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First mission!

Glossary has been edited into the OP of the OOC.

Here’s how the basic flow of the missions will go. Your team has a primary objective, with a large remunerative compensation. This needs to be accomplished if possible. If you shop out the mission through the Addjunct you may get secondary objectives. These pay less but will often give you influence with the corps or peaces of equipment. Be careful though, attempting to accomplish them may put the primary objective in danger or it may not be possible to accomplish all secondaries.

Further you’ll be given certain intel at the start of the mission. You’ll have ways between missions of gathering intel for upcoming Ops so keep your eyes peeled for ways to get data. Depending on the mission and you’re relationship with various corps you may also have additional resource to make things easier. Consider raising your influence with a corp from whom you want the resources they give.

Bonus from High Corp influence:
NBN: Primarily gives intel, may also use their contacts to sabotage the enemy.
Weyland Consortium: Primarily gives weapons, may also be convinced to send a Dedicated Response Team
Haas-Bioroid: Primarily gives tech (cybermods, Rigs, and similar), may additional funds to be spent preparing for missions.
Jinteki: Primarily gives allies. May also data spike the enemy to damage their tech.

------------------------Both teams:------------------------------------
You will be competing to achieve the same objective. First team to accomplish it gets the credits. However, neither team is aware of the others presence at the start.

------------------------The A Team:------------------------------------

The Beanstalk stretches up into the night and the puff of Hienlien is silhouetted against the moon. Your team assembles in front of the door down into the offices of an NBN data mining facility. The lights are mostly off but you the place is not empty. Security guards are out in force, you already had to incapacitate one in order to zipline across from another building in the New Angeles skyline.

Quinn thinks back about the man who hired him. Tall, and broad shoulder, he had sat down across the table of the lounge where they had arranged to meet. His grin was easy and his posture relax, charm oozing from him with a practiced ease. He’d laid out the mission.

All they had to do was insert the datastick into the data pool and it would do the rest. No details beyond that. After shopping out the job through the Addjunct, a pair of secondary’s had been added. Mutually exclusive ones. Luckily, Addjunct was anonymous. It would not come back to bite them.

The stairs leading down into the offices yawn before them.

Primary Objective: Steal file from central data pool on second floor. 5,000 credits
Secondary Objective(s):
A) Complete mission without killing any guards or altering any data.
Reward: Influence gain NBN, 2,000 Credits
B) Insert a data virus into the closed third floor network.
Reward: Influence gain Weyland Consortium, 1,000 Credits, Experimental TazRifle (non-lethal sniper rifle).
Intel: The cybermod guard on the second floor uses an out of date cybernetic brain. If you can access the second floor closed network you should be able to shut him down.
Resources: None

--------------------------------Team CRRS:----------------------------------

The stench dogs your team as you climb out of the sewers into the bowls of the NBN offices. Not a pleasant way to get in but it was quiet. You see the stairs leading out of the basement and everyone checks their gear. Last chance to prepare.

Lilith recalls how this mission got to her. A simple message at fire through the Net, of course. She had agreed to meet “AquinasH”’s messenger in the Castle, up stalk. The messenger had been a comely, unhappy looking woman. She kept her self bundled up and had a virt display over her eyes the entire time. She had a reflexive way of touching her glass rim as they talked, as if feeling something marvelous. The woman had said the details with a perfunctory tone and left with little in the way of banter.

Something about this deal strikes amiss but you can’t place it. Still the pay is good and you aren’t in a position to turn down creds.

Primary Objective: Steal file from central data pool on second floor 5,000 credits
Secondary Objective(s):
A) Complete mission without killing any guards or altering any data.
Reward: Influence gain NBN, 2,000 Credits
B) Hack first floor closed network to be open and send data off-site. Influence gain Haas-Bioroid. 1,000 credits. Spinal Modem and Cyber Feeder mod implant set for a Runner.
Intel: Beware of Data Ravens! They guard servers and if you choose to hack past them they will tag you and alert the guards to your presence.
Resources: None

09-02-2013, 11:54 AM
Lilith looked over the file carefully for what seemed like the 50th time again. Something about this just didnt feel right to her, so as she plugged herself in on the one side, she pulled a cord out of the other side of her head piece and began looking into some background information, trying to figure out what it was that was bothering her about this job.
She sent out a message to the others, wanting an update on what was going on with them

09-02-2013, 12:31 PM
Quinn settles for a brief moment to make sure everyone seems to be sharp and that there wasn't anything unexpected on the roof as they retract the zipline.

