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"The machine. It watched. I destroyed it." He spoke barely knowing how to describe what was known to be magitech, as it was not his forte. "Come, time to report."

So many words today it seemed. He would have rather not spoke much, but it could not be helped. After all, there was only so much he could convey with his eyes. He held out his hand towards the closest ally to help them out of the pit. Soon they would be regrouped and he believed they would get their results.

Clockwork Bird
03-04-2015, 06:02 AM
When Elisé hears that the wolf man does not know the Commonwealth, she is seriously taken aback. However she forgets this when he starts describing the girl. She sorts through her memory and remembers the incident in the forest.

"I did not bully this girl" She says slowly, judging her words, "I in fact wanted to see if she was okay."

She scans her surroundings, sensing an attack coming.

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Tetsanosuke Light Buster
Shisoume seemed uncomfortable, it was as if people in general repulsed him. Sam shrugged. "Hope we weren't suppose to destroy it."

Raising his arms behind his head, he strolls past Shisoume towards the stairs going up. "But if you don't mind, think I will check myself. You can exit if you wish." He should have made it in a nicer tone but did not have much patience left. Maybe by looking at what had been done upstairs he would feel at ease from being forced to join them into this fiendish place.

Though, once he got up the stairs and saw the smoldering machine, he felt as if he failed. Failed from what? He knew not. There did not seem to be very much damage done up here, almost like ninja's were involved and that downstairs never happened.

Sighing, he walked closer to the smoldering machine and looked for any clue as to what it was.

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OOC: Lemmi try posting pieces of what I want to and see if they work "

Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

As the group talks there is a commotion outside. If anyone investigates they'd see what appears to be a giant mechanical land squid. On its bottom are a pair of tank like tracks. On its back, at the highest point, is Dr. Mills, the instructor for the course at the controls in a glass dome. The dome blocks most of the sound, but he seems to be having a jolly time. In another glass dome behind him appear to be unconscious students.

More lively students are around the thing, a bushido leaps into the air in an attack, only to have one of the squid tentacles wrap around him. His blade cuts into the arm, but not all the way through. He is then stuffed into the things "mouth" and presently appears, seemingly unharmed but asleep, in the second glass dome with the others.

At the very back of the thing, where perhaps the arms would have a hard time reaching, is another dome with another tech mage inside. It has a quad set of larger versions of the weapons the golems had. Green goop flies out at students attempting to attack from behind.

Out to the sides of the thing great burst of steam occasionally billow out.

It seems the students are divided between attacking, watching, perhaps considering if there is anything they can do, or getting back up in the grandstands, as it seems students there are no longer targeted by the "tail gunner".

OOC: Up to you what to do here, you don't have to engage the thing.

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He sneers and says "a likely story and raises his arm as if to signal the attack. The large black wolfman seems eager for it.

However the brown quadrupedal wolf says "Hey!" It sounds like that wolf is a she and her voice is quite clear for how the rest of her body looks. "Hey. She never really explained much. And she only really mentioned the cat taur thing. This isn't a cat taur. We don't really know!"

The male starts to stay something, but the female starts to snarl.

He pauses and composes himself, the crisply turns back toward Elisé giving his patchy red cape a little flick as he does so such that it snaps. Then he simply says "Prove it!"

OOC: It seems to have been the word story followed by a quotation mark that the forum didn't like. Weird.

Cross Avantgarde
03-06-2015, 12:56 PM
OOC: ~Shobu~; Ranshiin
IC: Jasper laughed as his hand left Phoenix’s. She seemed to be having a good time, and the feeling was contagious. She was doing very well, he thought, and he wasn't surprised for some reason. Though it might seem out of place for a Therian to have such an intricate device, stranger still was the Therian’s ability to infuse power directly to the machine. As Phoenix continued to ride, her free spirit impressing Jasper by the minute, he remembered the Therian’s ability to infuse power into the craft and he turned back to the Therian again.

“Thanks, I think she’s having fun. And what I wanted to ask you about is related to this…kind of.” He shook his head, conscious of the fact that he wasn’t articulating his point as well as he wanted to.

“You infused power directly into the craft. I want to talk with you about how, but first…do you think you could do that to a larger device? About, say…five times as large?” His eyes were wide with anticipation.

03-06-2015, 05:56 PM
Juggernaut was watching all this quietly when Her necklace began beeping. Looking down upon it. Shi then had a map of the school appear and it indicated that there was unidentified personal at a such location. Shi minimized the holograph and hurried to the said location. As shi grew near shi quite'ed hir steps and watched out for the persons and noticed Elisa in the center. Shi decided it was better to call in for back up. Shi pressed a area which made it look like a ripple flash through the necklace. Shi then decided to carefully approach the group. "Excuse me but What business would you have on this campus?"

03-07-2015, 08:53 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran took a step back to give Phoenix a little more space in clambering onto the board – and by ‘a little more space’ it was more ‘plenty of room so he had time to react when she fell off of it’. He watched her struggling to keep balance on it and found it amusing enough to smirk, to even whip his tail left-and-right in a show of amusement – but he said nothing to her and kept it only on his face that he found the struggle to maintain balance or even make the thing move funny.

He heard Jasper asking him questions at that point so his eyes turned across to the Magitek kid and a brow rose at them. Jasper wanted-…… he didn’t already know? Ugh. Shi’ran looked stupefied because he physically struggled with whether to answer the kid or not. Was it worth humouring him to save face or …?

… Well, he couldn’t leave until Phoenix was finished with his Hoverboard, anyway.

”I-…… Hrrrgh, well-…” He frowned and tried to word himself; his tail had gone very still. ”… It depends on what its source of power is. Now I want to ask you a question … why are you asking me? You have some sort of device that you think that I’d want to help you with?”

He sounded a little distrusting of Jasper’s motives in the end, even if he had no reason to. It just came across as odd that something so specific would be brought up.

03-07-2015, 03:30 PM

Juggernaut was watching all this quietly when Her necklace began beeping. Looking down upon it. Shi then had a map of the school appear and it indicated that there was intruders at a such location. Shi minimized the holograph and hurried to the said location. As shi grew near shi quite'ed hir steps and watched out for the intruders and noticed Elisa in the center. Shi decided it was better to call in for back up. Shi pressed a area which made it look like a ripple flash through the necklace. Shi then decided to carefully approach the group. "Excuse me but What business would you have on this campus?"

OOC: Well, to an extent there is the concept in the karma system of "poofing" things to make the story work. The one thing that I'd have to object to is the concept of "intruders". The school really doesn't have a lock on everyone there,especially among the Wanderlusters but it's an issue in general. So while we might be able to talk points and such otherwise, the concept of "intruder" just doesn't fit in a broad or automatically detected sense. That said Juggernaut might well have not felt that they had the look of students.

However I can accept some method of getting the word out, I can also accept a player arriving at a place, I find this development interesting and don't want to simply squash it. But perhaps instead have it be that as Juggernaut was heading back shi happened to smell Elise or somesuch and investigated.

IC: The on in the patchy red cape looks to face the newcomer, and narrows his eyes. He holds poise, though Juggernaut and probably Elise could tell he's unsure about something. He holds silent for a moment, looking over his shoulder at Elise while pointing at Juggernaut.

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Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

OOC: It occurs to me that I should have described the machine. You could get there dramatically through some sort of leaping/climbing/flying ability on the missing three flights of stairs...or go around and carefully walk up the other side.

In the room is a smashed machine, actually it looks a bit like it exploded. For the most part you can't tell what things did. However there is a crystal ball that seems intact that has rolled over into a corner, and some crystals scattered around the room still glow as if they have some sort of power in them. Other components of clockwork and crystal are around.

Clockwork Bird
03-07-2015, 03:46 PM
Occ: what I'm going for here is along the lines of Elise wishing to avoid a fight with the goons but also being worried about Juggernaught dragging her back to the others.

Ic: Elise smelled Juggernaught before the caped one pointed. Against herself she remembered the way he manhandled her and growled, her fur bristling. She looked at him and said coldly:
"These are my friends, you have no right to disturb our business."
She turned looked the goon in the eye hoping he would play along with her story.

03-07-2015, 04:34 PM
"A likely story. Also don't worry about the incident, Phoenix also felt guilty about the problem. The whole thing has be resolved. Also I wanted to make sure you just didn't hurt any one else. I won't force the issue but the others and I want to be your friends if you'll let us." Juggernaut turned to looked the other in the eye."If you guys will behave yourself and not cause Any trouble, Your more than welcome to look around this campus. Good day" Shi started to turn to head back the way shi came.

03-08-2015, 03:47 PM
\Seraphim Black-Cat0001 and Scourgesdaughter

The wolfman in the cape who has been doing most of the talking shoots Elise a sideways glance with another toothy smile, but this time it seems more genuine.

"So you had an...incident...with whatever and whoever this thing is?" He asks nodding at Juggernaut.

Confused wolfish heads poke out of the tallish grass in the field everyone is in, some of them already roughly on the other side of Juggernaut from Elise and the speaker. With his other hand he gives a wave, and the start moving again, once again in an enveloping manner.

Clockwork Bird
03-08-2015, 03:59 PM
"An incident? Yes, that's one way to put it." Elise judges her words very carefully. She decides the best way to resolve this situation would be to manipulate both parties into a fight where upon she would be able to play the peacemaker and get on both sides. This was of course a risky endeavour. "His friend insulted my honour and I reacted... Violently" she says very slowly, shifting out of the way between jugernaught and the newcomer.

03-08-2015, 07:55 PM
Juggernaut turned back around to look at Elise and the other one,"Ok that is incorrect pronunciation of my species. To call us Him, her is incorrect and an IT is Very insulting. We're Hermaphrodites. Meaning We're both genders at once. I met her while I was playing my guitar in the forest earlier, then a few others I met later, which I became acquaintances with, We encountered someone crying, I went up to her to ask if she was alright, and the young lady suddenly blurts out Leave me alone. Then ran off farther into the forest. The two I was with at the time was disturb by what the heck was going, and we started to walk to calm our nerves. Then we countered my other acquaintance here. The incident which occurred was a little of both involved fault. However it's going to be no problems. Now may I ask what your here on campus for, is it to visit the campus, if so I can guide you to the head's office. Or is it another thing else dealing with the campus?"

03-08-2015, 08:54 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster sunnyside
The machine was smoldering, nothing could distinguish what it was for exactly. But what could be seen was a glimmer, reaching out and grasping it, Sam obtained something he had not seen in a while: A crystal.

It was fragmented but it was still could tell exactly what it was for. "What happened to you?" He asked out loud. It was illogical to ask but the curiosity still had him wondering.

Then the ground began to shake, Sam fell to his bum to avoid from more damage from hitting his head later. Slowly, he crawled out of the room and into the hallway, noting more glittering spots he would have to see later.

He pulled himself high enough to see a mechanical squid attacking students outside. Students were being placed into a dome right behind one that the impudent teacher was in. There was a shimmer coming from the back but it only lasted a second as Sam watched the sun lowered further and further. From the look of it, it was made from a different material than the golems, metal, but also acted like the golems with goop.

"Got to be KIDDING me!" He yelled.

Crawling back into the room, looking around, the glittering from before was more fragments of the crystal. Carefully, he collected as many as he could.

Where were the bushido? Did they go outside to fight that thing?

Light Buster
03-11-2015, 12:08 PM
OOC: Ah, falling behind again.


The Bushido were gathering the small crystal fragments around the room. They were small, but they were there. The machine on the other hand could be an issue for them should it target them. They needed to get the objective done and fast.

(Hiro) "The machine can target us at any moment, we need to move fast."

Cross Avantgarde
03-13-2015, 07:55 AM
Surprisingly, Jasper did not anticipate that the Therian would directly ask him about his planned invention. Perhaps it was stereotypical of Jasper, but he assumed that the Magitek culture was the only one that truly cared about such things. He suddenly felt delighted to be asked, though he also felt some hesitation due to the potential of being mocked for his idea.

“A device? Yes, you could say that. We usually reserve such terms for smaller inventions in my culture, however. No, we would call this a machine.” He scratched his head and looked down. Shaking his head a bit, he raised it back up and looked squarely in the Therian’s eyes.

“That’s the problem. It’s too large on one hand, and the only way to power it would have to be small enough not to offset the machine’s bulk. The shape is very important, you see, so placing any infusing device on the machine would render it useless. But you…you can infuse power directly! I’ve never seen that before! Imagine what we could do!”

He suddenly realized that he had never told the Therian what the machine would really do. He looked over at Phoenix for a second, hoping she was enjoying her time on the hoverboard. It would be a shame to have her think he was crazy if he said what he truly wanted to accomplish with the machine. It would sound crazy.

“I’d never ask you to help before telling you what I plan to do, but…do you mind if we wait just a bit on that part? I’ll explain everything soon, but I don’t even have the parts I need yet. I was hoping some place on campus could help me with that.”

03-16-2015, 12:08 AM
OOC: Hey guys sorry for disappearing. I was caught up with finals and then had to actually get some solid sleep, go to my part-time job, and then clean my neglected apartment in preparation for my friend to come visit. Been crazy here haha.

After struggling to stay on the board for about a good five minutes, she finally managed to start learning how to shift her weight on the board and make it go where she wanted it to. Then, she was sailing. It was what she would imagine what flying would feel like. She was exhilarated. Swerving left and right through the seemingly endless green. She began to make large circles around Shi-ran and Jasper, laughing aloud.

Suddenly, she realized she didn't know how to stop. Her one moment of hesitation had her distracted enough to realize she was heading straight towards the tree from earlier. In a hasty attempt to dodge it, she made a sharp right, but lost her balance. In that instant, she knew she was going to fall. As she slipped, her hand caught the board, and she quickly wrapped arms around it. It wobbled and dove to the ground with Phoenix still clutching to it. Her arm hit the grass first, which sent her tumbling several feet until she finally landed on her back. She couldn't let go of it quite yet. Moving sounded like a struggle at the moment seeing as all the tumbling knocked the wind out of her lungs. It didn't help that she was scratched bloody with speck of dirt and grass sticking out of her body. What luck she had today!

03-16-2015, 08:37 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran frowned following Jasper’s correction that it wasn’t a ‘device’ he had been insinuating about but a ‘machine’ … well, they were the same to him, so feh! He repeatedly folded, unfolded, folded his arms and shifted his balance about between either foot whilst listening to the explanation about what Jasper wanted or expected of him; it was explanatory but …

”… What makes you think I’d even want to help? I don’t even know what ‘machine’ you’re talking about.” He asked after being told all of this stuff; Jasper ended up telling him that he wouldn’t demand help without telling Shi’ran what this machine was. That … seemed to work. ”… Fine, fine, I’ll wait. The problem is that even if I do agree to help you …… I don’t know if I can. Your talk about infusing devices and junk … it works on my Hoverboard because-…


That was the point when he saw Phoenix go careening off on the Hoverboard after all the time she’d spent circling him and Jasper and making a fairly good job at it. As he’d known – she was going to fall off sooner-or-later, and he was quick to cut off of explaining to Jasper why he could transfer his energy into the Hoverboard in favour of shaking his head, sighing, and muttering in disdain. ”Goddamnit, and there she goes … ugh, great …”

The dragon-Therian strode off in Phoenix’ direction with the appearance of wanting to help, but it was more that he just thought ‘enough was enough’ and he wanted his Hoverboard back before it was damaged further. The way he approached with his height and appearance was in a way like watching a predator stalk weakened prey, closing in for the kill … but when he got up to where she’d fallen he simply stooped to a crouch, put himself well in-sight for her and moved his hands to her wrists.

”I think that’s enough; the last thing I want or need is trouble because you got hurt riding my Hoverboard. Come on, let go. Jasper, or whatever your name is! D’you mind like, y’know, helping her with me?”

03-18-2015, 04:19 PM
\Seraphim Black-Cat0001 and Scourgesdaughter

The caped wolfman makes something of a face at the discussion of Chakat's sexuality, but generally keeps his composure. The large black one just has his somewhat crazed expression, as if his comprehension of language isn't very strong, or he just doesn't care. As Juggernaut finishes speaking those in the area with acute hearing could hear the female quadroped wolf whisper. "She didn't really provide a lot of detail, and we don't even know where she's left us for."

Juggernaut can feel the caped ones uncertainty, but then a smile crosses his face as his thoughts crystalize into something along the lines of not really caring. He seems about to call an attack when the female suddenly seems to notice something. She makes an angry noise and bumps into him, pointing her nose up into the sky.

Anyone following her gaze could see some forms approaching in the sky. Something humanoid in the front with wings and some sort of flying platform with a number of people on it following a short distance behind. They're heading straight for Juggernauts position.

If shi looks, Juggernaut wouldn't recognize the platform, but the winged form is probably one of the "Michaels" heavily armored individuals from one of the Celestial cities temporarily giving up their real name and serving in the uncomfortable position of enforcer at the school. Shi's seen them around.

The wolfman doesn't seem to like the look of that at all and gives and angry snarl. "I suppose you checked to see if she was alright about the same way you just happened to come by to see how we were doing. Maybe we'll discuss this later." He gives a howl and starts to move away along with the others he'd came with.

As he turns to pass Elise he gives her about as friendly a look as his face can manage, holds out a hand, and says. "You coming? I think maybe we'd all get along." The female adds "Hey. Yeah. You even smell wolfish." They don't slow down though, as company is coming.

Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

OOC: It's been a bit so I think we can presume Shisoume will follow the lead of whatever you choose to do (investigate the building more, loot stuff here, get to the aparent safety of the stands, hide, attack the thing). However there aren't that many students, so eventually either they'll take the thing down or it won't have anything distraticting it.

Clockwork Bird
03-19-2015, 03:08 PM
Elise looks at Juggernaught and then at the gang. Unsure of what to do, she transforms into her wolf form... She can see that the gang is getting far away. She decides to follow them and shouts at hir (OCC: Did I use the right adress? If not im sorry) "Please apologise to Phoenix for me, I will meet you again later!" She gallops off behind the other wolves.

03-20-2015, 03:06 AM
OOC: You did Hir is like Hare, and Shi is like shir.


03-20-2015, 01:44 PM
OOC: So this is my first RPG post ever so I hope I can be decent at least :p Looking forward to RP'ing with all of you :D
After a long journey Alcazar finally reached the School of Seven Towers. He looked at the School and was just happy to have finally arrived, so he started to play a happy tune on his saxophone as he started walking towards the entrance. The closer he got, the louder he started to play his saxophone until he entered the School and suddenly stopped playing and was in awe of how beautiful the inside was with all the green grass.

He was glad that he accepted the invitation and knew a brand new chapter in his life was about to start. He threw his arms up in the air and shouted:
'WOOHOOO, get ready for the time of your lives ladies and gentlemen, because Alcazar the king of entertainers has arrived!'
He started playing his saxophone again (wanting to impress) and walked forward again.

03-20-2015, 04:37 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster
Sam gathered as many as possible and noticed that the three bushido he had been with earlier were helping collect the crystals too.

"Yo, guy and... erm.. whats your name again? Was it Mami? Doesn't matter, one of you keep guard, the other find whoever is still out there and spread them out. It has many legs so if it can be distracted in multiple angles then it could make more time for me to figure this out." And hope it wasn't just a dude idea..

He then brought his attention to Mizuki. "Okay, I don't think Shisoume is coming since he hasn't arrive already, take him and survey the building for any out of the ordinary objects. ANYTHING! When you find it, place him near it and he'll.. well.. Anyways, once you find what you think is there then return him. Go!" He removed his snake from his bicep and placed it around her shoulders. He snuggled in over her clothing around her arm.

He spread out the crystals in front of him and pondered. Should he put them all together? Or were they meant to be apart?

OOC: Whoever is apart of the group who joins in.. not typing names.... BLAH!!
Skyla was becoming impatient for her father had not returned yet. But the others had left to join the 'festivities'.

She folded her legs and clasped her hands and focused her mind. 'Mother..' She had to focus harder, to find her balance, her inner peace.

But it seemed either her mother did not wish to be seen or she could not find her focus. Only a small headache arose.

Tired of waiting around, she looked through the sleeve of the doorway and saw people's shadows dancing about, many singing and laughing. Skyla felt nothing but sadness, to be free would mean to forever leave the safety of her father's band of 'heroes' as Sone once joked around about.

Against the ever glowing moon, she walked to the outskirts of the encampment and took in a huge breathe, relaxing, easing her tired mind.

"What do you think you are doing?" A strange voice asked from behind, but she couldn't not find who it was from.

Putting on her fake smile, she took a deep breathe and hoped they did not notice her surprise of being caught. "I am breathing and communing with the world." Adding a small laugh, she reached out, her head hurting worse than it had before, and spoke to their mind. 'I hope that is not an issue.' And then her connection was cut off. The person was not willing so to continue would not be an option.

"I heard you were ordered to stay in your tent. Now, I ask you again, what do you think you are doing?" A male walked out from behind a tent, dressed in black, paler than the moon itself. If it was not for the fact that this encampment warded off Netherkin, she would have mistaken him as one. Which left him as a Pactmaker.

"I was ordered to stay low til Master Hanze came for me." It was not a lie but she realized her placement. The guilt was stiring in her stomach.

"I see..." She could hear the disbelief in his voice. "You don't wish to stay out near the edge for too long, hear there have been lots of Netherkin sneaking about. Don't wish to be kidnapped now, would you Miss Skyla?"

She was at a disadvantage. His silverish green eyes bore into hers. He could not be a Pactmaker, he seemed too venomous to be such a thing.

"I do not think I have had the pleasure to meet you before." Skyla spoke, taking a deep breath to stay calm.

"Call me Draye." Hearing his name sent chills down her spine.

"Draye! Sweety, leave the poor slave alone! Her Master knows her whereabouts and knows that she goes out to breathe." From behind the same tent Dray had walked out of, Lea strolled out too. "Skyla, this is Draye, the only Netherkin here in the encampment."

"I am pleased to meet you." She bowed my head and then curtsied.

03-21-2015, 10:55 AM
The machine was large, and perhaps intimidating. The arms, the golem weapons and the domes seemed like the strongest points. But what was that coming out of the pipes on the side? Hot water? So it must've used water for something. Shisoume decided that if his team was upstairs and looking at the machine he would take his time on foot and use the buildings as cover.

When close enough to what might seem a fairly advantageous spot, his hand signals started again, a repeat of the event at the school tower. Blurring his presence and allowing him to traverse the side of the building to the top. At a steady position he focused the remainder of his kii into a kunai, one of his largest two. He would have to try guiding the weapon into one of those pipes. Maybe he could release the water he thought was within? Or maybe his energy exploding on impact would stop it? Either way, he needed time to gather his energy.

Cross Avantgarde
03-21-2015, 01:18 PM
OOC: Not a problem, Shobu; prioritizing is always the way to go, so you certainly did the right thing. Hope things have gotten easier for you as of late!
Shobu; Ranshiin

IC: Being a bit crestfallen when it seemed like the Therian wasn’t interested in helping him, Jasper couldn’t help but grin widely when the Therian said that he would help him, if possible. He was just about to thank him excitedly when he heard the sound of Phoenix falling with the hoverboard.

It looked like a rough fall, but Phoenix wasn’t crying out in pain. She was lying on her back, and the Therian walked directly over to her and asked Jasper for help.

“Phoenix!” Jasper called out while running over to her. “I really hope that fall wasn’t as bad as it looked. Are you alright?” He looked her over and saw that she was bleeding in a few places from scratches made by her impact with the ground. “Here, let’s get the weight of that hoverboard off of you.” He reached out and gently moved her arms from the hoverboard, hoping it wouldn’t hurt her and ready to stop at a moment’s notice if she cried out in pain. He assumed the Therian would want to pick up the hoverboard for himself as it seemed precious to him, a feeling Jasper knew very well. It was then that he noticed something.

“Hey…she held onto it for dear life, even though the added weight would make her tumble further. She was trying to protect it.” Jasper smiled, half in astonishment and half in admiration. “Sometimes people in my culture only care about their own inventions, but you cared about someone else’s hoverboard. That’s…rare!” He wondered if all Wanderlusters were altruistic like this, and if others from the various cultures were the same.

He looked back over to the Therian. “I think she saved it from any significant damage, at least any obvious damage. And about your power…you were saying something about your ability, but I didn’t catch it.”

He returned his look over to Phoenix. “Can you walk? I’d be glad to carry you if need be. Carrying down broken down machines to a power infuser is good practice for carrying anything for a considerable distance, so I figure I’ve got some practice.” He smiled, hoping that she wasn’t hurt worse than being scraped.

03-21-2015, 04:04 PM
Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

Looking at the pieces Sam can kind of tell that everything probably went together. Judging by the damage, the machine was probably slashed by something magical, and then some part of it exploded near where the crystals were. Much of the machine could perhaps be put back together again, but probably not much can be done now.

Looking at the pipes, Shisoume figures a direct hit on them might not do much, as the "hot water" would just come out through there instead of later. However if he could get near it, and sort of to the sides and a little to the rear perhaps he could throw it such that it would go deeper into them machine. Though he has no idea what if anything that might do.

If Mizuki, Hiro, or Mami goes outside looking for people, they'd find that their group seems to be the last one with Bushi. The others having rushed in to fight it already and have been captured. There are still students around though. Some bear like Therians seem to be looking for an opening to attack. Some Magitech students moving around to get a view of the thing. There's a Nethkin male in the middle of the street. He seems to be a bit spaced out and is probably about to get attacked once the thing notices him. Unless he has some plan.

OOC: Erg, gotta run, sorry Seraphim, black cat and Belgianguy.

Light Buster
03-21-2015, 11:22 PM
(Sam) "Okay, I don't think Shisoume is coming since he hasn't arrive already, take him and survey the building for any out of the ordinary objects. ANYTHING! When you find it, place him near it and he'll.. well.. Anyways, once you find what you think is there then return him. Go!"

Sam gave Mizuki his snake as they began to survey the building. She and his snake began to scout out the building to find anything suspicious.

Mami and Hiro on the other hand collected the remaining crystals and set them down alongside Sam's.

03-23-2015, 04:20 PM

The group runs swiftly away from whatever is approaching. If it were not for her supernatural speed Elise simply would not have been able to keep up. While massive for a school yard, the Green isn’t that large and so the grasslands end before very far and turn to hilly woods.

The group continues running for a while, and the wolf in the cape makes a few turns just to ensure that they aren’t going in a straight line. Eventually he slows and then stops. His ears perking up as if he’s listening. Everyone else does the same. However the only sounds coming from the immediate vicinity is their breathing and a slight sound of wind in the trees. As the silence stretches on without anything happening and with nothing crashing through the canopy of leaves about the group starts to calm down.

The wolf that has been doing most of the continues the trend looks at Elise and gives a little bow with his cape held in one hand.

“Pleased to meet you. I’m Carolus. And is sounds like perhaps you have something of an issue with…aggression? I can quite appreciate it. I know the type you probably had to deal with. They think they’re all sorts of wonderful. But they’re really condescending, controlling, and quick to put the boot to you if you step a little out of line. We’ve all had to deal with that, a lot, and that’s why we’re together. “

Indicating the female quadraped wolf he says “This is Anna”

He then gestures to the large black haired wolfman. (see earlier description for injuries or add them here) “This is char. We don’t actually know his real name. He isn’t much for speaking. But it looks like at some point he had a bad run in with some sort of flame attack. It could just have been a regular fire because healing doesn’t seem to work. We’re guessing some kind of magic attack specifically meant to prevent healing and regeneration. Maybe during the war, which would make him pretty old. I hate the idea of collars, however if you take his off he’s can’t seem to last very long without damaging something or someone, so we only take it off when there’s an obvious someone or something we want destroyed. Anyway after enough time referring to him as “the charred one” or “the one with the burns” the name Char just sort of stuck. “

There are eight others in the group, and he quickly goes through them. Four look like they were stitched together from different bits, he identifies those as Bone Brick Frost and Snake. And adds “Silver named them, they’re constructs, but intilligent. There are then four others, two male and two female, with a blend of wolf and human features and wearing simple and ratty clothes that match their brown hair. He quickly goes through them as well, calling them Sam, Lilac, Wu, and Juanita.

Having finished going through the group he asks. “And you are? “



It strikes Juggernaut that despite flying usually meaning “fast” it takes the Michael and the platform quite a while to arrive at hir position. Shi has seen Michaels fly a lot faster than that, so Shi figures it’s the platform slowing things down.

The platform is also quite noisy and causes quite the disruption in the grass as it comes in for a landing, creating a mighty downspout of wind from four tubes, one in the middle of each quarter of the roughly square platform. Now that Juggernaut can see it more clearly, there appear to be six tech Mages operating the thing. Judging by the cannon looking things, one mounted on each corner, some of them are perhaps supposed to be gunners, but they’re all focused on the workings going on at the controls in a raised section in the middle of the platform, or staring through the slatted metal floor to look at the ground as it lands. Also on the platform are a trio of celestials in simple robes. While Juggernaut cannot sense magic par se, their focus makes hir think that they are using their communal magic to enhance the Michael.

The Michael also lands and strides over the Juggernaut as his wings fold in, the ivory and ceramic components making a faint clacking sound. His face looks almost human behind the realistic mask they wear to hide their identity. He asks, in a voice that sounds like they’re trying to sound like they’re speaking in a deeper tone than would be natural for the person within the armor “Why have you summoned us?” After too brief a pause for Juggernaut to have replied he adds “More importantly, is the danger past, we are receiving many summons.”

OOC: Black-cat0001 and I have been negotiating regarding some devices they’d like to have. Normally I’d keep that to PMs, but since they’ve been coming up in posts I thought I should put a little something here. For game related purposes, here’s what I think might work. Some devices were supplied by the school. One being the illusion magic empowered “video recorder” and another being a device that can be used to summon security. The detector should be an separate device and probably something Juggernaut should perhaps pay for with points, depending on how it comes to be used. For now I’d propose that it works with Juggernauts empathy to help them detect feelings associated with being very unfamiliar with the place, allowing them a way to detect newcomers. In the short term, this would allow Juggernaut to notice Thatonebelgianguy’s character.

03-23-2015, 11:11 PM
Shi'ran was met with a quick shake of the head as he reached for Phoenix's wrist. Moving would hurt and she didn't have a high tolerance for pain. Even when she was living with the War Dance tribe, she had to bite back her tears back when hit too hard. Although Wanderlusters were an expressive sort, the War Dance people were hardened. Although they did not see crying as a show of weakness, they believed it was a treasured emotion, which should only be seen by trusted individuals.

The fall wasn't enough to make her cry because of the amount of time she had spent with that tribe, but that didn't stop her from acting somewhat like a wounded pup. She didn't say anything when Shi'ran scolded her. She wanted to apologize but the words were caught in her chest, which seemed like it was concaving. When Jasper came over, she suddenly felt a tad more at ease. Her shoulders sagged as he removed her hands from the board. It stung like heck and she squeaked in the back of her throat but nothing more.

He was correct in saying she was attempting to protect the board. She looked at Shi'ran and finally found her voice as her breathe came back steadily.

"Um, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been so careless." She moved to sit herself up, using Jasper's shoulder for assistance. Bits of grass fell from her arms, but she bit her tongue through it. She didn't even want to look down at her clothes. She would have to wash them somehow. Alright, stop act like a child. She told herself, slowly breathing in an out, trying manage her breathing again. It was the only thing she ever truly chided herself about. Just because she was a Wanderluster, didn't mean she could be a baby. The War Dance tribe taught her to embrace the pain because without it, life would be much more complicated. To this day, she'd been struggling with that theory, but it was catching, slowly but surely.

She then looked to Jasper and smiled. "Thank you both, but I'll be alright."

03-24-2015, 12:37 AM
Juggernaut watched as it descended then a celestial approached hir. In a voice that sounds like they’re trying to sound like they’re speaking in a deeper tone than would be natural for the person within the armor “Why have you summoned us?” After too brief a pause for Juggernaut to have replied he adds “More importantly, is the danger past, we are receiving many summons.” "We have a group of indiviual's who I encountered who seem to be causing trouble on the grounds. I summoned for back up cause things were about to be turned hostile. It would have been a group ambush. However that particular group fled. Other readings I don't know of yet, but if its to do with the School campus I'll help you with it. I would like to know if I can get guarantied support if our school here is going to be attacked? There is only a few of us who have the ability to fight if a assault on the campus does occur. I lead as one of the chief's but hardly any of the teachers can fight and defend well against intruders. I do hear a machine going on over at the field which might be something I better check out. Care to join me?"

03-24-2015, 09:01 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shi’ran frowned at having his attempt/offer of moving her declined, leaned away to deliberate how to react to it and was just about to get forceful with his attempt to move her when Jasper interjected and took over the situation – it was for the better. The dragon-Therian glanced between Phoenix and Jasper whilst the latter helped the former to sit up, and left the Magitek kid to help her calm down and help her sit up and such since she had resisted his involvement; he didn’t say a thing until Jasper had successfully moved her hands from around his Hoverboard.

At that point he took advantage, and was quick to relieve the burden of the device from her. His internal reasoning was his to know, but maybe it was also so Jasper would find it easier to help her recover and get up. ”Thank you.” He said once he had it back, and he stood back up straight and stepped back to put some space between himself and the two others so he could examine the ‘board. There seemed to be no damage to it, ‘sides from dirt and stuff … perhaps Phoenix was lucky.

That was when he heard Phoenix trying to apologise to him. Shi’ran looked up from his Hoverboard and over to where she was sat and quirked a brow at her. He visibly thought for a moment on how to answer, and then did so; ”It’s fine. I knew you’d fall off sooner or later … everybody does. What matters is that it’s not damaged and … well, ‘sides from some scratches you seem fine. Things could’ve been worse.”

The dragon-Therian then glanced over to Jasper, then he fell back to watching him help her with recovering and stuff. Shi’ran technically could have just walked off and left them there to their own devices, but he didn’t move at all. Basically, when Jasper spoke to him talking about his powers again the Therian was still there to hear them.

”…… If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather talk about it at a better point-in-time or place.” He told Jasper, declining explaining what he had been saying about his ability when Phoenix had crashed the Hoverboard. ”I mean …… it’s late. It’s dark. We’re not supposed to be out wandering and I’m pretty sure I heard some noises from the forests and stuff where I think you two came from.

… Maybe I’ll tell you it later, Jasper – or whatever-your-name-is. Right now I just want to get somewhere warm. I … well, where will you be going? I guess to help Phoenix back to her Tower?”

He asked because he didn’t know, and he wanted to know. After all, he had taken interest in this kid’s technological know-how and … kind-of owed him for repairing the Hoverboard. He’d been on his way back to his Therian Tower but, well…

03-24-2015, 11:36 PM

The Michael seems to think for a moment. Juggernaut finds it hard to "feel" them for some reason, probably some sort of defense that also messes with hir empathy.

He says "This is a school not a military base. It is not meant to hold off an attack on its own against an entire city state.

But, perhaps if such an attack were to occur, it wouldn't matter if the school stood or fell. This place is a testament to a dream of not having the next war. What is the point of such a dream if war is upon us, and I think with some many children from so many cultures any such attack would come from a nation willing and now able for that war.

I wouldn't be worried about a few bandits if that's your concern. Most cultures came with the idea they might just have to defend their tower."

He pauses a bit more. "I was going to say that one of the children we're meant to protect is you. But those in the link think you'd take that as an insult. What I mean is not to forget that you are also a student, when you were given other responsibilities they were meant to compliment not crush your learning here.

There is another pause as the Michael holds still. The next person to do something is one of the three celestials on the flying platform. She goes over to the pilot? captain? And whispers in his ear.

The middle ages tech mage smiles broadly as says "Heh! I wouldn't worry about that. Just some of the professors having a spot of fun in the training arenas. Ahhh! I'll confess to being a wee bit jealous! But only a bit with my Airborn Support Platform here! My ASP! He holds out his hand and makes a snakelike gesture and hisses, still smiling."

The Michael, almost impercievably and out of the side of their mouth says "That last bit doesn't..." he pauses "It's so slo..." He pauses again.

Eventually he just sighs and says "We should be going."


Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

Mizuki finds the building surprisingly easy to search quickly. Most rooms are completely empty, without even furnature. And those that aren't empty have little.

While riffling through a bookcase one of the books flops over and sort of rolls, falling to the floor and coming open. Inside the hollowed out books is a statue of a bird of some sort, maybe a falcon, carved or formed out of a green crystal.

Mizuki hasn't searched the whole building though, and checking for things like secret panels or smashing furnature and things to see what's inside would take much longer. There were also those gaps in the construction on the first floor. But those would be far too small for Mizuki to do much with, except reach an arm. She's no architect, but she suspects those were just the result of sloppy stonemasonry.

03-25-2015, 01:27 AM

He says "This is a school not a military base. It is not meant to hold off an attack on its own against an entire city state.

But, perhaps if such an attack were to occur, it wouldn't matter if the school stood or fell. This place is a testament to a dream of not having the next war. What is the point of such a dream if war is upon us, and I think with some many children from so many cultures any such attack would come from a nation willing and now able for that war.

I wouldn't be worried about a few bandits if that's your concern. Most cultures came with the idea they might just have to defend their tower."

He pauses a bit more. "I was going to say that one of the children we're meant to protect is you. But those in the link think you'd take that as an insult. What I mean is not to forget that you are also a student, when you were given other responsibilities they were meant to compliment not crush your learning here.

There is another pause as the Michael holds still. The next person to do something is one of the three celestial's on the flying platform. She goes over to the pilot? captain? And whispers in his ear.

The middle ages tech mage smiles broadly as says "Heh! I wouldn't worry about that. Just some of the professors having a spot of fun in the training arenas. Ahhh! I'll confess to being a wee bit jealous! But only a bit with my Airborn Support Platform here! My ASP! He holds out his hand and makes a snakelike gesture and hisses, still smiling."

The Michael, almost impercievably and out of the side of their mouth says "That last bit doesn't..." he pauses "It's so slo..." He pauses again.

Eventually he just sighs and says "We should be going."

"Yes I know I'm also a student but this one is a project meant to have the cultures live in peace. If there is a group who is a opposing the peace of the united cultures and attacks the school wouldn't it be all the culture representatives to make sure that their dealt with? A attack on this school is an declaration of war against the peace treaty most want for their future descendant's. I also take this role given to me seriously. Safety of all the students come first in a safe learning environment. All students safety first. Then the teachers and I along with the principal. I better go make sure nothing too serious happens over at that exercise."

03-25-2015, 11:40 AM

The Michael pauses a bit and lowers his wings. The platform is making increasingly loud sounds, but it seems it will take some seconds before it will be able to fly in any case.

The "captain" shouts over the noise "Observe if you want, but be careful about insulting the professors by calling their wonders unsafe, especially before they've maimed anybody."

The Michael steps closer to Juggernaut so he doesn't have to shout over the machinery and growing wind coming from the platform. "Each culture looks after its own interests first and foremost, except for us Celestials of course. And it is thought there are many just looking for a pretense or some moral high ground. That creates the complicatd security situation we're in. I'm not sure if that's what you're talking about. But for example there was a nearly fatal fight between two Bushi earlier during the philosophy class. They are now in their tower, and those inside seem to think their dual was "proper" and "honorable". There are those that wanted to raid the tower to demonstrate such behavior won't be tolerated. But wouldn't that constitute an overt attack on the Bushi culture by the school? Would not many of them feel honor bound to defend and avenge? Would others even see them as being in the wrong?

There are actually some on the board claiming that we should allow the students to continue class, becuase we have to "engage and change" as opposed to "exlude and shame". "

He pauses "It's all a bit beyond me. But what I'm being told is to try and deal with things as they come up and try to limit knowledge that there was an issue in the first place, until we understand this better. "

He pauses again "You probably shouldn't tell anyone about the duel in the philosophy class."

The platform starts to lift of the ground and the captain is focused intently on the controls. One of the other tech mages has been listening in on the conversation between Juggernaut and the Michael, judging by the directions of the mouths of the horn like devices on his headphone like things on his head. He shouts. "Hey there, um, cat girl? If you're out for a bit of excitement and a disturbance to deal with, I think the platform could hold your weight too. Probably."

03-25-2015, 01:05 PM
" If it involves the safety of the campus then I will surely help out. I'm not one of those Gun Ho leader of Justice fanatics, but I'm willing to check it out. I'd never insult anyone or do try to do anything wrong on purpose. I take my role seriously. I have standards I have set up for myself, and ones I expect from the other cultures. While I agree with learning and changing for the greater good, I still hold weight on the one who starts the problem or both if their at fault. I'll check out this problem if it does affect the school."

Clockwork Bird
03-26-2015, 03:34 PM
She struggles to keep up somewhat, but after the pace is set she deeply enjoys the run. She hasnt felt adrenaline like this for a long time.
She curtsies to each of the introduced people, smiling as warmly as she can bring herself to.
"I am Lady Elise va Elgarde" She bows deeply, displaying her hand gently for a kiss. "Thank you for accepting me into your circle"
She smiles deeply.

03-26-2015, 10:09 PM

The tech mage gives Juggernaut a bemused smile and waves for hir to join him on the platform, "Oh, c'mon up cat lady, and introduce yourself. We're way busier up here than we expected, though of course it's a pretty impressive prototype all the same."

Most of the rest of the people on it feel ambivalent about that offer, however Juggernaut detects that the three simply dressed celestials feel a bit comforted by the prospect. Most people who know celestials would guess that they're communing with the Michael to support him, but Juggernaut gets the feeling they don't like the idea of being linked with him while he's being violent...or him being violent at all.

The Michael is pretty inscrutable between his mask and mental defenses. Now that someone else is talking to Juggernaut he raises his wings and leaps while pushing them down hard, sending him up into the air to a sound a bit like wind chimes from the ivory and ceramic in the wings.



Carolus smiles at Elise and says "You're quite welcome."

He then awkwardly looks at her hand, as if unsure what to do. He leans forward a bit.

And sniffs it.

There is some head shaking off to the side. His eyes dart over to spot Juanita rolling her eyes and quickly kissing the back of her hand.

He smiles wordlessly and takes Elise's hand gently in his own and kisses the back off it...a bit to long.

But then he straightens up and adds "So, Lady Elise va Elgarde. Hmmm. So how did a lady like you end up in a situation like that."

But then he holds up his hand to stop her from replying. "Tut. How impolite, and there are other matters to attend to first. I know how this goes. That cat is going to be trouble...and there's probably be trouble in any case. The first thing we need is a place to stay, someplace we can stay out of sight and set up to protect a bit from magical detection. Any ideas my lady?"

Cross Avantgarde
03-27-2015, 04:11 AM
Phoenix got up just fine, and didn’t seem to show an ounce of pain. Jasper hadn’t realized how strong and determined she was, and he had to stop himself from staring in admiration at her. The Therian’s question brought him back to the subject at hand.

“Of course, we can certainly talk about it later. If you don’t mind, over a sheet of schematics I’ve got in my room, perhaps. But again, no hard feelings if you say no.”

The Therian had asked where he was going, as well. “Well, I would love to take Phoenix to her tower, but should we stop by the infirmary first?” He directed this last question to Phoenix. If she thought they should swing by the infirmary first he wanted to accompany her, but if not, he would trust her judgment.

“That is, Phoenix, if you don’t mind me walking with you?” Jasper realized that he had invited himself, and was trying to backtrack and ask for her permission before he did anything brashly.

