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05-20-2014, 06:54 AM
This you'll see what Iím talking about mister my question is you doing workout once a week in you getting adaptive response so that workout how often do you have to tweak that work out 'cause eventually you're going to get use tousle that word that you just increasing intensity and save the city or is there institute yet and I have a very our ways that you can sweet things but you'd be surprised at how far you can go without having to change much at all you'll learn a lot from build a somonemuscle and joint function really does not change much over time and the whole concept of variety and you know if you know I mean its muscle confused up like that is really not as true is they make it out to sea the real key is to allow the adaptation to occur and then to step up the challenge in terms of the resistance somatodrol (http://somatodroldiet.com/) accordingly now over time what you really have to make tweaks forks not something necessarily going on in your body but tweaks in the mechanics of the equipment itself 'cause no equipment perfect the strength curve of the equipment doesn't match that of your body perfectly so there's going to be a sticking point at different places on up here remember barbell spot if you know it's much harder when you're coming out a hole in it is when you're up almost completely standing so what happens is the way progresses over time that sticking points like a speed bump well when you first start your pushing little you go over a speed bump but as you get advance you're pushing amuck truck over speed bumps so you end up having to alternate movements that have different location sticking point things like that but really truth be told in terms of approaching your body's own phenotypic Mac maximum it almost doesn't matter your slicing thing for Ethan at that point when else path after you were still.