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04-16-2014, 02:26 PM
I'm doing more than just a novel, I want to draw this into a comic - most of the characters are already drawn. I don't plan on moving to Japan over a title, so I'm aiming for making a cartoon.

Just released Ch. 05 today, I'm writing a light novel which needs beta reading. But also a comic, hopefully one day a cartoon. Let me give you the preview of what it's about then where you can read, follow, and view character pictures.

I upload weekly, 1st the story day after more character drawings.

Basic preview:

Several nations are training this generation of kids, after years of the cruel possessed
animals killing them they finally fought back - hard enough to make the fighting a sport for all to
love and enjoy, and fully focus on. Fighting easy creatures and each other like gods, completely peaceful - right?

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