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Rania glided across her spacious living room in with her black silk cloak concealing her costume for the Welcoming Ceremony. Drawing the curtains, she smiled as the sunlight embraced her through the window panes. It was a perfect day to begin school again.

"Mom," a voice said from behind her. She turned to see her only child, Denzil, clad in a tunic suited for royalty. His pale blue eyes, a feature inherited from his father, stared at her with anxiety. "I-I think it's too much."

The Headmaster of the Bard Academy chuckled and walked over to him. "Nonsense darling! You look positively handsome!" She took his hands in hers and began to sway. "I know it's nerve-wracking my little prince, but I promise you it will be some of the best years of your life!" She smiled and began to lead her son in a lop-sided waltz. He stumbled, flustered, but then fell into step and followed her lead.

"What if the other students think I'm strange?" Denzil asked.

"Why love, 'strange' is the foundation of our school!"


Standing with her hair in her cloak and a pretty little up-do, she waited anxiously for the wave of new and old students to come dashing through the doors. Harmonia's Academy is on a privately-owned island called Harmony Island, which one must ride the train, Harmony Express, over the bridge to get to. Although, the tracks stretch all the way from Mundower for the convenience traveling students. From Mundower to Harmony Island, it takes about four hours.

Denzil stood beside her, sweating hands clamped around his saxophone case, also watching the door, but with a different sense of anticipation.

"Denzil dear, why don't you go take a seat at the concert hall?" Said Rania, noticing her son's nervousness.

Poor frigid Denzil nodded and began to walk off. As he turned he saw some of the other instructors and administrators heading in his mother's direction. He smiled and bowed to them as a whole then passed them by as most of them greeted him familiarly.

The large grand clock above the massive doors of the lobby read twelve o' two. The Students should be arriving any minute...

OOC: Heeeeey guys! Sorry for the wait (and the horrible first post) but here it is! I'd love for you guys to start off on the train, just to get acquainted or determine who your "friends" are for those of your who aren't new to the school. Now the train makes a stop in every city it goes through, so it picks up students at different points! It is a steam engine just to keep it more fantasy-like. Have fun everyone!

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Madison yawned as Eleanor woke her up.

"We're here, now get your big head off my shoulder."

"But Elle, youre so comfy~" Madison teased as she sat up and stretched. "Trains are the best place for a nap." she smiled to herself as she grabbed her things and followed Eleanor out.

Eleanor glanced around, taking note of some familiar and new faces.

"Looks like theres a decent bunch of new blood." Madison smirked as Eleanor rolled her eyes a bit.

"I have no interest in the first years."
"C'mon, dont be that way. You should try making some friends this year Ell..."
"Dont need any."
Madison huffed. "Fine, be that way. And here I envisioned you falling for some handsome harmonica player with sparkling blue eyes who would whisk you away into the sunset." she said, eyes gleaming as she stared off.
Eleanor watched her like she had lost her mind. "It terrifies me sometimes to amount of crap you spew."
Madison just laughed and shrugged the comment off, looking forward to the new year.

[I'll color code my characters later. Since this is a joint post for the two of them I wont bother]

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As engine stirred and fumes lifted, a concert of moving air and shifting water could be heard from the open window. The stage of reality is the world, and the only thing stranger than this kind of theater is the fact that all people are the cast; each with their own role- or role to come.

The tall white-haired male leaned heavily on his right forearm towards the agape window, a specter of glass and steel whose very core was molded into wonder at the view of the waters. Ocean spray and ephemeral wind would entertain the chariot to school once again this year. The final year for our Willow.

Clad in black leather sleeves under blue tunic, lined in silver to he waist, Willow's visage displayed an air of pensive discourse. His left arm hung lazily over his left thigh, as black denim adorned his legs with the company of similarly colored boots. At his shoulder laid his prized possession and sacred instrument, the blue-metal flute-blade which he was well known for performing with.

The hilt sported tight-black leather, it's guard stout yet sturdy, with sheath of polished grey. One could tell by his body language that the weapon was well received by his comfortable position, as if there were many times when he'd sit with it.

Willow seemed to pay little attention to the students of many different years vying for a word with him, his focus was out the window and in the open air. He would respond with polite words when necessary, eventually fanning out the small gathering when the older students informed the younger of his 'tendencies'.

Tenrou Nogitsune
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Rolling his eyes, the man clad in black was leant against the support pillar. The man's name: Talon Darkblade, the instructor to 'Introducing Music Magica'. A crimson inked tattoo of a tribal themed dragon lay, almost concealed by the black scarf he wore. At his waist, a katana rest. He never took it off, it was always there in case his magic was somehow locked down. But on his back, a pitch black and spiky guitar was strapped.

"Man, that woman is going over the top again. Don't you think so, Lily?"

"Aww, come on hubby, let Rania have her fun~ She only gets to do this once a year." The woman who spoke was actually Talon's wife. She had bi-colored hair and was rather...busty. She wore a sky blue dress decorated with golden accents. Her etwahl floated before her as a side effect of the very little magic she had.

Talon simply shrugged and said, "I suppose so. I hope she doesn't drag me into this. I could really use a cigarette about now."

Glaring at her husband, Lilly Buvelle said, "Honey, I know you get stressed at big events like this but I need you to stop smoking. It's gonna kill you someday. I don't want to be a widow at thirty-six. You're gonna have to quit smoking."

Talon just shrugged, "We'll talk about it later."

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[[OOC: If there ends up being a double post I'll delete one. I feel I may have pooped up a bit so I apologize. Otherwise wooow it's been so long since I've RP'd, I hope I can match up. Also I didn't know if the instructors also lived outside the academy so I just had Victor come from some city. Oh! I also am having Victor use a different color. If the color I'm using is hard to read or anything just let me know! Otherwise here goes!]]

Last night was an eventful night for Alex, as his roommates and various other friends threw a going away party for him. As always people were sad but it wasn’t as if they would never see him again. Outside the academy he lived with two other friends, Ben who’s 19 and Jimmy who’s 21. He helped pay rent by landing the same job every year; the employers there loved him and respected the fact he was a school student.

Alex’s alarm went off and he sprung out of bed. Unlike his other two roommates, Alex was a morning person; able to wake up and get going fast. His buddy Ben grumbled at the sound of the alarm and rolled over onto his stomach. Alex carefully crept about the room to start getting ready. He packed the night before to save him time since he wanted to get to the station a bit early. He took his green pack and placed it in the hall along with his accordion box. Knowing full well there was an opening ceremony, like always; Alex decided to up his attire. That basically just meant a loosely tied tie hanging from his neck on a un-tucked dress shirt in loose slacks all under his spring jacket. He made himself a small breakfast and set out for the station. He felt bad he was unable to stay and help clean up the apartment; however he had to get moving. It’s a good thing all good byes were given last night. Alex always felt guilty when he had to wake Ben or Jim up early.

His travel to the station was uneventful and made it to his platform with lots of time to spare. He saw a lot of re-occurring students waiting along with some new faces who were obviously nervous. He used this time for light conversation with returning students, hearing whatever stories they had to share. He also got new names and gave them advice along with encouragement. It was about forty-five minutes before boarding started.

As he entered on the train he looked for any familiar faces as he found his seat. He simply put his bags away and began a little adventure to speak to people. In particular he was looking for his pal Willow. He was successful after a little hunt and he found the man just sitting and gazing at the window. Lost in whatever deep thoughts he was pondering. Alex adjusted his glasses and gave a gleeful smile before entering in and having a seat across from him. He gave a brief pause before speaking to him in a joking manner, “You lost or something?”


Victor stood in front of a mirror adjusting the collar to his officer’s military uniform, a combination of grey, black and white in color. He made sure to remove any emblems of the nation it belonged to, but anyone with the right knowledge would be able to identify the uniform belonging to the Kingom of Zelkovia, a Kingdom known for his brutality in warfare and it’s conquest of a small neighboring country 8 years ago. A conquest Victor was a part of. Every year the Headmistress Rania held a welcoming ceremony and at every ceremony he wore his uniform. It was a habit to wear it to formal events since he had to do so throughout his military career. Some habits just have a hard time wearing out. The uniform made some students and faculty uneasy, however Victor didn’t cause any trouble outside the few incidents he started verbal arguments.

Despite making a good living financially due to his career, Victor lived in a small barren apartment. It only had essentials and even them it was to a minimum: A bed, a desk, two dressers, some coffee tables, a fridge, a couch, and a TV. There were other assortments of small items but nothing of big concern. Perhaps his most decorative piece was his weapon wrack made of ebony wood and grafted into it were fine details. The wrack held an assortment of weapons, each of which Victor used in battle; giving each of them their own unique history. However one trait connected all of them together, their history was forged through the blood of others. There were only two weapons he would bring to the academy though: a longsword and a spear. The Longsword’s hilt was crested with gems at the bottom and the guard around the blade curved up much like demonic horns. In the middle of the blade there were arcane runes. A while ago a mage enchanted the sword but Victor never used the enchantment. He was always curious to what it was but never bothered to figure out. He partially enjoyed the mystery which was possibly was why he never used to magic inside; to keep it a secret. The spear had a black shaft with silver accents to it. Its theme went along with the longswords, demonic. Unlike the sword, however, the spear was not enchanted and was the weapon Victor used most. He wrapped both weapons up and took his bags and began to the academy. He didn’t know what other instructors did, but he didn’t live on the island. He didn’t even live in his nation anymore.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~`

Victory finally arrived to the academy and met up with other instructors. They all gave greetings and Victor gave his. He soon after marched ahead of them all and preceded to the main hall where the headmistress most likely was. On his way he saw a young boy with light hair walk in their direction. He seemed to give a bow and then continue off. While some others seemed to greet him as if they knew who he was, Victor was at a bit of a loss. He didn’t know the personal life of the other staff here and was unaware that was the Headmistresses child. He only gave a glare in response when the child nodded before marching past him.

She shrugged it off; he would get his answers soon enough. On his way he noticed another instructor standing off with a female. It was Mr. Darkblade and his wife. As he walked past them he gave a respectful nod.

He then entered into the main chamber were he saw Rania peering at the door. He kept a bit of a distance but stood to her level. Without looking at her he proceeded to speak, “It seems the older I get, the quicker the years roll by. If you don’t mind me asking, Ms. Vuspi, who is the child that just walked down the way we came from? I thought the students weren’t supposed to arrive for another…two to five minutes?”

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Rania heard footsteps approaching behind her, but her eyes lingered on the front door. Her heart raced. She began to panic a bit inside. Various worries invaded her head such as "What if the new students hated the school?" or "What if something horrible happens this year, like it almost did the last year?"

Her frazzled reverie was cut short by a very familiar voice. She turned to find none other than Victor Markov, sharp and crisp per the norm. She couldn't help the smile at the man. She held this man in high regards, not due to his rank in the military, but because although he was a hair awkward and not skilled with people, he never ceased to try. To step away from your demeanor to make those around you feel more comfortable was a feat not many could achieve. He had a hard exterior when in front of his students, but Rania knew he was a soft-hearted man.

"Indeed it does. And how many times have I told you to call me Rania, Victor?" She scolded him in a joking manner. Then he asked a peculiar question, which then also seemed all too typical of the man. He never cared, or dared, to ask of his colleague's personal lives. "Why, that's my son. He'll be a first year today." She chuckled. "You didn't know I had a child? Either you need to be nosier or I just look that young." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Talon and Lily, and waved at them with a smile.

Aurora sat in one of the cabins in the train by herself, reading a light horror novel. She didn't have close friends. She had acquaintances and friends. She had made sure that she would not have any attachments once she left. But it was awfully difficult. She thoroughly enjoyed having light conversation with people, but it wasn't enough for her. She wanted a true friend, someone to share her secrets with, laugh for no reason with, and what not. But her parents warned her not to become close with anyone. They told her it was because it would break her heart to have to graduate and never see them again, but she knew better.

As she continued to read, she heard the thumping of footsteps coming toward her compartment. She tensed, but then realized that it was for the boy whose cabin was across from hers. The voice that spoke up sounded familiar. With a glance, she knew him immediately as Alexander Nossus, a talented accordion player in her year. It was difficult instrument to even look at, much less play. She always admired him for it. A glance at whom he was speaking to. She knew him to be Willow Von Karstein. Strange fellow he was. She couldn't figure him out, but assumed no one could. He keeps to himself. Much more than she, that's for sure. There were rumors that implied he had these "tendencies". She never asked for what. She didn't care, because she felt like she empathized with him. The quiet ones were usually always the odd ones.

Feeling as if she stared at the two for far too long, she returned her attention to her book, choosing to pretend as if she didn't even notice they were there.

Tenrou Nogitsune
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Approaching the principle, Talon asked, "Fretting again Rania?" He spoke in a casual tone. He yawned and said, "Ugh, made us wake up so early for this. Why do you worry so much about the induction ceremony. It's not gonna be like last year." He carried himself seemingly lazy, but his serious side was locked away until the term actually started. Normally taciturn, Talon said, "If you just calm down, everything will be fine." The teacher/assassin gave a wordless nod to Victor. He had a bad feeling about that man since he'd come to teach, but he remained cautious just in case. He even lived in the apartments on campus to protect the students.

Lilly was quiet for once. Her usual bubbly self had simmered down as she held herself close to her beloved husband. She held his arm to her chest. Obviously she was worried the ceremony. Last year had been the first she'd attended as staff. "Sh-she's upset Talon. I don't want a repeat of last year."

Flicked open his metal capped lighter and closed it. A cigarette would REALLY be heavenly at this moment. But smoking was only allowed in two places on the entire campus. He grunted, "They took away that idiot. Don't worry Lily."

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Gentle silence did not ring through his cabin for long, as after the small gathering disbursed, who should come visit him but one of his few good friends: Alexander. He was only a year behind him, yet Willow could find this a mistake as he was quite fond of his skill with an accordion. Such a quaint instrument in his eyes, which only fed his joy when hearing it played skillfully.

“You lost or something?”

The words bit through his viscous bubble, the make of the concert of motion and liquid he had been observing. With a quiet voice he responded, almost whimsically for that matter: "Lost in what way, I would wonder? Where else could I possibly be but here, of all places?"

With his playfully facetious response in tow his features turned towards his friend. Alex was perhaps one of the only "close" friends he might have left in the academy this year- his final year. His eyes narrowed upon Alex with an almost sly disposition before slipping past him and making contact with the violet haired female across the way. A moment passed when his eyes would widen, a feeling of no-thought stifling his previous state of mind. As smoothly as he could, he brought his sight back up to Alexander, the most coy smile on his face.

"Aaaanyway- come! Have a seat! I haven't seen you since last year!" A sudden burst of energy pervaded from him as he stood, sword on shoulder and other hand directing Alex toward a hasty seat. His stormy-blue eyes seemed precise and focused, as if something jump-started his panache.

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Hearing the many rhythmic sounds of the steam engine clinking over the tracks, Kai sighed in a great deal of boredom as he heard the thriving mass of anonymous figures in the background chattering amongst one another. After another moment of staring at his older bore of a brother who had been lost in thought the whole trip, he pulled back the curtain as he peeked his eye out the window of their carriage hoping to find someone worth taking interest in. He watched people go by as they'd talk along the hallway but nobody really caught his attention. He had really hoped his first year wasn't going to end up like it has been so far.

"You're not smiling that annoying grin of yours...? Getting nervous, you little snot," Rei unanticipatedly began to tease. "If you are, you can't go back now. Registering you into this special academy financially was challenging and I don't want you wasting my money. Got it?"

Kai, still holding the curtain open, glanced at him in the corner of his eye with great annoyance before plastering his usual gentle and inviting grin on his face, "Of course not, Rei. I couldn't be any more relaxed. How about you? Your words that taunt me seem to have something completely different to say... or is your ego too proud for kind and sentimental talk... or is it that you hate that you have to spend the remainder of your school years with your dearest, loving brother?"

"Sigh. Look," The eldest began. "Just stay out of my sight and keep that mouth of yours on mute. Otherwise, your actions will reflect on both of us and you will just cause problems for me."

"Then how could I announce an emergency or the answer to a question? I'm not ignorant like you."

"That's what I'm talking about!"

"I only copied you as we grew up so really you should consider and worry about your own commutative skills."

"I_" Rei paused, looking out the window, as he felt the train become slower and slower with each passing second, "It seems we've finally made it."

"Oh? I hadn't noticed. Really." Kai give his brother an even more cheerful grin as if he was trying to sell it to him. Rei, ignoring him, started to collect his items so that he could be one of the first to unboard. He had hoped in doing so he could have the opportunity to disassociate any relation to Kai and be free from him. but that may have just been wishful thinking.

Kai, who wasn't necessarily in a rush, watched his sibling move around the carrier who was strangely amusing to watch at the moment. Then, his attention started to move to the background noises of the other students as they're random babbling grew eager and loud. Possibly from catching a glimpse of the stunning beauty of Harmonia's Bard Academy. Curious, He decided to take a look for himself. In a moments time, he enthralled by his new school. Never had he seen anything so brilliant before except for maybe a painting in one of the museums he use to visit. The very sight had almost made him forget how to breath. He suddenly felt full of energy as he, too, started to gather his things; the train coming to a halt before a loud sigh of the engine filled the air. After seeing his school, Kai knew then that if he didn't get along with anyone at the school, at least he could spend his days in such an inspiring environment, playing as much music as he wanted with his dearest friend, Alreina (his violin).

Princess Lemon
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It seemed he finally got the attention of Willow who, through such whimsical grace, turned around to look at him and instantly began spewing his poetry salad talk. Alex admired it, the guy could talk in circles, squares, octagons, a straight line and either makes no sense at all to him or perfect sense. It wasn’t far-fetched of him to response to a humorous question with some pretty big metaphysical question. Alex only smiled and was about to respond until Willow offered him a seat. Alex looked around a bit confused—he was sitting—he didn’t know if that was a demand to sit next to him or not.

“Ha, well I simply was asking if you were lost in thought. You were looking so intently out the window I don’t know if you were lost in thought or found the ocean to be super engaging” Alex spoke with a soft smile.

“But you’re right! I haven’t seen you since last year….I haven’t seen a lot of people since last year. I was hoping to catch up with a few people but I guess it didn’t work out. Oh well, but tell me what you’ve been up to? How’ve you been?”

He turned his head to the window to give a quick peek out at the ocean. It was indeed beautiful, kind of just endless. So much can be out there. Things to be found, activities to be done, people to meet. Soon as Willow started speaking he snapped out of silly daydreaming and turned his attention to Willow. With all the talking he has done and waiting, he had a feeling they were about to arrive soon.


[[OOC: I'm liking the responses to Victor so far. One is "He's just a hard teddy bear!" and the other is "Something is fishy about that guy". omg]]

Though she may have scolded in jest, Victor took it a bit more sincere. Nodding his head in agreement, “I apologize Ms---er---Ma’am.” he gritted his teeth a bit. He should have just said her name. Not Ma’am; that also may be too formal. “Some habits just die hard, I’m afraid”

He then went on to ask his question, which the first half of her response gave his face an expression of light surprise while a simple “oh” escaped from his mouth. The second half made him feel a bit embarrassed. He didn’t consider it his business the personal lives of his co-workers. He tried to stand taller but instead only pointlessly adjusted himself awkwardly. “I did not know you had a child. A direct superior’s personal life isn’t my business unless they wish to share that information with me.”

He gave a brief awkward pause before continuing, “Also I shall say nothing upon your appearance.” He was going to beat himself up over that later as his mind was screaming “Idiot! She could take that offensively or as you hitting on her!” You’d think that after 5 years he would get used to the Headmistress being a kind person. At least he had better luck with students…kind of.

And that is when Talon Darkblade and his wife, Lily, came in to save the day. At least to Victor’s point of view. When he heard them speak he turned to look at everyone and partially join in the conversation. “Mr. and Mrs. Darkblade, greetings.”

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"How different could it be....over and over cheering and chattering across the plane of a ever so soft reality, like a game of cat and mouse. The outcome was the same. It never changed. Even for a soul yet mature of the world, blind with joy and promising happiness...."A sick joke in the eyes of Thomas, as he normally introduced himself, though uninterested in the company of fellow humans, interesting as some could be the simple laws of human nature always applied. Bleak shrouded in darkness. Though it seemed to have no effect on certain....individuals surrounding him lately. Beings cast in the laws of magic, different then the humans whom they all portrayed. An entirely different species, or so he believed. The capacity of these Musicians for the unknown was both exhilarating and dreadfully horrendous. Some seemed even divine at times....he couldn't help but chuckle to himself as his grey eyes opened to the world, greeting him with harsh truth, further scarring the very being of his conflicted soul. So he continued to sit as he was. Of the world yet far from it's reach. The rustle and bustle of the metal carrier slowing as their arrival became imminent. Fifth year as a student in a Academy he still felt caustious about. Such fortune and good will comes at a price. He sickened his heart to the point it crippled him for a second. The smooth leather of the compartment seats absorbing his sudden departure from reality. Unanticipated memories bulged the crippling reality he strived to understand. His left hand raised and rubbed down the fully white left side of his head. He looked to his right at the window and outside. The wind was cool and calming. Yet he knew it's embraced nature could be turned into a tempest of fool-heartedness. Such was the curse they choose to pursue, ignorant as they all could be.

So sitting was the best solution. It gave him time to survey the surrounding area as the train continued forth. Before long the seemingly endless blasts of laughter seemed absolutely haunting and as a coward would Thomas stood to his feet and slowly made his way down the hallways toward the door. A simple window wasn't enough. It was far to loud for him. Something did catch his eye however moment just as he exited his now empty and well maintained room, as if nothing was ever really there. A door or two down he heard the ridiculous mannerisms of Willow Von Tastinsbardlur? How.....he had no words for the Senior. They never spoke, nor was Thomas around to really communicate with the man. Nor his 'shadow' though his music was masterfully on an instrument so unlike of his character...or it was the glasses. Thomas quietly passed by the compartment of the two males before his eyes shifted to the violent rose to his left. Though he didn't make contact subconsciously he tried to mask himself in with the other students passing by. Wasn't hard to spot at all honesty. Light violent clothing mixed with hints of blue. Reflecting well with his hair. Left side fully white, center decending in a slight grey as sorrow itself, ending in the ocean splashed across the small patch of cascading spiking hair covering his right eye down to the tips of his remaining hair. Natural in all forms, it had been noted by a few of the other students, some coming up with rumors regarding his changing hair. As always he simply brushed them aside with coy words slick disinterest. His waist was wrapped tight to the remnants of a coat, as it seems to have once been, held fast by a cross shaped belt of leather connecting it to a long strap around his neck, which doubled as a scarf. Legging of tight leather meant to help him stay silent in his transversal. His back held fast under the comfortable electric guitar case.

