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04-30-2014, 03:35 PM
I wasn't exactly sure where to put this because I didn't know if it actually belonged somewhere. And I am not even sure where I should be asking this. So I write. I am a writer, but I decided that I try out fan fiction. And why not try one on the lighter side? So I went with one of my fun animes, lighter animes. I chose Fruits Basket. I have read the manga and the anime, and I prefer the anime adaptation over the manga. Though I digress because that's for a different conversation. What I needed help on was some questions I came about while writing this.

Currently I am using the Sohma name, with OCs I created, BUT I refreshed on the manga and somethings might stall me I guess.

Now from what I understand of the mangaka: Love breaks the Sohma curse and the Sohma curse was already weakening in the manga

Do I go on ahead and make my fan fic based around OC Sohmas? Do I make a new family name instead then?

The next question is as said in the mangaka, it is said if someone truly loves someone the curse will break.

Well one of my characters supposedly truly loved someone, he actually ended up marrying her.

What would be some reasons his curse didn't break? [she did die pretty early on their marriage, like they were married two months and then she got into a car accident which is later on to be revealed to be sabotage.]

What I understood from the original mangaka was that their curse was weakening. Hence the sea horse instead of a dragon, but I honestly just thought the sea horse was a lot better than having a giant dragon parading around.

Well, if that's the case my zodiac dragon turns into the tiny dragon, like Mushu from Mulan.

So does the curse only break when the curse is weakened in strength then?

The thing this writer forget to do was:

-One give some history into the Sohma
-And explain her darn curse in further explanation than short brief stuff, that felt almost how do I put it....easy. Like convenient things.