He eyes over the new additions the the team. Bioroids. He wasn't sure about these things, but since the team had gotten them they'd seem loyal and effective enough.

"Alright, lets get this thing done as planned covert ops carefully clear the way, combat bot backs 'em up, and the rest of us stay sharp and alert until needed. Lets move."

Light Buster
09-03-2013, 12:22 PM
Alexis got a message from Lilith as she wanted an update on her and Alex's status. She closed her eyes for a bit as a message was created.

(Alexis' Message) "Nothing so far, we're preparing for mission. Alex is almost ready for backup in case things go south for us."

Alexis sent her message out to Lilith as she turned to Alex, who was in his combat form as he was preparing his equipment. He knows that this is a stealth mission, but he should be their ace up their sleeves if things do go south. She was also aware that the guards and Data Ravens are present, so this means that they couldn't get careless during the mission. As long as they can get the data and get out of there, it won't be a concern.

(Alexis) "You ready Alex?"
(Alex) "Yeah."
(Alexis) "This is a stealth operation, so don't go attacking guards unless they're about to sound the alarm. Also, if you must go after them, incapacitate them quickly."
(Alex) "I already know that, but thanks for the heads up."

Alexis then created a message.

(Message) "We're ready to go, waiting on your go."

Alexis then sent her message to Lilith and awaited her next move.

09-03-2013, 03:53 PM
} "Task received. Sub-tasks noted. Team, established and in position. Target location, partially known." {

Her virtual console rung inside her cyber-mind, established within her bio-matter via various mods and attachments. The stench of the sewer was of no consequence, it was a dark road only the trodden and the cunning would take. Her frame lifted from the entrances and rolled silently forward into the breadth of the basement, to her left she saw A-1 and A-2 (Alexis and Alex, she 'fondly' calls) checking their gear and their status. Once she got their attention, she would nod distinctly sending a message to them.

"Stealth mode online, taking point." She was never much of a conversationalist, but this was much better than when they first met. At least she tells them she's going ahead, now that her motion-image reflector was booting, it would be difficult seeing her later in the mission.

Quickly, smoothly, her feminine frame swept itself across to the basement steps, her image blurring into the color scheme of the nearby wall as she ascended the stairway with practiced caution. She rung up her virtual console to establish communication with her first acquaintance in the team, Lilith.

} "Ascending basement steps, stealth mode adjusting. Signs of security detection, copy? {

09-03-2013, 06:00 PM
'Move out' Lilith sent, giving the ok to proceed. She noticed communication with Veldia pop up. "Security?" she scoffed. "Childs play." she grinned, cracking through the systems with ease. She didnt kick down the system entirely though, she made it appear it was still up and running while having control over it, allowing the others to move in without raising suspicion. In the meantime she was still researching as much as she could about the job and the woman who approached her. She wanted to shake this bad feeling before something major happened.

"Security systems in my control. You'll have full access without triggering alarms." she said rather smugly, proud of her skills and speed.

Light Buster
09-03-2013, 08:44 PM
(Veldia) ""Task received. Sub-tasks noted. Team, established and in position. Target location, partially known. Stealth mode online, taking point. Ascending basement steps, stealth mode adjusting. Signs of security detection, copy?"
(Lilith) "Move out. Security? Child's play. Security systems in my control. You'll have full access without triggering alarms."
(Alex) "Understood, we're moving out."
(Alexis) "Let's make this quick. Veidla, keep an eye out for guards or anyone who comes close to us."

Alex and Alexis began to follow Veidla's steps, but not to closely so that she can keep her element of surprise. The two reviewed their objectives closely from their built-in HUDs:

Primary Objective: Steal file from central data pool on second floor for 5,000 credits.
Secondary Objective(s):
A) Complete mission without killing any guards or altering any data.
Reward: Influence gain NBN w/ 2,000 Credits
B) Hack first floor closed network to be open and send data off-site.
Reward: Influence gain Haas-Bioroid. 1,000 credits. Spinal Modem and Cyber Feeder mod implant set for a Runner.