Finally the wind returned as he stood between carts. Using his lean body he numbly lifted to the top of the train and sat at the edge, dangling his feet some ways from his earlier compartment. Finally he opened his mouth, and from it a soft, almost female voice came slither forth. Strange as always he believed when he used his singing voice. Normally he sounded as a young man looking to become a man should. Strong and sly. But his magic was different. His songs came out as a women's filling the air with angelic beauty. A calming voice unsuited for a being such as him. He hated it to his core. Oddly enough he could adjust his voice to fit the assignment, and through education he was getting better. However his Magica demanded his fully use. He could not mask it in such times. The bane of his existence to this very day. A few girls loved it and asked him to sing at rather....unwarranted times.

"School...." He cursed deep down in the ocean of his soul. This school however was needed. More so when the nightmares came....there was no other way. "Soon.."

Tenrou Nogitsune
08-03-2013, 04:04 AM
"I did not take my husband's surname Victor! I am, and shall always be Lily Buvelle," the blue haired woman proclaimed loudly, taking minor offense to his words. "I may be married to this morbidly dark man, but I have some dignity!" She giggled as she noticed her husbands increasing scowl that feigned irritation. "But anywho, good day to you Victor." She hoped the man would notice that she'd put her hair in a French braid unlike the twin tails style she'd normal fix. Not that Talon had noticed.

Talon, who faked intense irritation, glared at his wife's semi-mocking pride. "Y-yeah, Lily wasn't a big fan of my last name. You know I didn't have one as a kid and stuff. Made it up when I was a teen and thought it was cool. It stuck and here I am. Lily is too much of a princess to give up her fancy French name." Talon was still uncomfortable being so close to the odd man. He pulled back a lock of hair and whispered, "So, uh, think I could get away with lighting a cigarette?" His last line was almost inaudible so his wife would hear nothing. the man cloaked in all black had begun to fidget, the balance of nicotine at a dangerously low level. He hadn't smoked at all since he was woken for the day.

Thrasher J
08-03-2013, 07:21 AM
Allan was walking back to the compartment he was sharing with his childhood friend Alice when he had noticed a group of students huddling around a compartment. Hmm, must be something going on. Cutting through everyone, he decides to get in closer out of curiosity. Noticing his senior, Willow, he decided to talk to him for a quick second. "Hey Willow. Just dropped by to say hello and then be on my way." He said quickly and left just as quickly. Oh man, Alice won't be too happy I'm taking this long to use the toilet. He made it back to the compartment in a hurry. "Hey, I'm back. Sorry it took this long."
--- --- --- ---
Alice was sitting in the compartment, with her guitar out just wanting to play some music. She heard the compartment door rattle. "You're late." She said a little sternly. He looked apologetic about taking too long and took his seat. "As punishment, you will accompany me with some shopping later on. She said teasingly. Of course, m'lady. With a wide grin, she set her plans for the near future. "So, what took you so long?" "Oh, nothing really, I talked with Willow for a quick second and then popped back here." With a satisfied look, she continued to play her guitar.

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Light Buster
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As the train was taking them to Harmonica Island, where they will be attending Harmonica's Bard Academy, the remix sisters were doing their own thing. Vanessa and Melissa were looking out though the window, taking in the many cities and views of the world as they passed by. Rebecca was quiet and sitting in silence as usual, and Linda was checking her equipment that she managed to get before the trip. The sisters remained in silence before there was a beep among them. Linda checked on it before explaining it to her sisters what it was as the others drew their attention to Linda.

(Linda) "We got another subscriber."
(Melissa) "How many do we have now?"
(Linda) "995."
(Melissa) "That's great, at this rate we should hit our next milestone."
(Linda) "1000 subscribers, here we come!"
(Rebecca) "Having a lot of followers can be troublesome, we should keep an eye out."
(Linda) "Oh come on sister, you know the more we have the more famous we become."
(Rebecca) "Some of them could be following us for other reasons."
(Linda) "I bet there good ones."
(Vanessa) "Keep your cool girls, you can talk as much as you like once we make ourselves a home, for now, mind your matters around you."

It takes two to get one into trouble, but it takes another to calm a situation down before it gets worse. Vanessa kept an eye on her sisters, especially Linda, since she has a habit in getting herself into trouble than the other sisters. Either way, they were 'invited' to the Harmonica's Bard Academy to improve their remix performances so that they can get a bigger fan base going. This could be an interesting year for them...

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08-04-2013, 11:40 AM
"Oh, the Fates be praised, you have found a seat already~" In a very comical manner he lifted a leg over another as he sat down, free hand reaching towards nothing in particular in a diagonal direction. The realization of his slip of perception did nothing stifle his mood, not in the least bit. His attention was caught, and his energy was restless. Alex's questions were the next thing on his hyperactive agenda.

"My fine Accordion-neer, my days between here and last time we spoke have been filled with several wonders our world. The Pyramid of Mirrors in Zanzar, the Maw of Morae at the edge of the Abjorian Sea... Robin decided that we were to have a vacation!" His free hand shifted towards the window, wide open and still huffing air and sea spray as the train carried on.

"As for before, I was lost in the beautiful concert that our very velocity played with the ocean. So you were correct, I was lost."

[ It was at that point that a somewhat familiar voice pervaded into the cabin, another student surely. It greeted Willow, and left as soon as it was present. In his best attempt the white-haired male gave a nod in the voice's direction, as to affirm and return the greeting. Even if it was to no avail. ]

His enthusiasm shifted to a stable point, evidenced by how his voice became softer, almost echoing the shift in velocity of the train. He dropped his free arm to his side carefully while locking eyes with his friend, a curious grin pursed his gently marked lips.

"I wonder what adventures you've had, hmm?"

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08-05-2013, 10:06 PM
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Nokhele could have been anywhere. His headphones on ,playing Dinu Lapatti's performance of Chopin's Nocturne Op. 27, No.2 in D minor, and his head in a book he barely read, he could have been floating in the sky or buried in the earth he could have ignored it. But he was here, and he could not ignore that. The safety bubble he made for himself was strong. It had to be, he couldn't afford to hear another's music, could not afford to see their lips move or fingers play instruments. If he did it would take all his effort not to deconstruct their music and if he did that he would rebuild it and when he did, if he was acting instinctively, he did not know what he would do. It had happened before that he had harmonized with someone intending to light a fire, and had turned them, and himself by proxy, into arsonists. It was an itch that he seldom had the power to control. Thus, it was best to avoid temptation, to quarantine himself from his fellow students.

But that only reminded him of what he was here, that one nettling problem that had infiltrated his fortress. He was heading back to that unhallowed place. That school. He hated it there. It was a bloody game of hide and seek from his teachers as he struggled to avoid classes, while still getting into the library to get the books he loved. The books were his Achilles heel, and they knew that. And so he would wind up in class having to watch people sing, hear them play, and struggle to hold back the urge to do so himself. And then they would make him practice... and that was just a waste of everyone's time. By himself, he could do nothing, and even with others practicing netted him no real benefit. His ability wasn't a skill, something to improve, it was a science, something to study and to analyze. He was so much happier alone, when he could read music theory and deconstruct and rebuild songs from a recording, where he didn't have to worry about accidentally detonating the campus or causing a song of healing to release a deadly neurotoxin instead. That had happened once... luckily a teacher was there and the kids in that class were only hospitalized for a few weeks.

He wanted to experiment! Like any true man of the scientific method, but with people around whose music contained magic, every experiment could be the one that did something truly irreparable.

He sighed covering his head with his book, hiding from the sunlight filtering through the windows. He wanted to go home. He wanted to shut himself in his room and never come out. More than that, he wished that he could be free of this "gift".

08-06-2013, 01:58 AM
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Rania giggled at Victor's stuttering. The man was so awful at casual conversation, but that's one of the reasons she enjoyed his company; he was simply entertaining to watch. "Yes, that is true Victor." She said in response to his statement. "I should know that all too well." She couldn't blame him for not knowing of Denzil. The man was much better with children than people his own age. She could see it when she'd randomly drop in on the instructors to see how their classes were doing. It was almost as if the classroom was his den and he was the intimidating leader. His last statement made her laugh aloud. She had to take her hand and cover her mouth to stifle the rest of her giggles. She didn't even have to look at him to know he was mentally kicking himself. She knew better than to assume he meant anything charming by it.

When Lily and Talon came up to them, he made a comment about her fretting. Rania didn't think that this year's opening ceremony would be like last year. The year before, there had been a young man by the name of Gold Belsius. He was in charge of the stage effects using his Musical Magica, which produced vast amounts of fire. Being a sixth year, one would think he could control it, but something went awry and he nearly burned the entire auditorium down with all of the students and instructors inside. That was only one of the many mishaps they had that year. Rania seemed to be one of the only people to think that there was something peculiar about all of the "accidents" that happened, one in particular that nearly killed Mrs. Jecka, the Musical Botany professor. Rania had warned all of the staff to be on their toes this year, but she knew many of them thought she was just paranoid.

Aurora had nodded off at some point. She was awoken by the jerking of the train, indicating that it was coming to a halt. She blinked groggily, taking a moment to regain coherent thought. She could have sworn she saw someone familiar walk by, but wasn't sure if it was a dream or not. Her head lifted from the wall, eyes drifting down to her lap where her novel should have been. It had fallen to the floor in a closed position. Dejected, she picked it up and placed it back in her large white satchel that was just the size for carrying her keyboard in. The instrument was small, but it sufficed for when she wanted to practice at any given moment.

She looked at the window as the train came to a complete stop. The station was small and had only a small white-brick building for visitor information and transit times. Students had already begun to exit the train before she stood to retrieve her luggage from the above compartments. The butterflies were coming back from when she left home. It was only her fifth year but... No, she wouldn't think of it. She just couldn't fail, or else...

In her daze she had completely forgotten how heavy her suitcase was. As she pulled it down, it slipped out faster than she anticipated. "Ah!" She yelped and quickly moved out of the way of the object. It hit the floor with a loud thud. Praying no one really noticed, she hurried to grab her lilac-colored leather backpack, also in the overhead compartment, slipped it on, yanked out the handle to pull her suitcase, shouldered her purse, and stood at her compartment door, waiting for the other students to walk down the aisle before she could slip out. She kept her gaze down, feeling a tad bit flustered at her clumsiness.

Rania's face lit up as she saw the students coming down the cobble road leading from the train station to the school, not a far walk but far enough for her to became anxious. Reflexively, she grabbed onto Victor's sleeve and tugged excitedly. "Oh they're coming! They're coming! There do you see them? They're here!" She said pointing out the large French white-pained windows. It took all of her will power not to go running down the black marble stairway and throw open the doors. If only Denzil could be there!

Denzil, however, was in the empty auditorium sitting in the bottom row in front of the stage by himself. He didn't want to try and stand out by he knew his mother had something fun planned and he wanted to see as close as possible. He could hear the dancers getting ready in the back, shuffling about to and fro. Shouting things, laughing, performing pre-performance warm-ups. He was certain most of them were six-years, if not all. Everything was happening behind the red curtain so he couldn't see, but he knew. He smiled to himself. He was excited to see what she would do this year.

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08-06-2013, 03:09 AM
Nokhele's misery climaxed when he saw that palid visitor information kiosk, like a stern headstone before the swollen corpse of the school sprawled behind it. He sat for minutes, staring out the window, taking deep breaths and try to scrap together what little courage he had to face the long walk. Swallowing what felt like a stone, he stood up. As always, he had packed light, just a few changes of clothes, making getting off the train effortless. He could scavenge everything else he needed. He could play the instruments in the music room, so he didn't have to burden his family with that expense. He had books at the library.

The only thing he didn't have at school was a place to hide.

Now to set his plan into motion. Perhaps plan was too strong a word. Gambit? That was closer. Regardless, he knew one thing, he could not attend the opening ceremony. Every year was a great celebration of musical talent, with the most gifted 6th years performing their most complicated pieces. It was like presenting a starving man with a feast and then telling him not to eat or you will kill his family. 1st year hadn't been a big deal, he was so new to his ability his humming along with the proceedings had no effect. But last year...

No one had died... but that was small comfort.

Regardless, he could not let himself be present. So as he walked he carefully watched for a chance to break away and hide out until the ceremony was over.

Hollow Ichigo
08-06-2013, 05:37 AM
Arrival. The scene was the same as it was the year before. An establishment made simply to 'nurture' them into..."Hmmm".....his lips played with the words as his thoughts betrayed him. He couldn't really understand just what their purpose was in coming. Did they just go into the world and use their abilities as they wish? With an education to preform feats that some would call biblical? Maybe one of the professor had spoken on such, as if he could remember what he had not heard. Classes had an odd distaste to them at times when other matters seemed more...logical. The library held much more insight on the uses and control of one's abilities.
His eyes lowered as a small laugh slithered into the world. How could he sit in a class and practice his abilities in the presence of others. Abilities like his seemed as a curse. Destruction and disaster, death and deceit. Greed. Clenching his fingers into fists Thomas stared into the sky above as they slowly began pulling into the school grounds. He dropped from his sitting position on the roof and entered the compartment before him moments before the train halted. As students flooded from it's cozy interior Christopher placed himself into the masses and slowly stalked his way toward the waiting instructors. Noticing a fellow student stumble around with her bag, a more gentle side of him urged him to help, yet fear crept into his mind pushing him to ignore the possibility and continue forward. The capacity to help was blind to him. As if it only brought pain.

Light Buster
08-06-2013, 05:41 PM
(Vanessa) "We're here, get your belongings and let's go."

The sisters grabbed their belongings from the compartments and they left the train. The sisters then followed the students to the campus as they followed. Melissa noted one of the students that stumbled before her and helped her up and got her belongings. The student thanked her before she returned to her sisters to continue to her sisters with a smile on her face. The sisters began to wonder how the academy was going to be as they approached the campus along with the others students. Before long, they were in an auditorium with the other students, with their instructors awaiting them to introduce the new and returning students of the Academy.

Princess Lemon
08-06-2013, 10:42 PM
Alex cocked his head with a half-smile on his face, impressed. It was amazing how Willow spent the summer going to such wondrous locations. Instead of feeling envy or any else negative, Alex felt a surge of inspiration. He had a little goal in life to accomplish; go to these locations and play the accordion.

He also loved the sound of accordion-neer. It kind of sounded like musketeer. Images of him swinging about as a dashing accordion player filled his head. He was actually considering using it now in his introductions. All images and thoughts came to a close when a student came in to greet Willow quickly. Alex gave the man a cheerful smile and a good wave before he rushed out. In unintentional unison, Willow and Alex turned to look at one another. Willow had this…most curious grin as he inquired to what Alex had done over break. He gave a light shrug as he relaxed into the cart’s seat.

“Well nothing as fancy shmancy as you Mr. Traveller,” he gave a cocky smile, he was used to Willow and knew that he’d take it as a light joke, “Just hung out with my roommate and friends. Worked a lot as well. Just the usual things people do. Nothing really huge.”

Their conversation continued and Alex listened intently. Every so often his head would escape from Willow and gaze out the door window. It didn’t click until several returning students walked by; Alex still had more people to greet. He raised his hand with his index finger extended to get Willow’s attention and to put him at a pause.

“Hey, I’m sorry, but I should probably rush on out. I still have like a million people to say hi too, ya know? So I’ll catch up with you later, man.” Alex spoke in a rush as he waltzed out the door.
He quickly scanned to his left and right and through the cabin across from Willow’s door. In there he saw Aurora, who was asleep. Deciding to not disturb her, he continued through the train greeting whoever he could before it came to a halt. When the train did start to slow he returned to his cabin to grab his things. Luckily he was good at packing his stuff into one bag. It was a bit heavy, though. That combined with his accordion box it was a bit of a strain, but nothing he couldn’t handle.

He marched out with the rest of the students, finding people to have gentle conversation with. It was another year at the academy, which was something he was excited for. He really enjoyed it here and looked forward to the next year.


Lily began to scold Victor, just as planned. Despite Rania trying to hold in a burst of laughter, so probably not as planned. Regardless of that, Victor would rather pretend his plan did succeed. Though it didn't. Simply to keep up an image he tapped his hand on his forehead with his eyes closed, “Ahh, yes Mrs. Buvelle. I apologize. Today apparently has not been my day.”

His hand then fell freely to his side as he addressed Talon, “Well, Mr. Darkblade, the surname certainly fits you on account of your weapon of choice,” Victor nodded at his katana, “however you may wish to hold that cigarette break. The students should be here shortly.”

Victor began pondering about Talon’s katana. He personally has never been a fan of them but then again Victor was primarily a spear fighter. His longsword was simply a backup; which would explain why he hasn’t figured out what the blade had been enchanted with. He’s always been meaning to see if Talon would be interested in a discussion upon weaponry but has always been nervous to ask. He didn’t know if the man would find him odd or what, plus if he got too in depth there is no telling what flashbacks might occur in Victor. All this pondering came to an end when he felt a tug on his uniform’s sleeve. He shifted his head over to the cause and it was Rania getting anxious over the arrival of the students.

“Yes, it would appear so….” he responded with a unique distance in his voice as Rania pointed out the students.

Victor pulled his arm from Rania’s grasp to place both of them behind his back and take a firm military stance. One thing he took a bit of a dark delight in was when new students would take their first look at him. He was tall and wore a military uniform, which if they had the proper knowledge would associate it with a country known for its brutality. Seeing some of them loose their nerve was a bit of a guilty pleasure. Most returning students didn’t have much of a reaction since they’ve seen who he really was. Perhaps not who he really was, but knew it was just an image. One that Victor wore and manipulated well. In fact it’s safe to assume that not a single person in this academy knew what Victor was really like.

His face kept a serious glow about it, as if he was un-amused or that no matter what you couldn’t get on his good side. Another year which meant another handful of new students. He was curious as to what the opening ceremony was this year.

08-07-2013, 01:55 AM
Eyes peeled. Watch everyone. Find the opening.

Nokhele drifted lazily down the road, as slow as was possible without looking like he was deliberately dragging out the walk. He let people pass him. He just needed an opportunity. Eventually, his nerves conquered him and he forced it. Breaking from the path, with deliberate strides. Trying to seem like he had a reason, something legit. Just a bit further and he could find his way to a bench somewhere and hide out. All the teachers would be at the ceremony. Its not like he needed to be on uber-stealth. He'd be fine.

08-07-2013, 03:32 AM
Rania barely noticed Victor pulling his arm away. The students were close to the door, just about to come through. Suddenly, she realized she was supposed to be on stage, preparing for the show with the sixth years. She turned around and glanced from Talon to Lily. "Don't allow any students to wander into off this year! I'm counting on you! The show will begin in fifteen minutes after all the students are settled in their seats!" With that, she ran off towards the backdoor of the stage.

As she made her way to the stage, she ran into a student who seemed to be wandering off from the group. She didn't know who he was from afar, but as she came closer she realized it was Nokhele Trevower, the student most of the teachers call "The Scientist". She never really had a face to face encounter with him, but she knew from what she heard, he was quite--not in the shy way like Denzil, but analytically so. She was warned about him having strange Musical Magica, but she didn't think there was such a thing, for the concept itself was called "strange" when it came about. Bards were once only minstrels after-all. "Excuse me! Mister Trevower!" She called, not in a forceful tone, but one that one would use when calling out to professor or a colleague. "May I ask you where you're going?" She said, smiling pleasantly as she stood about arm's reach from him.

Aurora lifted her eyes just in time to see Christopher Thomas walk by. Perhaps he was the one she saw walk by in her sleepy stupor. It didn't matter, she supposed. She walked out right behind him, seeing as there was space between him and the students behind him. She didn't know if she should make a light conversation with him. As stated before, she was never really kept close friends, but she enjoy conversation regardless. After a moment of contemplating, they began to exit the train, and she spoke, clearing her throat lightly before doing so. "Afternoon Christopher. How has your summer been?"

08-07-2013, 01:01 PM
“Well nothing as fancy shmancy as you Mr. Traveller,”

Willow could not help but find the title amusing, perhaps even coincidental. He didn't think much of what he would do after graduation, and at times fancied becoming a travelling Minstrel, like those of old. Perhaps he would find adventure, defend just causes, and bring merriment to each settlement he may encounter.

“Just hung out with my roommate and friends. Worked a lot as well. Just the usual things people do. Nothing really huge.”

Nothing huge? The fact that Alex lived with other peers and worked every day seemed like a separate world to Willow. A world of pure responsibility and sacrifice. One that meant a trade between heart and mind; desire and survival. It was a brave new world, and that was not huge?

However Alex had other things to do, and Willow simply nodded to his desires. It was not his place to detain him from his social happenings, just as he knew Alex would understand when he desired solitude. The whole conversation somehow brought perspective to the coming year, this would be Willow's last year, and he would be sure to make it count. Somehow.

The final throes of the Train's engine came and went, and a well received Willow carefully left his compartment with bags in tow. A number of admirers offered to carry some of his things for him, but just as usual, he'd politely respond with an aloof gratitude. He could carry his things quite easily, thanks to the nature of his preferred instrument.

Even with his bags he moved along the path to the auditorium with some strange grace, every step almost a two-step. For the most part he seemed separate from the rest of the students in the very way he walked- a dance to unheard music played by specters of light and sound. By some coincidence he managed to make it to the front of the group, up to the very large decorative doors he so fondly regarded. Breaking through the barrier with his right elbow, he found himself back into the chamber of ceremonies once again.

