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02-11-2013, 02:48 AM
This was a cartoon made by Saban and run on FoxKids, about a real life Japanese magician who's stage name is Princess Tenko. In the cartoon though she's more than just an illusionist. She commands actual supernatural powers. Basically she's chosen to be a guardian of magic and the badguys were also were up for consideration for that position. Well they weren't chosen, and now they are out for revenge against Tenko because she got the job of being a guardian of magic. So Tenko and a number of her friends who also are "Guardians of the Magic" must protect the magic crystals (called Starfire Gems) from falling into the badguys' hands. Of course the badguys have some gems, as do the good guys. And so you have lots of cool battles with lots of magic use.

This is the logo for the show.

This guy on Youtube has ALL the eps, unfortunately he doesn't have them numbered, and even worse they have the foreign titles (looks European of some kind, but not sure exact language) as the video titles. Luckily the episodes he's got are the English language version of the eps, so they are watchable even if you don't know the uploader's native language. The guy's youtube channel is called OfficialFoxKids, but I'm sure that it's actually fake (or what I like to call an "imposter channel"), not official, as FoxKids isn't even a company any more.

Well here's the embed for Episode 1: Let the Magic Begin (in the foreign language it's called "Printesa Tenko: Sa-nceapa Magia")


You can find the other eps on the guy's Youtube playlist for the eps (starting at episode 1) at this URL.

(had to use code tags to stop it from turning the URL into URL tags, and to stop the URL tags from being parsed as VIDEO tags and thus displaying the video, I'd wish this were a clickable link with just URL tags but it is mistakenly parsing the URL tags as VIDEO tags when the URL is to a video, and it's better to have a copyable link than a player in this case as the embedded player doesn't properly show the playlist, and thus becomes a duplicate of the video player earlier in the post)

Note that:
1) Entry 1 on the playlist is not the first episode, but rather is a title slide.
2) Entry 2 on the playlist is actually episode 1.
3) Episodes 10 and 12 are missing.
4) There are 13 eps of the show, but only 11 on Youtube.
5) Fortunately the first and last eps are not the missing ones.
6) I haven't watched that far, but I hope nothing important in the plot was covered in eps 10 and 12.

02-12-2013, 10:34 PM
Nobody's interested in this awesome cartoon? I remember seeing it as a kid. It's real nostalgic. Yet not not one comment by anyone on it yet (although there are over 100 views). Why no comments?

02-14-2013, 07:08 PM
I used to watch it on UPN. Ah the good ones always end too soon...