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a - Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


MAGI - A magic user whose role is to select the candidate for king. The Magi are loved by Rukh. They are able to generate the Magoi Rukh around them, while others can not use inside their bodies Rukh. WIZARD - Unlike humans, it can use magic without needing magic tool, or another specific object. A magician is able to see and communicate with the Rukh. The strength he has is the amount of Magoi that can extract Rukh. Namely, that the body of a magician is generally lower than that of a normal human. It is for him to use his magic to overcome this weakness. Finally, magicians control only a specific element.
CLEANER DUNGEON - Someone who "complete" or "delete" a dungeon, claiming the treasures it holds. When a djinn is cleaner dungeon worthy of their attention, it becomes their servant, impregnating a staff of its essence and power metal object, which becomes their "canister".
FANALIS - This is the tribe of hunting the most famous of black continent. Recognizes the Fanalis already, by their hair color is red. They are feared. Their physical strength and direction are well above that of a normal human. They can jump to extraordinary heights and even break the metal. These are formidable opponents.
EIGHT GENERAL - The eight general are personal advisers and Sindria best warriors in the service of the King of the Seven Seas, Sinbad. All members are behind a other countries. Some are from royal families. They moved to Sindria serve their king. Needless to say, they meet many Sinbad.
KOU EMPIRE - This is a great nation that is militaristic. It is regarded as the powerful nation of the current era. They have many cleaners dungeon. The empire is also described as very aggressive, using any reason to attack another nation. Ren is the family who runs the Empire Kou. It is composed of the Empress, four princes and princesses eight.
Thamen AL - Their goal is to bring a country to hate. They want to continue to create the darkness in the world, and for that they need the help of black Rukh. They want to support countries to achieve their goals. Create darkness. In other words destroy destiny. This is the only way to escape an inescapable rule that goes to a certain conclusion and continue to live. A rule and imposed by someone. They choose not to do as fate says. And plunge the world into war and chaos.

b - ☞ Plot
Plot: " The dungeons are mysterious relics appeared around the world, there are fourteen. Whoever manages to take a dungeon win many great power and wealth: gold, treasures or magic mysterious relics . "Many adventurers have tried to finish a dungeon and many are dead. We live in a very barbaric era where slavery is common and perfectly legal. A dark era. The Middle East is full of slave traders, thieves and dishonest people. There is no middle ground. On the one hand, we have the immensely wealthy people (prince, princess etc.) And the other we have the poor (slave, peasant etc..). This is not all. A nation gaining momentum and threatens others. " Our goal is to unite the world. Submit to our laws! "Kou Empire. Would you like to help the Empire? Or destroy it? To which side will you choose? Dive into the heart of the Arabian Nights. This is your adventure.

DJINN - Originally created by King Solomon as his servants, they are the masters of dungeons and sleep soundly inside the dungeon to dungeon cleaner reach a location. The jinn are named after the 72 demons of the Goetia Ars. By providing a "metal vessel" that contains the essence of the djinn, the infused with their own Magoi, his master may take his power and even incorporate its properties in a process known as "Djinn Equip."

RUKH - When people die, their body returns to the earth and their souls return to the Rukh (home of souls). In the appearance of white birds, the direction of the Rukh is called "fate." Rukh can unite with Magoi to produce natural phenomena. In every living person, there is an "internal Rukh" which produces a certain amount of energy or Magoi. When this directive is modified from its natural course, a phenomenon caused when a person is overcome by negative feelings such as sadness, anger and despair, so "fall into depravity," it takes a black color. This Rukh Black can be handled by normal Magi and magicians. However, this form is largely unstable and can lead to the death of the user based on how it is managed. magoi - This is the magical power that is used by magic weapons, spells and djinn invocation. Although Magi can use an infinite amount of Magoi, there is a limit to the amount of their body can hold. When a person is of low Magoi she is tired and hungry. And if its interior Magoi is totally exhausted. It is death.

[Magic Clairvoyance] = A magic used to tell of the past or the future, communicate over long distances, and many other things. It is a magic that is primarily used to collect the truth of a matter.
[Gravity Magic] = Can manipulate gravity to allow people to steal or collect sand from scratch to create powerful items.
[Healing Magic ] = A type of magic used to heal fractures, injury or fatigue.
[Heat Magic] = Control of the fire element. (Manipulation of heat, creating flames)
[Ice Magic] = Control ice element. (Handling of water in the air, creating a mature ice)
[Life Magic] = Summons different life forms, monsters, creatures, humanoids
= Control
[Light Magic] light. (Discard illusions, blindness etc.).
[Lightning Magic] = Control lightning element. (Lightning, lightning shield
[Sound Magic] = sound waves control.
[Magic Strength] = Dramatically improves strength and speed. (Reserved for fanalis)
[Magic Water] = Water control element. (Manipulation of the moisture in the air, water etc. shield.)
[Wind Magic] = Control element wind. (Manipulation wind blade wind.)

c - ☞ Profile Info:
~Biographical Information
Also Known As:
~Physical Description
Family: (optional)
Allies: (Optional)
Enemies: (Optional)
Affiliation: (Optional)

d - ☞ Profile Info:
Profile: (Me)
Name: Aladdin
Biographical Information:
Kanji アラジン
Rōmaji Arajin
Also Known As:
The 4th Magi
Solomon's Proxy
Physical Description:
Age: 10-11, 12 (currently)
Gender: Male
Height: 130 cm (4'3") (former)
138 cm (4'6") (current)
Mother: Baba (adopt mom/deceased)
Allies: Alibaba Saluja
Hakuryuu Ren
Hakuei Ren
Kouha Ren
Sphintus Carmen
Titus Alexius
Enemies: Judar
Umm Madaura
Status: Djinn: Ugo (former)
Occupation: Magi

e- ☞ Plot Advancements
1.Defeat Dungeon's
2.Defeat your enemies
3.Learn Magic and how to use your Djinn if you have one
e - ☞ Plot Advancements & Place's
- Surrounding Desert
- Downtown
- Slave Market
- Poor Suburb
- Oasis Around
- Downtown
- Houses
- Royal Palace
- Secret Catacombs
- Docks
- Beach
- Surrounding Forest
- City
- Palace of Sinbad
- Training Ground
- Rocky Valleys
- Port
Kou Empire:
- Mountain Range
- Palace of The King's
- Abandoned Village
- Battle Grounds
- Military Barracks
Other Places:
- Snowy Plains
- Hostel
- Hot Spring
- Dungeon's

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