03-27-2015, 06:37 AM
After walking around for some time while he played his saxophone, he started to get curious about those towers: 'What are they for?' 'What's in there?' etc.
And thus he decide to go check them out, he goes up to the one of the towers which he guesses is the tower of his culture.

He used a super jump and then holds on to a ledge with his climbing glove and looks for an open window, which he did. When he came in and it was surprisingly ... cozy, he expected it to be more rugged since he tought most people of his culture were just like him.

Since he had a tough jouney he decided to help himself and get some he saw lying around and headed straight for a couch. It felt good to relax after his long journey and was still in a bit of a daze since the school was so beautiful. He just couldn't believe why they would invite someone like him.
But that thought quickly vanished as he fell asleep on the couch.

03-28-2015, 12:38 PM
With all the shaking of the building and concentrating on the puzzling crystal, Sam was getting flustered. He truly wanted to sink his teeth into someone for making his day very worse than what it should have been.

Then he saw ridges that matched and continued, his anger being his key to solving what these crystals made.

03-28-2015, 06:54 PM
"Thank you for the offer...Umm Captain. Shi gets up onto the prototype first with hir front hand legs then hir rear legs. "How are you three doing?" Shi asked smiling at the celestial's as shi moved up towards the center area."Which direction are we heading?" holding hir necklace a map replica of the campus appeared in the air.

03-31-2015, 11:04 PM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

As the group is speaking, those with sharp ears might detect something approaching them through the woods. W

What appears is a large, furry, grey Schnauzer. About as soon as he's visible he starts speaking.

"You know Shi’ran, sometime I'm just going to have to find out about the walking. I mean you've got wings AND some kind of flying board, and still you tend to walk places.

But that would be getting ahead of myself, my name is Shar, and you two."

He says looking at Phoenix and Jasper.

"Seem to have a taste for adventure and an interest in Magitech devices. I think perhaps we have quite an extracurricular opportunity that you would be very well suited for. What do you think Shi'ran? "

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OOC: If you're worried about the direction things are taking, you do have the option to just walk away.

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Tetsanosuke ELR and Light Buster

OOC: See above for Tetsanosuke and LB stuff. I figure that scouting and searching and maybe a bit more can happen while Sam messes with the crystals.


It's like a large, damaged, 3D puzzle, but with his aggravated focus Sam manages to get the pieces to come together. Granted, some of those "pieces" are shard embedded in the wall or perhaps down the hall, but those come from other crystals, maybe just providing more power. Sam gets a few more intact crystals together into one of the metal assemblies, and a filament coming out of them glows, as if they're now able to provide power.

As for the rest of the machine, it was mostly just blown apart but relatively intact...ish. There was also some more permanent damage that likely came from magically enhanced sword cuts. But nothing to be done about that at the moment. Most of the inside of the cabinet is made up of an array of dishes with an antenna coming out of the middle. From behind they're held by clockwork that must have moved to aim them. In the center of the thing is some sort of crystal thing, presumably it coordinated all the movements and perhaps more. Up above is a panel with images that look a bit like the drones, and it looks like all that connected to the crystal ball. It also all connected to a large antenna assembly of some sort with all sorts of smaller antenna coming off of it. Sam isn't exactly sure what to make of all this. Except that he things he could make something working in miniature. Like the whole machine was meant to perhaps run all the drones in the building, perhaps he could make something that connects all the important stuff together for a half dozen? Though what then...

And would these crystals explode too if damaged?

OOC: Magitech magic is need to "program" the device. Not really Sam's thing, but perhaps some reserve player points and some karma can allow him to discover something about himself if we wanted to control some drones. Alternatively perhaps he could try to find a techmage student somewhere still on the field. Or just bag the stuff up. Or something else entirely I'm just throwing out ideas.

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Black-Cat0001 and ThatOneBelgianGuy

The fellow that invited Juggernaut in says "Naw. I'm not the captain." He then holds up a finger for emphasis "Yet! I'm learning a lot and I already have some ideas for improvements when making my own!"

The actual captain at the controls yells "How about improving that blasted thrust nozzle in your corner or you'll be a captain straight away when it breaks off and rockets you clean outta the schoolgrounds!"

The tech gets to work as Juggernaut turned to speak with the celestials.

The one nearest juggernaut keeps their body facing forward but looks behind and to the side of themselves in order to look at Juggernaut and the map. It looks like that would be uncomfortable, but she has a sort of hazy expression, and Juggernaut can feel how her consciousness is divided as part of communing with the others and the Michael.

She says "We're heading to the Netherkin tower. There have been reports of undead maurauding about. Really, I understand the dream behind the school. But did we have to make them a tower? I don't think they even do it deliberately, but undead just keep showing up. Not even through the front gate! Sometimes there is even a cloud of spirits you can see swirling about that tower. Couldn't we have built them a bunch of little buildings scattered about the campus. Or. " she gives a little sigh "Built them something faaaar from the campus, and arranged some sort of transportation? Would they even need transportation? They seem to have no problem simply coming and going from our cities when they wish to take away some youth in a moment of weakness and loss of direction".

As the platform nears the tower there are many forms down below, though no spirit clouds or much to make the tower look very menacing. At this height it's difficult to tell if any of the groups moving around below is trouble or not. Though Juggernaut's empathy allows hir to tell there are some mildly worried people down there.

However everyone's attention is caught by a sudden scream coming from the tower. The Michael and platform lurch forward, causing the celestial Juggernaut is talking to almost stumble off the platform. However just as suddenly the Michael slows and feelings of disharmony coming from the celestials come to Juggernaut's senses. The one shi had been speaking to quickly says to Juggernaut "It's coming from INSIDE the tower. It might not be anything or we might make things worse if we go in there. "

Out of sight of everyone on the platform is the room the screaming is coming from, where Alcazar was sleeping but is now presumably wide awake!

Just a short distance from him is a young woman with wet jet black hair wrapped up in a towel around her head. Her damp skin is white and reveals her emaciated frame, hugging her ribs and checkbones. She's just managed to cover herself with a second towel in one hand and a cushion from a nearby chair in the other.

And she's looking at Alcazar with a horrified expression and screaming so loudly he suspects it might be magically enhanced...or she just really has a pair of lungs.

04-01-2015, 06:05 AM
Alcazar was suddenly woken up by a incredibly loud scream, surprised by this he falls of the couch, hurting his nose. His nose is bleeding and as he stands up, he looks around for whoever was screaming. He then sees beautiful lady and then realises he didn't really check if anyone was there. While in a daze, he tries to speak.

'.....ummmm I came in at a bad time huh.' he smiles slightly 'Oh I'm sorry, you should get dressed.....ummm yeah.' He turns around while holding his nose and feels a bit embarrased. He was happy with what he saw tho.

After a moment of silence he starts talking again: 'I'm Alcazar, I'm new here. Sorry for busting in your room or tower I should say, I guess I picked the wrong one. So who are you if I may ask?' He looks behind him to see if she's dressed yet.

04-01-2015, 07:21 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~ sunnyside

(( Also Sunnyside, do what I do – type the post out in Microsoft Word (or Open Office or Wordpad or whatever). That way if Cloudfare goofs you don’t lose anything. Or … y’know, ctrl-a, ctrl-c? ))

Shi’ran didn’t hear or see of the ‘stranger’s approach right up until he (and the two he was with) were spoken to; the dragon-Therian was rightly surprised by the third voice and even moreso by being chastised for apparently walking? Pfah?!

He was quick to turn eyes off of Jasper to look over to see Shar there talking to them; he looked a mix of baffled and irritated and he ended up taking a step back whilst the large dog-creature explained why he was there.

”What-… excuse me? What does it matter if I walk? I have feet! And for the record I was using my Hoverboard, up until it-…… Grrrrrrrugh… never mind …”

He breathed out some description of a growl and looked to one side, an obvious frown on his face. He had to make himself push the matter to one side, because what Shar was asking was more important. It was something that actually took the dragon a few moments to figure out.

”An extra-…? Wait. Dog, are you talking about the thing? The thing I was talking about earlier with you and that Sefton Professor-guy? I-…” He trailed off there, because he glanced between the three that were there. ”… I don’t know. It’s up to them and the lady kinda needs to go to the infirmary … maybe? But it’s not really up to me, is it?”

04-01-2015, 07:22 AM
"Slaves are valued highly on the market. You know this. If he can not keep track of her then why not take her?" He stepped forward and caressed her cheek. It took all her strength to keep from flinching away from his touch like someone not would do. "She is pretty, well dressed, obedient. She would go almost five times the normal price."

"I am Skyla, I am owned by Hanze Senawane, I travel only with him for he has ownership of me." it was not a lie, it was a truth hidden within a message. That is what she kept telling herself. Celestials do not lie, so her words had to be in truth, nothing more.

But Skyla realized something. She had been lying about being a slave this whole time. Being a Pactmaker's daughter meant she was not connected to the Celestials as close as she wish she could be. Guilty as charged.

Unconsciously she lowered her head. "I must return to the tent." Smiling, she tried to move towards the tent but Draye blocked her way.

"Not so fast." His smile was sickening. "How about we head over to my tent.. We can discuss slave rights." His eyes became more gentle.

sunnyside YEA!!! No thanks, think it would be bad if I gave him ANY type of magitech, do not forget, he is a villian and if I give him too much that will help him he would be making traps throughout the school. Thank you for offering it to him though. Maybe he will learn something in the future but for now he is fine.
Tetsanosuke Light Buster
Sam tried mustering up any type of creative design in his head but nothing came to head. He was no Magitech..

Peeking across the room and saw both the Bushido collecting crystals still scattered across the room. "Hey! I need a magitech in here. Find one! Maybe we can get him or her to make something to destroy that thing out there or even try to figure out how to control the golems.

For some reason, Sam's mind went to the professors group, the blue dragon that had the board. He was no magitech but had it in his possession.

Irrelevant! He stashed what he had got together in his pocket and strolled over to the wall and began digging the wall apart, hurting his fingers, attempting to pull the crystals out.

04-01-2015, 11:58 AM

At first Alcazar isn't sure she can even hear him over her own screaming. Though she managed to back into a corner some distance away. As he continues to speak she pauses a bit to hear him, but then just replies with


She pauses to take in a breath after that and manages to compose herself slightly. She then stars mumbling stuff under her breath. Some people might have thought she'd just lost her mind, however Alcazar has been around and sometimes when people mumble like that fireballs ensue...or they're actually just crazy.

In the relative silence Alcazar can hear the sound of a fair number of people running this way, somebody starts banging on her door. Not bothering with the door, a large skeletal figure in a dress suit simply walks out of a closet next to the door, dull embers of light giving off a little light out of empty eye sockets.

04-01-2015, 12:46 PM
Alcazar was freaked out by the skeleton since he had never seen it, even in all his years of travelling. He jumps back and starts looking for clothes, he soon finds a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, He picks them up and throws them to the girl.

'I thinks it's about time to get dressed.' He says as he runs towards her. He picks her up and starts running to a door on the other side of the room so they could escape, but more importantly find a place for her to get dressed. The girls starts struggling. 'Calm down please! I'm trying to save you, you know!' Alcazar then stopped and remembered that there were people at the door, that means they would see her (pretty much) naked and that would be horrible for her. He warned the people at the door: 'Don't come in here there's a living skeleton in the room!' He then decided to go jump out of the window he came. But the skeleton was in his way, Alcazar ran around it hoping to not get hit by 'it' and thus escape.

It somehow worked, 'YES!' he said as he then proceed to run to the window. 'Hold on lady.' Alcazar said just before he jumped out of the window, barely landing.

'Okay now that we escaped that thing let's find you a place to get dressed.' He said to the lady in his arms.

Clockwork Bird
04-01-2015, 01:17 PM
Sorry I'm in France right now, didn't have time to post. Please forgive me
Elise giggles when she sees the wolf man's attempts. She smiles warmley. "You don't have to treat me any differently, it doesn't matter anymore either way" she says slowly. She kisses the wolf mans cheek, then proceeds to curtsey to each member of the company.

"I do not know this area, but those hills look easily defencible."

Cross Avantgarde
04-01-2015, 01:43 PM
Shar startled Jasper when he first spoke, as Jasper had not heard him coming. Though seeing a few Therians had somewhat mitigated his shock at seeing individuals who appeared quite different from himself, he was nonetheless surprised at Shar’s appearance.
He mentioned adventure and magitek devices, and this immediately caught Jasper’s attention. An extracurricular activity? Could this be the chance Jasper needed to procure the rare materials he would need to start and complete the invention he had dreamed of for so long?

One more thing caught his attention that Shar had spoken of, however; he had mentioned the Therian’s name: Shi’ran. Jasper took note of this but almost forgot it in his excitement over the mention of magitek devices.

“Mr—Shar, was it? Yeah, I’m new here, so I’m sorry if this is out of line, but I’d be much obliged if you let me know more about this chance! Now, I don’t want to speak for Phoenix or—”

Here he looked at Shi’ran and remembered the name that Shar had called him.

“…or Shi’ran, but again, I’d really like to know more about this. Even so, I want to make sure we get Phoenix bandaged and back safely to her tower first. That is, if she wants to.” Jasper realized that Phoenix knew best what she needed, and would let her decide without putting words in her mouth, hoping the whole time that he wasn’t getting excited over nothing. It was possible that he was misunderstanding just what it was that Shar was proposing.

04-01-2015, 11:47 PM
ThatOneBelgianGuy and Black-Cat0001

The skeleton is a bit slow for Alcazar. Perhaps he'd have had trouble if the young woman wasn't incredibly light.

However upon landing she demonstrates once again that she's also incredibly loud. Alcazar isn't sure if she's willing or even able to hear him over all her noise.

Looking around he sees the skeleton follow him out the window. It doesn't land gracefully and seems to partially come apart, however it does start to pull itself together. There are a few robes individuals nearby. They stare at Alcazar and the woman and seem to be...enjoying themselves maybe? Maybe just captivated? In any case they don't seem to be taking any hostile action.

Up above on the platform there is some confusion about what's going on. The celestial next to Juggernaut says "The Michael thinks that man said something about saving her." However for hir part Juggernauts empathy is all but overwhelmed with the combination of fear and mortification coming from the woman in the mans arms.



He smiles and holds up a finger to Elise and says "If it didn't matter. At least to you. You wouldn't mention it so often. ...My lady. "

Anna buts in at that point. "well, this isn't going to do, all out in the open, we need to find someplace, or ideals a number of places with some concealment. Being near crowds and just out of sight can be good, though tricky. Silver brought us here, but we really don't know anything about this place."

Juanita adds "I've seen some, I dunno, buildings and stuff in the woods and hills. Caves maybe? I dunno. I kinda like the towers, they remind me of home, sort of."

Carolus replies "Well, home didn't seem to be working out long term, but I get what you mean." He looks to Elise. "We were within the lower levels of a Magitech city. For the most part you can just vanish in those things.


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04-01-2015, 11:52 PM
"I think its time I made a entrance that is very much needed. Captain thanks for the lift." Juggernaut then goes to do a drop and then lets go. Shi lands on hir legs. Sure they would be bruise and sorely tender later from such a big height, but they took the weight, and shi approached the group.

To the guy shi said, "I will take you to the head's office after I deal the miss here."
Shi then went over to question the miss. "Are you alright miss
;And is the skeleton mentioned just now your subordinate or summoning?" Look to the Celestial's, "Do any of you have a blanket or towel for to cover her up or for her to hide behind as she changes into these clothes?:glare: "

04-02-2015, 01:23 AM
Alcazar was surprised by the big cat-lady being able to land that well. She then said that he had to go to the head's office which he didn't enjoy. When she asked the men behind hir for clothes he offered the ones he picked up: 'I brought a T-shirt and jeans alongs from the room, so hopefully they'll fit.' he says with a smile.

He then apologized to the cat-lady, which he assumed was some sort of teacher: 'I'm incredibly sorry for the intrusion, my name is Alcazar and I'm new here and well...I was waiting at the gate but got a bit intrigued by the towers you see, but I picked the wrong one it seems.'

Alcazar sees the skeleton approaching: 'But can we first try and take care of that thing?' he says as he points to the skeleton.

04-02-2015, 12:22 PM
'I brought a T-shirt and jeans alongs from the room, so hopefully they'll fit.' he says with a smile.

He then apologized to the cat-lady, which he assumed was some sort of teacher: 'I'm incredibly sorry for the intrusion, my name is Alcazar and I'm new here and well...I was waiting at the gate but got a bit intrigued by the towers you see, but I picked the wrong one it seems.'

Alcazar sees the skeleton approaching: 'But can we first try and take care of that thing?' he says as he points to the skeleton.

"Yes you might be new here; However that is still no excuse for you going breaking into someone's room Uninvited through the window. Now Please be quiet so I can get some of the questions I asked her answered please."

Her head looking at the skeleton, "You Mr./Ms. skeleton, please wait so I can get a few answers from the miss here, and some peace for this school, otherwise I'll be forced to use force, which I don't really like doing."

Juggernaut then gives hir attention back focused on the miss shi was holding.

04-02-2015, 09:16 PM
ThatOneBelgianGuy and Black-Cat0001

Almost without having to ask the Celestial that had been speaking to Juggernaut has taken off her robe and sent it fluttering down to the group below. Underneath she's still dressed fairly modestly in a pair of pants and a tunic. The platform blows it a little off course however, and generally it's windy down where you are. A wraithlike form, which either just appeared or that quietly approached swoops down to grab it and brings it to her.

The skeleton approaches but does seem to wonder about all the attention. It seems to be thinking about grabbing Alcazar but seems to think better of it with the Michael and platform up above.

While those Netherkin that had been nearby are still just observing, other people and things have been pouring out of the woman's window, presumably the door having been broken down or opened, or out of some of the front doors of the tower. A few also appear from the other direction out of various shadows which are plentiful this late. It's getting to be something of a crowd, bordering on a mob.

For her part the woman, despite being on the ground and under the robe seems to be having a full on panic attack or something. It's hard to make out what she's mumbling, something about people seeing her.

Anyone looking to close would notice that she's starting to change physically as well. She was already emaciated and quite pale. However now her skin is starting to tighten more, and she's starting to go beyond pale to translucent.

The skeleton...has some difficulty being expressive without a proper face, but when he "speaks" his "voice" shows concern. "We're losing her! Uh, food, everybody coming here did anybody bring any food? Like lots and lots of food?"

04-03-2015, 12:32 AM
"Alright I'll help in any way I can." She Quickly takes out of hir back pack all the food shi had stashed in which would give hir the energy shi would normally spend which is like 3x the normal amount of a human. Inside the back pack was a whole heap of food that would give hir energy. Drinks,Sandwiches,banana's, apples, Energy Bars, Roast Turkey,chips, actual food mixes. "Any of this look helpful?"

04-04-2015, 12:19 AM
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Phoenix didn't have enough time to respond to either of the mens' questions before a dog appeared from the bush... and began to speak. Nothing new nowadays, but she overcome with the horrible urge to to snuggle Shar. He looked to soft and fuzzy and adorable, but he was an intelligent being and would most likely be highly offended. He asked for Phoenix's name.

"My name is Phoenix, but you can call me Fefe if you'd like," she said, smiling a bit.

When Shi'ran mentioned the infirmary, she suddenly remembered her current situation. She was horribly curious about what they were speaking of. Phoenix contemplated for a second. She wasn't used to being put on the spot. She really didn't want to go to the infirmary, but she definitely didn't benefit from her wounds becoming infected.

She looked to the three of them and sighed a little. "I think it's best to get me patched up first, but afterwards, I'd love to know what 'thing' you guys are talking about."

OOC: Sorry, it's a hasty post but it's kind of late and I have work tomorrow morning!

04-04-2015, 07:47 AM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~ sunnyside

Well, I guess that works then. O.o

The dragon-Therian frowned (not very obviously, but he frowned nonetheless) at Jasper mentioning him by name – he hadn’t wanted to give his name to these fellow students after all – and a little bit at Jasper and then Phoenix agreeing to what Shar had spoke up about. Well, it wasn’t like he could stop Jasper taking interest.

… And he had told Shar to ‘deal with it himself’, pretty much. Wasn’t that what Shar was doing?

After Phoenix agreed that it was a good idea for her to go to the infirmary and expressed interest in this ‘extra-curricular activity’, Shi’ran sighed to himself – a low, not-meant-to-be-heard sigh – and figured that … well, that was that. He sort-of-knew what the dog was going to be talking about; he didn’t mind if Jasper took up the offer, if he was right. Phoenix? He was a little more reserved; he still thought she was a bit rude from their very first moments of encounter, but likewise he wouldn’t stop her if she wanted to get involved.

“… Feh, I guess that’s that then.” The dragon-Therian told Shar, and at the same time he crouched, set his Hoverboard back down on the path and fiddled to turn it on. It wobbled into life far quicker than he expected it to …… he really did owe Jasper for knowing what to do with it. “Dog,” He then spoke up, his red-orange eyes lifting up to the large Schnauzer. “Y’mind … well, talking about what you want to talk about on the way to the infirmary?”

He then stepped onto the Hoverboard, took a moment to ensure his footing was adequate and then moved his weight to make the contraption move forwards. He took off on it – not fast, of course, but like a walking pace – to try and goad the three others into following to go to this infirmary. Shi’ran just … didn’t want to be stood around doing nothing, and Shar had peeved him a little by claiming he walked too much, so there he was openly using the thing to negotiate the path back to central campus.

(( I wanted to just try and do something. If Shar's annoyed that Shi'ran's being pushy? Oh well. In other words I couldn't be bothered to wait. o3o ))

04-04-2015, 08:35 PM
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ThatOneBelgianGuy and Black-Cat0001

The skeleton looks at the food. "Well, not. I mean I guess we have to. It's sort of complicated" His words come out jumbled as if he's not entirely comfortable speaking.

However one of the Netherkin who had just been standing around comes over. Strangely tall, broad and strong looking for a Netherkin, and wearing leather pants and a fur and leather jacket. He says "I was enjoying the show a bit, but I wouldn't be polite to let her die now would it? I met her briefly in the tower, but I'm good at figuring out what people need. And I suppose perhaps this food will have to do."

He kneels down and starts quickly shoving some chips into one of the sandwiches, and then takes her hand, helping, or rather pulling, her up. He then looks to Alcazar. " I thought I heard something helpful sounding about being sorry? Here's how you can help. Eat" Holding the overflowing sandwich in her hand within his he move it in front of Alcazar's face.


I heard something about

Cross Avantgarde
04-05-2015, 05:39 AM
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Ranshiin ~Shobu~ sunnyside

IC: As Shi’ran began moving on the hoverboard, Jasper turned to the side so that he walk beside Phoenix as they went to the infirmary. Shi’ran’s slower pace, coupled by the fact that he had asked Shar to talk with them more about the extracurricular opportunity, indicated that he would accompany them to the infirmary.

“One question, Shar, and you don’t have to answer it right now if you would rather explain things first. I never got a clear answer on the leeway we’re allowed to have while making inventions in our own rooms, and I’m not sure how to go about procuring parts for inventions, either. Do you have any advice concerning this?”

The last thing Jasper wanted to do was to get kicked out of the school for making a device too large for his living quarters, and the second part of the question was purely practical.

Clockwork Bird
04-05-2015, 12:46 PM
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Elise smiled at his words about caring. If he only knew how destroyed her families honour was. She nodded though, not letting them know her thoughts.
"A magictech city?" She sniffed the ground around her. It reeked of metal and oil, although the smell reminded her of how nice Jasper had been to her.
"Maybe we could hide there then? Or is it too dangerous?"

Luka Megurine
04-06-2015, 07:55 PM
.:First post in this role play. Sorry for any awkwardness:.

Eira sat in the silence of the campus green away from the hustle and bustle of the new student arrivals. She was more accustomed to the sound of her own thoughts than the sounds of others, and she preferred it to stay that way. Her hair tied high on her head, she stood alone in the forest, honing in on the simple sound of wind rustling the leaves. Violin bow at the ready, she rose her violin to her shoulder and began to play.

She furiously played chord after chord: she didn't belong here and she knew it in her soul. Her speed picked up and she closed her eyes. Why was she here? Why couldn't she come home? Why? Her anger built and she started to press hard into the strings. How could her family just give her up? A family was supposed to protect their child no matter what, not throw them away at the insistence of others. She lost it and strung out one last chord before she hung the bow and violin by her sides. She breathed heavily
and wiped the sweat from her brow. In her anger, she hardly noticed that her fingers were bleeding from her string work.

Leaving her former position of the forest, she heard the voices of several people and turned in their direction to investigate. She hid behind a tree to listen in. At the words Magitech city, her curiosity got the best of her and she exited from behind the tree. "Did you say a Magitech city? Where is it?" She asked, her dim eyes slightly lightening.

.:I know it's sucky. I had a long day of school and my mind is sort of goop right now ;A; :.

04-06-2015, 07:56 PM
"And how about you let go of her before I break contract an slit your throat you slum." Skyla's eyes looked over towards her father who was somewhat red in the face, not with embarrassment but with anger. "I own her and if you take her then you automatically break a contract I have with this group, that means I will unseal what they had me seal many years ago and let it destroy them as we walk away safe." His smirk chilled his facial structure, the red beginning to dissolve. "No one wants that Djinn to be released, do they?"

Draye backed off and stepped next to Lea who looked like she saw the dead for the first time. "You wouldn't." She trembled out.

Hanze ushered her towards him and Skyla obeyed. "Don't tempt me. She is mine and no one is to touch her but ME!" He grabbed her arm harshly and almost dragged her off back into the tent. The silence was like an echo, a deafening sound that rang through her ears. Unable to bear it any longer, she opened her mouth.

"Sir, I-"

"What were you thinking?" He turned around, looking at her harshly. "I gave you one simple order, stay here until I come get you. SIMPLE! I get it is boring but it is safe." His whole frame deflates and he wipes his face. "I had to use their contract against them which only the darkest of Pactmakers do. I am NOT one of them but you left me no choice." He fell to his knees and took an overly deep breathe. "We will leave before any of us can rest."

And before Skyla could get a word in, he walked out of the tent.

It left her to begin to pack for everyone. If only she had stayed in the tent.

OOC: Did I mention before that I am freaking myself out every time I write for Sam? I fear snakes but it is a villain in my mind so yea. Just a chuckle for those who needed one. Note: Only magitek made was from Scourges Daughter but says she has not been on since December. Will FIND one but who knows if he shall be successful.
sunnyside Tetsanosuke Light Side

He was beyond frustrated. He couldn't get the stones out, but the Bushido did and still were. Not like either had heard him when he asked for a Magitek. So instead of relying on them, he used all use muscles and shrunk into his snake form and slithered out of the building through the cracks and sliding down the walls.

Crawling out on the ground floor level, he taste something odd in the air, different from the goop. Rather than dwell on it, he exited and avoided being stepped upon by the many who braved attacking the squid tech.

But he did not find one who was not focused on fighting.

04-06-2015, 08:13 PM
The diagnol approach didn't occur to him until he saw another student strike the pipes. However, from his vantage point he would need to reach low enough to the ground and get close enough to strike. He was already blurred, and defying gravity, but only for a short time longer. He would need all of his strength for the strike with the kunai. This would be difficult.

He started to make his way from the building he was stalking from, stepping down the side carefully to keep his blur but quick enough to make progress towards the ground.

04-06-2015, 11:09 PM
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Luka Megurine and \Seraphim

The group was startled by Eira making an appearance.

The group starts to take a hostile stance and squares off towards her. Some start to move in the flanking motions the gang seem to like, but others hold still. The wolfman holding Elise's hand, Carolus, waves them off.

Replying to both questions he says "We did come from a Magitek city, but it is quite some distance away, and it's...getting increasingly hostile there for people who aren't tech mages or their minions. Since I don't get the impression that applies to any of us anymore, it isn't a good place to be.

Although this school has their mark. The chaos underneath their invention. Obviously they have their tower. They aren't normally very good at understanding what their own buildings hold, and that looks like Celestials built it anyway, so it's probably more confusing that usual in there. Maybe. The grounds also have their mark. There was clearly a lot of Therian magic at play to get all these trees and grass. But I small oil and adhesives. Magitek construction is scattered all about. Maybe in buildings or underground.

And then there is the town. All those workers who help build the school. I wonder what they're all doing now? I saw shoddy fast construction out there, and little sign of much beyond anarchy, all the security seems to be focused inside the school. I have a feeling we'd have a harder time finding a simply open space there. On the other hand if we did find or make something, maybe nobody would be able to tell us not to be there. "

One of the brown wolfmen, quietly says "We could also just go to the towers we're supposed to be in, maybe just for a bit."

Before anyone can reply, the huge black furred wolfman surges forward, tugging Carolus, who was holding the chain attached to his collar, along with him. He surges toward Eira, but stops as Carolus pulls back on the chain and the collar it is attached to glows slightly. The white wolf with a female voice says. "Your fingers, they're bleeding, he can smell it and we haven't ate in a while. "


Tetsanosuke Light Buster and ELR

As Shisoume, Sam and any Bushi choosing to approach get into the vicinity of the giant machine, they can see it has taken some damage from the earlier attempts of students. The glass domes with the pilot and gunner seem completely pristine, as if perhaps they have some extra magical effect on them. But the body of the creature shows damage, and some leg and arm joints appear to not be working so well. There are also all sorts of marks from magical attacks that hit it and weapons sticking out of the thing. It's hard to tell if they've done real damage or if their effects are just superficial though at least some oil seems to be leaking out of where one sword and one spear are stuck in. All that said, it's still quite mobile. And the good doctor still seems to be having a blast.

For a moment there is a lull in attacks on the thing. But there are still enough students for a couple more runs on the thing, perhaps hoping to succeed where others have failed. They seem to be trying to gather here and there in small groups, perhaps looking for a good opening.

There are also some, Sam notes, that don't appear to be planning anything in particular. They're just staring down from windows looking at the thing. He suspects they're likely magitech. Who else carries binoculars around all the time?

04-07-2015, 10:48 PM
Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

“I think the infirmary is supposed to be this way” Shar said, and started leading the way. That gave him an excuse to collect his thoughts for a bit. His thoughts didn’t drift too far from thinking of how little he liked it when Sefton was incapacitated and he had to take care of things, especially things that involved negotiating with people.

“If Sefton had wanted me to handle matters like this for him” Shar thought “He wouldn’t have summoned me into such a form. I’m an entity from beyond the pale, beyond the comprehension of most mortals.

And thanks to him I’m fluffy and like having my chin and ears scratched. This is just ridiculous.”

Realizing this wasn’t productive he tried to work on his internal script and thinks “Well, at least I’ve gotten to observe a great many interesting things with Sefton, more than my compatriots, and at least this form is somewhat large, and I get some simple pleasures like enjoying bones.”

At that Shar figured the silence was perhaps going on too long, he decided to tackle the easiest question first. Still walking ahead, he looked over his shoulder at Jasper.

“I don’t know the rules of their tower, though we should probably learn them. I expect they haven’t thought details like that through yet. I imagine that your biggest limitation will simply be the size of the room that you can get. And I doubt the Celestials that built the superstructure gave much thought to practical matters like power sources, ventilation, vibration isolation, those sorts of things. No, as always life comes down to a limitation of resources, yes? How many great minds have been denied their possibilities for lack of parts or space hmmm? Maybe a bit of information? “

Shar smiled a little under his “beard.” This was perhaps flowing together fairly well.

“And that’s where we might be able to help you. This expedition is supposed to be part of your education. Exploring, meeting new cultures, that sort of thing. But in a way it’s also a favor to us, and a chance to show yourself off. Sefton is knowledgeable of many things. For example he knows a few useful things about jetboards, which interested Shi’ran here. I’m sure he’d have much to offer you. You seem to perhaps be a man after his own heart with an interest in things. I have a feeling you’ll get a lot of out of this trip regardless.”

He walked along a bit further and looked over his shoulder on the other side toward Phoenix.

“Ugh, he thought to himself. Wanderers. Sefton was always so much better working with them. Crazy the lot of them. I wish we could just get some adults. Some pactmakers. Write up some stuff and off we go. But no, he wanted students. I guess he doesn’t trust them, I suppose that’s right. But still. “

He lets out a breath and starts speaking

“FeFe. Heh. I really like that name. I enjoy you Wanderers so much. As a matter of fact, we’re going to meet a group of Wanderers that are good friends of Sefton. The more the merrier. It would be good to have another friend. “

He pauses a bit, mind racing “Sometimes it seems Wanderers have had bad experiences with people, and don’t get to have many non-Wanderer friends. But it’s nice, you know, to have someone you can go to?”

Up ahead the campus green was starting to give way to the buildings of central campus. “Ah” Shar says “I think the infirmary was supposed to be around here. "

He spots a sign over a building that says “Dr. Dalia’s Quickstitch! Fast and Novel treatments!” Steam slowly escapes from the pipes over the brick building. And something like a barber pole made out of copper and steel rotates near the door. A smaller, newer looking sign near the door says “Avoid Annoying Pestering and Questions from your Doctor!”

Shar pauses a moment and says “Ok, let’s keep going. The Celestials are supposed to have a medical center of some sort near the train hub.”

04-08-2015, 10:09 AM
Sam noticed all the markings now on the mechasquid and how in some parts it was leaking fluids. Oil?

Looking up into some of the windows he saw people looking through binoculars, had to be magitechs, who else carries them around in a time like these?

Avoiding peoples feet, Samsilius made it to the closest building and slithered in, transforming back, stretching out kinks, then started at full speed up the stairs, avoiding similar, but not the exact same, golems him and the Bushido had to go up against.

But before he could make it all the way up he had to revert back into a snake do to a huge pile of goop to go through a hole in the wall, navigating through the tight space, heading first down one floor then back up to the top floor. He noted only two in here, but he had to determine if they were magitechs or not.

As silently as he could, he changed back, tasting the air up there. It was far different than the other floors and was extra salty, and what Sam assumed was a sulfur, but could have been wrong.

"Hello. Are any of you Magitechs? If so, I need your help."

Luka Megurine
04-08-2015, 09:44 PM
Eira jerked her hand back at the touch of the tongue, an unfamiliar feeling. "You haven't eaten?" She asked, not quite looking for an answer. She placed her violin at her side and used her jacket to wipe off what had clotted from her fingers. Looking back at Carolus, she remembered him mentioning Celestials and stepped forward. Her expression grew stoic and rather emotionless before she spoke again: "Unfortunately, I was raised a Celestial. If you took me with you, I could probably help you navigate the building. I'm pretty sure the inside will be confusing even for me. Plus, it may be better for you to get into the building and eat. I'm sure they would offer you some sort of food."

Noticing her comments and the fact they were Therian, she hung her head shamefully. "Not that it's my place to tell you what's best. After all, I just happened to walk by. Perhaps, I should go." Eira gathered her violin and began to walk past the black furred wolfman and his companions.

Clockwork Bird
04-09-2015, 03:29 AM
Elise bowed to the new comer. She smiled warmly. "If you can be of help to us, we would be happy to take such help." She grabs her shoulder.
"You play the violin too?"

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04-09-2015, 12:14 PM
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He took the sandwhich and said thank you and then said: 'Thank you and miss,whom I still don't know the name of, and Skeleton..person, I am incredibly sorry and I hope you'll forgive me.' He then started to take eat the sandwhich with great delight.

After a moment of silence, Alcazar (being an entertainer and all) decided to lighten up the mood. He stood up and picked up his saxophone: 'How about I play some music, I fear this is about all I can do to make it up, except for eating, the sandwhich was great by the way, unless you have some suggestions.'

When he said this he realized this was probably not the right thing to say for him, since HE was the one to blame for all this commotion and started to get worried that he might have offended the lady he 'saved'. This was clearly visible on his face.

Cross Avantgarde
04-10-2015, 06:32 AM
Ranshiin; sunnyside: ~Shobu~

Jasper had his answer, and at first it was a little troubling. Not only would getting the needed materials be problematic, but power and room were also potential problems. Jasper perked up quite a bit, however, as soon as Shar mentioned Sefton and the expedition again. It was a new name to Jasper, but already he was excited. Shar was right, after all; a lack of materials was the bane of any inventor, and perhaps Sefton could help him jump this hurdle, or even get him involved in something much bigger.

He looked at Phoenix again and remembered that the infirmary needed to come first. Yet the first one, the one with the sketchy name, was going to be bypassed. Jasper trusted that Shar knew best, and getting Phoenix to an infirmary overlooked by Celestials seemed to be the plan. Jasper had never met a Celestial before, at least not to his knowledge. Shar had mentioned, however, that they were to meet another group of Wanderers, and Jasper wondered if they would be like Phoenix at all.

“Sefton? Can’t wait to meet him,” Jasper said to Shar. He wanted to say more, something about being all in for this expedition, but he wanted to see if Shi’ran and Phoenix had the same inclination. For some reason that he didn’t fully understand, that meant more to him than he would have earlier thought.

04-10-2015, 12:31 PM
OOC: I do try and flesh out posts, though we'll see what I have time for now, but anyway I'm not snotty about post length. I know how it is.


ThatOneBelgianGuy and Black-Cat0001
The bit guy stares at the emaciated woman as Alcazar eats and entertains. "Hmmm. Not. Well, no. This stuff might not be what's needed is it."

The woman seems to be embarrassed and avoids eye contact.

The big guy looks over to Alcazar "Her name is Gertrude by the way, I'm Hugh. Why don't you...just...play that lovely sax hmm? I'll be back in the briefest of times."

At that he takes "off towards the tower, but stops as he approaches the crowd that had come out of the tower. He manhandles a few of them, pushing them together into two groups as he says “Pardon me mates” and then steps in between them, and vanishes.

Murmurs of how rude that was ripple about, but others are saying he needs to Shadow Walk fast, and seems to know what’s going on.

For her part Gertrude just looks embarrassed, but perhaps she does like the sax playing, it’s hard to tell, and she’s still somewhat transparent. The skeleton guy looks worried, though again that’s hard to tell. Certainly the crowd looks worried, and Juggernaut detects some anger and fear as well.

After a little time Hugh returns, coming from the other direction from behind a tree. In his hands he’s got a large tray with a cover. The crowd parts as he quickly saunters up to the group. With a bit of a flourish he removes the metal cover to reveal a large white frosted cake on the tray. He hands it to the Skeleton and gives a broad toothy smile, saying “Ah, I think this will do much better hum. “ Taking out a knife he cuts the cake and puts a large slice into her hand. He then takes her over to Alcazar and says “Be a good chap eh?” and attempts to grab him by the back of the head and half help her push the cake into Alcazar’s mouth and half push Alcazars head into the cake.

Luka Megurine and \Seraphim

Carolus strokes his chin a bit “Having a celestial could be incredibly helpful, if you have any understanding of this construction”
The brown wolfman says “What I meant was maybe we could go to the Therian tower, for some food.”

Carolus waves his hand dismissively. “Why would they have free food available? We wouldn’t fit in with any tribe, especially the constructs.”
A female in werewolf form says “Wait, Celestials. They can by a couple times, they often had food for those who need it. Maybe she could get something from her tower? I mean maybe you could, miss. Um, I’m Juanita by the way. Pleased to meet you.”

Carolus looks like he doesn’t entirely like the idea, but he doesn’t say anything else. The rest just seem interested in the idea of food, except the big black one who is still staring at Eira’s fingers.


The Magitech students had be apparently too focused on the scene outside to notice Sam’s approach and nearly jump out of their boots when Sam speaks up. The pair appear to me a male and female, both a little on the pudgy side, wearing longcoats with bulging pockets. The guy fumbles his binoculars and his attempts at catching them seem them just hitting the ground a bit slower. He then grabs at his coat and pulls up something Sam presumes to be a weapon with a half dozen tubes coming out of a box with a crank and a handle with a trigger on it.

The girl says “Hey easy, it’s another student. Who are you, what are you, and what do you need? Did you know about the crab scorpion thing out there? It’s quite interesting, you want to take a look? “


Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~
OOC: I’ll keep this short so others aren’t swamped.

IC: Shar holds his head a little lower “I’m afraid Professor Sefton is…indisposed at the moment. I’m afraid I’ll have to act on his behalf for this little outing. However I’m certain you’d enjoy his company immensely. “

04-10-2015, 07:39 PM
Juggernaut crosses hir arms "Hugh care to explain to me how this is going to bring Gertude out of her state of shock, and how does this interactions help if I might ask?"

04-11-2015, 03:08 PM
Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~ sunnyside

Forgive me for not really being able to advance the scene but since Shobu hasn't posted at all I can't simply assume that Shar's option is taken. I just needed to post something.


Shi’ran was inwardly rather relieved to find that his goad was successful; truth be told he still didn’t know where most of the resources on the campus (i.e. the infirmary as an example) were, so it was a good thing that Shar took the bait and proceeded to lead the way. Rather than zoom off ahead despite having the opportunity – or about-turn and go back towards his excuse-of-a-Tower – Shi’ran dropped back and more-or-less kept pace behind the strange dog, and let Shar lead them towards the infirmary.

The conversation between Shar and Jasper the dragon-Therian stayed out of, though he paid attention because, well, this interest in contraptions and building space and permissions must’ve had something to do with what the Magitek lad had asked him to help with? Probably, Shi’ran reasoned, and thus was why he paid attention even though he had naught to say. There came the point where Shar mentioned his interest in Jetboards – his reason for taking interest in Shar and Sefton’s little escapade – but aside from a frown at it he made no reaction and no intervention.

Finally, they reached what seemed to be an infirmary … but Shar suggested they ignore it and continue on to the train-hub for a better one. It was up to Phoenix in the end so Shi’ran simply meandered around in whatever direction was chosen – whether Phoenix opted to approach the shabby-looking infirmary or take Shar’s advice and continue on towards the trains.

“I-…” Shi’ran was about to speak up about Sefton when Jasper spoke about him, but found Shar intervene and explain the Professor’s predicament. So much for trying to get involved in the conversation. “… Yeah. He’s … a character. But, I did kinda agree to go along with what he wanted to do even though he kinda ran into that problem so …”

Shi’ran shrugged, more-or-less zig-zagging side-to-side on his Hoverboard at that point; he evidently had a good deal of control over it.

“… Yeah. I can’t tell you when we’ll see him again. I guess it doesn’t matter because I have to go meet these guys anyway that he talked about.” He said then, directed predominantly towards Jasper at that point. “They apparently have something I’m interested in. If they have something you’d be interested in, Jasper, then all the power to you if you decide to join … but eh, that’s not up t’ me to choose is it? I doubt it’ll be safe … I mean, the b***h-President of this School threw a fit about it, from what I heard.”

He didn’t care if he offended Shar by disrespecting the lady who ran the campus; it was his opinion.

Luka Megurine
04-11-2015, 07:17 PM
.: Perhaps I should wait until Seraphim returns? I don't want him to stress while he's abroad! :.

Eira gazed down at her violin. "I-It's just something I picked up when I was younger." She responded to Elise. She was nervous to the addition of her hand on her shoulder that was dangerously close to the chains that held her crystals. She politely removed Elise's hand and turned toward the group again. "My name is Ts- Eira. Eira Gethin but that's all I'm willing to share." She moved her hand and watched as the black wolfman continued to follow her fingers. She wasn't particularly concerned with it but something in her gut told her that she should be wary of the people around her especially the wolfman.