Last year's incident became fresh to his mind's eye, oh the flames! The terror! There was a strange beauty in the face of death that Willow never managed to forget. Then again, he was one of the many who aided in the eventual victory over the flames, being so adept at dueling, it was almost instinctive how he leapt into action in the face of the inferno.

08-07-2013, 02:15 PM
Nokhele cursed under his breath before turning to face the person calling him. The headmistress?! Blood and bloody ashes. He averted his eyes, guiltily. How could he explain himself? The silence stretched onwards, making everything increasingly awkward. Just say something. His mouth worked a few moments before words started to come out, "I... I... am scared of the crowds. The opening ceremony... its always crowded and it makes it hard to breath. I suffocate." He kept looking down and to the side. Hoping she would buy that and let him go. He doubted it. He couldn't stop looking guilty. He was scared. It was all he could do not to cry.

The wind had stopped blowing and the warmth was strangling him.

Hollow Ichigo
08-07-2013, 05:03 PM
Christopher slowed continued his way toward the auditorium, all the while ducking and dodging the questions of returning students while keeping an air of indifference about himself. It wasn't forced nor was it natural, it seemed almost mandatory. Which in itself was....stupid. No help speaking to others, no need to gain friends, absent of human contact. It seemed a cruel yet warranted fate for such a man. The Fates themselves seemed to think otherwise as Aurora, a face he had seen multiple times today, began drawing him into conversation. As the clearing of her throat ended and she began to speak Christopher reached up and grabbed the strap of his guitar case, slung cozily diagonally across his back.

"Aurora...G..Good Afternoon...."

A moment of reflection as they continued. He adjusted the guitar case on his back, it's weight something he was accustomed to yet conversation with another, let alone as beautiful as she was not. He was at a lose of words for only a moment before his eyes darkened and his head lowered slightly. His summer had been a mixture of events of varying conclusions. He'd ran into a pair of mages from his old guild. They demanded he returned to them after his skills became missed, not long after he had returned to his beach house in the Bahamas he lost control of his abilities while practicing a new song. He blew the entire seaside structure to pieces of burning wood, and rubbish. The authorities ruled it a gas leak yet money is what saved him. With enough most of anything could be hidden, except the passing of a life.

Which brought him back to the present. His mini time traveling adventure ending abruptly as those flash's returned. "I...visited old friends." It wasn't a lie...completely. He had visited the graves of all thirty-four victims from that night. Each year he would buy them all flowers and place them accordingly. Then he would travel to the ICU of the local hospital and visit the girl he managed to save. Looking at her wasn't the easiest of things to do. Half her body was covered in 3rd degree burns. Paralyzed from the waist down, blind, and mute. Christopher's resolve to live seemed to fade so quickly in her presence. Then one day she herself crushed his soul by turning toward him, though he believed he had keep his presence unknown.

Smiling at the crying boy the 12 year old orphaned child reached out to him. As he reluctantly grabbed her hand she smiled harder as if connecting with an old acquaintance. He quietly sobbed before she passed out, exhausted. Christopher had been using his ice Magica to try and heal her wounds, yet it was to no effect. The best he could do was ease her pain.....but not his own.

08-07-2013, 08:26 PM
Eleanor and Madison werent too far off from Nokhele as she watched what happened and turned away, laughing a bit.
"Ell, thats not nice. He might seriously have an anxiety issue."
"Why not? Its amusing. If he had such an issue he shouldnt have enrolled." Eleanor shrugged.
Madison huffed and hit her upset the head. "Behave Elle!" she said firmly as Eleanor shot her a dirty look.

"Whatever." she said after a while. "Just shut up and mind your business. The opening ceremony is starting soon."
"You were the one laughing at some poor soul, not me." Madison said casually as she looked around at the new students

Thrasher J
08-07-2013, 10:35 PM
The train slowly comes to a halt. Allan got up and started to talk. "Well, we're here now. Let's get goi-" Before he could finish his sentence, he found out the Alice used her teleportation magica. "Oh darn, well, time to get crackin' I guess." Taking a deep breath, he got everything that they both had brought, from the guitar cases to their luggage.
--- --- --- ---
Just outside the chamber of ceremonies, Alice appeared out of nowhere. "Oh." Was all she could muster in surprise. She looked around to see other students walking by. Shrugging, she took off her guitar and went back to find Allan.
--- --- --- ---
Step by slow step, Allan had been getting closer to the academy. Humming along to a song in his head, he noticed Alice coming out of the academy. As soon as she was within earshot, he started to talk. "You didn't have to come help, I had everything." Alice looked apologetic. It's not right for you to do everything, at least let me take my guitar case Slowly taking more steps, Allan knew Alice wouldn't stop trying to help, so he offered her her guitar case. It wasn't long before they made it to the academy and made their way to find some seats.

08-08-2013, 08:54 AM
After wrestling with the other students and deboarding the train, Kai's eyes began to slowly take in the sight some more, stopping at the beginning of the long narrow pathway. His smile seemed to be genuine for once with realization that his long awaited dreams to attend this school was finally at its time. In this moment, he began to slowly reach up, loosening any stiff muscles he may have gained during the long trip.

"Can you feel the inspiring magic, Aleina? At long last your voice can echoe with pure grace among these hallways! Far more elegant than any of these crows! Together, we shall let everyone know the true meaning of divinity." Kai amused himself as he patted the case to his violin before graciously walking past a few patches of students. He stopped once more as his attention seemed to shift to an odd girl around his age that wore an outfit just as strange. The whole style seemed to remind him of a puffy and antiqued bouquet of flowers [as odd as that sounded] with long waving locks of purple draping well-past her shoulders. He was curious as to why anyone would dress in such a manner. He had to find out but first a little courtesy.

"Excuse me?" Kai approached Aurora Bordwick with his charming, bright yet gentle smile, "Do you realize you are showing everyone what's underneath that umbrella dress of yours? I also, may I ask why do you enjoy looking like an antiqued centerpiece for a garden party?"

Rei, overhearing his newly disowned sibling at the last moment of social damage, casually turned on his hill towards the opposite direction; hand in his pocket as he slowly blended his way into the mass of students. He muttered, "D*** pest..." as he pushed passed Willow without even a simple apology.

Princess Lemon
08-09-2013, 05:41 AM
Students were filling up the auditorium, taking seats as their voices echoed about. While Alex loved socializing this wasn’t his ideal situation, but that wasn’t to say he wasn’t in his element. He was making it a bit of a habit to eavesdrop on a few conversations, just to hear what people were up to. Some students were talking about what they were going to do after graduation and others just spoke of their summer adventures. It was relaxing for him and if it wasn’t for the opening ceremony he’d pull out his accordion and start playing.

Seats around him were empty, but they filled quickly. Two students took the seats in front of him and they seemed to be having a small little argument---if it could be called one---about who can carry what. Alex recognized one of them. It was the tall guy who came into the cart to greet Willow. He’s seen him around, along with the girl here and there. He never spoke to them, but now was a chance to and he wasn’t the type to pass it up.

He leaned up to their seats from behind, “Heeeeey, you’re that guy who came into Willow’s cart to greet him.”

He turned to the girl and gave a smile before continuing, “How are you two? Excited?”


Victor remained stationary as Rania gave Talon and Lily their orders. As Rania went off Victor scanned the auditorium, a lot of new students were staring at him. Another handful of new students meant another handful of those thinking themselves brave asking him the same dreadful question. “Did you kill anyone?” He hated the question; finding it rude and inconsiderate. He would meet the question with a glare and reminded them they were there to learn the material, not his personal life. There have been moments though, where he started to consider answering the question. To tell them “Yes, I have” but he knew it would only be met with more questions such as “how many?” or “how did you do it?”

How many people has he killed? Only a rough estimate could be given. He was unaware of how many deaths he was responsible for. Be it at his hand or through his direct orders. Yet now was not the time to ponder about the past. They had a ceremony about to start and he was standing there like a lemon. Victor’s fingers rubbed at the bridge of his nose as he blinked a few times and let out a deep breath. He wasn’t given any official commands, which was fine. Perhaps they needed someone to standby to make sure they had someone who could immediately respond if things went bad.

He walked across the Auditorium passing by several students on the way, making no eye contact. His eyes honed in on the wall. That is where he was going and all he needed to focus on at the moment. Once he reached his destination he spun around and stood in a firm stance. He forgot to bring his weapon. A bit foolish of him, but it wasn’t required. The chances of something wrong happening again are slim, at least he hoped. There was nothing wrong with a healthy dose of paranoia; it’s partly a reason to why he’s alive today. Victor remained like a statue, peering over the students and entrances. He witnessed Rania speaking to one of the students, or perhaps finishing up with them. He couldn’t tell. He simply waited for any orders or for the ceremony to start.

08-10-2013, 11:46 PM
After a lengthy boat ride with a colorful variety of passengers, and a tiring taxi ride from the port he had finally arrived. The Bard Academy was ominous and mysterious to Traize. He couldn’t focus on anyone thing or person, his eyes were constantly shifting from person to person, and object to object this was far beyond his expectations. On his small island he had seen people from all over, never so freely, he was now out of his element. A Qauin wrapped around his arm like (a small electronic arm device with what could be interpreted as piano keys on it.) He was wearing a dark-red open unzipped hoody with a green button down underneath, and beige khakis pants. He had yet to procure a school uniform. Hoody up overhead hiding his headphones playing a slew of dubstep songs in his ear.

Traize walked towards the auditorium entrance and paused. Taking in a deep breath, Traize slapped his hands to his cheeks and sighed the air out. With a slow blink as he stared at the ground, “I made it Sora” he said in a whisper to himself. Then placing his left hand firmly in his pocket and extending his right to grab the door’s handle. He opened the door and was now in almost complete shock. What he saw was impossible, he had never seen so many people in a single place. Strewn about the open area were students, teachers, aides and the like. They were each more interesting and different than the next. Nearly to the point of hyperventilation Traize’s right found its way to his chest. “So-so-So Many People!” He stepped back half frightened by the sight of all those new people. They were all a little much for him to contend with. [May have been a little ambitious about this] He thought to himself as he looked around he saw people recognizing each other and pairing off.

After witnessing students sitting together and having conversations as they sat. He felt out of place and alone but this didn’t scare him. If it was easy, his efforts to get so far would have been as wasted as if had never came in the first place. His mind told him this was his challenge, this new environment was his to conquer and the thought sent a slow smile to his lips. With one last deep breath he found an empty seat far from others and sat down. He was near the front and off to the side, an undesirable section. He figured staying to himself for now was a good idea as he wasn’t sure how to fit in just yet.

08-10-2013, 11:52 PM
Rania blinked, slow in digesting his reasoning. He's not a new student. "I see..." Did he skip out on the Opening Ceremony last year? Of course, she didn't want him to feel uncomfortable at the ceremony. He wouldn't be able to enjoy it that way. There were box seats high above the crowd that he could sit in but the professors usually sat in those seats. She thought hard. "Well... where would you prefer to be?" She asked. She didn't really have the time for this, but she cared for her students regardless of if she knows them personally or not. Besides, she couldn't allow him to wander off without anyone knowing his where abouts, no matter what year he was in.

People were pouring in. Denzil tried to act natural, but suddenly that seemed like such a peculiar concept to him. Saxophone case between his legs, he began to drum his fingers against it to dissipate his nerves.

Aurora stared at Christopher for a moment. Her expression was unreadable but she was contemplating. The young man had a distant look in his eyes. Perhaps he did not wish to be in her company. His responses were short and nondescript. Usually people would set off on a monologue about their summer, even if it was uneventful. Christopher didn't. That combined with his responses gave her a notion that there was something he didn't... or couldn't... talk about. Therefore, she did not pry.

"That sounds lovely." She said with a smile, hoping to draw one from him as well, but not really expecting success. There was a moment's pause as she searched for what to say. Usually, other people carried the conversation. Without realizing it the words, "I'm not really good at starting conversation, sorry" slipped out of her mouth. Before she could stop herself, she admitted to something that was probably really obvious, causing her to flush a bit. This was going nowhere and she just royally messed it up.

Aurora didn't even have a chance to receive a response before a boy with dark hair and a long braid trailing down his back walked up to them. His comment startled her and smile was deceiving indeed. She was not angry of course. It took much more than a mere rude remark to rile her. "My, I didn't know that's what I looked like." She smiled at him and chuckled at the image of herself standing in the center of a round table draped in a white cloth. It did seem somewhat befitting. It's how she felt most of the time when her parents presented her to their colleagues and such. At that thought, her eyes began to dim, but she caught herself this time. She couldn't do that. Not on the first day. She smiled at the boy once more, "It's a good thing I wear bloomers now isn't it?"

They were entering the auditorium now. She didn't know whether she should follow Christopher to his seat or leave him be. She certainly didn't think he was going to invite her along either way.

08-11-2013, 12:02 AM
Blood and bloody ashes, this was going to work! Nokhele's nervous grin wavered across his face, "I'll just be in the library... someplace quiet... where few people go. I like it there. Its quiet... no one can play music." He scratched the back of his head and looked over towards the library, unable to meet the headmistresses gaze. He wouldn't have been able to meet her gaze even in a normal situation, but his current state left him barely able to keep his back straight. He wanted to bow his head as submissively as was needed to get her to just ignore him. He wanted to be a insect, a cockroach. Nobody sang to cockroaches.

Hollow Ichigo
08-11-2013, 02:23 AM
Watching Aurora speaking such simple words brought a small smirk to Christopher's face. Boldly speaking out Christopher revealed a more straight-forward part of his being. This man's comment was out of place, rude and disrespectful. "You are rude. Child." With that he turned from the boy and with Aurora entered the auditorium. The opening ceremony would be starting soon. The Headmistress had quite the taste of colors. Lavish and awe-inspiring. A beautiful subtle setting prone to the stronge and unknown. What was in store this year. The last was far more....eventful. He was forced to protect himself along with other students as the unchecked abilities of such beings became a clear and evident truth. This was not right. Yet what else could be done? Where else could they go?

Making remembering Aurora was still with him Christopher panicked with the comfort of his mind. Normally, without hesitation, he would find a nice seat in the back or retreat to the premises of the school, or better yet the comforts of his dorm. This time he was accompanied with another, in itself strange and out of place. lowering his eyes Christopher slowly continued forward while calling to Aurora. His voice a crawl as his cheeks flared. "Would you care..t..to take a seat?" A bead of sweat washed down his face as he gestured toward two empty seats. Some odd distance away seat the accordion played and a odd pair Christopher personally called Gemini.

08-11-2013, 02:30 AM
More people began to pile in as Traize sat to himself headphones in ear. Traize didn’t have any control over his eyes as they scanned and studied every new face. He felt compelled to at least see who was with who, maybe for this situation an abundance of information would help. Continuing to scan thoughtlessly his eyes hit what appeared to be a young couple. He didn’t realize but he was staring just a little longer than intended at the girl. She stood out but once he caught himself he looked away. But even as he looked at his feet, his mind replayed the image and he became very curious about the piano upon her back. Traize had never seen one in real life only in images and in movies. Shaking his head, he thought of the young man near her and his guitar. Having heard and seen them before the idea that they may play together entered his mind. Releasing a short sigh and a giggle, he said “Must be nice” under his breath and turned his music up and looked blankly ahead of him.

Light Buster
08-11-2013, 11:31 AM
(Linda) "Oh, should I record the ceremony for our fans? Maybe we can get a lot more hits on our webpage and more fans in the process?"
(Vanessa) "Come on Linda, you know better than that to do something that will attract more attention than what we bargain for."

Linda gave out a frustrated groan but knew that Vanessa was right. They had a fan base but the sisters shouldn't go around pointing that out. After all, famous musicians do get most of their fan base from their performances and not just saying that they are famous. The ceremony could start anytime now as Vanessa looked around her to see many different people coming in.

(Vanessa) I wonder what sounds I can use to make some interesting music of my own.

08-11-2013, 12:40 PM
Eleanor decided to gaze around as well, waiting for the ceremony to start. Her eyes laid on Traize and scanned him for an instrument. Spotting what she thought it was, she sat there, staring. She knew a lot about instruments, even if she didnt play them, but this.....what the hell was this? A bastardized piano? She continued to sit there, staring as she tried to figure out what this thing was.

Madison wasnt paying attention to her cousin next to her and instead had her electric keyboard on her lap, playing a few songs on it even though it was off. She could still hear herself playing in her head, which was enough fr her right now and she played, humming the notes to herself as she did. She liked school and was excited to start.

Thrasher J
08-11-2013, 01:36 PM
Allan turned around to face the voice who was talking to them. "Oh hey, you're that guy who was talking to Willow. The name's Allan, and my friend here is Alice." Alice nodded and looked back to the stage. "Well, she's like that at first, but she really starts talking the more she gets to know you. Anyway, we're doing fine, just waiting until this years festivities kick off. I just hope the show this year isn't as hectic as last years."
--- --- --- ---
Alice had been watching Allan talk to the person behind them. I can talk to people myself you know. She thought. The more she imagined talking to people, the more she decided she was glad Allan was there with her. She looked around at the other students, listening to Allan and the boy talk.
--- --- --- ---
Allan continued to talk. "So, how about you? You looking forward to this years Ceremonies?"

08-11-2013, 02:25 PM
Traize started to get more into the music playing in his headphones and his head began to bop to the rhythm on its own. Traize loved music and this song was one of his favorites. As his head bopped in obvious enjoyment he noticed someone was staring back in his direction. This brought the bopping to a stop as he for a moment glanced back. He noticed she seemed puzzled and his logic told him it must be the Quain upon his arm that had her confused. However this girl seemed different in her own right, pushing his glasses back towards his face with his pointer finger Traize began to instinctively analyze the young woman. She seemed educated and had an intelligent aura about her. This he noticed but was not the thing that hit him most, no it was her eyes. Though no native to the Island he hailed from had blue-eyes, he was astounded to see a silver one. [Silver eyes the mainland is such a mysterious place] he thought, she also had a violin an instrument that like many others he had seen was something he had only heard of. Traize thought for a moment and tried to think back as far as he could remember he had no idea how one would sound. His mind was overrun with questions and inquiries. Traize wished he could talk to her and learn more about her, but the very thought served only to alert him to the fact he had been staring. His eyes grew large with embarrassment as he quickly turned to his feet. [Great, now she thinks I am some kind of weirdo. But she was looking towards me, at least I am not invisible.] Traize figured any attention was better than none and couldn’t help but smile to himself. [Still it’d be nice to ask her a question or two.]

08-11-2013, 02:51 PM
Eleanor took notice he saw her and didnt seem to care as she continued to stare. Her eyebrow raised as she watched him turn away and smile to himself as she tapped on Madisons shoulder. "Maddy...what would you say that is?" she asked, knowing her cousin was more experienced with newer musical devices than she was, she was a classical person.
Madison looked at who she was referring to and looked just as confused for a moment. "That has to be a custom piece. Given the small amount of keys I would have to guess some sort of modified keyboard...but with computers. Arists are using computers to create music a lot nowadays, that might be some soft of a more hands-on approach to it."

Eleanors eyes pulled away from the boy and to her cousin. "Music from -computers-?? Thats appalling."
"Not really Ell, computers are able to create and produce sounds normal instruments wont."
"But it takes away from the soul of the piece. The movement of the artist as they play, the passion and emotion they put into it! A computer cant replicate something so precious to music."
"Well, no, but its still pretty popular. Besides, some of these new guys get pretty meticulous with what sounds they use and how its used. Actually, you might like this one artist I listen to, Pogo. He uses snippets from Disney movies and strings them together in music, its pretty amazing stuff."
Eleanor stared at her with a sour face.
"Oh, c'mon Ell. Dont be that way. Sometimes things evolve. It doesnt mean the classics are dead or anything....maybe you should try talking to him? Collaboration between classic and new music could produce something pretty amazing." she smiled, knowing full well it was a great combination of sound, as he keyboard was set up to play several piano types and loved to mix them.
Eleanor was quiet for a moment as she let her fingers brush over her violin. "....I'll consider it."
Madison was all smiles. She knew she cousin wasnt the most sociable person and seemed happy to see she was curious enough to learn more about this boy and his device. Hell, she herself was curious, but that was pushed to the back of her head as she wondered if maybe her cousin took a shine to this boy. Maybe...just maybe...her cousin was *finally* attracted to someone? She started giggling to herself as she already pictured the wedding, herself as the maid of honor (of course) as a softer Eleanor walked down the aisle. Then children! Her own children and Ells children playing together...what a thought!
Eleanor watched Madison off in fantasy land, giggling to herself like an idiot. "I really dont want to know what goes on in that head." she said to herself with a sigh

Light Buster
08-11-2013, 05:39 PM
Vanessa moved her eyes to her right and noted two girls talking to each other. She took the most notice of the girl sitting next to her as she was a bit, different. Her eyes are the key of her difference. One of her eyes was silver, along with a blue eye. She quickly noted that she was a classical player, noting the vintage style she was wearing and the violin she had on her. Although she and her sisters play and make modern music today, she has to admit that classical music did invent music itself in the first place. There would be no such thing as remix, techno, dance, rock, pop, and the other genres if classical wasn't here to form the foundation of music today. Linda then interrupted Vanessa's, "fascination", with her neighbor.

(Linda) "Are you serious Vanessa? Don't tell me that you're interested in her?"
(Vanessa) "You need to respect the people who created in the first place. You need to show those people some respect."

Linda ended up losing that argument again. Despite being very smart, her mouth still needs work on keeping it shut where she can easily lose an argument before it even starts. Vanessa continued her "fascination" of her neighbor and what she was looking at, a guy with glasses, armed to the teeth with keyboards.

(Vanessa) Hmm, he can be a dubstep person, or even electronic or techno. He could also be an interesting one as well.

