View Full Version : [Comics] Summer Comic Previews 2014

06-15-2014, 01:48 PM
Summer is here, Comics are coming.

The big duo (Marvel and DC) are making a lot of plans, both in comics and on the big screen. Some of there plans are bringing the two together. The larger indie publishers are looking good with some old things wrapping up and new things coming out. The lesser known indie publishers are sticking with their breadwinners and making new things as well.

What new title/story arc are you most excited about?

I'm enjoying the Transformers: Windblade series, looking forward to Transformers: Primacy. As well as seeing where RiD and MTMTE are gonna go. Giant Robot Maintenance Crew is one I'm gonna look at, as well. Seems a bit tongue and cheek, but as a mechanic and a mech fan, it's worth a shot. IDW is also keeping strong with MLP, Transformers, and other 1980's, 90's, and 00's Saturday morning cartoons, including the Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War. Marvel is pushing strong with the Original Sin story arc, and DC is bring new the Mulitversity arc.