"I could try to get you all food but..maybe it's best we don't focus on that right now. I can't really promise anything regarding that. More importantly, this school is weird and I feel like it's best that we explore it or at least get some sort of basic knowledge of how the school is set up." She paused and took a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow. "In the meantime, I need to head back to whatever my new home is. It's the only way I can try to get you guys food and I need to see the tower's structure anyway." Turning away from the group again, Eira walked away, keeping her bloody fingers out of sight as she did.

04-12-2015, 02:41 PM
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04-12-2015, 07:12 PM
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His hands raised up, he eyed the odd shaped weapon. "Here for help.." He slowly replied. "I am Samsilus, you can call me Sam.." He swallowed, his eyes looking over at the girl, his words had to be precise or else they would not help him and he would be forced to remove some skin escape. "I am a Therian, a snake to be crystal clear."

Lowering his hands a little, he motioned towards his pocket. "Yes I have noticed it and I wish for your help in making something to defeat it." He slowly put his hand in his pocket and pulled out some of the crystals. "And possibly use these to, I don't know, power it?"

His snake slithered up behind him, his stomach enlarged, both magitechs jumping and then relaxing at seeing him. "He, I assume, brought essential items that could be of use." Sliding up quickly next to the two and began throwing all the gears and machine he had collected up, and once it was all out, he slithered out of the building, possibly to find more with that Bushido.

"So, will you?"

04-13-2015, 12:07 PM
Phoenix was actually a little surprised that Shi'ran was so willing to accompany them to the infirmary. It made her smile a bit as he rode along in front. She misjudged him at the beginning. She could tell that he still wasn't a fan of her but he wasn't as aggressive as when they first met. Hopefully, he would come around eventually and they could become friends.

She didn't miss the little sigh before Shar started talking, but she ignored it. He mentioned some Wandererlusters they would meet with. It would be nice to be with her own people again. Phoenix had been told before though that she wasn't like most of her counterparts. Wanderers were all loving people for the most part but they also rejected technology and anything that was considered materialistic. She didn't care for material thing but she had been chided before for keeping so many items with her, so many being her satchel and extra pair of clothes and jewelry. From what she could tell with other cultures, they had their own sort of subgroups as well. She just didn't know which she belonged to. She had never met another Wanderluster that would have even touched a hoverboard. In the end, she figured it didn't matter much, everyone was different in their own way.

"We do get a pretty bad reputation. I've been to one sity that restricted housing a Wanderluster. The city ordinance stated that we could pass through and purchase was we liked but we were required to stay in an inn. The problem with that is we don't carry money around much and I had to acquire a temporary license in order to do street performances, which also required money. It was a tough town, but drunken sailors in bars are quite generous with their money," she said, giggling a little. It still hurt to move but the pain is dulled with conversation.

She glanced to Jasper, who hadn't left her side since she fell. She had no idea was he was talking about when it came to all of this technological stuff but it was cute how he became so excitable. Passion was a very attractive trait in a person.

When they reached the first infirmary, they were all somewhat silent. She was ready to go in, but Shar seemed to dislike this one. She didn't understand what was wrong with it. It was a little shabby but surely the school wouldn't have an infirmary that provided poor medical treatment?

"What's wrong with this one?" She asked Shar, as he continued walking.

04-13-2015, 12:13 PM

At first the two tech mages look on in disgust as the snake regurgitates various large items from the machine.

However suddenly the females face lights up "oooh! A snake like that could be such a great helper! I'm always dropping things places I can't reach! And it could get into all sorts of little spots! Are it's jaws stong enough to use a foot long wrench to torque a bolt to , say, seventy eight PSI?!?!?"

She moves over to look at it as it goes. Sam isn't sure, but he suspects if his snake doesn't hurry away it might get grabbed.

The male looks at her as if he's aware she's acting strange, though conceeds "I can see your point, that is a problem." He then lowers his weapon and looks at all the stuff "Where did this all come from? Did you bring it all onto the course? What is it supposed to be able to do? "

He gives the crystal sphere a little poke with the steel plate on the front and top of his boot. "It would really help with using it if I knew more about it."

Clockwork Bird
04-13-2015, 02:20 PM
Elise nods and says "That is a beautiful violin. I will show you mine one day" she smiles warmly, trying to make the newcomer feel welcome. "It is wonderful to meet you. And yes, please go to your tower and bring as food. I guess as a member of the school body I can come with you." She laughs "As long as Juggernaught didn't get me kicked out". She nods to the wolf men. "Will go with her" she says slowly, "We will come back with food for the whole group". She kisses the leader in the cheek and giggles at his confusion and unease.

She transforms into her wolf form and studies their surroundings. "It will be easiest for us if you mount me and I gallop there (OCC: I cannot find on google for the life of me if wolves gallop or run or what but that word just sounds wrong to me ;-; ) Eira. Is that okay with you?" She turns her head inquisitively. She knew ofcourse that in her wolf form it was much harder for others to read body language so she always made a point to over exaggerate it.

Light Buster
04-14-2015, 12:27 PM
OOC: Time to play catch-up, again.


The Bushido caught up to Sam after spectating the machine that was damaged. Hiro spoke up quickly as the machine could do more damage at any time.

(Hiro) "We need to do something about that machine before it causes anymore damage. We also need a way into the machine so we can rescue the captured students inside."

04-16-2015, 06:41 PM
Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Shar looks at Shi'ran for a bit...but chooses to simply respond to Phoenix

"Well, we've had a lot of great interactions with tech mages. But in some specific situations their...exuberance... isn't such a great thing. The name Quickstitch" also doesn't instill great confidence. However I'm sure you'd get fixed up in there, and if you'd wanted your spleen to be able to play music or light up they might be able to do that for you too...whether you ask or not. "

Shar starts to walk on "And I'd really like you to be healthy so we can go early in the morning. Celestials can be judgmental, and they might get you in some trouble if it seemed like you'd been fighting or somesuch, however I'm pretty certain I'll be able to talk us through this just fine. And they tend to be quite diligent in their efforts."

He continues "It is complicated with Wanderers. However my master was able to help this group out without changing their worldview. He granted them some few small possessions. But that helped them with their performances. Allowing them to gain enough coin in short order to accommodate their immediate needs and I'm sure they helped out some others too."

Cross Avantgarde
04-16-2015, 07:11 PM
sunnyside ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

Something Shi’ran was interested in? Jasper wondered what that would be, along with wondering what the school president did to attract his ire to such a degree. As quickly as that thought came it was replaced by strong compunction. Jasper couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt that had unexplainably come rather late to him. It was practically his fault that Phoenix had gotten hurt, and he felt that he had been too bold to suggest it.

Phoenix’s description of the less than hospitable treatment of Wanderlusters confused him. Maybe he was stereotyping, but if they were like Phoenix, what was the problem? She was so much more relaxed and pleasant to be around than anyone he’d ever met in a Magitek settlement, and she certainly smiled much more. In fact, her smile seemed magical in the strangest of ways, and he felt his knees get a little weak when he focused on it.

As they walked, he fuddled around in the main pouch on his workman’s belt. A bit of metal twine was leftover from his last work order before he had left home, and he had brought it with him. Wing nuts, his multi tool, rubber lacing…so many things that were absolutely useless on their own. Though he was sad that Sefton was indisposed at the moment, he had hopes of meeting him soon.

Shar’s confidence was inspiring and calming. He’d get Phoenix the best medical attention, that was certain. Did Shar also know about Elise? Was that likely? Jasper hoped everything was sorted to that effect and he was anxious to find out if it was. And though he was interested in talking to a few tech mages, he knew that bypassing this clinic was for the best for the moment.

“Never met a Celestial, either; sounds like they’ll get you fixed up nicely, though, Fefe.” He immediately regretted his words. Fixed up? Jasper wasn’t sure what he felt worse about: making it sound as if Phoenix was a machine that could simply be repaired or for getting her scraped up to begin with.

04-16-2015, 08:48 PM
Tetsanosuke Light Buster and ELR

OOC: At first I wasn't sure what to do with Light Busters last post. However his people were mostly with Sam, and Sam wasn't teleporting or anything so one of them could have just watched where he went.


The pudgy tech mages in the room have gotten enough composure back they aren't startled by the Bushi entering the room.

The female is still interested in the snake. They guy replies to the Bushi. Well, more specifically to Mizuki even though Hiro had spoken. "I've been watching the situation out there for a bit. The professors in the stands have a clear view of the machine and are acting quite calm. I have a high degree of confidence that this is part of this training session and the students will come to minimal, if any, harm.

I have been so far unable to ascertain what teachable moment they are attempting to achieve with it. The most probable is, I think, to not attack any target, especially such an obviously formidable one, because you may be defeated. I hope my observations will go over well during the debriefing. "

04-16-2015, 10:11 PM
Light Buster sunnyside I was going to take it as just Hiro arriving, that is how my brain registered it but that works too. Tried posting earlier but internet being finicky.

Sam rolled the thought around his head, a test? Walking between the magitechs and peering through the window, he noted where many stood extremely still but was unsure who they were, too far of a distance to see much more than figures. But his eyes went back to the machine. "And what if we try to remove portions of it? Not destroy it, just slow it down. Do you believe that is possible?"

He turned around and leaned against the wall right next to the window. "If we can do that then we could try to at least rescue the students." A smirk rounded his lips, something his brother could do and strike fear in anyone who saw. "Or catch the thing on fire through the locations where it is dripping. IF the hole is big enough then it could go through and do damage that way." And possibly harm the students inside but he did not speak that aloud.

"Not to mention that there is a teacher IN the machine. Survival skill? One would think survival, carefulness, logistical precision, and many more stuff that adventurers would surely need."

The snake raised its head and looked at the female magitech, its tongue twitching in and out, tasting, testing the air.

Sam copied his friend and realized the air tasted funny. What was that?

04-17-2015, 07:58 AM
sunnyside Cross Avantgarde ~Shobu~

Heh … now I get it. It’s a Magitek infirmary … no wonder the Dog’s so hesitant about it. Makes sense … I should know.

Since Shar said nothing to him about his comments towards Sefton or his gripe regarding the lady who ran the campus, Shi’ran fell to silence and concerned himself only with negotiating his Hoverboard whilst the little troupe passed the Magitek infirmary and went in the direction of the trains. He knew where he was going, at least; it was a spot he’d been to a few times, not least that morning from leaving his Tower. It wasn’t really that far away … for a guy with a ‘vehicle’, anyway.

… Celestials could be judgemental, huh? … Made him wonder what they’d think of him – well, he was a Therian after all and … that tended to ruffle a lot of metaphorical feathers. He wasn’t concerned-… just curious, but it wasn’t his conversation to talk in so he didn’t say anything about it.

At some point they reached the train hub; since it was late it was rather quiet. Was this Celestial-run infirmary even going to be open given the hour? Well, if Shar was confident about it then it must be … maybe it was the grand-looking building near the station? He didn’t know, but once he was at the hub he just stopped there and circled the Hoverboard about in a small spot. He couldn’t decide whether to go follow Shar to the Celestial infirmary or wait at the station. Bare moments passed before he just … well, blurted it out;

”These Celestials running this infirmary … should I like, just wait here or something or are you sure they won’t throw a chair at me or Jasper? I dunno … Celestials always confuse me.” He asked Shar.

Luka Megurine
04-17-2015, 06:02 PM
Eira jumped at the sudden appearance of Elise's wolf form. She was honestly surprised that she was being so cordial with her. She remembered hearing her family speak of the negative attitude most Therians displayed toward them but never had the chance of speaking with one herself. She hesitantly neared Elise and moved her violin bow to her other hand. "I suppose. If it's faster, it would probably be best if I did." She grew closer to her before lightly grabbing a piece of fur and hoisting herself up on Elise's back.

.: Sorry for the brevity, Seraphim ;A; :.

Light Buster
04-19-2015, 03:53 PM
sunnyside ELR This is what happens when I don't have internet access 24/7.


Hiro and the other Bushido looked over at the window and saw the machine had sustained some damage. With it, they can possibly get into the machine themselves and rescue the students and possibly some teachers in the process. But first, they need to make sure that no other victims wouldn't get hurt in the process.

(Hiro) "Slowing it down would be the best option. If we let it catch fire, there is a chance the machine will not last and anyone inside can be killed."
(Mami) "We can damage it enough to get inside without harming the students inside and destroy it from inside once their safety is assured."

04-20-2015, 12:14 PM
OOC: I don't want to get too far ahead of people, but I also don't want things to lag too much. And perhaps these will help people post. If you ever feel like you're lost, feel free to send me an e-mail and I can recap or clarify things for you. I do that all the time so don't worry about it.


Juggernaut crosses hir arms "Hugh care to explain to me how this is going to bring Gertude out of her state of shock, and how does this interactions help if I might ask?"

OOC: A little more god moddish than I'd prefer but maybe this will help thatonbelgianguy. Perhaps I owe you a bit of karma because your character could likely have weaseled their way free if they'd chosen too, in addition to your being a good sport about getting into this situation in the first place.


Hugh pauses for the briefest moments and seems to be considering having a conversation...but then Juggernaut can feel his impatience for haste and he quickly puts histhumb into the side of Alcazar's mouth so that Alcazar could bite the thumb but not close his mouth, and then with the one hand on Alcazar's head and the other holding Gertude's little hand and the piece of cake Hugh uses his strength to shove the cake into Alcazar's mouth.

However as he does so he attempts to speak quickly and calmly. "I think everyone has at least one thing. However with Netherkin that thing can be important. Talking about it is like analyzing romance. It simply kills the mood. But as natural as it is for anorexics to feel mortified when looked at it's also common for them to derive especial pleasure from feeding others. And I think pleasures are best exagerated in needful times hmmm? "

It isn't clear how much cake actually wound up inside Alcazar through that process, however he now moves his hand back. Gertrude weakly reaches out and picks up another pieces offered by the well dressed skeleton.


Luka Megurine and \Seraphim

OOC: You could presumably make your way to the Celestial's tower by running across the campus green without having to interact with anyone if you avoid contact.

Once there the construction is very gothic, the main doors are open, and there are a great many communal areas for washing clothers, cooking, serving food, and so on. However the towers are quite large. I can simply describe areas as I deem you to be entering them. However this is the sot of situation where you can do a bit of worldbuilding, especially Luka as part of this tower would be from "her" city state and so she can describe it (presumably it would be full of people who may not think so much of her though, so up to her if she even wants to go there, or if you'd like to establish some other sort of space, like an unused or large storage area)


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~Shobu~ Ranshiin and Cross Avantgarde

This time Shar replies to Shi'ran's comments, though he doesn't acknowledge the earlier ones.

He says "The main thing I've noticed about Celestials on the school staff is a burning desire to have this school work out and for everyone to get along and be peaceful. They aren't going to want to make waves by being unwelcoming or rude...even to someone like you."

Shar allowed himsel a little doggie smile before continuing.

"However they do seem to have difficulty stopping being nosy or judgemental. And I guess they might be able to imagine legitimate reasons for that at an infirmary when people come in with injuries. Still, this was an innocent sporting accident and we'll have the truth on our side in case there's any sort of magical detection or an unusually observant and socially aware Celestial about. I'm sure Jasper's right and they'll have FeFe feeling great in no time."

At the least Shar very much hoped so. The longer they took to get going the better chance the lead would grow cold. Sefton seemed to be very good at getting the Celestials to do whatever he wanted. The oaf wasn't as observant as Shar, but he could talk.

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Tetsanosuke Light Buster and ELR

The male student tech mage, who doesn't seemed bothered at all that nobody is introducing themselves, turns to the window and looks at the machine again. "I suppose it's theoretically possible that the machine has large enough empty spaces inside that someone could move around. However on this side of the thing I don't see any holes large enough to allow ingress. Even additional damage near existing damaged spots, based on the magnitude of damage from previous Bushido efforts, would not seem to be able to open up sufficient space."

The female at this point bluts in with. "But we've got snakey! See! So useful! I mean it'd be much easier to let it get inside right! ...though if it doesn't have much torque I don't know what it could do."

04-20-2015, 12:28 PM
Juggernaut would let this one explanation go since this time was of the essence for the young misses life; However shi'd turned to focus on the miss, and Alczar Ready to take over if need be. Shi was trying to have the young miss calm down as shi also projected love, peace, calm, and happiness to the young miss. No one who wasn't an chakat or had knowledge of the empathic ability would know what Juggernaut was doing. "Its going to be ok.":laugh:

04-20-2015, 07:21 PM
Light Buster sunnyside Tetsanosuke
The woman was so fascinated with Sam's friend that he did not realize she had a point. "Let me see those, please." He pointed to the binoculars the man had.

His snake came closer, looking up towards the woman, tilted its head and breathed the air once more.

Clockwork Bird
04-21-2015, 04:33 AM
OCC: Luka Megurine Dont apologise man, have you seen some of my posts? Either way since this is your tower Im going to let you world build it, so Im not going to post unless you want me to say anything specific alright?

04-21-2015, 11:52 AM
OCC: Luka Megurine Dont apologise man, have you seen some of my posts? Either way since this is your tower Im going to let you world build it, so Im not going to post unless you want me to say anything specific alright?

OOC: Seraphim, if you'd be up for it, it might help Luka if you described getting to the tower. You might just stick to the campus green and head around trees and lakes and the occassional building, or perhaps cut through central campus, which would be mostly empty at night with students generally in their towers. If you were inclined you could also find a "place" that might be useful, or just arrive at the Celestial tower.

As a quick recap on that, the towers have about 50 floors each, though much of the space is wide open churchlike spaces. They are constructed in the gothic styles that Celestials are used to. They don't have consistant construction. Some considerations were made for load bearing and plumbing but the towers were filled out by different groups throwing in what they felt like (allowing players much flexibility). While the Bushido tower in particular has really covered up the stonework, the celestial tower retains the gothic look but they have added arrays of statues and stained glass windows.

Clockwork Bird
04-21-2015, 03:00 PM
OCC: sunnyside great idea, didnt think of that.

As Eira got on, Elise smiled to herself. What would her teacher back in the homeland, who stressed dignity so much think now. She snarled and began running towards the school grounds. The weight of Eira did not affect her much, in fact the Celestrial was much lighter than she expected. She was about to remark on that but decided that it was a bad idea. She decided to take a direct route that cut through the forest into the grounds next to the Therian tower. The forest was calm and silent, with the occasional night bird stirred by their run. They mostly ran in silence, a fact that Elise appreciated greatly. She liked silence, it said alot more about a person than speech ever could. As they broke out of the forest, she realised she was not sure which tower was the celestial one. She ran in a few small circles on the grass before saying to Eira, "If you go to your tower and get what you think will be helpful and I go to mine that will be more... productive" She didnt want to mention the fact that few Celestrials would want to see a Therian noblewoman in their tower. "We can meet back here... And... Thank you for helping us even though you dont know us or our situation" She smiled as she turned back into a human.
Time to go deal with whatever chaos Juggernaught created for me, she thought as she faced her tower.

04-21-2015, 04:46 PM
OOC: I'll be able to be more active now :D
Just as Alcazar tried to talk, the cake was shoved into his mouth. He was a bit embarrassed by this force-feeding but by a pretty woman. He then started to listen to what Hugh had to say, who started to talk about a certain thing. Alcazar was confused by this and started talking: 'Mmmh whammh mmh mhhhhmh.......'

Alcazar then noticed that obviously nobody could understand him since the cake was still in his mouth. He ate the cake, which was quite delicious, and then tried again: 'So as was going to ask, what is this thing you were talking about?' he asked Hugh. He then saw Juggernaut trying to comfort Gertrude who was seemingly not really paying attention to anything but the piece of cake she was trying to get, Alcazar then thought that he wouldn't mind her feeding him again because, even tho it was quite awkward, the cake was good. After this thought he just smiled.

04-21-2015, 11:10 PM
Black-Cat0001 ThatOneBelgianGuy

OOC: I'm not sure we'd discussed projecting emotions...but general feelings doesn't sound broken and it makes this perhaps interesting, so I'll roll with it.


As Gertrude seems to be gaining strength, Hugh releases her hand and shifts over to Alcazar. He still holds him pretty firmly by the shoulders, and moves his head beside Alcazars so he can almost whisper into his ear.

"So what are you then? No, don't speak with your mouth full, let me guess. You're asking questions that mean I don't think you're a Netherkin, and I don't see a tail or anything so I doubt you're a Therian. No gadets or ...wait, is that a saxophone you have dangling there? Oh that's delightful, mmmm. Well, I guess you could be very musical Celestials or a Pactmaker with a loner streak, but I'm feeling a wanderer vibe mayhaps?

Well, anyway what I mean is that we all have certain things. Things that bother us, keep us from rest, and other things that excite us, thrill us, give us a reason to keep going and get out of bed in the morning as they say. I do hope you know what I'm talking about. It's all just so much more with us."

As Hugh talks Gertrude keeps taking more cake and putting it in Alcazar's mouth, though she's a bit less shovey about it compared to Hugh. And she isn't as strong regardless. Actually she's getting a weird tranced out sort of look in her eyes.

For her part she's a little confused, but being caught up in the moment. She's done things like this before with other people, and those emotions were there. But this time there was also peace, calm, perhaps...love? Blended in. The different forces blended together like mixed drugs. She got a bit firmer with the cake, Hugh keeping Alcazar from strepping back. Some of the cake was getting all over Alcazar's face. Normally Gertrude disliked any calories, especially of something fatty like cake, but perhaps just a taste. As she blindly reaches out for more cake, her skeletal associate moving the tray where her hand reached, she leans forward and licks a bit of the frosting and a few crumbs off of Alcazars cheek and neck.

Luka Megurine
04-22-2015, 04:19 PM
Eira waved slowly as Elise headed toward her tower. Whatever expression she had faded into a blank state. It was the moment she was dreading: Entering the celestial tower. She turned on the balls of her feet and straightened her posture. She kept her head up and wearily entered the tower.

Upon entering, Eira was greeted with familiar sights. The walls were adorned with masterfully crafted sculptures. They were reminiscent of the lessons she had learned as a child and she could remember being fearful of the statues' unchanging visages. As she examined further, she could see the carefully built arches creep up the walls and link together in the center of the tower. The light coming through the stained glass windows drew her gaze toward their images, each representing a different story of her religion. She took a few steps in and stood in one of the common areas. Immediately, she recognized familiar faces who bore daggers into her skull as she walked.

She rubbed her arms as if suddenly cold before continuing toward a dining area. The area was open and filled with several tables of a dark wood. Food was placed in a buffet style in every direction, mostly hearty foods and breads. Eira made a mental note of what there was before entering another corridor. She was unsure where this one was leading her and kept her hand on the wall to try and get her bearings. A hand touched her shoulder and she jumped before turning around.

"Your room. It's up a floor. Have a blessed day." The voice came from a younger man, an acquaintance she recognized as her brother's friend. He wasn't particularly kind nor cruel to her but still grew nervous at his presence and shook. She felt her hand grow uncomfortably hot and held her wrist tightly before nodding. At the departure of his presence, she breathed heavily and ran up the stairs, reaching her room and slamming the door. She placed her violin on her bare mattress and slid down onto the ground. She tried to calm herself, humming a slow melody to try to get her mind off of it. Her crystal glowed a slight red before her hand cooled and she rose to her feet.

A tear ran down her sweat drenched face and she wobbled out of her room. Her head was spinning and her body felt heavier than usual. She reached the dining room and took off her jacket, taking portions of meat and bread and wrapping it tightly. Without another word to her Celestial "brethren", she left the tower and headed toward the Therian tower, hoping she could somehow find Elise.

.: It's very rushed and mediocre so I apologize. sunnyside I hope you don't mind that my only knowledge of Gothic Architecture is the Notre Dame and I modeled the tower to the best of my ability. I didn't want to put too much into the religious aspect without consulting you first. :.

04-22-2015, 08:37 PM
Jasper's and Shar's words were enough for her to push forward. She didn't really care where she received treatment, she just wanted to get it over with. She felt like she was slowing them down from doing more interesting things. She didn't mind attention but this kind felt like she was child again. Being led to an infirmary for a few scrapes and bruises suddenly seemed silly but they were already nearly there. She should have just bore through it. It would have saved time.

"I'll go wherever." She said, smiling. She would have shrugged but she still felt stiff.

Shi'ran didn't seem to be too fond of the idea of meeting Celestials. She didn't understand why though. Wasn't the point of this school to unite all cultures? Perhaps he just wasn't ready yet. It was only the first day afterall.

OOC: Sorry this was delayed. I had midterms and haven't slept in two days haha. Anywho, to speed stuff along, I'll just have her go with the flow until we actually get to the infirmary.

04-24-2015, 04:32 PM
~Shobu~ Ranshiin and Cross Avantgarde

OOC: Hurm. Are you guys figuring you're going along to the second infirmary and you're waiting on me since Ranshiin already put the group near the train hub where that infirmary is? I suppose I'll post. Hope you're feeling more rested by now Shobu!


Shar nods at Phoniex's comment and leads the way to the infirmary. It's looks to be a broad three story building built out of, or otherwise made to look like it's made of some sort of white stone. There's a very large and prominent Caduceus symbol carved out of the stone over the main entryway


with red cross symbols painted on the white stone on either side. Underneath it simply says "Infermary"

While Celestials usually prefir some steps in their structures, the entryway is flush with the road, perhaps to make it easy to wheel someone in.

The structure also has a great many windows. Plain instead of painted and most look like they're acutally meant to be opened.

The lights are clearly on despite it being late at night and the front door is open, so Shar gives a little sigh and leads the group in.

Once inside it takes about five seconds for someone to notice the arrival of the group and then things happen very very fast.

For those five seconds anyone could look to the left at the waiting area, which isn't very interesting at the moment, or to what appears to be the emergency room to the right, which is bedlam.

There are a a number of bodies on various operating beds. There are also four figures wearing very heavy Celestial looking armor. Their helmets are still on and completly cover their faces in an Ivory looking mask and the suits seem to come with fully functional white ceramin/ivory wings. The armored individuals are sitting down in chairs instead of laying down. The armor is fairly ornate and all white, which normally would make it look more like a work of art than something meant for war, however right now that's only serving to provide high contrast for and a great many places to collect the blood and gore all over them. The suits are obviously damaged, they show deep slash and stab marks. It's impossible to tell how much the people inside are hurt since the blood and gore all over the suits can't be all theirs, or they'd have been quite dead. Near each of the suits is a large sword, also covered to some extent in blood.

Over in a corner of the area a heap of katanas sit ignored.

People are rushing around the beds and the armored individuals.

After the five seconds someone yells "GUESTS!" and quickly white curtains are drawn in front of everything in the emergency area.

Very rapidly a bunch of Celestials start congregating by the group. A lady in a plain dress runs up to and speaks rapidly to the group. "Whatcanwedoforyou?" She looks and see's Phoenix "Ohthatdoesn'tlookbadwe'llfixyourightup" as she was talking a bunch of celestials had formed behind her and the seemed to be "linking up" in some manner with a woman in slightly more elaborate robes. After a couple moments she begins to glow with all their attention on her, she raises up a hand and points at Phoenix, shooting a healing beam of light at her. It feels wonderful and powerful, and her minor injuries are rapidly no more.

After that the speaker starts attempting to usher everyone outside saying "Thankyouandsorrywe'rereallyreallybusy!"

For his part Shar demonstrates that he can speak without moving his mouth and quitely says "Not our busineeeess" to the group or any Celestial close enough and paying enough attention, which doesn't seem to be any of them.

04-24-2015, 07:04 PM
Alcazar was surprised by the situation, as Gertrude was stuffing his mouth with cake while Hugh was talking to him, when Hugh asked about the thing he just nodded. He tried to move away from Gertrude a bit since he wanted to talk, but Hugh stopped him from doing this. Alcazar decided to go with it since it's just cake, so no problems for him. He then saw that the skeletal figure even helped her by giving the plate with cake, this surprised Alcazar quite a bit, the scary 'monster' that chased him a while ago was nog giving cake to a netherking girl.

After a while Gertrude came closer to lick of crumbs and piece of frosting, he couldn't do anything once more because Hugh was holding him. Alcazar thought: 'She must really like cake or could it be...' He then just sat there, enjoying the cake and the company, he hadn't really done stuuf like this often especially being fed, but he enjoyed it since it was fun in his own way.

He then tried to ask Hugh: 'So are you from the school staff, because you don't seem like it?'

04-25-2015, 10:09 AM
( sorry for being off so long guys so Silver is back people I got new pics of her)

04-25-2015, 10:57 AM
(( OOC: I'm going to make this simple and clean. Hopefully it goes through without a hitch.))

His eyes almost moved instinctively in the direction of Sam and the others who were watching from onward. He was blurred, nearly imperceptible, yet he felt the most exposed here than any where else in his life. He looked back at the machine, his trek continuing.

Shisoume got around three yards from the machine, his kunai charged with as much energy as possible. There was not a whole lot of kii left for him to utilize. The shadow bushi let loose the kii-guided kunai towards the open spot he determined earlier. The blurring field warped and fell away, making him an open target. Before seeing if his strike was effectual he drew sorrow-wind and decided to place a cut behind the shot for further force.

His strike hit, but he got caught in the tracking of the giant machine. Whatever damage it might have done was up for grabs.

Shisoume did not emerge from his onslaught.

(( OOC: Accidents happen. Yes, character has died. Write on folks. ))

04-25-2015, 11:58 AM
Silver ran over " OMG what happened!!" She Said picking up the bloodly body onto her back and running into the School " Help Someone Help us!!" She said and got some clothes and tryed stop the bleeding " Come on don't give up man !!" She yelled before she gave up

Cross Avantgarde
04-25-2015, 04:04 PM
sunnyside ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

Throw a chair at Shi’ran and himself? Was Shi’ran speaking tongue in cheek, or were Celestials known to be high strung just as Shi’ran described? Seeing Phoenix put through a weird thing like that would only make him feel worse, as he still felt responsible for her injuries. When they came upon the large, white-stoned building, however, he was more interested in what might be going on inside than about any airborne chairs.

It was just as strange inside as Jasper would’ve imagined. The suits of armor, bloody and bearing the scars of war, immediately arrested Jasper’s attention until the Celestial physician—or that was what Jasper deemed her to be—rushed over to them speaking as rapidly as Jasper’s thoughts were moving. It wasn’t long after this that a group of these Celestial physicians grouped up, followed by a healing beam of light being emitted from one whose clothes were more elaborate than the others. To Jasper’s surprise, Phoenix seemed healed just as quickly as she had been injured.

He would have spoken, but he quickly found himself and the others ushered out in haste with the quick explanation that things were really busy at the moment. When he finally got outside and his thoughts slowed, he realized that Shar had spoken without moving his mouth at all. It seemed strange, but not nearly as much as what Jasper had just witnessed. Instead of questioning things out loud, it seemed Shar was advising them to move on without incident and reserve questions until later. Thus, Jasper decided to insert a comment instead of the myriad questions that had come up after the strange display inside the infirmary.

“Thanks, Shar; she looks great! It worked like a charm, but how in the world did the healing happen without the use of any—”

No, he had decided to hold all questions until later. He nodded at Shar again in thanks, and continued walking with the party.

04-26-2015, 09:09 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

OOC: I did, sunny, because Shar was insistent on them doing so, so I assumed that was going to be the case.

“… Right. A ‘you’ll be fine’ would’ve sufficed as well since I don’t really care why they’re here, man … I just don’t want to start a fight.” Shi’ran spoke quietly, nearly a mumble, to reply to Shar’s assurance that going to the infirmary wouldn’t get him shouted at by the Celestials or thrown out or whatnot, and after that he just shrugged and pushed a foot on his Hoverboard to propel it forwards, as to follow Shar and the others to this white-stone building that apparently was the infirmary.

He was hesitant on going in, looking for a moment like he’d just prefer to stay outside on his ‘board, but ultimately he stepped off of it and followed the others indoors; Shi’ran had to duck, almost, to avoid the top of the doorframe. How odd … He mused in thought, looking around the interior a few seconds in. I didn’t think a freakin’ infirmary would be open at night. I wonder if there’s a—

The dragon Therian noticed then the ‘bedlam’ in the emergency room; the blood, the weapons, the what he presumed to be guards or soldiers of some kind whose armour kinda made him a little unsettled inside. He blinked once, twice, and was about to speak up about it when the nurses and doctors realised they had visitors and the rather macabre scene was hurriedly covered up. For his part he was baffled, intrigued – but mostly baffled, and it wasn’t until the nurses had tended (and quickly) to the injured Phoenix and started trying to usher them back outside that he ‘snapped’, and refused to comply.

For one thing, he hated being pushed about, and he took offense to the Celestial nurse physically trying to move him. For another, he wanted to understand the scene that they’d apparently walked in on.

”Oi, what the hell is-…… oi, get off me, don’t touch me, lady! I can walk by myself!” He snapped to simultaneously refuse to be manhandled and to query the scene that they tried hiding. ”What the hell is with the guards? I thought this place was a school, not a f***ing warground?!”

04-28-2015, 01:36 AM
The moment they walked through the threshold, there was chaos. Phoenix could feel the waves of despair, panic, and pain washing over her. She felt sick. She swallowed hard. It was coming from everywhere. Especially from the direction of the bloodied guardsmen. She thought she had a pretty good handle on this ability, but these emotions hit her like a hurricane when she walked through the door. When one of the Celestials came over, she felt the wonder of the healing light and then it was gone and they were being ushered out.

Shi'ran was not having any of it. He fought them and demanded an answer. Due to the other emotions already drowning her, his anger slammed into her head. Such negative energy. She couldn't handle it. She was suffocating. She had to get out. Getoutgetoutgetout.GET.OUT. She found the adrenaline to push past everyone and run, stumbling at first. She didn't stop in the front. They were still too close. She ran a good forty yards before she was completely out of range. A sob wracked her body and she felt the tears spill forth. What in the world was going on in there? If she hadn't let her guard down, she would be standing right beside the dragon demanding the same as he. Was the true purpose of this school what they said it was? They had been here only a day but she was already beginning to have her doubts.

OOC: Cross Avantgarde sunnyside Ranshiin Was that too dramatic??? I'm sorry if that was overkill, just thought it was the perfect time for her empathy ability. >.<

04-28-2015, 12:00 PM
~Shobu~ Ranshiin and Cross Avantgarde

OOC: I liked that Shobu :)


Back outside the infirmary all is quite. The trains are still, and the various buildings for classes and other functions in the immediate vicinity sit empty, it's just Jasper and Phoenix outside as far as they can see. A few gas, oil, or magic based lamposts are lit around central campus and the train station, but otherwise it's dark with just a sliver of moon and stars above.

Shar had been looking forward to getting through all this an onto getting airborn. He had joined the ever inquisitive Jasper in walking out of the building.

”Oi, what the hell is-…… oi, get off me, don’t touch me, lady! I can walk by myself!”

Shar pauses and then takes a cautious step forward, hoping against hope that Shi'ran actually can and will walk by themselves out of the building.

”What the hell is with the guards? I thought this place was a school, not a f***ing warground?!”[/QUOTE]

Shar sighs as Phoenix sprints past Jasper and himself out into the night and turns around and cautiously walks back into the building.

Under the thundering yell of the large draconic therian the Celestials recoil as if there had been a physical explosion. Soon Shi'ran has a good ten meters of clear space behind him. Most of the Celestials that were involved with the group healing of Phoenix seems to be sort of mentally untangling themselves from one another, and then blinking back into reality, which they seem to find quite uncomfortable. They seem quite unsure what to do with themselves until, wordlessly, the one that had directed the beam at Phoenix briskly walks over the to curtains and steps between them. Soon the rest are following.

In a few moments it's the one that first greeted the group left standing in front of Shi'ran and a our guys in simple robes loitering near the curtains, warily eyeing Shi'ran.

The woman stammers for a while. She's clearly scared of Shi'ran now and doesn't manage to get out anything intelligable until she says "sorryforthechaos um we um well you see we want to keep the school safe, I think they were supposed to have been guarding the outer walls so maybe somebody tried to break or or something I don't know we're just an infirmary and want to make everybody better so they can get along and things can be OK." She gives a worried look at Shi'ran after finally managing to get that out.

Shar, having padded up to the side of Shi'ran says "I might be able to explain some details. I really do share your curiosity, but they do seem quite busy."

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Light Buster
04-29-2015, 09:50 AM
The Bushido looked outside as they saw the machine take a student out. Things were getting worse and they had to act fast.

(Hiro) "Sam, see if you can your snake friend in there. We need to find a way to stop the machine."

04-29-2015, 11:44 AM
Scourgesdaughter Tetsanosuke Light Buster and ELR

Shisoume's Kunai zips into the pipe, followed by the sounds of it hitting something followed by a whosh of steam and the sound of grinding metal, and then of Sorrow Wind cutting into it's side.

The damage seemed to put the machine partially out of control and sags down on that side, trying to maintain balance the machine skitters in that direction but the situation is hopeless and it falls over onto it's side, the flailing metal legs and heaving metal form being too much for Shisoume to avoid.

There is a moment of silence as it comes to a halt but then, out of nowhere, Silver arrives and rushes Shisoume's body towards aid and tries to patch him up.

For it's part the machine turns off entirely and all the pods open up. Some of the students inside start groggily opening their eyes while the operators, all of them appearing mortified, start running for Silver as do the professors in the grandstands.

Somebody yells "CLASS DISMISSED!" as all attention is put on Shisoume's form. There is a white glow of healing magic, however it appears to not be enough to quickly resolve the damage Shisoume has suffered, perhaps nothing is enough at this point.

A gryphonlke spirit appears, apparently summoned by one of the professors, and soon Shisoume is on it's back and being flown somewhere. Most of the rest of the staff follows, however a few individuals start running through the fake ruins yelling "Is everybody OK?!!? All students come out, everbody come out and report in. Oh God somebody get the team assignment sheets so we can account for everybody."

There are plenty of other conversations going on, but they can't be heard so well.

Up in the room with the Bushi, Sam, and the young tech mage students woman says "How Horrible! They should have been more careful when they designed this exercise! I'm so glad no snakes were in that thing!"

The guy looks at everything and then turns around and looks once again at all the bits and pieces Sam and his snake brought in. He asks "You know, nobody has yet explained where all this came from and what it is."

04-29-2015, 12:35 PM
OOC: things seem to have happened as Juggernaut feared and it did.

BIC: A tsunami wave of Anxiety and fear reached Juggernaut as shi was paying attention to what was in front of hir. Juggernaut had to buckle down against the feelings otherwise shi would be overwhelmed by the emotions that screamed in hir head. "There is a problem where I expected it to be, and I need to go there to find out what had happened. Can one of you celestial's please stay here while I go check on them and see what happened and how I can help?" Juggernaut then takes off as fast as shi can towards the area. Shi was a blur to those of the naked eye. Shi blew past others to the field.

04-29-2015, 11:28 PM
Scourgesdaughter and Black-Cat0001

OOC: It would take hir a while to get there, but eventually Juggernaut would reach the field and, if she hasn't moved away, find Silver covered in somebody else's blood near the field and grandstands.

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Alcazar was surprised by the situation, as Gertrude was stuffing his mouth with cake while Hugh was talking to him, when Hugh asked about the thing he just nodded. He tried to move away from Gertrude a bit since he wanted to talk, but Hugh stopped him from doing this. Alcazar decided to go with it since it's just cake, so no problems for him. He then saw that the skeletal figure even helped her by giving the plate with cake, this surprised Alcazar quite a bit, the scary 'monster' that chased him a while ago was nog giving cake to a netherking girl.

After a while Gertrude came closer to lick of crumbs and piece of frosting, he couldn't do anything once more because Hugh was holding him. Alcazar thought: 'She must really like cake or could it be...' He then just sat there, enjoying the cake and the company, he hadn't really done stuuf like this often especially being fed, but he enjoyed it since it was fun in his own way.

He then tried to ask Hugh: 'So are you from the school staff, because you don't seem like it?'

OOC: So Juggernaut, Black-Cat0001s character, just ran off. Though Luka is alone for a bit now...


Hugh laughs at Alcazar's question and smiles. "Oh no. Oh my no. I suppose I would be..." He looks up a bit, still holding onto Alcazar, while thinking "I suppose I should call myself a student. Yes. Lets go with that. Are you a student then?"

As for Gertrude she seems to be getting rather stronger moment to moment, though she still seems almost intoxicated or something by whatever is going on in her head (and what Juggernaut did). With a bit of strength she pushes into Alcazar as she grabs more cake and the three fall to the ground, Hugh finally letting go.

Alcazar long ago crossed the threshold of "a healthy amount" of cake as is getting rather uncomfortable. However she still seems to want to feed him, and gently bites his cheek with her thankfully blunt teeth where some frosting had smeared.

04-30-2015, 12:57 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

I perceive empathy as being a very powerful and unwieldy force so … Phoenix’s response rings out as legit to me.

In his burst of anger and attempt to understand the scene in the infirmary Shi’ran very almost missed Phoenix’ sudden flight out of the building that not only silenced the infirmary, but him as well – or at least it seemed to, because they could’ve just gone silent from him yelling demands at them. At the least the pushing stopped, which was a main thing to him, and for a few moments the dragon-Therian was stood alone, peering back-and-forth between the door (Phoenix’ exit) and the Celestials that had been pushing him but had by then backed well off.

”The hell? …… Well? Am I gonna get an answer or-…?”

He did; he fell silent and laid his eyes on the lady who wrought up the courage to explain the situation to him. He either didn’t see that she was scared, or he saw but simply didn’t care; it was impossible to tell just from watching him. He listened, nonetheless, and when he had his answer he was about to argue about it when Shar interrupted him, thinly wording the idea that he should just leave.

… Was it worth picking a fight with the nurses, that hadn’t done anything wrong? The Dog? … No. He heaved a sigh and gestured a heavy shrug at the woman in defeat, and grumbled in response. He was evidently not happy. ”Fine, fine … some school this is. Whatever. I’m going, I’m going …”

Funny how he’d claimed the Celestials might have tried to throw furniture at him yet they were frightened of him; probably because he wasn’t a ‘collared’ one? Nonetheless Shar won the war; Shi’ran turned and left the shocked nurses alone and left the building altogether. He mumbled along the way, evidently to Shar, that it was ‘because they ought to find where the girl had went’. He evidently was clueless about what had nixed her into darting out so suddenly.

Cross Avantgarde
05-02-2015, 01:45 PM
sunnyside Ranshiin ~Shobu~ (OOC: Not at all! Seemed realistic enough to me in regards to her character, and it fleshes her out and reveals another of her traits/skills)

His eyes slowing down just as much as his mind, Jasper suddenly wondered if he should be more concerned with what he had seen in the infirmary. Had everyone acted calm, he would have assumed that this was standard fare for the school’s infirmary, despite the damaged and blood-stained armor and the occupied beds behind the pulled curtains and partitions. Given Shar’s quick and mentally-transferred (at least that’s how Jasper concluded that Shar spoke to them without using his vocal cords) message, it seemed that maybe there was a more clandestine reason behind the amount of disorder in the infirmary. Had he remained inside, he would have heard that this was the result of a possible breach outside the school—this was the guess of the nurse who spoke inside, that is.

