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06-13-2013, 09:14 AM
Anyone here ever watched the 80's Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series? It ran for three seasons in the early 80's and they released it in a dvd box set a few years ago. I have it and I have to say the show holds up fairly well. There are monsters and violence, but no blood. The kids in it always seem to use their weapons to escape or incapacitate their enemies rather than take them out. I'm sure this due to the cartoon codes for television at the time.

If you can seek it out its worth watching all the way through. The basic story line is that a group of teenagers get pulled in to the realm of Dungeons & Dragons and are trying to find a way back to our world. Each adventure leads them on a path to finding a possible exit, but they are always facing challenges and riddles, and many times forced to decide between helping someone or going home. Peter Cullen plays the voice of Venger, their evil nemesis, and he's a pretty good villain. A lot of villain characters in the 80's were bumbling, cackling madmen; this guy is much the opposite. The children at one point ask their cryptic, mentor, Dungeon Master how they can take Venger out because he's always causing problems for them. I thought this was a great episode, becase so many times as kids you were like "Why doesn't Batman kill the Joker, or Superman kill Lex Luthor." These kids asked to do just that; they were mad and tired, and it made them feel more real.

I know cheap DVD collections of episodes are out there that are not the boxset. I've seen them for $5 at Walmart. They have about 10-12 episodes per disk. If you don't want to shell out whatever is being asked for the original box set, these are an affordable alternative. Check them out.

07-02-2013, 12:27 AM