View Full Version : My own Anime idea. Ideas and helpful tips are appreciated :)

03-19-2013, 09:33 PM
Okay so its in a different world.
There's the royalty who have 12 people in a court.
In Order by strongest
1. Vincent who's the leader and right hand man of the Queen. He's tough and strict and has a soft spot for Caterina
2. Ace who's quiet, calm and protective.
3. & 4. Nelliel & Mia: Twins that are a sneaky mischievous kind of way and gets away with everything.
5. Holland: Full of himself in a funny way
6. Caterina the main character
7. Tristan: Who's tough boy funny and trouble maker with his best bud Landon
8. Landon: joker and trouble along side w/ Tristan
9. Ester: the whiner
10. Sebastian: Perv
11. Jaspard: happy go lucky
12. Sopfie: The most caring and mother like in the group.

They all have their positions in the court. Okay and here's the summary

Lost and hurt Caterina loses her memory in combat and finds her self in the lands of Vincents long time rival Solomon, servent to queen of hell, and when she wakes up its love at first sight. Solomon uses that to his advantage and begin to use her. Solomon is order to bring Caterina straight to her( Cliche I know but I like it) he begins to fall in love with her during the journey. Caterina has something that shouldn't be in the wrong hands. Since Solomon already has what is needed from Caterina other servents come to harm Caterina and he goes and protects her and now he's a rouge.

Something along those lines. Tell me what you think :)

06-16-2013, 03:01 PM
that does sound cool ^_^ i love writing short stories - are you thinking of writing it by yourself or making an RPG out of it?

07-05-2013, 02:35 PM
It seems you have a lot of archetypes characters. Do you have plans to develop them beyond that? Are you thinking of the stories as an episodic series or as on movie? The reason for me asking is, if you haven't planned to do so already, you need to expand the characters beyond just being the 'happy go lucky guy' or 'the perv'. It doesn't have to be overwhelming and deep, but just some details that might give the viewer insight in to the motivations of a character. The only characters this doesn't always work for are villains. If you start putting deep motivations behind your villain, you can easily make them a sympathetic character and it can take away from their menace. Creating a good villain is difficult. Do you have much of this written yet?