Jasper, though standing outside the door in the outdoors, heard Shi’ran’s energetic disbelief at the scene, and Jasper’s anxiety rose. What was going on here? He didn’t have an ample amount of time to think about this because he was soon shocked to see Phoenix race past him. He was startled and even jumped a little after she passed. Jasper didn’t catch sight of her face, but everything about this seemed to point to the fact that she was distraught. She kept running, and Jasper could barely keep sight of her. She was at least forty meters or more away from him by the time he thought he saw her stop.

He also thought that he saw Shi’ran exiting the infirmary with Shar close by him, but his thoughts were muddled with concern for Phoenix. Without hesitating to wonder if he was doing the right thing, Jasper immediately began to walk quickly in the direction in which Phoenix had run. The lights in the area had allowed him to see most of the area she had run into, and after walking for a few seconds he was almost certain that he saw her. It was only after he caught sight of her that he wondered if he was doing the right thing by coming after her.

This apprehension caused him to approach cautiously, not wanting to startle her. The fact that he was unsure what had upset her only increased his apprehension at advancing. It seemed more apropos to speak to her without crowding her space and coming closer at the moment.

“Phoenix? Is everything okay?” Something was clearly wrong, and both Phoenix and Shi’ran had been evidently disconcerted by the goings-on in the infirmary. Perhaps Jasper’s curiosity was increasing his ignorance, or perhaps Shar’s calm composure was keeping him from worrying, but now he was wondering if he should be more concerned. His focus, however, remained on Phoenix, and he could swear that he saw tears on her face, which made it all the more difficult not to advance closer right away.

05-04-2015, 09:38 AM
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IC: Sam took a huge deep breathe, he was glad it was over, even at the expense of one of the students here. Slowly he looked over at the male and smiled. "My name is Samsilus, you may call me Sam. In portions of the ruins we were to explore had a machine that was destroyed, that is where the crystals came from. As for the other pieces-" He looked over at the Bushido "-it came from the exploration of my snake and one of them or all of them." He shrugged. "Unsure."

Strolling over to his snake, he knelt down to pick it up but it slid around the girls feet, looking up. "Seems he has made a friend in you." His eyes look up into hers and he flicked his tongue out, then back in, that smell was still in the air.

05-05-2015, 10:02 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

OOC: Another bit about the empathy is that is provides something of an excuse (if not an obligation) for me to expand a bit more on the thoughts and such of NPCs. Presuming that's still a thing this group likes.


Nobody says anything as Shi'ran leaves the infirmary, actually they're holding their breath as he goes.

Shar breaths a sigh of relief once he's can tell the group is clear of the infirmary and still together. He thinks to himself "I appreciate learning new things as much as anyone, but there's a difference between that and sticking your nose into trouble. Still, if it was me I'd want to know at least something..."

Shar eyes the large Therian as he gets within earshot of Jasper and Phoenix, and decides to start speaking.

"The fellows in the armor are called "Michaels". That isn't the name of the person inside. Part of the point of all that bulky full coverage armor is that people can't tell who is inside, you can't even be very sure of their physique. Sometimes they're actually women. Not all the Celestial cities do the "Michael" thing, but most have something with the same sort of flavor. The idea, I think, being that the general populace doesn't really know who it is and any violence is associated with the armor, the people inside can return to society and put any bad experiences behind them.

Personally I think it's a horrible use of resources. I'm given to understand it takes something like a dozen people to maintain all the enchantments that make the armor, weapons, and wings function as they do. Others may put enchantments on the people inside. And Michaels almost always want to function near another group of Celestials in communion with them to further enhance them.

And oh sure, you've then got an airborne combat monster, but you've had to dedicate so much personnel to them AND they're usually slow to deploy waiting for their supporting Celestials. The resulting security is notoriously porous compared to just training all those people to be proper guards, it's even worse if they're held in reserve "for emergencies" instead of patrolling.

Personally I think it tempts people to act against the Celestials, and then, for all their inability to stomach violence, they get forced into it.

That's my observation anyway. "

As he goes into lecture mode, Shar seems to be calming himself down. However he gradually realizes that their seems to be something wrong with FeFe. He was about to say something, but it seemed Jasper was already involved, and perhaps it would be better to just observe how that plays out.


ELR and Light Buster

Outside, teachers continue to try and call all the students together. The Magitek female emits something between a yelp and a squeal as the snake takes an interest in her. She smiles at it and says

"My name is Kershaw Neighton! I'd love to show your snake. " She stops as if thinking of something "And you Sam, my laboratory back in our tower. I think I've got some food. Maybe we can check in with the teachers and head over?"

For his part the guy is still fixated much more on the parts than names. "So these came from within your building? Could someone show me? Do you think the other buildings have such things and we just missed ours? Do you think it did anything or was just a jumble of parts to find?" He eyes Sam but also the Bushi as he speaks.

05-06-2015, 06:17 AM
OOC: sorry for the late reply, was busy with school and training.
After Gertrude bit the final piece of frosting, Alcazar stood up and put his hand on his belly since he started to feel nauseous because of all the cake. He then answered Hugh's question: 'Yes I am a student here, I only just arrived tho.' he said, 'I recieved a letter of invitation, don't know why they chose me specifically but some mailbot just gave it to me one day.'
He then handed the letter to Hugh.

Gertrude was still being pushy so Alcazar tried to stop her from continuing, but even tho she was quite meagre, she was stronger than Alcazar had expected. Just as she stood up Alcazar felt even worse than before and realized he had to puke. He covered his mouth with his hand and started running to a nearby tree: 'Excuse me!'

When he reached the tree he started puking 'rainbows' for a while: 'I guess the cake really was too much.' he said while laughing. Alcazar then walked back towards Hugh, Gertrude and the skeleton-thing, but then fell midway. The cake really got him.

05-07-2015, 11:35 PM
Phoenix could feel Jasper coming towards her. She promptly wiped her tears away as well as she could before turning to him.

"I'm fine. Sorry about making you worry." She smiled a little. Somehow, he relaxed her. She once again was able to regain control over her empathetic abilities. "Wanderlusters are just a little more... sensitive than others. We don't do well in enclosed spaces where there is so much commotion going on. That was actually the first time I've been in an infirmary like that. Usually, I find more herbal ways to heal but that usually takes a little longer."

Shar and Shi'ran seemed to be making their way over. Shar's explanation of what was going on inside of the infirmary walls, as well as his amusing rant, helped to ease her a little more, even if he was somewhat disregarding their practicality. The more he spoke, the more she felt him level out. It seemed everyone was a little riled up from that encounter.

She was grateful that she had met people who were willing to take the time to escort her to the infirmary. The thought in itself cheered her up immensely. Even Shi’ran was sticking around. She did feel as sort of agitated feeling from him but he was there nonetheless, even if it wasn’t entirely for her sake.

Fefe smiled at Shar, “Well, regardless of who they are and what they do, I’m certain the Celestials have the best intentions.” She ran her hands through her fiery locks, puling them back, then rested her fingers on the back of her neck.

“So! What now?”

05-08-2015, 08:56 PM

OOC: I'd been writing more for Juggernauts higher value ability, but your character also has an Empathy ability.


At first Gertrude seems disappointed about Alcazar moving off, feeling a bit abandoned or rejected, however she seems to feel better when he provides a good reason by throwing up. This also seems to shake her a bit out of the weird trancelike state she'd been in. Now she's suddenly feeling self conscious, and she wraps herself up in her blanket. But at least she looks more here, physically.

Other Netherkin and undead start heading off in different directions, most back to the tower. Some Netherkin some distance away get back into digging a hole into the ground. Actually they give off a weird feeling to Alcazar so maybe they aren't Netherkin or living things. In any case they aren't the center of attention anymore. With Juggernaut and the techmages and Celestials gone, it's just Alcazar, Gertrude, her dressy skeletal friend, and Hugh.

For his part Hugh seems to be quite enjoying all of this. He walks over to Alcazar and pats him on the back, as if trying to be helpful or sympathetic about Alcazar being sick. But with a smile he asks. "So, what about your thing? Spying on ladies maybe? Hmmm?"

OOC: I'm not sure how soon Luka might be available, but if you play your instrument or something it might provide a reason for her character to come across you.

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Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

“So! What now?”

Shar surprises himself by quickly butting in as soon as Phoenix finishes asking her question. "I think we should get home, get some rest, and head off in the morning."

He then pauses and eyes the group. He thinks to himself "Fefe seems like she could get along, but an inquisitive tech mage and a troublemaking dragon..."

Shar continues "Though you're all more than welcome to spend the night back in Sefton's residence, especially if you haven't exactly sorted out arrangments in your own tower."

He gives Shi'ran in particular a glance, though being careful not to stare. "Or perhaps we could head out now and you should sleep during the flight?"

05-09-2015, 08:03 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Once Shi’ran had left the infirmary (and purportedly stopped terrorising the nurses there) the Therian stooped forwards to a slight slouch in agitation and, despite being in the process of carrying his Hoverboard under one arm, succeeded in stuffing both hands into pockets on his dustcoat. He didn’t say anything more about the infirmary and it seemed he had assumed he wasn’t going to figure out what the hell had been going on until Shar just spoke up out of thin-air during their return to Phoenix and Jasper, and told him what-… well, who, the strange-suited people had been.

… Michaels. Michaels? The heck-sort-of-a-name was that for what was essentially an airborne combat monster? Shar could see on Shi’ran’s face that the Therian was terribly, terribly baffled by the ridiculous name … and it was only a matter of time before some semblance of retort was given;

”… So that’s what they’re called? The hell sort of a ridiculous name is that? I always thought they were called Death Angels or something … Well, that’s what Mao always called them … not that we ever saw any.”

Shi’ran looked away for a moment with a frown; Shar didn’t know what sort of a city he had been living in. Not a Celestial city, evidently, but it didn’t matter.

”… Celestials are frickin’ weird.” He then added on, with a grumble. ”If a winged guard that can’t act by itself is their idea of a guard-force then no wonder …”

The dragon-Therian said no more to the strange Dog, because by then they’d gotten to where Jasper and Phoenix were; though he wondered why the girl had darted out the infirmary like she had, he didn’t have the authority to query it nor the time, so he fell silent and watched whilst apologies unfolded and some sort of consensus about what to do unfolded. It wasn’t until Shar suggested that they all could either go back to Sefton’s Tower or simply head to the airship there-and-then and sleep overnight.

…… He was keen-eyed, so he didn’t miss Shar giving him a glance then … almost deliberately so. Was it a glare? Was it suggesting something, like he’d be problematic for going to Sefton’s place or straight to the airship? He frowned … he thought there-and-then about giving the hell up with the three of ‘em and leaving because of the audacity … but then with a heavily-drawn sigh (and one that sounded very reptilian … think a low, quiet, crocodile’s snarl) he made his mind up in perhaps a more appropriate way before the temptation to drop his ‘board to the path and dart off on it overpowered him;

”… Right now, Dog, I don’t care.” He answered, ”I just want to go somewhere warm, and sleep … if Jasper wants to go to Sefton’s room and stay there overnight, I’ll do that. If you all think we should go to the airship right now then I’ll go with that instead … basically, I owe the Magitek, so it’s up to him.”

(( Note again – for the end-response to this I flipped a coin; initially I had decided that Shi’ran was frustrated enough with Shar’s interventions and the infirmary incident that he was just straight-up sick of the interaction and wanted to go back to his Tower. However, I had also remembered that Shi’ran had also taken interest in Jasper’s idea of a machine, and owed the kid for repairing his Hoverboard, and I couldn’t decide in the end whether to have him leave (and probably cause a time-skip) or have him unwillingly stay for the moment.

In the end, the coin flip denoted I go with my latter and have Shi’ran try and stick with Jasper. Whether he does or not is up to everyone else in the end. ))

Cross Avantgarde
05-09-2015, 07:04 PM
OOC: sunnyside ~Shobu~
Ranshiin: Makes sense to me. Also, I did note the reference to Mao, but Jasper won't ask about it right now as the airship talk got his attention. Anyway, he's ever inquisitive, so the question will probably arise soon.

Jasper was relieved to hear that Phoenix was okay, and his smile was reassurance that he believed her when she said she was fine. It made sense, really. Wanderlusters, from the very cursory info he’d heard about them that was undoubtedly full of Magitek stereotypes, loved to roam free. Enclosed spaces would surely not be a sought after or desired location for a Wanderluster, especially if things were hectic there. Jasper could have kicked himself for not figuring that out on his own. It seemed so obvious now. What he did not know, however, was that Wanderlusters were so sensitive. Phoenix had seemed to pick up on the chaos in the infirmary, but now Jasper was thinking that she was instead, perhaps, picking up on the feelings inside the infirmary itself, hence her remark on sensitivity. It wasn’t the best time to ask, so he kept his peace and smiled at her assurance that she was okay.

“I’m so glad you’re okay! You know, I think you’re tougher than me, and I’ve had parts heavier than you fall on my feet. Always happens on the days you don’t wear steel-toed boots and shin bracers.”

Shar suggested that it was time to get some rest, and proposed staying at Sefton’s residence to that effect. Jasper was already intrigued by what he had heard of Sefton from Shar and Shi’ran, and he was excited about the prospect of staying there, especially now that his mind was at east about Phoenix. He was caught off guard by Shi’ran’s insistence that Jasper choose where they go, but not as surprised as he was to learn that Shi’ran saw himself indebted to Jasper. Despite this surprise, the mention of an airship had caught Jasper’s attention the most. With an effort he stifled the urge to talk about the airship, and dealt with the business of Shi’ran’s supposed indebtedness to him.

“Owe me? Not at all, Shi’ran. It was quick, easy, and, what’s more, it would be expected out of me back home. In fact, it’s rude to deny a quick fix. So, I don’t want you to feel as if you owe me at all and I don’t think I should have the final say in where we’re going, but…I cast my vote for Sefton’s place. I want to see the airship badly, but I may miss the chance to learn more about Sefton, and from what you and Shar have said about him, I’d hate to miss that chance.”

He almost confused himself. He was actually turning down the quick route to seeing an airship. It had to be his curiosity concerning the personage of Sefton. It had to be.

05-10-2015, 01:15 AM
Juggernaut rushed as fast as shi could to the field sliding in the dirt as shi came in trying to stop. "Whats the situation here?!" looking towards the teachers who were talking in a group huddle.

05-11-2015, 12:06 PM
Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

Shar's starts walking in the direction of the Pactmaker tower and says "Well, the airship is moored at the Pactmaker tower, all those spikes on the tower aren't to make it look scary, they're there so that people can have individual access to airborn modes of transportation. Sharing was felt to be too complicated. So it's the same direction in any case." His mood seemed to continue to improve, both because things seemed to be going in his direction, but, well, as much as he loved to observe he also liked to lecture and, he reflected, it was hard to get too many words in edgewise with Sefton around.

"Oh, right," he thought "Jasper asked about that."

He then gives a glance to Jasper and says "Again I'm afraid Sefton is indisposed at the moment. I'm hopeful and optimistic about his coming out of his current condition, but based on past episodes it will take a while. Although I could show you around his collection briefly."

He then looks back at Phoenix before continuing on, realizing he hadn't said much to her. The thinks a moment and somewhat awkwardly says "I hope you're alright FeFe. I do hope you're still up for accompanying us. Since we're meeting a Wanderlust group I think having you along might make things go much more smoothly. Perhaps you could even do much of the talking with them."

05-12-2015, 10:14 PM
sunnyside Light Buster
Sam smiles towards the male. "Well, the building did not have any until the top but..." Looking at his snake friend, it touche the girls ankle gently. "We did not search the full building. Did this one not have any here at all?" That was hard for Sam to believe.

It seemed to enjoy Kershaw very much. Did it forget our mission?

As the teachers called, some of them were entering buildings from the look outside the window. "How about we talk about it while we get down there before the teachers drag us out of here by our ears." Sam felt relieved to say that, he'd get out of whatever this taste was.

Slowly, they trudged away from the encampment. Skyla kept her eyes low, many steps behind them all. As her punishment she was to carry the rest of Skimro's equipment.

Leopold was upset over having to leave so soon, Sone was trying to cheer him up.

Hanze, on the other hand, was farther ahead of all of them and was fuming.

Light Buster
05-20-2015, 12:45 PM
ELR sunnyside

(Hiro) "Good idea."
(Mizuki) "Was that machine part of our assignment?"
(Mami) "Doubtful, we should be on our guard just to be sure though."

Mami shifted her gaze at the disabled machine and still wondered if this was set up on purpose or if there was someone pulling the strings from else where.

05-21-2015, 11:31 AM
ELR and Light Buster

The young man eyes the pieces and picks them up, starting to shove them into the numerous and volumous pockets of his long coat. He appears mostly lost in thought. "We didn't find one...but that doesn't mean that there isn't one. I think I'd like to look, if you could tell someone at the check in or whatever that I'm fine."

The woman beams at the snake. "OK. Then maybe we could all head over to my little lab in the magitech tower? Ummmm. I know it's getting late. I don't know the rules, but nobody really checks up on things in the different labs. That'd be rude and danerous. So it's probably fine if you have a sleep over."



OOC: I guess nothing from scourge either. Lets keep you moving.


A guy, probably celestial by the robes, turns to Juggernaut and seems very close to tearing up. A bit of dampness on his face makes it look like perhaps he already had.

"Oh it was horrible! The tech mages said everything was fine, just fine! Students being knocked unconscious and captured and stuck to walls and under fake rocks and things. Fine! And then one of them attacked the walker, like everyone expected them too, but the student managed to break it, like they should have expected someone to, and it fell on him.

We tried everything we could here, but I don't know if he'll make it! "

A tech mage standing next to him seems perturbed by how the Celestial phrased that but decideds to let it slide, simply saying "We've sent him to the medical center in the administrative building, I'm sure they'll do everything they can for him. We've got a lot of talent in the school."

Another tech mage asks "Why didn't we send him to the central campus infirmary? That would be closer." The first replies "The Celestial that contacted them said they were busy or something. "

Professors and students are gathering together near the base of the grandstands. There was a lot of staff present for this event, but they seem pretty busy carrying students, some unconscious, some covered in a green goo that seems to stick to everything out to a grassy area where others are removing the goo or using a bit of magic to wake the students up. More students are slowly coming out of the structures.

There are still a number of staff talking amongst each other near Juggernaut, discussing whether they ought to do "something" or just dismiss the students because it is getting very late.

05-22-2015, 07:14 PM
His snake slide up her leg and out of sight. "Sometimes I wonder if he just does stuff like this to get under my skin. Makes me want to shed it so he isn't under it." Shivering, Sam turns towards the door. "Sure, if that's what you want. And that will give us time to converse, Kershaw."

Stepping towards the stairs, his eyes look over at the Bushido. "The teachers called it off so whatever caused it is of no concern now. And even if we did figure it out? That does not mean they would use the same way the next time." His eyes looking straight into Mami's, he smiled. "I do hope to run into you again if you do not join us." And started out.

His snake came up around Kershaw's neckline and nuzzled her cheek.

05-23-2015, 11:58 PM
"Allright. I think it's better if We called it off since this happened, and the time is late as you stated so I would recommend sending the students off to their respective dormorities or where ever their needed next after letting me know where each is going to be at incase I or a higher needs to get in contact with them. I have another matter to attend to, and is current taking up my time so I will be near the Netherkin tower message me if needed. Also keep me posted please on the students condition too. Thanks." Shi left after talking to a few students and went back towards where the group was.

Cross Avantgarde
05-24-2015, 05:57 AM
sunnyside; ~Shobu~; Ranshiin

“Oh, that’s right,” Jasper thought. "Sefton isn’t able to talk right now. Bah…"

He thought for a second and then spoke out loud. “Sure, I’d love to see what he has. I know I could learn a lot, and you would be a good guide, I’ve no doubt. On the other hand, I feel it might be a bit selfish of me if I make everyone stay up for that. Maybe we should just turn in for the night. It sounds like we have a lot to take in tomorrow.”

05-25-2015, 03:17 AM
Phoenix could sense that Jasper had more to inquire but he restrained himself, much to her relief. She was exhausted and even speaking seemed like a task. She turned Shar's invitation over in her head. It would be nice to meet other Wanderlusters, but she didn't know if she was up for meeting even more new people when she was barely holding herself together after that episode.

"Well, I'll go as long as I can sleep. I don't know if I'd make such a great first impression with my fellow Wanderlusters in this state." She said. The base of that tree was sounding more and more inviting by the second. She'd never been so bereft of energy in her life.

05-27-2015, 10:53 PM
OOC: Sorry everybody. I don't know if everyone is in the United States, but it's been a holiday weekend here, and my birthday, so I've been out of it since about Thursday. Although I understand a lot of people are busy this time of year for classes and such. So lets all bear with each other for a bit :)


ELR and Light Buster

OOC: I wasn't sure how to deal with the snaking, but lets just let it slide.


Kershaw at first gives out an "Eeek!" and hops about as the snake crawls into her clothes but eventually she just smiles it off after the snakes head has popped out.

The young man starts out of the room. He looks at the Bushi and says "If one of you would help me look, that would be great." However he has a hard time managing eye contact, and it feels awkward. As such he starts heading out of the room.

Kershaw also starts heading out. "Lets try and get past the proffs fast. It's late and I want to show you all the stuff in my lab!"

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Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

There is great relief in Shar's voice as he says "Yes, perhaps just getting to Sefton's quarters and getting some rest would be best. "

He eye's Jasper again for a moment, thinks, and adds "...and some of the masters items may be less than safe. In any case it would be better to have them explained by a grateful benefactor than myself yes? "

"And then Ysar can make everyone some breakfast hmmm? "

Shar pads along a bit more, towards the Pactmaker tower, pleased with how things were turning out. Though he does notice how tired Phoenix is getting. He looks over at the Therian. "Hmmm. If you wouldn't mind, would it be safe to let FeFe rest on the board and just sort of tow her along? Bah on the TEch Mages for not keeping any trains running! So inconvenient!"

However the terrain, as the group moves away from central campus, is actually pretty nice and lush, a very rare thing in this wasted world, and the sky clear and full of stars.

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Some of the teachers seemed to be able to reply to Juggernaut. But the seemed to think better of it and went with polite and noncommittal nodding and went to help other teachers taking attendance of the students or extracting them from the various buildings now that the exercise is finished.

OOC: Hmmm. Presumably the situation would have cleared up by the time Juggernaut returns to the Netherkin tower, though shi could find and interview people there, or check out something in particular you had your mind on.

05-28-2015, 08:46 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Sorry for the delayed response. Long-story-short, my PC died and I'm having to use an 8-year-old laptop that takes ten minutes to boot up. >.>

”… I said I owe you, Magitek, so don’t argue it.” Shi’ran responded very calmly – if a little threateningly – in tone in response to Jasper’s attempt to brush off his … well, generosity was a good way of putting it? With offering to go wherever Jasper himself wanted to. ‘Course, Jasper wouldn’t know why he was being insistent or why it was a big deal … so his remark was all what was said on it, and he wasn’t going to change his mind.

Jasper proclaimed he wanted to see the airships and Sefton’s room – so that was that. The dragon-Therian simply shrugged and looked down to Shar without saying a word, waited … and then followed when the small dog-creature started to lead the way from the train-hub back towards the Pactmaker Tower.

For some minutes whilst they all walked – whilst Jasper and Shar talked about the airship and about the disposed Professor – Shi’ran remained completely silent and simply followed them all. In fact, since they were all busy discussing the Professor and his things, the Therian opted to spend his concentration on recharging his Hoverboard again lest it just give out mid-run like it had earlier on … so embarrassing. Maybe some of this trouble could’ve been avoided had that not happened…

At that point Shar asked him to let Phoenix use his Hoverboard as … well, a stretcher? Shi’ran pretty much stopped in his tracks on the path and Shar could probably tell he was rather appalled by the request. What was he, a lackey? He even ended up breathing out some excuse of a growl for a second-or-so before realising;

… Maybe it’s better not to argue with him and just do what he says? It’s probably best to go with it for the sake of these people with the interesting things..

…… So he fell quiet, and then he breathed in and out in a sigh – a very agitated, forced but acknowledging sigh – and the dragon-Therian proceeded with setting his Hoverboard down and activating it and …… sort-of gesturing at Phoenix to sit on it or whatever.

”… I dunno how I’m gonna tow it, I don’t like, have any rope or anything but, whatever …” He muttered, forcing himself to comply, very evidently. Of course, the sooner the solution to this problem was found, the sooner he’d be able to continue on walking towards the Pactmaker halls with his Hoverboard (and Phoenix) in tow.

Cross Avantgarde
06-02-2015, 06:56 PM
OOC: Ranshiin (not a problem; my response is delayed as well); sunnyside; ~Shobu~

Less than safe? Jasper was unsure of what Shar meant about Sefton’s possessions, but he had a feeling that he should wait for Shar to explain later rather than asking now. He did, however, want to ask who Ysar was, but Jasper supposed he worked for Sefton.

As to the question of how to tow Phoenix on the hoverboard, a thoughtful proposition introduced by Shar and pondered over by Shi’ran, Jasper slowly thought of a suggestion. If he wrapped some of the spare wire left over in his belt as twine, it could be used as a lead to guide the hoverboard. Before he suggested this to Shi’ran, however, Shi’ran surprised him by clarifying the fact, in no uncertain terms, that he owed Jasper. Jasper had never had someone owe him anything other than a fee for repairs, and it was a strange feeling for him. Even so, he was glad that Shi’ran considered his help worthy of repayment in any form or fashion.

After Shi’ran gestured for Phoenix to sit on the hoverboard, Jasper provided his suggestion. “You can use some of this wire as a lead of sorts, if you’d like,” Jasper said, taking out a small spool of spare wire as he spoke. “I can twist it into twine and it should work just fine. Or you might have a better way, of course.”

06-04-2015, 04:27 PM
OOC: Can't help it, have to say it.. Ranshiin =O USE THE TAIL!!! xD Been dying to say that..
sunnyside Sorry, the nameless snake (so have to come up with a name for him.. grr) enjoys being up close and person with EVERYONE it likes. If you have not noticed, any time it is not slithering about it is up in Samsilus's clothing, mostly his bicep. No form of perversion is meant in the action of that. Think of it like the snake is hugging her. Once again, sorry. <3

Shrugging once again, he hurriedly followed after her, an after though of deducted points for not going in afterwards. May they deduct me really low, he thought. Maybe he'd get booted from the class that that retched teacher dragged him into.

Then his mind wandered towards Shisoume, where was he currently? He had just up and went off on his own, Sam could almost consider him a friend. Maybe he'd run into him again. Would be interesting to get in his mind.

Before they got too far off of the grounds, he tripped over his own foot and grumbled to himself. "Have to watch my own feet..." His friend looked behind the girl-Kershaw-but did not seem to point out to her that he had fallen.

What was he doing? Getting up, dusting off, he tried to catch up. What was it she wished to show him?

No sound at all echoed in the air, only the chilled air as they trudged. Her fingers hurt from holding her necklace too hard. Skyla's eyes drifting closed as she continued to walk.

"Best not fall asleep." Her eyes fluttered wide open as Sone blew into the instrument he called an orcarina, a beautiful tune soaring out. Both Sone and Leopold had fell back next to her.

"Your master would grumble even more and may make a noise that'll echo out for eons." Leopold added, strumming an odd shaped lute. Or that is what Skyla thought it was. There was too many instruments that she did not know about.

"I did not mean to displease." Her voice was low, tired, exhausted, and lacked most emotion at all. She did not have energy to try to pretend so it was best not to put effort into any of it at all.

"Nah, you're fine." Sone stopped and smiled, Leopold patted the top of her head. "Keeping you on your toes."

Sone's eyes got huge. "I've got it, remember that ode I taught you a while back?"

She closed her eyes and pondered which ode he spoke of. Then one came to mind.

"Sorrow's sweet soft smile
Is a mask that thousands ride
She who is always geil
Fill us up with your pride
Time of crossings speed
Forever to be whole
Live forever in the sky
Gentle wedded breed
Her offspring toll
Guide her to try."

Exhaling her breathe, she could feel her tears just there, but she pushed them back. Leopold ran forward, his steps overly chipper, Hanze and Skimro stopped in front of a building too dark to tell much about it.

"Your mother would be proud of you." He patted my head and ran forward.

But she heard Hanze's words as if she was standing close to him. "We are here, we will rest, and then we will wait."

06-06-2015, 01:44 AM
OOC: ELR I may have to steal your suggestion if you don't mind because I was thinking of the exact same thing! XD sunnyside Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin

Phoenix was taken back by Shar's suggestion, but she was tired and she didn't know how far this person's residence was. She didn't think she could take another five steps without simply collapsing. That surge of emotion hit her harder than she cared to admit. But even so, to be tugged along like a child in a wagon...

Phoenix glanced at each male before looking back at the hoverboard. Quietly and slightly red-cheeked, she carefully mounted the device. Wanderlust or not, this was almost detrimental to her pride. She said nothing, but simply pulled her legs from the ground and sat cross-legged with eyes cast down.

06-06-2015, 07:33 AM
I got my PC back, yay.

Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Well … ELR … I admittedly hadn’t thought of him doing that at all, heh, but my logic on that was that there wasn’t really a big-enough ‘handle’ for him to latch onto with that damn tail so … xD.

But if you people insist…

”… Wire, huh?” Shi’ran repeated the word after Jasper’s suggestion for it. He looked slowly between the Magitek lad and Phoenix, then back again, then to Shar, then down to the wire … and then he held his hand out for it. ”Okay, sure … just … just hand it over, I’ll figure it out.”

He sounded like a mix between being too bored to argue and too stubborn to take any other answer, thus the only solution was for Jasper to give him the little ream of spare wire. The Therian studied the spool for a moment once he had it … there wasn’t really a lot left over, or maybe there wasn’t a lot to begin with, and certainly when he had twisted a good length of it up into a thicker and more sturdy piece of ‘rope’ there wasn’t much of it either.

With that twine though he kneeled down to his Hoverboard, looped it through a small vent near the nearest lip of the device and tied it over so it wasn’t going to come loose from being pulled. He hoped it was going to be sturdy-enough to pull the girl without breaking; no doubt it was strong enough for just the contraption but he wasn’t so sure about the girl … he didn’t say anything about it though, instead thinking on the problem that he was going to have to slouch or walk at a strange angle to tow it due to the length of the cable. He thought a bit, thought a bit more …

… The things I do for things I want. Ugh …

It was probably his fault for winding the wire up too thick, but unless he wanted Shar complaining for being slow (which he didn’t) he had to think quick and there was a solution he had that he wasn’t that fond of but what sufficed. So, instead of standing up to tow the board (and Phoenix) by holding the wire in a hand, he slipped his tail around from behind and twisted it around the cable – and the cable around it – to hold the twine with that. Then he stood up, put what remained of the wire spool in a pants’ pocket (he had legitimately forgotten it was Jasper’s) and then glanced between the three people he was ‘blessed’ with the presence of.

”… What? I have a tail, I’m allowed to use it.” He complained, believing them to be judging him for it. ”… But there, I can tow what’s-her-name. Is everyone happy now? Can we get going again? Jasper? Dog?”

‘Course, he was sticking to it and once they were allowed to move again that was how it was. He walked … and his Hoverboard was towed along with him from behind. The wire held firm-enough to not snap, so so long as Phoenix wouldn’t fall off on her own volition she had her free ride for the evening.

Cross Avantgarde
06-08-2015, 11:10 AM
“Innovative!” Jasper said, clearly impressed with Shi’ran’s resourcefulness. He couldn’t hide a smile when it seemed that Shi’ran was being defensive over choosing to use his tail in that manner.

“You know, the Magitek would probably be more efficient if we had extra appendages. We have plenty of jokes about needing more than two hands.” He looked around after speaking. The campus was getting more and more scenic as they walked, and he wondered how far they had to go.

There were more things that he wanted to ask Phoenix while they were getting acquainted, things that were probably the remnants of what he’d been taught about Wanderlusters from his boyhood—which meant they were probably laden with stereotypes and oversimplifications. Even so, he felt that Phoenix would be charitable with his ignorance.

He also knew that he would have to tell more to Shi’ran about his proposed invention when the time came, but it seemed better to wait. Shar had mentioned that this proposed trip might provide some of the materials Jasper would be interested in, and that would have to come first.

06-08-2015, 11:17 PM
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Kershaw gets in front of Sam fairly quickly. The stumbling puts him behind a bit, so it's hard to hear what she says to the professors, but he gets the impression that she's quickly reporting people in the group as OK. Probably. The professors look like they want to talk more, but she quickly moves away and the profs are distressed enough they let her go.

As she moves she holds onto the snake to keep it from falling or flopping about...or from escaping perhaps. She's firm but still on the gentile side. She does make sure Sam is following though. She says "C'mon we've gotta hurry. I don't want to miss the last train! " Looking out Sam can see that there's still a train sitting in Central campus with a handful of students, blowing the whistle as it is about to get underway.

"Oh, nooo!" She yells, grabbing onto the snake tighter and breaking into a run.


Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

Shar couldn't help but guess that Shi'ran was making a jab at him...however he was complying and getting things moving in the right direction. Shar decided to ignore it for now. Figuring a aggravated discussion might upset the balance he instead decided to walk quickly in silence, checking to make sure the guys could keep up.

He reflected a bit that, weird or caustic as this bunch was, there were rather an ideal group for dealing with a wanderlust group, hunting for a magitech item, and some muscle and flight were always helpful.

He again wished they could just hire a team, but this was better. Much more discrete. And hiring people might cause the wrong people to taking notice. A teacher with students was...perfect.

The grounds gently rolled on the way to the Pactmaker tower. Shar's path curved a little to keep away from valleys, little wooded areas, and buildings. Soon enough the spikey tower, with airships and other flying machines docked on the airdock "spikes" and led the group inside and back up to Sefton's quarters.

Being so late the tower was fairly quite, mostly just guards about. Though some rooms sounded like there might be parties inside.

Sefton's quarters were dim. A birdlike man lets the group in. In the dim light the walls show all sorts of odd shapes. The items of Sefton's collection. From urns to draperies to a long riflelike thing to odd items with little discernable purpose.

Shar simply indicates a couple rooms. "That's the guest room. It has two beds in it. I could arrange for a cot in the study or one of the collection rooms. I can make some final arrangements for the morning, but you should get some sleep while you can."

06-12-2015, 01:26 AM
OOC: Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin sunnyside

Phoenix waned between exhaustion and embarrassment. She struggled to stay awake as she was being pulled along. She kept nodding to sleep then jerking awake. The last thing she needed was to fall off of the board. She tried to concentrate on anything other than her tiredness.

Their arrival at the house made her feel like a ravenously thirsty animal being brought to a watering hole. She climbed off of the device and smiled at Shi'ran. It came off as sheepish but it was a smile, none the less.

"Thank you for pulling me all this way. Let me know how I can make it up to you in the future." She said then turned to Shar.

“I am more than happy to sleep on the couch if need be.”

She threw a glance at Jasper but quickly evaded the thought that was creeping into her mind. Stop it Fefe. Jasper’s too nice for that.

06-12-2015, 04:23 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Shi’ran simply frowned as his response to Jasper’s glee at him using his tail to tow the Hoverboard (albeit by the wire twine) if just because the enthusiasm kinda irked him for some reason. He’d already said enough anyway; he was allowed to use it, what was so odd about that? At least Phoenix and Shar didn’t try to say anything to him and let him be whilst they’d get going again.

Quietly therefore, Shi’ran followed the small dog along the path from the Celestials’ infirmary to the Pactmaker Tower, Hoverboard in tow throughout the whole duration of the few miles’ walk through what seemed like blissfully-untouched countryside. ‘Course he knew better, he could almost smell the biomagic that had been used by some unknown quantity of Therians to help the grass and trees and whatnot grow and take root … very few places beyond the school looked so natural. If it could be called that. He didn’t say a thing in the whole time the walk took place, and didn’t think of much either – except alternating between contemplating whether dealing with these people was worth the effort, whether he should just shove Phoenix off of his device and scoot off back to his Tower or whether to just stomach it all.

He already knew what Sefton’s Tower – and in fact his room – looked like, so when they arrived at it he didn’t seem that impressed or bothered by it. If anything he was a little bored, and when Phoenix tried to thank him for carting her the whole duration he just gave her a heavy shrug and what was meant to be a, ”Sure. Sure, of course.” in response to her gratitude, whilst scraping his Hoverboard off of the path and turning it off so he could carry it indoors.

Sefton’s room … and at being told there was a guest-room with two beds, whereas Jasper and Phoenix would probably (he believed anyway) get distracted by the various ‘dangerous’ trinkets and artefacts lying about the room, he instead took straight to the room, took the bed that he perceived as being the largest and claimed it before anybody could argue. He didn’t need Shar telling him what to do to do it; he took his footwear off, then his old coat, and settled on the bed on his side in a semi-curled heap – he was too big for it, but he didn’t care to argue.

”You lot can fight over the other bed all you want, just don’t wake me until it’s daylight.” He called in a sort of loud grumble at that point, before falling resolutely silent and still.

Yep. He's being a butt.

Cross Avantgarde
06-12-2015, 08:44 PM
sunnyside; ~Shobu~; Ranshiin

Jasper gawked as they got closer to the Pactmaker tower. So accustomed was he to the Spartan, colorless, aesthetically bare workshops of the Magitek that the spikes and spires of the airdocks on the tower inspired raw awe in him. The awe was barely fading by the time they all arrived in Sefton’s quarters, and after Sefton’s collection was in view it took no small effort for him to focus on Shar’s words.

Jasper tore his eyes from the collection and looked at the room. Phoenix had graciously offered to forgo one of the beds in the guest room and Shi’ran had already chosen one in there. When Phoenix had offered to take the couch, however, Jasper caught a glance from her. Talking to her in an introductory way had been easy enough, but when a pause like this arose and he had a moment to actually look at her, he found his knees getting inexplicably weak and his face burning.

“No!” he blurted out before realizing his response was too loud, and perhaps even confusing. He worried that Shi’ran might even think he was talking to him. “I mean, no, I can’t let you give up the bed. Look,” he said, motioning with his hand to the items in the study. “Shar said he’d place a cot out here, and I’d like to look at a few of these items before bed.” He scratched the back of his head, hoping to save as much face as possible. “Take the bed in the guest room. I’d hate to keep someone up by looking at these things while they’re trying to sleep in here.” He turned to Shar. “Do you mind if I take you up on the cot in here?” He realized that maybe there was another reason Phoenix wanted to take the cot, and he wanted to honor whatever choice she would make.

“Actually…you decide, Phoneix. I’ll be happy with it either way.” He looked over at Shi’ran and he seemed ready to sleep, so he would avoid bothering him. It would be best to look at the collection at a more opportune time.

06-13-2015, 01:30 AM
OOC: Sorry my response from last time seemed vague but I chose to post late and then I didn't want to hold anyone up so I finished up the reply as quickly as possible while my friend was here. Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin sunnyside

Phoenix smiled to herself when Shi'ran waved her off and acted on his own accord. She didn't mind his attitude all that much. He was just an honest person. If he was truly dislikable, he wouldn't have agreed to pull her at all. He had nothing to gain from it except to arrive here faster. He could have full well allowed her to walk, which she wouldn't have minded too much even though she was exhausted. She did nearly wreck his precious hoverboard so she would have understood if he didn't want to allow her within arms-length of the device. He wasn't so bad as he came off at first.

She hadn't realized that Jasper caught her little glance. His sudden outburst startled her. She stared at him, green eyes wide with confusion. As he went on to try and redeem himself, she found herself pursing in her lips to keep from laughing aloud. He was really an interesting character. She'd never met such an adorable man (emphasis on man because children and small animals were hard to beat). She hadn't felt her chest flutter like this in such a long time. What was wrong with her? She'd only met this man today. It's not been that long since she last- Ugh! Stop it! Focus! She was tired for sure. Her thoughts were going places she really shouldn't at the moment.

Jasper said he'd let her decide what she wanted to do. She could care less at that point. She just wanted sleep. Shi'ran seemed like he was already passed out. She wanted to be in that position. "Well, I guess if you think you'll be up a bit longer, I may just take the bed if you really don't mind." She smiled at him. "Thank you Jasper. And thank you, Shar. We'll talk again in the morning. Sleep well both of you." She tried not to drag her feet as she walked into the room, glancing back at Jasper once more before entering the room.

Settling her satchel on the floor and sat on the bed. It was terribly comfortable. She was barely able to undo her braids before her body decided to give up on her. She didn't even slip under the blanket before sleep overcame her. Even with as tired as she was, she still noted that such a large bed was lonely when only occupied by oneself.

Cross Avantgarde
06-13-2015, 10:34 AM
OOC: sunnyside; ~Shobu~ (not vague at all, no worries); Ranshiin

The last glance from Phoenix caught Jasper off guard, and he struggled to turn back to Sefton’s collection pieces, something that should have come naturally enough to him despite being difficult at the moment.

“Thanks for taking care of all of us, Shar,” he said once his mind had slowed down a bit. “ He turned from a few of the items and looked at him. “Embarrassingly enough, I have to admit that I have utterly no idea what most of these things are. I’d hate for my workshop instructor to hear that, but it’s the truth. Most of these are…maybe ‘exotic’ is the right word?”

He shook his head and walked over to another wall and glanced at the collection. Not only were the items mostly unknown to him, but he had a hard time guessing at their function and even what they were made out of. He was entranced for a moment, but knew that he shouldn’t touch anything without Sefton’s permission.

The cot would probably arrive soon, so he took off his workman’s belt, placed it securely in the corner where it would be out of the way, and started to unlace his boots.

06-13-2015, 01:59 PM
Closing his eyes, he sprinted forward, his instinct was to change himself to make it faster but refused to do so, he would not leave his friend and Kershaw behind, he would stay behind them and make sure they made it first.

But his lungs were aching, too much activity he was going to blame it upon.

His eyes opened to see someone checking the outside of the train so he hoped they'd make it do to that. On the other hand, he hoped that did not mean the trains were finished as well.

"We...can....make....it....." He hissed out between gasps with doubt in his mind.

06-14-2015, 11:41 PM

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Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

Shar knew they were tired, but was surprised, a little pleasantly how quickly they settled down into different rooms.

He replied to Jasper "I'll go find Y'sar and have him fetch the cot straightaway and make some arrangements. It's safest to give ourselves as much light as possible in case we get held up, so we'll take off at daybreak. He then hustles out of the room towards Sefton's airship hanger. "

As expected he found Y'sar, Sefton's Therian servent, prepping the ship. Shar always found Y'sar a bit odd. He had chosen to assume aspects of a crow, however he couldn't fly. It was just that his long hair was black, as were his eyes, and the feathers poking out of his forearms. Sefton and Shar quite enjoyed talking to Ysar, however they tended to avoid discussing things from before he was collared, being as respectful and egalitarian as a master servant relationship reasonably allowed. And in any case Y'sar's abilities had grown quite a lot over the years. Shar respected his sense of observation, and was not disappointed as the man spoke first.

