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07-12-2014, 08:40 PM
Apparantly this little anime girl comes from a place called the Dream Star. I've never watched a full episode of this, nor do I know where to get full episodes in English. I have never found a DVD of this, so I think it must be very rare. It was made by Sanrio, the same company that made Hello Kitty. And on a side note, doesn't Dream Star sound like a place in a Kirby game? Do both characters maybe come from the same planet, or at least the same solar system? Just something to think about. Also, in the intro video, you can see that she wears a strawberry on her head in a couple scenes. Did the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon rip off Button Nose? Again, just something to think about.

And here's the opening video with English dubbed lyrics.


Interestingly enough, this came from a torrent that had episodes that were entirely in Russian, but the intro was in English. I used XMediaRecode to extract just the intro video (not the rest of the episode) from the VOB file of episode 1, and deinterlace it (the DVD video was interlaced, not progressive), and then convert it to MP4.

Here's the old Russian Fox Kids webpage for this anime (as found on the Internet Archive).