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The pony and wolf world started with a power of the darkness and light, forming the Ying and Yang. 2030: One of the first royal born ponies received the powers – that many others wanted to have for themselves. This pony’s name was Clara, she ruled over the light world, where only light shone, and in the darkness world—BitterBeast took hold of the centre of the darkness, with his dark heart, he changed those who were good to evil. Many feared the darkness, and many evil feared light. With the clashing of both, the roamers were created, both light and dark. The Roamers lived both in light and dark, winged and horned.
After 20 years Clara was the age of 40. having to choose the next power light kin. And the BitterBeast had no kin, since everytime his mistresses got a girl, he sent them to the dungeon and kept doing it until he got a male. After 5 years of courting mistresses BitterBeast finally got a male baby. Teaching him everything he knew, until BitterBeast gave his sole over to the darkness and sending his soul into his own son.
Recent history (2080): The Ponies and Roamers live together, but the dark wolves started rallying forces. To kill the kin of Clara, thus to kill her—the power of the light will slip into the wrong hands. Together new races are formed. The kin of Clara is: Merida, Niccola, Owen and Noel. Little did this world exist of little wooden houses, instead the two differing cities lived in a world filled with metal. Races who took care of each other were: Roamers(existing of) : Half-wolf-horse, metal masks, uni-ped. And ponies: Darkshallowers, diggers and warriors.

Sample Character Sheet:
Name: (surname and name, if orphan, no need for surname, but the history should be explained, how she/he ended up there)
Race: : Half-wolf-horse: claws instead of hooves, metal masks: a horrid face hidden by metal masks and uni-ped: wolf face tail and a body that turns into fire when angered. Ponies: Darkshallowers: Tends to be the rouge of the ponies, they steal and hide in darkness and often misunderstood, diggers: A pony type smithies and electricians, also warriors: ponies who stand on two hooves with large hammers and brutal ways of fighting
History: (detailed for the story and has to make sense)
Looks: (picture attached and description)

Filled character sheet
Name: Niccola Light
Race: Metal mask
History: having been the offspring of Clara, Niccola was the odd one out, she had been misunderstood because of hiding her face with a mask, she spent her time reading books, if she couldn’t be pretty, she would be smart. Her sister Merida and two twin brothers Owen and Noel was warriors. She had been a part of the world for only 23 years. Learning everything she knew of the world she lived in. Her father was a Metal-warrrior. Having a horse body but hiding his face. Niccola held the picture of her long past family and spouses. It being 2080 now, she had become the next kin to rule the light and to stop the darkness, to keep balance in the world of Metal.
Looks: Niccola wears a glowing metal mask in blue, she never takes it off, she only takes it off if she has to, Her clothes are metal and supports her weak parts, legs and under her arms and neck. The only part that is open is the tail that swishes around. Her eyes are a beautiful sapphire color, that turns white when light is in use. Her Hair is Silver. 81775

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hello anyone ?? Any Rpers here??

04-15-2014, 04:37 PM
Well, i'm not adverse to some good rp's, and i think some aspects of the setting are interesting, but, ponies? I dunno, that's very far outside my usual playing field.
Is there any chance i can read existing stories somewhere? To see if i can get myself into the spirit of things?