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04-11-2013, 06:04 AM
Kokoro Connect


Genre: Love Comedy, Supernatural
Episodes: 1-17

Firstly, I would like to note that I will not follow the segmented way of reviewing content (eg: sound, artwork etc), and hopefully this way of reviewing is allowed.

Synopsis: A group of five high school students that are a part of the Culture club, are portrayed as close friends. A unique anime that has a sort of love triangle mix, bound by events that place friendships through tests.

Kokoro Connect begins off with a comedy like scenario that entices the audience through it's "soul switch" by two of the main characters at first, but throughout the series it occurs to all members of the club. Not only does this place the protagonists to "experience" the problems they are going through individually, but forces them to confront their problems together and attempt to solve them as a group.

While the story itself is farfetched, you need to actually watch it, as the morals from this anime teach far more than most animes give today (ahem fan based). Although this contains minor fanism content, it tends to never diverge from the point. As the story progresses, the individual characteristics of each character are learnt by the audience as the anime effectively molds each person. By the end of the series you will definitely select a favourite character (Inaba :P).

The supernatural events that the club experiences are every time new and refreshing, and at the end of each event, a new way to "beat" their teenage problems are learnt by the group, and the odd moment of love triangle occurs here and there, but will never appear silly, but more imaginary.

The humour is joyful, but odd and I guess a little cliche, but do not let this discourage you from watching this excellent anime. The drawings are excellent and the difference of scenery shows the amount of effort the producers have put in.

Kokoro Connect really shows what types of shows the anime industry should have, rather beautiful in its own right, and really joyful to it's core. Although I will not rank this as my "Hall Of Fame" anime, I will comment that it is an excellent love comedy, supernatural anime to watch and recommend it to all who enjoy something unique.

Happy Rate: 93% :D