View Full Version : Help finding "Motto To Love-Ru Chara-Pos" poster collection

01-09-2014, 09:04 AM
I was looking around for some (safe for work) To Love-Ru posters today and found out about this 16 poster set of many of the second season characters. Unfortunately everywhere I've found that sold the posters is sold out and the collection was discontinued. I've tried to find some second hand on sites like eBay and Amazon with no luck.
Does anybody know where I might find these posters (at the very least the main characters like LaLa, Haruna and Rito) hopefully at a reasonable price?


Link to one site that sold them. (http://plamoya.com/en/motto-to-loveru-charapos-collection-p-31212.html?cPath=143_1040)

(sorry if this isn't where it should be, I couldn't find any "merchandise" category :wink:)