View Full Version : Shame they couldn't dub Yu-Gi-Oh GX Season 4 into English

01-17-2014, 03:24 AM
The last episode of season 3 was also in Japanese, but that was a recap :)

Man the English is so cool, i can avoid the drama and focus more on fun ;)
Just listen to this opening ;)

But then again, season 2 and 3 was, meeeh here....
not meaning to nerdify you out of fun, you should definitely see it if you think its cool and fun (Y)
Remember, too much can make you into a zombie, that's why you should stop at season 1 ;)
It doesn't get better than that, its chill and cool there ^^

Man, i remember this being aired in my native language, just the best :cool:

Just chilling and no worries.

Here's the german voices, if you wish. Its chill to listen too :)