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07-26-2014, 09:46 PM
Hey everyone! So I think that the only thing better than watching a good show- is watching and enjoying it with another person. Which is where this idea comes up from. Me and a friend have been watching shows together for a longgg time, years actually. Cool part is we've never met. What we do is typically find a show, video, ect. Get in a skype voice chat, then countdown, 3-2-1 and START! And chat while we watch. It's a great deal of fun. And I think it'd be cool if we tried to expand our little group some, dunno if anyone would be interested in that- starting a voice chat with some random dudes (Me and my buddy) and watching some anime. I think it could be a good deal of fun! You can add me on skype if you're interested, post in the thread, or leave your own skype. Mine's rutwell all lowercase. Should be an avatar of a dog smoking. Lemme know what you think of this idea! Or better yet if you're interested! Thanks!

Nodoka LaMei
07-26-2014, 09:54 PM
While I am interested, I unfortunately don't have a Skype. I need to get one soon... If you'd happen to want to know what kinds of anime I'm interested in, send me a PM sometime. ^^

07-26-2014, 10:04 PM
OHH sounds fun ;o; im pretty shy when it comes to talking thought ;w;;

07-26-2014, 10:16 PM
Wow! Totally wasn't expecting such quick responses! Really cool. Anyhow, skype IS the easiest way to do this. Especially with a group of people. It's free and quite easy to download, if you ever get it I think it'd be a lotta fun to get 4-5 people together and watch something!! As for WHAT we should watch. Welp. I currently have a list of 40 anime I'm trying to watch before Anime-Expo next year. Here, lemme post that-

To Watch
1. Baccano
2. Higurashi (Finished)
3. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
4. Cowboy Bebop
5. Monster
6. Fooley Cooley
7. Sword Art Online
8. Trigun (Done)
9. Black Lagoon
10. Welcome to the NHK
11. Gurren Lagaon
12. Steinsgate
13. Full Metal Panic
14. Fate 0
15. Samurai Champloo
16. Durarara
17. Desert Punk
18. Darker than Black
19. Code Geass
20. Angle Beats
21. Neon Genesis
22. Ghost in the shell
23. Psycho-pass
24. Guilty Crown
25. Attack on Titan
26. Speed Grapher
27. Rurouni Kenshin
28. Berserk
29. Kaiji
30. Ergo Proxy
31. Kaicho Wa Maid-Sama
32. Mirria Nikki
33. Gantz
34. Elfen Lied
35. Another
36. Space Dandy
37. Shiki
38. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
39. High School of the Dead
40. Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt

Nodoka LaMei
07-26-2014, 10:34 PM
Okay, I just got a Skype account! ♥♥♥ Now to figure out how to change my profile picture.... I actually saw the first episode of Puella Magi Madoka Magical the other day.... It's amazing. I'd actually like to watch Panty and Stocking with Garter belt sometime... Maybe this will be my chance to!

07-26-2014, 10:36 PM
Awesome! What's your username? Or you can send me a request.

Nodoka LaMei
07-26-2014, 10:44 PM
My Skype name is rainshowers1335 type it exactly like that. I have certain hours that I'm available, due to a multitude of things. So, I'll send you a chat request or something sometime tomorrow.

07-26-2014, 11:28 PM
What is this skype? Is it da sky?

07-26-2014, 11:30 PM
Skype? 0.0 It's a messaging program. Free to download. You can text/chat, Voice-chat, and video-chat. Just google it :3

07-26-2014, 11:37 PM
Oh ok.
Thought it was a whale.. In the sky.

07-26-2014, 11:38 PM
That would be more interesting, I will admit.

07-26-2014, 11:40 PM
Dem flying whales bro! I would freak out. Take a picture. Then freak out some more..

07-26-2014, 11:50 PM
https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTiF4m2zXwjZbZb069Ppp8xZA8ztpP1P b1V5Z5nd8uRaT6oUllFlQ

Oh lawd...

07-26-2014, 11:53 PM
Thats some next level evolution going on, mane.
Physics defying whales.

Yung A$$eroya
07-27-2014, 04:11 AM
This sounds fun. I might put joining into consideration. Kinda shy when it comes to new people though

07-27-2014, 06:04 AM
Waow, this actually sounds pretty fun. I'm not on Skype much lately but if there's ever a set time or whatnot for this, someone should send me a PM. Then you could witness the ear shattering voice of RyuTama as I laugh and/or rage at everything. Lol. My name is Mormon_Coffee.

Be ready, my bros.

07-27-2014, 03:20 PM
Hey again everyone! Asseroya I've heard that a few times now :) It's understandable. it can be kinda intimidating. No obligation to say much :3 Can just listen in and add a thought or two every once in a while. RyuTama Sounds awesome! I'm guessing there WOULD be a scheduled time, like, may be kinda cool if we have one or two times a week where it's like...Set "This is when we do it" Then on the side wheneverr it sounds like fun :3

08-03-2014, 06:34 PM
Anyone interested in this still? Cause I'd like to get a few more people in on it!