08-12-2013, 12:52 PM
Traize’s feet began to become too boring, and the young lady with the silver eye was far to interesting to get out of his mind. After some lamenting he decided it was important to at least try to talk to the other students. Traize had enough of sitting alone and it was time to branch out. So many interesting people, so many instruments he had never heard, his curiosity was running wild. Controlled by his rabid thirst for knowledge he got up slowly. [Okay that’s the easy part I will just walk over and say hello, tell them I am new and well I will ask a few questions about their instruments.] Traize was never the nervous type before but he was hesitant to walk over. His legs had mysteriously gained a few tons each and the oxygen around him was suddenly unusually thin. He removed his headphones cautiously and could now hear the voices of the many students and sounds of instruments the likes of which were completely bizarre. Pushing his glasses back towards his eyes he, summoned his resolve and began to move forward. [They seem a lot further than before.] He thought every step he took they seemed further away. Fighting the urge to sit back down he persevered, finally at speaking distance. Traize positioned himself in front of Eleanor and Madison, trying to maintain eye contact and not stare at the ground nervously. “He-Hi, I am Traize the Beat Tracer, I noticed you have really interesting instruments. I would love to hear them sometime.” Now directing his gaze to Eleanor he continued on “And I really like your eyes. They’re the coolest I’ve ever seen.” [There did it] He thought nervously to himself hands in pocket.

08-12-2013, 02:48 PM
Madison nearly fell out of her seat in joy as she nudged her cousin, whispering to her "He complimented you!!"
Eleanor tried to ignore Madison and suppress the small blush on her face.
"Thank you...its a genetic hiccup I inherited from my mother."
"So, beat tracer? Im guessing that means you do techno and dubstep?" Madison interjected
"A type of that computerized music." Madison smiled, remembering the remark about their interesting instruments and how he'd like to hear them play.
"Seems you two can learn a lot about each other. Ell here is passionate about classical but knows nothing about newer music." she smiled, suddenly gasping.
"How rude of us, Im Madison McEvans, this is my cousin Eleanore McFearson." she beamed
"Why dont you sit with us Traize? Im also curious about your instrument, Im assuming its custom-made." Madison continued as she couldnt help but think how cute her cousin was with her sudden silence and flushed cheeks.
Hearing her proposal made Eleanor fidget a bit. She wasnt used to talking to people who werent her family, but wasnt going to deny she was just as curious about this 'techmo' and 'curbstep'

08-12-2013, 05:40 PM
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Traize was very appreciative of their offer and was even more pleased with their interest in his instrument. He respectfully sat down next to Eleanor, and with a friendly smile on his face he began to explain, "Well this device on my arm was made by two very important people to me," Traize decided not to go in to much detail, he wasn't ready to talk openly about Sora, or her father, still not fully over her loss. "I can play Dubstep and probably Techno though I have never tried it. The keys on the actual device," extending his right arm with the qauin attached and pointing at the keys. "Are each programmed to individual sound types, I can control how the sound is manipulated by varying how I touch the key. However this isn't the main function of it." With an excited look on his face, "The real show is this part, if I summon the HUD like so...” Just then a Virtual Computer Display illuminated in front of him. The display was technologically beautiful, there were an array of windows opened outlined with a shiny green light. Each window had strange characters and computer jargon on it. The display was the size of a large opened book. And he demonstrated being able to switch between screens and playing different variations of a few classic dubstep sounds. One could easily see the pride he took in showing off the device. "Basically it's a wearable studio that I can conjure and play tunes on the fly with. It uses a 16 core processor running at 6.00 GHz each and --- Sorry I am talking your ear off with jargon." [Slightly embarrassed by his own ranting he quickly changed topics.] "Your eyes, Um... I don't think I would call them a hiccup, I-I think they help make you special, that silver one is so pretty, I couldn't imagine anyone thinking of it as anything but astounding. Sorry!" Traize quickly lowered his head realizing he may have over spoke.

08-12-2013, 07:10 PM
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The two watched in awe, Eleanor having no idea what she was looking at while Madison's eyes glittered at the technology. Oh, she would definitely be friends with this guy. And to think, it was custom built! Her mind wondered off to what she could accomplish with that sort of technology and power on her keyboard.

Eleanor went bright red at his remark about her eyes. "T-thank you...most people give me weird looks because they think Im blind in that eye..." she admitted
Madison saw the blush and smirked to herself. Eleanor just might like this boy.

"Well, you played a sample for us, why dont we do the same Ell?"
"But the ceremony-"
"A quick piece will be fiiiiine. Hes never seen a violin before. C'mon, I'll give you backup." she said as she switched on her electric keyboard and set it to grand piano.
She nodded and sat up straight, positioning her violin under her chin. "Bird of happiness." she said, giving Madison the heads up as to what song she would be playing. Her movements were elegant and purposeful, the emotion she poured into playing showed, even for a small piece. Madison watched her as she continued to play the keyboard, always loving to see how consumed Eleanor became by the music she played


08-12-2013, 07:43 PM
Traize was beyond amazed such wondrous sounds with no computing power, no leaps of science, and no processing cores. Was this skill, magic or some new power unreachable to him? Traize analyzed and took notice of every pull of the string, the delicate positioning under the chin. He analyzed the keystrokes of the keyboard, the sounds and how they felt on his ear. The same emotional movement he got from Dubstep was being driven by this strange way of playing. In the midst of his absolute elation a somber revelation, this music, this experience was what he had been hoping for. However knowing that his dear friend wasn't able to hear the masterpiece being played before him, caused Traize to feel saddened. "It-Its perfect. So very perfect." Traize stood to his feet and forced his best smile as he gazed at the two young women and bowed his head respectfully. "If you could excuse me a moment", he said head still lowered. Traize wanted to say so many more things, but he felt as though any more of the song would make his sadness impossible to hide. With his head lowered his hoody fell down enough to barely obscure his saddened eyes. As he raised his head he quickly said, "E-Excuse me a moment," and he walked towards the auditorium exit. [This isn't easy, this feeling] he thought as he walked.

08-12-2013, 08:18 PM
Eleanor quietly put her violin away in its case and sat it on her lap. "Maybe classical is dead." she frowned to herself as she let her fingers brush the top of the case.
"Why do you say that?"
He faked a smile and left. I cant comprehend this new music...you bounce back between the two...but the violin is so....old. Maybe it doesnt have a place in todays society."
Madison put her hand on her shoulder. "I think he was more sad then trying to put up a front. Maybe he thought of someone he misses. Or someone he hasnt seen a while? Even both of us get lonely during the year when we've been away from home for so long, its possible he wasnt at his home before coming here. Maybe it just reminded him of his mom or something and hes homesick. I dont think it was you or the music. It seemed to touch him deeply." she said, trying to cheer Eleanor up
"Hmm" she simply said, still staring down at her case. After being deep in thought for a few minutes she straightened up in her seat. "Even if Im right I dont care. Classical is the backbone of music, the core. Even if it becomes a dead art I'll still play." she said, determined.
"A-ha, I dont think thats the case, but...you go girl." Madison said with a weak smile. "Just dont stop playing. I enjoy your playing too much." she smiled

She turned off her keyboard and smirked a bit, nudging Eleanor. "Bet you thought he was cute. Especially how he kept staring deep into those 'astounding' eyes of yours." she grinned as Eleanor turned deep red.
"Shut up! I dont think about things like that."
"Mmmhhhmm~ Sure you dont." she teased

08-13-2013, 12:25 PM
Before Kai could reply back, he watched Christopher bud in and lead Aurora along, distancing him and her. In a meager sense of shock and bewilderment, he couldn't help but stand there as his eyes seemed to gaze at their backs with dismay. He just couldn't seem to figure out of what he might have said or done to offend and be called rude once again. To him, he was simply admiring how unique she seemed to him and it struck his curiosity. After all, he always enjoyed antiques and the very beauty of them. How could admiring someone so fondly be so rude? He could feel his smile seem to fade [but why?], he continued to ponder before cutting himself off. Instead (like any other moment), he decided to claim ignorance of it all with an oblivious smile, waving at the pair. After thinking about Christopher's reaction, he then could feel a sense of humor in the matter that most wouldn't even laugh upon. The way people can be so socially complex and instantly feel aggrieved if you didn't speak the way others expected you to is beyond my understanding. After all, since he wasn't able to enjoy a normal education like most, he never had any opportunities to meet anyone that he could call a friend but he did have a brother for a teacher (when he could). With that being so, he would instead find himself at the library, finding books about psychology and how simple expressions can change a conversation around from how the person perceives you. His favorite, of course, was a simple smile. It had the powerful ability to lighten any situation and could also be used to discreetly avoid an undesired topic or situation when put on the spot. It generally makes everyone feel good at that particular moment. It, indeed, was a hard thing to learn about for a 10 year old, but at the time his need for a friend proved much more propulsive then his doubts. Sadly though after a few years of studying (his brother helping him when needed), he found himself getting nowhere. Feeling disheartened, he went as far as boycotting his own voice... Until the day Rei brought home a damaged violin that had been discarded in a dump pile, much like himself. He wouldn't ever admit it but there was one thing his brother had told him while being in one of his rare moods. That was "Stop sulking so much. Nobody's opinion of you matters but if you really want other's to listen, then get off your a** and learn how to play! Your silence is getting on my nerves." Kai's smile suddenly brightened once more at the thought of his brother showing affection.

Rei, finally making it to the auditorium in a casual yet careless manner, he pulled out one of his earbuds that slithered out a mixture of dark alluring percussions by a familiar song called Voodoo by GodSmack. His seemingly cold, blank and onyx-shaded eyes scanned his surroundings, observing the other students while looking for a less crowded place to sit. To his annoyance, the seats that were filling up faster than he could look at them implied the dissatisfying notion that he wasn't going to be able to actually sit anywhere comfortably. Sighing quietly to himself, he shrugged his shoulder; adjusting the strap to his tattered guitar case that had slid down from his shoulder. He then made his way through the shifting crowds, as he sat without notice of the two McFearson sisters behind him before sliding his guitar case down between his legs and leans his chin on the head. He glances at the clock, about 4 minutes left...

Kai, who had just arrived in the auditorium started to look around for a place to sit before spying his brother who had conveniently sat where there was an empty spot beside him. It wasn't his first choice but to ruffle his feathers was well worth it. As he made his way over to the unsuspecting Rei, Kai caught himself trailing along the room for Christopher and Aurora. He didn't know why it bugged him so much that Christopher had pulled Aurora away from him so early and walked with her like she was his to claim, but it did! Even if it didn't make any logical sense as to why. Maybe out of jealousy? Why that's unthinkable. Kai never felt jealous about anything. But that guy... he didn't like him. Out of denial, he convinced himself with illogical, false reasoning that it was because his eyes were too close together and his teeth looked like he stole them from a beaver (when really they weren't). What was wrong with him, he thought to himself before suppressing any other thoughts. He didn't want something so trivial to ruin his day.

Noticing that his feet had continued the rest of the journey, he stopped and looked at Rei as he smiled teasingly before speaking, "Thought you could disown your only brother, did you, Rei?"

Rei's face cringed with annoyance as he didn't bother to even look towards his brother, "What're you doing here, Kai?"

"I'm here to learn how to be a bard. How about yourself?" Kai took his acknowledgment as an invite as he sat down next to him, placing his dearest friend (his fiddle/violin) in his lap.

"Not funny. You know that isn't what I meant. Why are you sitting, out of all places, next to me?"

"To be truthful, you should know by now there are limited amount of seating available and... I... don't have anywhere else to sit."

"Well that is an awfully deep confession you committed to. Something on your mind?"

"Of course not!"


"...I just needed a place to sit. You can believe what you will but my response will remain the same." Kai retorted back as both boys refused look each other's way as the whole tone of the conversation seemed to stay relaxed and and quiet amongst the brothers. Only the two ladies from behind and those to their side were the only people who could really hear much of anything before the whole conversation died in silence.


08-13-2013, 12:29 PM
So caught up in thought, Willow was barely paying attention to his surroundings while he meandered towards a certain row of seats. This row was almost a habit for him, he sat near the front of the stage every year and during school meetings. His thoughts of the fire last year had his eyes curtain-ward, aloof.

Someone bumped into him with a fair amount of force, sending him pirouetting towards his row. A quick jump landed his boots upon the seat-top of the first chair, and the returning force of his body acted as a weight towards the back of the chair in front of him. With the suave display of Captain Morgan himself, he reached an arm upwards, curled into a moment of passion and victory.

A number of new student found this disquieting, perhaps arrogant or otherwise pointless. Many returnees knew how Willow tended to react strangely, perhaps with an air of showmanship in possibly adverse situations. Regardless of their perception, the white-haired instrumentalist found himself uplifted by a distant display of musical talent.

His curled arm came down with fanned hand tight over his eyes, espying the performance of the McFearson sisters.

After they finished he casually dropped to the floor, and walked to his usual seat; associates pulling in around him.

Princess Lemon
08-13-2013, 01:05 PM
Alex had a cheerful demeanor as Allan was talking to him and gave a small introduction. Alex quickly responded back, “Ah, nice to meet you Allan and Alice—oh” she had nodded and turned back at the stage.

His reaction wasn’t disappointment; in fact it was far from that. Not everyone had a knack, or enjoyed, being overly talkative in the beginning. It was something he could respect, as he does with Willow and other friends. His little ‘oh’ was just simple surprise and realization, and he gave Allan a nod as he explained the reasoning.

Allan pressed on the conversation and Alex followed, “I’m Alexander Nossus, Alex for short,” he wanted to use the accordion-neer title; with a quick mental debate he decided to try it out, “the accordion-neer!”

Perhaps that was a little embarrassing. Still he continued, “But I always look forward to the opening ceremony---so long as they’re not super crazy like last year, know what I’m saying? Headmistress Vuspi seems to put in a good effort for these. I can appreciate it.”

08-13-2013, 03:20 PM
Traize made it out of the auditorium and stood aside from the doors. With an exasperated sigh he leaned his back against the wall of the building and closed his eyes in quite lament. As he leaned he remembered an old conversation with Sora. A young Sora's voice spoke in his head, "You know, Traize for a smarty you’re really dumb!" A younger Traize replies, "It's nothing Sora I am not hurt at all, promise" A now frustrated Sora, "You just don't get it, that's why you end up hurting people who care!" After hearing that Traize realized the error he made. [I messed up, I need to apologize properly. Those girls deserved better. Damn it, I haven’t learned anything yet.] Traize was angry with himself and his own lack of resolve, but he felt worse about how he may have made them feel. Determined to correct his mistake he held his head high and made his way back. Once he was in front of the two, he stood about face like a soldier his eyes a flame with determination; he bowed with the discipline of a hardened military officer. “I Traize am very sorry for a moment ago. It’s just that the songs were the most beautiful things I ever heard, and I wasn’t ready for it. I would like to tell you more but-but I am not ready to.” His head still lowered he paused, and took a breath. After catching himself he lifted his head and looked Eleanor in the eyes, within his own eyes still a blaze. “I would like to treat you both to dinner!” He exclaimed though his intentions were pure it sounded almost like an order. “And if you would permit me I would like to sit next to you for the rest of the ceremony."

08-13-2013, 04:01 PM
Eleanor was taken aback as Madison laughed. "No need to be so formal. Of course you can join us." she smiled, reaching over Eleanor and patted the seat next to her. “Don’t think of us as strangers, we’re all friends here.” She smiled as she gave Eleanor a little nudge, silently telling her ‘I told you~’ with her eyes.
“Oh, but you know…Im not too sure Im available for dinner just yet. Ell, why don’t the two of you have a quiet evening together instead?” Madison teased a bit, smirking as the suggestion flushed her cousin. “You and I both know you aren’t busy.” She huffed. “But yes, dinner sounds lovely.” She added, being polite. “Both of us will attend.”
Madison pouted, her little plan foiled. “Ok, you caught me. Truth be told Im being naughty and am trying to play cupid.” She grinned as Eleanor chocked from her confession. “But I’ll behave, things should happen naturally after all.” She smiled softly at the two

Light Buster
08-13-2013, 06:37 PM
As Vanessa overheard the conversation, another beep from Linda occurred as Vanessa and the others turned to Linda shouted something surprising.

(Linda) "Oh my god! We just got three more subscribers! We just need one more!"
(Melissa) "Oh boy..."
(Vanessa) *sigh* "I was hoping that this wouldn't happen."

This was the thing Vanessa didn't want to happen, she didn't want more attention that she or her sisters can manage.

08-13-2013, 11:39 PM
OOC: Please use headphones to fully experience this post. ^_^

Aurora wasn't expecting the invitation in the slightest, but she was happy to accept. "I would love to," she said with a smile. As they sat down, she couldn't help but wonder if what Christopher had said to that boy had hurt him in anyway. She'd be sure to find him at some point and make sure.

Waiting for the ceremony to begin, she heard someone playing odd sounds. She had never heard such pretty yet elextronic sounds before. As she searched for the source, a pair began to play a beautiful piece she was sure she heard somewhere before. Her eyes finally fell upon the McFearson sisters with a dark boy she hadn't seen before. He had some kind of strange contraption on his arms. She assumed it was his instrument. Was that where the strange noises were coming from? She would find out soon enough, she surmised.

Rania nodded and then smiled at the boy in an understanding manner. "Alright dear, just remember to join everyone back at the dorms once the ceremony is over. Enjoy your quiet time."

With that she was rushing off to the backstage door again. Once she reached it, she threw it open. To her relief, everyone was in their places. She sighed and smiled lopsidedly at them as they gave her displeased yet amused looks. "Sorry everyone! I was caught up by a student!" She ran to the front, discarding her robe as she went, and faced the students. "Alright everyone in place?" She asked, glancing around to find gaps or stragglers. Of course she was the only one who was late. "Right," she laughed, somewhat embarrassed. From behind the podium, she picked up her maestro wand, waiting for the curtains to split down the center and part to reveal the show.

When all of the students finally found their seats, the auditorium's lights dimmed until all that was lit was the stage. Voices grew quiet. Others were hushed by their peers. After a brief moment's silence, the heavy curtains divided the middle, slowly revealing a massive chorus, orchestra, and band. Denzil's eyes lit up as his mother turned around in her sparkling black dress, which was fitted to her hips, then flared out to a ruffle just above her knees with a thick white petticoat underneath; the top resembled a tight-fitted tux, sleeveless, and topped off with a red bow tie. She took a bow, greeting the audience in silence as they applauded. Then she turned back around to face her singers and players. As she lifted her wand with slow grace, Denzil heart raced, but once it began, it nearly burst from the shear power.


As they played, dark clouds formed high above everyone's heads. With each cymbal clash came a flash of lightening, at a safe distance of course. With each pound of the bass drum, a burst of wind would rush through out the auditorium from the stage. At the end of the performance, the clouds exploded in a bright, but not blinding, light. From the ceiling then came little yellow embers that disappeared before even touching the tip of people's heads. Rania certainly wanted her students to truly feel the new year's arrival.

OOC: Hope this lived up to everyone's expectations. If it didn't... well... I'm sorry I failed you. T-T

08-14-2013, 01:17 AM
Nokhele dashed off to the library as soon as the Headmistress let him go. He didn't want to be within the spell's Range of Intrusive Affect. RIA. He had come up with that acronym and the term himself. He'd been able to do a little experimentation once he had figured out how to consistently use a Counter Song. He would find someone working Musical Magica and then would, from increasing distances, attempt to counter song. From what he had deduced, the RIA for each song depended on a combination of magical capacity of the song and its range of affect. He was trying to figure out the equations, but he lacked the precise data. He could judge about how far away he was, but judging the spells actual range of affect and its magical potency were incredibly difficult to do on the fly without measuring tools.

He sigh... what he needed was scientific instrucments, not musical ones. A great irony lay in that.

He pushed into the library and the thunder followed him. He pulled up books that he remembered from last year. He needed to figure out a method of determining a given spell-songs magical potency using some sort of apparatus. To his knowledge, no such apparatus existed. So he would build one. The best place to start was figuring out how the spell and the song interacted. If he could pinpoint certain tones and patterns and their relation to the power of the spell-song, he might be able to create a device to read them. Maybe. It was all very theoretical at this point. There had to be something.

08-14-2013, 02:00 AM
Traize sat beside Eleanor happily, he was also very pleased that they were confirmed friends. Something about them drew him in. As he sat down the performance was almost beginning. Right before its start he whispered to Eleanor,”Um, Um, What’s a Cupid?” Realizing the two may want to enjoy the show, he caught himself, “I’ll wait till it’s over”.

The show was amazing, it was frightening and it was better than he expected. The Teacher was interesting in her own way, and Traize found her pleasant maybe even kind. On the Caribbean Isles such shows rarely took place and only the tourists would take the time to view them. The school was amazing he thought, and his new friends were as interesting as they were kind. However the fact that Madison wanted Eleanor and himself to eat alone began to make him wonder. The show nearly finished his thoughts lead him to look at Eleanor for a moment, she would enjoy the Islands he thought. [Wait, why would I think of that?] Traize placed his hand to his chin puzzled. [Either way, what do mainlanders eat?] Shaking his head he decided to pay his attention to the last of the show.

08-14-2013, 09:08 AM
OOC: Just wanted to clear something up real quick- Eleanor and Madison are cousins, but theyre close like sisters. Eleanor is half Irish half Russian while Madison is half Irish half [south] Korean, but Madisons looks come from her mother [Irish] so it isnt apparent shes half Korean =3

Eleanor nodded as she watched the performance, wondering if she could get away with lying about who Cupid was...but then again Madison was right there and could very well point out the lie. She instead pushed the question aside, watching the performance on stage. It was amazing, and gave her the reassurance that classical was most certainty not dead. She closed her eyes as she listened, finding it helped her fully enjoy the piece.

Madison preferred to watch, her hands moving as if she were conducting the orchestra herself...which was probably why Eleanor got into the habit of listening with her eyes closed, to ignore her eccentric cousin.

Once over the two stood and applauded. "She never disappoints." Madison said with a bright smile.

Eleanor looked over at Traize once the performance was over. "As for your question earlier....Cupid is the Roman god of love." she said, her eyes shifting away. "You must forgive Madison, she likes to tease me."