Their main concern was the primary objective, but the secondary objectives were also big too. If they can get them done, it can be a huge help to them in the long run.

(Alex) "Lilith, do you want us to hack the first floor network? We can send the data off-site and make our lives a lot easier."
(Alexis) "Your call Lilith."

Alex and Alexis awaited her call, it was really up to her anyways so might as well wait for her approval.

09-03-2013, 09:11 PM
Samuel had just finished fitting his black gloves when he sent the message to Lilith "I'm ready when you are." He looked around the basement taking everything into account. He would have preferred a higher entry point, but it would have to do. He looked at Alex and Alexis, they were just finishing up with their gear. Hopefully Alex won't draw too much attention. he thought. Samuel understood the necessity of the combat specialist in other missions, but not on a simple hack mission. He checked his silenced pistol ready and loaded, only to be used when absolutely necessary. He somehow managed to notice Veldia begin climbing the steps, her stealth tech blending her in. He began to follow, receiving the 'Move out' message as he did. Now the fun part begins.

09-04-2013, 10:59 AM
Mavis quickly traversed down the Zip line ahead of the others his eyes ever scanning the area around as he found a breach point. With a small flashlight with a dim green led light he signaled back at Quinn and Spades. Placing a small vile around the edges of the smallest window he saw, he carefully poured a strange luminescent solution. AS he did so the liquid bubbled and the window began to fall towards Mavis as he carefully caught it. Lifting a face mask from under his shirt to his mouth, concealing his face and mouth he began to spray the area beyond the window, noticing no activity from motion lasers or the like he proceeded to enter through the window carefully and unhooking himself from the line. With a few more visual scans he signed out the window the immediate area was clear with one thumb up and a loop with his index finger. Signifying here and only here appears to be safe. Not waiting for the others he walked around the room evaluating its value as forward base and escape point. In his mind he thought it may be a good place but he left the choice to Quinn and the others as he positioned himself by the rooms exit door.

09-04-2013, 12:29 PM
Quinn scanned the room as he followed behind Mavis.

Noticing some access ports by the room's teleconference rig Quinn waved over the "Alt" model bioroid. Quinn hoped she was as good as the sales rep made her out to be. Quinn pointed at the ports. "Alright, this one goes to this floors closed network. It might have some paydata and so be well defended, probably more bother than its worth. This other one however goes to the multifloor network. Security tends to be a bit looser because of all the different uses and users, you should be able to hack into the multi-floor security systems from here you need to make it look like everything working, but set it up to prevent anyone getting wise to use moving around and give the covert ops the itnel on what systems you've knocked out so they know what they still need to deal with."

Alt nodded. Quinn had already gone over these sorts of things with her before the mission, and while he seemed competent, she could tell she was the real expert here with her brand new systems and drivers. She quickly hacked her way to the security system and found something...odd. Carefully she whispers. "It's done, sending out info to the team. However it appears the multifloor security system was already compromised before it got there. It could be a natural bug in their system but...probabilistic uptime and failure rate analysis indicates that's very unlikely.. I didn't stay long in the system to avoid detection, but I could get back in."

Quinn stares at her for a while. And then remember's "she" is an "it" while an unsettling feeling gathers in his guts. "You better not just be glitchy. Are you sure about all that."

Without missing a beat Alt replies 'Self diagnostics indicate full functionality and compliance to specified requirements to a 99.999999 percent probability." and gives a little smile.

That doesn't seem to cheer Quinn up. But he gets on to scanning the file she sent out and then whispers.

"Alright. I don't know if it's her or something else. But SOMETHING weird is going on. Looks like our covert ops ought to be able to get us to stairwell A and down to a second floor office where we should be able to get at that closed network and take care of that guard and clear a path to the data pool. Lets keep it quick."

Princess Lemon
09-04-2013, 01:16 PM
Spades had gone over the strategy of the mission several times in his head. It was simple and solid. The additional objective of not killing everyone gave Spades an ease. Killing was bad business, even if it’s necessary. After Mavis gave a clear signal, he followed along with Quinn into the building. Spades kept his weapons holstered as he peered around the room.

