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11-28-2013, 05:24 AM
Hey there. Wasn't quite sure where to put this. Feel free to move it if it's in the wrong place. :)

A friend of mine and I wanted to decipher the gibberish in this song, Inori no Kanata (http://www.animelyrics.com/anime/talesofs/inorinokanata.htm):


Most of the song is Japanese, but there's some gibberish at the start, and then some in the middle at around 2:55 to 3:08. My friend managed to decipher the parts at the start. She got:

"safashas dalei afares dalau
safasha baldei stromo salei

kosobade nasemeni bantu lasta
yufa badu laoena tesealla

duvena saofano dotuna
aifa safaste hidena sasafir"

But we're both pretty stuck on the parts at 2:55, because it's very hard to make out. We're certain the first word is 'justice,' so it might be very dramatic-sounding English (XD), but we're not sure. It could be more gibberish, or even gibberish mixed with English. Would it be possible for someone with a good ear to help us out here? If it's any help, the made-up language seems to be partially based on Japanese, since it follows similar sound-rules to it (although it has many sounds and sound-combinations not possible in Japanese). Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)