"I wasnt teasing, I was serious." Madison added with a smirk

"....just ignore her." Eleanor added, blushing softly

Light Buster
08-14-2013, 05:59 PM
Vanessa was glad that Linda didn't attract too much attention as the ceremony started. The sisters were getting the show they were committed to, thankfully. They watched as Vanessa kept an eye on Linda, to ensure that she isn't going for anymore random outbursts. As the ceremony concluded, the sisters applauded to the performance that they were shown. The ceremony didn't just meet their expectations, it surpassed them. Thankfully, they didn't get into too much trouble, yet.

Hollow Ichigo
08-14-2013, 08:00 PM
The ceremony was soon to begin...Christopher was seated beside Aurora not far from the accordion maister and the 'Gemini', as he secretly named them. He eye-balled the room once over, his ears had picked up on a slightly familiar splash of electronic music. Dubstep. Tracking the music back to the source wasn't hard, even in the auditorium full of lively students, rather someone close to him had detected it's whereabouts beforehand. Had she heard this type of music before?

"An interesting sound....is it not?" His attention diverted toward the main stage where in usual fashion the Headmistress presented herself as elegant as ever. Though normally such clothing was far from appealing, she unexpectedly gave it an concussive flare. Beautiful music coupled with unnecessary antics could scare a few newer students off. Nevertheless he stayed polite, standing stiff as a wooden board while the others clapped. The lightning and thunder registering in his mind as one would stare at the moon, Amazement. He was surprised to say the least. The music continued to conjure such beautiful and awe-inspiring effects, yet it's down side was evident by the fear it struck in some. They ducked and cowered at the lightning and fire. Some uneasy faces. He had been the same in many ways. Nothing like before and even to this day. The questions were to come, the answers given in riddles and stories....a cycle they endure as best they could.

School huh..

Taking his seat Christopher simply exhaled. Wondering eyes fixed on the roof a question juggling his mind. Just where does the magic truly came from, and why Music........?

Thrasher J
08-14-2013, 09:19 PM
Allan was amused by the "Accordion-neer" title. "Well Mr. Accordion-neer, pleased to make you acquaintance. Don't you think it would be interesting mix-" Before he could finish, Alice tugged at his sleeve. "Pardon me, it seems the show is starting. I guess we'll talk later then?" Allan said as he turned back around to face the stage. The headmistress was already on stage and presenting this years chosen performers.
--- --- --- ---
Alice watched in amazement as the performers started. Amazed at how close sounding the way she played and the way they played. She knew already that metal was descended from classical music, and the more she heard it, the more respect she gave to it. She looked around the auditorium to see everyone else enchanted by the show. With everything going on, she didn't think anything could go wrong this time.

Princess Lemon
08-15-2013, 03:03 PM
Alex brought his index and middle finger to the outer edge of his right eye and gave Allan a salute. He leaned back into his chair to watch and listen to the show. For once he didn’t bother to scan the crowd; he wanted to focus on the show.

The students in the show preformed magnificently! He felt the surge of power and passion of their music move through him. As he watched with delight, goose bumps started to cover him. He also got that rush of adrenaline when listening to their music, when you feel inspired by it? Empowered? He knew there was a technical term for it but he never could remember. All he knew is that it was a sensation he enjoyed.

The clouds and flashes of lightning just added to the performance. The light at the end took him by surprise. While not blinding he still closed his eyes, purely on the surprise factor. As he opened them he saw embers fizzle in the air. His head lifted to see several of them dance about before blowing out of existence. Amazed by the show, he was one of the first few to jump up and applaud wildly,


Victor took to the wall still, standing tall and peering over all the students as they walked in, found seats and chatted about. He had no idea what Rania had planned for this year’s event. No doubt it’d be something fantastic, this time without issues. That’s what Victor self-appointed him to do, to watch out for any threats or issues. His scan showed no sign of anything off. His head then went to the stage and that’s when it dawned on him; if something did go wrong, there was a higher chance it would come from behind the stage.

Wanting to spring into action he started his walk toward the stage but ceased his march when the curtains opened and he saw Rania and a massive orchestra. He let out a heavy breath from his nose and went back to standing firmly against the wall. Now he could only hope nothing went wrong, and if it did; he could respond quickly enough.

That’s when the music began. Via his exterior, Victor’s face showed no emotion. He was simply a statue, but on the inside he was smiling. “O Fortuna”. The song brought back some happy memories in his past. A commanding officer he once respected greatly and a comrade he gladly served alongside with. The flashes of lightning broke his silent reminiscing. While the show came to a close, Victor still stood firm. Though it ended, that didn’t mean they were free from some type of mishap.

08-15-2013, 05:27 PM
OOC: The "certain song" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv3-vANWwcU

As Nokhele read, he listened to his music on his headphones. He turned it up so that he could not hear the music from the opening ceremony. A certain song came on, one of his favorites... one that he related to. Oh the folly of doing things for love. It only brought pain. But at the same time, what else could be done. He began to sing along.

As he words left his lips, a small subtle shift occured in the Magica Musica for the ceremony. Nothing horrific, nothing that anyone who didn't know what was supposed to happen would notice. The clouds swelled ever so slightly, and a drizzle began to fall, a sad and pathetic rain, barely worthy of the name. Nokhele didn't notice, his mind fully caught up in theories for how to design a new device. But his tongue worked its power and rain began to fall.

08-15-2013, 11:16 PM
OOC Sorry for short post major phone system issue at one of the sites I admin for.

[Roman god of Love] Traize took a moment to try to understand the implication. With his hand to his chin he thought for a moment standing along with all the other very impressed students. [Perhaps I am overthinking, Eleanor looks like the type who could date anyone and be very popular… Wait! What am I thinking] Suddenly Traize was caught off guard by his own thought process, and as a defensive reaction he shook his head and allowed the moment to pass. Without realizing it apart of him was thinking along a line he never thought possible, “Maybe your cousin really is Cupid.” He mistakenly said under his breath. Shifting back to silence hoping no one heard it.
The show at a close Traize looked over at Madison and then Eleanor and asked, “Wow, so is the ceremony always like that? I never saw anything like it before. And I am happy I got to watch it with both of you, thank you.” Traize smiled contently.

08-16-2013, 09:26 AM
Madison smiled and nodded. "Though it tends to be bigger and better every year." she said, obviously with fond memories. She stood after a moment and dusted off her shirt. "We'll, time to see who we're rooming with!"

"I'll see about putting in a request to room with you again." Eleanor added.
"But Ell, you wont make friends that way." she sighed
"Maybe I dont want any...."
"Of course you do, youre just too shy to admit it." she smiled, tapping her cousin's nose only to have her hand swatted away. "Look, youve already made one new one. You should make more."

Eleanor was quiet at that.

Madison turned her attention back to Traize. "Sorry, Ell is a tough nut to crack sometimes. If she ever gives you attitude think nothing of it, it's how she deals with being shy."
"Shut up!!" Eleanor snapped
"See? But once you know her like I do shes a complete softy who pretends to be tough and cold. I hope you'll be patient with her, she doesnt have many friends...well, she hasn't made any here in all the time shes been attending this school." she said, implying the few friends she did have were back home. "And both of you could really learn from each other. She knows nothing of modern music." Madison smiled as Eleanor picked up her case.

"I still dont want to room with some stranger..." she pouted
"Well, if you have to then learn to get along with the girl."
"....fine." she huffed, unhappy

08-16-2013, 12:21 PM
Traize smiled in response to Madison’s statement, and thought how interesting the two were. Acknowledging the statement Madison made Traize then nodded and said, “Dorms? Oh, I wonder how that’ll work out. I don’t blame you, not really wanting to be put in the same room as someone you never met, but I met you at random and you’re my first friends at this school as long as we have that then nothing can really be that bad. ” Traize nodded his head in a reassuring manner. Deep down though Traize was now nervous as to what would come next. [Hopefully I was convincing.] “I guess I showed find out where I will be staying too. Hopefully I get lucky and make another new friend too.” Traize removed his glasses and took a moment to clean them as he spoke, preparing to leave the auditorium. “Before I forget what kind of food do you two like? And when and where should we meet up?” Traize hadn’t forgotten his arrangement and actually looked forward to it, though he was slightly concerned, not actually knowing where to even go.

08-16-2013, 01:22 PM
Madison laughed. "We're both half Irish, so we eat lots of weird crap."
"Dont call our culture crap." Eleanor said sternly

"Anyway, we eat meat, veggies, fruit, anything. There's a few great places not far off from the campus, we could walk around there till we find something we can all agree on." she offered.

"That's fine with me." Eleanor nodded. "It would be nice to walk around the square too. Especially in the evening, with the sunset..."

"Oh my, the romantic in her comes out~"

"Shut up."

"And just as quickly, it's gone." Madison sighed

08-17-2013, 09:00 PM
Willow eventually came back into his seat, leaned against it in a loafing manner while the students continued their discourse. His demeanor closed down, his eyes veered to the floor. Without a doubt he gave off the aura of pensive melancholy. It wasn't the deepest of wells, but it was a deep enough pocket to trap him for a fine few minutes. Associates around him gave him glances blended with either worry or wonder. Perhaps a few brushed his display off, rudely or otherwise.

However the oncoming storm slowly brought our storm-born child back to life. With his grey-blue eyes tilted up to begin- Willow's facade became a new cloud of possibility. The sounds started rising and the lightning struck, instruments constructing a piece of auditory art. The white-haired male couldn't remain still, his hands dancing with the sound.

When the drizzle came down, he was tempted to draw his sword and join, but found satisfaction in the feeling of the water coming down.

08-22-2013, 08:37 PM
[seems our GM has been MIA since the 14th. Hopefully nothing bad happened, but for now I guess we should keep going so the RP doesnt die.]

Madison headed over to where the room listings should be as saw they werent posted yet. "Huh, guess that means we get free time then." she said with a smile. "Why dont we make it lunch and dinner? Seems we have some time, we could hit up a cafe for some coffee and pastries." she said, noticing Eleanors ears perk up.

"There -is- that cafe that carries my favorite tea...their danish pastries are good too." she said casually, trying to play off that she didnt want to go as badly as she really did.

"What do you say Traize? Up for some coffee, tea and baked goods?"

08-26-2013, 07:15 PM
Traize was pleased with the result of the performance and even more pleased with the idea of getting tea. Naturally he smiled at Madison and Eleanor with a nod he replied “Sounds great, I’d love to get tea, and see the sunset too.” Looking towards Eleanor, he continued, “What kind of Tea do you two like? I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of any.” Something about Eleanor’s demeanor was too interesting and Traize couldn’t help but be slightly curious of her interests. Traize not knowing where the Café or well anything was, looked at Madison with a nervous smile, “So where to?”

08-26-2013, 07:31 PM
"Silver needle white tea." Eleanor said with a smile. "Its hand-harvested only two days of the entire year and is one of the top ten teas in a few countries. It has an amazing taste and the leaves used in them are silver in color, its like having flakes of silver in your cup." she said with a small smile.

Madison just smiled and shook her head as she listened to her cousin ramble about tea. "This way, the cafe isnt far off. We wont be gone long."

08-28-2013, 02:49 AM
As Eleanor described the tea Traize's eye widened in utter bewilderment. Never hearing of such a tea was one thing but knowing a chance to try it was just around the corner was amazing. Traize fully excited and wide eyed looked at Eleanor and in an innocent and cautious voice," This is going to be great. Thank you, thank you both for this." Traize was appreciative of this new experience to come but more appreciative to have made such great connections and bonds so soon.

08-28-2013, 09:17 AM
Madison smiled and nodded, leading the way to the cafe.
Eleanor quickly ordered her drink and a small pastry before grabbing a table for them to sit at outside, wanting to enjoy the weather while having her tea.
Madison gave Traize a few suggestions on sweet teas, iced teas, flowery teas and such, making his selection easier before ordering for herself.
Eleanor was enjoying her silver leaf tea, taking a deep breath of the scent before every sip. It was a perfect start to her day as she drank her tea, completely unaware the room postings were up and she wasnt even on the same floor as he cousin, let alone the same room

Light Buster
08-28-2013, 02:55 PM
Linda got out of her seat right after the ceremony and darted off. The rest of the sisters followed as they followed Linda, knowing that she was eager to have a look around the school, but it didn't mean that she could just run off. Despite this, the rest of the sisters were interested in the school, might as well just follow her, or at least try their best to follow her until they were exhausted. Rebecca and Vanessa were the first two to fall behind, with only Melissa able to keep up with Linda. As they fell behind, the two ended up at a cafe. No point continuing to chase Linda at this point, might as well settle down. The two entered the cafe and Vanessa noted two, no, three familiar faces. Rebecca noted a sheet of paper, which contained the dorm assignments. The two immediately noted that they were not going to be together. As Vanessa ordered two bottles of water and pair of pastries, she took a seat outside to get some fresh air while Melissa chased Linda around. Rebecca returned to Vanessa to tell her about the dorm assignments as she sat down, while Vanessa gave her a bottle of water and a pastry to munch on.

(Rebecca) "I got the dorm assignments."
(Vanessa) "So how's the pairing?"
(Rebecca) "We'll definitely not going to be together."
(Vanessa) "So who are we going to be with?"
(Rebecca) "I'm staying with Madison McEwan..."
(Vanessa) "What about Melissa and Linda?"
(Rebecca) "Alice Hale and Aurora Bordwick, respectively."
(Vanessa) "And I'm with..."
(Rebecca) *points to Eleanor McFearson* "Eleanor McFearson."
(Vanessa) *sigh* "Okay, since we're going to be separated for the year, we're going to set some ground rules."

Vanessa took out a piece of paper and wrote down the rules. She then took out her cell phone and took a picture of it and sent it to her sisters.

(Vanessa) "I'll let Melissa know that she needs to keep an eye on Linda and make sure she doesn't cause too much trouble since she's has the closest room to her. Since you're roommate is going to be her cousin, you two shouldn't have too much trouble with each other, but if anything does come up, let me know."
(Rebecca) "Right."

Now it was just a matter of time before Linda wears herself down and Melissa ends up catching her anyways so the two might as well just wait for them, with their roommates, just across from them. Vanessa hoped that they will be all in one room, but they just have to work with what they get.

Princess Lemon
08-28-2013, 03:55 PM
After the performance students got up and started to blunder (or in some cases blast) out of the auditorium, or simply walk over to talk to friends. Alex stood from his seat and looked around with eager. He then looked at Allan and Alice. He was in a three-way internal debate. One voice cried out that he should talk to people, be it Alice and Allan or others. Another voice cried out ‘play your accordion! Start a big music session!’ while the third and final voice, perhaps the responsible one, suggested he go check dorm assignments to see where his room was and who we was rooming with. His right fingers started to tap furiously on his left fist as he tried to make the decision.

It’d be best if he checked to see his room, but why pass up a chance? He made his choice and as he began to get into focus, he noted a smudge on his glasses. He pulled them off and took out his cleaning cloth. Wiping off the smudge he put his glasses back on, adjusting them to a comfortable fit. Tilting forward a bit towards Alice and Allan he spoke, “It was nice meeting you two…” and he started to walk off. He seemed to trail off at the end on purpose; as if there was more he wanted to say. He stopped and looked back at them, “By the way, if you want to join in on what is about to happen then by all means join!”

Alex was carrying his bag and accordion case. The case was made of metal and he made sure it could support his weight. He had a tendency to play out in the park or town square during school breaks. He stood closer to the entrance of the auditorium, kind of just in the middle of a big empty space. He pulled his accordion out and strapped it on him and proceeded to stand on his case. For a minute he didn’t do anything besides shuffle about. Some students stared, others didn’t pay any heed. Then abruptly he started playing. The song was very cheerful and welcoming with a good rhythm. He continued to play while smiling at everyone. Perhaps he could even get a small music session going…that or he’ll be told to stop. Regardless it was worth it.

[[OOC: It's hard finding an accordion song. I mean I have several at the ready but none of them I wanted to use at this moment, ya know? I also have no idea what Victor is going to be doing right now--still thinking on that. I just wanted Alex to start playing music for the fun of it]]

08-30-2013, 11:56 PM
The opening ceremony was splendid!

Willow could barely contain his inspiration from the powerful performance he had observed. His body trembled from foot to hand, and suddenly he was standing. Two fists twisted outward while his arms curled back and in. Most of his associates gave him a wide birth, as there was no telling what sort of shenanigans he would be getting into within the next arbitrary span of time.

In the midst of his storm of desire the sudden cheerful melody of a familiar sounding accordion became the center of his attention, the long-limbed male making haste in the direction of the sound. The music. It flowed into his being like a divine light, and as he hit the door the ring of his steel echoed into the auditorium.

And right after that ring came the signature sound of the storm`born himself; The Howl.

(( The first twelve seconds are relevant to this post, the rest is just gravy. Lunar<3 ))

The Howl is the signature name of Willow's opening to any performance, or duel for that matter. Due to Willows prolonged study into the use of his musica magica, he utilizes just enough magic to keep the air flowing through his instrument, making almost seamless transitions between notes and through melodies. He stood below his Accordian-neer friend, perhaps a meter away, joining in with his cheerful melody.

(OOC: Lackluster on description I know, was a rushed post. .__. )

09-04-2013, 01:27 AM
Rania smiled in delight as the students began talking and moving about after the ceremony. She knew where the majority of them were headed: to the dorm assignments posted on the wall, but she had to inform them of something. Using a bit of Magica, her voice resonated throughout the room, as if she was using a microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, there is complimentary food in the dining hall to welcome you back. Please, if you are new to Harmonia's, do not be afraid to ask upperclassmen questions!" She said. Then turning to her 6th year performers, she clapped her hands together and beamed. "Wonderful job! Simply beautiful! I'm so proud of everyone! Now if you would please, spread out and seek out anyone who seems to be having trouble getting around." With that, she bounded off in her sparkling dress towards Victor.

"Well, how was it? You don't think it was too frightening did you? Where are Talon and Lily?" She was speaking what seemed to be a mile a minute, adrenaline pumping through her veins. She often had these episodes after a good show.

Aurora was simply breathless. The power of the song had burst through her like an unrelenting force. She felt more alive than she had that whole summer. The entire performance, her mouth was slightly agape in awe, violet eyes wide with fixation. After it was over, it took all of her might not to stand and applaud, but she felt as if she would have been the only one doing so.

Turning to Christopher, she smiled at him, but this time, it seemed brighter than any before she had given him. "Would you like to check the dorm assignments or are you hungry?" She asked.

Denzil was nothing short of awe-struck by the performance. Standing up seemed like a task, especially since he was front row. The sound seemed to hit him in a powerful wave. Shouldering his sax case, he made his way to the dorm assignments, hoping whoever he was paired with would be kind.

OOC: Sorry for the absence and then the rushed post everyone. Promise I'll be getting everything going along very soon!

09-04-2013, 11:09 AM
Traize excitedly ordered the same silver leaf tea, and was impatiently optimistic for what was to come. He stood in line glancing at Eleanor as she enjoyed hers. Once it arrived and was placed in his hands he rushed to the seat across from her. As he got ready to drink the tea he realized something, “This tea reminds me of your eye kind of. Cause the leaf is silver.” The thought made Traize smile as he sipped the drink slowly. Not used to hot drinks Traize’s tongue felt a blaze as he frantically tried blowing the top of the cup trying to cool it down.

09-04-2013, 04:18 PM
Eleanor blushes slightly as she sipped her tea.
Madison smiled and dropped an ice cube from her ice tea into Traize's drink. "It'll cool down faster." she grinned as she ate her pastry. She took in a deep breath and looked around her, enjoying the scenery. "As much as I like being home, being out here is just as amazing. The air, the food, the people...it really is an experience."

"I like home better..."
"You like your books better."
"Is it wrong to like reading?"
"Not when you isolate yourself the way you do El. You need to make more friends, go out and experience the world more! You can learn along with Traize, so you dont have to be alone, right?" she asked, looking his way as Eleanor quietly finished her tea, thinking maybe it wouldnt be so hard if she had someone adjusting along with her. Madison was a social butterfly, she never had to deal with feeling as awkward as Eleanor did.

Thrasher J
09-04-2013, 05:27 PM
Allan had gotten up after the performance to take a look at the dorm assignments. Before he could leave however, Alex had come to both him and Alice and told them to come with him. Allan had to drag Alice with him because she wanted to go out shopping. "But you promised me that you'd come as well." She pouted.

"I know, I know I promised you that we'd go out. But don't you also want to make some friends other than me? Like before, we won't have the same dorm, you are going to have to be by yourself with someone else." He tried to reason. She didn't look happy at what he said, but she knew that was true. "So let's go see what our new friend is doing eh?"

--- --- --- ---

Alice had reluctantly followed Allan to go see Alex. When they got there, she say him with an accordion out and playing. She sat, with a look of awe on her face. With out her noticing, Allan had wandered off somewhere, to where, she didn't know.

--- --- --- ---

As he knew Alice would be entranced by Alex's performance, Allan had gone off to find something to drink for everyone. Not only himself and Alice, but also Alex and Willow as well. While looking around, he noticed the dorm assignments, and took down who was with who. After finding a vending machine, he returned to where everyone was and gave them their drinks and room assignments. "Hey guys, I got the room assignments. Alice, you are with Melissa Lambert in room 221. Alex, you are with Denzil Vuspi in room 114. And Willow, you are with Nokhele Trevower in room 340." He hoped that he didn't anger anyone of them by checking their roommate and number, but he had wanted to help them while also making sure that he could keep an eye out for Alice.

09-04-2013, 06:43 PM
Nokhele leaned back staring out the window dully. His headphones were "silent". Or so it appeared but he was actually listening to John Cage's 4' 33''. An "avant-garde" piece, as far as that term is useful, the selection contain three movement during which the perform did not play. Rather the piece had the listener focusing on the environmental sounds and the music there from. Also important to the piece was that he provide attention as that was one of the elements the provided the context for it, so he had stopped reading and now listened to the world around him and himself, feeding the piece. This performance wasn't bad. The milling sounds of the people leaving the opening ceremony, their music, their voices, all far enough away that he was safe from it. It was rather nice.