While Mavis already scanned about, Spades had to see it for himself. He always had an uneasy paranoia and a second scan settled it to a minor degree. In the process he overheard a bit of the conversation between Alt and Quinn. The news unsettled his stomach; right at the start something is already wrong. He moved to meet up with Mavis, they had to exit the room and get to the stairs. With a whisper he spoke to Mavis, “Apparently security is already down…I hope this isn’t a set up.”

Spades peered out the window on the door; luckily most of the office space had its lights off, allowing Spades to be a bit lax. While the lights in the office were off, some in the halls outside that connected various office spaces and halls to a main lobby were on. A guard turned from one of the halls. Spades quickly got out of sighting distance and looked at Mavis, giving him hand signals that someone is out there. While he used to be in security himself, Spades wasn’t fully sure how they were setting up patrols. Was it solo, or were they in groups sending in one to a specific area to quickly scan and give an appearance of loose security? Only one way to find out, but Spades had a very uneasy feeling.


Thirty-six hours. That’s how long it’s been since Marcus last shot up. As they entered into the building, one of his major focusses were about just letting go and hitting up. However he couldn’t. He had a mission to focus on, a stealth mission. This made him question his presence here. However self-reminders that even stealth missions can get hot settled any internal disputes. He had a few charges in his coat pocket along with homemade detonators.

Marcus stood along with Quinn and Alt as they went over the security and plan, where Marcus butted in, “If I use any of my charges, don’t you think NBN will be upset with us due to property damages? Well…I guess since we’re already in their mining facility and stealing data it doesn’t really matter. Just let me know when you want something out of the way, or a blast to cover our escape when things get hot.”

09-04-2013, 02:51 PM
Mavis nodded at Spades and his visual warning, the two were fairly experienced in speaking without words to each other and Mavis respected his forethought. Mavis took a moment to analyze the situation, stroking his chin he reflected on Spades’ earlier statement and whispered, “Breaching did seem way too easy, but there’s no indication of a silent alarm, no panic, and a single guard on his own walking around?” Mavis looked back towards Quinn then back at Spades, “I can kill this guy easy but that isn’t our thing now, but I got an idea. We rush him out in the open, see if anyone is watching the cameras for this hallway. If alarms go off then well I am not sure what’s going on but if they don’t this mission might get really interesting. ” With that statement Mavis smiled and took his pistol out of his left side holster taking the safety off. Mavis had a bad feeling but was somewhat excited to see how it would play out. Frustrated with the no-kill policy he continued to think of non-lethal approaches and signaled to Spades to start a 3 count.

Princess Lemon
09-04-2013, 03:51 PM
“You want to test security? That could jeopardize our whole point of stealth.” Spades offered a retort to the idea. Not that it was a bad idea; it was just Spades being Spades. He quickly played out the scene in his head. If they charged, they’d bring down the man—looks like Mavis will be shooting to disarm. Spades wanted to rush in but that would risk getting shot. If the man goes down, either an alarm will be triggered, a patrol group who are expecting him back will get curious, or nothing will happen.

While iffy about the idea, he went along with it, “Alright, you take a shot at his arm so he can’t shoot at me and I’ll rush up to him and knock him out. I don’t want to draw my weapons if I don’t have to.”

He took a deep breath in, “1...2…3!”

Spades opened the door and rushed out, trusting Mavis to get in a good shot as they went for the guard.

Thrasher J
09-04-2013, 04:29 PM
Thrasher had been hanging around Quinn and the Alt. This being a stealth mission, he knew he probably wouldn't have been needed. However, he was always prepared, with his weapon kept tip top and ammo counted, just in case something went wrong. He went up to Quinn and spoke. "So Quinn, how much you wanna bet this doesn't go smoothly?" He had a wry smile on his face, with a look that says he wants some action as well.

09-04-2013, 05:40 PM
} "Roger Lilith, Roger A-1, approach in session." {

Her response to the group was concise and perhaps cold, she only needed to communicate enough to get the message across, usually coming off as blunt or aloof. Her demeanor tended to shift with the task at hand, espionage at a party calls for a charismatic mask, while assassination requires only the work of her hands. This mission, an espionage night raid, called for the bare essentials.

The bare essentials, the essence of existence. To be of use and to have purpose.

