View Full Version : Ghetto Anime Re-Dub Series L-O-L!!!

01-17-2014, 05:41 AM
whaddup yall?
a few months ago i made a funny re-dub of a kill la kill episode and people thought is was hilarious so i decided to do a weekly (now bi-weekly) series. i write the script, edit the vid, add the sound effects, and do all the voices myself. the music comes from my beat making buddies from around the world.

anyway check them out and let me know what you think. i warn you they are not for young kids and there is a lot of profanity. lol but it is funny as hell. so far i have 6 episodes.

click here for STYLEMASTER DUBS (http://bingenow.com/channel?chanid=752)

kill la kill
tokyo ravens
rosario vampire
plastic neesan

you can follow me at Stylemasterrr to stay updated.