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12-17-2013, 05:39 PM
Here we go~

Then sun was setting when all the guests finally arrived to the large manor of Mr. Body. For one reason or another, different people from different walks of life were gathered.

The manor was large and elegant, but very dated. There were no tvs or computers, but radios and gramophones around. Everything had a twenty's feel to it, giving it an old, charming feeling to the place.

Dinner was quite uncomfortable as Mr. Body looked over his different guests. He sat at the head of a very large table, enjoying his meal as he smiled at everyone, planning to have fun extorting each and every one of them until....

The lights flickered for just a moment and a loud bang could be heard. Mr. Body lay there, dead in his seat.

The building is now in lock down. You and the others are now trapped with a killer. Who is it? Who killed Mr. Body and how? Will you be next?

Let the games begin...

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Princess Lemon
12-19-2013, 02:44 PM
Jack came to the dinner with a flare of style. He appreciated the looks of the Manor and kept an air of suave relaxation. Truthfully, however, he hated being there. He hated the idea of anyone having anything on him. Since he didn't know what would happen at this dinner, he treated it like any other social gathering. One where he could get his name out and socialize and possibly get lucky at.

Dinner was delicious, but awkward. During dinner the lights went out and there was a band and Mr. Body was dead in his seat when the lights came back on. He sat there, shocked but aimed to remain calm. He took a sip of his wine before looking at everyone.

"Well this is...is not how I wanted my night to end"

12-19-2013, 11:21 PM
Elizabeth had kept to herself most of the party, merely engaging in idle chit-chat here and there when someone asked her a question. She wanted nothing more than to leave as quickly as possible and forget the night even happened. During the dinner she was seated in between two men. One by the name of Jack and another by the name of Gene. They seemed pleasant enough. All of a sudden the lights flickered out and the next thing she knew Mr. Body had been killed. She covered her mouth to stifle a scream.
"Well this is...is not how I wanted my night to end" She heard a man say. She looked to see it was Jack. She cleared her throat and took a deep breath. "I don't think you're the only one. But right now we should alert the proper authorities so they can handle this and find out what happened."

12-20-2013, 05:15 AM
She was sitting across from Jack, Gene, and Elizabeth. Most of this get-together had been slow and awkward for Carlisle. She remained quiet and bitter for the most part, sarcastically insulting pretty much anyone who had spoken to keep her anxiety from clawing her apart. Being blackmailed and surrounded by strange people she didn't know wasn't very fun.

The lights cut out.


Her ears were ringing.

Mr. Body had been shot when the lights came on again, and Carlisle suddenly felt even more detached from the situation. She grabbed at her chest and stood up, the chair staggering against the wooden floor before tipping over behind her. She had to grab at the table to keep from tripping backwards.

Someone shot him! She thought, frantically jumping over the chair and trying to find a way out of the dining room. Her heart was thudding in her chest, so she barely heard Jack's nonchalant "This is... is not how I wanted my night to end."

There's a shooter in here and that's what you have to say? How is it you're so calm?

"I don't think you're the only one. But right now we should alert the proper authorities so they can handle this and found out what happened," Elizabeth said, just as weirdly calm-sounding as Jack had been.

He was shot, but Carlisle realized there was no guarantee he was definitely dead.

"Shouldn't someone check his pulse or something?!" She shouted, unaware that she was crying. "And I mean, like, he was shot! The assailant has to have a gun, right?"

Oh no. She was nauseated and puked right after saying that, falling to her knees.

12-21-2013, 08:05 AM
Jaden talked to a couple of the people in the half-heartedly. He wanted this night to be over, so he could go back to his orderly routine. He observed the "20's look" that was presented to them. He was admiring the exquisite taste of the owner of the house, when all of a sudden, the lights dimmed. There was a deafening gunshot and Jaden automatically raised a defensive hand, in the hope that he would not be harmed. The lights came back on again and Mr.Body, lay there dead. Jaden quickly scanned the faces of the people in the room. Everyone seemed to be as appalled and shocked as he was. He surged from his table, taking out the handkerchief from his blazer and applied pressure to the wound of Mr.Body. Using his free hand he quickly checked the pulse of Mr. Body's wrist. There was no pulse. Jaden looked up and nodded at the spectacle of guests. Mr.Body was dead. He then stood up and really looked at the guests for the first time. A woman called Carlisle was vomiting in the corner of his eye and everyone else didn't look much better. He looked at his bloody hands and sighed. This was not the night he hoped for....

12-23-2013, 06:15 PM
The day had started like every other after he received the instructions, a long walk through the stratified hallways of time. The night had come to acquire a possible resolution to his dilemma, and Mr. Lukard was not surprised when he noticed there were others guests.

"Almost like a movie..." He thought to himself as he cradled his messenger bag under his arm, his white coat unbuttoned at the cuffs.

