View Full Version : HugeBeetzStudio Logo contest

The Ace RailGun
03-16-2013, 01:39 AM
Many of you newer folks may not know what HBS Is. Well it is a small Multi-Media group (found in the group sector) that deals with things varying from fan fics to fan drawing and sculptures. I am conducting and judging a contest in which you are to design a logo for the studio. I will repeat this competition each month and the winner's logo will be featured on all things regarding HugeBeetzStudio I.e FB page, website, group page etc.

The rules are going to be very simple
1. ABSOLUTELY no pornographic content will be allowed I want it to be for all ages.
2. The Logo must have either the full title or the initials of the title such as HBS
3. if you are using a digital drawing program please export the image as a vector graph image
4. The image must be your interpretation of the studio and what you think would fit the logo

As always you will have 3 weeks to draw and the last week will be spent on judging if needed I will personally pic judges. NO asking to be a judge you will only annoy me and be disqualified. Also the judges will be PMed when I have chosen them and if they accept the will be given the judging guidelines please post in this topic or pm me if you would like to compete. Well with the formalities over with let the games begin.