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02-11-2014, 08:31 PM
Hi there, i am new here, so i dont know if i am posting this in the right place.

I am from Portugal so, my childhood wasn't that rich when it comes to animes. Besides, the only anime people know in portugal is DragonBall (few know Doraemon) and is refered as a violent cartoon for the kids -.-
My parents didnt let me watch dragonball (i used to watch at my friends place), in fact, they didnt let me watch any anime.
I was able to read at the age of 4. When Mononoke Hime debuted on Portuguese television it debuted on the shityest chanel, the one with the lowest audience. I was 5 years old, and i remember, in the comercials break i had the greatest headache in my life because i couldnt read the subtitles fast enough. I watched the movie till the end and i cryed because it was too beutifull.
Now i am 20 years old and i can find and download any anime, i just need to know the name.
The thing is: Some years after watching Mononoke Hime, in the same chanel, i was zapping and i found an anime movie that i never saw how it ends neither how it beggins. My parents were at home that day and they changed the channel -.-
I need your help to get the name of this anime movie.

I will tell you everything i know about it:
-I dont really remeber the lines, but i allways thought it was from studio ghibli, now i think it isnt because i have watched allmost every movie from studio ghibli
-the story (just watched like... 20 minutes maximum) is about some kind of fairy, that has to bring boys to a big and scary witch.
-i think there are a lot of fairies doing the same job
-i remember the witch being similar to the old ladie in Chihiro. (i dont remember well, but i guess she had a big nose too)
-the ''fairy'' in the story found a boy and convinced him to go with her, not telling him that she was planing to feed the ''witch'' with him (i am puting all those '''' because i dont know if those are the right terms)
-when the ''witch'' was almost eating the boy's ''soul'' the ''fairy'' regreted and took the boy, telling the witch that the boy's soul wasnt pure after all
-then the witch says she wants him anyway but the fairy runs and then i think there is an action scene where the witch gets killed
-thats when my father changed the chanel but it seemed to me that the movie was far way from the end.

Sorry for the big text. Hope u know the movie i am talking about.
This is very important for me.

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Please if u know someone that possibly knows this anime, tell him/her PLEASE
It is like... LOOOTS of important