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05-24-2014, 02:55 PM
With Marvel and DC taking up the bulk of this over the years, what comics do you feel make good movies? or what movies made from comics did you enjoy, or absolutely want to forget ever existed?

Personally I'd like to see Witchblade or Fathom become movies, but with Michael Turner being gone, it wouldn't be the same. That said, I know my brother's pulling and dreaming hard for a Lobo movie. XD Though the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special was decent for a fan made movie. Victory or Soul Saga could also make some decent films, imo.

05-24-2014, 03:06 PM
Anything Batman is good. I'd love to see a better movie of Spawn or as you said, Lobo would make an awesome film. Someone did a live action Lobo fan film awhile ago and it was really awesome. Also, Deadpool for sure needs his own movie.

05-24-2014, 10:12 PM
Personally I'd like to see Witchblade

By the way, did you know they made an Anime Witchblade?

I'd love to see a better movie of Spawn

I wasn't such a fan of the movie either. I did like the US animated series though. It'd be cool if they could reboot that.

. Also, Deadpool for sure needs his own movie.

He's supposed to be getting one. I'm actually interested since hearing that:

" The movie won't have anything to with X-Men Origins: Wolverine except for Deadpool commenting on how he didn't like his portrayal in the movie. " Also that it's managing an R rating.

That said I think it's using the same actor, which isn't a good sign.

I was going to say Sandman...but after Googling it, they're making that too.

They're really covering the bases with comics/graphic novels I guess.

Actually what I'd like to see, after they've done enough Superman and Batman movies, is play with some of the concepts related to them dealing with problems that don't wear crazy masks or dealing with getting older. Those are interesting and tend to be the stories I seek out for those two. Maybe that wouldn't play as well on the big screen though.

05-24-2014, 10:19 PM
They are also making antman right?

Comics are surely getting the appeal they well deserve. Past comic to movie films were... BLEG.. I hated them all really.... Disney is doing a good job with Marvel... BITE ME......

The new spider-man revamp has got to be the best thing ever... The old one with Toby; his character was so annoying to watch... The new ones made me love Spidey all over again.

Not to mention The Hulk was probably one of my least favorite characters film wise.. All of his movies were horrible IMO... They did right with him in the Avengers. I walked out of there with him being a favorite, possibly more than Iron Man...

(not a comic junkie, but I like movies... Never cared for the old; but like the new)

05-24-2014, 11:05 PM
A Wonder Woman movie without Gal Gadot cause In my opinion she doesn't fit that role, Or a Super Girl movie.