can't help so I have had to replace them in assisting with church issues. I am so tired that if there is misspellings or miss colors then sorry, hope you can read it. First time on here in.. I don't know how long, sorry..

Cross Avantgarde The italic is in her head but she is projecting, leave up to you which parts Jasper hears and which he doesn't.
Jasper asked her something, she had to focus, had to reply. "Think of it like this, if a Magitek could not tinker with anything at all, to create anything, would he or she be accepted as a being or would there be a false acceptance with fake smiles while in their minds they are debating-" Another wave. Was someone calling on a whole group of beings?

With an exhale, she continued. "While in their minds they debate what the flaws are, genetic malfunctions, whether or not they truly belonged in such settings." She prayed that made sense to him.

"My father loved my mother." Focus! "But because of ridicule, he walked away every time to save me and my mother shame from the village." Opening her eyes finally, she looked up into his concern face. "If you like her, does she like you? And if she does, is it worth the silent and open attacks from others?" She swallowed, the harshest her words have ever been, a tear slowly rolling down her face from everything going on.

"You two seem friendly, she seems to watch you from what I have noticed on the airship." Why, in such a place, would someone be summoning something? "Even if friends, that is wonderful, you can see the ease you two have together." Focus! Avoid! Several eyes around them began looking about oddly like if someone was speaking to them but Skyla did not notice.

And just like a waterfall stops, the tugging from all directions stopped. That means round two is about to begin. If I knew which direction I could walk out of its range.

"Let's go, please." Her voice was a low whisper. Standing up, she knew she avoided his last question, grabbed up all the packages and hurried off towards the stairs, an opening with slim to no people around.

They did not seem hostile or harmful, but who knew if they were deceptive. Then again, he had no room to speak of such things since deception was how his whole life had been lived with the tribe.

"Well, slowly, maybe even tranquilly, people will come visit." Pulling out Kershaw's concoction, Sam smiles. "A gift. Mix it in with your hot choice of drink and surprise."

He handed it over and winced at the extension of his body towards.. What was his name again? "I do not think I caught your name." He huffed out.

Cross Avantgarde
10-23-2016, 07:06 PM
ELR: I understand if you can't reply. We all know my response came slowly enough. I hope you are well!

Knowing all too well what it was like to be seen as a failure among the Magitek, Jasper nodded as Skyla spoke. Despite a few great breakthroughs, his family had a stigma attached to its very name that was almost synonymous with great expectations…quickly followed by zero results. Yet he wasn’t sure how to answer the question about enduring ridicule for liking someone. The obvious answer seemed to be “Yes, of course you should go through ridicule to be with someone you love” but Jasper kept this firmly to himself as it sounded almost like Skyla had seen this predicament somewhere, sometime, for herself. The answer was surely not that easy.

As Skyla was mentioning Phoenix, Jasper seemed to hear her voice again, somewhere else, simultaneously while she was speaking. He shook his head, thoroughly confused. To his amazement, a few others around seemed to notice it, too. Suddenly, Skyla moved quickly for the stairs after asking to go. Was she feeling the strangeness he felt, too? Was she hearing what he heard? He followed her to the stairs, almost afraid he would lose her in the crowd.