View Full Version : Hi ,please need you kind help

05-10-2014, 02:21 AM
Sorry I'm new here, so don't know if its a valid question to ask but
I want specific type episode from random anime like
1:episode in which there's really heartwarming moment of parents child relationship like clannad AS ep 18,19,20
2:episode where there's friends or siblings reunion after a long time like saiunkoku episode 05
3:which is too much emotional but ends happily like someone's going to die or dead but revive unexpectedly like pretear episode 13
4:someone too sick or injured and his or her friends are too worried but he survive in the end
In short I want something too emotional that has happy ending.
you can also recommend anime as well but I prefer specific episode:)

05-13-2014, 05:27 PM
Well, most of those can be found in a anime called 'Little Busters!'. Most of it is extremely emotional but it does have a happy ending. However, there's a second season but I haven't watched it yet, so I do not know if it stays with the happy ending. I cannot remember the exact episodes in which these events take place, but I do recommend watching the whole anime. You won't regret it ^_^.

05-14-2014, 12:08 AM
Thanks Karirie:) I'll definitely try it.thanks for you kind help.