Veldia's virtual console rung with red cyber-light in the mind-scape of her consciousness. The barren white void of a sparkling mind, where it's lights are like specters haunting walls of stiff artificial flesh. Her perceptive relays came to detect the movement of steps two sub-floors up. Heavy steps, and deep coughing. Likely a male subject.

}"Movement detected, approximate location: stairway- sub floor one. Subject is likely male."{

She scanned along the walls of the stairway, catching sight of a nearby ventilation system hatch. It was large enough for her average sized cyber body to move at serviceable speeds. She kept a note of it on her ascent, perhaps the ventilation system would prove useful in the upper levels.

Her console rung with violet as her stealth systems were at their maximum limits. Standing still she would be fairly invisible, her movement being the main antagonist. The faster she moved, the more she was revealed. At her steady pace she was like a chameleon climbing through leaves; both sides of some strange perceptual mirror.

Taking advantage of her stealth system's current output, she slipped up to sub-floor one, crouching behind the safety panels along the stairway. She glanced at the male she had detected, standing facing the doorway, dressed in the standard security fare.

}"Subject confirmed. Removing threat."{

The blur swept up behind the male, using her cybernetic body to it's full advantage. A sleeper hold was all that was necessary. The guard was knocked out cold, becoming assimilated into the motion-image reflector's field as she descended to the nearest vent.

}"Threat eliminated non-lethally, disposing into the vent system. Team, establish new point-man."{

09-04-2013, 06:08 PM
"Proceed." Lilith answered Alex and Alexis, keeping tabs on Veldia's movements, making sure to loop the guard moving on the security monitors so it appeared he was still on duty. The last thing they wanted was for an alert to go off. All the while she continued running a background search, though it was something she might have to shut down to process everything she was doing for the others. She scanned ahead for the others, giving them a report as a heads up. "Each floor has a few men walking, think you can handle it?" She smiled, sending Veldia a small gridded map with red, moving pinpoints, each one a different guard on duty. "If not, I'll stage a blackout in the area." she offered. "You can use the darkness to move and I'll flip back on the lights back on once you reach the target point."

09-04-2013, 07:22 PM
OOC: Princess Lemon and Enemyraidz I'm not exactly sure how this game goes, but I saw Luzifer come in and out of the thread without posting, so I think keeping things going is on us. I'd like to keep Nitro245 able to act so I hope you're OK with this.


As Spades and Mavis set up Quinn replies to Marcus

"If they didn't want property damage they should have put that into the addjunct...and offered more money. Be ready with those if we need to make a hasty exit. But in the meantime stay sharp and...well whatever it is you do. We might be in for a surprised, and you might be our only chance of NOT being surprised by it."

In the hallway Mavis pops up, catching the guard by surprise. The poor fellow just stares wide eyed at the silenced pistol, failing to even go for the weapon dangling from his shoulders near his waist. He'd have probably gotten things together in another moment, but by then Spades had moved in from the side and knocked him out with a quick blow, catching him before he can make a thump hitting the ground.

As the rest of the group advances Quinn replies to Thrasher. "I've got a bad feeling things are going weird, we could maybe use a little confusion. Don't forget the advantagets of being a natural, you tend to blend in not having the grace or looks of G-mods, or the thermal signature of cyborgs and roids. You look to be about the same size as that guard, while the covert ops clear the path how about you quickly get into that guys outfit. You might be able to blend in just standing around if you hold his weapon and sling yours into your pack. Though I've got a bad feeling we'll need more than stealth on this one.

Lets keep moving toward the stairwell"

09-04-2013, 07:27 PM
---------------------A Team--------------------------------
Pushing in his haste, Spades pushes the door too hard and it slams against the wall. The guard turns and seeing Spades and Mavis fumbles at his firearm. He manages to pull it before Spades can close and fires a shot. It misses, however the noise rings through the top floor of the compound. You hear voices call out, but no other sounds. Spades and Mavis need to hurry and finish the guard before support arrives!

A yellow warning flag pops up on Alt's virt display. Someone hit a manual alarm. No sound but guards are aware of the break in. Further, Alt can hear a sound in the net, a cawing growing closer. A Data Raven! NBN ice is beginning to spring up in response to the threat and Alt needs to jack out or get tagged (see glossary)!