"I see you're alone, I've nearly completed preparations to launch, but I take it you've not decided to opt for a nighttime launch"

"Right again" Shar replied "I'm afraid you've chaffed your nice shirt and pants with armor underneath for nothing. And I'm going to need you to set up one of the cots wherever a certain young techmage sets up in Sefton's quarters, and we'll be wanting breakfast in the morning. "

Y'sar nods to the ship "I'm afraid there is still a slave crew charging the power crystals. I'll need to stay on until they're done, not much longer though, as I was attempting to ensure we'd be able to take off. "

Shar makes a bit of a face "Phrasing Y'sar, phrasing. You'll have to watch that we've got a Therian and a Wanderluster in the crew. They're just contractors and subcontractors and leave it at that. In any case why did you use them? Sefton usually can get a charge for less using that crew of pactmaker apprentaces that 'ol Sid contracts out"

Y'sar, calm as ever shrugs his shoulders and said "Sefton was indisposed as you know. It was what I could get on short notice. As it was I felt remiss that things we're ready far sooner. By the way how is the Master."

Shar gives a little grunt and says "He's not that much better or that much worse, or I'd feel it. I'm sure the Celestials are doing all they can...though it seems they may be rather busy tonight." Before Y'sar can comment on that Shar pushes on and says "No time for that. We need to keep a certain degree of appearances and I do want them well rested. Get down there and tend to them. I'll stay here and make sure the job on the ship is done right, and maybe I'll make arrangements for breakfast. I need you sharp as well. We're doing this with a small crew, and it's novices. "

Shar hesitated a bit and said "I don't quite like this, but I suppose it's still the best option we really have. It should be fine right?"

As Y'sar starts away from the ship to Sefton's quarters he asks "Well, is there anything you could do to help their chances." Shar lets the question hang as Y'sar moves off. He was pondering the issue of all of Sefton's "treasures" most we're odd bits that might not be helpful on a trip like this. But some might be useful...if they didn't prove more dangerous than they were worth. And did these students even have the potency to use the items? Would Sefton approve? They were almost universally more expensive than their functionality indicated. But what if something happened to the students? Shar didn't like the choice as he strode into the airship for a bit of management oversight and perhaps criticism. Something he was much more comfortable with."

Soon Y'sar arrived in the quarters, and removed the cot for a closet as he says "Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Y'sar and I'm Sefton's servant. Thank you for joining us on this endeavor. Please let me know if you need anything. There is a bathroom with a bathtub down the hall and to the right. That door over there" He points to a door next to Sefton's bedroom "Is where I'll be sleeping. Feel free to wake me. "

He then sets up the cot next to Jasper, not speaking unless someone speaks to him, and the dim lighting and the color on his dress shirt mostly hide his collar as he finishes up, dims the lights in the room, and heads towards his room.

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It was looking like you weren't going to make it, however a number of people on the train noticed the group running, and were pointing, mostly at Kershaw. Though they chugged a little bit forward when she started to slow down a bit. She then gives a little jump to get up onto the last car of the train (OOC: Presumably with Sam).

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She gasps and wheezes for a while and then coughs out "You. *gasp* could have just waited politely! *wheeze*" The conductor said "Be glad we waited at all! I take my schedule seriously! We're going to have to raise the pressure just to keep to schedule."

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She doesn't press the issue and slumps down into one of the open benches, still holding onto the snake, giving it an absent minded petting. "Ah well. At least this is better than walking the whole way. You know, maybe we should make some kind of vehicle ourselves, though I usually tend to work on larger stuff."

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06-16-2015, 09:25 AM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ sunnyside

Jasper was still turned towards the collection when Y’sar came and spoke. He was not startled, however, until he actually turned around and saw him with his own eyes.

Truly hoping that his surprise was not evident or, if it was evident, that it wasn’t perceived as rudeness, Jasper nodded in thankfulness once Y’sar was finished talking. The feathers and jet-black hair and eyes startled him quite a bit. How many Therians—this is what he supposed Y’sar was—would he have to meet before this no longer surprised him?

“Nice to meet you, Y’sar. And thanks for the cot,” Jasper said to him as Y’sar retired to his room. He sat on the cot for a second. It was confortable enough, but that’s not what was on his mind. He noticed, as embarrassing as it would be to admit, that he was getting homesick. Perhaps it was because time was slowing down a bit now, or because being on the cot reminded him of sleeping beside a newly christened device, sleeping beside it as it ran to make ensure that it did not malfunction sometime during the night. Jokes abounded back home of how some Magitek men were more fastidious over their devices and inventions than they were over their spouses and children. He didn’t want to turn out like that, but the memory made him smile nonetheless.

He hadn’t pondered it in a while, but he wondered who his unknown benefactor was who had funded and enabled him to go to the school. And as for his family and friends, he seemed to miss them now more than ever.

Phoenix’s carefree ways and her smile that tended to turn his joints to jelly staved off that anxiety every time, though. Shi’ran was becoming a friend as well, and had twice shown his willingness to be amiable, despite his rough edges. This must have been the last thing he thought of, for the next thing he realized was waking from a deep, dreamless sleep. He had fallen asleep with his clothes on, and he didn’t bother to take them off now, either. Try as he might, however, he couldn’t go back to sleep. Was it morning? Was it close to morning? He felt wide awake, and assumed he was finished sleeping, so perhaps morning was close, after all.

He got off the cot, folded it back, and placed it out of the way against the wall. He went to the bathroom, shut the door, and disrobed, making sure he had a towel and washcloth in reach. He placed his folded clothes on the nearby counter and realized that he would like to find a place to wash them in the near future. He probably spent more time than needed in the shower, but he was feeling sluggish in both thought and action. Did the other new students feel this way? How was his family doing back home?

He cut off the water, reached for the towel and dried off everything but his feet, doing that last as he stepped out of the shower. He quickly fixed his hair and started to place his clothes back on but left his socks and vest off, only buttoning up his shirt partially to avoid taking up all the time in the bathroom.

Once again in the study, Jasper finished buttoning up his shirt and tucked it into his pants, securing them with his regular belt. Once again, numerous items caught his attention in the study, but he was too afraid to touch them. He walked over to his workman’s belt and began fumbling around in the pouches, reminding himself of what he’d brought along.

06-16-2015, 09:37 AM
Leaning against the door, he breathed slowly to calm his racing heart and aching lungs. "Yes, would mean not needing to rely on such machines that are on timers for transportation when their schedule is cramped. People like us, who are always running late-" His assumption, though he rarely considered himself late, just others early. "-to be able to return without returning overly weary, and to possibly, potentially, desecrate reputation by slumbering at the door of a tower."

He was calmed down and opened his eyes, the last car.

And his snake was asleep snuggled up against Kershew. "I am surprised, extremely surprised. He only does that with me." Sam's heart ached, he some what felt betrayed by his friend, but deep down he knew it was not a betrayal, just his friend finding a new one with him, though he was still unsure if it was wise to make friends.

"If my bro-" Before finishing his sentence he shut his mouth quick and averted his eyes, hoping she did not catch that.

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06-17-2015, 04:20 PM
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Although Mami hardly smiles, this was her first time that she ever did. Mizuki on the other hand was smiling at Mami, sensing a change in her.

(Hiro) "Now that situation is resolved, we need to continue to find Bushido warriors."

Mizuki and Mami nodded in agreement. Still, the warriors felt like they were lured into some trap. Nevertheless, they continued their search for the strongest warriors.

06-19-2015, 10:37 PM
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On the note of events, remember Sunday is fathers day!


Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

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Shar regretted that his form lacked hands, but as he gave the small ship a walkdown he once again appreciated that he didn't really need to sleep. "It's always such a bother getting this thing ready to go, and it'd be nice if it had the endurance of a lighter than air craft." But then he thought back on a number of rather spectacular magitek based airborne catastrophes that he'd observed and gave a happy sigh.

Having the night to himself he decided that the students might want to change in the morning, and he wanted to get going, not go meandering about the school where something else might go wrong.

And, he thought to himself, "my excellent sense of smell isn't always such an advantage..."

So he went down to floor fifteen and woke of one of the bespoke tailors that he knew would be willing to do some late night commissioning for a appropriate commission. He couldn't be sure they'd wear them, but he was certain of his memory of their shape and that he could get the clothes to fit. Jasper was a simple matter. He wasn't so oddly shaped nor his fashion bizarre, just a new shirt, pants, socks, and boxers, just a bit of hemming needed.

FeFe was also relatively simple because he style didn't involve...much. Shar spent some time contemplating something a bit more covering, but eventually decided that might be taken as an insult. And perhaps the outfit worked with one of her abilities? So he went with a red dancers outfit, though he got a large dancers veil she could use to at least avoid some sunburn. Maybe she would appreciate the silk? Though Shar was sure it was sourced from one of the massive silkshooter wurms Dr. Svoptic had create years ago, but it still felt nice and who could tell anyway?

Shi'ran, however, required his efforts for a fair bit of the rest of the night. But even though he was constantly giving direction it game him time to think on some of his conundrums for this trip.

In the end he elected to drag a few items into some nooks in the airship, and then, as morning was approaching, he purchased a selection of pastries, sausages, juice, and cheeses for breakfast and had them sent to the ship.

He then sauntered into Sefton's quarters determined to project confidence and loudly said "I hope you all had a GREAT REST. But it is now TIME TO GET GOING. I've arranged for some new clothes for you if you'd like them, they're on the table here and in any case could you please take them to the ship, speaking of which breakfast is on the ship if you could shower quick and follow me."

He wandered a bit down the hall and spotted Jasper already dressed. "Ah. Excellent!" Y'sar stepped out of his room, also already dressed. Though Shar just shot him a look and sighed.



Kershaw's attention was so fixed on the snake after Sam's comment that he probably could have said nearly anything and she wouldn't have noticed over the cooing and petting. It took her some time to get over there, at which point she said "Well, I guess vehicles really aren't my thing...ah well, maybe another time. Or perhaps someone else could sell us something. I hope I can get my machine going with a little help from... um..."

She seems embarrassed and says "I'm sorry what did you say your snakes name was again? Um, and your name too? Sorry. I'm not good with that sort of stuff."


Light Buster

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06-21-2015, 07:31 PM
"Samsilus-Sam for short." He turned his head to the side and looked at his friend nuzzle up. "He has no name..." Why was he so comfy looking? "No worries on forgetting." slowly looking over at her, he smiled, his tongue flickered. "I'll keep reminding you."

06-22-2015, 09:38 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

sunnyside did you have anything in particular in mind as far as these new clothes go? Heh.

Since the Therian had been stubborn about going to bed (it had been late!) he more-or-less missed the whole thing about Y’sar talking and bathrooms and stuff being the first one to go try and sleep … though oddly not the first one to get up, because Jasper was awake before he (and it seemed Shar) was. Indeed it was the dog’s incessant whining that they need to all get up, get dressed and get ready that pulled him out of sleep.

… Fresh clothes? Shower? Shi’ran didn’t remember any of that the night before so after waking himself up – sitting on the side of the bed rubbing his eyes and forehead until he could see properly – he inquired into it directly …… asked Shar what the hell he was going on about, basically, to learn about these clothes and where the bathroom was, and that though he wasn’t required to take the clothes he was required to take a bath. Hrrrrgh… … well, Jasper was already awake and dressed; he didn’t know about Phoenix and didn’t care.

Since he was required to take a bath, he went to take one there-and-then. Yes, even dragons – what he was supposed to be – needed baths … he quite enjoyed them, actually.

He didn’t take too long though – not because he was concerned that Phoenix would get annoyed with him, he didn’t – and was back in about fifteen minutes. He came back into where the clothes had been laid out on Shar’s behest, he contemplated them … and then he stripped off his shirt in order to tug on the new one, and did likewise for the pants, caring not for whether it bothered anybody in the room at that moment. He had a few things in his pockets that he took over, and of course he kept his dustcoat; he wasn’t going into the wastelands without it.

”… Should I leave my old clothes here or what? I want them back, they’re comfy.” He asked Shar, because he stubbornly refused to have his clothing disposed of. Whatever answer he was given – whether to leave them or take them with to the ship – he acknowledged, provided he was assured they wouldn’t get destroyed.

And after that? Breakfast, thus he quietly followed Shar to the direction of the moored ship – once he’d fetched his Hoverboard, that is. He wanted food, and the food was on the ship, so he followed.

Cross Avantgarde
06-23-2015, 04:10 PM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ sunnyside

Jasper picked up the new clothes, very satisfied with them. “It’s like they took my height and waist measurements somehow,” he thought while holding them up in front of them. “Nice,” he said out loud.

After Shi’ran had finished in the bathroom and had followed Shar out to the airship, Jasper jumped in the bathroom and quickly switched his old clothes for the new, folding the old ones and leaving them in a corner of the study, intending to take them with him unless he was told he shouldn’t due to space restrictions. It sounded like breakfast awaited them on the ship, and Jasper couldn’t deny that he was hungry, but he noticed Phoenix hadn’t come out yet. He wanted to wait for her, and decided to do so. She had probably heard Shar’s greeting, so Jasper figured he would see her soon. Shi’ran hadn’t said much other than asking to have his clothes returned to him, and Jasper thought to himself that perhaps he wasn’t a morning person, hence his reticence. He laughed a bit at the thought and looked around him.

He looked back over to the table and saw another outfit. Had he simply used deduction he would’ve surmised that this last outfit belonged to Phoenix, but as he lifted part of it from the table to look at it, he suddenly felt blood rise to his face. This was Phoenix’s new change of clothes, undoubtedly, and she would just as undoubtedly look smashing in them.

06-23-2015, 10:54 PM

Kershaw looks please. "Sam. Ah! That's got the same first letter as 'snake'! I'm usually horrible with names, but I bet I'll be able to remember yours!

Hmmm. Maybe we could give this cuddly guy an 'S' name too. Snuggles? Maybe to informal.

Sir Snuggles? No, that's not any better. Screwfinder? "

He babbling is then cut short by Sam flicking his tongue. Her eyes get big and she scoots right night to him and was just about to grab Sam's face when she seems to think better of it, her fingers dangling inches in front of his mouth.

"Your tongue! It does the thing like a snake! With Therians your stuff does stuff when I looks like stuff. I mean most things are functional.

Um, I mean can you like, taste smells and things?"


Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

OOC: While it now occurs to me that it would be more "anime" to have Shar or the fashion designer as crazy eccentrics that attempted to turn Shi'ran into more of a winged bishonen than he already is, the clothes are very utilitarian. Decent fit, lots of pockets. Rather in the vein of what he already had.


Shar added "Bring you old clothes along, I don't know if we'll be gone long enough to need to change, but having a second pair means they can easily be washed."

He seemed rather pleased that Shi'ran was quick to get to the ship and leads him off down the hall. Y'sar heads back into his room, closes the door, and starts bumping around as he gets ready, leaving Phoenix and Jasper alone for the moment.

Outside Sefton's quarters, Shar leads Shi'ran on a short trip down the hall to one of the many "spikes" sticking out of the tower. As with a number of the others, this one has an airship sitting on it.

If Shi'ran had seen Magitek based airships before, he'd quickly notice that this one was entirely different. Theirs are big affairs, usually with a large ballon looking thing above them, or an array of helicopter blades. Bushi ships, though not especially common, rely on banks of people using enchanted oars to "pull" the ship through the air.

This ship is long and slender, though still roughly in the shape of a boat and brown like one. It's hull, tapered at both ends, is forty feet long but only six feet wide and not much taller. Making it look more like a large covered canoe than a proper "ship". Though it does look like it has something like folded up wings on each side and ductwork.

OOC: Ooop, gotta go.

06-24-2015, 03:45 AM
OOC: I had a more than half a post written, took a break, and my brother closed out of it before I could save it anywhere. >.< Ranshiin sunnyside Cross Avantgarde

Phoenix was pulled from her coma by Shar's voice. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Shi'ran was already getting out of bed. She wanted to say "good morning" but it seemed that her voice was still asleep. She rolled onto her back and stretched long and hard, then onto her stomach and did the same. She tucked her knees underneath her and began to rise slowly, inhaling all the while. When she sat straight, she exhaled steadily. With her morning routine finished, she hopped out of bed. The room was still somewhat dark due to the heavy drapery over the windows. She threw them open and basked in the sunlight for a moment.

She patiently waited for her turn to use the bathroom. Shi'ran didn't take too long. Did dragons need to bathe? Even if she asked him he wouldn't answer her, she was certain. She slipped in behind him and shut the door behind her. The bathroom was just as intricate as the rest of the house. It was a peculiar little room compared to what she was used to. It seemed this Sefton fellow didn't have enough room for his collections that he extended them to his bathroom. She realized that she was gawking and snapped herself out of it. She took a brisk bath, but it was heavenly. Her hair was still sopping wet so she used a towel to wrap her hair. She picked up her clothes to slip them back on but halted and thought about when the last time she washed her clothing. A quick sniff test told her that it was a tad too long. Recalling that Shar had said something about clothing, she took the towel off her head, allowing her fiery locks to fall loose, and wrapped it around her body. Without hesitation, she walked out of the bathroom clad in only this towel.

When Phoenix reached the table, she was pleased to see that Jasper was up and about. He was holding was seemed to be a dancer's top in his hands. He seemed a little flustered. He's too cute. Walking over, she took the article from his his hands and smiled.

"As much as you may be interested in my people, I don't think donning a woman's outfit is the place to start." She said as she picked up the rest of the lovely garments. The veil was especially beautiful. So soft. Phoenix was a sucker for soft things. "Aren't you going to join the rest of them on the ship? Don't tell me you're waiting for me? You really don't have to. Although, I appreciate the gesture."

OOC: Okay, I know what you guys are thinking (What a typical anime thing to do) BUT this is Fefe we're talking about. I felt like going out in a towel to grab something seems completely natural and unadulterated to her.

06-24-2015, 08:19 AM
OOC: o.O Okay, putting my nose where i should not again. WOOT! ~Shobu~ not anime completely, i have been to friends places were their family (both male and female) come out of the bathroom, sometimes with (other times without) a towel on to go grab some. Not as unusual as it seems and not just in Animes. *still tries to delete memories*

He cringed as Kershaw said 'Snuggles' then 'Sir Snuggles' which were names at least, but he could not see his cuddly friend being called either name. But the flicker of his tongue caused her attention to go elsewhere, to him.

"Erm.. I can tassste and ssssmell things, yes, doers not ever--ne?" He had a small issue with her fingers pressing against his cheeks like that, his words came out funny sounding. Though he hoped she knew he said he could but asked in return does not everyone.

And while they were staring at each other he heard whispers too soft to listen to but just soft enough to know there were some.

Cross Avantgarde
06-24-2015, 09:01 AM
OOC: ~Shobu~: It’s no more typical than Jasper’s lovesick swooning and easy embarrassment, so no worries. Sometimes I think I’m taking cues from Matsuda of Death Note for Jasper.

Ranshiin sunnyside

Fumbling for words, Jasper blubbered out something incoherent before he finally spoke. “No! I—I mean, I didn’t know they were a woman’s—yours, I mean, you’re the woman—it’s just…”

It finally dawned on him that he was rambling and that Phoenix was joking, and he allowed himself to laugh, although sheepishly. As his mind gained traction, however, he begin to notice the towel and the fragrance of her lovely, damp hair, and it suddenly felt like his heart was doing calisthenics in his throat.

He spoke, hoping his voice wasn’t as unsteady as it felt. “Yeah, I thought we could walk together. If that’s okay, of course.” The last line was an uncomfortable one to end on for Jasper, so he quickly added, “They’ve got breakfast there for us, I believe.” He turned to pick up his dirty clothes against the wall, both to take them with him and to purposely divert his eyes.

06-24-2015, 03:06 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

”Eh … fine.” Shi’ran shrugged and mumbled at the command the small dog gave him and he took his bundle of dirty clothes along with his Hoverboard and followed Shar out of the room. He noticed how Jasper wasn’t even ready when Shar instructed him to follow and Phoenix had barely gotten out of bed and was quick to abscond into the shower once he’d been done with it. He didn’t say anything though; if anything he was a little relieved that he was going to the airship by himself … a few minutes to himself, at the least.

A shame though; he missed seeing Phoenix-clad-in-a-towel, and Jasper’s response. He wouldn’t be able to tease them for it.

It was a bit windy when he got to the roof of the Tower with Shar; the wind blew his hair and clothes about and made it initially hard for him to observe this large, canoe-shaped object that he was led to. He’d expected it to be larger … it looked like it’d tip over if he sat in it. It was probably only made to carry a handful of people …… didn’t look like any sort of ship he’d seen before either. Definitely not a Magitek one. Celestial, perhaps?

”… So-uh … where do I sit? Where’s the food?” He asked after a few moments of standing alongside the mooring, otherwise quietly inspecting this vessel. ”And what about those two? You’re probably gonna have to go back so they don’t get lost, aren’t you?” He then turned and peered down at the small dog, a brow raising in suggestion that … well, perhaps he was best off being shown inside and then Shar go find the two stooges from downstairs.

06-24-2015, 03:23 PM
OOC: ELR I hear that! I lived with my cousin for a year and she didn't like putting clothes on until she had to haha! I was used to it, but my best friend, whom I shared a room with, was a little freaked out at first. Didn't take long for us to fall into the habit haha! Cross Avantgarde I definitely see it XD sunnyside Ranshiin

Jasper was making it increasingly difficult to hold in her laughter. She couldn't remember the last time she had enjoyed being around an individual this much. Usually, she was surrounded by a group of people. When she spent with one person, it usually meant it would lead to something or she was making some kind of trade. Being with Jasper didn't make her feel obligated to offer anything. She didn't feel the need to bring something to the table. He was such a genuine person. It was a trait she mostly saw in children. His innocence almost made her fear coming too close. Along with the pleasant feeling of being around him, she'd never felt that she could taint someone just by being with them. It was a minuscule worry that she was afraid would grow over time.

"I'd really love that. Just let me slip into this posthaste. I'll be right out." She said, smiling, and walked back into the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and leaned on it. There was a part of her that wanted to allow herself to feel guilty about the whole thing, but the louder part told her to be true to herself and do what she pleased as she always had. Only, Jasper was a completely different variable from what she was used to. Her head hit the door with a soft thump. She decided she'd have to brush it off until she had to deal with it. They'd only just met after all. He may find that he was just caught up in her flirty attitude. She sighed heavily. That was new. She normally never thought about anything in such a negative light, nor did she sigh. Sighing meant you were troubled, yet her life was perfectly fine.

Realizing she had dallied for too long, she dressed quickly and grabbed her clothes. Comfortable. Tying the veil to her hips for the moment, she ran back to the bedroom to grab her satchel and stuffed the dirt ones inside. Finally, she returned to where Jasper stood waiting. His presence helped soothe out her uneasiness. She smiled at him and unconsciously tucked one side of her hair behind her ear.

"Thank you for waiting. Shall we?" With that, she just started walking. Not that she knew where she was going. "What exactly are we going on this ship for anyway? I think I may have missed something amidst all of the excitement yesterday."

Cross Avantgarde
06-24-2015, 05:09 PM
sunnyside Ranshiin ~Shobu~

Jasper was unsure if the bumps he heard were coming from Y’sar’s room or from the bathroom where Phoenix was. It sounded like everything was okay, however, so he just walked over to his workman’s belt, snapped it on, and shifted his dirty clothes under his right arm. When Phoenix came out of the bathroom and then the bedroom, Jasper quickly realized how right he was that she would look ravishing in the clothes. The smile and movement of her hair behind her ear only accentuated this impression.

“Yeah, we shall,” he replied. Shall? He’d never spoken like that in his life. The pragmatic Magitek were never ones to look to for floral language, and though most wouldn’t consider “shall” to be elevated speech, to the Magitek it would have an elegant ring. Was he being fake for the sake of impressing her? A tinge of guilt arose in him. And the juxtaposition of the word with “yeah” sounded off to him as well. Why couldn’t he just be himself?

“I’m not sure where we’re going, but the part about picking up some essential materials caught my attention. Sorry, I think I tuned in on that above the rest of it.” Good, that was a bit more authentic.

Y’sar, Jasper thought, was still in his room, and while he wasn’t sure if Y’sar would join them, he was certain Y’sar knew the way.

“Truthfully, I’m not sure of the way. But they went down this hall.” As they walked together Jasper knew he should say something, but had no idea what. Perhaps, he thought, he shouldn’t try so hard and just act natural. Easier said than done, to be sure, but just as the thought occurred to him they approached one of the spike-like structures of the tower and the airship came right into view. He would’ve been crestfallen that the walk was so short, but the scene before him was amazing.

Jasper gawked, and again had no idea what to say. The function of the craft was obvious, but he’d never seen an airship quite like this. It was sleeker and less “busy” than a usual Magitek aircraft, which had just about every bell and whistle one could imagine, along with a whole host of problems that could happen with one wrong reaction or command. How did this thing even maneuver through the air?

As his wonderment ebbed, he caught sight of Shi’ran near the mooring. He took a few steps toward him and stopped. Shi’ran seemed to like his space so Jasper, in an attempt to be culturally aware for once, tried to provide it. “Morning!” he said a little too excitedly.

He looked at Shi’ran’s new clothes and smiled. “Wow…looks well tailored.” It was a lame response, Jasper thought, but he meant it. He looked over at Phoenix. Yep, it was still difficult to keep the gaze.

“Shi’ran, have you ever ridden on one of these?” he asked curiously. Embarrassingly, Jasper hadn’t. He had plenty of friends who had, some of whom were missing digits from explosions that happened on board and even one who had perished in such a mishap, but the Baire family wasn’t adept at making airships, especially not like this one.

06-24-2015, 11:19 PM
Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

Shar opened up one of the three hatches on the top of the ship. It looks like two of them go into a central seating area that's a little less than ten feet by six feet by six feet. Not exactly a ship for hauling a large crew. The third "hatch" if for a pilot house that sticks up over the rest of the ship a little with a bunch of portholes that would allow for an all around field of view.

As Shar opens the hatch an array of smells come out from the pastries, sausages, fruits, and cheeses that had recently been delivered. Inside they're all placed across the middle bench of the three in the central seating area.

After Shi'ran speaks Shar gives him an odd look for a bit and then finally says "Yes, perhaps I'd better go get them" He leaves Shi'ran alone with the ship (OOC: Though obviously Shi'ran doesn't have long before Shar bumps right into them and they are all back)



Kershaw slowly becomes aware that she's making a scene and is being whispered about by all the other passengers on the train.

She sits down demurely though still near Sam. She spends a while petting the snake to calm herself down a bit.

Eventually she says "I mean can you smell using your tongue. I mean smell way more precisely or over a wider range of molecules or something."

She eye's around the train and goes back to petting the snake.

06-25-2015, 10:06 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Shi’ran didn’t bother to say anything back to Shar and he just watched the small dog go off to go fetch the two others, then within moments he turned back to the airship and stepped right up to it. Being alone meant that his expressions weren’t seen by anybody else as he started to examine the vessel – going as far as to start tapping the hull with his knuckles and pushing and tugging at the things that extruded from its sides that pertained to be some sort of mobile bodywork of some variety. No, he wasn’t going to break it … but had Shar not come back so soon it might have happened by accident.

That was quick… He mused after turning to peer down at the dog, then at the two other students that he had to go with for this journey. He thought again whether he was really doing the right thing but … the lesser of two evils, as he’d ascertained before. Phoenix was yet to say anything to him so he didn’t say a thing back, but Jasper seemed awfully chipper and the way the Magitek lad greeted him made him quirk a frown and look a little bemused. The comment on his clothing – utilitarian at best and what he hadn’t bothered putting more thought into beside whether they fit – caused the frown to deepen; the well-meant comment came across as somewhat sarcastic to him.

Then he got asked if he’d ever ridden an airship before. That was a better question, and one that stopped him from frowning or snarling or doing something that Shar might berate him for. ‘dragon-play’, as he remembered Sefton terming his behaviour. Pfeh. ”… Not … one particularly like this, no. But I have been on an airship before a few times … I came here from a predominantly Magitek-run city so, I’ve kinda had to at some points …

… It doesn’t look very safe, it’s not very big and-…” Pause, he thumped (albeit lightly) the hull with the side of a fist. ”…-it sounds like it’s made out of cardboard or something. But if it’s moored here then I guess I must just be being paranoid, huh? Doesn’t even look like it has any defense from ground-attacks…”

He turned his eye back to what he was making out to be a ‘flimsy-looking’ vessel; maybe inwardly he was trying to frighten Jasper and Phoenix into thinking-through their choices and deciding not to come with him… but he knew that it wouldn’t work.

06-25-2015, 11:27 AM

OOC: Seraphim requested a bit of help jumping back in, hence this post.

Elise cased out the Therian tower for a while. However eventually the smell of food encourage her to approach. While worried about some sort of trouble from Juggernaut, it becomes apparent that there isn't any real security at the Therian tower. No sentries or authority figures that might be looking for her, and no sign of Juggernaut or any other Chakat in any case. Perhaps there would be trouble if an obvious Bushi or Netherkin wandered in, but it seems that food has just been set out in an opening hall area for the new students.

She didn't know how Eira was doing as far as getting food went, but Carolus, Anna, Juanita, and the others would be waiting on someone to bring something back at the woods.

06-25-2015, 02:40 PM
sunnyside just figuring it out, does not mean those names are only options. Just keep laughing when i look at the name Kershaw used. xD Snuggles!

He saw she looked embarrassed and upset so he slide down the wall, hurting himself slightly but refused to let it show, and rubbed lightly under the snakes chin. "Well, let me see if I can explain it." Swallowing, he focused his thoughts in a simpler form, technical terms may confuse her more. "Do you know how when food goes in the mouth that you can taste the food? I take the taste of the air and once it is in my mouth-" he opened his mouth and pointed to the roof of his mouth. "-and smell it that way."

He picked his friends upper part up and it uncurled from around Kershaw and nuzzled against him. "Say awww!" And it opened its mouth wide and pointed to the roof of its mouth to show all its odd nitches. "You could say it's 'nostrils' are right here." Then it closed its mouth and moved back over to Kershaw, only moved over her clothes and did not wrap around, laying on her lap. "The 'nostrils' are connected to nerve endings that are connected to the brain. My smell is average like this."

Flicking my tongue out, could taste an awful smell that was only a small whiff. Ignoring the smell, he focused on his explanation. "But if he does it, or if I was a snake like figure, it would be intensified. Not only is it taste but also the smell, and the mixture together makes it useful, especially since we can't separate them. It is also great since we have poor eyesight." At this point, he flushed and averted his eyes. Giving more info than he should have, upset that his liking of info went in reverse far more than he had wished. Just like he almost told her about his brother.

"So... Snuggles?" Thinking very slowly, his mind reviewed names people considered for his people. "Sharanya? Ceres? Shey? Cedric?" Then he had a small chuckle off of a name that was way off the walls. "Apollo? Many names are possible."

With a sigh, he laid his head back and closed his eyes. Boy, was he tired.

Cross Avantgarde Things are set in place *salutes* xP
~Shobu~ Really? To make it a daily habit seems odd, you mean people do shower every day instead of every other day? And here I thought it was a myth.
rashiin Wonder how Shi'ran will handle the slave collar.

She was shook but did not awaken, she heard a noise from a distance but was too tired to care, something pattering above her.

But that was until someone dragged her by her foot into a small thing of water, the pattering becomes less and rain drops hit her face.

She quickly scurried out of the rain and wiped her face quickly to see Hanze smirking at her.

"I'm up, I'll get ready." She breathed out.

"That's better, they should be arriving within the hour."

He helped Skyla up and walked back to where he could see the skies while Skyla grabbed her bag and dried off. She picked up her white top and dug through the rest for her blue jacket, jean capris, and her string and started dressing. She hoped that whatever they were after that it would not mean any damage to people.

For a safety precaution, she pulled out the last of her herbs and placed them on the inside jacket pocket and pulled her hair back and began to tie it back. If it got in the way she would be lectured for hours.

Skimro walked by with a strange object in his hands but did not seem to notice her. He picked up one of the many buckets that was in the rain and carried it back before realizing she was watching him.

He dipped his head low and smiled nervously, too much dirt on his face to tell if he was blushing or not. "Did not pay aaattention, sorry." His stammer arising once more.

Quickly running over, I picked the bucket up for him. "It is fine." Her smile was real. "I'll take this for you." She walked behind him and put it on the small fire that was set up on a metal place she assumed they had found somewhere.

"Are you sure he is not coming?" She could hear Hanze's voice raise slightly. The other voice was too light to hear it completely. "Well, guess this means I did not bring the wrong stuff then, but will be a bummer not to see him." A bird flew out of the broken down house they sat in and sat upon a hanging bar. "I have tea for Y'sar and special found bones for Shar, though they are most definitely not the kind he prefers."

Sone could be seen backing out of the house, smiling, paper in hand. "Well, as long as Y'sar keeps his promise of sausage and eggs, love me some. If not then I get his tea!"

Leopold exited right after Sone. "Not if I get to it first!"

Hanze followed suit, a smile on his face, his kindness spreading throughout everyone like a wildfire. "Too late, I got it."

Sone attached the paper to the bird and tossed it out into the rain, only, it stopped raining as soon as it took flight. "No fair!" He spun around and went around behind Hanze, it was like he was dancing without music. "You could share!"

"Yes, I don't know about that."

"I wonder..." Skimro mumbled to himself. Skyla put her full attention onto him and watched as he opened the object and it made images in front of him, a man and woman, then another person, all could obviously be seen as Magiteks.

"Wonder what?" She asked, sitting next to him as he closed it up.

"Nothing!" He shoved it into his jacket quickly and looked the other way.

Slowly, she pulled his face back towards hers and said soothingly, "You can talk to me about it, I am a good listener."

He pulled it back out and opened it. The object reminded me of my necklace only with lasers inside. "It is the three most amazing people I had ever known before meeting those two." His smile was huge. "Don't regret any decision, just wish I could see them again. Those two-" He pointed at the elder two looking magiteks, "-are my parents, raised me right, taught me evrything." He took a deep breath and took it in, then looked over at the boy in the picture. "This was the closest person I knew to as what most would call a best friend. Have something for him but wont show anyone til I see him again." He patted his pocket and exhaled. "Kind of hard to though."

"Hard to what?"

"Keep hoping to see him again."

06-25-2015, 04:10 PM
OOC: sunnyside, Luka Megurine, sorry for the extremely long absence the finals were a drag but they ae finally over and done with so I'll be posting a lot more now, I'll try and do something to let Luka and I meet :p
"So, what about your thing? Spying on ladies maybe? Hmmm?" Hugh said. While recovering from throwing up, Alcazar laughs at Hugh's remark and thinks about what to say. He stands up straight again and says: 'Who knows?' with a smile 'I have a lot of things that keep me going and some pretty ladies accompanying me is never a bad thing.'

He then looks at Gertrude who's wrapped up in her blanket, Alcazar coudln't stop thinking what a weird girl she is but he'd figure her out sooner or later. He was glad that most of the 'netherkin' or whatever they were, were gone, same goes for the celestials and tech mages. After all that happened Alcazar wanted to relax for a bit.
'I think I'll calm the mood a bit.' He says looking at Hugh as he starts playing a nice, soothing beat on his saxophone.

Clockwork Bird
06-26-2015, 11:09 AM
Elisé realizes just how hungry she is when she starts salivating without realizing so. She quickly sniffs around to identify where the smell of the food was coming from. She quickly identified a room from which the smell was coming. It was the towers kitchen, just finishing preparing a meal for the students. She quickly runs in and takes some food that seems unneeded. Apologizing quickly, she runs out of the tower. She looks around trying to decide what to do next. Was Eira coming back or should she take the food back to the wolves?

Cross Avantgarde
06-26-2015, 05:03 PM
OOCELR: Nicely done!

~Shobu~ Ranshiin sunnyside

Jasper was oblivious to the fact that Shar had been sent to retrieve Phoenix and himself, but when he ran into him he was grateful that he was coming along. Or was he? Perhaps Shar was just sending them off?

Jasper looked as Shi’ran gestured to the airship. Was it really as unsafe as he made it out to be? Shi’ran would know more about their inner workings than himself, particularly since Jasper had never even been on one. That was curious in itself. Shi’ran came from a Magitek-run city? Jasper wanted to ask him more about that, but that would probably have to wait until later given their itinerary.

“You…you really think it’s unsafe?” Jasper felt himself swallow in nervousness. Looking at the airship again, however, his sense of wonder slightly overpowered his apprehension.

The smell of breakfast wafted towards them. Was it on the ship or somewhere else? Should they go ahead and board?

06-27-2015, 02:30 AM
OOC: ELR Well you don't have to bathe daily to be neked lol. My cousin was a prime example. sunnyside Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde

Phoenix was a tad disappointed that their bit of alone time was cut short but at the same time she was glad to have distractions. Although, she wondered what they were going to do on this airship. She had only ever seen them from the ground and they were typically few and far between. When she saw Shar coming towards them, she reflexively bent down and scratched him behind the ears, but quickly realized what she was doing and shot up to her feet.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry, Shar! That was so rude of me! I forgot you're not a normal dog." Her face was beet red.

OOC: Short but I'll let Shar reply before I move her to the hangar

06-27-2015, 10:08 PM
ThatOneBelgianGuy \Seraphim

OOC: I've shot Luka a PM for you two. She seems to be lurking around AF. Anyway I'll give her maybe a couple days to respond, and then get things rolling with you regardless. How does that sound?


Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

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Though he rather froze in place when Phoenix touched him, Shar was quite startled by it. He steps away and cleared his throat awkwardly. His thoughts briefly flitted back to the bones he so enjoyed getting from Sefton. However Sefton was busy fighting for his life, and Shar decided he wasn't about to request a thrown bone from anybody else. With something approaching power of attorney Shar could get all the bones he wanted, though that seemed a bit hallow. Plus, they wouldn't be interesting ones...

Shar shock his head and snapped back to reality and decided dealing with the situation was the best solution to that line of observation. "I assure you it's the magitek airships that are dangerous. It's true that this one is relatively small and light. But you know what? It. Works. No hiccups, no twisting a thousand gauges and hoping it works, no putting out fires. It requires a great deal of magical charging and the sort of quality control only Pactmakers can really manage the focus and processes for.

It's a fair observation that it isn't heavily armed though. This is a Cloudclipper class vessel and it's defense, and value, is speed and altitude. It'll get us there, fast, and almost certainly unmolested. Speaking of which the flight should be smooth enough to eat during, if you'll get inside."

At that a voice from the other side of the ship says "We're you thinking of going to Tierce without me Shar? "

Shar lets out a sigh. "Of course not Voth, though if you were too tardy I'd have expected you had decided to shadow walk there instead of coming with us. "

A Netherkin steps around the ship a grey hooded cloak hiding most of his form, and reducing his gear to a number of bumps and bulges.

Shi'ran recognizes him from before, he was in Sefton's quarters when the cloud came out of him, something about him being supposed to come along and provide security. Voth eyes the other two students with his grey eyes on an ashen face, almost hungrily. "It looks like you have been changing up the rooster Shar. Did the others get cold feet?"

Shar casually says "Well you know students, classes and schedules and everything. And since when did you get so talkative? In any case are you getting in? We have breakfast. By the way those are Jasper and Phoenix. Jasper and Phoenix, this is Voth a school guard who is coming along just to make sure you're safe."



Kershaw does a lot of staring at the snakes mouth, craning her head around at weird angles to try and see the features Sam is pointing out. "I think that could maybe really helpful around chemical reactions. "

As she takes the snake back she says "Hmm. Maybe we can workshop the name." Sam can tell she's a little tired too...or maybe also trying to be reserved on the train of inquiring eyes. It occurs to Sam that, as this train is heading to the Magitek tower, and the train is a magitek creation, he's the only person here who isn't a tech mage or some sort of technician. Luckily people seem too wary or tired to give him a harder time than just staring.

For her part Kershaw seems willing to sit in silence for a while as the Magitek tower approaches.

06-28-2015, 01:12 AM
OOC: Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde sunnyside

Phoenix didn't know how to feel about Shar's lack of a response to her apology. She decided not to make it any more awkward than it already was. It'd been only but a day since her arrival and she was already experiencing so many emotions she wasn't accustomed to. Perhaps because this was the first time she'd ever truly felt the need for so much self restraint. She was never the type to pry into the emotions of other people unless necessary but she didn't need to use her abilities to know that something was unusual about Shar's attitude towards her, even from the start. He was kind of course, but it seemed a bit strained. At least the people that hated her in the cities were upfront about their feelings. Almost like he didn't know how to speak to her. She sighed inwardly and walked over to stand beside Jasper, trying to not to show her discomfort on her face, which, for a Wanderluster, was a feat of its own.

The guard, Voth, made her nervous. Why did they need a trained professional to escort them? Her earlier doubts about the school trickled back into her head, but she cast them away. She didn't know for sure what she was getting into when she first about the school, only that it united all the cultures in one area. That alone called for some trouble. She should have guessed it would have been dangerous. The journey to peace never is.

Shar was persistent about herding them onto the ship so she took the initiative and boarded the aircraft. She was starving and her curiosity overshadowed her confusion about what they were doing exactly. She'd never been in an aircraft on any kind so all the talk of it looking unsafe completely went over her head. It was frowned upon in her culture to indulge in technology of any sort. Just another reason she had left because she did want to experience this sort of thing without being chastised by elders and such.

Cross Avantgarde
06-28-2015, 06:39 PM
sunnyside ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

It was evident that Shar seemed taken aback, but not apparently in an offended way, by Phoenix’s petting, but it was much less evident that Phoenix was bothered when she came back to stand near Jasper. Despite this, Jasper was almost certain that something had changed a bit in her temperament, though it was hard to pinpoint and even harder to put into words. Her face just didn’t seem to be touched by the same cheerful and lighthearted mannerisms that Jasper had so frequently seen. When Phoenix walked onto the airship, Jasper worried that she might be upset, though he was unsure as to the degree. Just as he was about to turn and follow her, he looked back at Voth and nodded.

“Nice to meet you, Voth.” The introduction seemed stilted, but he didn’t provide his name due to the fact that Shar had already done that for him. Though Jasper would have otherwise been relieved to hear about added security on this trip, he simply couldn’t shake the odd feeling that came from Voth’s uneasy stare. Something about his grey eyes—or was it his composure?—unsettled Jasper.

What culture did Voth belong to? There were going to be other Wanderlusters present, Jasper remembered Shar saying, but this man did not possess the same jovial, sanguine characteristics as Phoenix. Perhaps Jasper was stereotyping? Was it wrong to think that Wanderlusters had to all be like Phoenix?

Shar said they were going to Tierce. That name was familiar, and he knew he’d heard about it, but he had never been there. Jasper began to walk to the airship. “Cloudclipper,” he said rather quietly to himself. “Nice name. Inspired.”

He walked a few more paces.

What was the deal with the others backing out of this trip?

He walked on, coming within a few meters of the entrance. He stopped and looked back the way he had come.

What had happened to Elise? It had been some time since had seen her, and the first and only time he’d met her she seemed to be in trouble with a school official. Would it be even longer before that question was answered now that he was leaving? He entered the airship with that thought.

06-28-2015, 11:14 PM
He took an extra big deep breathe, then huffed it out quickly. "Maybe, but if the smell was too strong then we would gag on it feeling as if we were dying, but it would not kill us any quicker than anyone else."

His eyes fluttering open, he realization came to terms of being the outcast. Though a thought came to mind to point out what he meant, he would rather not embarrass the poor girl.

