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Mayumi shizuku sia
02-09-2013, 02:40 AM
Mayumi Part- 1

Story follows a 16 year old high school student called Mayumi in Tokyo who starts having very odd dreams. She dreams of what seems to be a different world. She is a nice girl who has many friends, but lately she struggles with odd feelings of resentment and hatred at her friends. It is interfering with her life, but she loves her friends and will do anything to help them, so she starts to see a therapist.

She goes through a few, but for some reason they really can't understand what is going on. Then a 28 year old foreigner shows up out of the blue and seems to be an expert of this condition. While she waits in his temporary office, she looks through some papers he has and notices odd stories of disappearances of several people. She is quick to note, the peoples birth dates are always in 4 year segments apart or the same year. When the therapist comes into the room, she notices everyone outside is unconscious. He says sorry, his arm becomes like a sword, and he tries to take her head off.

She screams and runs away. He gives chase. She runs faster than she could ever before, but this guy is unrelenting. Finally, he catches up, and struggle occurs, but just as the blade of his starts to cut her throat, she blacks out. She wakes up with police next to her, but unharmed.

The next day she starts hearing voices and an image of person who claims to want to help her. She is told she is very special, and that man must die. It was they who saved her. She starts to train to use strength she never knew she had to prepare to face the man again.

In truth, she discovers this soon enough, is that she is a planted agent of an invading species. A sleeper agent of incredible power is what she truly is and has been slowly placed into a position to strike Japan hard. The man is a sleeper agent whose conditioning got corrupted and is now fighting the alien invasion. He spared her life because she had a good chance of being 'corrupted' as well. Soon, she will have to face what she is and decide her own destiny.

(The sleeper agents are planted in four year intervals. That is why she noticed the papers so quickly, it is innate knowledge)

03-19-2013, 09:07 PM
Seems very interesting. :) I would love to read it when its finished!