When the misfit group of unfortunate people made it inside there was an abundance of architecture for Gene to take in. However, no amount of carpentry would stop him from resolving his plight, and the dinner table was an unwelcomed addition to the obstacles he had to face.

Gene had kept mostly to himself through dinner, responding with a reserved yet charming demeanor. He was not there to make any more enemies, considering the circumstances these people could probably become patients in the future. If this were so, referrals would definitely be in order.

When the lights dissolved into darkness, Gene could only groan quietly. The following gunshot sealed the deal- and there before him and the group was the final obstacle that should have never been. There would be no hill climbing out of this situation.

A man close by spoke non-chalantly about the situation, another inquired about calling the authorities. While a man approached Body's body; the woman who had been so sarcastic earlier had come to vomiting. Gene kept his cool concern on his face when he pulled from his seat and made his way to her side, her chair in tow.

"Calm down now. When you're able, breathe deeply. Here's your chair."

12-23-2013, 06:42 PM
Lenore tuned out the others and looked over Mr. Body, confused.

"....he wasnt shot." she said loudly as she looked for a bullet wound, unable to find one. She looked him over as much as he could when she noticed he was foaming a bit at the mouth. ".....poison." she said softly to herself. She looked back, wondering if it was the food or the brandy he was drinking. The bigger question was- who killed him? Though, she couldnt say she was exactly upset to see him dead. In fact, she found herself rather happy he was dead, but was worried what it meant for the rest of them.

Princess Lemon
12-24-2013, 10:59 PM
Mr. Body was dead and someone in the manor was the killer. Fear clawed its way along Jack’s spine; it was an emotion he hardly felt. He always has a good grasp of the situation. He always knows the cards. Not in this case, however, and this put Jack in a uncomfortable situation. Despite his fear and shock, he managed to appear calm.

People were in a panic and one girl, Carlisle, was upset so much she started to vomit, which was perfectly understandable. Jaden ran up to Mr. Body and checked for a pulse; after a pause he gave a nod confirming his death. Jack inhaled deeply and let out a heavy sigh. Elizabeth suggested that we alert the proper authorities. He whole-heartedly agreed. Someone in this manor—potentially this very room was the killer. Before he could speak again, Gene walked up to Carlisle and did his best to help her.

Lenore inspected the body, saying Mr. Body was poisoned. Which made the bang everyone heard curious. Jack loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top button of his collar, “It may be best for us to remain here, or at least stick together. After all, the killer may be in this room.” He said it. He mentioned the killer being in this room. It would cause a panic, but it needed to be stated. At least he felt it was the right thing to say.

He grabbed his wine and took another sip of it, “Elizabeth provides a good point, however, we should alert the authorities. I have a few connections in the police department that I can get over here.”

12-26-2013, 10:21 AM
OOC-Poison? I'll just pretend like the blood thing didn't happen then, hahaxD
Jaden stood back from the body and realized something was not quite right about the picture. There didn't really seem to be a definite puncture wound in Mr.Body, a woman seemed to have the conclusion just before he did. The foaming at the mouth, pale face, it all made sense. Lenore's deduction seemed to echo everyone else's thoughts. It had to be poison. Nothing else could have produce such a disastrous sight. Jaden's eyes flitted over to the glass that he was drinking. Suddenly, he didn't feel so good. His mouth was very dry, much like sandpaper and he had massive headache, which seemed to pulse painfully through his head.
Jack's words could be very well true, and the shiver that ran through his spine, woke him up. He got up and backed slowly away from the body. Past experiences, told him that he should always keep his back to the wall and that is what he did. With Jack's words, he quickly checked his phone. The red light blinking at him, showing "no signal", increased a fear that was ebbing away at him. He snapped his phone shut forcefully and put it back into his pocket. He looked up, in the hope that someone else had phone reception.

01-03-2014, 01:20 AM
Levy looked absentmindedly at his watch. He already knew he was running quite late, and that the dinner must have started by now. “Well, I just hope nothing too interesting has happened yet,” he said thoughtfully. He stepped out from his spotless black corvette, carefully adjusted his crimson-and-teal tie, and began walking gingerly along the pathway to a set of large, elegant double doors. Looking back and forth along the premises, he noticed that no one seemed to be outside. No gardeners, butlers, and the like. Although this was a large estate, he wondered if Mr. Body even had any such servants. The place looked rather deserted. “But clean,” he nodded in approval, as if that was all that mattered.

He reached the front doors and knocked lightly, wondering if there was someone waiting to open it for him on the other side. After a few moments with no response, he adjusted his tie once more and carefully turned the knob on one of the doors. It was unlocked. Smiling, he silently let himself in. The interior of the manor was well-lit, and was filled with the most impressive furniture and décor. “Eeexquisite!” He chimed merrily as he scrutinized a large, antique canvas painting. “I wonder which unfortunate fellow he extorted this from!”