And then the piece ended. Nokhele sighed and turned back to the texts. Nothing useful to find. It didn't appear that much worthwhile research had been done on the subject of not magical methods of magical measurement. He supposed most people who worked with musica magica, being bards themselves, could use magical methods and thus making a non-magical tool to serve the purpose seemed redundant. No intellectual curiosity. Nokhele shook his head disappointed.

Regardless, he supposed since the ceremony was getting out he should head over to get his room assignment.


Arriving he kept his head down and tried to focus purely on not making his sound, letting the music from his headphones wrap him in a bubble. I am alone. People are not playing music around me. Only my headphones make a sound. Pushing his way through the crowd he noted the number of his room and headed in that direction, not bothering to check who he was with. It wouldn't matter since he'd hardly see them. If fate had any mercy.

Princess Lemon
09-05-2013, 12:38 AM
Students went about their way after the performance; the first day was always a free day. It gave them time to settle in and get to know the location; while to a social few, it was time to get to know their teachers. Victor was rarely among the selected instructors whom people wanted to know more about. He preferred it that way. His tense stance loosened a bit, relaxing—at least relaxing for Victor. If anyone brushed against him, he’d still feel like a jumble of tense knots.

Rania’s announcement of food echoed about. Food didn’t sound like a bad idea; he only had a simple breakfast this morning. Victor conjured a plan to mind. He’d go down and get some food, perhaps actually eating in the café or wherever. Then he would proceed back to his quarters and quietly wait for start of classes. Perhaps silently enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening. A ritual he adopted years ago. Most consider it a bit silly; however caffeine never really had any effect on him. He can drink a cup or two and fall asleep with no trouble. As he began to initiate his plan, Headmistress Rania approached to him in a rush and gave a line of inquiry at fast speeds.

He caught all of it though, and responded to each one respectively with no flow, “The show was wonderful. I do not think it was frightening at all; in fact your students seemed to have greatly enjoyed it. I have not seen Talon or Lilly.”

He gave a few seconds pause before continuing, by speaking more this gave her time to hopefully relax and slow down, “Now Ms. Vu—I mean Rania,” He stuttered a bit before nervously correcting himself, “I would like to compliment you on the song selection. O Fortuna brings forth very fond memories. I don’t know about you at the moment, but things seem clear of incident, so I am going to get some food and then enjoy a cup of coffee.”

He seemed to be doing slightly less awkward now socially. Kind of, his voice was still stern and almost emotionless. But at least he wasn’t beating himself up or tripping all over himself. It may be due to the performance bringing back positive memories, that or he’s just hungry. He was conflicted in offering Rania to join him, or to let her tend to whatever duties he had to do.


Marcus continued to play his melody as some people stood and listened. Others passed by to look for their dorm number, or to just walk around the campus to get an idea of what’s what. Soon Marcus was joined by a buddy of his, Willow. Willow started playing with his flute sword, and though the combo could be considered a bit bizarre they managed to complement one another with the music.

Alex was amused wwhen Alice sat before him and Willow enjoying their performance. A few others joined her. As they continued on, Rania’s magical announcement rang about, overcoming their music. Alex stopped his performance in the midst of it. He could move locations and perform elsewhere, where all the students are gathering for food and dorm assignments. Now that his musical flow had been interrupted, perhaps now would be a good time to check dorm assignments. He looked at Willow and then Alice. He tried to scan about for Allan but couldn’t find him. He looked a bit confused, “Hey, uh…where did Allan go?”

A few minutes passed by and he returned with drinks and information. Alex took his drink and thanked him kindly. Allan then proceeded to inform them who they were rooming with. Alex was with Denzil Vuspi in room 114. Alex nodded his head. It was another new face. It didn’t hit him at first, but when it clicked his eyes widened, “wait Denzil Vuspi? Vuspi as in Ms. Vuspi? As in Headmistress Vuspi?” he was taken by surprise by that. He was rooming with the kid of the Headmistress. Despite that being something most would consider big, he didn’t really feel any pressure, “Well that’s pretty awesome to be honest. I wonder where he is, I’d like to meet him”

09-15-2013, 09:50 PM
Eleanor noticed the time and looked at the others. "We should hurry and go. Id imagine they put the room listings up by now."

"No one will care if we're a little late, besides, you can still hear students playing music from here. We'll be fine, enjoy your tea." she smiled, finishing off her sweets.

[mostly a post to get this going again]

09-15-2013, 11:40 PM
Willow ceased his musical performance when Alex brought his end to a stop. A quick sheath of his blade and a gracious bow followed regardless of the lack of a crowd. Alice's presence was more than enough.

When Allan brought him a drink his eyes opened wide for a moment before he imbibed the beverage promptly. In his chugging venture he payed scarce attention to who he was rooming with, but he managed to hear the room number.

"Ahh, my gratitude is yours!"

(( Yuhp. Keeping the heart pumping. ))

09-18-2013, 04:20 PM
Traize taking notice of Eleanors concern seemed slightly saddened the moment was coming to a close but understood the importance of knowing where'd he would be living. With a short sigh he got up, and motioned to proceed to the next area with the two. Letting out a slight yawn it became noticeable that he was partially exhausted, regretting going right to the school after his long trip.

09-18-2013, 06:29 PM
Madison nudged her and whispered. "You see? Now hes bummed you cut your date short."

"It wasnt a date." she whispered back.

"Maybe it will be tonight~" she grinned, picking up her pace to match Traize. "Don't worry, we'll be having dinner together soon enough." she smiled.
Eleanor lagged behind a bit, looking at the little cafes and pastry shops as she walked. She loved the view out here and wanted to take in the sights before finding out who'd she be rooming with. She had a bad feelings about it too

09-23-2013, 12:24 PM
OOC: Short, but if I keep overthinking this I'll never get in. Enemyraidz


While Dodge usually claimed to be board whever he wasn't actively doing something, he had to admit he enjoyed the opening concert. Now that he was finally away from home and at school he was possessed by the urge to do...something. Probably not related to class.

However he supposed he should establish something of a base of operations first and had looked up his room assignment and got his key and picked up his bags by the desk. He wondered what a "Traize" would be like. With a name like that Dodge supposed he couldn't have had normal parents, maybe this would be good!

As he walked towards the room he look out through the arches of the building over the campus as other students moved about. The sight actually struck him as rather bizzarre. So many people plugged into their earphones. Dodge was used to people liking music, but these people were just absorbed in a world plugged into their heads. It was more like a zombie apocolypse than how he imagined a boarding school.

He looked into the dead eyes of the guy closest to him ( OOC: Luzifer ). Jeez. If this thing WAS a zombie Dodge wasn't sure how he would be able to tell one way or the other.

Light Buster
09-23-2013, 01:27 PM
Vanessa heard her cell phone ring and answered it right away. From the caller ID, she knew it was Melissa as she answered it right away.

(Melissa) "Vanessa, I got Linda."
(Vanessa) "Okay, hold on to her. We're going to meet you at our dorms."
(Melissa) "Okay, see you there."

Vanessa stowed her phone back into her pocket as she and Rebecca got up from their seat, after cleaning up the table.

(Vanessa) ""Let's go get Linda before she goes nuts on the whole school."

Rebecca nodded as they left the cafe to reunite with the other two.

OOC: My characters are open to interaction if you want to that.

Thrasher J
09-23-2013, 10:10 PM
"Glad I could help. After this, if you guys feel like it, we could maybe grab a cup of coffee. That is, if you all don't have anything to do of course." Much to the dismay of Alice, Allan had asked to hang out with Alex and Willow.
--- --- --- --- ---
When she heard Allan offering the others to hang out, Alice knew that she wouldn't be able to bring him out shopping for the day. Pulling him away for a second so as not to show the others her pouting. "We're still going out afterwards right? Right?" With a smile on his face, he nodded and said. "Don't worry, we will go out eventually." They both returned, with Alice all smiles.
--- --- --- --- ---
"So, have you guys made your decision? We're about to head out now if you do want to come."

09-24-2013, 01:01 PM
Light Buster
OOC: Linda Lambert is currently running around exploring right? I'll have her come across Cera.


Cera always enjoyed the opening day of the school. She liked the music that was usually performed, but what she really liked was all the new students, it made things fresh and new and spoke to the growth of the school. Some of the seniors seem to get board of music, or at least of botony. But the new students tended to be so eager and full of energy like young buds on a plant that will bloom into flowers and hopefully one day bear fruit for the world.

Of course there were exceptions...but Cera was ever the optimist. Cera was lost in her crowdwalking enough that she barely avoids stepping right into the path of a fast moving young girl.

"Oh! I'm sorry! "

She takes a step back and gathers herself for a moment.

"Ah. You're new right? Welcome, I'll be your botony teacher, have a fresh tomato" She says as she holds out a ripe red tomato.

"I'm sorry, but I'm always hading out my produce to students, I quite enjoy my gardens and can't possibly eat it all myself."

She points some distance away towards the edge of campus, Linda could see a house that looks like it's lower level is a ring of glass making a greenhouse.

Light Buster
09-24-2013, 06:25 PM
Melissa evidently caught up with Linda, who quickly stopped in front of her, a teacher.

(Cera) "Oh! I'm sorry!"

She takes a step back and gathers herself for a moment.

(Cera) "Ah. You're new right? Welcome, I'll be your botony teacher, have a fresh tomato."

She held out a ripe red tomato for Linda. She was at first confused, but curious, then she took the tomato and examined it, then she took a bite out of it. It would seem that it was indeed fresh.

(Cera) "I'm sorry, but I'm always handing out my produce to students, I quite enjoy my gardens and can't possibly eat it all myself."
(Linda) She has a garden?

Cera then pointed some distance away towards the edge of campus, Linda could see a house that looks like it's lower level is a ring of glass making a greenhouse. Melissa could also see the house as well as Linda continued to munch on the tomato. Melissa was curious how the teacher managed to bring Linda to a dead halt.

(Melissa) "Oh, did Linda bump into you? Sorry for causing so much trouble, my sister here can be a bit too energetic. I'm Melissa, I'm her sister and the second of my sister family."

Melissa decided to call her sister, Vanessa, that she just caught Melissa.

(Melissa) "Vanessa, I got Linda."
(Vanessa) "Okay, hold on to her. We're going to meet you at our dorms."
(Melissa) "Okay, see you there."

Melissa hung up as she moved over to Linda's side to continue the conversation with the instructor before them.

Princess Lemon
09-25-2013, 02:19 PM
It was a bright afternoon as Abel walked the streets of a busy town. He was looking for the Bard’s Academy, and while most diplomats and guild guests would often arrive in some style of sorts; Abel felt no desire to be flashy. It was a new location, and he felt it would be better (for both convenience and potential tactics—you never know) to learn the lay of the town. The sun was shining and Abel was fully clad in dark robes, however he was accustomed to the heat. He’s been wearing robes like this for years; he hardly even notices the heat. Not to mention magical enchantments can help one feel more comfortable in a variety of temperatures.

It wasn’t just his attire in the sun that drew the attention of others. Any in the know within mage politics (particularly the Arcane University) or an interest in magical dueling would be able to spot Abel out. Until 10 years ago, Abel could have been called a “professional duelist”. While he wouldn’t use those words, he had been in the dueling world—even for entertainment—since he was around 20. 19 years in the dueling world, and having a notable successful record, he’s going to have some renown about him.

Abel was enjoying the scenery of the town, stopping by shops and standing in the park. It was getting to the time he should start heading to the Academy. He would have arrived yesterday to find out where it was so he could have been there this morning, however he was busy with a few…matters. He started waltzing down the streets. He was being carless with his walk as he started thinking where he should ask for direction. He argued in his mind that just about any of the locals would probably be able to tell him the direction of the Academy. His head turned in front of him and he saw three young individuals, two female with darker hair and one male with a strange device at his side. He couldn’t tell if they were locals or not, so he just assumed they were and went to put one of his arguments to the test.

He walked up behind them in a calm manner before calling out to them, “Excuse me, you three! Terribly sorry to disturb you, but do you by chance know the location of,” He had a brief pause has he tried to think of its entire formal name; when he did remember he snapped his fingers and moved his arm in a wild gesture, “The Harmonia’s Bard Academy! It’s very important that I get there!”

OOC: For Omega and Enemyraidz, Abel is spotting you guys out!

09-25-2013, 05:01 PM
Eleanor blankly stared at the man as Madison smiled and nodded. "Youre more than welcome to just follow us, we're on our way there now for our room assignments and class."
Eleanor continued to stare as if she recognized him but couldnt be sure. She wasnt about to jump to conclusions, but she was almost certain of who he was. "....you attended Arcane University by any chance?" she asked, still eyeing him

Princess Lemon
09-25-2013, 08:04 PM
While his mask may have hid the visual expression, his delight could at least be heard, “Ah! Students! Brilliant, well then I admit that I’m lucky to have bumped into you.”

One of the females kept an eye on him before speaking, asking if he’s attended the Arcane University. He wasn’t overly surprised of the recognition. The fact he dressed so uniquely from other guild mages and students made him stand out, and not to mention he has no idea what the background of this girl is. It was a moment for him to state his formal title, something he enjoyed doing. If anything he was indeed a bit vain. His head shifted over to the girl who spoke.

“I do indeed, Magistrate Abel Grey of the Arcane University. May I ask the name of you three?”

He gave a slight bow to them. Perhaps on their walk to the academy he could get a bit more information on the place.

09-25-2013, 10:28 PM
Willow's gratitude swung into a sweet lingering breeze of lunacy, by the time Allan turned and discussed matters with his sister, he was already sweeping off into the inner grounds of the campus. A swift catch of the breeze while he drew his sword played The Howl, the winds gathering their energies and lifting him from the ground in an upward diagonal direction. He could feel the touch of aether in his hair as he leaped skywards, his long white hair breaking from it's tie at just the precise moment for dramatic effect (unintentional of course).

It was not abnormal for him to catch a fancy, leaving random casual situations for sudden wanderlusts and intrigues. Some of his peers made jests of school legends, that Willow was the specter of storms, calling lightning and commanding water against the windows on dark, storm nights. When confronted with such accusations and intrigue, he usually denied everything in all the right ways. Perhaps he actually believed he was responsible, or maybe he truly is.

Regardless, his feet came swiftly and safely to the ground in one of the many yards, after gliding up and over a low part of the building. His blade was sheathed in tandem, his next destination a nearby patch of overgrown flowers... Most likely near the greenhouse and the Botany classroom. There he laid and loafed, content with the sublime scenery of an all too knowing nature.

09-25-2013, 10:38 PM
"Madison, and this is my cousin Eleanor and our new friend Traize." Madison answered with a smile
Eleanor's eyes widened a bit. "Ive heard of you. They said you excelled at everything you set out for, you can perform magic without anything. Is that true??" she asked, in awe and amazement. She could only imagine what it would be like, to use magic at her will without the violin...though she still loved her instrument, it seemed impractical.

Princess Lemon
09-25-2013, 11:26 PM
Madison spoke and introduced everyone. Abel gave a nod to each person as she stated their names. He then let out a laugh as she quoted others saying he excelled at things he set out to do. It wasn’t far from the truth, though. He had a good completion record on jobs, and he has far more victories than defeats in dueling. At the same time, Abel is also very sure of himself so it could just be his ego bloating within his mind. He was surprised, however, when she seemed awed and surprised that some people can perform magic without an instrument. Funny enough, some mages he knew were equally surprised that some require an instrument to do magic.

“Ha, is that what they say about me? I excel at everything? Wouldn’t be too far from the truth, however yes! I do indeed preform magic without the use of an instrument. While you’re a bard, I’m what you would call a “sorcerer” and some go further to call me an “elementalist”. That doesn’t mean bards are any lesser than other mages”, he stated this while thinking the exact opposite—destroy the instrument you nullify the mage, “it just means you have a different means of creating magic. In fact, I’m a bit envious of you bards. You’re able to perform music so beautifully. I have no musical talent whatsoever. If I did, I would focus on the piano or violin; which are some of my favorite instruments.”


Alex continued to look around for Denzil. It didn’t help he had no idea what he looked like so with a few glances Alex gave up. He adjusted his glasses before turning to Allan. He invited them to go grab coffee or something. At this point Alex was starting to pack up his accordion. He took that brief time to consider going with Allan and Alice. When he looked up Willow had already marched off. Something he did commonly, so Alex just smiled at it, “Looks like Willow got a sense of wanderlust again. Oh well”

He turned to Allan and Alice, “I’m down to hang out, I don’t really have anything else to do besides pack into my dorm but hey, that can wait until later. So let’s get going!”

He didn’t know where they were going; they’d probably discuss it on their walk down to wherever they were going. Which Alex was perfectly ok with.

09-26-2013, 11:57 AM
Madison laughed. "I play piano and keyboards, Eleanor plays violin."
Eleanor ignored her. "Can a bard continue on to learn to wield magic without the use of an instrument?" she asked, obviously wanting to learn to do so. The idea that no one could interfere with her magic by destroying her instrument...it filled her with excitement to grow, wanting to surpass expectations of others and herself. She wanted to do more, be more...and maybe this man could help guide her. She'd be damned if she'd admit it, but he was starting to become a bit of a role model to her. She wanted what he had and was willing to put in the work and effort to achieve it. It all showed in her eyes, that drive and determination to be greater.

Princess Lemon
09-26-2013, 08:27 PM
His attention went to Madison again, “Excellent! I shall have to hear both of you play some—oh!”

Eleanor seemed to ignore her cousin’s statements and jumped into a question. As she inquired if she could learn this kind of talent, there was a gleam in her eyes. He saw it and could confirm she definitely had the ambition. He crossed his arms in a slight puzzling manner. He never really heard of a bard becoming a wizard, or sorcerer—whatever you wish to call them. Most bards were proud of their talent and kept to it. His voice spoke with curiosity, “I cannot tell you if you can or cannot. I never heard of it done, most bards I’ve met or heard of have kept to the trade. Theoretically it can possibly be done since you already have the magical aptitude. It might be a matter of training you.”

He pondered more before realizing he wasn’t meant to be a teacher here. He shook his head in realization, “However, to teach you would be stepping beyond my bounds here at the academy. I am here to serve as an adviser to Ms. Rania Vuspi and as well create a positive relationship between your academy and my guild. I can, however, put in a word of recommendation for you at the university so after you finish up schooling here; you’ll be warmly accepted into the Arcane University and if you desire I can personally train you.”

Among saying this, he had a striking thought. A beautiful thought. He came here with two tasks, one which would be easy. The same could not be said for the other. To serve his order he thought of a plan to get to know some students and even earn their trust. If he pursued Eleanor’s trust, this would indeed possibly help further his own goals. A malicious smiled grew, concealed behind his mask.

09-27-2013, 12:22 PM
(Melissa) "Oh, did Linda bump into you? Sorry for causing so much trouble, my sister here can be a bit too energetic. I'm Melissa, I'm her sister and the second of my sister family."

"Oh, no trouble at all! Actually I rather like the energy of new students, that's perhaps my favorite part of the beginning of a new school year."

She gives a warm smile and then continues.

"You say the second like there are more. Are you a set of triplets?"

Cera mused if their parents fertility might be auspicious for their ability to use musica magica in conjunction with botony.

09-30-2013, 11:55 AM
What an interesting man for a teacher, Traize thought. He didn’t seem like a teacher but more like a possible something else. Traize could sense something about the man that was slightly different from the norm. Nonetheless Traize greeted him with a smile and nod as he was introduced. “These two are just great people, Eleanor’s music… It moves you.” With no reason to be suspicious Traize shook his head of doubt and tried to remember teachers come in all types. For no reason at all though, his eyes adjusted as he thought if something were to be off he'd would protect Madison and Eleanor, no matter what he'd have to do. Shaking his head again he realized he was being unnecessarily concerned and he smiled again. Gazing towards Eleanor with a cautious concern in his chest, the feeling caused him to avoid any further eye contact with the teacher.

Light Buster
09-30-2013, 02:18 PM
(Melissa) "Actually, there are four of us."

Melissa spotted Vanessa and Rebecca as they reunited with each other.

(Vanessa) "Hey, you got Linda?"
(Melissa) "Yeah, but I actually didn't do it on my own, Linda's new instructor actually helped me here. Oh, her new instructor is named Cera."
(Rebecca) "My name is Rebecca."
(Vanessa) "And my name is Vanessa. I'm the one in charge of all of these sisters."

09-30-2013, 05:24 PM
Light Buster

Cera puts her hand in front of her mouth in surprise. "Oh my! Four of you! I think that might be a first for our school. How was that growing up? Do you use musica magica together in some fashion or mostly seperately?"

"Oh, look at me baragine you with questions. Here, before I forget I should give you my card. It has my office hours on it, but you can stop by my house or give me a call or e-mail anytime."

She reaches into her purse and takes out her card...then thinks better of it and reaches back in to take out four of them and holds them out.

09-30-2013, 06:47 PM
"Id like that." Eleanor said with a nod as Madison kept her eyes on Traize. She couldnt help but smile to herself a bit, thinking he looked jealous.

"So, youre an adviser? What exactly do you have to do?" she asked, slyly nudging Eleanor closer to Traize. Eleanor looked over at him and smiled, something she didnt do too often. Her face seemed to light up as she started talking. "Could you imagine if we could learn to perform magic without our instruments? How amazing that would be...I love my violin, but we could use magic without the chance of them breaking." she said to Traize with a wide smile

Light Buster
09-30-2013, 07:57 PM
(Melissa) "Wow."

There was a smile on Vanessa's face as the girls took a card. The card contained the instructor's name, address to her house, various phone numbers, and her email. It was normal for people to be surprised that the four of the girls were all sisters. Vanessa explained Cera who they were whilst Linda continue to chew on her tomato.

(Vanessa) "We're known as the Remix sisters among our current fans and people who know us. We've been doing this together since childhood."