--------------Team CRRS--------------
As Veldia advance a door burst open and three security guards rush out. Fortunately, they are distracted by something and do not notice her. However, as they reach the end of the hall they stop. "Wait... I'm not getting a ping back from Jason. Where'd he go?" says one.

"He can't have gone far. He just left to use the can" They seem to be about to search the area, but Veldia is still holding the guards body!

A yellow flag appears on Lilith's virt display, an alarm on floor 4 has been triggered! It doesn't look like its related to you but you know that the guards are going to be ready for you if you encounter them. Further, she hears a cawing through the net. A Data Raven is approaching as NBN scrambles ICE in response to the threat. Lilith needs to jack out or get tagged! (see glossary)

Light Buster
09-05-2013, 12:41 PM
(Lilith) "Proceed."

Just as Alexis was about to jack in, she and Alex heard a gunshot just above them.

(Alex) "Crap, did we get spotted?"

Now that he just mentioned it, Alexis needed to check for any Data Ravens that might've been deployed in response to the gunshot. Alexis moved her right hand on to a nearby computer as they reached it.

(Alexis) "Commence system scan, check for Data Ravens."

Alexis then scanned the system for any Data Ravens present while Alex sent out the warning to the rest of his team as his radar on his HUD showed red arrows pointing up, showing that they are on a level above them.

(Alex) "We have company, guards are engaging someone or something, but the guards are on high alert and we're not alone. Lilith, it is very likely that NBN has sent out ICE to tag you, jack out or you'll get exposed. Veldia, be prepared to incapacitate guards."

Princess Lemon
09-06-2013, 04:11 PM
As it turned out Spades misjudged either his own strength or the door and pushed it too hard. It slammed against the wall and drew the guard’s attention, however at least it startled him as the guard missed with his shot. However their stealth had now been compromised. In an angry flash, Spades ran up to the guard. If something wasn’t wrong from the beginning, it was now and it was all Spades fault.

It was perhaps futile but Spades felt if he could quickly dispatch the guard there just might be a chance, even if it’s small, that their stealth could be retained. He wasn’t counting on it though. When close to the guard Spades tried to grab a hold of the guard to disarm his gun and proceed to knock him out. Hopefully his years of martial art classes would pay off.

There was still the worry of other guards though; no doubt people heard those gun shots.


Marcus was just sitting around with Quinn and Alt until he heard the door slam open and a gunshot, “Well, so much for cover under stealth”

He placed his hand in his pocket to feel about his charges. It was probably incredibly dangerous for him to be holding them so casually, especially in his coat pocket. He had a feeling that it someone triggered an alarm. Even if it’s just a vocal ‘I heard gunshot!’ Marcus started to feel uneasy, “Do you think this whole thing is a set up?”

[[OOC: I haven't posted either backstory but for Spades in his youth his father enrolled him into martial art classes and Spades stuck with them until he got his first security job]]

09-06-2013, 04:25 PM
Lilith cursed to herself and pulled out, focusing on her new open space to dig more information about this job. This was starting to seem like a trap, and she was furious it might be. No one tried to pull one over her eyes, no one. She was vindictive and was going to take down whoever set this up

[sorry, short post]

09-06-2013, 05:38 PM
Immediately after hearing a door slam and a gunshot, Quinn hears Alt say to him in her always the same voice "Data raven's I've had to jack out".

Quinn's face twists with anger under his mask. "Ok. All sorts of things are really wrong with this situation. New plan, we're going for the third floor, if it's a setup they probably don't know about the addjunct and so won't have a trap for us there, the adjunct should pay even if it turns out there isn't even a data pool on the second floor. Everyody move FAST!"

OOC: Luzifer The addjunct thing still pays even if we don't end up achieving the primary objective right?

OOC: Hollow Ichigo and Nitro245 We'll have to see if our covert ops can handle the one guard, but you're probably clear to post something about rushing forward. You character probably didn't need Quinn to explain the need to hurry once the gunshot rings out.

09-06-2013, 11:48 PM
OOC: Sunnyside: yes it does.

Everyone: I'm sorry for my mistakes in the last post and I hope you will stick with me despite them.

--------------------A Team-------------------------------
The guard crumples from the force of the blow and sprawls limply on the ground.

