View Full Version : Light novel abridged first chapter and proposal.

02-15-2014, 11:47 PM
So after my other thread was almost completely de-railed, I only think it appropriate to start a new thread seeing as this is now the proposal and not just the thought of making one.

So here's the VERY rough abridged version of the opening chapter, have only just had time to write it due to work.

Main protagonist is a boy studying law at a "semi - suburban" University, Located just in-front of a giant rainforest. Protagonist is studying late one night when the power flicks out. His dorm manager tells him to go away as it's 4am and he should be in bed anyway.

He goes out to have a look at the fuze box on the side of the dorm building, when he see's what looks like glowing sword, Glistening amongst the graves in the twilight. Flicking the safety switch back over, he proceeds to investigate. reaching the top of the hill he examines the pure white blade. Just before he grabs he handle a blinding light flashes from the sword and he passes out. Not yet 100% conscious he feels lighter than a feather, hearing the whispers of voices around him. Coming to find himself back in his dorm room. Could it all have been a dream? he gets out of bed to see the same pure white blade now on his desk, along with medical note from the infirmary. It talks about the patient being brung in by a number of students, all with names he has never heard of. Also stating he is not fit attend class today.

Pulling on robe he makes his way over to the main campus, briskly walking up the stairs and too his classroom to grab any handouts and notes for his tutorial. Walking towards his class there is quite an unusual amount of ruckus emitting from his contracts class. Opening the door to find six girls fighting over what seems to be a booklet. All of them stop at once upon hearing the door clunk open, looking over to the door and beginning to swarm over towards our protagonist knocking him to the ground. He glances to towards the teacher whom still has a dumbfounded look on his face about the whole situation.

Bam, So that's pretty much a very rough abridged version of the opening chapter/introduction. The further gist is that each of the girls names also reflects there powers and how they died (Hope, Regress, etc, etc.) The main plot centring about exploring each of the characters, and there past. (Or at least it shall seem)

Although the situation sound very Haremy', the main characters of the cast being both the protagonist and hope do not reflect this.

I'l probably begin writing shortly. My goal with this light novel is not to make something that will go viral etc etc. But to make something someone can read through in an hour or so and think it was worth the time. Will end up being a free e-book pdf with a sketches of the following scene every few pages or so.

Again i'd like to say that this is extremely rough, and the finnish product's opening chapter will look nothing like this. The current text above is to only explain the opening plot and not to "tell the story".

Opinions? Think it could tempt you to read the final product?