"Workshop the name? As in creating it anew? Hmm.." After pondering about it, he smiled. "Fine."

Luka Megurine
06-28-2015, 11:59 PM
Eira wiped the sweat that had accumulated on her brow. She tensed in front of the Celestial building, trying to internalize any cracks in her façade. She took a deep breath and walked, food wrapped in her ratty jacket for the wolves in the forest. All she had to do was get to Elise and hand it to her. She took a few steps forward before her ears picked up on a familiar sound that diverted her thoughts to her musical mind. She wandered toward the sound until she reached its source: A saxophonist. While her face didn't change, her eyes lit up like the sun. Music was her whole world and he was producing it.

"That piece..whatever it may be..it's so beautiful. I can't- I don't kno-" She stumbled to find the right words. "It's just beautiful." Her eyes were centered on the saxophone not the player. To her, the instrument was much more important than the person. She couldn't be bothered to learn musicians: only compositions and notes. Her periphery revealed the glaring look of the saxophonist's companions. She was taken aback and simply took a step toward the path she was headed. "Forgive me. I didn't mean to intrude..I should go." Eira turned on the balls of her feet and headed toward the Therian dormitory. She scolded herself for talking to another stranger. She didn't need people nor did she trust them anymore. She simply wanted to help some starving wolves just as her culture had taught her. She found Elise's visage with her eyes and gave a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry, Elise. I was caught up in something and I couldn't get out of it any sooner." Guilt pains hit her gut in a way she wished it wouldn't. She was allowed to lie, she didn't live where she used to anymore. "They must have lost faith in us. Perhaps we should hurry there now."

Clockwork Bird
06-29-2015, 06:41 AM
OCC: This is making me hungry.
Just as Elisé was trying to decide whether to wait for Eira or not, she appeared out of no where. It actually rather scared Elisé and she growled softly. "Its okay, I didnt wait long" She said, trying to draw attention away from her outburst. "Ride me again" She said while changing to her wolf from. "We need to get back to them as soon as possible". She looked into the starry sky. She wondered what had happened to the other group, especially Jasper and Phoenix. For a second it looked like one of the stars was moving, looking a little like an airship.

06-29-2015, 11:55 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

”… Unsafe? Probably. Like I said, but, I’m going anyway whe--…”

Shi’ran only managed to half-answer the nervous-looking Magitek kid when a yelp from Phoenix cut him off … probably for the best. Instead of giving Jasper a full answer he ended up looking across to Phoenix and Shar, but whatever had happened between them he didn’t say anything about even though he wondered. Had she tried to do something and the dog had bitten her?

… He found that thought somewhat amusing, and whilst apologies went everywhere he chuckled to himself and then followed it with a sigh. Then, he found Shar answering what he’d wondered about the canoe-like ship and what Jasper was worried about. … A Cloudclipper? No wonder it looked so flimsy. It was designed to fly so high that it didn’t need to defend itself from ground-attacks…

And then, another person intruded. Shi’ran recognised him as being from Sefton’s room … a Netherkin or something, right? He saw Phoenix seem to get nervous or something as did Jasper but he remained rather steadfast since he recognised the strange tower of a man and didn’t feel particularly threatened. Instead, as Shar introduced the ‘newcomer’ to the two others he was with, the dragon-Therian just turned away – lost interest – and made his way inside the canoe-shaped vessel so he could have first dibs at a seat …… and first-dibs at the food.

Like Shar had said, the food – pastries and cheese and whatnot else – was laid out in the centre of the internal room. Shi’ran let the rest of the people there talk and bicker as necessary and he proceeded to clamber down through the hatch that Shar had opened earlier, slouch – because he was far, far too tall for the room – and manoeuvre his way to one corner of the food-bench whereupon he set down his Hoverboard, his ball of dirty-laundry and then sat himself on a bench with a loud creak. Even before the others followed suit he had taken some of the food – sausage rolls and pastries primarily – and was chowing rather noisily without being told he could eat. He wasn’t going to wait around for the thing to get moving.

(( Impatient dragon is impatient heh. ))

06-29-2015, 06:46 PM
Juggeraut made a detour as shi was heading back to the Netherkin tower. Shi stopped where Hir and Fefe's Club was going to be built. Shi looked at the blue prints they had agreed on. Shi then began working on it with others who were willing to work with hir and make the place looking how shi was instructing them to. Shi then began to work with a magitech on building the dj player/sound record player; was going into a specific upper room. Shi was going to control the music and lighting when the club made its big opening debut. Shi had a disco ball with lights that would shine on it when the ball came out of the center of the ceiling and until needed was store away from view by a automatic storage area. Other magic tech' were doing the wiring for the club including the setting up of the floor lights and disco ball. Also the wiring for the main wall lights would be done but the wall paper would be Fefe's choice. They had agreed upon have some acholic drinks but most in the club would be Non-acholic drinks. The bar was looking beautiful it was being made out of pure oak wood and there was enough space for two taurs to have enough space to get about easy. There was going to be eight stool's near the bar top. Red couch seats were going to be near the tables big enough to hold eight per table. The dance floor was thirty by thirty. The tile were also made to change if there was any special songs playing or events going on. The upper room would have a two window facing the dance floor and the mic hooked up to the loud speakers that the music would come out of. It would be surround sound speakers. It was also a Cafe too. Shi had them take turns asking hir questions and shi answwered or showed them what shi visioned if they didn't get it right. If they had issues shi dealt with them and worked with them to build the club. Those who helped were just as excited as shi was cause that meant they'd have a place to hang out and relax or could come to dance if they wanted to. They'd also have people doing celebrations at their club, and they'd also have a bouncer there to deal with any trouble makers.

Juggernaut then told them shi was going to make a call to a friend and shi would be back in a bit. Shi went out a ways so shi could call for Fefe. 'Fefe come in this is Juggernaut talking. Our club is underway on being built. What decor and wall paper would you like to see in our club hmm?'

06-30-2015, 11:50 AM
Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~

As everyone board the ship, Voth seems to run out of things to say. He looks down into the crowded passenger cabin and awkwardly stops. His face looks a little more downcast and his face seems to subtly change physically. Becoming a bit less...defined, a bit more like a blurred painting of somebody than a normal person. He then joins Y'sar in the pilot house. Just his boots being visible looking up the small stairs that connect the pilot house with the rear of the passenger cabin.

Inside the cabin Phoenix finds herself sandwiched between Jasper and Shar on the rear bench, with the food taking up the center bench and Shi'ran and his hoverboard pretty well taking over the forward bench. At least while seated the almost six feet between the floor and ceiling could allow him to be reasonably comfortable, unless he wanted to stand up or stretch.

Shar says "Alright Y'sar nice and smooth. A red light emanates from between and to the sides of the slats of the little staircase. Rows of identical crystals in metal racks with wirelike copperwork running between them glow and lightly hum, giving off some heat as well. There is a sound of air moving through the ductwork on the rear portions of the craft, through the portholes on the sides, tan batlike wings can be seen spreading out to the sides of the hull, and soon it slides away from its moorings. At first it is going as much down as it is forward, but as it builds up speed it swoops forward and stops dropping and then begins smoothly gaining altitude.

Outside the school starts to recede in the distance, followed by the patch of green being developed by the Therians outside the school, and then the wastelands begin. The colors all dark blacks, greys, and reds depending on the types of rock or mostly barren soil present.



Kershaw allows the pair to sit in silence for a while. The other tech mages start back up with their own conversations or just sit. As the train stops and people get off Kershaw seems willing to talk again. She says.

"Well, I meant more that we'd try and number of things and see what it responded to. Though is it sentient, very animalistic, or more of an extension of yourself? Anyway come on! I want to show you my lab!"

She pulls Sam along about as fast as he'll tolerate into the magitek tower. As he enters Sam at first feels he's the only person here who isn't a tech mage, however fairly soon he spots a number of people who are presumably servants, all manner of biological and even some partially mechanical beings, and then some collared Therians. It occurs to him that the reason the may not have been challenged or bothered on entering a different tower is that everybody just assumes he works for Kershaw...or maybe they're just really preoccupied and don't care?

Either way he's soon led to a staircase winding down into some sort of sublevel in the tower.


OOC: While characters could just post that they'd spent some time discussing plans and agreeing on something without having to actually hammer out all the details explicitly in posts, I'm pretty sure you and Shobu never made such a post. Also not much time as past. I'd suggest going with an existing building that isn't in use (there are a fair number) and have the flavor of the post being something that Juggernaut thinks FeFe would like.

Also, while I like the idea of communication I don't believe she has a mode of doing that, perhaps in the near future your character could spend some time trying to improve their empathy to a phone call like telepathy.

Nice to see you back though. :)

06-30-2015, 11:52 PM

OOC: While characters could just post that they'd spent some time discussing plans and agreeing on something without having to actually hammer out all the details explicitly in posts, I'm pretty sure you and Shobu never made such a post. Also not much time as past. I'd suggest going with an existing building that isn't in use (there are a fair number) and have the flavor of the post being something that Juggernaut thinks FeFe would like.

Also, while I like the idea of communication I don't believe she has a mode of doing that, perhaps in the near future your character could spend some time trying to improve their empathy to a phone call like telepathy.

Nice to see you back though. :)[/QUOTE]

sunnyside OOC: I did make it one where there wasn't anyone using it and we did plan it Shobu's character Fefe I think was Phoenix right and Juggernaut planned the club together but did not decide yet on the decor or wall lightens. So What Juggernaut's partner wants for decor she's going to get along with the lighting of the walls near the table's. Also I made it that way with the drinks so it could work and be acceptable.
Though what the bar actually contains will be talked in pm between us. Not to mention all Chakat's have Telepathy and Empathy but some are more stronger and each has a rating on what their capable of with the rankings. Juggernaut planned it out with Phoenix when shi had a lot of people dancing off to the side of the stage in the past. Shi gave Phoenix food and drink and they got a plan going.

Cross Avantgarde
07-01-2015, 07:49 PM
OOC: ~Shobu~ sunnyside Ranshiin

Shi’ran was already eating, so Jasper took a few items that were available for breakfast and, noting their sweetness, allowed himself to sit more relaxed on the bench. He was conscious of not taking up too much space, however, for Phoenix was right beside him. He had placed his dirty clothes near his feet, and he hoped his workman’s belt wasn’t jabbing its crude, rough sides into her hip. He shuffled over a bit to avoid this, but not too much.

He surprised himself by having much more of an appetite than he had had the whole time since arriving at the school. Odd, he had just arrived and now he was disembarking yet again. When the airship took flight, Jasper’s heart went aflutter. What a marvelous invention. His friends who weren’t lucky enough to work in airship hangars would be so envious.

From what Shar had said, Y’sar was piloting. Jasper was unsure of where Voth was, however. As he became more focused on the fact that Phoenix was beside him, it suddenly became harder to eat. Nothing was slowing down Shi’ran, however, and that emboldened him to eat a bit more.

07-02-2015, 11:20 AM
Not to mention all Chakat's have Telepathy and Empathy but some are more stronger and each has a rating on what their capable of with the rankings. Juggernaut planned it out with Phoenix when shi had a lot of people dancing off to the side of the stage in the past. Shi gave Phoenix food and drink and they got a plan going.

OOC: I actually looked up Chakat's as a courtesy and while Empathy is their thing, telepathy is still rare, and in any case you'd have had to have purchased the ability with point. Looking back you relied upon a roommate of Juggernauts for telepathic needs, and that could be an option again. We're close to having players dip into their reserves some, and this indicates that's an area where Juggernaut may want to have put some effort and experienced some personal growth.

And you had discussed a club, just careful with overstating. I don't want to leave ~Shobu~ confused, so how about lets go with what I'll write below OK? Also perhaps consider fleshing out your roommate in another post.


After all the events Juggernaut was finally feeling a more positive vibe coming at hir through hir empathy. For much of the day things had either just been tense, or people felt negatively about hir. But among those volunteering to help put together the dance hall they all seemed to feel warmly toward Juggernaut.

Except possibly a pair of simply attired celestials that were standing around. If Juggernaut asked, she'd find out that the Celestials were ultimately footing many of the costs associated with the school and projects like this. While supportive, they couldn't entirely contain their apprehension about a "club."

On request, Juggernauts roommate attempted to contact Phoenix, having met her earlier at the dance. (OOC: I'm pretty sure about that). They transmit "Hey Phoenix, I'm Juggernauts roommate, you might remember me from earlier. Anyway Shi's working on furnishing a dance club like you'd discussed! Shi wants to keep you included in the process and would like to know what decor and wall paper you might like."

As they wait for Pheonix's response, they say to Juggernaut "I think I'm about to lose the ability to contact her, it feels like she's moving away fast. "

Luka Megurine
07-02-2015, 11:54 AM
Eira gripped the jacket of food tightly. "I just hope they haven't been waiting for long. We wouldn't want to damage any trust we've garnered from them." She said before grabbing a tuft of Elise's fur. She gave her a sympathetic look before hoisting herself onto her back. She almost lost her balance due to the food she had in her hand and had to grip another tuft of fur to keep on. "Sorry. Not quite used to riding anything, I hope that didn't hurt you any." She placed the bundle of food between her thighs and wrapped her arms around Elise's neck. "Whenever you are ready."

(OOC: ughhh so short. Sorry about that.)

07-02-2015, 01:39 PM
'Huh?' It took Sam several minutes to figure out she had continued the conversation from before.

She brought up a very good point, though. He never thought about it in such a way, he only took it as it being him and that the end of it.

As they walked into the tower, his mind veered in several directions, no one stopping them. His mind FIRST went to thinking of the collared Therians he saw. His inner hatred beginning to boil up, then it cooled as he also considered them ignorant to their entrance or him her assistant of sorts. It was not uncommon thought to shove off, but not too far fetched to not be reasonable an option. Either those, or they did not really care, which was also plausible.

Then he tripped over the first step heading down into the tower, steadying himself before rolling them both down below. It seemed to grow slightly darker as they continued on, it reminded him of the meeting sanctuary where the elders of his village concocted his implant into the school.

"How about instinct?" He suggested.

Kershaw was extremely energetic, extroverted but introverted at the same time, impulsive, but, mostly, joyful. That is what she had shown him of her though, but he could feel there was more.

The collared Therians still bothered him, that was his reminder why he could not let his guard down too much. Starting when his mind got some real rest he would start setting up the first sabotage.

Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde

Skyla patted Skimro's head and smiled. "If you believe it, it will happen." She doubted those words but knew that they were true in some circumstances. "Want to talk about him? Them?"

"Like.. like.." He seemed to be looking for words. "OH! Like the first time me and him met?" His smile ached her heart, it was a look of longing, like the same longing she had to be with her mother physically instead of only spiritually.

"Yes, tell me about the first meet." She chuckled.

"It was the same day he helped me with my family's new invention. Was headed back from registration and was seeking out the assigned spot when he came running by an we ran right into each other. We both kept trying to get our words out for apologizes. He thought I was a female, it might have had to do with the fact I my mothers old work uniform to fit me, or the fact I had not gotten a topping done for a while."

"A topping?" That had been a new term from him she had not known.

"Oh! A tr-r-rimming? A res-s-styling? O-off the t-top?" One term after another he sputtered out.

"Oh, a cutting of your hair." Though she was still confused how that was similar to a topping. "Why topping?"

"Family trad-dition. The town had st-tyles and during change w-we get the tops of our h-hair to match them." His nerves were back, his stuttering remaining. "Had to correc-ct him. L-later he saw my tr-roubles and helped out. I owe him."

"He sounds like you, somewhat."

"He is, i think."

"Well, keep thinking of those memories, they are what keeps you closest to those people we love the most. I am going to see what my f... What Hanze needs me to do."

It was easier for her to say Hanze instead of father, it reminded her of her position and why she wore the collar. She needed that to stay fresh in her mind, never stale.

Her head lowered, not looking him in the eye, she smiled and asked, "Any other preparations needed before the guests arrive?"

His hand just barely touched the top of her head and he chuckled. "Make sure to bring over the fresh rain water and boil to clean it up, keep watch at the skies for anything that comes by, messenger bird, fliers, dark clouds. Also, if you hear anything from inside or below then warn us, we will have to go to drastic measures then since we aren't fully prepared." He raised her face up by her chin and looked her straight in the eye. "It will all be fine. I have a plan, I..." He let go of her chin and swallowed. "Report back to me when you are done with the water."

'Of course.' She closed her eyes and walked over to the buckets and carried them one by one. Her mind wandering to the strangers that were to arrive.

Then her mind veer to a sinking feeling, a feeling of not seeing her family for a while, a distance growing between them. Why?

Clockwork Bird
07-02-2015, 02:31 PM
Elise winces as Eira pulls on her fur but tries not to show it to cause the girl too much discomfort, she could already see how on edge Eira was. Instead, she made her big wolfy smile, although she feared it might have come across as more of a grimace.
"I think they will understand" She said slowly, "If anything this food should appease them". She gave a brief laugh before deciding on the direction and galloping off back into the woods towards the wolves.

OCC: Not much longer from me, until we get to the wolves and have some interactions with them through Sunny theres not much we can do :D

07-03-2015, 02:41 AM
OOC: sunnyside Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin Black-Cat0001

Phoenix's attention was drawn away from the ship as she sat down and it was immediately on the food. She wasn't sure when she was allowed to start eating. Whilst she pondered this, Shi'ran had already begun to dig in. She followed suit. She wasn't a fan of sweets but it was a thoughtful meal none-the-less. Jasper seemed like he trying to avoid sitting too close to her. She didn't even notice his belt at her side. During her travels, she would hitch rides that were much more packed than this.

The man in the cloak, Voth, as Shar had called him, was peculiar indeed. She wasn't positive, but did his face blur? He may have been there to ensure their safety but he didn't give off the best first impression. Perhaps she should give him another chance. Her policy did require a person to truly give her a reason to distrust them. He just looked scary. Not enough reason to distrust the man.

No one was talking. She didn't know what to say herself so she kept quiet. As the ship hummed to life and began it's departure, Phoenix craned her neck to look out. This feeling of flight was different from that of Shi'ran's hoverboard. This was much higher than she was able to go on his board and much, much faster. She'd only ever spotted these things flying overhead from the ground so being in one was thrilling. She wondered how it worked.

Suddenly, she heard a faint voice come from somewhere, calling her name. "What?" she said aloud. Anything that came after was lost to her.

07-03-2015, 12:47 PM
Clockwork Bird and Luka Megurine

As the two approach where the wolves had been they find that only Anna and Juanita are there. (OOC: Anna being the one who looks almost like a normal female wolf, and Juanita is brown werewolf in a brown tattered dress).

Juanita waves as they approach and Anna comes over and smells all the food. "Mmmmm that smells wonderful! Thanks you! Follow us we'll take you to the others. While you were gone we've been scouting the area, we thing we found a place that might suit us well, though we don't entirely understand it."

Anna then starts leading the way, Juanita opts to have some of the food first as she also takes off. The building they lead to a blend of celestial and magitek construction, seeming unused though still new like everything at the school, and in the middle of the woods. It's a three story building made of stone on the outside, but is full of all manner of huge cogs and gears and chemical tanks inside. In the dark it's difficult to tell what any of it might be for.

As Anna leads on she says "We have no idea what this building is all about, but there wasn't anybody here and the dust near the door indicates it hasn't been in use for at least a week. In any case there are basement levels to it and what we think are some steam tunnels or something like that. Stuff people probably aren't going to check on very often. We think we might be able to set up down here."

Juanita adds "and it reminds me of home a little."

The group has to climb over and around a number of drive shafts and through a huge fan blade, but eventually you'll reach the other wolves. Carolus smiles as he sees you arrive, the others just rush at the food in eager abandon.



Kershaw furrows her brow at Sam's statement, as if she didn't know how to process or respond to that. Eventually she seems to remember where she was going and focuses on winding down the rest of the stairs, eventually she reaches a door at the bottom of this staircase, although Sam had noticed that this place is full of staircases. Also they seem to fan out, Sam suspects they aren't even properly underneath the Magitek tower at this point.

Kershaw busies herself with a key and a combination lock and then pushes the door open. Inside is a surprisingly large room for a student, more like a warehouse, the center of the room is dominated by some sort of assembly with a giant purplish crystal, far larger than a person, touching the stone of the floor. Above the crystal is all sorts of gearwork, and notably what appear to be six human skulls, all carefully ornamented with geometric patterns in copper. The walls of the room are made up of all sorts of pipes, tanks, and valves. There is also a large furnace.

Kershaw bounces into the room and raises her arms and gives a little twirl "Welcome to my lab!!!!"

She then pauses and points over at a bunch of pipes by the wall. "Um So that over there is where I've been losing all my bolts and tools. I keep trying to tighten up those flanges and then I lost a bolt, and then I tried to get it with some clamps, and then I tried to get the clamp with a magnet on a stick, and well, I've just been having a bad time of it. "

07-03-2015, 03:46 PM

Her lab surprised him, he was expecting something more girly than this. Though he was glad it was not. Maybe she could be of use in the future other than for social convenience to blend in.

He groaned, he knew where this was going before she could get it all out. His friend had had a long enough day already, it was his turn to grab stuff. "Okay, how many of each thing? Describe what they look like. And is there any gas or liquids down there?"

He was pulling off his jacket as he was speaking, rolling his shoulders to loosen up. He scanned the room for a basket, a pillow, bowl, a sink or container that may contain water, and a towel.

07-04-2015, 08:44 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

Wasn’t quite sure if anyone was waiting for me to type anything about the ship actually leaving so … yeah. Shi’ran isn’t exactly a master of pointless conversation, so don’t expect him to willingly talk during the trip or anything o3o.

Shi’ran paused eating just temporarily at watching Shar, Jasper, Phoenix and the strange Netherkin bodyguard guy come in and settle into their respective positions in the ship; he did catch on that the Netherkin – Voth was his name, right? – looked a little odd, displaced …… but there was enough distance between himself and the strange man and little-enough inclination to do anything about it that he didn’t say a damned thing and just let the man disappear into the cockpit. His response to seeing his two fellow students seat themselves was with no more than his eyes – and then the seizing of a second sausage-roll.

His pointed ears perked up at Shar instructing the cockpit-dwellers with manning the vessel, and at feeling it actually ‘take off’. Admittedly, that did unsettle his stomach a little for a minute or so …… perhaps in hindsight it was a bad idea to eat first before the ship got going, because of how initially it didn’t so much as ‘fly’ as ‘clumsily descended off of the tower’ like it was too heavy to keep altitude. Shi’ran went as far as to grasp the bench with the food on in support, his eyes focused on one of the portholes and watching the scenery of the School approach them and …… finally, descend away as the ship steadied and gained height.

Yes, if Jasper and Phoenix were observant-enough they’d see that for that moment he had actually gotten a bit nervous about the possibility that the ship was going to just divebomb and crash into the grass and explode in a ball of flames and debris. It hadn’t though, so he was quick to let it go and calm down. The method of the ship’s flight wasn’t the same as the Magitek ones he’d been on in the past, evidently.

Over time he went back to eating his food, not a single word said from his behalf. His eyes, unless anyone else said anything, remained on the porthole so he could watch the ‘nature’ of the school recede and the barren colours of their actual world appear. He thought for a moment …… somewhere out there was the industrial-metal cluster of buildings and factories and technology that was the city he’d come from. He wondered if he’d catch a glimpse of the high-rises from the Cloudclipper or if they were going a completely different direction… probably the latter.

Light Buster
07-05-2015, 07:25 PM
As the Bushi returned to the campus, they were given a message from the Bushi themselves. They were to continue on their current assignment. Mizuki splitted from the group to find Juggernaut. Word was spreading that she is putting a dance club together. This would be her opportunity to find her. She just need to find her.

07-05-2015, 11:15 PM
Clockwork Bird and Luka Megurine
and I think I'll extend this to:
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde

OOC: You'd mentioned needing to wait for me. Actually, traveling together with someone provides quite an opportunity for interaction. There are movies where that's probably 50% or more of the screentime.

However it is also often important to "cut" the scene and move on. It can be tricky to balance that. The classic option is the "sitting in silence" thing to indicate to the GM or whoever that you need to move on. You could do that after some extent of dialogue and interaction.

A different option is that you (perhaps after getting some agreement) establish the sort of interaction you'd be having and it is understood that it continued for the duration of the trip. The details don't need to be establish, but could potentially pop up if you wish. For example characters could talk about their lives to this point. You haven't totally locked that down, but you could still establish that the conversation took place, and perhaps make reference to it later.

Perhaps just an idea that someone had a good time together (movies often pull this sort of thing off with body language and then a cut).

I hope I'm making sense. Feel free to discuss more in the OOC thread or PMs or I guess here.

A little IC text for the latter group


As the airship gains altitude anyone who has traveled by a different sort of aircraft (or just flown at altitude) would realize that the crafts is unusually stable. There should be wind gusts and downdrafts and so on that would jostle such a small vessel. Actually you can hear the wind occasionally blowing at the vessel.

Although when those gusts occur the arrays of crystals on the walls of the room behind the staircase seem to glow more brightly.

Shar notices this as well and hopes up the steps to the pilot house. "Ok, I did say smooth, but we don't have that much energy to spare, maybe allow some sway huh? " Those below could hear Ysar reply "They are attempting to have breakfast, and it isn't like their food is in trays that are bolted down. But I will attempt to comply."

The ships now starts having a bit of sway as is travels, occasionally holding up to its name as it clips through clouds. The air gets a bit thin, though the heat coming off the crystals provides some warmth, though less up in the front where Shi'ran is sitting.



Kershaw looks thoughtful as says "Ummm. I'm not exactly sure. I've been having this problem for a while and it was usually easier to just get more stuff. Just one magnet on a pole though. Really, no lose bits or tools should be behind the pipes, so I'd appreciate anything your friend could find."

Looking around the room Sam can see a number of spouts and faucets in the system, as mostly this seems to be some sort of chemical operation. However he has no idea what might be behind them. Up above a boiler on some metal latticework is what appears to serve as Kershaw's living space. He can see the underside of a bed and some dressers and what is probably meant to be a bathroom as it's more sealed off. The sort of things he's looking for might be there.

07-06-2015, 01:07 PM
Light Buster

Juggernaut had to make a quick run back to hir tower to get hir music that shi had accumulated over the years for the Club. Shi was also bringing drinks and food supplies for the club. They were spares that was available to be used from their kitchen. Shi then entered the club and heading over to the kitchen area behind the bar table/waiter/cashier area shi began to stock the ingredients into their proper storage places. Shi then left to make another trip back to hir tower for the soft drinks that could be spared. As shi was about to head there shi noted one of the two bushi shi met before. "Hi Mizuki, how is there something Ican help you with?"

07-06-2015, 10:15 PM
Sam chuckled to himself. "Well, think maybe he should relax since he has had a full day of excitement, don't you?" He winked at her, an attempt to charm her without using his other method. "Mind if I borrow a few things before I begin?" He asked while searching for the items, pulling her pillow off her bed, a bucket that looked like it had seen better days, and rummaged through a pile he saw.

A reasonable container to hold water seemed impossible since most were filled with odd nick knacks while others were filled with holes or had unknowable stuff inside of them that reminded him of moss on trees.

"What do you know about Therian snakes?" He asked, he wanted to fill the silence while he looked for stuff. There was a somewhat clean rag that he picked up and put the stuff near the pipe. "And do you have a sink with working water?"

He could not wait to make her eyes pop.

Cross Avantgarde
07-07-2015, 05:13 PM
~Shobu~ Ranshiin sunnyside ELR

Jasper stopped eating abruptly when Phoenix spoke. She had asked “What?” out loud but didn’t seem to be looking at anyone in the room. Had she heard something? He was just about to ask what was wrong when he felt the airship shift suddenly.

His appetite was somewhat stunted by the increased movement of the airship. After he heard Y’sar talking to Shar, he noticed that it seemed to be swaying or lurching a bit here and there. Had he noticed Shi’ran’s nervousness, he wouldn’t have been so embarrassed about his own feelings of apprehension.

It was just then that he noticed the crystals’ occasional increased glow. Jasper heard the wind at times and for some reason he had never thought about the noises one would experience on an airship. Instead he had simply wondered what it would feel like to soar above creation, as effortlessly as a bird. The lurching and the sound of the wind were both exhilarating and frightening.

He felt heat coming from somewhere. The air was cooler now, and the heat was relieving. Was it the crystals? Was it out of line or against protocol to walk around during the flight? He stared at the crystals on the wall and thought of so many things. How did they function along with the ship? If they were a source of power, how did their energy get converted to kinetic energy and move the ship? Were they just ballasts?

The light of the crystals seemed to function as a sort of campfire, that strange phenomenon that makes one reflect on years of life in the handful of a few moments.

He thought of home again, and his friends. His closest friend he had not seen for years, even while he was living among his people, and that was something that had bothered him for so long. The boy—it would be better to say “man” now, perhaps—was quite the inventor, and had a strong will. They seemed to click from the first time they’d met. Again, the question arose: where did he go?

He looked back over to Phoenix and, in front of him, Shi’ran. They didn’t seem to be nervous at all, and he admired and envied their intrepidity. Maybe he would be like that one day.

07-09-2015, 11:46 AM

Kershaw looks at Sam with increasing confusion. Though she seems to come around as he asks about the sink. "OOOhhhhh. I see. Well, there's a working sink in that little kitchenette by the bed, well, you just take that tube dangling near the wall on the shower and aim it at the sink, but it all works.

Anyway it's so nice of you to offer to clean, I guess I've let the dust bunnies get maybe a little out of control. But that's too much to ask! I'd just really like my tools back. "


Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde

Looking at the crystals, Jasper can see that, while they don't look like they're exactly meant to be easy to access, it seems they often are. It would be a bit tight getting around the stairs into the long "hallway" with the crystals that forms the biggest area of the ship. And that hallway is only about two feet wide. However there are a great many scuff marks where someone would have to go around the stairs, and Jasper can see greasy looking footprints left on the wood in the hall.

07-09-2015, 04:10 PM

With how loud his laugh was, he would be really surprised if someone did not come check up on Kershaw.

"Maybe another time, right now we have your tools to think about." Even with that cleared up, he could not keep his chuckles inside.

He turned the nozzle on and watched it trickle into the sink. He plugged the hole and got over to the hole where she kept dropping her tools. "Got a job for you to do." Plopping the pillow on the ground below it, he hung the towel on a close pipe, then dropped the bucket by her feet, then rushed over to keep an eye on the water. "Your job will be to hold the bucket. You're going to get a slight lesson on my kind."

Once it was halfway full, he turned it off and strolled over to Kershaw again, pulling his shirt off and necklaces, then kneeling in front of the hole dropping them on top the towel. "Think you can do that much?" He smiled up at her.

07-10-2015, 05:48 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

sunnyside I tend to try and leave things open because I can’t control whether other people want to try and respond to me, but I’ll bear that in mind. And in that regard this is just a response to say ‘I’m still here’ and you’re free to skip forwards unless someone else brings something up (which I think Cross did, but I don’t have anything myself so Shi’ran’s going to be quiet unless he’s given a reason to talk >.>)

Shi’ran stayed perfectly quiet whilst Shar went off to complain at the airship’s pilot about the craft and persuaded the man to let it ‘sway’ a bit … he did catch on to the fact that the crystals lining the walls of the vessel did glow with more intensity at points where the wind became louder too. He wasn’t very well-versed but, he had cottoned on to the fact that the crystals were the airship’s power-source. So what would happen if that power ran out? It’d just plummet? Heh.

Still, he acclimatised to the rocking and swaying of the airship from that point on, and moved a hand to keep one of the trays of breakfast food from sliding about on the table whilst he finished his sausage roll and then helped himself to some pieces of cheese and another pasty. The Therian murmured a small hum at a point and began glancing between the pulsing glow of the crystals, the stairwell that led to the cockpit, Phoenix, and then Jasper (in that order). He saw the Magitek lad had taken interest in the crystals as well, but he didn’t say anything on that.

Though he did then speak up rather suddenly, and loudly, towards the cockpit – specifically, towards Shar;

”I have a question.” He stated. ”How long is it going to take us to get to this Tierce place? And what are you going to do if someone gets air-sick? Heh …”

After he received his answer he’d fall quiet again for the time-being and return to eating the last of his breakfast. After the pasty he was full – finally.

07-10-2015, 10:09 PM

Kershaw's confusion only seemed to grow until shortly after Sam took his shirt off and spoke. Suddenly her eyes go wide and she backs up, though she quickly hits a pipe serving as a rail for the metal "loft" that serves as her living area within whatever she has built in this room.

"I'm sorry. I think I may have given a wrong impression. I understand Therians can be a bit more...forward...in...certain matters, but I just met you and you're nice and all and I did invite you here and oh my goodness this is my bedroom and I'm sorry and. I mean maybe under different circumstances. "

As she ramble on she does have one hand behind her back and Sam can hear the sound of capacitors charging.


Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde

Shar doesn't directly respond to the air-sickness comment, but he can't help but shudder a little at the thought once again regretting both his enhanced senses and his inherent unwillingness to stop observing everything around him though all of them.

"Even at this speed it'll take us a good three hours to get there. I suppose I could go over what I know of the region and it's geography if you'd like. "

OOC: Ooop, gotta run.

07-11-2015, 09:47 AM
Staying down low, his chuckles ended. "Are you? Okay, turn it off!" He raised his hands slowly. "That and the thought never crossed my mind, know what happens with woman who get involved." Standing up slowly, he turns his back to her, scars of bites and long slender marks covering the majority of his back. "Just don't want my favorite jacket and shirt to get dirty."

Lowering his hands, hoping she did not discharge it at him, he shifted his shoulders and looked back at her. "Watch very carefully." Closing his eyes, he forced the process to happen, his shoulders and arms started to thin out, then his legs melded together, his face started to grow smaller, his skin changing texture as his body absorbed the arms in and became longer and slimmer.

His head began to hurt, this was twice today he had changed and was pressing his limit he guessed. Looking up at her, he could see his reflection of his white scaled body, black beady eyes, tongue flickering out.

The surprise on her face humored him once again. He had better stop while he was ahead. He hurried into the pipe and out of her sight.

Luka Megurine
07-11-2015, 01:50 PM
((OOC: sunnyside Clockwork Bird Sorry, have an equivalent of a mini doctoral thesis I have to write for my magnet program. I was doing some work on that. Plus my health is constantly acting up.))

Eira dismounted Elise and brought forth the food in a wary fashion. People. She wasn't good with people and, though she agreed to bring food, she was slightly regretting the decision. She watched as they voraciously examined then ate the food. She curiously looked around at her surroundings but found things similar but not entirely the same to her culture. There was a lot of magitek accents and she unfortunately was not well-versed in their construction. She felt nervous and one of her many crystals glowed slightly. No. Not right now. She thought to herself, hiding the glow with her hand.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes before approaching Carolus. Her expression reverted to its stone façade. "What exactly can I help you with? I will need to know so I can consult whatever archives or libraries are at my dormitories. I apologize if I sound rude."

Cross Avantgarde
07-11-2015, 03:05 PM
sunnyside ~Shobu~ Ranshiin

OOC: Same here; feel free to move along any time. I can always write what Jasper did in the meantime.

IC: Upon closer observation, Jasper noticed that the floor around the crystals was marked with dark footprints, greasy in appearance, and that the whole area seemed too tight to warrant such traffic. Puzzled, his attention shifted when Shi’ran asked how long it would be before they arrived at Tierce.

Three hours? That wasn’t too bad, Jasper thought, but given the fact that they were on an airship, Tierce must be quite a ways away. It seemed that Shar was going to brief them on some things in the meantime. Jasper looked back, still wondering what purpose the crystals had and why they so often had to be accessed.

Tierce. Why couldn’t Jasper place that name? For the life of him he couldn’t remember where he’d heard it or even if he was certain he’d heard it before. It sounded very familiar; that’s all he was certain of.

Jasper turned and faced Shar, ready to learn what he could of Tierce. He couldn’t help but wonder to himself if he had ever signed up for something with so little information. That familiar pang of panic began to manifest itself, but Jasper fought it down by seeing how calm everyone else appeared.

Light Buster
07-12-2015, 12:33 AM

As Mizuki looked for Juggernaut she managed to run into her as she was doing something.

(Mizuki) "Ah, there you are, I was looking for you. I heard that you that you're starting a dance club."

07-12-2015, 09:21 PM
"Yes, but it's not just me another student is the co with me. I control the music and when people need to leave. the co controls the food kitchen and bar area. She also gets to decide what the wall lighting and wall paper will be like. Are you interested in helping? The Co is a student named Phoenix. I wonder if she'll like night city life as wall paper with shell lighting. Hmmm..."

07-13-2015, 03:20 AM
OOC: Cross Avantgarde sunnyside Ranshiin I'm so sorry I'm taking so long >.< Honestly, I just couldn't think of anything to write until now haha.

Phoenix glanced around the aircraft, taking note of how small it was. The little bit of turbulence made her heart sink to her stomach then back up again. She put her hands on her stomach and giggled a little. Such a funny feeling. She decided that it would behoove her not to eat anymore in case her body doesn't agree with her mind. She took special interest in the glowing gems. She always found that sort of power source to be interesting. This was the first time she'd ever seen them used for something so large.

Then Shar said that it would take three hours to arrive at the destination. Three hours? She bit her lip. Three hours of just sitting in one place in a tiny space? That sounded terrible. She was already feeling somewhat fidgety. She had to distract herself.

"So Shi'ran. Is having a tail inconvenient at all?" she said. What a horrible conversation starter. These types of things usually flowed easier in her experience.

07-13-2015, 08:37 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ~Shobu~

”Three hours, huh? …” Shi’ran responded in a quietly-musing tone when Shar told him about how long it’d take them to get to the destination. He trailed off because he thought for a moment – he tried to decipher whether it was three hours because it was so far away, or three hours because the Cloudclipper was slow. Could’ve been either, and after a moment he spoke up again. ”Well … if you could tell us about the region and stuff, that’d be swell. I mean, that Sefton guy wanted us to go with him to this place? So at the least we ought to know what it’s like and what to expect there. All I know from what he said is it’s the remains of a ruined city.”

The dragon-Therian fell quiet then and listened to what Shar said about Tierce and what to expect there or … well, or whatever the Dog (his term) said about the place. He fished out another sausage roll from the trays of food on the table and chewed on it during the explanation, and nearer the end of it he seemed to lose interest – but didn’t actually, it was just because he decided to reach across to pull his Hoverboard up onto the empty side of his bench and settle a hand down upon the crystalline ‘core’ that served as its power-source, its battery … so some of that energy he had just taken on from the food could be used to charge the device. Last thing he wanted was for it to die like it had the previous night …

Some time after Shar finished explaining about Tierce he heard Phoenix speak up and ask him a question … a very odd question, and yet a very curious question. Shi’ran was surprised enough by being asked it that he went as far as to gaze directly at her … though perhaps that might’ve been very unsettling. He didn’t know.

”… Inconvenient? No, not inconvenient at all … why? Has this got something to do with last night?” He asked, wondering why of all things to ask him why this girl decided to ask him about his tail. It was a very strange way to try and start conversation … not that he was any good at that anyway.

sunnyside for what it’s worth, if you think we should just skip the journey then do so. I don’t think much will happen and I think as Shobu said it’ll get hard for us to fill the time with conversation. Up to you.

07-13-2015, 11:11 AM

Kershaw exhaled and gave an obviously relieved smile as Sam changed form. The humming stops and she said "Whew! Sorry about that! I completely misunderstood!"

She seems quite happy again as Sam sets off, and eagerly watches him go from the railings around her "bedroom".

OOC: The stuff is down there among the pipes, and the area is generally dry, you can describe that aspect of things if you'd wish.


Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde

OOC: I suppose it's more your thing to decide on. If you want you could just establish conversations between people, or perhaps a default of Shar giving you a basic rundown on the places geography so you'd be able to somewhat orient yourselves.

As the trip went along, if you were looking down, you'd occasionally see the occasional flying airship in the distance or an airborne apparition, however the Cloudclipper is simply higher and faster than those and is small enough it doesn't seem to be noticed.

Near the end the ship will head down and land fairly gracefully in a dune about a quarter mile from a house that looks like it might have been around since the apocalypse war. At that point Shar will be staring the place down and the ball will be in ELRs court (finally! :) )

Clockwork Bird
07-13-2015, 02:49 PM
sunnyside and Luka Megurine
Elise watches as Eira goes about handing out the food with alot of interest. Eira has caught her eye and now she knew she wanted to figure out her new friend. No one else noticed the crystal, but Elise raised her eyebrow. She decided not to question it though.

"Do you guys need me to do anything?" She says. She looks around. "We could start by cleaning and making this more homely"

07-13-2015, 07:45 PM
Dark, dry, but the smell was of chemicals and other horrific stuff. Between the smells and Kershaw's voice echoing through the pipes, his head was killing him.

Quickly sliding through, he nabbed nick-knacks and gadgets left and right til (roughly half an hour) he could feel his body screaming to be back, sliding to the end of the pipe, and falling out, morphing back mid fall.

"UGG!!" He started hacking, throwing the objects up, and once they were up and out, and the dry heaves stopped, he slumped down on the ground exhausted. "I'm...spent..." His eyes closed but his mind raced with how exhausted and excited he was. "I'll clean up... as soon as I.." He yawned, "..in a minute." His eyes opened up and knew his words weren't fitting correctly.

Sleep deprivation?

Probable, he had been up for way too long, too much activities.

After a few minutes he sits up, breathing normal, eyes opened enough to work, and body not aching to the point of tears. Taking what he could, he trudged over to the sink and began cleaning off the tools and bolts, ect.

Rashiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde on time, off time, oh well, theyre ready for landing and greetings. (And if it keeps auto fixing Rashiins name I may beat a pinata with a bat [with wings])
Skyla panicked, the sound was so loud that covering her ears did not even help.

Once it stopped, she pulled the water off of the fire and put the coolest back on from the ones she had been heating up.

Before she could do anything else, she was pulled over by Hanze, him standing in front of her. "Say nothing unless spoken to."

Her mother agreed with Hanze, her form coming into view next to her, her finger on her lip.

07-14-2015, 10:58 PM
OOC: Gotta be quick but don't wanna leave people hanging.


Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde ELR

OOC: It looks like people want to advance, so lets do that. Shi'ran has some knowledge of the geography of the area. Jasper and Phoenix could have listened in, or hung out together in the crystal area in the back. ELR, it would probably be good here to describe the various characters.


Shar cautiously stands on top of the pilot house and scans the horizon, looking for something or someone he hasn't spotted yet. Loudly, surprisingly so for a Schnauzer, he yells "Leopold! At you here!"



As he worked Sam was aware of Kershaw staring at him through various nooks and crannies when she could, beaming with pleasure. She appeared a bit less pleased about the eating and regurgitating, but she didn't say anything about it. However when Sam started to clean things she said. "Oh no! You seem exhausted. The least I can do is all that. You can. Ummm. I hadn't thought about this. The trains have stopped and...well...hurm... You know now that I've got my tools I feel like working all night! Yes! You just curl up in the bed over there and I'll see you in the morning."

She quickly grabs a set of tongs so she can pick up and clean the tools without touching them and gets busy.

