View Full Version : Idea for three new male characters in Clannad series

03-28-2014, 10:48 AM
I had and idea of three new male student characters in Clannad series that later join the drama club; they are Chosokabe Kurachika, Toshio Kaiko, and Hisame Kusagi.

Chosokabe Kurachika: Age: 17; Hair: Black; Eyes: Green; Comparatively Tall; slow to anger, sometimes referred to as the gentle giant; Born in Tosa District; moved when he was 13 years old; has a hobby of archery at home, spending a lot of time using his Yumi bow to shoot arrows at targets and he is a good shot with it; claims to be a descendant of the Chosokabe family of feudal Japan.

Toshio Kaiko: Age: 17; Hair: Blue; Eyes: Sky Blue; Mid Height; He is one of the better seniors in school; he is the pianist, plays the piano with talent and a lot of the time. He is Hisame's next door neighbor and the closest to his friend.

Hisame Kusagi: Age: 16; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Brown; Mid Height; A student who was once a good one with good grades and behavior, that changed when he and his older brother Setsuna Kusagi, an 24-year old adult, were involved in a car accident in which the driver, Setsuna was mortally wounded and crawled out of the car, leaving a trail of blood coming from his chest and mouth, and collapsing and dying in a pool of blood before paramedics arrived, his final resting place clear from the car's blast; Hisame got out of the car as it began to leak fuel, this it detonated, permanently scarring his left side of his body and face; his brother's death left him into depression, affecting his grades and behavior to the point he became classified as a delinquent and having his girlfriend Yuriko break up with him; his accident has left him speaking little of himself. The scar serves as a permanent reminder of the tragedy that turned his life to the worse, which he was partly responsible for. At one point, he as well as Tomoya and Nagisa walk to a area with a spot of dried blood and a indentation of a crash, the site of the accident that killed Setsuna. At one point, he says, "A burden that cost someone's dreams is one thing, but a burden that costs someone's life is another." He reveals that the accident was caused partly by him, during a traffic jam in bad weather, he got distracted by a speeding and honking truck on the other lane even though he was told by Setsuna to keep an eye on front all the time during this.