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04-07-2014, 03:07 AM
but if you're unable to do video responses too shy you can always leave a comment right here on you or at E-coli going out dot com if you have any questions about losing weight for maintaining a healthy weight please let me know here on I would love to incorporate that all educational videos I have plant I would let subscribe to my YouTube channel see the first known I have a new video you stay tuned for all the healthy recipes I have very tips on the healthy sustainable lifestyle you can follow me on Face book and Twitter where I deposed on a almost hourly basis and of course eating out dot com thank you so much for watching and for all your amazing comments in conversations throughout the Garcinium (http://garciniumreviewss.com/) whole ego begin world I you have taught me so much I learned on a daily basis amazing things from people like you please continue communicating and I will see you next video II am currently no kitchen dot com so I've had a lot of request what do I eat you guys cut here call dinner just got home from the damage twenty people today 50-day so now highest fast thank you guys I have a lot of time percent I fast K that so I haven't email Sherri tonight and home simple injury yes so let's get started what do you think based here we have threats all nice how you got these are soaked in water and their loll sprouts on I'm so you can always use cooks yeah cooked lentils that's fine too I happen to the water Shania look at how I just so you know letís also are really off for hi 13 of fire fiber I cost food family and any well I have some great rest here is me soaking let's all water I'll it all a Harry see right here go sprouted on top so are you going to do it for the water out west I some time for eight hours and they're ready to go super simple so no cook involved in this high in this recipe which is great for me left I'm alright so sheer I just ahead of time so take left side but help how shop I and also you couple other tricks trade here but couple was also as green anyone here we go hi fresh core I love for score Stacy if you've never had of its me a creamy try for a little bit alright of Qatar their church here okay CL here black right Center that popped right out first .