Cross Avantgarde
07-15-2015, 07:53 PM
OOC: I’m going to go with the suggestion from sunnyside in post #452 and write as if the Cloudclipper has landed (near the end of my post), and will include what transpired in the meantime. Also, ~Shobu~ ELR Ranshiin:

From what Shar and Shi’ran had communicated to the group, wild images raced though Jasper’s head of what Tierce must be like. A ruined city fringed with outlandish scenery had taken root in Jasper’s imagination, and that was to say nothing of the people and creatures that Jasper imagined living in such a place.

Jasper occasionally looked out at the heavens during the trip, and he could have sworn that he had seen other airships during this time, though none of them seemed to interact with or even notice the Cloudclipper. Jasper got gooseflesh several times just from a sense of awe that overcame him occasionally while he gazed at the scene before him.

It helped to take his mind of the fantastic things he’d imagined encountering in Tierce. So did Phoenix’s question to Shi’ran, which Jasper kept himself from laughing over; this was a good thing, since she seemed to mean it sincerely and Shi’ran responded sincerely.

When the Cloudclipper finally landed, it seemed that they were on a dune of sorts. Jasper did not yet see the house, but he did hear Shar calling out to someone named Leopold.

“We’re here,” Jasper thought to himself. He looked over to Phoenix and Shi’ran and forced a nervous smile.

07-15-2015, 11:59 PM
sunnyside Hope the descriptions are good enough to understand, even described the outside appearance of the building, if you think it needs fixing then just let me know, boss. *salutes*
Rashiin See anything that catches the dragons eyes? ^-^ hee hee
~Shobu~ Giving you a chance to either join Sone or stay with someone from your group, or ect.
Cross Avantgarde *hands pen* your turn!
To all of you (except sunny, not telling the boss what to do), you can ask about responses through pm for the guys or just leave it up to me. As in the case of 'Skimro and Jasper' it has been decided I play Skimro portion for that. Just example. Okay, this is big enough already so I am shushing... *POOF*

Hanze stood behind Sone and Leopold. With short brown buzzed hair, tanned skin, slim dark green eyes focused on the incoming group, He is The tallest of the group, his broad shoulders covered with a dark snug shirt, ripped rustic jeans, and a light brown trench coat hanging off his left arm. His bad trim job on his face showed just how long it was since he stayed in one place without having to rush away. His voice is rough and low most times.

Skimro was the shortest of the whole group, was standing just between Sone and Leopold. With snipped short blonde hair, almond shaped brown eyes, goggles in his fingers being cleaned of the dirt on them, long sleeved plain shirt, a pair of jeans with many pockets, and a hat that which covered his face. His jacket can be seen near the campfire which he wears more often than not do to his roundness. His voice is just below the normal sound most men in their twenties sound like, but when he gets nervous his voice squeaks.

Leopold, the odd man out of the group, was slim, light brown hair with few strands of grey hung down to his waist braided, a bag on his hip, baggy shorts and an even baggier shirt on filled with bright colors, no facial hair, his eyes covered by sunglasses but are a dark blue. He has a bag to his hip filled with odd nick knacks and instruments, and what looks like a guitar to the blind eye but was truly a hushtar (http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Hushtar&view=detailv2&&&id=AE48BAAF802EBC453D8D9ED90085A976E765D37E&selectedIndex=1&ccid=RH%2bxZq6Z&simid=608041965295242391&thid=JN.LS9bKa00Ee%2fQ7hdZLOyMCA&ajaxhist=0). If Leopold sang, he would range bass, some in the tenor range, but his normal speaking voice is not as deep as his singing voice.

Sone is the oddest looking of them all, his eyes a ice blue and slimmed most times where you can not see his eyes, his dark brown hair braided in chunks on his head with odd objects in it (such as beads, feathers, string.), laugh lines around his mouth. His shirt is longer than his shorts, could be mistaken as a woman, his feminine voice does not help that. Sone's range is low Soprano and high alto, any other and it creaks badly. His shorts had pockets for small instruments, but his lute was always within reach on his back.

Skyla, on the other hand, is nothing like the four men, she is silent, eyes lowered, barely seen by the oncoming visitors. Once seen, they will be able to tell that she is taller than Skimro but shorter than Sone (Or if compared to the other group, Just shy of being shorter to Jasper since I am assuming Fefe is taller than him.). Her body is average sized, her hair an odd shade of silver and grown to her waist, her eyes a weird mix of green and blue and always down casted unless spoken to by Hanze, Sone, or Skimro. She has a white tank top on, a cotton jacket over top, a semi holy pair of shoes, capri jeans, and a white ribbon that is tied into a bow holding her hair back out of her face. She is collared like a slaved Therian, the visitors not knowing it was deactivated, and a marking on her left shoulder just barely showing a sliver from under her jacket, and a necklace hanging around her neck with a small sound box attached to it. Her voice is weak and frail sounding, low unless told to spoke up. Even though she is in the sun a lot, her skin never tans, it stays a faint pale color.

The 'Tierce' is a two story building, and can note that there is possibly an attic, first impression was dark and gloomy feel. The walls are made out of dark red and brown bricks, the building is broken in sections, moss and vines grown here and there. The front has double doors, one of the windows shattered on the doors. There are many windows on the building, majority with broken glass, some have curtains that are dingy white with holes while others were without curtains at all. Some of the pillars holding up the balcony are either to thinned out and look as if it will topple over, or very sturdy and look to last another thousand or so years. The side section of the building has a part where the fire is, a safe distance away from the building but close enough to still be safe under the roofing/balcony, their bags laid in the far corner from the fire. There is two trees on the other side of the building that are dead like. In the back there is a old swing broken and rotted through, you can see some sort of kitchen looking through the back sliding door. In the kitchen you can see where the ceiling has broken apart and had stayed on the ground, see the island in the middle with one of three chairs laying on its side, the leg looking as though bugs had chewed through it. It is too dark inside to see much more than that, can barely tell the tile is cracked or white. With Hanze's research done upon the place, he could put a whole building of researchers to sleep.

"Sefton?" Leopold stepped forward to the group, roughly five meters away from the porch. "I am Leopold." His smile was warm and welcoming. "I am much to talk about to you, as well as a mutual friend."

"That ain't Secton.." Hanze stepped forward, dropping his jacket to the floor. "Shar.. Where is he?" He asked while kneeling down in front of him, eye level. "The deal was he came here for what he wanted and with every deal, he would have to pay in a fair manner." His eyes slightly veered towards his daughter. "Skyla!" He yelled back to her. "Get the cups out and serve our guests something to drink!" His attention went back to Shar. That would give them time to communicate, and hopefully Shar did not bite his face off. He also hoped Shar would not smell the bones he had obtained in the bag by the fire.

"Jasper!?" Skimro was slightly choked up, could it really be his old friend? He kept thinking. Instead of waiting, he ran forward towards him and looked up at him. "You're tall."

Sone shrugged and leaned up against the building, he pulled out his lute and began strumming it.

At the same time, Skyla swallowed, nodded even though she knew he would not see, and walked over to the homemade cups Skimro had made before their journey had even began, then put some of her tea leaves into one of the hot water buckets.

The collar was hurting more than usual but she did not touch it, just winced when she turned her neck the wrong way. The group was of a to Therians (Shi'ran, Y'sar [assuming that is what he is]), what looked like a wanderlust physically, a wolfish dog, and a kindred spirit to Skimro.

In the end, while serving the drink of either hot water, room temperature water, or tea, Hanze looked upset and could barely be heard as if yelling at the poor pup. Skyla assumed something was completely wrong, and the feeling of never seeing her father deepened, almost reaching the roots of her soul.

Keeping this short and simple, and the fact that he has not eaten, slept, or hydrated for a while is why I added the sway. With him sleeping it'll give the space given by the other group of time catch up or whatever. It may also give other groups time to write what they need since it seems most people have stopped and/or possibly busy.

He ignored her and finished cleaning up his mess, he knew if he had timed it correctly it would just smell bad and have lots of slime on them.

It was not until he finished that he swayed and sat down. Yea, his plan to leave and go back to his place afterwards was a bust, he would have to take her up on her offer. Though when he looked around he did not see or hear her.

Shrugging off the small detail which should have made him wish to find his new interesting friend, he walked over to the bed and laid down, surprisingly, he crashed.

07-18-2015, 12:19 AM
OOC: ELR Ranshiin Cross Avantgarde sunnyside Oh gosh, I feel like I'm lagging behind...

"What? Last night? No, I was just wondering. I noticed you were sleeping on your side last night and I just thought how annoyed I would be if I couldn't sleep on my back sometimes... That's all." She trailed off at the end. At least he had answered her without huffing and puffing this time. She smiled to herself and but didn't drag it on.

She didn't know when she drifted off but when she came to again, they had landed. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stretched. She'd heard that falling asleep was a form of motion sickness. It was rare for her to knock out like that during the day.

Jasper looked a tad nervous. She still was lost as to why they were here but she didn't care really. Adventure was adventure. Besides, meeting new people was always interesting. Smiling at Jasper to hopefully ease his worries, she placed a hand on his arm and said, "Let's go then. Can't in sit in here all day!"

With that, she took him by both wrists and pulled him up and walked with him him, holding onto one wrist out of the ship until they were outside.

The group that approached them were a very intriguing bunch. She waited for them to introduce themselves, but no one made a move to do so. That was odd to her. She couldn't help but notice that the girl was collared.

Suddenly, one of them said Jasper's name. She was confused. Jasper seemed like he'd never been here before. Unless he was nervous about seeing this person again?

"You know him?" She asked, looking to Jasper.

07-18-2015, 09:06 AM
Cross Avantgarde ELR sunnyside ~Shobu~

ELR I … didn’t see anything? Was I supposed to?

(( Also I apologise for the length of this but I was bored. ))

”… I slept on my side because of my wings, not my tail.” Shi’ran answered the strange Wanderluster girl with something that was between a deadpan tone and something genuinely curious. Had she ever met another Therian before? … Probably not, or at least not one to the extent that he was. Though, he didn’t elicit a response back after clarifying why he had slept on his side throughout the night. …… Had she been watching him sleep? No, she must’ve seen him before she went herself; he had gone to bed straight away, after all.

Once the little discussion with Phoenix was over Shi’ran fell quiet again and it stayed that way – at least on his end – for the remainder of the journey. He … just didn’t have anything to say, and didn’t want to say anything. He was trying so hard not to be a jerk to Phoenix! He still didn’t like her, and he still remembered her seeing him as rude. He was just being conscious enough to willingly refrain from causing a fight or trouble. Well … he had to. He had been told by Sefton to behave – ‘no dragon-play’, Sefton’s words – and to respect the others in the group and work with them.

Even though Sefton wasn’t there …

In the latter hour of the journey Shi’ran relocated from the benches to the wall near where the crystals powering the craft were, because he had gotten cold-enough that it was more comfortable there. He ended up napping a little despite having slept overnight and didn’t do anything else until their descent was announced and he had to get up and move back to his seat for the landing… which was quite smooth, save for that the Cloudclipper felt like it bounced a few times as it landed before steadying out.

At that point he followed Shar’s initiative out of the ship into the open; he looked around left and right but there was … not a lot to see at all. Barren land, cold sand, long-dead vegetation. There wasn’t even any wind. And this Tierce, he deduced, turned out to be nothing more than the remains of one solitary building amongst the sand-dunes. Had the rest of the settlement been washed-away or buried? Perhaps.

“… Huh. I expected this to be more spectacular.” He mused, ‘hugging’ his Hoverboard a little tighter at that point. “There’s nothing here. Are we even in-…”

He was cut off by Shar calling out, and getting a response by a good half-dozen scraggly-looking people emerging from the shelter of the ruined building. They looked like … travellers? Wanderlusters, probably. Shi’ran’s eyes focused on them individually to examine them since he didn’t know any of them; those red-orange hues set on the one he’d eventually learn was Skyla by virtue of what he thought might be a collar around her neck … and by how she was barked at to fetch them drinks.

… A collared Therian? No … she didn’t even look like one. Then again that wasn’t much to say, they came in all shapes and forms – he was a prime example. It was just … the collar. Even he was unsettled by seeing it – to the point that he had to fight the urge to lift a hand to rub his own neck instinctively. He knew the experience of one … didn’t mean he cared for her situation, though. It just reminded him of the one time when-…

…… He took his eye off of her at that point, lest he cause a scene by staring at her too much.

“Yeah, uh …” He finally spoke up towards the one named Leopald, since Jasper seemed too nervous to say anything and he didn’t really trust Phoenix at all. He didn’t trust Jasper either, but that was beside the point. “Sefton kinda got ill yesterday so he couldn’t make it. We’re all here in his place and because … well, he said that he was gonna bring others with him to you, right? He was mentioning something about an expedition to fetch something he wanted and to meet some acquaintances of his here …… he said you might have something that interests me.”

At that point he tightened his hold on the Hoverboard. Hopefully the sand wouldn’t clog it up if he were to use it.

”I can only speak for myself, but I know Jasper and the girl came because Sefton asked them to. Beyond that I don’t know. So … what’s the plan?” He even sounded a little … impatient?

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OOC: Ranshiin (don't worry, mine is long as well) ~Shobu~ (you don't seem behind at all; I think everyone is on the same page now) sunnyside ELR (nicely done)

IC: The time had come to exit the airship, and Jasper was still anxious over what awaited them. Things seemed to be moving too fast. He’d barely gotten to the school, and now he wasn’t even sure where he was. He heard Shi’ran describe why he had slept on his side, and also heard him explain that he, too, thought the scenery would be different.

And just as quickly as the anxiety peaked, so it ebbed; it did so when Phoenix put her hand on his arm. She was so lighthearted and confident, and it was impossible for Jasper to not be emboldened by this. Jasper smiled back and almost spoke, but it seemed difficult to thank her for her company at the moment. “Yeah, let’s head out,” he managed to say. Hopefully it sounded confident enough, but the fact remained that Phoenix had done much to relieve him with just a word and a touch.

Phoenix then took hold of his wrists and pulled him up, walking with one of his wrists in her hand the whole way. “I’d rather she never, ever let go,” he thought to himself. He was smiling like an idiot, and had no idea.

Only the appearance of five strangers, one of whom seemed less out of place than the rest due to his Magitek appearance (for the most part) took him out of his euphoria. The one who looked like he had almost been plucked from his own town walked right up to him, and before he spoke Jasper almost said the name that rushed through his mind. Was it really he?

“S…Skimro! You…it’s you, isn’t it!” Jasper could not hide his excitement. Skimro’s voice was almost exactly the same, little changed over the years. He hadn’t grown much, and this only added to the striking similarity between the Skimro of the present and Jasper’s last memory of him.

Jasper laughed out loud and turned to answer Phoenix. “Yeah, he was a friend of mine back home.” Jasper shook his head upon the realization of how close they really were. “No, he was my best friend. No doubt about it.” He turned back to Skimro and kept talking. “We always met up at the annual invention fair. Skimro would sometimes sell things there with his family. He’s a great inventor, that one.” Jasper smiled at the memory. “Some years ago he stopped showing up, and now, here he is!”

Jasper couldn’t contain his emotion any longer and, with Phoenix’s hand still on his wrist, he grabbed up Skimro in an embrace. He let him go, slightly embarrassed over his outburst. “Hah…it’s just been so long.” He turned and elaborated on Shi’ran’s introduction. “Shi’ran is a Therian. He can put energy straight into his hoverboard! Seriously! With his bare hands—I mean, uh, claws?” They didn’t look like the cruel concept of a claw, so was that the right word to use? It was best to move on.

Jasper then turned and smiled. “This is Phoenix.” He didn’t give her nickname as he decided that would be up to her discretion whether or not she wanted to provide it. “She’s a Wanderluster. Remember how we thought about what they were like back home? She’s wonderful.” He remembered asking Skimro about the other cultures as he had travelled more than Jasper. Jasper was about to say more about her, but he already felt himself blushing. This, along with so many nostalgic feelings, rushed at him, so much that he missed the fact that the female was wearing a collar altogether. “What are you doing here, Skimro? Where have you been?” It probably wasn’t the best time to catch up, but Jasper was too elated to notice.

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Ranshiin x_x forgot the n again, sorry. sunnyside ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde THANKS!
This'll be fun.. How about this....
Alt colors?: Leopold Hanze Sone Skimro

"Me?" He chuckled and looked at the dragon. "Nah, but do know who can." He nodded his head towards Skimro who was jumping up and down. "That little guy can fix just about everything he can get his hands on, or so Sone has said, isn't that right?" He looked at Sone.

Skyla, eyes low, placed a cup of tea to Leopold and walked away.

How long would they be around? She thought.

"Skyla, come over here." He watched as she walked back over. "I'm Sone, that is Leopold, and this is Skyla." He stopped strumming and picked up the necklace around her neck, watching her eyes widen just slightly. "He and I worked together to make this little thing here. Would you mind letting him see it?" His words were question, not a demand.

She reached behind her and held it out to the dragon, opening it, the song playing. "They made it as a reminder of my mother." Her voice low, she tried to put just a hint of joy in her voice, she felt like she failed though.

"Actually..." He lowered his head and exhaled. "I don't know what happened to my parents, they may have died, but a bunch of hooligan Therians came and attacked.." Slapping both of his cheeks, he smiles and starts jumping up and down. "OH YEA!! I found it!! I have it!!" His words were incoherent but hoped he remembered.

Pulling down his sleeves, he looked up at the young lady. "He-hello." He extended his hand as a greeting.

"Damn.." After being filled in, he kicked at the ground. "Guess this means I will have to leave my request up to you." Still keeping his distance from Shar, he knelt down. "Do these kids know anything at all? History? How to's? Safety precautions?"

07-18-2015, 05:21 PM
Cross Avantgarde ELR

Color-coding things makes it easier for me to see who’s talking, especially when multiple characters are involved. Thanks. You'll have to forgive Shi'ran for being a bit pushy too. He wants answers. >.>;

Shi’ran’s eyes remained on the people he was speaking to in order to get information from, and he more-or-less ignored Jasper’s exclamations about one of the Wanderluster-looking folk being someone he actually knew – up until Jasper just straight-up proclaimed how he (by ‘he’, was meant Shi’ran himself) could direct energy straight to his Hoverboard.

Though not offended, the Therian nonetheless didn’t take innocently to the proclamation and his response was a rather sharply-toned intervention between Jasper and his long-lost friend; ”Hey, d’you mind like, not telling everyone stuff like that without asking if I’m okay with it?? …… and jeez, it’s just my biomagic, I thought you knew that-…… ugh, whatever.” He then gave up. It had been said, so the damage had been done regardless.

His attention thusly went back to the people he had been asked by Sefton to meet and who had something Sefton wanted and something that he wanted. The one he’d queried told him the kid that Jasper seemed to know had the answers or clues to his Hoverboard enigma? Great … but at least it was an answer. He was about to ask for more clarification on it when instead he was cut off by the guy with the … he thought a guitar, he wasn’t so sure, who then introduced who they all were. Then he was asked by the one called Sone to look at the collared girl’s pendant?

… Why?

Shi’ran didn’t understand why he was shown the necklace, and it didn’t serve him any particular purpose or anything to know what it was for. The girl – Skyla, he’d heard her being called – probably expected him to feign enthusiasm for it or something? Well, he tried – but looked rather lost and even sheepish whilst answering. ”Uh … okay? Though I don’t know why you want to show me it …”

With some admitted caution the Therian lifted his eyes up from Skyla and back to Sone and Leopald. ”So are any of you people going to answer me about why we’re here and what your buddy Sefton sent us in his place for? …… Please?” He added that as an afterthought. It wasn’t the time to be an a**hole. Not yet, anyway.

The matter about the Hoverboard (or Jetboard, as Sefton had termed it) that Shi’ran had agreed to this journey for – and by proxy the request to talk to Skimro – he decided he would deal with at a later point. He wanted to know what he was there to do, first … priorities.

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OOC: Don't worry. I'm pretty swamped and not around nearly as much as perhaps I ought.


Shar had slipped into his usual mode of observing and occasionally putting Sefton in his place, and realized that really he ought to do some leading and explaining. While he had been in the school, an area he had tromped around a fair bit, it was tolerable. Now having to pay attention to people and "manage" them was a serious annoyance. If they got down into Tierce itself it would probably be unbearable. Though he had a thought.

Speaking to everyone he said. "I'm afraid Sefton is...indisposed. He should recover from his illness, but in any case he wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity.

I suppose it's now time to start explaining, though I don't have anywhere near all the information. Sefton has long been looking for a particular robot. It looks something like the sort of thing tech mages might crank out these days, however he believe this particular one to be an antique.

Leopold and Sefton go back a ways. Immediately prior to Sefton arranging to have some students accompany us we received a letter that Leopold had information that it was with a group of scavengers heading into the ruins of Tierce. We hope to be able to locate them and make a bargain to aquire the robot. Ideally without overpaying. Antique and piece of junk often going hand in hand we may be able to get it for not too much.

Turning to the students. This little home is only the edge of Tierce. There's quite a bit of ruin, much of it swallowed up in the dust of the wastelands. There's a bazaar on the edge of town that handles some of the come and go of the scavenging trade. The ruins themselves aren't entirely safe, there's always the risk of a cave in or booby trap or some long disabled war machine or something, but generally the work is searching, digging, and being able to recognize what actually has value.

But in any case we hopefully won't have to deal with any of that, and in any case we've got Voth for security. "

At this Shar gives a little Shnauzer bow to Voth, who doesn't say anything but instead stands back looking blurry and perhaps a little uncertain.

"As for the students, Sefton wanted them to have a bit of experience in the world. Though at that point in time he planned to be here as well. I can see the value in that. So while I'll continue to accompany the group, I'd like it if they could take the lead as it were in acquiring our robot. "

At that Shar looks around to judge the reactions of everyone.

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As Sam awakes the room gives no obvious indication of what time it is. There are no windows down here, just lights of some sort powered by something. The room has heated up a fair bit since the previous night, and the air is a bit stale.

It has also become noisy. Pumps are going, engines are operating, and if he were to look out over the room Sam would see that the large crystal in the ground is glowing and above it the six skulls are spinning around as they are apparently mounted on wires attached to a rotating shaft. Tools have been left around the room rather carelessly, and Kershaw herself is near the main crystal, holding a put underneath a spigot. She's still wearing the same clothes as she was when Sam passed out.

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Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin ~Shobu~ sunnyside

"Have you been up all night?" His yawn showed his want to lay back down. "What time is it?" Was night even up? If it was, how late was he to class?

He strolled over to where he left his clothing and jewelry and put them on, stretching out all his kinks. Looking at the pipe, an idea rose. After he cleaned the pipes later he would have to find an open airway end but closed off that nothing falls through for Kershaw to build. Material were an idea, attaching it the hard part.
Skyla froze, to everyone who were close could hear her breathe cut short, see her face pale out past its paleness so far, and the trembling in her hands. She had not notice the Netherkin before his introduction. The danger alarm was ringing throughout her head.

It would not have been bad if she had seen him before but she had not. The surprise made everything worse, she thought she knew all who had shown up. She saw them heading towards them. But the Netherkin-Voth- never was in sight.

"Most likely just showing off what Skimro has made." Leopold stepped forward to listen to Shar, it sounded like the two heads knew the game plan, or so he assumed.

The inhale of breathe caught his attention, he closed the necklace and pulled Skyla to the side. "You okay?"

" I'll be fine... " But she did not sound okay, did not look okay.

"Do you need to escape?"

"That's n-not good." He whispered. Sefton being sick means the bosses plan would not go as smooth as he knew Hanze had planned.

"Think maybe before we dive in, we should all introduce each other." Leopold's smile was smug. "I'm Leopold, a pleasure to meet you Voth, Shar."

"I am Hanze, over there is Skimro, back there is Sone." Should he introduce his daughter? "The female is Skyla.." Better safe than sorry. "I warn you not to separate away without someone else with you, and everyone know a rendezvous spot to meet back up at, even if it is a small group that goes out. This includes a time amount before search party goes looking!" He made sure the last part came out harsh, he knew what he was talking about. Having Leopold wishing to know everyone from the other groups name, he grew slightly agitated."

"Also, since Shar wants one of you or all of you to learn how to do it then discuss whom and talk to me about it, will give pointers, and assist how I can."

Crossing his arms, his eyes could see the same shock covering Skyla that he felt from the inside. He did not expect a Netherkin to show up. Not one that would blur itself. "If you wish for something such as food or drink, you may ask Skyla about it. Questions about anything else is to me, Leopold, and Shar!"

"As I said before, pick who, once you figure out who plan out where to, and so on so forth."

He turned to Shar and whispered. "Did Y'sar come?"

"No.." She whispered. She wanted to say yes. The majority of the shock was gone, the fear would not shake though. "I do not wish to show disappointment by not being the slave i am suppose to be." Her whisper felt almost too soft but to loud at the same time. She hoped the dragon did not hear her at all.

She walked up where everyone could see her and bowed. "I will be happy to serve."

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OOC: sunnyside ELR

~Shobu~ Ranshiin: Jasper’s putting the ball in your court as to whom the leader should be, but he does mean what he says when he thinks it should be one of your characters.

Laughing a bit as Skimro proudly and very excitedly said that he had “found it,” Jasper almost admitted that he didn’t know what Skimro was talking about. What had Skimro ever said he would find? It wouldn’t have taken much more time for Jasper to realize that Skimro was talking about one of the rarest elements on the planet, but something else captured his attention: the fact that a group of Therians had killed Skimro’s parents.

“Skimro…I had no idea. I can’t tell you how sorry I am. Really…” Words weren’t enough. The sympathy he felt for Skimro was unable to be put into words, and this frustrated Jasper. His words of sympathy already felt clichéd as soon as they were delivered. Shi’ran’s words were enough to replace his sorrow with feelings of embarrassment and a tinge of guilt.

“You’re right, Shi’ran. I’ll keep it to myself next time before asking you. It’s just so surprising to see that biomagic up close and personal.” On second thought, everything seemed to be surprising as of late, from the biomagic to the strange land of Tierce and now to the strange figure of Voth.

Shi’ran had also mentioned something very practical: the question as to why they were there to begin with. Shar quickly answered, and the response was shocking for two reasons: one, they were in Tierce to locate and facilitate the purchase of an old robot from scavengers. Why not just have tech mages make a newer, better one? Two, why were they, the students, needed for a transaction like this? At least the part of leading made sense, at least as far as Jasper was concerned; it would lead to a good deal of experience.

Remembering Shi’ran and Shar remarking on Sefton’s unavailability, Jasper realized that he had not given Sefton’s absence enough thought. What had happened to Sefton to leave him incapacitated?

Fortunately, introductions were provided. Skyla would be easy to remember as she was the only female of the other group, Skimro was like a long-lost brother and hence unforgettable, and Sone could be easily picked out from the crowd by virtue of his hair which was braided with various objects in it. Leopold had the instrument that looked to Jasper like an exotic, interesting guitar, and Hanze was the tallest of the other group.

Jasper noticed that it was increasingly difficult to make out the figure of Voth, and his face would’ve betrayed his puzzlement had Jasper not been briefly focusing on Skyla, who certainly seemed troubled by something. When she bowed low, Jasper saw that she was wearing a collar.

Hanze wanted to know who was going to take the lead out of the students, and Shar had clarified that the students were to head up the expedition. Jasper looked at Phoenix. Not once had he forgotten that she was holding his wrist, even when his mind was moving back and forth in the ebb and flow of the conversation. He didn’t want it to end; of that he was certain. Phoenix was clearly intrepid and nothing seemed to bother her. Even taking the fall on the hoverboard seemed to concern Jasper more than it ever concerned Phoenix. She would be a stalwart leader, and above any panic, Jasper thought. He then looked at Shi’ran. Shi’ran was usually blunt and quick to cut through any fluff in a given situation or conversation. This pragmatism would be handy as a leader, no doubt.

“Phoenix?” Jasper said, turning to her. He had to ignore the fluttering sensations in his chest and stomach which would have been lessened, but not eradicated, had he not had her hand on his wrist. “You’re quite possibly the bravest person I’ve ever met, as well as having a good presence of mind in any situation I’ve seen you in. I think that makes an unshakeable leader.” He then turned to Shi’ran. “Shi’ran, you’ve got more skills than any one person I’ve met, and I think you are the most practical of all of us. So, I think one of you should lead. If we elect a leader, I think leading will be all the easier for that person.”

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sunnyside and Luka Megurine
Elise watches as Eira goes about handing out the food with alot of interest. Eira has caught her eye and now she knew she wanted to figure out her new friend. No one else noticed the crystal, but Elise raised her eyebrow. She decided not to question it though.

"Do you guys need me to do anything?" She says. She looks around. "We could start by cleaning and making this more homely"

OOC: Let me push on this a bit. I think I know where I might want to go with this.

Juanita says "I'd appreciate getting some sleep. Maybe we could just try and make some spaces where we can bed down. We're used to not having much, but a little space to oneself free of debris would be nice." Pretty soon the different wolves are working on just that, calling dibs on different spaces.

Anna looks at Elise and Eira sheepishly. "Actually, I'd really appreciate some help. I'm not a shapeshifter or anything, I'm always just a white wolf. I'm happy about that, but it's hard to do some things without hands. That's also a problem for the four constructs, but they aren't too picky about where they sleep. Char, well, we'll probably have to leave him chained to that pipe, but if he had some sort of bedding he might not yell out in his sleep as much. "

Carolus isn't saying much, just slowly chewing his food. Eventually he says "I like the night anyway, I think I'm going to go for a walk. Sam, Wu, you come with me. " Sam and Wu don't seem to like the idea much, but after the three of them exchange some looks they silently move out.

07-21-2015, 04:47 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~

@ Cross – that’s fine, though it’s a bit ironic to me because people IRL say I’m the polar-opposite of pragmatic. >.>

I also apologise for the length of the post but ... Shi'ran can get pretty analytical. Pragmatic, as Cross said. heh.

Shi’ran remained physically (and apparently) unfazed by Skyla recoiling after his apparent disinterest in her pendant, if only because he didn’t quite know what unsettled her and because Shar proceeded to speak up to explain what they were there to do. Even on the trip over the Dog had refrained from explaining what exactly they were there to fetch and Shi’ran had assumed that these acquaintances of Sefton’s would know.

… A robot, huh? Shi’ran listened to the explanation and waited until it was over and some discussion had taken place, predominantly the matter of these acquaintances’ opinions and the matter that Shar wanted the three students to figure out what to do. Shi’ran turned to look from Skyla and Sone to Shar in the process, then quietly at Hanze due to his rather stubborn and ‘strict’ instruction, and then finally to Jasper because the lad spoke up suggesting that he (Shi’ran) or Phoenix lead the expedition.

… But why? Shi’ran didn’t consider himself a leader, though that wasn’t to say he couldn’t act as one. He hadn’t specifically come on the expedition to learn; he had come just to get this Hoverboard that Sefton had mentioned, though the fact that the object the professor wanted was apparently some sort of old technological contraption did intrigue him enough to not complain about it. He had spent a lot of time living in the noise and disorganisation of a large Magitek settlement, after all – he’d foraged an interest in technology and machinery. So…

”… I don’t particularly give a damn who leads and who follows, I’m just here to give my opinion and do what the hell professor Sefton asked me to do.” He stated, seeming resoundingly neutral as far as whether he or Phoenix should be the ‘leader’ as Shar had requested, if a little foul-mouthed about it. He refrained from rolling his eyes at Jasper if just because he knew the Magitek lad had made the smart choice for himself. ”However … the Dog said that these people we’re supposed to be finding are scavengers and there’s a bazaar or whatever near here where they may be at or have been to?”

He paused there and turned his eye back to Hanze. He met the man’s face unflinchingly, his eyes bright in the sun yet possessing … it was the air of someone who had experienced things they perhaps shouldn’t have. ”So doesn’t it stand to good reason that we should all head to this bazaar-thing rather than split up? Or is this bazaar too dangerous for us to all go to? I came here assuming we would meet you and head to these ruins as a group; I didn’t think that we would need to split up.

…… So if you could give some suggestions as to the reasons why and some opinions? You’re the people we were coming to meet; you’re supposed to know where the hell we’re going. All I can say is that we either go to this bazaar or directly to the ruins, given what the Dog said, because those two places should be where these people we need to find and trade with will be? If that’s the reason you think we should split up – to go to both places simultaneously – then that’s fine.”

He folded his arms over his chest as he discussed and explained his opinion on the matter; he seemed undaunted by the dangers Shar spoke of. Everyone else there, so it seemed, went completely ignored as he directed the matter to Hanze (and anyone that listened); he wasn’t taking charge as this leader, but he was doing what he wanted to do and that was assessing the situation to build up an idea of what could and could not be done.

Perhaps Sefton had picked him knowing he would be like how he was; calculated and unbiased. Though it was more that he just wanted to have answers. Whilst he received his answer (from Hanze, from Leopald – heck, from Shar if needs be) he unfolded his arms and let out a small sigh. Jasper (and by proxy Phoenix) and probably Skyla could take note of how he at that point held his Hoverboard at his side using both an arm and also his tail. Pointless, but an observation nonetheless.

And then, because it had been pointed out that Skyla was in charge of food and drinks? ” … I’m fine, thank-you. We had breakfast on our way here, though I guess we’ll need some water at some point.” He said, and proved that he wasn’t entirely ignoring her.

07-22-2015, 11:00 PM

Kershaw perks up and says, over her shoulder while still collecting some sort of liquid "Ah! You're up! I've been up the whole time, and I think it's morning, lemmi check!"

She held the bucket with one hand while fishing around in her pocket with the other. Eventually she comes up with a clockwork watch on a chain. Looking at the surface she says "It's six forty and 23 seconds"

She hurries to put away the watch and then turns off the spigot and then quickly pulls a number of levers. The machinery all starts winding down and stopping. She then pours part of the black liquid into a mug and looks up eagerly at Sam. "Here, it's coffee! Come try some!"

07-22-2015, 11:48 PM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde sunnyside

Lots of details from Syla that can be mostly skipped. I took it down from having written out the whole letter to just summing it up to make it easier on everyone. Sorry Hanze is directed towards Shi'ran personally but that is where his character pulled his attention too when he asked the question. FYI! Skimro does have jetboard parts made for Shi'ran's board, make and model same. Upgrades for protection.

And Skimro's statement was pointed to both Jasper and Fefe. I just wanted him out of the way so they could pay attention to things that were being explained.

The dragon reminded Hanze of someone, he just could not put his finger on who. "Did I say we were? I said if, did I not? Let us say that we did all go to the bazaar, we found out that the ruins was NOT where the men we are looking for went, but the person did state something about two locations they heard they could be, that would give whoever leads the option to either go as a group to both locations one at a time. OR split up to figure out where to go. By splitting up, you cut down time and increase possibilities of success of finding who we need.

"But even though one of you will be leading, I will not let slide one rule I have. Buddy System. If you leave the group do to splitting or for personal reasons, one other person WILL go with you." He said that loud of that everyone could hear it even if they weren't paying attention. "So, the options would end up being, one large group, two half groups, or, my favorite when it works out, splittings of three. Two scavenger look out groups, one base camp group."

Stepping closer to the dragon, he lowered both arms and raised his head, his way to show respect but also he means what he says. "Group are best do to accidents. If places fall and you can not un-bury the person, or if a door closes and latches shut. That other person is used to get others for help if it is needed. If base camp is used then easy access to find. Safety measures."

After Hanze got his words out, Skimro looked at Jasper. "If y-you decide not to li-isten, I will be back over there f-f-fixing the coms." How could Skimro forget to fix those? He beat himself up mentally as he walked away and grabbed his bag and went off to a distance to work on the broken communicators.

Skyla watched as Sone and Leopold walked off on their own, each with their own instrument, then Skimro grabbing his bag, maybe working on something.

Skyla felt useless.

Instead of just standing like a doll, she bowed, then walked over to the bags to put whatever left over stuff was out back in before they were to leave.

Only.. She found a envelope filled with papers that she had never seen before. Pulling out, she read the top of the first page:

Seven Towers Campus

She skimmed through small history from each of the cultures, the goals of the place, some of the stuff taught there, reasons for the school being around. Then her eyes found an application, her name on the first line.

Was this why she felt like she would never see them again? Why was the paper filled out for her?

It went into details such as being both Celestial and Pactmaker, but only raised Celestial. A side note explained her history, something she did not want people to know. Then it went into why she wore a slave collar. Something else she did not want told to people.

It went on and on, then the last page was addressed to someone named Sefton Senachall.

It began out apologizing for stealing a written contract, explaining in depth about a group that was following him, wishing his death for having made it to begin with. Then explained about attempting to protect him for someone named Myst.

Skyla took a deep breathe and looked over her shoulder, they were in deep discussion to notice her reading this, so she continued.

The next portion of the letter goes and tells whoever Sefton is about Myst having had been pregnant and giving birth. Then talked about basic and advanced books for Celestials for the child born. How the child was gifted but if known of the marking she was born with, would be tossed out. The letter addressed a town she had never heard of before, but it was stated to be a Pactmaker's village. Then went into another place near by filled with Netherkin. But the focus went back to the Pactmaker's village, talking about a birthmark that made parents turn their children away for the safety of their village.

Then it spoke of the child again, how Hanze begged Myst never to allow her to learn any Pactmaker ways, to focus her on Celestial upbringing. He went on explaining how the child was still different than normal children.

He brought up old history of Sefton looking up information and if he was not mad still, continue looking into it if he did not figure it out already. Hanze stated a few attempts but was refused answers once it was known he had the same mark as the child.

Then he was apologizing again for taking the contract and will be returning it, making sure he knew he had copied it and reassured him the real would be in his hands soon enough. He stated Myst was dead and then went into begging for him to protect his daughter.

Skyla had a small issue breathing, he was giving her away to protect her. It felt like hours, but in reality, it took her only a handful of minutes to have skimmed through all the pages.

That was all she had processed before she saw her mother sitting in front of her pointing behind Skyla.

She put the papers in her own bag and stood up, her eyes met with a very almost invisible Netherkin-Voth. "How may I help you?" She whispered, her eyes to the ground as quickly as she could manage to do so.

"Coffee?" His attention went straight to her. "The liquid that looks like black mud but is really liquidy?" He took the cup gingerly, peering into it.

He was curious about the drink but was not sure if he could trust himself to drink it. His eyes looked directly into Kershaws. "Never had before." He left it at that, while looking back into the cup, the warmth seeping through his skin.

Light Buster
07-24-2015, 03:09 PM

(Mizuki) "Sure, I'll be glad to help."

Mizuki needed to get Juggernaut's trust in order for mission to go smoothly. This was a small but important step.

07-24-2015, 05:46 PM

(Mizuki) "Sure, I'll be glad to help."

Mizuki needed to get Juggernaut's trust in order for mission to go smoothly. This was a small but important step.

"Now I'm no fool, Most Budshio I met here avoid me. So why would you help me, what is it that you need help with?" While saying this they were in Hir apartment area and shi was in the fridge getting the drinks. Shi got bags out so shi could transport them all in one go. Shi grabbed a Tidy's Rootbeer, a Schwger Gingerale, Sunburst Orange Crush, Starberry Red Crush, Mt. Chilly, A gallon of hir milk with the special Chakat enzyme in it freshly chilled." There all ready to go to the area."

Cross Avantgarde
07-25-2015, 07:03 PM
Ranshiin (Yeah, Shi'ran seems to cut to the chase often enough, unlike Jasper) ~Shobu~ sunnyside ELR

Hanze made good sense with his insistence of a buddy system and the incorporation of a base camp. Undoubtedly, he was experienced with these sorts of excursions.

Skimro went off hastily to work on the communicators. Jasper wondered to himself how long Skimro had been affiliated with this group, and how he’d met them. Shi’ran and Hanze had both emphasized the need to search both the bazaar and the ruins. They could certainly cover more ground if they traveled in more than one pack, and Hanze and Shi’ran were agreed in that regard, as far as Jasper understood things.

“Well, I do feel better splitting up since we’ll have someone with us, as well as the fact that we’ll have the coms to help us out. I mean, we’re allowed to use those, right?” Jasper didn’t want to blindly assume that the coms were for everyone’s use, as they were not inexpensive toys in the least, but he couldn’t fathom the coms being used for anything else at the moment. He smiled and added, “And if Skimro is working on them, they’ll work just fine.”

He wasn’t sure yet who would take the lead, but he knew it wasn’t an accident that Phoenix and Shi’ran were both included on this trip. Had he been more observant, he would’ve noticed that Skyla seemed absorbed in some papers she’d found in an envelope. Instead, Jasper merely noticed how Shi’ran was holding his hoverboard. Yep, a tail would be handy in a workshop; Jasper was convinced of that.

07-26-2015, 06:21 PM
OOC: >.< Sorry, guys, playing catch up here. Just got back from a mini vacation visiting my parents and had to make some changes to my living situation. Cross Avantgarde ELR sunnyside Ranshiin

Phoenix was amused to say the least. She'd met a few Magiteks in her lifetime, but none as elated as Jasper and Skimro. Their enthusiasm about pretty much everything was endearing. But when Jasper introduced her the way he did, she couldn't help but blush a little. Two days and this man had already elicited a full range of emotions from her. Never had anyone introduced her as wonderful. She was fully aware that she hadn't let go of his wrist. She definitely wasn't going to now.

Although it was a tragic event, Skimro didn't seem to want to say anything else about his parents. He didn't even seem certain if they were alive or not. Jasper seemed sincerely sympathetic. It disheartened her to hear of such situations. She didn't really know what to say. Jasper had said was she could have, but didn't. Instead, she let the conversation take a different direction. Skimro seemed a little nervous when greeting her, although he was initiating it. She smiled at him and took it with her free hand, wish was thankfully the right one. "You can call me Fefe. It's lovely to meet you, Skimro."

After he ran off, Phoenix turned her attention to Hanze. Somewhere in the distance, the androgynous man was playing a lovely little tune. She swayed her head a little. She didn’t miss the information that was given, nor the introductions that she was expecting earlier. This was starting to sound like a dangerous adventure. Not that that made it any less appealing. She couldn’t help but think that she was just filling some kind of open slot for this. She’d never met this Sefton man so she obviously wasn’t hand picked or anything. She didn’t know about Jasper, but Shi’ran seemed like he did. Regardless of how she felt, it’s not she could just hightail it back to the school when she felt like it. Besides, Shar seemed to be confident about Voth’s competence, even if he did seem a little faded, quite literally.

When Jasper turned to look at her, she wished she had that same ability. She, a leader? She’d never even fathomed such a thing. If anything, Shi’ran was a much more suitable candidate. He didn’t seem to care either way.

“I think that you or Shi’ran is much more qualified than I,” she said, smiling. "You're kind and really energetic and enthusiastic about everything. I think those are good qualities of a leader too."

07-27-2015, 06:47 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~

ELR Shi’ran isn’t being indecisive, I just don’t know whether everyone is meant to go to this bazaar or not, but he’s going to be stubborn about his belief that he intends to take an active role. Also from what I remember of Blackwaltz’ stuff Shi’ran had been told that his Hoverboard is an archaic design (an ancient prototype, essentially) and Sefton had mentioned this group would have an actual ‘modern’ Jetboard, not parts. Sefton basically promised him a newer, better, more reliable and faster one. xP

He’s also not ‘controlling’ what he thinks the others should do because I cannot control what Cross and Shobu want their characters to do; if they want to go exploring or not is up to them. Shi’ran, however, is very adamant on being pro-active.

