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07-19-2013, 07:07 PM
So here is my problem. I used to listen to a song that was tied to a youtube video (a darksouls video from sansviedotcom, to be precise ),however, due to shenanigans that video has been deleted and ever since I have tried to find that song. There isn't much I can offer for clues.

It is definetely J rock/pop or anime which uses English words and is sung by a woman.

Unless I am mistaken the English words are only used before the first chrous.

The song starts off with a single word which is followed by the intro. The English words are only used in the first verse before the chorus (atleast the once that I was able to hear).

The structure for the first verse:
One Day .........................
Today ..........................
Let's go! ...........

(the ............ stand for the rest of the lyrics in Japanese).
I am not entirely sure but it sounds like each line of the first verse starts of with an English word.

The song is a mix of monoton and upbeat with the exception of the lyrics which are more emotional (not in a sad way but as if they were giving everything they got)

At the end of each chorus there is some shout of joy (I think "yay" at the very end)

This is sadly everything I can offer. Hopefully somebody will be able to make something out it.

You have my gratitude

07-20-2013, 03:52 PM
A quick search brought up this song, which matches your description as far as I can see: http://www.kasi-time.com/item-26982.html
Haven't heard of the song or game it's from before, but there are youtube links following the lyrics so you can check if it is indeed the song you were looking for.

07-25-2013, 03:14 AM
Holy cow.....

Thanks a bunch mate!