You can heard footsteps, slow and wandering without direction. Three people from the reduplication of them. Some muffled voices carry down the half-lit corridors. Near the guard you see a door with a sign over it that indicates a stairwell, as well as an elevator. A number by the elevator indicates you are on the 4th floor.

This is in addition to numerous doors that are labeled with names and titles of various mid-level office drones.

Light Buster
09-07-2013, 12:23 AM
(Alexis) "Damn it, Data Ravens, well, there goes our intended plan to hack this floor."
(Alex) "Don't worry about it, our main concern at this point is to get everyone out of here."

Alex examined his radar on his HUD and noted that all of the attention is on the 4th floor. Alex hoped that they would be able to escape without any casualties from any side that this point.

(Alex) "All attention is on the 4th floor, all of the guards are heading there. Avoid that floor whenever possible. Lilith, we need a place to rendezvous."

09-15-2013, 09:28 PM
OOC: Doing the "training takes over" thing per OOC thread discussion agreement and talking with Luzifer. Also I think this is the sort of thing Luzifer is looking for. I'm being vague on combat ops rolls because I think Enemyraidz might put in a post since he responded to the last PM.


The group slides into the roles they're used to as they make haste to get to the third floor. The covert ops by the door working to get it open if its locked or rigged before the rest of the group gets there, then the combat ops check and cover the stairwell for the covert ops, who split up so at least one will be working on the door, while the others fan out to make sure the support personnel don't get jumped.

09-15-2013, 09:33 PM
Lilith nodded and she continued running a search. "Theres a cyber cafe not far off. We'll meet up there and discuss." she said as she huffed to herself, hating failures. She unplugged, leaving her internal search running in the background as she headed off for the cafe

09-16-2013, 12:02 AM
}"Mission abortion confirmation? Confirmed. Retreating to sewer levels."{

Her frame shifted carefully down the steps, laying the guard against the wall at sub-floor 2. Afterwards, she made her way down to attempt an escape via the sewers to meet at the rendezvous point.

}"Rendezvous coordinates received, en route."{

((Hahah, not sure how to react otherwise.))

Light Buster
09-16-2013, 02:38 PM
(Alexis) "We're leaving Alex, let's go."
(Alex) "Okay."

Whatever happened that compromised this whole mission is no longer the issue here. Getting to the rendezvous point was the concern. The two backed out of the first floor and back into the sewers. They began to move to their rendezvous location in a cyber cafe which was pointed on their HUDs. The two didn't waste any time and began to get moving.

09-18-2013, 04:17 PM
Mavis stood a moment watching as things went from seemingly routine and borderline boring to very interesting. He watched as Spades quickly dispatched the guard and although he wouldn’t ever say it his eyes showed he was impressed with Spades’ quick action. However the situation could go from entertaining to dire in a flash, examining the other rooms and taking notice that it appeared more guards were approaching he signaled to Spades to enter one of the vacant offices as he watched the hallway he pulled one of his sheathed blades from his back, placing his sidearm back in its holster. Whispering to himself he reflected back on his training and listened keenly for the guards footsteps each one telling Mavis their proximity. Mavis signed that he would deal with the two on the left and Spades would deal with the straggler who was trailing a few feet behind on the right. As the moment of truth per say approached he began a 5 finger count down. With each finger he went through he re-scanned the area for added surprises. At the 2nd to last finger Mavis began to bolt with inhuman speed towards the steps. Before the guards could process in their minds what was approaching a sheathed katana was jabbed into one of their throats with such force he couldn’t even let out the desperate gasp he desperately tried to let out. The next guard wasn’t nearly as lucky as the guard attempted to point his weapon he was quickly struck in the head hard by the same sword and then a follow through straight strike to the gut.

09-18-2013, 05:28 PM
--------------------A team--------------------
The door to the stair well is unlocked and gives way, revealing a relatively unused concrete staircase, most likely used for emergency evacuations and by office workers who think not taking the elevator will compensate for getting fast food during their lunch break.

The guards are starting to tighten up and are communicating with each other. They are noticing that their comrades aren't reporting.

--------------------------------------Team CRRS-----------------------------
The guards recover their comrade but not before Veldia manages to escape.