09-30-2013, 08:14 PM
Eleanor’s smile immediately put Traize at ease as he naturally smiled back. “Magic without instruments or devices, how interesting a concept.” Traize looked at Eleanor and though he had never considered mentioning it prior he decided to reveal an interesting fact. “Well on the islands this was often talked about, in our history books as something we once pursued.” Traize was cautious with the information as he stated it as he was concerned he may give the wrong information. Though Traize uses magic now his knowledge of its history and possible applications, are things his people had long coveted to themselves and he had never been granted more than small slivers of information due to his lacking overall experience. Though deep down he had his suspicions and concerns Traize was compelled by Eleanor’s excitement. “I would love to try something like that out, at least to see if there was another “truth” to magic.” Traize paused and scratched his head, “Alas, I am basically a novice if that when it comes to magic. I think I would be saddened a little if the science and technology element were removed.”

09-30-2013, 08:31 PM
"There will always be a science to magic, Im not sure about technology though..." she admitted, not being very knowledgeable with technology. She knew basics, like how to look up websites and such on a computer, but that was about it.
"So, where is your island exactly? It sounds nice." she admitted, never having traveled much, but always had a want to do so. She saw how much closer they were getting to the school and found her stomach beginning to turn in knots, wondering who she'd be rooming up with, silently praying with was with Madison

Princess Lemon
09-30-2013, 09:52 PM
Amid their conversation, Abel was studying them; sizing them up so to speak. The fellow Traize seemed to avoid eye contact with him after a certain point. He couldn’t blame him; it’s not easy to trust a masked man who suddenly appeared out of the blue with the same destination as you. Abel picked up on his gracious compliment to Eleanor. While Eleanor had conversation with Traize, Madison inquired to what Abel’s position at the academy was.

“Well, Madison, I am to help Rania in whatever way she sees fit. Be it giving her insight, advice on a situation, aiding her in making a choice, or simple things like making a delivery or sitting in on a class and observing everyone for her; I am to use my experience to help her.”

While speaking he heard bits of Traize and Eleanor’s conversation. It seemed Eleanor also realized that breaking a bard’s instrument was the quickest way to nullify them. They came closer to the academy and it was in sight. Abel had to admit, he was quite impressed with what he saw. It was large, well maintained, and beautiful. Abel aimed to keep conversation with Madison, “It seems Traize has given a positive testimony, especially for Eleanor, also how long have all three of you been going here?”

It may have been a random question to his comment, but he was curious to how long they have been attending.

10-01-2013, 11:51 PM
Light Buster

Cera opens her mouth to say something, but then thinks better of it, and then pauses for a moment a little awkwardly. But then her face lights up and she says

"Ah! I almost forgot about this thing and I got it for occasions just like this."

She fiddles around in her purse for a while and eventually comes out with a cellphone that is bumpy in the back where the camera is.

"Here. Hold on a minute I'm still learning to use this but it really is quite good compared to my last phone camera and I can take it anywhere. Ummmm.

Ok, Got it! Anyway, how about you play something, for your first day of school for your fans. You'd have the new students and buildings in the background and then I could post it for you...well somewhere, one of you would have to help with that. "

Light Buster
10-02-2013, 01:40 PM

(Cera) "Ok, Got it! Anyway, how about you play something, for your first day of school for your fans. You'd have the new students and buildings in the background and then I could post it for you...well somewhere, one of you would have to help with that. "

Vanessa was thinking this was a bad idea at first, but then again, to show that their fans that the sisters are making progress, they might as well play something.

(Vanessa) "Though I generally think this wouldn't be the place or time, why not? Sisters, you know what to do."

The four sisters, including Linda who just finished eating the tomato that Cera gave her. They set up their portable turntables that they always carry with them at all times for their first performance in the school. Now, it was time to show Harmonia's Bard Academy what they were capable of. With Vanessa on the main parts of the song, Rebecca and Melissa on remixing, and Linda on effect, the sisters were set up to play their first performance in Harmonia's Bard Academy. With many students new and old alike gathering around, the crowd grew on the sisters and Cera as they played their signature song that would always catch everyone's attention and spread the word of the Remix Sisters.

(Vanessa) "Whenever you're ready Cera."

10-02-2013, 05:07 PM
Light Buster

Cera focuses on them a bit with the camera as some other students start to gather to see what's going on. Cera frowns a little bit, and looks around. Spoting a decorative planter nearby she drags it over a little ways to where she was standing and puts the camera on it.

"There. That should be better, I'm just too wobbly." She reaches over, pushes a coule buttons, and then points at the sisters.

Light Buster
10-02-2013, 05:47 PM
(Vanessa) "Okay, sisters. Remix."

The other sisters then nodded as they activated their turntables in sync with Vanessa. They began to play their signature song that could be heard throughout the school.


sunnyside Song starts at 0:10

10-02-2013, 11:31 PM
Rania was somewhat dejected after hearing that Talon and Lily were nowhere to be found, but she got over it quickly enough. She turned to Victor, who seemed to be in limbo of placidity and uncertainty. "Well, Victor. What do you do say we grab some food? We've got a busy day ahead of us!" She turned on her heel without waiting for him to agree and began strolling towards the dining hall. "By the way, did you happen to notice that unusual drizzle in the middle of the performance? That wasn't supposed to be part of the show."

Before she could even take ten steps, she was approached by one of the administrators, Kale Noxar. "Rania, there seems to be someone asking about for you. A man dressed in robes from the Arcane University."

The Headmistress titled her head in confusion for a moment, but then beamed. "Oh yes! Please go escort him! He's a very important guest! When you catch him, bring him to the dining hall. That's where Victor and I will be."

"Certainly." With that, Kale was gone to find this stranger.

Rania twirled around to face Victor. “Oh Victor! You’ll just adore Abel! He’s such a joy to talk to! Let’s go to the dining hall before Kale beats us there with our guest.”

Denzil read the name next to his: Alexander Nossus. Unfortunately, Denzil did not know a single soul in this school. He prayed that this Alexander was friendly. With that, he walked away from the list in the direction of his dorm. He suddenly felt someone bump into his sax case on his back with such force it caused him to whip around on his heel. He lost balance and fell backwards on top of some one.

Panicking, he rolled off of the boy and scrambled to help him to his feet. “Oh, I-I’m so sorry! I didn’t—um—A-are you alright?” (Luzifer)

Aurora smiled at Christopher. “I would love some tea. I supposed I could wait until later to check my dorm assignments. The day is still young." She began to walk in the direction of the nearest cafe. The tea at school was lovely, but she had a spot that she favored on campus, but then stopped and turned back to him. She almost forgot that she was with someone else. "I hope you don't mind Alto Cafe. Unless you'd rather eat in the dining hall."

10-03-2013, 01:00 PM
(Vanessa) "Okay, sisters. Remix."

The other sisters then nodded as they activated their turntables in sync with Vanessa. They began to play their signature song that could be heard throughout the school.

After the song Cera waited a bit while some of the students in the area clapped and nodded, waited a moment to see if any of the sisters were going to say anything nd then pushed the button to stop recording.

She had to smirk at how some of the other new students reacted as they start walking off. Cera steps over to the sisters, and says "Don't worry, I bet a lot of them were really impressed. I've seen this before with new students. For a while they'll resist acting like they liked anything too much, since they want to give the impression that *they* are the ones who are the cool star musicians. Eventually....

...well, actually upperclassmen can sometimes be worse. Iguess it's that eventually some people just feel comfortable enough with themselves they don't feel like they have to be defensive anymore and can praise others without worry it will dimish themselves in the eyes of other people. "

Cera holds up the camera

"But if you already have fans I bet they'll love this. Uh, where should I post it? Or should I just e-mail it to one of you?"

Princess Lemon
10-04-2013, 12:05 AM
When Rania suggested they grab some food, Victor felt a breath of relief. That takes care of one of his personal dilemmas. He nodded in agreement to her. As he was about to speak she turned away from him and began her march—talking about how the drizzle in the show wasn’t scheduled. He followed behind her, thinking to himself that a student was possibly involved. He couldn’t pinpoint who, since there were a variety of students here and all have unique abilities. He mentally shook his head; it didn’t matter since this didn’t warrant any punishment. At least he thought so, it was harmless.

He kept his straight and tight posture as he started to catch up to Rania. That’s when one of the administrators approached talking about some man from the Arcane University. Victor has heard of this place, a well-known school for mages. He was curious to why an official from there would come here. That’s when Rania assured he would enjoy this Abel fellow that was mentioned. Victor doubted that, only because it smelled of politics and if there is one arena Victor was never fond of; it was politics.

“If I may ask, Ms. Vuspi, exactly why is an official from the Arcane University coming here?”

They finally reached the dining hall; Rania and Victor took their seats appropriately. He wasn’t seated too far from Rania, which was a good thing. This way they could carry on their conversation. He would just have to awkwardly talk past another teacher. Something he was perfectly ok with doing.


Abel was enjoying his walk and talk with his current company. They were just about on school grounds. He was eager to hear how long they’ve been there. Once they answered that, his next task was to ask them to perform their magic; just so he could get a taste of what they could do. Part of it was for the sake of sating a hunger of curiosity. The other part was to further size them up.
Tragically before they could respond, they were interrupted by an individual. They approached up to them and seemed to eye out Abel in particular, “Greetings, Abel, I’m Kale Norax. I am an Administrator at the Academy. Rania sent me here as an escort, I hope you’ll come with me”

Kale looked at the students and gave them a polite nod. Abel was actually fairly impressed by this. He wasn’t really expecting this, despite asking around for her and the Academy. While Kale extended for a handshake, Abel only gave a bow, “Pleasure to meet you Kale, I am Abel Grey, Magistrate of the Arcane University. I was just getting to know some students here; however I will gladly follow you to the Academy.”

Perhaps it was rude to leave the students, however he was an official and was indeed important. Plus, Abel just loved having his ego stroked. He turned to the students, “You’ll have to excuse me, it was a pleasure meeting and talking to you all,” he looked right at Eleanor, “You and I will be speaking again. That I can promise.”

Abel then followed Kale. Once inside, Abel was certain he was to part ways with the students. He walked before the entrance, enjoying the lovely open yard around it and saw a glimpse of a garden. The interior was equally as beautifully and even more spacious than what he expected. Abel gave out sounds of bewilderment as Kale escorted him to the dining hall where he saw some students and faculty sitting about.
“Rania, here is Abel. I hope I didn’t take too long”

Kale then departed and Abel approached up to her, “Ahh yes! Ms. Rania Vuspi! What a pleasure!”

Light Buster
10-05-2013, 06:55 PM
(Vanessa) "Hmm...."

Vanessa reviewed the video and decided on her decision.

(Vanessa) "Just email it to me, I'll take care of the rest. If you want, you can also post this on the school's board."

Thrasher J
10-05-2013, 07:56 PM
As they were walking along, Allan couldn't help but ask about something that had been on his mind for a while. "So Alex, how long have you known Willow for? It seems you two are quite close, but yet he seems so far sometimes too. Not that it's a bad thing, especially since we're musicians, having a mind like his would be quite phenomenal." Not really knowing when to stop talking, he rambled on for much longer than necessary.
--- --- --- ---
Alice was walking along with the two boys because she didn't want to have to go out and meet more people. It's fine as long as we all stick together right? Not knowing what else to do, she kept her eyes out for a coffee shop or anything of the like.

10-07-2013, 12:57 PM
(Vanessa) "Hmm...."

Vanessa reviewed the video and decided on her decision.

(Vanessa) "Just email it to me, I'll take care of the rest. If you want, you can also post this on the school's board."

OOC: Sorry for the delay. I wasn't sure at all where I could take this, especially with her being a teacher. I guess you could come up with something, or maybe our characters could split. Your girls have her info.


Cera replies. "alright, what's your e-mail address, I can send it to you. I hope you're liking it her so far, and I look forward to seeing you in class."

10-07-2013, 04:41 PM
Madison was going to answer Abel's question when Kale approached, introducing themselves.

Eleanor nodded from Abels comment of them conversing in the future and watched the two leave.
"That was a shame, Im curious how someone comes to learn to use magic without an instrument. Does this just mean that we're lesser magic users?"

"I dont think so. Magic is magic, no matter how its summoned. I think the fact we can at all is pretty amazing, dont you think?" Madison asked with a smile, wanting to put Eleanor at ease. She knew the questioning meant she was questioning how powerful she was and was feeling weak, something Madison knew wasnt true.
"Besides, we're gifted with the ability to play an instrument. Abel said it himself, he cant play. Even without magic, the ability to play an musical instrument, especially at your level, is a huge achievement in itself."

Eleanor went quiet for a moment, taking everything her cousin said into consideration. "I suppose you have a point..." she said as they approached the board of room listings. Her heart sank when she saw she wasnt rooming with her cousin. "....we're not even on the same floor let alone the same room..." she pouted.

"Take it as an opportunity to make a new friend Elle. Its not the end of the world."

"Yes it is." Eleanor mumbled to herself as Madison just chuckled

Princess Lemon
10-07-2013, 09:50 PM
Alex walked with Allan and Alice to find something to eat. Alex found it funny how all three of their names started with an “A”. He thought of a nickname for them, “Triple A”. As they walked along, Alex couldn’t help but note the silence of Alice. Maybe she felt more in her element being silent? Kind of like how he preferred to let others talk, but that was just because he enjoyed listening. There was a small debate within Alex’s mind on whether or not he should start conversation; he was hesitant if only because he didn’t have much to say. His debate came to an end when Allan started asking Alex a question. That inquiry soon became a small tangent, and Alex was perfectly ok with that.

He patiently listened until Allan came to a break, then he responded, “Well, to answer your original question, I’ve known Willow since about my second year? I saw him about my first year, but I didn’t speak to him until I was in my second year. We’re pretty close, but Willow is just that kind of dude who likes to keep some space and mystery. I don’t think it’s anything personal, ya know? In end he’s a pretty cool dude if you ask me.”

Alex then went on thinking about how Willow went about life. He was pretty close with him, but even then there was still some air of mystery around him. Alex appreciated it; it gave Willow a brighter flare of charisma. Perhaps even to an unfair level. It would be interesting to see into Willow’s mind. Alex suddenly thought of a question to ask Alice, “Hey Alice! Do you have anywhere in particular you want to eat, or would you prefer to go back to the dining hall of the academy?”

OOC: If you guys want, after a few more posts I can possibly start to advance to the next day? Again all up to you guys, if you want you can make a vote here on your post or in the OOC thread (I only state it here so I don't double post in there)

Light Buster
10-09-2013, 03:01 PM
OOC: I'm ready to get aquainted with my roommates.

Vanessa took out her cell phone and showed Cera her email address.

(Vanessa) "Just send it there and I'll take care of the rest."

10-09-2013, 04:23 PM
[gonna push forward a bit Enemyraidz, Light Buster theyre both in their rooms now]

Chloe pouted more. "Vanessa Lambert...I dont know who that is at all."

"Seems Im bunking with her sister, Rebecca." Madison added "Well, might as well pull the bandaid off, right?" she smiled before looking over at Traize. "We'll be a few rooms over from each other. Later on tonight we'll meet by our rooms and get Eleanor for dinner. Sound good?" she smiled, not really waiting for an answer as she dragged Elanor along with her, dropping her off to her room.
"Have fun, be nice and make friends, ok?" Madison told her, almost like a mother dropping off their child for thier first day of school. Eleanor just huffed and went in, seeing her things there but not her new roomate. She took the time to begin to unpack her things, grumbling all the while as Madison headed off for her own room.

10-09-2013, 11:34 PM
((OOC: I haven't been posting in anticipation of a possible day switch, plus Willow doesn't have much to do at the moment. On my side, I've just been quite busy with School and Work.))

Time passed like a gentle breeze from the south, warm and kind after a sweep of passion. The feelings of the students seemed to wash over Willow's little courtyard like a warm front on its way up towards the frost-burned regions. One needed both the heat and cold to conjure a storm, a metaphor that was a constant living specter in our white-haired male's demeanor. His eyes followed the waves above as his thought-strings danced, weaving his next song of fire and ice.

Where he laid he no doubt crushed some flowers. It was an inescapable virtue of the act itself, to pass the time in nature's bosom. The realization took him by pleasant suprise, that the most trivial of occurrences could hide the deepest of tragedies. These flowers comforted his form, but have perhaps seen their last days in their unsuspected charity. Willow wondered if he would one day become the unsuspecting flower, crushed in his greatest effort, to carry the weight of something important.

His song came to him like a carousel to the eyes of the ever hopeful child, expecting the sensation of a world in constant rotation.

"A chalice deep
Of crimson plume,
These flowers weep-
The gracious tune

Of skies azure
The clouds awry
A day is ending,
With stars aligned!

May the darkness-
Seize the day,
For midnight spirits
To dance and play

And right on time
Dusk rides on-
Leaving our time,
In hands of dawn."

He sung to himself in the Botany Class Courtyard, poised by some strange feeling of rightfulness. The greenhouse seemed oddly bright to him, as though the plants agreed. This year would root in his memory, no matter how it would grow out.

Thrasher J
10-10-2013, 04:08 AM
(OOC: I'm all for changing to a new day)
--- --- ---
Alice was walking along, half listening to her friends' conversation. When she heard her name, she instantly perked up. Alex had asked her where she wanted to eat. "Well, there's this place just around the bend here that has some good burgers." She said in a half whisper. After about a minute, they round the bend and Alice points to the restaurant and says "There it is."
--- --- ---
The restaurant the three arrived at was called The Works. "Oh yeah, I remember now. This place has some weird burgers. Tasty, but weird." Allan recalled. "It may not be coffee, but hey, burgers are the next best thing. Let's say my treat?" Allan had offered the other two.

10-10-2013, 11:13 PM
OOC: I'm ready to get aquainted with my roommates.

Vanessa took out her cell phone and showed Cera her email address.

(Vanessa) "Just send it there and I'll take care of the rest."

OOC: Alright, I'm about to be without internet for a couple days anyway so I wouldn't be the best company.

IC: Cera smiles and sends off the file.

"Well it was nice to meet you. I think your sisters are getting eager to keep exploring and I don't blame them. I''m sure we'll see each other in the class in the future. And if you have problems, or just want to stop by to talk or have another tomato, you're welcome to call or stop by my place."

Cera then gives them a warm smile and partially turns to leave.

Princess Lemon
10-12-2013, 02:50 PM
((OOC: I'll let people get to know their roomies a bit more before pushing to the next day. Also a bit of a sloppy post for me, my bad.))

It’s been a long time since Alex had a good burger. The thought of it made his long for one so badly. Since his break he’s been resorting to homemade sandwiches or whatever his roommates made, which was never burgers. He looked at Alice as she pointed it out, “A burger sounds friggin fantastic.”

The walked in while Allan was speaking, he offered to pay for everyone’s meal. Alex turned to him with an expression that was questioning him, “Didn’t you get all of us drinks at the school? I can pay for us, dude.”

Their conversation continued while the hostess took them to their seats. Their waitress came soon after asking for their drinks, Alex simply ordered water.


Victor was in the dining hall eating his food quickly. Rania had explained to him why a representative was here. Despite this explanation, Victor still didn’t like it. It smelled too much like politics. He was still going to stick to his plan; leave here as soon as possible and head to his quarters and rest for tomorrow. He looked around and plenty of students weren’t in the dining hall. Which was ok, they probably were eating in town or just hanging out.

Kale entered in with a strange robed man wearing a mask. Victor could only suspect this was the man Rania was mentioning. He was introduced as Abel. Abel didn’t bother with an introduction, he perhaps already done that with Rania at a different time. Naturally introductions came after him and Rania spoke, and Victor went to shake Abel’s hand, only Abel refused. This hit a bad spot for Victor and already he judged Abel negatively. It was a habit of Victor’s, if anyone refused to shake his hand or didn’t bother to upon introductions, it hit him in a bad way and he holds a bad view of that person from the start.

Victor excused himself. He didn’t know it but Abel was eyeing him behind the mask. Victor made his way to his quarters here within the academy. His bags and such were already placed inside. His sword and spear rested against the wall. He took this time to unpack and place a small holder for his weapons on one wall, holding his sword and spear. His quarters were basic: a desk, a closet and cabinet. Against one wall was a table with two chairs by it. His bed was placed against another wall. The last wall with his weapons there was a section cleared off with a mat. He used this for training and working out. He moved over to his desk and took a seat, pulling out a binder. It was his planner and he started to review his lessons for tomorrow before heading to bed early.

Light Buster
10-14-2013, 06:14 PM

Vanessa and the others waved at Cera as she left, getting the feeling that they're going to see her a lot more.

(Vanessa) "Well, that's that. Let's head to our dorms to meet our roommates."

The sisters headed toward the dorms and began to head toward the dorms. When they arrived, Vanessa and the sisters entered her dorm to find that Vanessa's roommate, Eleanor, was already in her room unpacking her stuff.

(Vanessa) "It seems that my roommate is already here. Okay, you three should get acquainted with your roommate. Rebecca, make sure that everyone gets to their appropriate rooms. Melissa, make sure that Linda gets to her room without too much trouble okay? Linda, try to behave yourself."

The other sisters nodded and began to head out.

(Vanessa) "You must be Eleanor, I'm Vanessa Lambert, nice to meet you."

10-14-2013, 06:47 PM
Eleanor turned towards the voice and stared at Vanessa for a moment. "Yes, I am. Charmed." she said before going back to unpacking. "I suppose I should warn you now, Ive only ever roomed with my cousin before, so this is a very new experience for me. I can be very curt though I might not mean to be. I ask you refrain from touching my things without permission and in turn I will show you the same courtesy. Please do not stay up late making noise or practice while Im studying and I hate-"

She let out a deep sigh as she stopped herself. "Im sorry, Im supposed to try to be friendly and Im already failing."

Light Buster
10-14-2013, 07:29 PM
Vanessa smiled as Eleanor tried to be nice to her.

(Vanessa) "It's okay, it's my first year here too. Don't worry, I'll respect your space."

Vanessa went over to her stuff and began to unpack her things.

