View Full Version : can someone help verify & submit this lyrics? (school days opening setsuna ver.)

08-07-2013, 06:32 AM
i came across this chinese translation of "Still I Love You (Setsuna version)" from school days and find it to fit very well with the story line of the game, so i translated to english, doubtless the double translation means some could be wrong, but i hope the core idea is correct
if someone is willing to fix/correct the lyrics and submit it (since i cant find the english lyrics on animelyrics.com) would be much appreciated!

Rabu & peace, Kuroshinju no hana ni negau
Love & peace, Iím wishing upon the flower of the black pearl
Mystic moon, imasugu ano hito ni awa sete...
Mystic moon, please let me meet the person tailored for me immediately

Hito ga iu hodo same tenai tsuyoi wakede mo nai
Iím neither as sensible, nor as resilient as people say
Nakigao wa misenai to kime teru dake
only decided, to hide away the tears on my face
Sonína watashi no sugao-goto uketomete kureta
but you accepted every element on my face, my true nature
Moohitori de nakanakute mo iinda yotte
and told me no more would I need to weep in solitude

Tomodachi ijoo no sain shirazushirazu nage atte
Unconsciously we implied each other, that this is more than just friendship
Kyatchi sureba taisetsuna dareka kizutsukeru
and even if we accepted, could it wound someone dear?

Rabu & peace, kuroshinju no hana o daite
Love & peace, Iím hugging the flower of the black pearl
Mystic moon, maboroshi no kuroi tsuki o yobu
Mystic moon, calling out to a magical dark moon
Sekainohate made oitsumete
pursuing and cornered you to the worldís edge
Watashi dake no ainokatachi sagasu no
I search for my love that took shape inside you

Kitto dare mo waruku wanai unmei no ito de
No one is at fault in this
Itazurana tenshi-taichi a so n deru no
itís only the work of naughty angels, toying with our fate like puppet on strings
Koi mo yume mo yuujoo mo zenbu taisetsude
love, dream, friendship, theyíre all important
Yuzurenai mujun shi teru youkubaridesu ka
unrelenting, contradicting, is it selfish of me to do so?

Kyori ga futari hedatete mo shinji rareru shinjitai
The distant separation between two people, can I trust in you? I want to believe...
Kotoba nante futashikade itsuka koware-soo
words alike are difficult to rely on, always feel like it would fall to pieces sooner or later

Rabu & peace, setsuna no yume demo iikara
Love & peace, a dream so wonderful even if it was for a blink of an eye
Mystic moon, imasugu ano hito ni aitai
Mystic moon, wanted to see him right now
Sekainohate kara aishiteru
Iím silly in love with you, from the worldís edge
Dokoni ite mo anata no koto mitemasu
Iím watching over you, wherever you are

Still, I love you.

Love & Peace 黒真珠の花に願う
Mystic Moon 今すぐあの人に逢わせてÖ

人が言うほど醒めてない 強いわけでもない
泣き顔は見せないと 決めてるだけ
そんな私の素顔ごと 受けとめてくれた
もう一人で泣かなくても いいんだよって

友達以上のサイン 知らず知らず投げ合って
キャッチすれば 大切な誰か傷つける

Love & Peace 黒真珠の花を抱いて
Mystic Moon 幻の黒い月をよぶ
世界の果てまで 追い詰めて
私だけの愛のカタチ 探すの

きっと誰も悪くはない 運命の糸で
いたずらな天使たち 戯(あそ)んでるの
恋も夢も友情も 全部大切で
譲れない 矛盾してる 欲張りですか?

距離が二人隔てても 信じられる?信じたいÖ
言葉なんて不確かで いつか壊れそう

Love & Peace 刹那の夢でもいいから
Mystic Moon 今すぐあの人に逢いたい
世界の果てから アイシテル
どこにいても あなたのこと 見てます

Still I Love You...