Shi’ran listened quietly to what Hanze explained and stated, breathing out a small sigh in the duration of listening, adjusting his hold of his Hoverboard but doing no more. Of course, what the strange man said was very direct and to a degree blunt – which for his sake was a good thing. It spelled everything out clearly and precisely – exactly the way he wanted it to be explained.

The matter about the ‘buddy system’ did however cause him to frown down at the male – shorter to him, but only because of how he had attuned himself as a Therian. Shi’ran remained steadfast in the end, and didn’t move aside from the change in expression even when the man did what he could to show some sort of respect towards him. ”Right … okay, that makes sense, that’s pretty much what I thought you were implying.” The Therian finally answered back, as blunt-toned as Hanze was. Nothing was said on the buddy/group system on his behalf; he seemed indifferent to it in the end.

The Therian then paused there as other people spoke up; Jasper, about his view on the buddy-system for if ‘things went wrong’ and Phoenix about the leadership stuff. He made sure to look away from them at a point so he could roll his eyes without the Wanderlust girl seeing him do so; both of them were so indecisive! But perhaps that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing … though it did mean that he was going to have to step up and prevent the three getting locked in a triangle of indecision.

”So … well, I came here under the belief I'd be helping exploring for these things Sefton wanted – and the thing about the Hover-erh … Jetboard, that he said that your group would be able to help with.” He then turned back to Hanze and explained, very firmly like before. ”So, no matter what you think, I am volunteering to be a part of any expedition or exploration group, whether that’s into the ruins, or to any other locations that we might need to go to. I’m not going to tell Jasper or the girl ((he meant Phoenix)) who to go with or where to go; that’s their prerogative, or yours. I honestly don't care. Neither of them can seem to decide what to do anyway.

With that in mind, what do you suggest we do then? Should we all head to the bazaar-thing as one group? Or should only some of us go and everyone else make this ‘base-camp’ you speak of? Given that we have no other information to go on, my personal opinion is that we shouldn’t split up until we know any and all possible places these scavengers might have gone to and we figure out a plan once we know.

However, that is just my opinion; you can take the information and use it to decide whether that’s the right choice or whether only a few of us head to this place. I’ll go along with whatever you decide and who you believe should go, but as I’ve said I refuse to sit on my tail at a camp-site; it’s not what I came out here to do and I’m not going to take ‘no’ for an answer on that.”

The dragon-Therian wasn’t being entirely decisive, but that was because of the situation; he was being stubborn-enough and confident-enough to put his foot down, but at the end of the day he was leaving this initial decision up to the one who had orchestrated the meeting – Hanze, Leopald, the others whom Sefton had sent him to meet. It was because he genuinely didn’t know whether they should all head through the sand-wrecked ruins of Tierce to this bazaar or not; that was an assessment that required knowing the area, something he didn’t but Hanze and his group did. He had given his view, and that was that.

In the meantime he turned to look back around the others; he saw Jasper and Phoenix together, he heard the fat technician kid mumbling something about ‘comms’? He assumed it was the archaic Magitek technology used for long-range communications, scavenged from the bygone eras of the world. He also saw how Leopald and … the guy with the guitar? He wasn’t sure of the name, Sone? Had wandered off to walk and the Therian-collared girl had gone off to the side to pack their belongings up and had gotten caught up reading something. From that he ascertained that they were going to be moving, whether it be to a remote camp or to the bazaar.

Shi’ran would turn right back to Hanze, however, at receiving his reply about the assessment.

(( Sorry for the length though >.> ))

07-27-2015, 09:46 PM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde and ELR

"Hmmmm" thought Shar as he stepped casually back from the group a ways. "This is much better. Much better" He allowed his senses to expand and sharpen and he began taking in the details of the terrain, the sounds of the wind along with the voices, the letters on paper, showing through the back in the sunlight. "Much better".

But he kept an ear up. But this was more his style. Just paying enough attention to criticize and avoid the worst trouble. Not worrying about getting people to do what was needed. Shar suspect Shi'ran was on the right track anyway.

Though eventually he felt the need to chime in "I'm pretty flexible as long as we aquire the item. However I'd really prefer students stay together with myself and Voth if they're exploring or stay here at basecamp with Ysar for safety reasons."

He then mused for a moment " Although I guess if the students were to sign some sort of waver, I'm not one to tell people what they can't do... In any case please continue."

At that he took another step back, and sort of looked away to avoid having someone speak directly to him instead of the students.

For his part Voth loomed over Skyla. His pale face becoming more defined as he says "TEA. And a sturdy stool!"

OOC: Oop, gotta run.

07-27-2015, 11:14 PM
Ranshiin Oh no, I have not forgotten about the hoverboard/jetboard, and where they are headed Skimro has something to pick up, the newest model of a jetboard, he was going to use it for parts, but he still does not know Shi'ran wants a newer model. Since it was brought up, Skimro can leave a note in his mind to speak to Shi'ran about it. Just noting, was not forgotten.
Could always have him discuss about a joint leadership! Basically making suggestions, Shar mentioned the kids having a learning experiance, to Hanze, that means the whole shabang. And even when the leader(s) is/are decided, that does not mean the advice stops. The task is simple, work as a team to obtain the robot, the question is, how to go about doing so?
sunnyside lol I think I like Shar lots, could see him laying in the sun with a bone next to him.
Cross Avantegarde

He chuckled, then stretched, relaxing his muscles. "Only pushing because that pup said you guys had to learn. My personal opinion?" He leaned in closer to Shi'ran, his words whispered some what. "I'd go to the bazaar first with the whole group. Can have portion of us make base camp close by there AND figure out any clues of its whereabouts. Can decide the rest after that depending on the news." Standing straight again, his voice returned to normal. "But that is just my opinion."

He looked over at the wanderlust and magitech kids and started pondering. 'Not much muscle. Wonder what Sefton had been thinking.'

Skimro turned before he made it all the way to the comms and eyed the dragons board. He saw potential parts on it that needed fixed, an ancient one. He pondered on the type of trade he would need to do for it. Maybe he would strike up a conversation about it on their walk later.

With that noted down, he turned and sat down, pulling tools out, work had to be done and quick.

Pushing the bags to the side, she stood up and bowed. "Yes, sir." She dug in her pouch and grabbed a small pouch and went through Sone's pack and got out a cup. Setting it down, she pulled the newest one from off the fire and put her hand close to it to make sure the heat was still there before dipping the cup into it and dropping the bag in.

Setting the cup into the Netherkin's hands, she bowed once more. "I shall see if I can find that stool you asked for." She hurriedly walked towards the door, her nerves high.

They had not brought any chairs or stools with them, and she was unsure if there was one inside but she entered in and peered into the darkness, swallowing hard. Her father had warned something may be in here, but she was a 'slave' so she had to do as she was asked.

Wavers? He looked over at Shar. "Forgot that it would be 'best' for students not to do the worst bunches of the work. Dangerous portions." He chuckled. "No worries, once the kids decide on who-" though it looked like the two had already deemed the dragon as leader without his consent, "-then we can discuss on wavers and I will need to discuss with which one of the students will also be accepting the end bargain when we are finished."

His attention went back to the kids. "Though I have a good feeling on who I would pick."

His eyes drifted over to the Magitech Skimro seemed to know for only a second then eyed the dragon again. Then he looked over at the girl.

"Let me know your end decision when you come to it, together."

07-28-2015, 11:32 AM

Kershaw nods "At least it starts off as coffee, I think you could still call it coffee. It's a bit hard to get the beans since food production is prioritized but I just love 'em and so do enough people. And the Bushi get to make crap tons of tea, which is lame. I mean...."

At that Kershaw seems to really that she's droning on refocuses on Sam.

"Coffee is good for you! Um. Sometimes it takes a little getting used to, but I think you'll really like it! Try it, Try it!"

At that she holds her hands near her face in little fists and actually hops a little bit.

07-28-2015, 12:16 PM
First post! Here we go! )


It was the nightmares that awoke her. The sky was light with late morning, still exhausted yet the absence of fear would't let her rest, wouldn't let her return to sleep. Fear was an emotion Holic was familiar with, however it was not often she often expressed. As a Netherkin she suffered what she generically called a 'mental block' where she knew she had some kind of emotion to free, but it wouldn't come out.

It wasn't an absence of emotion, but the inability to feel it. Her mind fuzzed out, her vision softened with a darkness and her hearing went hollow. Like a numbness it would drive her into a catatonic state if she didn't release this emotion in time.

It took everything she had to kick the covers off and throw herself out of bed, stumbling blindly out of her room and into the next. Her sink was already filled with water, a preparation she performed every night before she slept. Gripping the cracked basin she plunged her head in, up to her ears and for a moment was still. But the longer she was submerged the more her lungs burned for a release. She bellowed a rage of bubbles, exhaling her breath with no chance of taking any air in. It hurt, but it helped, that wall blocking her emotions off crumbling, letting her feel the fear, the panic, the distress of her nightmares.

But good god it hurt.

The burning in her lungs cramping her diaphragm, almost as though a vice was twisting down on her torso. The blackness of her vision faded to gray and white spots, the hollow of her hearing melted, leaving the roar of he blood and the thunder of her heartbeat in her ears. She was on the cusp of unconsciousness, but moments before she' pass out, Holic pushed herself away from the sink, twisting to collapse on her side and vomit up the water.

She gasped a breath, coughing again, panting with her heavy-lidded eyes staring at the tiles of her bathroom wall.

Holic would lay there until her breathing returned to normal, finding the cool of the tile comforting against her cheek. She found everything about the tower comforting, its drafty hallways and old walls, the dark, shadowy spots that no light, lamp or flame could penetrate.

Ans the spirits that lingered there, she found them comforting too... well, some of them anyway.

The screams and crashing noises from other places in the tower got her stirring, sitting up, getting up and returning to her modest room. Holic picked up a towel and rubbed her damp face with it, squeezing the excess water from her dark hair. She dressed unceremoniously in a white button-down shirt and jeans. She pulled on her broken-in boots and thick, tatty cardigan, raking fingers through her hair a few times as she left her room and made her way down the hallway.

She took her route at a slow, easy pace, pausing as she passed a window to take a peek outside. An unusual number of undead were shambling around, and it seemed the Netherkin Tower had the pleasure of visitors. She recognized a few faces but not enough to greet anyone. Still, may as well venture out.

Vanishing from the window she took a shortcut, letting herself into a vacant room and stepped into the shadow of its wardrobe, only to step out from behind the larder door in the kitchen.

She took a moment to rummage through the food, be it for everyone or personally labeled. Peeling the label of an individually wrapped pastry she finally broke free of the tower to step into the light, squinting until she steps took her under the shade of the surrounding trees.

The acidic stink of vomit made her nose curl a little, changing direction which brought her closer to the small group of two males, a female and a skeletal creature conversing, playing music and seeming to be having a good time. It didn't seem like an event Holic would flourish in, so she kept a distance, watching curiously yet cautiously, chewing away on her breakfast.

Cross Avantgarde
07-28-2015, 04:42 PM
OOC: ELR ~Shobu~ sunnyside Ranshiin

Smiling at Phoenix’s sincerely cordial treatment of Skimro, Jasper noted her humility. Some people didn’t seem to discern the same amount of skill and virtue in themselves as others do, and these people are very often humble, like Phoenix. They would be in good hands, it was agreed, with Shi’ran at the helm, so all was well.

It was impossible for Jasper to resist the urge to wince and frown when Voth gave his brash and rude command for Skyla to bring him tea. The urgency with which she acquiesced made Jasper all the more frustrated, and once again he pondered over the collar she wore, which seemed more obvious by the minute.

Jasper was uneasy under Hanze’s brief gaze, but since Shi’ran didn’t seem to mind if he led or not, Jasper felt that he wasn’t overstepping his bounds with his next statement, despite the fact that this may have been what he was doing after all.

“Alright, I think that settles things,” Jasper said with a small smile. “Shi’ran will lead us. And, I think Shar’s suggestion that we stay together should be followed. So, I’m going with Shi’ran as well.”

He looked at Phoenix, hoping strongly that she would choose to do the same. At any rate, if she did choose otherwise Jasper might be able to find something of worth while he was gone that he could tinker with and, if possible, present her with something unique. It was a fleeting guess—who knew what they would find in search of the robot?

07-28-2015, 06:54 PM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~

ELR well, you’ll be surprised to know that Shi’ran might not really need the ‘experience’. He's just ... lazy. :p

I also apologise in advance for his attitude >.>

Pup. Shi’ran didn’t even know whether to frown or smirk at that way that Hanze described Shar and in the end the dragon-Therian just cocked his head to the side and nothing on his side was said about it. At the man then leaning in closer his head straightened back up and he fell to listening to the suggestion.

”Hm.” He hummed in thought, pausing whilst Hanze then quietly opined about Jasper and Phoenix. Of course, he couldn’t read other peoples’ minds and saw a man just looking at somebody else. The matter Shar brought up got his attention though, and Hanze’s it seemed … waivers? He recalled Sefton being clear that it was going to be dangerous …… no, the school’s president had been very vocal about keeping the students ‘safe’. Pfeh. When Hanze suggested he go talk to Jasper and Phoenix about the leadership matter the dragon-Therian just nodded, yet as he turned to go across to them he was cut off by Jasper – who had been listening to the conversation – who expressed that it was apparent that he (Shi’ran) be the leader.

…… The Therian peered back at Jasper with a sort of expression that bordered between a deadpan glare and something best described as a cynical threat, but the expression was all bark; Shi’ran said nothing at Jasper himself and after a few further moments he turned back to Hanze with his eyes rolling and his shoulders shrugging. That was enough, he thought, and he therefore just spoke up outright;

”Okay, you know what? It’s apparent-enough that out of us three that the Dog brought in Sefton’s name, I should be the leader. I’m not going to argue it; I consider it settled, because otherwise we’re just going to be going around in circles and I don’t care to be standing around here prattling all day.

And as for any waivers, I’ve already said that I want to be involved and if that means I have to sign a waiver to explore any ruins or dangerous places then fine, consider me waived. You can talk to those two about whether they’re prepared for that or not …” He paused, narrowed his eyes at Hanze. In a tone that was intended and thus heard only by him – in a similar vein to earlier where Hanze had spoken only to him – he then made an addition. ”Though, I do suggest you try and persuade them. I honestly don’t care if you do, but I think they need to learn how to show some balls, y’know? But you and Shar have the last say on that.”

Pause. Shi’ran leaned back away from Hanze and then he lifted his face up skyward and leaned back, in order to roll his neck and pop the bones and loosen the muscle and whatnot of his neck and upper back. After that he let out a small sigh and he turned away from Hanze, looked around at Leopald and the guy with the guitar, at Skyla and the Netherkin bodyguard, and then across at the fat Magitek kid, then Phoenix and then finally Jasper. ”I vote that we get moving; we should all get going to this bazaar as a group and not waste any more time standing around here chatting idly.” He said with a tone that was loud-enough only to convey abrupt statement – after all, he had been discerned to be the leader, and thus he gave his opinion as such. ”Since Hanze and his buddies should know where it is, I think we should get going once we have everything gathered together and these things about ‘waivers’ are sorted out, and they should lead the way.”

What a bunch of idiots. Why is it always me who has to tell people what to do? Pfah … though I’d rather tell than be told.

“… The longer we take getting there the more difficult locating these scavengers will be; we can figure out whether we need to split up or not once we know where the scavengers might be.”

He didn’t say anything else; he stepped off to the side and excused himself from the main ‘circle’ of the group, which incidentally was in Skimro’s direction. He found himself a portion of shade against a wall of the dilapidated building and he sank down to a sitting-position against it, Hoverboard set down at his side. He breathed in, let out a rough ‘huff’ of a sigh and then fell to silently observing, examining, everyone else there.

07-28-2015, 08:12 PM
sunnyside ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin Actually, I feel rude, I could not help but laugh left and right. LOVE reading things from Shi'ran's point of view.

Slowly, he sipped some into his mouth, it was bitter, and pungent, almost insipid. He swallowed mechanically.

"That is..." He wished he could say something good about the drink, but his words could not come out with a lie, and his words also stopped from an after taste. A rancid taste. "Not what I expected.." His lips would not form a smile, just twisted and turned in odd ways, he set the cup down and jogged over to the sink and rinsed his mouth, the water was not much better but it got the taste out of his mouth.

"Going to be honest." He wiped his mouth and turned to face Kershaw. "Not such a great drink, I will skip out on your delicacy." Now, if they were in his room, he could make them eggs and orange juice. Knowing this girl, she would be displeased by them. "Thank you for allowing me to.. erm... Try it, though." He realized the taste was still there, he just had to ignore it. "What were you working on?"
He smiled at their decision, he liked the dragon, reminded him of someone. His work was done so he left the kids in Shar's hands for whatever the waiver they had to sign.

His attention went to Skimro, who was busy at work. He had something of importance. "Yo, we need to speak!"

She closed her eyes and stepped forward a few steps, then knocked into something, forcing her eyes to open up.

It was fallen boards from the floor above. Stepping around them, she headed towards the back where some light was filling in. The whole house was totally run down, the atmosphere was extremely creepy. Her heart was pounding so hard that it felt as though it could jump out of her chest.

Finally, she made it to the slightly lit room and see it being a kitchen, stools tossed across the room, the smell of something rotted filled the air, cabinets hanging barely upon the wall.

"Just test the chairs and get out. Just test the chairs and get out. Just-"

Jumping at the sound of Hanze, Skimro turned to look at him and awaited. " How well do you know that runt magitek? "

Skimro cocked his head and thought for a second on how to answer that. "We grew up together, trust him to have my back anywhere, any time." His excitement entered his voice. "He even helped me take apart a modern day jetboard when we were younger!"

"Then I have something for you to do. I need you to talk to him about delivering the 'package' we discussed before."

Skimro jumped off of the ground, his voice was loud. "You're actually doing it!? Why!?" He dropped his voice, and his tools, his eyes stayed level to Hanze's eyes, he pushed his goggles up to keep them in place. "Have you told her?"

Hanze looked away. " No.. I have not... And, yes, I am. If they catch up with us then what do you think they will do to her? Huh? " His eyes went back to Skimro. " I am thinking of her safety, of her future. Her mother would not want this type of life for her. She would KILL me if she realized I did not protect her properly from the harshlands. "

Taking a deep breathe, Skimro knew what Hanze was saying was true, though death would not be how she would handle him. "I'll.. talk t-to him." He felt guilty.

07-29-2015, 12:03 PM

Sam gets the feeling that Kershaw isn't really listening to him. She's quite intent though, staring into his eyes or lips...and far too closely, getting into his personal space. She mumbles something like "Mmmm hmmm" in agreement with whatever he's saying, which doesn't increase Sam's confidence that she's actually listening.

But then the world starts to swirl and change.

Suddenly Sam is a little girl, running through fields of the schoolgrounds above. Feeling wonderful, she runs in the warm sunlight while barefoot in the grass.

Then he's a snake, eating the biggest egg Sam has ever seen. And then another. Lumps in his body ten times as thick as he is.

Then things are just black and swirly, Sam is there, and also not there. Sam is spinning, but it's fun, like being on a ride at a fair, but safe, because there is not height or ground or, well, anything.

Eventually the swirls start fading and the room starts coming back into focus. Sam realizes he's lying on Kershaw's bed and that his eyes are held open with clothespins. Kershaw is hovering above looking intently into them. As soon as she notices Sam stirring, she quickly removes the clothespins and scurries over to a nearby chair and picks up a clipboard and pen.

"How was it? Was it the greatest thing ever?!?! You have to tell me everything!"

07-29-2015, 08:15 PM
Sliver walked to the door of the school and slammed them open " Miss Me!!" She yelled her gang behind her smileing crazed smiles " mind if I have any friend with me here??" She asked the teacher behind the desk in the front of the school hands on the desk covered in blood with an blood stained smile

(Sorry my family moved an while ago and we had to set up wifi DX

p.S Miss old home)

Light Buster
07-31-2015, 11:56 PM

As Mizuki heard what Juggernaut said, she decided to help her out. After all, she was part if the Bushi. It would help to get to know her more.

(Mizuki) "Hey that's good to hear. Do you need any help with the party? I would love to help."

08-01-2015, 12:14 AM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde and ELR

Shar strained his sense to hear things near and far. But the silence got a bit long. He sighed. He didn't want to always have to come back to the world and keep interacting. And the less he had to stress about that the sooner he could get back to giving others a hard time, and he had a few debts on that front by now.

He felt if he always butted in that they'd start always waiting on him to say something. But...perhaps he'd confused them with that waiver bit. He was used to saying things like that...but that was when Sefton is around.

"Much as I love a good pact, I'm afraid I don't have the ability to make a proper pact as such. Though we could always write something on paper. Really I don't think it's an issue so long as we're reasonably together and I can testify to due dilligence at keeping you reasonably safe.

Speaking of which I like the idea of getting to the bazaar, and soon. We are trying to actually get the robot. We're somewhat close, an hour out, far enough to be able to land the ship without being noticed. We could walk in and be low key, or fly in and be a bit more obvious.

Though either way you should know I'm not having the ship stay there. That's too good a way to be out a ship. "

Luka Megurine and Clockwork Bird

Suddenly, the four constructs perk up and look in the same direction. Soundlessly the rush out of the building.

Juanita looks at them go and says "That means Silver must be back. They're connected to her"


While the school is massive and has many building, the teacher in this class is a little hard to pin down, culture wise. He nicely fitted robe could put her with a number of cultures. The students are a mix , and there are twenty of them.

Everyone stops talking and stares at the group. There's an awkward pause and people look worried. Eventually the teacher composes herself and says "I'm...I'm afraid the class is full. Perhpas you should try somewhere else?"

08-01-2015, 01:36 AM

As Mizuki heard what Juggernaut said, she decided to help her out. After all, she was part if the Bushi. It would help to get to know her more.

(Mizuki) "Hey that's good to hear. Do you need any help with the party? I would love to help."

OOC: I think she was lost in thought or something cause she hasn't answered Juggernaut's question at "all!

"Thanks I could use the help, now lets get these drinks quickly over to the club area and into the fridge for cooling. Also you haven't answered my question yet." As shi started to walk a beeping came from hir crystal. "We have a commotion in such & such a place. Security come ASAP!""

Clockwork Bird
08-01-2015, 08:34 AM
OCC: Sorry for not being around. Life sometimes gets the better of me

Elise perks up her ears and looks around. The other wolves clearly can see or hear something she couldnt, and she didnt like that.

"What do you mean, connected?" She said slowly, trying to analyse the situation. "Who is back?" Silver... No that name didnt ring any bells. "Who is Silver? Is she the girl I saw in the woods?" She sniffs the air and looks at Eira. "Should we follow them?"

08-02-2015, 01:00 PM
Sliver nodded at the teacher "every well but first may I tell my gangs names ??" She said she lined her group up she walked up two an huge black and white haired man with scares and an belt rainbow with teeth and claws around his neck"meet bone my second in command " she said Bone glared at the students sliver walked two an twins one with white hair the other black both with blue and green belts around the necks bigger but smaller than sliver and bone "Frost and Snake " Sliver said Sliver was know next to an giger girl with green eyes with an black belt necklace "meet my sister Brick" Sliver said "don't touch please they bite" Sliver giggled evilly before walked get out of the room into the hall way

Cross Avantgarde
08-04-2015, 11:42 AM
OOC: Ranshiin ~Shobu~ sunnyside
ELR: Unless you think it’s best for Jasper to hear it, I’m going to have him be oblivious to Hanze’s words to Skimro, as I think they’re spoken off to the side. If not, just let me know and I’ll have Jasper respond directly to hearing it.

IC: Shi’ran and Shar both thought that it was a good idea to go ahead and move together towards the bazaar. From what Shar said, it would not be necessary to sign a waiver as long as they travelled together. The question was whether they should walk or fly there, the issue of conspicuousness being at the heart of the matter.

Jasper noticed that Hanze was talking to Skimro in tones that seemed somewhat urgent, or important. Skimro seemed a little let down or perhaps troubled, Jasper thought.

Shi’ran had gone off a small ways, so Jasper had to raise his voice just a bit to ensure that he would be heard. “So, what do you think, Shi’ran? On foot, or by flight?” Perhaps he should be asking Shar, but as Shi’ran was the leader, it seemed appropriate to ask him.

08-04-2015, 05:00 PM
Juggernaut handed/thrust the contents into Mizuki's arms and sped off full run towards the said location hir lower running as fast as a cheetah. Shi said sorry to those shi surprised but continued and leapt over a moving upright two person hands transported couch.

08-04-2015, 10:33 PM
OOC: Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin sunnyside ELR

"I have no problem following your lead, Shi'ran," she said with a smile. Shi'ran's attitude towards her may have lightened a bit, but she still didn't get any friendly signals from him. He was an honest creature so regardless of his brashness, she could follow him without complaint. She turned back to Jasper. "I couldn't leave your side yet anyway. I'd be too worried if we split up now."

Shar wanted them to decide on which mode of transportation they would take into the bizarre to find this robot. She wasn't exactly sure what a robot was. When in the cities, she had heard the word float about but it wasn't ever something she'd gotten a clear answer on. Either way, it seemed that Jasper and Shi'ran knew what they were searching for, so she would inquire about it later.

Skimro's excitement caught her attention. She was sensing some varying emotions coming from him as he spoke to Hanze. She couldn't hear exactly what they were talking about but the last wave she felt was guilt. She was the type to never doubt a person unless they gave her a reason to. It wasn't reason enough, but she didn't feel very welcomed by this Hanze person from the moment they stepped off the ship. And what was with that girl and having a collar around her neck? She glanced back at the depreciating house in which the one called Skyla had disappeared. It was far so it was faint, but she could somewhat sense the fear coming from inside. Would she have overstepped her some sort of boundaries if she went in there to see if she was alright? Sometimes people found her using her empathy as an invasion of privacy. She didn't want to offend these people whom she barely knew. Self-restraint was a foreign concept to her, but so was a learning environment such as this. She had to be cautious.

08-05-2015, 07:30 AM
Cross Avantgarde sunnyside ELR ~Shobu~

He had expected to be left alone for five/ten minutes but had barely sat when Shar spoke up rather loudly (so everyone heard him) about the matter of the ‘waiver’ and the matter of the ship. By ‘waiver’ he’d meant a pact? What? It took a moment for the Therian to remember that Shar was, well … the familiar of a Pactmaker. Should’ve made sense. He blamed the terminology and his limited experience with them and it made him scowl a bit from his shaded spot against the building.

”Pact? Waiver? If you knew you couldn’t really do anything then why did you bring it up?” He thus retorted rather loudly so Shar would hear. Stupid Dog. He then told himself, confined to his thoughts, and took that moment to compose himself. Yes, he had to remember – now wasn’t the time to be an asshole. Not now. ”Look, I … ugh, I already told you. Whether it’s safe or not I’m doing whatever I need to do to get this thing your master Sefton wants. Doesn’t matter to me what Jasper and Phoenix do.

And the ship? …” Pause. Red-orange eyes turned in the direction of the ship, almost out-of-view around the side of the building and the dunes of sand and dirt that had almost buried it. Even Jasper wondered … gah. ”… If you’re not going to leave the ship here no matter what, then we might as well all use it to travel to the bazaar. Or at least as close as you think is reasonable. Unless these scavengers are explicitly expecting a Cloudclipper to arrive and know that there will be people sent to barter their robot off of them on said Cloudclipper, then there shouldn’t be anything suspicious if it gets seen?

Well, unless someone sees it and decides that they want to steal it, but hey – that’s your prerogative for not wanting to leave it here, isn’t it? We’ll use the ship to get as close as you think is reasonable, then we’ll walk the rest of the way.”

Shar would probably get bothered by his attitude but … he really didn’t want to be the leader despite being the only one with the backbone to do it. Phoenix and Jasper had … well, maybe Shar or Hanze would talk to them like he’d suggested to Hanze to do to try and get them to think for themselves. ”So if you guys could hurry up and get everything packed up so we can get going? Like I said, the longer we’re around here the more time these scavengers have to disappear… and I’m pretty sure Sefton would be pissed if we went back to him empty-handed.” He then called out to try and persuade them. Probably not the best way to go around it, whatever.

He fell back to his own thoughts after that, watched Phoenix talk with Jasper, Hanze talk with the fat Magitek kid … the Netherkin? Where had the girl gone that he’d asked for water from? He hadn’t seen her leave. Had she gone inside the old building for something? Huh … maybe someone ought to go find her to get her ready to leave. He even thought, perish the thoughts, of going looking for her himself…

Then another thought hit him … it distracted him near-instantly from Skyla’s disappearance. The ship? There were like … a dozen people there, now. Would it even be able to …?

”Wait, Dog? Question … is that Cloudclipper going to even be able to fly with all of us on it? I mean, it barely managed with just us lot in it, not with Sefton’s friends too …”

Perhaps it would be that Shar and Y’sar would fly the ship to safety and everyone else would be walking …

08-05-2015, 08:49 AM
Jumping out of bed and slightly away from Kershaw, his vision was still wabbly, did she drug him?

"What the hell was in that?" He gripped at the wall and stood up the best he could, he avoided looking at her.

"It was like a twist of nightmare and reality." His mind went to a moment when he was dressed like a woman and prancing around. His cheeks went pink in embarrassment. Telling her was not an option.

Ranshiin How about using the ship as the communication base? Total of 4 people: communicator, 2 guards for defense, and a runner in case there is trouble? We can include Shar as a defense, Hanze as the other, and Leopold as runner, with communication as Skimro? sunnyside Cross Avantgarde Nah, you did fine, was leaving it up to you if you heard snippets or just saw tones. ~Shobu~ Hey, if you want her to check then go for it, will not stop you.

She found one that did not wobble when sat upon. Picking it up, she turned around to leave and dropped it from what she saw, covering her mouth so she could not scream very loud, she did not want everyone running in, if the others knew she was not a slave then she would have to leave.

On the wall was the words 'leave while you can' written in what looked like dried blood, and a handful of bodies laid up against the wall, some topple over, others ripped apart, the sight made tears arise in her eyes. She wanted to throw up.

Picking up his bag, he walked over to the group, whistling hard so Sone and Leopold could hear.

"So, looks like the ship is small, and from what it sounds like, not stable. Want my opinion 'boss'?" The last part of the sentence came out slightly forced, he was not used to calling others boss. HE was boss.

Two more tweaks and the communicator was back online. He quickly packed it up and stuffed all his stuff in his bag, some of the papers were crushed but he had no time to think about that. He quickly marched over to Jasper with his big bag on his back. "Hey, can I... t-talk with you a-about something im-m-mportant?" His eyes could not look at either the woman-Fefe he think she said her name was- or Jasper. "Will o-only take a m-minute. Will b-be done b-before they are."

She gripped the chair and closed her eyes and walked out of the room, breathing minimally, and wiped her eyes dry. She was not going to ruin everything just because of something dead.

But her mind wet back to her fathers warning of something being in here.

Picking up the chair she almost dashed out of the building, tripping over something on her way out, the chair thudding just outside of the door.

Play time was over and Leopold was sad about that. He was enjoying playing with Sone. But they heard the whistle and put them away and started back towards the group. Maybe they would have time to jam again later.

08-05-2015, 06:08 PM
OOC: ELR Cross Avantgarde Ranshiin sunnyside

Shi'ran was really pushing that they move forward with the task at hand. She agreed. The longer they stayed put, if this robot was so important, it could already be hunted down by these scavengers. Skimro then came over. You didn't need to be empathetic to know that he was nervous about something. He couldn't even meet her eyes. Lucky for him, Skyla's fear hit a pitch. She didn't know what he had wanted to Jasper about, but it was obvious he didn't want to say it with her around.

"You two have your chat. I'll be back in a jiff." She said, pretending not to notice Skimro's stuttering. She jogged towards the building. Shi'ran probably would have yelled at her for stalling if he wasn't preoccupied with speaking to Shar.

As she she drew closer to the building, she heard a crash and a chair came tumbling out of the door. Worried, she then broke into a sprint. The girl's name was Skyla, if she remembered correctly. She was so briefly introduced that it nearly escaped Phoenix's attention.

"Skyla! Are you alright?" She called, leaping over the chair. The outside of the building was nothing compared to the inside. Not only was it deteriorating, it was a scene you'd find in horror novels. It was dark so she couldn't see exactly what Skyla had tripped over. She walked in and held her hand out. "Here, let me help you up."

08-06-2015, 09:16 AM
ELR ~Shobu~

ELR the ship isn’t mine, so I don’t really care. It’s up to you or sunny how to deal with that thing, Shi’ran doesn’t care either, he’d be as happy walking for an hour to the city ruins and taking up camp somewhere as he would using the ship as a camp-site. To be honest though the ship is quite small and cramped, so he’d probably lean more towards the former. Hence this post that’s directed just towards Hanze and ‘the commotion’;

Whilst waiting for an answer from Shar about the problem with the ship’s size and capability Hanze spoke up to get his attention on it; Shi’ran wanted to just nap for ten minutes, bah … were Wanderlusters always so unpredictable and spontaneous? Maybe he was overreacting …… Hanze’s tone didn’t sit with him very well, though, and he ended up giving an answer that was more blunt than was intended;

”… Please don’t call me ‘boss’ … I’m only taking initiative because the Dog is demanding I do so.” He frowned too at Hanze; evidently the man was as displeased with calling him that as he was with being called it. ”But, sure … what’s your opinion?”

There was then a loud clattering from inside the abandoned building; a chair toppled out from inside and both caught his attention. Probably caught Hanze’s too, he didn’t care, but it equal-parts intrigued and confused him? Someone was--… it had to be that collared girl. Though not particularly startled he did nonetheless pull himself up from sitting to standing; he did that simply out of a means of self-defence. He didn’t know what was going on and thus it was better he be stood in the event that he needed to move.

”… The hell was that?” He asked, moments before seeing Phoenix take initiative in dashing inside to go see what had happened. Well … he let her do that, then. Not like he’d have gone in to check himself if she hadn’t.

Cross Avantgarde
08-06-2015, 10:12 AM
ELR ~Shobu~ sunnyside Ranshiin

Moving out soon made sense, as Shi’ran had explained. Strangely enough, Jasper had not even thought to consider how many people the Cloudclipper could carry. It seemed that they might be travelling on foot after all, but the option was certainly more covert than approaching by air. Maybe it was the best way, after all. Jasper smiled a bit at hearing Hanze’s forced “boss” being directed at Shi’ran.

Phoenix’s comment about not leaving his side made Jasper hate the idea of separating from her all the more. He hoped they stayed together as long as possible. Jasper was unaware of how empathetic Phoenix was, despite the fact that she had been picking up on emotions from others for so long. He didn’t know she was troubled by what she was sensing from the building, or how obvious his own enchantment with her was.

Skimro came up to Jasper and seemed anxious to talk to him. “Yeah, of course. You can talk to me anytime. What’s up?” Phoenix granted them privacy, and Jasper started to realize just how keen she was at picking up others’ emotions and feelings. She probably knew that Skimro wanted to talk in private before he even spoke.

Phoenix went to the building in which Skyla had disappeared, and Jasper was almost sure that he heard a noise come from the building before Phoenix went off to go inside. His suspicion was correct, given Shi’ran’s comment. Obviously, he’d heard it as well. There were no screams, so it seemed all was well. Even so, Jasper focused a great deal of attention on the building so as to ensure that nothing happened without him noticing—hopefully.

Feeling that perhaps it was just the sound of something falling over and that Phoenix would’ve called out if Skyla needed help, Jasper smiled at Skimro and said, “Is something wrong, Skimro? You look worried.”

It was odd to be asking such a question. Just before they exited the ship, Jasper himself was worried at what they might find in this place.

08-07-2015, 08:51 AM
He jumped off of the bed and tumbled down, he was still disorientated. "What was that?" He had issues focusing his eyes. He never wanted to drink coffee again. EVER!

And him dressed as a girl? It seemed like a nightmare all in on itself.

Then there was the fact his mind was going faster than usual, it was hurting his head. Compounds, bindings of equilibrium of some type of material his brain could not comprehend, kinetics, and it went on and on in the background.

"Whatever coffee is, I never want it again." Physically, he was shaking slightly.

Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde sunnyside

She took her hand and hugged the girl, she had forgotten her name, but her mind went elsewhere. 'If there is dead, then the dead is there. If the dead is there, then there is dead who can speak. If the dead speak, I am a goner.' Her heart was leaping in her throat as she thought this, the thought of accidentally telepathically allowing Phoenix to hear it did not once occur to her. Not once did she think that Phoenix could figure out not only her culture but possibly even that the collar was fake.

Her body trembled from her fear, but her mind slowly came to sense that she had to stop being scared, she had to play her role of a slave. She pulled back an kept her eyes closed, her lower lip would not stop quivering though. "Th-thank you..." She stepped carefully around her and picked up the chair. "No one had ever came to help me before, I really do appreciate it. Unless it was for their benefit, that is." She opened her eyes, looking her directly in the eye, begging in her head not to see anything that was not suppose to be there. The only thing there she did see was her mother who looked concern and then the girl who helped her.

She worried about nothing. She felt silly for having done so.

She turned and exited the building and sat the chair down close to Voth, then removed the tea bag from the cup and handed it to him. "Here you go, I hope you enjoy." She quickly walked away, almost walking into the girl. "Sorry.." She lowered her head even lower.

He nodded to Phoenix as she left and looked directly at Jasper, pulling him to the side, far enough that no one could hear him whisper. "So, here is what I owe you." He pulled out the container of promethium, many labels warning on use, caution of risks of use. This was the one thing he always wanted to have. "It is slightly more than what you asked for but when I found it, I just spent all I had to get it, plus, the guy who had it thought it was some other organic substance." He puffed out his chest in victory.

But then seeing Hanze reminded him he had something of great importance to tell him about. "So... On to business." He took a deep breathe and lowered his eyes. "It is about Skyla." He swallowed hard. "Boss wants to find her a safe place to hide. We have been chased by a group of Netherkin that wish him dead, and if she is with us then she would be killed in the process as well."

He started wrapping his hands around each other, his nerves were high, this was not his to tell, why did he have to go and tell him her history? "When she was younger, her whole family was killed, she saw the aftermath, her mother sacrificed herself to keep her safe." Scuffing his foot, he added the most important part. "She is not a full blooded Celestial."

He like this kid more and more, but who did he remind him of? "My suggestion is slightly complicated to keep up with, so if you like notes-" and he hoped he didn't, "-or just listen an absorb."

He pulled out a map and flattened it out for them both to see, then pointed to a somewhat large building noticeable from the map. "So, this is the building we are at now." He moved his finger slightly northwest and stopped. "About here is the bazaar." Then he scooted his finger in the complete opposite direction and landed on a mountain side. "Right here is where the group should be with the robot." He left it open for the dragon to use.

"My suggestion is this: Communication group stays on ship, that will relieve Shar of worries of it being taken over. Communication being one of the Magitechs-" he pointed at Skimro and Jasper, "-two muscles, possibly Shar and I, and then a runner. My fastest is Leopold, I would use him. If you make use Skimro for processing the communication device instead of yours, that leaves your whole group to stay together and with Voth. Suggestion: Bazaar, going there first means intel and chance for materials and cash that we will need for inside of the mountain, IF they are still inside there."

Readjusting his bag, he looked directly into Shi'ran's eyes, he made sure he was relaying this correctly. "Though finding stuff fast is a great thing, being prepared is another. I have Sone go into places for information, he plays music, and sometimes dances, he tends to get a mixture of information and change for his entertainment, you would be surprised at how many of them are down in the dumps and wish for any type of entertainment other than downing drinks and such." He chuckled. "I also suggest, if going to the bazaar first, going in as small groups, minimal interaction with each other except through the devices. Skimro has those right now so as soon as you have a plan he will hand them out."

08-07-2015, 11:56 AM
Ranshiin ~Shobu~ Cross Avantgarde and ELR

Shar paused a moment. Still bothered by having to deal with this. "Well, Dragon, the Cloudclipper is meant to comfortably hold twelve people. Weight isn't much of an issue for short hops like this. Also you do keep lugging that board around, if you think it can hold together for any distance You could always just head out in that and I fly the others. "

Shar stares at the map. If they have an idea where in the wide ruins of Tierce the scavengers are than just going to the point could get all this taken care of quickly. But, Shar thought, they may have a point on getting informed some first and it seems like there are some weird dynamics in this group that might pose a problem. Without bothering to announce it Shar slipped back into Observation mode.

Voth had simply been standing in a wide stance for a while. As the stool and tea are finally delivered he smiles down at them happily, though he doesn't say anything. He mostly just seems happy about having the thing delivered. After a few moments he seems to decide he ought to actually use the stool if it's been brought, so he slowly and carefully sits down. At the stuff on his back under his cloak shifting and bumping together as he does so.

08-07-2015, 12:54 PM
ELR sunnyside ~Shobu~

Bemused, Shi’ran watched on as Skyla burst out of the abandoned building and seemed to be consoled by Phoenix … he stayed where he was and didn’t approach, since he didn’t really have any desire or need to do so. She looked like she had seen a ghost … huh. Wouldn’t have surprised him if someone had died in there.

Hanze got his attention back and he was quick to disregard the matter in favour of giving the man his attention. Complicated? He’d be the judge of that, and he went as far as to wander across to where Hanze actually was in order to study this map that was used to show the area – he even crouched to kneel and examine it closer and to follow Hanze’s finger across the diagrams.

… Ugh, this is so complicated and irksome! Shi’ran cursed in his thoughts, because he couldn’t understand why these people couldn’t have had a plan already set for him to follow. They could’ve been half-way to the bazaar by then had they not needed to pootle about figuring out who goes where! But perhaps there was a reason; perhaps it was because they had expected other people – because Phoenix and Jasper didn’t seem very reliable? That was just his opinion; he wasn’t belittling them.

The dragon-Therian thought over the suggestion Hanze gave him whilst the noise around them told of everyone else getting ready – the guitar-playing guy seemed notably annoyed. He leaned back on his knees and mused rather audibly, with a finger on his chin rubbing at it. Finally, there came an answer. ”… You know what you’re talking about, so I’ll just go with your suggestion. Like I said, you should talk with Shar about persuading Jasper and the girl to go--… uh … Jasper is the Magitek kid your guy seems to know.” He paused to add that in, for clarification. ”I don’t know if they would be better-off staying on the ship or not. I ask though … why do you say ‘muscle’ and a ‘runner’? I presume in case the ship is attacked, or someone needs to find us if something goes wrong?”

He just wanted to make sure he understood; Shar interjected about his attitude about the ship and his Hoverboard, and the Therian just turned his eyes towards the small canine and glared. ”If you want to deal with what Sefton makes of it if I get killed because of your negligence? Then sure, I’ll go off by myself into some place I’ve no knowledge of negotiating or of what to expect.” He retorted with a quiet, dark and snarky tone, very blunt and honest too. He didn’t expect an answer; he wouldn’t take it any further if there was one, he had made his point and his eyes turned back to Hanze in order to obtain the final word about who would be going and whatnot.

Him and Shar were the ones insisting on a buddy-system, after all.

(( Shi'ran and Shar do not get along at all, heh ... ))