10-14-2013, 07:37 PM
"Its...not my first year." she said softly. "Its my fifth year and I dont have any friends." she admitted, feeling ashamed of herself. "Im sorry. I know I can be rude and brash...its hard for me to open up to people." She said as she kept her back to Vanessa, quietly unpacking her things.

Tenrou Nogitsune
10-14-2013, 10:37 PM
Whilst the students were accommodating to their new dorms, Talon Shadowblade was relaxing on the porch of his dwelling. The old five room house was just on the corner of campus and backed up to the dark forest. It was supposed to be demolished when Rania became Headmistress, however as poor as Talon and Lily were, Rania promised they could live there, with of course, slightly reduced pay.

A slim filtered, lit cigarette sat between the man's lips. He took a deep drag, holding the noxious smoke in for a moment before exhaling. Talon closed his eyes and smiled in bliss.

A scoff puffed into the black garbed man's ear. Lily Buvelle, the man's wife sighed before saying, "I really wish you'd give up smoking for me darling. It's gonna be the death of you someday and I'd rather we die as an old couple." She cringed at the smell of the burning tobacco product." I don't wanna become a widow and I'm not gonna remarry. I respect you too much to do that. Won't you at least consider it Tal? For me?

"I'll think about it Lily," replied Talon.

Black Death1990
10-15-2013, 12:32 AM
Out in the garden, standing a great distance away from other people, is a female looking at the flowers. With a lonely look on her face she squats and crosses her arms around her knee's. Staring at the flowers and plants as they sway by the breeze. The insects fly around and squirrels skitter about.

She stands and starts to sing in the garden with a light yet high pitched voice. Twirling about she seems to become happier with more emotion in her face. The look of loneliness still lurks in her eyes. When she finishes, she falls on her back and stares at the clouds passing by.


Thrasher J
10-15-2013, 02:25 AM
Allan had ordered a milk. "Are you sure? I mean, the drinks earlier were nothing. I mean, we invited you out, but if you insist, I won't stop you." The hostess came back with the drinks and to get our orders. "I'll take a PB Burger and fries." I ordered, the hostess then turned to Alice. "Just a normal burger." After taking Alice's order, she then turns to Alex.

Princess Lemon
10-15-2013, 03:06 AM
“Oh, don’t worry about it. I enjoy paying for people. It’s all cool, bro!”

Allan and Alice took their orders and the waitress looked over to him for his order, “I would like a double bacon cheeseburger with fries,” the waitress asked what kind of cheese and how he wanted his burger done, “Oh, uh cheddar and medium, please! Thank you very much”.

With that the waitress left. They had gentle conversation until their food came and Alex dug into his burger. He was eating a bit fast, however, a bad habit he had. He would look at Allan and Alice from time to time. The day was running by for them, but at least they could hang out before the day was “out”. By out really Alex meant going to their rooms to get acquainted with their roommates and settling down. They did have class tomorrow after all.

“So, are you two ready for classes tomorrow?”

Thrasher J
10-15-2013, 04:46 AM
While waiting for the food, the three students were talking about random things. After getting their food, Alex had asked if they were ready for classes. "Well, we're starting the fifth year now, it'd be trouble if we weren't ready." Allan had chuckled a little bit. "As long as we get enough sleep and not fall asleep during class, we'll be fine."
--- --- --- ---
Alice's face turned a bright shade of red. "That was only once. And you promised you wouldn't tell." She looked embarrassed. "It's nothing to worry about, I'm sure that Alex won't tell anyone. Besides, it was pretty cute when you asked what was for breakfast." Allan said with a smile. Her face gradually got a deeper shade of red. "Well, it's fine, as long as you don't tell anyone." Alice wanted to be sure Alex won't tell what she did a year earlier.

Light Buster
10-15-2013, 11:47 AM
(Vanessa) "Really? Wow."

Vanessa was surprised to hear that her roommate was a fifth year student. Still, this should be a good year for the both of them.

(Vanessa) "Cheer up Eleanor, I'm sure that we'll have a good year together. Just think of this as a fresh new experience."

10-15-2013, 01:25 PM
Eleanor smiled softly, her smiling was something of a rare sight, and nodded.

"Thank you. Just ignore me if I get snippy or rude...I usually dont mean it. I hope it will be a good year for both of us."

Light Buster
10-16-2013, 06:42 PM
Rebecca and the others began to head to their respective rooms.

(Rebecca) "Melissa, make sure that Linda gets to her room safely and without too much trouble."
(Melissa) "Okay, let's get going Linda."

Linda nodded as she followed Melissa, who led her to her room and dropped her off before taking off for her own room.


Rebecca entered her room to see that her roommate, Madison has already set up her spot in the room. Without much talking, Rebecca made her way over to her end and began to unpack her things.

Princess Lemon
10-16-2013, 10:27 PM
[[OOC: Alright guys, I'm going to go ahead and push to the next day just to get things started a bit! I hope that's ok!

which before I begin, since Shobu is busy in life and can't post as much as she'd like to, Abel is going to be acting kind of like a face for her character Rania. This isn't to say he's in charge of the school or anything. Shobu is still GM here, I'm just here to keep things going for as long as possible.

Also, I don't really know how to make the switch, so I apologize if I do this poorly. I'm basically going to have the night end and have it begin with early morning in the next day. Just giving you all a heads up, and again I apologize if this is a bit bumpy or awkward.]]

For a good portion of the evening Abel held conversation with Rania who introduced him to faculty and students in the dinning hall. Abel broke from conversation the festivities continued throughout the evening. As night began to draw its curtain on the day, faculty retreated to their quarters and students took their time going to their dorms. Rania thanked all the students in the hall and wished them all a very good year. Once she finished with that she went to her own quarters and rested, eager for the new day.

Dawn approached quickly. First classes started at 8am, so between the hours of 6-7am a bell echoed throughout the school; aiming to serve as an alarm for students who didn't have one themselves. The bell worked magical wonders, echoing in each room as if it were coming from the room itself. Its ring was loud enough to wake anyone who wasn't a heavy sleeper. Rania used magic to send a special announcement, greeting students and wishing them good luck on this year. She also informed them about Abel Grey, how he's an guest here but also an adviser. Keeping students and faculty aware of him. After that students began to bustle about as the new day began.


Alex chuckled along with Allan, and found Alice's little "sleeping accident" humorous. As if he didn't do something like that himself. He was sure lots of students had that happen a few times.

"No need to worry, Alice. I'm good at keeping secrets," he put his hand on his chest and one hand into the air while holding a bright smile, "but if it makes you feel better I've done something like that myself too. A few times actually. So I can feel ya there."

There was a pause as Alex looked around the restaurant. He saw all kinds of people sitting and talking. On occasion he'd see some students, current ones and ones who have already graduated. It was a beautiful environment, or at least he thought so. He also noticed it was getting a bit late. He asked for the check when the waitress came by, "Hey, guys, it's getting a bit late so I think we should head on back to the Academy," he placed the money in the little cook with the tip included, "since we're all set we can just head on out, I'm probably going to check out now. So I'll see you guys tomorrow since I'm also a fifth year, I'm sure we have classes together. Peace!"

With that Alex took his leave and went back to the Academy, taking his time and taking a bit of a scenic route. He arrived at the Academy just as night fell. He went to his dorm to unpack, there he saw his roommate. He gave a friendly greeting but quickly went to bed. He wanted to wake up early to get a start on the new day.

Alex was woken up by the loud bell that rang throughout the school. Being a morning person he kicked into gear quickly and didn't take time to notice if Denzil was up. Alex washed up and quickly headed to his first class, a 5th year class, musical botany. He was hoping for Physical exercise but he had that later. He was happy to start school again and see all sorts of friendly faces.


Before the bells rang at 6am, Victor was up by 5. He had a morning routine planned, which was a small workout to keep himself in shape and on his toes. He also would practice with his weapons in his chambers. After his routine he got dressed in nice formal attire and moved to his desk, taking a seat. He looked at his plan for today and noticed his notebook open. He'd written a few notes to himself from last night for in the morning. Most of them were reminders not to be too hard on the students, and be more open to bathroom requests. He closed his notebook and organized his papers into a shoulder bag.

He proceeded to his classes for the day, full of students in years 1-4. Every class he kept his stern appearance, Most first years were nervous, but those coming back knew it was just how he looked. While a bit awkward, he was at least a decent guy.

((Open for anyone who wants to be in Victor's class and such))


After long conversation with Rania and other faculty, Abel had detached himself to retreat to the quarters he was staying in. They gave him a room here in the Academy and it was fairly spacious. He couldn't complain. Well he could, he was used to much better but could he expect any better? Possibly, but it would be a pointless mental debate. He looked about the room, it had a standard set up of a bed and desk with a closet. He didn't bring any baggage with him on his trip. He had an alternative idea.

He stood in the middle of his room and began to move his hands while reciting an incantation. Magical energy started to pour out from him and fill the room; covering everything with a mystical violet glow. Within seconds a collection of bags appeared in the room. The magical aura dimmed down and only his bags were glowing intensely. with a snap of his fingers, the bags started to unpack and his room was soon decorated to that of an eccentric mage. Books all over, various magical trinkets and oddball items assorted about. Feeling more at home, he began to disrobe and change into more comfortable sleeping attire. As he laid in his bed, he thought of his plans here as he drifted asleep.

The next day he donned similar robes with his mask and proceeded to just walk around the halls of the school. Familiarize himself with the location. He watched all the students as they walked about the halls of the school.

[[OOC: Again sorry if this is sloppy. Just do what you need to and go to the next day! This is to just speed things along. Sorry this is such a long post]]

Black Death1990
10-16-2013, 10:28 PM
Jessica finds herself staring at the clouds until night hits. After that she goes to the assigned room and finds that her roommates are already asleep. She quietly goes about her business and takes the open bed...

When morning arrives she wakes up still to find the others sleeping. She never slept as long as most people and was always a light sleeper. Again, she quietly began to get ready for her first day of the third year for her. Going to the showers and cleaning herself off. Preparing the textbooks for her classes. Making sure she had enough of everything for all of her classes. She was ready to go.

She walks out the door ready to go to the cafeteria for some breakfast. She walks by noticing few people are also awake and seem ready but tries to stay invisible to the rest of the crowd. She gets her breakfast and pays for it while going off and sitting in the back corner to the left side of the room. She sits alone and eats her breakfast.

Tenrou Nogitsune
10-19-2013, 01:30 AM
(OOC: Before you read this post, I apologize for any explicit language in the song lyrics of the embedded video. Genre is kinda brutal, but it's my character's music magica)

First class of the day was moments away. Talon Shadowblade was sitting behind his cherry wood desk. The lesson plan was already finished, and all that was left was to teach the new brats-er kids. He smiled and said as his wife Lily brought him a steaming cup of tea, "Thank you dear, I really appreciate this. Wasn't able to get a smoke in this morning, but this tea should help until my lunch-break."

With a little curtsy, Lilith said, "It was nothing darling~"

Smiling, Talon asked, "Lily, are you gonna stay for the first lesson of the year, or will you be doing paperwork in the office?" He added quickly, "Oh, and I love what you've done with your hair. Cute dress too hon.

With a pleased smile, Talon's wife replied, "Oh thank you so much Tal! It was a lot of work to get my hair like this. Mm, and this dress is relatively new." She gave a pirouette, showing off her outfit to her husband. "I'm really glad you like it. I always wanted to wear something like this." Her normally blue and blonde hair was gone, replaced with midnight black hair with indigo highlights. Her wavy locks had been straightened and she wore an ankle length Gothic lace dress. Her pale lips were hidden by a sable gloss. Not forgetting his earlier question, Lily answered, "Oh, I'll be here when the students get here for first period, but I'll have to go file paperwork around mid class. Hope that doesn't bother you sweetie."

Shaking his head, the instructor said, "Not at all honey." He could hear treading feet and voices in the hallways. "Looks like the students are starting to come." He mentally prepared himself for any clown or sleepers in his classes. It was hard to upset the assassin, but he despised it when kids fell asleep or would refuse to pay attention at all.

Soon the bell rang and students filed into the classroom and took their seats at the desks. Each of the students were diversely different, and from all over the world. After all, Harmonia's Bard Academy was a private school for those with the 'gift' of magic controlled by music. Those with the talent were personally invited to the Academy to be taught how to control and use their abilities safely. (Sorry about reiteration of the school's purpose).

Once all the students were seated and looking to the front of the classroom, Talon Shadowblade stood. As he strode over to the black-board, the tail of his trench coat whipped behind him. He wrote 'Talon Shadowblade' in white chalk. Clearing his throat, he addressed the class, "As you can see, I am your instructor for 'Introduction to Music Magica,Talon Shadowblade. Do not call me sir, teacher or professor. It's really pointless to me. The lovely woman sitting at my desk is my wife, Lilith Buvelle. If you have a question, she should be able to assist you without having to interrupt the lesson. Now let us begin."

As Talon began to introduce Music Magica to the students, he noticed that several of them were yawning and looking about with disinterest. 'Ungrateful brats,' he thought. Interrupting the lesson, Talon slammed the book on the desk of a yawning student, startling many of them. He barked, "So you think my lesson is boring huh?" He didn't let the kid answer and continued, "You all are from different backgrounds. Some of you had the highest degree of education before coming here, and some of you...not so much. But that's not an excuse to slack off! Come everyone, to the courtyard for a demonstration!" The assassin/teacher grabbed the electric guitar that had been leaning on the side of his desk and marched through the door.

Now assembled on the dew stained grass outside the main building, Talon had the students sit and watch. He thrust several odd-looking blades into the ground in a pentagram a good fifty feet from them.

"I'll show you what Music Magica can really do!" he roared.


As the assassin/instructor began to play, Lily had backed up with synthesised drums and bass to help the effect of her husbands magic. At the first few notes Talon played, the knives levitated into the air. The music became more intense and the knives began to dance before the students eyes. Soon after that, Talon began to sing the brutal words that accompanied the instrumental. As the words flowed from his lips, Talon's body began to flicker and fade. Abruptly, what was visible of his body ignited seemingly on it's own. A pillar of flame rose thirty feet into the air before an imposing daemonic form appeared. Two wicked horns curved back atop of it's head; it's hand were equipped with flesh rending claws. As it snarled and stamped, razor sharp fangs lined it's mouth. (Just think of Gleam Eyes from SAO)

When the music stopped, the demon vanished. The knives dropped at the instructors feet. Huskily, Talon said, "Music Magica can be used for all sorts of things. From illusions to controlling objects to direct damage. That is just the beginning of what Music Magica is."

(This took me bloody forever to write and sorry for the long post. Took half an hour to just choose a song for it)

10-19-2013, 03:49 PM
The morning came with a subliminal transition. Willow could not recall arising from the flowerbed or the way he took to his room. He could not recall unpacking or making his bed, the blanket and sheets twisted around him in some mysterious manner. His pale blue eyes came around his new dorm, a familiar situation with a new coat of paint. Perhaps literally, either the dorm had been renovated, or touched up for the school year. Otherwise Willow payed no attention, or perhaps, didn't realize- the presence of his roommate.

His lithe, athletic frame came to a swift stand- a whirlwind of a body in motion. This continued as he flew through his morning routine, making sure his black eyeshadow and gentle blush were just right before marching out the door with bag and blade in hand. Willow's outfit was similarly black and red; a black button down long sleeve shirt over a red under shirt- black slacks with polished boots. Also adorned white gloves, a seemingly direct contrast with the rest of his clothes along with his long white hair. Willow tied it back for the day, the wind be damned.

There was no way he was going to be late, not on the first day. Away he was to Advanced Musical Botany.

Thrasher J
10-20-2013, 03:48 AM
The trio kept eating, towards the end of dinner, Alex had said that they should start heading back to the dorms. "Yeah, I guess is it getting late, and we wouldn't want to be late on the first day." Allan agreed. "Alright then, I'm pretty sure we all have the same class tomorrow morning, we'll see you then." He finished off his fries and waited for Alice to finish. Alex had paid for the food already so they left right after they ate. "I'll take you up to the second floor, but it'll look a bit suspicious if a guy went right the the girl's room." Alice nodded in agreement.
--- --- --- --- ---
Alice had been quiet most of the day, but she still thanked Allan for being with her instead of just leaving her. She went into her room and found that she was the first one there. Not really knowing what else to do, she took out her guitar and started practicing some songs and unpacked her things. Soon after she fell asleep on her bed.
--- --- --- --- ---
Allan got to his room and unpacked what he needed for the next day. It'll take too long to unpack everything. He thought, so after he finished unpacking what he needed, he fell asleep to get ready for the next day. When he woke up, he took out his guitar to practice. He made sure to be quiet enough so he wouldn't wake his roommate. After a good half hour, he decided to be sure if Alice was awake. Dressed and ready to go, he went out of his room and made sure to wake Alice. After a few knocks, Alice opened her door to find Allan there. "Ah! I have to get ready!" She said in a half whisper, so as not to wake her other roommate. After Alice finished getting ready, they hurried to their first class of the day, which was Musical Botany.
--- --- --- --- ---
OOC: The reason I don't have any music for Alice or Allan was because they weren't practicing full songs, just snippets so that they weren't too out of touch of playing.

Light Buster
10-20-2013, 08:48 PM
OOC: Since my characters are first years, I'm going to presume that my characters are in Talon's class.


Vanessa and her sisters watched and listened to Talon. Although his method of teaching was, dark, Vanessa found that her turntable recorded the music that Talon played. The other sisters' turntables ended up recording the songs as well. What will they do with it is a matter of time, right now, the sisters continued to listen in on the lecture that was presented to them.

Black Death1990
10-21-2013, 02:18 PM
As Jessica finished her breakfast, She headed to her first class Water Works Part I. She walked by all the other students on way keeping to herself with her head hung low. She didn't want to speak to anyone. Staying away from people so she doesn't get hurt by anyone like she did in her past. She aimlessly walks around trying to remember where her class was. This was her third year and she still hasn't memorized the layout of the school. More so just where all the classes are.

As she walks by Talons classroom, she hears the music he plays and watches. Same thing happened when she was a first year. She quickly walks away to find her class so she isn't really late. Finding more classes teaching similar things and going about the school still searching for her classroom. She remembers the paper she got that tells her which room her classes are. After feeling like an idiot, she pulls out the paper and heads towards the room.

As she makes it to her class she realizes that not many people are here yet. She thinks to herself as she goes to take an empty seat away from people, 'Did class start already?'
She looks around and finds the teacher just walking into the classroom.

((OOC: I didn't see a teacher listed for this class so i am going to assume that this is a dud class.))

11-29-2013, 08:10 AM
Madotsuki walked in and said "Hi I was so happy that I got to be in that school :)" and poses glamourlisy

12-03-2013, 11:56 PM
Madotsuki walked in and said "Hi I was so happy that I got to be in that school :)" and poses glamourlisy

OOC: My characters from the sign in thread


Jack hadn't been at the school for very long and he'd already seen a number of odd things. But there was just something about this girl. Walking in, speaking to no one, in particular and then striking a pose. Some people looked for a bit, most just kept going about the hurried day. But Jack just stared for a bit.

And then started laughing. There was just something about the whole situation, it took him a good twenty seconds for him to regain his composure.

But then smiling broadly he came over to the girl and held out his hand saying "Hey, I'm Jack Dodge, c'mon, lets go see if we can find where they serve lunch around here."

12-09-2013, 07:37 AM
"OK" said Madotsuki "Lets go!"

12-09-2013, 12:31 PM
"OK" said Madotsuki "Lets go!"

The intensity of her reply managed to get another surprised smile out of Jack. What in the world is her thing? Curious he decided to ask and see what happened. Taking her hand he started heading toward what he thought was the the building with the cafeteria.

"So what is your thing? Heh, maybe that's a bit confusing. How about where are you from? And what talents have brought you here?"

12-15-2013, 08:09 AM
Madotsuki said "You know, and all my talents bought me here."

12-17-2013, 12:58 PM
Madotsuki said "You know, and all my talents bought me here."

Jack raises an eyebrow at her response, but keeps ahold of her hand. He was about to say that he doesn't know, otherwise he wouldn't have asked...but somehow that seemed..lame? Ugh. Weird girl. Then it occured to him that maybe she was bored. He got that. He found himself getting bored a lot. The idea that he would be found borring, even by some random weird girl he only met a few moments ago started getting under his skin.

Well, he knew what he usualy did when he got bored. He pulls out his player and puts one of the earbuds in, and holds out the other to her. "Here, maybe I'm not so hungry after all. One of my things is just talking a walk to trance music. That might sound boring, but usually the magic leads me to something interesting."

Princess Lemon
12-17-2013, 01:25 PM
[[OOC: I'm going to go ahead and advance to the next couple days for everyone if they still wanna participate in this RP. Sadly I can only post the advancement and Abel since I DO have to get ready for school, but I can edit it later!]]

After the beginning of school and the introduction of Abel into the academy a few days have passed coming to the end of the week. Throughout this process the school saw less and less of Rania and Abel appeared more. It was perhaps the only change to take accounting for. Students proceeded as normal. Abel dropped in on some classes this week, but for the most part just walked around the school. No special events where going on this week.

This past week was a very busy one for Abel. Moving all the way out to this academy and being the voice for Rania, who was very busy. He enjoyed walking into classes and observing the students and teachers. It looked like it was to get a better grasp and how students learn here, but Abels main intention was to size people up. See what they’re capable of and try to see their full potential; tragically one cannot do that simply by observing classes.

He found himself out in one of the courtyards, sitting on a bench; classes were going to break soon as it was close to lunch. He used this time alone to think about the school. Perhaps later this year he could host a big dueling event, at least he questioned himself that. He brought up both of his hands and looked at them. In his left hand he conjured forth electricity, static blue and violet jolts circling around his hands. In his right hand he conjured fire. He danced his hands around in small circles, wiggling his fingers in the process. It was going to be an interesting year.

12-20-2013, 09:10 AM
Next day at school, Madotsuki was beside Abel. She said "Abel? Are you alright?"