Just then, the lights went out throughout the manor, and a single gunshot rang through the darkness, in another room down the hall. Levy stood still, his hands in his pockets, staring down the hallway. His smile returned.

“Oh good, I guess I didn’t miss much after all!”

The lights blinked back on, and he casually made his way to what appeared to be the dinner hall. As he got closer, he could hear the panicked and confused murmurs of some of the other guests. He quickened his pace, until he was standing in the doorway of the dining room. The scene there was definitely one of chaos. Most of the guests were crowded around a corpse at the far end of the table. He stayed back close to the doorway, but tilted his head to get a better look at the lifeless man's face.

The body was of... Mr. Body?

'Pff-ffft!' Levy found himself restraining a small chuckle. He quickly composed himself however, and took a look around the rest of the room. Most of the guests were visibly distraught at what had just happened. He glanced around and noticed a young woman crouched over a pile of vomit. On impulse, he pulled out a handkerchief from his jacket pocket and pressed it against his nose and mouth in disgust. Another woman approached Mr. Body's body ('pfffft') and inspected it.

"He wasn't shot..." he heard her murmur. "Poison."

“It may be best for us to remain here, or at least stick together. After all, the killer may be in this room," a man said, loosening his tie and collar. At this, a younger man with brown hair and eyes reached for his cellphone to call the police, but apparently there was no signal, because he snapped it closed again.

Levy unwrinkled his handkerchief and stuffed it away in his pocket, then straightened out his sleek black tuxedo. He strode over to the table with an air of disinterest, grabbed a clean wine glass, and poured himself a bit of strong-smelling wine. Before taking a sip, he took a seat next to Mr. Body's pale corpse and held up his glass to the rest of the guests with a beaming smile.

"Terribly sorry, but I'm afraid I'm a bit late. While I enjoy a quick glass, can one of you ladies or gentlemen explain what I missed? And perhaps introduce yourselves? I'm Levy McCalaman by the way. It's a pleasure to be here."

01-03-2014, 12:18 PM
[Sorry for the lateness, just now bothered to check and see if the game was running yet. XD Y U No VM Me, Maru?!]

Chaos Fluffy had hopped out of the taxi an up to the manor door, then -poof- he assumed a human form. Wondering why in the world someone would ever invite him to a fancy place and dinner, he entered the manor and found the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room. He realized he was a tad late, but took seat directly across from Mr. Body. Diner came, and he enjoyed a nice meal; then the lights went out, his knee hit the table from being startled causing a loud bang, and then the lights came on again. Trying not to wince from the pain, he looked across and noticed Mr. Body was dead from poison, Jack didn't want his night to end like this, Elizabeth's wanting the cops, Carlisle is wanting a pulse check and a barf bag, Jaden is wanting a rag to clean his hands, Gene is wanting a script change, and Levy is wanting to redo that intro so it can be done before the killing...

Chaos.... Well, he knew Mr. Body was trying to blackmail him, and he didn't care. Then he thought, "Hey... This is a rich guy in a manor. Where's his servants? Maybe the cook or the butler poisoned him." Either way, there's one dead body, one person thinking intelligently with the rest afraid of the blackmailing scheme uncovering things, one person enjoying the irony of things, and one puker (There's always one). With Levy's intro announced, Chaos being the least dressed for the diner went back into rabbit form with a -poof- and announced himself. "Yo, I'm Chaos Fluffy. Magician Rabbit Extraordinaire. I would say I'm pleased to meet you, but not with a dead body in the room."

01-06-2014, 06:32 PM

Rylus came down the road to the manor, in a Lexus LS 600h L. She parked neatly between anywhere so could fine, before getting out lifting her elegant blue dress along with her before closing the door to her car, and locking it. After getting out of the car, she glanced at the building and its surroundings, before entering. As she opened the door, she walked around the main floor of the manor before stumbling into the dining room, and noticed that everyone was beginning to eat.

She coughed silently before excused herself from being late and took a seat that was on the left hand side of Mr. Body, as that was the only spot which had a plate. As she sat down, she eyed her food for a mere second, before faking a smile of delight and used her utensils to pick up her food and eat it. After the first several bites, she began to study her plate of food as discreet as she could, without attracting any attention to herself. But after those several bites, she once again excused herself for the bathroom, which she politely asked Mr. Body where it was before briskly walking towards it.

After getting out of the line-of-sight Rylus began to wonder around the manor some more, wondering if Mr. Body was hiding something. She began her investigation with a turn to the left to where the bathroom was and quickly took off her blue puffy dress to reveal a blue dress similar to the previous one, but way smaller and showed off some of her curves. She took some time hiding her dress, before she walked out and began investigating when all of the sudden the lights flashed out, before it came back on again. She sighed before running back to the dining room wondering what had happened...

The Dress