The cafe is of the common variety, slick chrome counters, drenched in the light from the virt screens of the patrons.

09-18-2013, 06:32 PM
Lilith sat down with a black coffee, stirring it despite not adding any cream or sugar [she found it helped cool it off faster] as she waited for the others, trying to look into the woman who contacted her as she casually looked around the cafe.

09-20-2013, 05:24 PM
OOC: Luzifer I think you might have missed enemyraidz last post. However you also might just mean there are more guards coming on the fourth floor. I was going to delay, but I guess it occurs to me that either way I can move forward with the rest of the group figuring that Spades and Mavis are taking up the rear at the moment to jump guards trying to follow us.

Fate is going to try and open the door to the third floor without causing any trouble, and stealthily in case there isn't a major alert there yet.

However the combat specialists (Drake and Thrasher) would be close behind her in case there's trouble.

If things are clear Quinn, Alt, and Marcus will follow.

Princess Lemon
09-20-2013, 08:00 PM
After dispatching the guard, spades quickly took to his stance and glanced about. Mavis joined up next to him and signaled him to take the vacant room. He had an idea what Mavis planned to do. Spades rushed into the room and pressed his back to the wall, peeking out to observe Mavis's count. At the time of go, Mavis rushed out and managed to do a good job on his own taking out the guards. Spades walked out and gave him a nod.

They had to get moving fast, Spades knew the other guards were probably getting itchy due to the lack of communication. This mission has gone the exact opposite of how they planned. Still they had to make do with their hand. Spades stood with Mavis keeping watch, if the rest moved quickly enough they could make it to the stairwell and proceed with their decent.

OOC: I'll make a post on Marcus soon as we all get moving

Light Buster
09-23-2013, 12:56 PM
After leaving the building, Alex, after returning to normal mode, and Alexis made their way to the cyber cafe, where Lilith awaited them and the others to regroup with them. The two found chairs and took them and placed them around the table that Lilith was sitting next to and seated themselves with them. With the mission compromised, they needed to know their next move.

(Alexis) "So, what's our next move?"

09-25-2013, 10:36 PM
Veldia made it to the cafe in the most careful and efficient fashion. It was important to make sure she would blend in with the rest of the crowd, a trench-coat would suffice for the most part in the downtrodden areas (conveniently taken from a corpse or such, a common sight). When she entered the cafe her hands were stowed in her pockets, she made her way to the table with her 'team', taking a seat to Lilith's immediate right, a place she seemed to feel 'comfortable' sitting.

Words like that were never easy ways to describe her dispositions. It usually involved only the slightest perception of the state; what was left of a human being reaching out in silence. Otherwise she was either distant, or 'looked' perfectly suitable for what came next. There at the cafe, her eyes narrowed with barely any sign of emotional scrutiny. The task was aborted and had reasons. She was back to being still, useless, not necessary.

She awaited what might come next.

09-25-2013, 10:44 PM
"Our next move would be to find out information on the woman who offered the job. I'll give you all access to my internal memory, she'll be easy to find." she said as she continued to stir her coffee, letting it cool before taking a sip.
"I want any and all information on her, I'll be looking into it as well. I think this was a set up, and we're lucky we were able to slip out the way we did. It couldve been much worse." she said, making a face. "This shouldve been a cake walk. I hate being crossed." she huffed, thinking about it was putting her in a bad mood. She took in a deep breath and had more of her coffee. "We'll focus on that for now, see what we can dig up."

09-30-2013, 11:41 AM
Mavis did all he could to hide his excitement. The situation was becoming dire and his insatiable appetite for a good fight was reaching a fever pitch. It was this side of Mavis that at time concerned his team most, especially when they have a no-kill policy. Mavis’ lust for destruction though it almost overtook him was well hidden behind a simple smirk and his over willingness to jump into the fray. “Spades” he whispered, “We need to keep moving forward, I have a very strong feeling more are coming and fast, I can smell it, almost feel it. Someone or a group of skilled, truly skilled adversaries, they may be elite guards other intruders or something but I can feel it.” As he said it his arms got Goosebumps, he knew deep down things were going to go even further from the plan. Watchful of Spades he moved forward and signaling to Spades to carefully move in tandem in case of a surprise attack.